IJBFC Chat - May 1, 2005

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<Kay Lhota> Pretty well, thanks.

<Maxwell> Hi Laura!

> Hello again, folks!

<Brad from Georgia> Resting comfortably after a lawn operation earlier.

<Steve "shimp"> Hi LL

<Brad from Georgia> LL! We've been waiting! HI!

<Steve "shimp"> Lawn operation?

<Kay Lhota> Hi Laura

<Michael> did you know that "Dynoflex. etc" bit came from the previous weeks show... and the joke is all it did was empty the ashtray

<Brad from Georgia> Mowed it. No stitches.

<Maxwell> Grassectomy?

<Steve "shimp"> Hope it wasn't a turfectomy or something.

<Michael> Hi Laura

<Steve "shimp"> Michael - yep, the week before is one of my favorite eps ever!

<Brad from Georgia> Man, did that grass reek.

<Michael> yes...

<Kay Lhota> Laura and everyone-- I made a mistake last month when I said that Doris Singleton played Pauline the maid. It was Mary Jane Croft

<Steve "shimp"> Skunks on the lawn again.

<Michael> oops

<Michael> does this mean Kay has to take her turn guarding the vault?

<Maxwell> You're forgiven, but just this once!

<Steve "shimp"> Doris is credited in the museum of tv and radio book tho, elsewhere too!

> Kay - Is this one particular episode?

<Kay Lhota> Thank you. I better watch it.

<Steve "shimp"> I think there might be a few Paulines.

> Steve - Exactly. I'm pretty sure the original part name came from the original actress.

<Kay Lhota> No, I think I must have mixed up their voices in my head. Both actresses played with Lucille Ball.

> One day I'm going to have to sit down and cross-reference the voices across various appearances of that character.

<Michael> sounds like fun...

<Steve "shimp"> There's a nasal Sara Berner-like Pauline

<Maxwell> Mary Jane Croft seems like she was with Lucille Ball forever.

<Steve "shimp"> And a more "straight" Pauline.

<Michael> Hi Barbara

<Maxwell> Hi Barbara

<Steve "shimp"> Who was Mary Jane Croft married to, someone Benny-related, I think.

<Barbara> Hello everyone!

<Brad from Georgia> Hello, Barbara

<Kay Lhota> Hi Barbara

> I notice that the bit of the girl who interrupts Jack and plays a violin duet with him was always called "Toni", but many girls other than Toni Marcus played her.

> Hi Barbara!

> Barbara - I need to give you a call.

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Barbara

<Brad from Georgia> Hi from me, too!

<Brad from Georgia> Oh, I said "hi" already. I take one back, Barbara.

<Brad from Georgia> So, Laura--what WAS wrong with Mary in that show? She fluffled a lot of lines!

> So did everyone have a chance to listen to the show for this evening?

<Michael> Si

<Maxwell> Si

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, I did.

<Kay Lhota> yes

<Steve "shimp"> Yep. Mary seemed to have the giggles.

> Brad - Well, this was 1951. It was some time around this point that she really wanted to leave the show because her stage fright was getting too bad.

<Brad from Georgia> Jack seemed to be enjoying himself: "Gee, I'm funnier than your mother tonight."

> I noticed that her delivery was rather flat, so I think it may have been the stage nerves showing.

<Michael> ummmm I thought this show was from 49

<Kay Lhota> LOL Brad

<Steve "shimp"> It's funny that Jack eggs her on when she fluffs considering her stage fright issues.

> Michael - It is. I misspoke...apologies.

<Michael> 'sok :-)

<Brad from Georgia> Maybe he was trying to jolly her out of her nerves.

> Previous comment still holds.

[Sun May 01 16:07:41 GMT-08:00 2005] Barbara T.:

<Maxwell> Maybe he was trying to "loosen her up."

<Michael> could be guys...

> Maxwell - That's entirely possible. He used to do that as far back as the 30s.

<Steve "shimp"> But she seems pretty at ease, she doesn't get worse, she gets into it.

<Barbara T.> Sorry, I got cut off somehow. Laura, I need to hear from you. We leave in the morning. Can you e-mail me after the forum?

<Kay Lhota> I think you may be right. He jokes with people in other episodes when someone makes a flub, or kids himself

> But you can tell that she was definitely in the studio, and not dubbed in.

<Michael> yes

> Barbara - Sure. Or I can call you. Either way.

> Barbara - I would have called sooner, but I was unexpectedly out of town for an extended period.

<Brad from Georgia> She seemed to take it well--when he said, "Oh, your mother can WRITE it funny, you just can't READ it" (or words to that effect).

<Steve "shimp"> Is this the very first Si Sy Sue?

<Brad from Georgia> Hello, Barbara T.

<Barbara T.> My phone is 818 341-3713, but better wait until 9:00 p.m. Okay?

> Brad - I sensed a bit of frustration on Jack's part in that.

<Michael> if not... it's one of the earliest

> Barbara - OK. Thanks

> It is the first Si-Sy routine.

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, I thought so, too--but he sounded amused at the same time.

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis was very good in both of the roles he played in the skit.

<Barbara T.> If I don't hear, Laura, I can't bring the scrapbooks. You can relate to that.

> Brad - Well, I'm sure he wouldn't want to sound too harsh on the air. You'll hear a similar sound when he's ribbing Phil about ad libbing.

<Michael> Laura... did they recycle this script in 51 when they did their version of Wings of the Hawk?

<Steve "shimp"> Dennis is great in skits, I don't think they used his mimic talents enough as they could have

<Kay Lhota> Dennis did indeed. His Titus "voice" is very a good imitation of Allen's Alley's Titus Moody

> Barbara - I understand. Like I said, I hadn't called because I was on the other coast until Friday night. Just this afternoon I realized that you'll be in town soon.

<Barbara T.> Back to Jack, it was a good show. Despite Mary's goofs. It's too bad that Phil has to leave early as they can't use him in the skits.

> Michael - Not sure...I'd have to sit down and analyze it.

<Kay Lhota> Laura, were you on my coast?

<Brad from Georgia> This was when Phil had to drop in, then take off immediately to get to his own show, right?

<Michael> he had his own show... and I've got the show he did on the same day...

> Kay - Even Fred Allen once teased Parker Fennelly, saying, "You sound like Dennis Day."

<Michael> right Brad

> Kay - Yup.

<Steve "shimp"> Interesting Michael, does it reference the Benny show?

> Brad - Right.

<Michael> I don't recall... I haven't heard it in a long time

<Michael> will have to dig it out and listen to it

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis was a good mimic. I remember him doing a Crazy Guggenheim on one of the TV shows, and it was dead-on.

<Kay Lhota> Well, we had a great week for weather here in Boston. I hope you were able to enjoy it.

> Interesting to hear Mel Blanc credited by name.

<Steve "shimp"> As for Phil and the band - did he effectively stop leading the band when the Harris-Faye show started?

<Michael> yes

<Michael> and I like the line "no money just applause"

<Steve "shimp"> And how did Mahlon Merrick fit into that equation?

<Brad from Georgia> Didn't hear Jack say, "Play, Mahlon," I noticed.

> Kay - Yes, it wasn't too bad. It was a good visit.

<Michael> Mahlon was the de facto band leader from almost the start of Phil's time on Jack's show

> Steve - I don't think...yeah, what Michael said.

<Steve "shimp"> Even before Phil's own show?

<Michael> yes

<Maxwell> Phil basically played the band leader.

<Steve "shimp"> Interesting!

<Barbara T.> Yes, Phil never did lead the band that I know of.

<Maxwell> I think Mahlon was actually the music director from sometime in the early '40s wasn't he?

<Michael> although I think during Phil's first season he really did lead the band

<Brad from Georgia> That wasn't uncommon. Kay Kyser wasn't actually a bandleader, either.

> Phil would sometimes mime leading the band early on, but it seems that didn't last long.

> Maxwell - Late 30s.

<Steve "shimp"> There are plenty of staged pics with Phil & a baton.

<Maxwell> I almost said that.

> I notice that the Sportsmen were in the leading credits. Funny to hear them included.

> Kay - I'm going to organize a Boston get-together on Thursday, June 2. Stay tuned.

<Kay Lhota> Oh, Wow! I'll be there!

<Brad from Georgia> Apparently Thurl Ravenscroft had a long career before Tony the Tiger!

<Steve "shimp"> The sportsmen were pretty regularly credited by this time, at least in a lot I've heard.

<Steve "shimp"> Thurl was gone from the Sportsmen by this time though.

<Kay Lhota> Thanks, Laura.

> Steve - Right, Thurl left the Sportsmen in 1942.

<Brad from Georgia> True. I remember hearing his voice on an earlier Benny show, though, and thinking, "that's grrrreat!"

<Steve "shimp"> Thurl is totally unmistakable.

<Michael> true

> I sent Thurl copies of all his appearances on the Benny show.

<Maxwell> I think that every time I watch the Grinch every Christmas time.

<Brad from Georgia> I listen to Benny shows as I walk for exercise, and Thurl was in one as one of Benny's lawyers. The whole firm was the Sportsmen.

<Steve "shimp"> He seems like a neat guy, saw him in an interview re: Disney stuff

> Brad - Right, and they all identify by name.

<Brad from Georgia> Must have been the one right after Carole Lombard's death.

<Kay Lhota> yes! I played that one myself just a few weeks ago!

<Kay Lhota> The Frightwig Murder Case

> Brad - Yes, and they also appear on the all-music show the day after Lombard's death.

<Brad from Georgia> Right! I get them mixed up becuase I generally listen to two a day as I do my five miles.

> Mahlon Merrick was responsible for them being on the program.

<Maxwell> Please elaborate, Laura.

> Maxwell - About Mahlon being responsible for the Sportsmen?

<Maxwell> Yeah.

> Well, mainly that he'd heard their work, liked them, and then took the opportunity of working them in whenever he could. They did the uncredited Sympathy Soothing Syrup jingle for some time, etc.

<Steve "shimp"> Yip yip...

<Maxwell> Ah...thanks.

> Finally they get into a formal and credited position when Don brings them on to sing the commercials, and it becomes a running storyline of them singing ridiculous commercials and Jack trying to get

> rid of them.

<Brad from Georgia> I think the Sympathy Soothing Syrup bit was the inspiration for Garrison Keillor's "Scotty's, the cough syrup for dogs...the only cough syrup your dog will ever need or want."

<Maxwell> I have a feeling I'm going to be called to supper....

<Steve "shimp"> That's pretty funny for Keillor!

> Scotty's spelled backwards is syttocs.

<Michael> wouldn't surprise me in the least

<Brad from Georgia> Yeah, I'm always surprised at Keillor's general disdain for OTR. He has a very few favorites, but aside from that...

<Steve "shimp"> Keillor doesn't like OTR? (cocks shotgun)

> I'm feeling rather vindicated that there seems to be less crossover in the Jack Benny - Garrison Keillor fans than previously thought.

> Keillor likes Jack Benny. Saw that in an interview once.

<Brad from Georgia> I'm a fan of both. And Keillor does like Benny--oops, LL just said that.

<Maxwell> I used to listen to Keillor...until he moved to New York.

<Michael> well... there's hope for the guy yet

<Steve "shimp"> Well, have you ever heard someone say they dislike Jack Benny?

> Maxwell - I thought he moved back to Minnesota.

<Steve "shimp"> EVERY comedian credits him

> Steve - My father.

<Maxwell> That was long after I quit listening to him.

<Brad from Georgia> I've heard one guy say he couldn't stand Jack Benny, and he read a poem telling why.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, rebellious teen!

<Maxwell> Hmmm...The apple sometimes does fall far from the tree.

<Michael> wow Laura... there's one for Ripley

> Steve - You ain't whistlin' Dixie.

<Brad from Georgia> That's what I like about the South.

<Steve "shimp"> Hey some get piercings, some get OTR!

> Brad - Are we talking about Ronald Colman?

<Kay Lhota> LOL Steve!

<Brad from Georgia> Halls of Ivy...ah, I miss them. Of course, they were poison ivy, so I remembered them a long time....

> Steve - Har har. It's a long and not incredibly happy story, but yes, my love for Jack Benny was part of my rebellious teen years.

<Maxwell> I've never met anybody who doesn't like Jack Benny...ever.

<Michael> me either maxwell

> My mother loved Jack Benny. Go figure.

> My father preferred Henry Aldrich.

<Maxwell> Coming mother!

<Steve "shimp"> Well, it's a pretty good way to rebel, anyway!

<Michael> was your dad a Fred Allen fan Laura?

<Brad from Georgia> I think Jack was generally regarded as about the nicest man in show business. Perhaps his nearest competition for the title was Jimmy Durante.

> Michael - No, not really. But oddly enough, my mother-in-law is/was.

> Brad - Agreed. I've heard that a lot.

<Michael> ok... if he was I was going to think "Well that explains it"

> I found a funny letter from Bob Hope to Jack...

<Brad from Georgia> You know, when I was in college, all my roommates--and me, too, come to that--would spontaneously break into Jack Benny impressions at odd moments. It never got us any girls, though.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp"> LOL

> He says something like (just trying to quote the letter): "If anyone heard me say this they'd think I'm a big faggot, but the older you get, the sweeter you get, and the more everyone loves you."

<Michael> everytime I see Bob Hope & Jack's name together I think of the "On the Road to Nairobi" bit from the TV show

<Michael> lol

> Brad - Can't imagine why...

<Kay Lhota> That's such a nice sentiment in that letter.

<Michael> yes

> Barbara - You still with us?

<Maxwell> Maybe it's when you call to the girl, "Oh, Don!"

<Maxwell> That might be where you lose them.

<Steve "shimp"> LOL!!

<Brad from Georgia> Heh. I still remember my roommate Mike asking the ticket seller at the movie, "Oh, miss...would there be a small discount for a college student? A handsome one, I mean?"

<Barbara T.> I sure am. Can't think of much to contribute at the moment, tho

> I noticed in looking at some early 30s theatre clippings that Mary was being billed as "Jack Benny's pest-girl".

> Barbara - OK, just wanted to make sure we hadn't lost you.

<Steve "shimp"> Not to mention you bring someone home, and Rochester is there Luxing Ronnie Colman's undies!

<Brad from Georgia> Well, on that movie occasion, I did look at Mike and say, "Oh, come now, boss!"

> Steve - Not to mention Mr. Billingsley...

<Steve "shimp"> Pesky Polly Parrot, too

> And that some considered Jack's character effeminate.

<Kay Lhota> I've got to hear more of the episodes with Mr. Billingsley. I have them, I just haven

<Kay Lhota> heard them all

> Kay - Billingsley is a great character who really grows on you. I have a very surreal sense of humor, so his bizarre non-sequiturs appeal to me.

<Brad from Georgia> You know, I was at a friend's house (rehearsing a radio play, actually) and picked up a recent reference book on OTR that he had bought. I read a little about Jack, but the book was full

<Maxwell> Darn...There's dinner. I'll idle here and hope you're still around when we're done eating!

<Brad from Georgia> of small errors.

<Maxwell> Bye for now.

<Michael> I never could get into Billingsly...

<Kay Lhota> I'm looking forward to seeking those out.

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Maxwell

<Kay Lhota> bye Maxwell

<Brad from Georgia> SYL, Maxwell

> Maxwell - OK. Don't get food on the keyboard!

<Michael> bye max

<Steve "shimp"> I like the Billingsley bits, but were they unpopular?

> Michael - Say more about that.

<Steve "shimp"> Why did they get phased out?

> Steve - Not that I know of. If they didn't get a reaction, then they wouldn't have been repeated.

<Brad from Georgia> And Maxwell, after that meal, remember Jell-O comes in six delicious flavors: Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, orange, lemon and lime!

> Steve - Because Ed Beloin left to do movie writing.

<Michael> I don't know if it's anything I can really explain... I just never can seem to get into the Billingsly bits...

<Kay Lhota> Probably when Ed Beloin left the show, I was guessing

<Steve "shimp"> Ah, makes sense.

> Michael - Understood. I also like John L.C. Silvoney, but that's because I have an old friend (who has cerebral palsy) who sounds exactly like him, and it's

<Michael> Brad... perhaps Maxwell is having a bowl of toasty sweet-as-a-nut Grape Nuts Flakes... they're not rationed you know!

> hilarious to me to imagine Ron saying the lines instead of Frank Fontaine.

> An awful lot of people don't like that characer.

<Michael> ok

> character.

<Brad from Georgia> And what could be better after a meal than a Lucky Strike? They're so round, so firm, so fully packed...

> Don't forget a Lucky to feel your level best.

<Michael> I've only ever heard Mr Silvoney in one show... and I liked the bit he did with Jack...

<Steve "shimp"> Did Frank Fontaine also do some WB cartoons?

<Brad from Georgia> LL--When did the Lucky opening spiel start to end with "sold to an American" instead of "mummummmum American"?

<Michael> if he did Steve... I bet he did the voice of Pete Puma

<Brad from Georgia> No, Pete was Stan Freberg.

<Kay Lhota> Stan Freberg was the

<Steve "shimp"> Pete Puma, that's the one, one lump or two? Sounds like that voice anyway.

> Brad - Well, the auctioneer chant always ended with "Sold American" inferring that the tobacco lot was sold to American Tobacco.

<Brad from Georgia> Ah, Kay, I'm free and easier on the draw...

<Kay Lhota> yep

<Michael> he was? well... that's a new one on me

<Barbara T.> My company is calling me so I'd better run. I'll talk to you later, Laura.

> Michael - I can understand the crossover. I didn't know it either.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--yes, but in some of the shows, I can distinctly hear "sold to an American," and in some it's a mumble, then "American."

<Kay Lhota> bye Barbara T

> Barbara - Sounds good!

<Brad from Georgia> Bye, Barbara.

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Barbara

<Michael> bye Barbara

> Brad - Not sure. I'll have to keep an ear out for that. They may have decided that the auctioneer chants were hard enough to understand and wanted something clearer. However, I'd imagine it

> was probably "Sold to American" because "an American" wouldn't make sense.

> Not a big difference, but just a guess.

<Brad from Georgia> Lots of the Warner Bros cartoons used "sold to an American" as a gag line.

<Michael> I think you're right Laura

> I have a feeling they were transcribing shows at this point, because of Dennis' comment about hearing it on the "rebroadcast".

<Kay Lhota> which goes to show how the commercials were in the common knowledge of the average audiences of the period

<Steve "shimp"> The whole auctioneer thing, as much of a trademark as it is, seems just an odd choice for an ad campaign

<Brad from Georgia> You're probably right--I mentally typed in the "an" and it ran through my fingers and onto the keyboard.

> Steve - Well, consider it in the larger message that was being delivered. It's so easy to tune that out.

<Michael> Kay... I think the commercials were done a lot better back then...

<Michael> (I mean commercials in general)

<Kay Lhota> well, the Sportsman song parodies are about as good as a commercial can get!

> They're saying that Lucky BUYS the light, naturally mild tobacco to make all these good claims about their cigarettes

<Brad from Georgia> Steve--I think in an audio medium, the fast auctioneer spiel would get attention. And the point was that American bought the BEST tobacco.

<Steve "shimp"> Right, but, I still don't buy stuff because wholesalers do! Just odd, my personal opinion

> And the auctioneers come on to testify that "season after season, I see Lucky Strike buy the finer tobacco"

[Sun May 01 16:37:46 GMT-08:00 2005] ed kienzler: radio show fan,collector and hosts of his own OTR

> Hi Ed!

<Michael> Hi ed

<Brad from Georgia> Hello, Ed

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, agreed that it is ear-catching!

<Kay Lhota> HI Ed

<ed kienzler> hi laura

> And these are the men "who really KNOW tobacco."

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Ed, welcome

<Steve "shimp"> Like Kathie Lee Gifford knows children's clothes! :)

<Brad from Georgia> Who really LOVE tobacco. Who would MARRY tobacco if it weren't against the laws of God and man...

<Michael> only the way the warehousemen etc pronounce it it should be spelled "tubaccuh"

> If you think about tobacco or cigarettes and wanted to find someone who is an authority on the subject, then a tobacco auctioneer might fit the bill.

<Michael> true

<Kay Lhota> Everyime I hear Basil Ruysdael I think of him losing his shirt in "The Cocoanuts"

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, I get it. Just my modern ears and odd sensibility.

<Steve "shimp"> LOL Brad.

<Brad from Georgia> Oh, how about Don in this show? Nice opening intro gag, and he did some respectable acting in the skit.

> I want my shirt...I want my shirt...

<Brad from Georgia> It...was a present from my brother Bert...

<Steve "shimp"> Listen to what he can say about the fish, and for me, NOTHING!

<Brad from Georgia> Great gag!

<Michael> yes

<Michael> does everyone here know what the "Dynoflex..." thing was supposed to do?

<Brad from Georgia> I liked the quiz show, too: "Taco or Leave It".

<Steve "shimp"> Empty the ashtray!

<Michael> right! lol

<Steve "shimp"> Mary working in the Jose dept. is good too!

<Michael> yes

<Steve "shimp"> You know that hosiery thing haunted Mary in real life too

> I'm amazed that Phil got off that lengthy technobabble line!

> Michael - Say more about that.

<Steve "shimp"> Almost, LL!

<Michael> well... he was able to do it the week before when Jack decided to buy a new car...

[Sun May 01 16:42:58 GMT-08:00 2005] Josef:

<Michael> Hi Josef

> Michael - Ah, that was the Just Plain Bill show, wasn't it?

<Josef> Hello everyone!

> Hi Josef!

<Michael> about which laura?

<Brad from Georgia> Hi, Josef!

<Michael> yes it was Laura

<Kay Lhota> Hi Josef

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, Jack trades in the Maxwell

<Josef> Been a while since I was last here, hi all.

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Josef

<Josef> Hi Steve

> I like the line about the wrestlers on television have all the best writers.

<Michael> me too

<Brad from Georgia> Durante's writers used to give him multi-syllabled words, just so he would mangle them.

> This was when Gorgeous George was wildly popular among the few people who had sets.

<Kay Lhota> that was an interesting line. You tend to forget that was a mainstay on TV back then.

<Michael> that and Boxing

<Brad from Georgia> One one show, Durante said, "Dis is indubi-- indibubi-- folks, I axed 'em ter change it, an' dey wouldn't!"

> And the Gillette Calvacade of Sports. That, Milton Berle, and the Indian on the test pattern.

<Brad from Georgia> This was about the period when Fred Allen began to be clobbered in the ratings by a quiz show, too, wasn't it?

<Michael> right

<Steve "shimp"> The test pattern, LOL

> Brad - Stop the music!

<Michael> which was funnier Berle or the Test Pattern?

<Steve "shimp"> Test Pattern!

> Woody Allen has a great bit about that in "Radio Days" (quiz programs)

<Brad from Georgia> Well, Berl dressed better, but...

<Kay Lhota> there are several quiz show bits in that movie

<Steve "shimp"> Champagne for Caesar is the best quiz program satire, with Ronnie Colman and Vincent Price

> It was a surprisingly short time before he was...what...Bowling for Dollars?

<Steve "shimp"> Though I like Radio Days too

<Michael> I'm running a little late so Good Night Folks... see you all next time

> Steve - Not "You Bet Your Life"?

<Kay Lhota> night Michael

<Brad from Georgia> Berle once told Eddie Carroll he'd never stolen a joke from Jack Benny. Carroll said, "I can't imagine WHY! 'Well' and 'Gee' aren't THAT hard to remember."

> Michael - Take care!

<Kay Lhota> LOL Brad

<Brad from Georgia> Oh, how about Don in this show? Nice opening intro gag, and he did some respectable acting in the skit.

<Laura Leff> I want my shirt...I want my shirt...

<Brad from Georgia> It...was a present from my brother Bert...

<Steve "shimp"> Listen to what he can say about the fish, and for me, NOTHING!

<Brad from Georgia> Great gag!

<Michael> yes

<Michael> does everyone here know what the "Dynoflex..." thing was supposed to do?

<Brad from Georgia> I liked the quiz show, too: "Taco or Leave It".

<Steve "shimp"> Empty the ashtray!

<Michael> right! lol

<Steve "shimp"> Mary working in the Jose dept. is good too!

<Michael> yes

<Steve "shimp"> You know that hosiery thing haunted Mary in real life too

<Laura Leff> I'm amazed that Phil got off that lengthy technobabble line!

<Laura Leff> Michael - Say more about that.

<Steve "shimp"> Almost, LL!

<Josef> Hello everyone!

<Laura Leff> Hi Josef!

<Michael> about which laura?

<Brad from Georgia> Hi, Josef!

<Michael> yes it was Laura

> Hi Josef

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, Jack trades in the Maxwell

<Josef> Been a while since I was last here, hi all.

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Josef

<Josef> Hi Steve

<Laura Leff> I like the line about the wrestlers on television have all the best writers.

<Michael> me too

<Brad from Georgia> Durante's writers used to give him multi-syllabled words, just so he would mangle them.

<Laura Leff> This was when Gorgeous George was wildly popular among the few people who had sets.

> that was an interesting line. You tend to forget that was a mainstay on TV back then.

<Michael> that and Boxing

<Brad from Georgia> One one show, Durante said, "Dis is indubi-- indibubi-- folks, I axed 'em ter change it, an' dey wouldn't!"

<Laura Leff> And the Gillette Calvacade of Sports. That, Milton Berle, and the Indian on the test pattern.

<Brad from Georgia> This was about the period when Fred Allen began to be clobbered in the ratings by a quiz show, too, wasn't it?

<Michael> right

<Steve "shimp"> The test pattern, LOL

<Laura Leff> Brad - Stop the music!

<Michael> which was funnier Berle or the Test Pattern?

<Steve "shimp"> Test Pattern!

<Laura Leff> Woody Allen has a great bit about that in "Radio Days" (quiz programs)

<Brad from Georgia> Well, Berl dressed better, but...

> there are several quiz show bits in that movie

<Steve "shimp"> Champagne for Caesar is the best quiz program satire, with Ronnie Colman and Vincent Price

<Laura Leff> It was a surprisingly short time before he was...what...Bowling for Dollars?

<Steve "shimp"> Though I like Radio Days too

<Michael> I'm running a little late so Good Night Folks... see you all next time

<Laura Leff> Steve - Not "You Bet Your Life"?

> night Michael

<Brad from Georgia> Berle once told Eddie Carroll he'd never stolen a joke from Jack Benny. Carroll said, "I can't imagine WHY! 'Well' and 'Gee' aren't

THAT hard to remember."

<Laura Leff> Michael - Take care!

> LOL Brad

<Steve "shimp"> You Bet your Life is good stuff too - I'm talking movies

<Laura Leff> Aha. One of these days I'm going to get the whole Benny program that had Groucho doing "You Bet Your Life" and Jack as the


<Steve "shimp"> Champagne for Caesar also has Mel as Caesar the drunken parrot, very "polly like"

<Brad from Georgia> LL--a classic! I've seen the last part of that bit.

<Steve "shimp"> I hope you get that one LL!

<Laura Leff> They included the clip in "The Unknown Marx Brothers" but that's all I've seen.

> I'll look forward to seeing it

<Steve "shimp"> I seem to recall a clip of it, it's a little like the Fred Allen King for a Day bit

> I read that Groucho's Grandson Andy Marx used to run the film of that episode for Groucho.

<Steve "shimp"> Myron Proudfoot, whisked by bicycle to Orange New Jersey

<Laura Leff> Oh...side comment...I've been out of town for various reasons most of the past three weeks, and Dan picked up the IJBFC mail. I can't

believe how much there is, and I haven't cracked into it yet.

<Brad from Georgia> As I recall, Jack wore a particularly obnoxious toupe for that "Bet Your Life" bit.

<Laura Leff> There must be at least 15 orders in there, and maybe more. So if anyone's waiting, please be patient.

<Laura Leff> Steve - Not a bad comparison. I like Jack attacking the duck when he says the secret word.

> LOL -- love to see that!

<Laura Leff> The judge in a chicken cleaning contest...

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Since you said, "I beg your pardon," then we'll be patient with you...da de da....

<Laura Leff> Brad - Yes, that's it.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, you should have a donation from me in that stack

<Brad from Georgia> You know, Milton Berle gets part credit for writing "When You Say 'I Beg Your Pardon'"?

<Laura Leff> Back to the show for tonight, funny to hear Artie Auerbach come in for so few lines and never be identified as Kitzel.

<Steve "shimp"> And bboswell is workin' on the Benny fields album as we chat!

> Steve - Woo hoo! Thanks!

> Argh...can someone E-mail me the last couple of screens of discussion? Thanks.

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, and I liked the reaction to the hoo-hoo-HOO!

<Steve "shimp"> Sorry, mine just refreshed.

> Steve - He's E-mailed it to me, but I'm behind on my E-mail. Will get to it this week.


<Maxwell> Back from supper...and it looks like I missed a lot.

<Steve "shimp"> cool, I didn't know he'd finished!

<Steve "shimp"> Maxwell, you must have really chowed down!

<Steve "shimp"> That was fast!

<Brad from Georgia> Hope you finished your Jell-O, Maxwell. You know, it comes in six delicious flavors.

<Steve "shimp"> 24 delicious flavors now!

<Steve "shimp"> Don would keel over listing those

<Maxwell> Of course. There's always room for Jello-O.

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, but 18 are only slightly delicious.

<Kay Lhota> LOL Brad.

<Steve "shimp"> four are downright offensive!

<Kay Lhota> LOL I agree!

<Brad from Georgia> Three are illegal in some states.

<Steve "shimp"> Cities: Anaheim, azusa and cucamonga, you mean!

<Maxwell> Two of them are illegal to transport across state lines.

<Brad from Georgia> I mean, "Prawns and Cream". What were they THINKING?

<Steve "shimp"> LOL

[Sun May 01 16:54:43 GMT-08:00 2005] ed: otr fan collector, and producer of his own show

<Steve "shimp"> ed are there two of you now?

> I'm back

<Brad from Georgia> And don't get me started on the lime salad with chopped-up Luckies in it...

<ed> just trying to wing it

<Kay Lhota> Oh my!

<Maxwell> The tobacco isn't bad, but the paper is hard to chew.

<Steve "shimp"> OK, confession: I tried grape nuts again this week for the first time in years

> Ah, let's play the failed Jell-O flavors game.

> Matzo Jell-O, Kosher for Passover.

<Steve "shimp"> And they are really really bad.

<Kay Lhota> I'm tempted to try that Cherry Jello Waldorf Salad recipe

> Creamed herring Jell-O

<Brad from Georgia> I prefer Grape-Nuts hot if I have to eat them. Oddly, I like the flavor but hate the texture. Sort of like a big bowl of spackle.

<Maxwell> Them's fightin' words, shimp. I LOVE Grape-Nuts.

> Spackle Jell-O

<ed> smells fishy to me

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, man, it really is like a big dense kitty litter clump!

> Shimp Scampi Jell-O

> Kitty Litter Jell-O

<Brad from Georgia> Friends, if you have some Lemon Jell-O and a little spackle, you can whip up this delicious surprise...

<Steve "shimp"> ROFLMAO

<Kay Lhota> ever try Grape Nuts pudding? It's like bread pudding, but with Grape Nuts.

<Brad from Georgia> Kay--yes, and it's actually not bad.

> Kay - You mean...intentionally tried it?

<Maxwell> My wife was in the hospital recently, and I was making my own breakfast (obviously)....

<Steve "shimp"> Why?, Why? Bread is PLENTIFUL!

> Ritz cracker pie Jell-O

<Steve "shimp"> I was just thinking of the Mock Apple Ritz Pie!

<Brad from Georgia> Peanut Butter Jell-O

<Maxwell> I accidently poured orange juice over my Grape-Nuts....

<Kay Lhota> Yes, my husband is a fan of it, but we have to watch our weight

> Brad - Hey, that might not be bad.

<Maxwell> I was too lazy to dump it all, so I just added milk to it.

<Steve "shimp"> Grape Nuts weigh like five pounds a bowl!

<Maxwell> It wasn't bad at all.

<Steve "shimp"> How is that helpful at all?

> Potting soil Jell-O

<ed> you know the year jello first came out has come up twice in on the NTN trivia boards at a nearby damon's

<Brad from Georgia> It's not only delicious, it sticks to the roof of your mouth so you can enjoy it for hours...Peanut Butter Jell-O.

<Kay Lhota> LOL Brad

<Steve "shimp"> Sal Hepatica after PB Jello!!!!

<Maxwell> That sounds good!

> Made with the finer, the lighter, the naturally milder horses' hooves.

<Steve "shimp"> Don't forget the pig skin!

<Brad from Georgia> So round, so firm, so easy on the gallop.

<Kay Lhota> Sal Hepatica! Yikes!

> Ipana Jell-O

<Maxwell> For the smile of health.

<Maxwell> For the smile of beauty.

<Brad from Georgia> That whirring sound you hear seems to be coming from the Wilson plot in the cemetery...

<Steve "shimp"> The smile of petrification

> Oh shoot...what were the candies that people ate to cover up alcohol breath?

<Steve "shimp"> The grinning rictus of death

<Steve "shimp"> LL sen sen

<Brad from Georgia> Sen-Sen?

> Yeah! Sen sen Jell-O!

<Maxwell> Trying to cover up a telltale breath with Sen-Sen.

<Steve "shimp"> Jack once bought Mary a 124 piece box of candy - a packet of Sen-Sen

<Brad from Georgia> Yeah, see, in college I thought that was "My Sin," but that turned out to be a perfume and just made me drunker.

<ed> a gut from minnesota who plays OTR shows on his satellite station last year blasted Camels for sending free smokes to soldiers in WW2

<ed> guy

> Steve - Har har!

<ed> sorry

> Ed - Wanted to give them a punch in the gut, I guess.

<Brad from Georgia> Imagine Don Wilson doing a commercial for Jell-O shooters...

<Steve "shimp"> Your rave will be all the rave, friends!

> Oh, I've talked about my old roommate's recipes for poison Jell-O here in the past. They were good!

<Maxwell> Only on TV.

<ed> after a abbott and costello show he played like that caused anyone cancer

> Fitch shampoo Jell-O

<ed> or heart stuff

<Steve "shimp"> Heart Jell-O - containing, not shaped like

<Brad from Georgia> Texaco Jell-O. Economical, feeds the whole family, and keeps your carburetor clean.

<ed> don't listen to hom anymore

> Ed - It's one of these cases where you have to look at it in context. A lot more people smoked, and it would have been good publicity.

> Brad - LOL

<Maxwell> Bill Stern recommends Colgate Shaving Cream Jell-O.

> Maxwell - Good one

> Maxwell House Coffee Jell-O

<ed> and thr commercials are for historical value he says

<ed> "the"

<Maxwell> Laura, that would almost taste good!

<Steve "shimp"> Sure, pour me a cup, Gracie - wait, it stays in the cup!

<Maxwell> (Emphasis on almost)

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Brad from Georgia> Haw! I once saw Jack Lescoulie, if I recall correctly, take a big bite of a pudding with whipped cream topping--but they'd used shaving cream because the whipped stuff melted.

> Campbells tomato soup Jell-O...er...that's tomato aspic...oh well.

<Maxwell> Maxwell House Jell-O, good to the last jiggle.

> Brad - Where'd you see that? Was he impersonating Jack?

<Steve "shimp"> that jiggle's good too!

<ed> george would love that

<Brad from Georgia> Say, I once dated a girl who--

> Shhhhhhhaving cream, all nice and clean...

<Steve "shimp"> I haven't heard that one since summer camp!

<Steve "shimp"> AGES ago.

> Steve - I wondered if anyone would get it.

<Brad from Georgia> Brylcreme Jell-O: a little dab'll do ya. And we ain't foolin'.

<Maxwell> Oxydol Jell-O...contains bleach.

> Super Suds Jell-O

<Steve "shimp"> Viagra Jell-O, doesn't wiggle!

<ed> oxydoll's ma perkins loves jell-o

> Steve - ROFLMAO

<Maxwell> Rinso Jell-O...Rinso white and Rinso bright.

<Brad from Georgia> Okay, Steve, pour me a stiff one.


<Kay Lhota> Happy Little washtime suds

> Bromo seltzer bromo seltzer bromo seltzer

<Maxwell> Keep Cooking with Crisco Jell-O.

<ed> it's digestible

<ed> can't spell to well

> Mobile One Jell-O

<Brad from Georgia> Ajax--the foaming cleanser--bub-a bub-a...

> I just love this game.

> Pardon me, I'm just having my own private party here.

<Maxwell> Brad, you just reminded me of an old Mad Magazine thing...Half Finished Billboards....

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Who could have guessed?

<Maxwell> Combination of an Ipana ad and an Ajax ad....

<Maxwell> "Never a whisper of bad breath with new Ajax...."

<ed> pepsi jello

<Maxwell> "Brush your teeth right down the drain."

<Kay Lhota> Brush your teeth right down the drain'

> That reminds me...completely OT...of listening to a music of your life station

<Steve "shimp"> They actually DID have cola Jell-O at one time, ed!

> And they had just broken the Jeffrey Daumer story.

<Steve "shimp"> Oh, no...

<ed> reaaly i didnot know

> So the announcement, I swear, went something like this, going directly from news into music.

<Kay Lhota> I'm almost afraid to ask what they played then!

<Steve "shimp"> ed, yep, lasted about a year or two.

<ed> caffinated wiggles

<Brad from Georgia> LL must be laughin' as she types.

> "It is reported that the suspect indulged in cannibalism with his victims. (Music) Yoooou always hurt the one you love..."

<Kay Lhota> Oh NO!

<Maxwell> hahahahahahahahahahahaha

<Maxwell> I really am LOL

<Steve "shimp"> Dahmer Jell-O, ewwwww!

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Coulda been worse. Coulda been "Sugar, Sugar."

<Maxwell> I hope it was sung by the Ink Spots. that would make it even better.

<ed> could be albert fish jello

> I'll resist going into the barrage of Dahmer jokes that were going around at the time.

<Maxwell> That tenor...

> Maxwell - Actually, it was.

<Maxwell> Perfect!

<Kay Lhota> My husband just suggested "I've Got You Under My Skin"

> Kay - Good one!

<ed> lux jello

<Brad from Georgia> "I've got you...deep in the heart of me..."

<Steve "shimp"> I've got skin under my Jell-O

<Maxwell> I can't picture fruit cocktail in cola Jell-O.

<Brad from Georgia> Rootbeer Jell-O!

> Brad - Hey, that sounds good.

<ed> with a frothy head

> Ed - I think that was known as 1-2-3.

<Steve "shimp"> Beer Jell-O, not a bad idea

<Brad from Georgia> Ivory Jell-O! With Rootbeer Jell-O, you could make a float!

<Maxwell> My mom makes a lime Jell-O salad with ginger ale in it that is really good.

<Kay Lhota> LOL


> Maxwell - Canada Dry, I hope

<Kay Lhota> oh Max-- send me the recipe!

<Maxwell> Of course.

<Brad from Georgia> Sorry. But I AM 99 3/4% pure.

<Maxwell> I'll have to get it from her.

<Brad from Georgia> You don't want to ask about that last quarter, however...

<Steve "shimp"> so what was in that other 56/100% anyway?

> I was in Laramie Wyoming, and one of the best restaurants in town had a salad bar with Waldorf Salad, mint marshmallow salad, and TWO kinds of Jell-O (green and red)

<Maxwell> Air.

<Brad from Georgia> Steve, you got a good rememberer on ya!

> Steve - You don't wanna know.

<Steve "shimp"> Hoof, skin, old leather belts, wait, that's Jell-O

<Brad from Georgia> When we attended the Prairie Home Companion Lutheran Church Supper, in addition to hotdish, Garrison Keillor made sure we were served Jell-O salads.

> Steve - They had to put the nuclear waste somewhere.

<Steve "shimp"> In Carolyn Wyman's book she claims you can turn purses and shoes into Jell-O!

<Maxwell> If Harry Caray's restaurant can put string from a baseball into spaghetti sauce, they can put that stuff into Jell-O in my book.

> Brad - How very Presbyterian.

<Brad from Georgia> Hmmm...if you can turn Jell-O into purses and shoes, I might be interested. Mother's day is coming up, you know.

<Steve "shimp"> Did you have Glorified Rice, Brad?

<Maxwell> Just ad water.

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, other way around!

<Maxwell> All you need is the right mold.

> Maxwell - I'm not big on mold growing on my Jell-O.

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, we did! And the tuna hotdish with the crumbled up potato chips, and the broccoli and cheese heartstopper covered with Tater Tots...

<Steve "shimp"> There's a book comparing catholics and lutherans, "They Glorified Mary, we Glorified Rice"

<Maxwell> We had to have our kitchen cleaned. It was infested with Jell-O molds.

> Brad - Must have had creamed peas and pearl onions with french fried onions on top.

[Sun May 01 17:14:07 GMT-08:00 2005] Audio alert from ed.

> Hi Ed, what's the audio alert?

<Brad from Georgia> Keillor didn't partake. He said, "It's like a tribe that grew up eating dirt and roots. When they get sophisticated, they don't eat it anymore. But it's fun to watch others eat it."

> Have I let people go too off topic?

<Brad from Georgia> Topic? There was a topic?

<Maxwell> Is there ever a topic here?

<Maxwell> I'm just wondering since this is only my second visit.

<Kay Lhota> We mentioned tonight's episode and how much we enjoyed it

> If people would like me to be more stringent on the topic, let me know. It felt like people were having fun, so I've just been running with it.

<ed> not my computer sorry i don't know what I doing OOOPS

<Brad from Georgia> Well, -I- wanted to talk about Don and Dennis. THEY were the naughty ones.

<Maxwell> We don't need the fun police, Laura.

> Maxwell - It depends a lot on the crowd. Some people like to get very serious and in-depth, and we talk really intensively for an hour and then leave.

<Maxwell> i'm thoroughly enjoying myself...even the parts I missed when I was eating. (Huh?)

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<ed> hey laura can I talk in private

<Steve "shimp"> Either format's good with me!

> Brad - Sounds like you know something...

<Brad from Georgia> Didn't Jack Webb star on the short-lived series "The Fun Police"?

<Steve "shimp"> What parts were you eating?

> Ed - Sure...just double-click my name.

<Maxwell> Since I haven't heard the episode in nearly a month, this is fine with me.

<Maxwell> I'm having trouble downloading again, Laura.

> Maxwell - The show, you mean?

<Brad from Georgia> WEBB: Excuse me, ma'am. We'd like to talk to you. You look like you're having fun.

<Maxwell> Yeah.

<Maxwell> How's that Sgt. Webb?

<Brad from Georgia> LADY: Fun? Why, no, Sergeant. I never have...fun.

<Brad from Georgia> WEBB: Good work, ma'am.

<Maxwell> DUM-DA-DUM-DUM!

<Brad from Georgia> The fun you have just heard is true. Only the fun was changed to protect the funny.

> (For those who have seen Malibu Beach Party) I never go anywhere, I never do anything, I never have AN-NY fun.

<Brad from Georgia> Ya old crab!

> Brad - Sounds like the reports from Iran 25 years ago.

<Kay Lhota> Aww shut up, ye old crab!

> Brad/Kay - AH! You've seen it!

> Can I bury you with sand?

<Brad from Georgia> I don't WANT to be covered with sand...

<Steve "shimp"> Were Frankie and Annette in that one?

<Kay Lhota> Winchester!

<Brad from Georgia> Say, boss, that half a pint you bought ain't gonna go very far!

> That sequence always makes me laugh because Baby Snooks and Ned Sparks are so dead on

<Kay Lhota> they sure are!

> Steve - Too early. Fred and Ginger were.

<Brad from Georgia> Ned Sparks! I was blanking on the name. Didn't Jack Lescoulie do Jack's voice in that cartoon?

> Hey, who are all the people sitting on the beach in audience for Jack's violin?

> Brad - Sure did.

<Steve "shimp"> OK, I should check that one out, never heard of it.

<Kay Lhota> Tyrone Power, Alice Faye

<Brad from Georgia> Jeez, it's been years...I remember Andy yelling "Hiya, Buck!"

> Steve - It's in our video library, really fun.

> Miss Livingstone, I presume.

<Kay Lhota> Laura, if you want, I'll run it and give you a list

<Brad from Georgia> LL--I got it from you--just haven't watched it yet!

> I don't know who did Mary, but she's pretty good.

<Steve "shimp"> (adds to wish list)

<Kay Lhota> Claudette Colbert

<Brad from Georgia> And now, folks, in answer to NUMEROUS requests, I shall play "Traumerei."

> Kay - Yes, please. Who's the brunette in the middle?

> This discussion has to be mystifying for anyone who hasn't seen this cartoon.

<Kay Lhota> LOL yes

<Steve "shimp"> Yep, but I'm learning

<Maxwell> I'm trying to remember Mary's voice in the cartoon and I'm drawing a blank.

<Brad from Georgia> Isn't this piece be-yootiful, Winchester?

<Maxwell> I remember Ned Sparks, though.

> Maxwell - She's mainly right up in front teasing Jack about his bathing suit.

> Clark Gable backstroking with his ears.

<Maxwell> Right...but the memory of the voice is eluding me.

<Brad from Georgia> Yep, remember Clark.

> And Garbo surfing on her shoes. Boy, did the cartoons love her.

> Who's the soprano? Maria Callas?

<Maxwell> She was pretty easy to caricature, I think.

<Kay Lhota> Deanna Durbin, I thought

<Brad from Georgia> Deanna Durbin, wasn't it?

> I didn't think Deanna Durbin sang like that operatically.

<Maxwell> Maria Callas would have been later than that.

<Kay Lhota> she did

> OK, I'll buy that.

<Kay Lhota> her voice was classically trained and lovely

<Brad from Georgia> They reused the vocal track of the Durbin song in a later cartoon, too...blanking on the title right now...

> Kay - You bought 39 Forever, right?

<Kay Lhota> yes, thank you! I'm getting a lot of use out of it

> Kay - OK, then I owe you an apology. I was going to send you one of the seconds, but must have blanked on that when I wrapped up yours. Do you still want it?

<Kay Lhota> sure, if you don't mind.

> Kay - OK. If you don't get it in a couple weeks, remind me.

<Kay Lhota> I can send you money for postage, or you can bring it with you when you come to Boston

<Brad from Georgia> Just googled and got this list of celebs from the cartoon: Fred Astaire, John Barrymore, Jack Benny, James Cagney, Betty Davis, Alice Fay, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Bob Hope, Kay Kaiser, George Raft,

[Sun May 01 17:26:03 GMT-08:00 2005] edd:

<edd> did I kill the chat

> Kay - Duh! What a good idea. E-mail me near the end of May and remind me to do that.

<Kay Lhota> gladly

> Edd - Not for me.

<Maxwell> I didn't know the chat was dead.

> Brad - Good work!

<Kay Lhota> go on Brad-- who else is in the cartoon?

<Brad from Georgia> The chat came back the very next day.

> Edd - Curiosity killed the chat.

<edd> well something blew on my end

<Kay Lhota> Don Ameche and Claudette Colbert, I think

<Steve "shimp"> Better get it off your end, Edd!

<Brad from Georgia> That's the complete list from a Warner Bros history site. The only voice actor they note is Lescoulie.

<Maxwell> That happened to me a lot last month.

> Edd - Too much information...definitely.

[Sun May 01 17:27:45 GMT-08:00 2005] Josef: "Jello Again!"

<Maxwell> I wonder if Bea Benederet did Mary Livingstone?

> WB Josef!

<Maxwell> She did a lot of WB voices.

<Josef> Thanks, Laura

> Maxwell - It's possible, but it doesn't quite sound like her.

<Kay Lhota> I'm not certain when she began at WB

<edd> bea did betty rubble

<Maxwell> That's why I'm desperately trying to recall the voice!

<Kay Lhota> I've done some WB cartoon research, but that was a long time ago

> Maxwell - Desperately seeking Mary

<Maxwell> And she's being quite contrary.

> Maxwell - Well, she's Jack's "pest-girl"...what can you expect?

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Brad from Georgia> Hmmm...Mel Blanc is credited at one site as "Winchester."

> Brad - I may be wrong, but I bet that's wrong. I'd have to hear it again.

<Maxwell> Maybe we could take her to Harry Caray's restaurant and they could put a lock of her hair in a pesto sauce.

<Kay Lhota> that does sound like Mel Blanc as "Winchester"

<Josef> Yeah, it does

> Maxwell - SSSSSSSSS

> OK, maybe I'm wrong about Mel. It's entirely possible...I'm just going on memory.

<Steve "shimp"> Maxwell, I had to read that twice to make sure it was as bad as I thought!

<Brad from Georgia> Well! I just Googled into an invitation to a REAL Malibu Beach Party...and it should be fun. They say it's gay!

<Maxwell> It was.

> Remember the show where Jack "discovers" Phil and Gladys is the cigarette girl selling locks of Phil's hair?

<Steve "shimp"> Yep, excellent show LL

<Josef> Yeah, I believe I remember that episode.

<Steve "shimp"> But I like the 1950 remake better

<Kay Lhota> I haven't got to that show

<Kay Lhota> gives me something else to look forward to finding

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

<Maxwell> I have a lot to look forward to finding.

<Maxwell> I have to tell you about the gift they gave to Chuck Schaden on his 35th anniversary show yesterday.

<Brad from Georgia> Benny-wise is bound-foolish, you know.

<Josef> Well, I was wondering, what made Kenny Baker actually leave Jack's show?

> I'm finding stuff all the time.

> Maxwell - Please do.

<Maxwell> One of his sponsors is The Frame Makers....

> Josef - Ah.......yes.

> Does anyone want to take Josef's question?

<Kay Lhota> I know that he went to sing for the Fred Allen show, but I don't know the details.

<Maxwell> And they gave him a framed photograph of Chuck receiving an award in honor of his 35 years...and presenting the picture to him in the photograph was Jack Benny.

<Josef> I mean, I've listend to Jack for four years now, and that question has never really been answered

<Brad from Georgia> I understand that Kenny got a better offer...and that Jack was a bit miffed about it. Kenny got cut from the last episode that year.

<Steve "shimp"> I always thought it was a money thing, Josef.

<Josef> Yeah, I have that episode.

<Kay Lhota> there were no hard feelings, really though, were they?

> Maxwell - Cool! A little Photoshop work, I take it.

<Brad from Georgia> Later, though, things seem to have been smoothed over. Kenny did a guest appearance or two, and he and Jack were cordial.

<Maxwell> I imaging so. It sounded as if he really got a huge kick out of it.

> I think there were a few things going on with Kenny's departure.

<Brad from Georgia> So spill, LL!

<Kay Lhota> please!

<Josef> Yeah

> There are some really good theories if you look back on the Forum.

<Brad from Georgia> Dish the dirt!

<Maxwell> If they were so cordial why did they find him in Jack's attic 14 years later?????

<Brad from Georgia> LOL!

> One was that he was doing more serious stuff on another program, and it sounds like he may have been interested in being more than just, "Very good, Kenny."

> Money is another reason.

> And yes, he was cut from the last show. But listen to the previous one and you'll hear that he's intending to go to Waukegan with the rest of the gang.

<Brad from Georgia> Kenny had a picture career, too. He was much more debonair and suave in the movies--maybe the "silly kid" role began to grate.

> I have a feeling--and this is only a theory--

<Steve "shimp"> "serious" must be a pretty broad definition for a radio tenor...

<Josef> Did Dennis Day, though, get paid more towards the latter part of his career on the show? Because it seems Dennis was in the show more than Kenny ever was.

<Maxwell> Wasn't he in one of the Marx Bros. movies?

<Kay Lhota> At the Circus

<Maxwell> Right!

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, Maxwell--At the Circus.

> That Kenny notified Jack that he was leaving during that week, and Jack or someone figured, "Why take him to Waukegan?"

<Maxwell> "Two Blind Loves"

<Kay Lhota> He also starred in "The Goldwyn Follies"

<Brad from Georgia> Yeah, Waukegan is rough on quitters!

> Josef - I don't have exact numbers yet, but I'm sure that Dennis was paid handsomely with raises.

> There's a comment about Kenny being "called back to Hollywood", and that's all they say.

<Brad from Georgia> Raisins? I thought he got Jell-O--Oh, raises, raisES. Never mind.

<Josef> Do you think that mary's discovering Dennis might have had something to do with Dennis having a larger role?

> Josef - Possibly, but I would think it had more to do with the quality of Dennis' work.

<Kay Lhota> I agree with Laura.

<Maxwell> Dennis was very funny in his own right.

<Steve "shimp"> I think Dennis just was more versatile, yeah what LL said!

<Josef> Right. After all, I think his quality is greater than Kenny's.

<Brad from Georgia> I do think Dennis had a sharper sense of timing and a broader acting range on radio than Kenny did.

> Consider that they had Larry Stevens sitting time for him while he was in the Navy. Many programs would have just let Dennis go and replaced him.

<Josef> Right, and Larry has what 7 lines total in a season.

> Brad - Right. Look at Dennis' mimic tonight. I've never heard Kenny do that.

> Josef - Not quite in a season, but generally no more than six in a show.

<Steve "shimp"> re: Larry - though he was a great guy, I enjoyed hearing interviews - you'd think they could just ditch the tenors!

<Brad from Georgia> I've read that when Dennis--or Mr. McNulty, as he was then--got called into Jack's office for his interview, he answered with a nervous "Yes, please?" that broke Jack up.

<Steve "shimp"> I frequently use a liberal fast forward finger through the songs.

> Brad - Here's the way Dennis told it to me...

<Brad from Georgia> I like Dennis's songs better than Kenny's. It's hard to find an Irish tenor who doesn't sound schmaltzy.

> He and the piano player were discussing the next audition song

> And Jack came on the mic and said, "Oh Dennis"

<Josef> Brad, yeah, Dennis had a great voice

Dennis automatically responded with, "Yes please?" Broke up Jack, and a legend is born.

<Brad from Georgia> Great story! And it gave Dennis his own catchphrase for the longest time. Hope Dennis tipped his hamburger to

Jack for that one.

<Josef> Dennis was pretty young, then, too, wasn't he? Like in his early 20s?

<Steve "shimp"> Good story. I like Dennis' more uptempo novelty stuff moreso than the ballads.

[Sun May 01 17:41:02 GMT-08:00 2005] Maxwell II: Not really a car

<Brad from Georgia> I think Dennis was nineteen when hired, right?"

I saw Dennis sing "Vesti La Giubba" for the commercial in a TV show, and even though it was a parody of the song, I thought it was one of Dennis' best.

<Laura Leff> Josef - I think so. *Looking it up*
<Brad from Georgia> Dennis's "Danny Boy" is among the very best, much better than Bing Crosby's. Bing's is too, well, Bing.
<Laura Leff> Josef - 23.
<Maxwell II> And Bing isn't a tenor. Makes all the difference in the world.
<Brad from Georgia> And I lose by four points.
<Josef> Thanks. That's pretty young, and he stayed with Jack basically until teh show ended, with a little Navy life interlude.

> Brad - Yes. In fact, we had our Dennis Day sing that at the 39 Forever recreation. There were several people crying.

> Oops...could someone please E-mail me the last 20 or so lines? Thanks.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, we're on the same refresh schedule!

<Brad from Georgia> I'm not even Irish, and sometimes it chokes me up. Like a gefilte fish that's underdone.

> I lost it after "one of Dennis' best"

> Brad - Ewwww

> Gefilte fish Jell-O

<Maxwell II> With horseradish.

> Oh right...that's the stuff that's packed around the gefilte fish

<Brad from Georgia> Such a dessert! Hoo-hoo-HOO!

> Hallo strayngeh!

<Kay Lhota> I sent the page to your aol account

> Kay - Thank you!

<Kay Lhota> I hope that works

<Brad from Georgia> Say, we were lucky that our Lutheran hotdish didn't include lutefisk.

<Josef> Hey guys, I need to be going now, I'm at my college's library and it's closing at ten. Thanks, though, for answering my Benny questions, and it's always been great talking about Jack and the gang.

<Brad from Georgia> Goodnight, Josef!

<Steve "shimp"> Oops, sent you the lines too LL

> Thanks Josef! Stop again!

> Steve - Thanks. I'll get them one way or another.

<Josef> Goodnight! I will stop by soon.

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Josef

<Maxwell II> Reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw: "When lutefisk is outlawed, only outlaws will have lutefisk."

<Kay Lhota> night Josef

> What is lutefisk?

<Steve "shimp"> Herring in Lye

<Brad from Georgia> They'd had lutefisk in the Lutheran church about two weeks before. And the memory lingered on.

> Is it like that thing of a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey?

<Kay Lhota> is it edible?

<Maxwell II> Barely.

<Steve "shimp"> Depends on who you ask!

> Steve - You're lyeing.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp"> Nope

<Steve "shimp"> I wish I was!

<Brad from Georgia> Lutefisk is a Lutheran delicacy that they have only once a year because it takes them that long to forget how bad it is.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Maxwell II> I prefer my herring pickled.

> Brad - LOL

<Steve "shimp"> Turduckin, LL!

> Steve - That's it!

<Maxwell II> That must be it. My Swedish grandmother converted to Catholocism when she married my grandfather.

<Kay Lhota> I found a frightening Pickled Herring recipe. It's baked with dried fruit in a pie.

<Steve "shimp"> I want to add an emu to the outside and a quail to the inside, but I don't know what to call it

> My mother ate creamed herring all through her pregnancy with me. I think that's part of the reason I converted to Judaism.

<Maxwell II> That's why nobody in my family can stand it!

<Brad from Georgia> You know, we mentioned Keillor earlier. His midwestern Lutherans are about the closest to ethnic humor you can find on the radio nowadays.

> Kay - Oh, now that's simply illegal.

<Maxwell II> The Norwegian bachelor farmers.

> Brad - Except possibly in Europe.

<Kay Lhota> it's in a cookbook of Elizabethan recipes

<Brad from Georgia> Hey, I'm a Southern Baptist. Took me forever to get up the nerve to try lox.

> Brad - Protect your bagels. Put lox on them.

<Brad from Georgia> That frozen oxygen's hard on the tongue.

<Maxwell II> Why would you want to eat liquid oxygen?

<Kay Lhota> I'm curious, but not yet ready to try it

> Kay - You live in Boston and don't eat lox?

<Kay Lhota> Love Lox!

<Brad from Georgia> If God had wanted us to smoke salmon, He'd have made them rounder, firmer, more fully packed.

<Maxwell II> Actually I love lox...best with cream cheese on an onion bagle.

> Brad - har har

<Kay Lhota> LOL Brad

<Steve "shimp"> And grapenuts!

<Steve "shimp"> Just for Maxwell..

<Kay Lhota> I love food, and I have the waistline to prove it!

<Maxwell II> A grapenuts and onion bagle.

[Sun May 01 17:48:16 GMT-08:00 2005] Mike Amo: Jello everybody!

> The friend I stay with in Boston doesn't like fish. Do you believe it?

<Maxwell II> Same here.

> Hey Mike!

<Steve "shimp"> Max, do you want my 7/8 box of Grape Nuts?

<Mike Amo> Hi LL!

<Maxwell II> Hi Mike

<Kay Lhota> poor friend. I love fish.

<Steve "shimp"> Hi Mike

> Kay - I'm married to a chef, and am the same way.

<Brad from Georgia> Me, too. I overeat so I have to walk for exercise to lose weight, and that lets me listen to Jack Benny.

<Mike Amo> Shimp or Shemp?

<Mike Amo> lol, hi anyway

<Steve "shimp"> shimp

<Kay Lhota> I love Shemp too!

> Mike - Or hemp?

<Maxwell II> Scrampi, not Howard.

<Steve "shimp"> It's a dumb name, what I was eating for dinner when I signed up for the board!

<Mike Amo> lol

<Brad from Georgia> "I feel like a little shrimp tonight." "Don't worry, we all have our off days."

<Mike Amo> I just had dinner or I'd have been here

<Maxwell II> I had dinner while I was here.

> Brad - That reminds me of a joke so dirty that even I'm embarassed to think of it.

<Brad from Georgia> We had Chinese for dinner.

<Mike Amo> May yet fall asleep at the monitor {:oD Just back from borth Joisey

<Steve "shimp"> You have to tell now, LL!

> Brad - Ah, doing the Jeffrey Dahmer thing, eh?

<Mike Amo> borth would be north...zzzz

<Maxwell II> Getting back to the Jeffrey Dahmer topic again?

<Brad from Georgia> LL--It's a line from a Woody Woodpecker cartoon, in which the waiter does a nice Frank Nelson impression.

<Maxwell II> You beat me, Laura, but only because I can't type.

> Brad - No kidding! Didn't know that.

> Hannibal Lecter: I'm having an old friend for dinner.

<Brad from Georgia> I remember an old MAD magazine with Boris Karloff as a headwaiter: "We have Chinese...cooking..."

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Don't order the Sum Yung Gai.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp"> LOL



<Brad from Georgia> I understand the Dim Sum is when you let Dennis add up the check.

<Steve "shimp"> We had a chinese restaurant in Ann Arbor called "Ho Lee Chow"

<Kay Lhota> LOL Brad

> Brad - Ooooooh! Good one!

<Kay Lhota> Oh my

<Maxwell II> I knew it was only a matter of time that I'd turn those hisses back at you!

> Maxwell - Turn about is fair play!

> There used to be, and maybe still is, a place just south of here called "Lettuce Beef Friends".

<Maxwell II> Darn right.

<Brad from Georgia> Dang it, I want another "39 forever" gathering that I can actually attend. But I know that's cruel and unusual punishment for Laura.

<Mike Amo> I'll arrange it if I win the lottery

> Brad - I'm having a hard time putting it into words, so I'll just say, "You're right."

<Brad from Georgia> LL--I've worked on conventions before. Drives ya nuts, don't it?'

> Dan and I agreed to tell people that if they wanted another convention, they'd have to pay for a divorce or a funeral, because at least one of 'em would happen.

<Mike Amo> lol!

> Brad - And that's putting it in the best possible way.

<Steve "shimp"> LL, 89 forever!

> Steve - Yeah, I may be ready for it by then.

<Steve "shimp"> I'll be there!

> I'm just lucky that they were in the process of laying everyone off at my company and I didn't have to work very hard.

<Brad from Georgia> Oh--I'm gonna be at a convention in San Diego in July, and Eddie Carroll and his wife have tentative plans to have lunch with me and the Mrs. in LA. Hope they/we can make it!

<Maxwell II> Look at it this way. It can't be as bad as a Star Trek or Star Wars convention where the participants are just plain strange.

> Brad - That's great!

<Maxwell II> On the other hand, judging from this crowd....

> Maxwell - har har

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<edd> edd is back i was talking on the phone w/ a younger bro who got me a 100 episode MP3 of red skelton today in stlouis

<Brad from Georgia> I have attended a good many ST and SW conventions, and I write ST novels. They are good folk, Maxwell. Though they do tend to wear fewer clothes than 300-lb people should.

> My Boston friend sent me a bunch of jokes that included the comment "There was a Star Wars convention that attracted 30,000 attendees. It's the largest gathering of celibate men since the conclave."

<Maxwell II> I have a friend who helps out one group that puts on some ST conventions.

<Kay Lhota> Wow

<Steve "shimp"> Comic book guy: This is Illogical, no trekkie would need a MEDIUM uniform!

> Yes, I've been to a ST convention too. It's actually pretty fun if you don't take it too seriously.

> Steve - Har har. Very true.

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, I've been involved with science fiction conventions. One guest demanded a bottle of champagne at his panel....

<Kay Lhota> oh sure. I enjoy star trek. My problem tends to be galloping hobbies!

<Maxwell II> I've never been because I'd be in jeans and a T-shirt and nobody would be able to guess what species I am.

> I helped out Walter Koenig when I found him wandering the halls at SPERDVAC.

> Kay - You are REAL lucky you're married. ;)

<Steve "shimp"> I ran into Walter Koenig on the street in Berkeley. That was weird.

<Kay Lhota> thank you, Laura.

<Kay Lhota> I agree with you on that.

> Kay - Per our previous conversation, if you know what I mean.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Steve - I ran into Cheech Marin on the street in San Francisco. That was...appropriate.

<Brad from Georgia> Oh, George Takei is a SWEETHEART. Such a nice man. And Nichelle Nichols once made me eat a kiwi fruit. And James Doohan thought our kids were cute.

> Brad - I always thought George Takei seemed like a good guy.

> OK, when did this go from being the Jack Benny room to the Star Trek room?

<Maxwell II> <---Guilty.

<Steve "shimp"> I dunno.

> A few months ago we recast Star Trek with the Benny cast.

<Brad from Georgia> He is. Very gracious, and with a laugh thats nine sizes too big for him. But a Jack Benny, he isn't.

<Maxwell II> I mentioned ST.

<Brad from Georgia> And I've written five ST novels. So sue me.

> I've got no problem with it if no one else does. I'm a Trekkie too.

<Kay Lhota> I am too.

<Steve "shimp"> Meh, I like the old ones but not too big on anything thereafter. Sorry!

<Kay Lhota> Not devoutly Trekkian, but certainly fannish in my fashion

<Maxwell II> I'm a Trekker. We look down on mere Trekkies. :-)

> I was just reading a Mad Magazine at my Boston friend's house that combined Shrek and Star Trek.

<Steve "shimp"> I think I like Star Trek for the wrong reasons

<Steve "shimp"> Big hair, blinky lights, miniskirts...

<Brad from Georgia> Well, my wife Barbara is a much bigger Trekker than I am...she cowrote my ST books.

<Kay Lhota> I'll have to hunt my copy of MAD down

> Steve - Why, Nichelle Nichols' outfit?

> Brad - Wow! Impressive.

<Maxwell II> William Shatner's expanding girth?

> OK, topic officially eliminated. All fronts open.

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, pretty much the goof factor.

<Brad from Georgia> Never met William Shatner, but I do an even better impression of him than my world-renowned Dennis Day.

> Did anyone see "Invasion Iowa" recently? Shatner going to an Iowa town to shoot a sci fi movie?

<Kay Lhota> we just bought the DVD "To Be Or Not to Be"

<Kay Lhota> I heard about that show, but I didn't watch it

<Maxwell II> No, but I saw Shatner on the pilot for Iron Chef America.

<Steve "shimp"> Kay, how is the DVD?

<Kay Lhota> the commercials for it looked funny

<Kay Lhota> the DVD is very nice.

<Brad from Georgia> Kay--I want that DVD for myself and also for my college's film library. Jack does some wonderful underplaying in it.

> Kay - Is it the one with "The Rounder"? I need to see that.

<Steve "shimp"> I heard the quality was so-so

<Kay Lhota> The transfew looks good and the Rounder was interesting

> I've only read the script of the Rounder.

<Steve "shimp"> Is Bright Lights the only short Jack did with Mary?

<Kay Lhota> not a great short, but academic. Dorothy Sebastian and George K. Arthur

> Steve - Bright Moments. Yes.

<Steve "shimp"> Oops, bright moments, right

<Brad from Georgia> You know, if the timing had been better on "To Be or Not to Be," it could have done for Jack what "Sunshine Boys" did for George Burns.

<Kay Lhota> I went to the TCM website to ask them to show "Chasing Rainbows" which I haven't seen in many years

> Brad - Maybe, but George was pretty much semi-retired at that time. Jack was in the thick of his radio career.

<Brad from Georgia> But, with Carole Lombard's death and the attack on Pearl Harbor, the public just wasn't receptive to that kind of dark humor.

> Kay - It's in our video library.

<Maxwell II> And had he ended up doing a lot of movies, we may never have had his TV show.

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, better to have all those radio & tv shows IMO!

> How many people here have seen Charley's Aunt?

<Mike Amo> Long, long ago

<Maxwell II> It's been YEARS.

<Kay Lhota> I've only seen part of it

<Mike Amo> Why can't I find that anywhere?

<Brad from Georgia> I really think that "To Be or Not to Be" was a wonderful showcase for his acting talents, though. He wasn't really playing himself, but there were touches of the Benny character.

<Steve "shimp"> Nope, not me

<Brad from Georgia> Never seen "Charley's Aunt."

> Mike - You're not looking in our video library.

<Kay Lhota> I've noticed that "Charley's Aunt" and Ray Bolger's "Where's Charley" seem to be hiding

> Brad - Because Lubitsch created the role for him.

<Steve "shimp"> Yeah, great movie Brad!

<Brad from Georgia> LL--I bought it from you already! I just haven't seen it--saving it for this summer, when I'm out of school!

> I just wonder of those who have seen it if they think it's one of Jack's best movie roles.

<Mike Amo> <waves> Guilty as charged {:oP

> Brad - OK, no problem! I've got lots of stuff I haven't seen yet.

<Brad from Georgia> Yes, Lubitsch was the one who observed that Jack wasn't a comedian, but an actor playing the role of a comedian.

<Maxwell II> It's been too long for me to judge. Of the ones I've seen more recently than 40 years ago, my favorite is To Be or Not To Be.

> I love life between jobs...I can do really important, interesting stuff rather than just make money.

<Steve "shimp"> Why are Jack's movies, TBONTB excepted, rarely put out on commercial releases?

<Brad from Georgia> I like "George Washington Slept Here," too. Brilliant idea, to switch the husband/wife roles for the movie.

<Maxwell II> Yup...Jack is best when put upon.

> Steve - I think the studios just don't regard them as big money makers. People seek out movies with Bogart, Hepburn, Gable, etc. Not Jack.

<Mike Amo> I have to go folks, recovering from 300-mile drive and a great dinner too zzz zzz...will look in later and see what I missed...goodnight

<Steve "shimp"> I do have Horn Blows on a nice commercial release though.

<Brad from Georgia> Steve--Too few car chases? I guess the Maxwell wasn't up to it.

<Kay Lhota> I'm fond of "Buck Benny Rides Again"

<Steve "shimp"> Ironic, isn't it!

> Take care, Mike!

<Kay Lhota> goodnight Mike

<Maxwell II> I recorded Horn when it was on TCM and viewed it a few nights later....

<Steve "shimp"> Bye Mike

<Kay Lhota> what did you think of "Horn"

<Maxwell II> Too much stuff using a stunt man.

<Steve "shimp"> Horn Blows is fantastically weird!

[Sun May 01 18:07:05 GMT-08:00 2005] ed:

<Brad from Georgia> "Buck Benny" is a great showcase for Eddie Anderson. Jack was most generous in giving his cast such screen time in the movie.

> See, how many people are going to look for "It's In the Air" or "Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round"?

<Maxwell II> The whole finally was distinctly un-Bennyian.

<Steve "shimp"> It's big-budget seeming, too, not what I expected, Kay.

> "Man About Town" is also great for Eddie Anderson.

<Kay Lhota> oh-- we bought a used copy of the "LAUGH-IN" DVD

<Kay Lhota> Jack Benny was on the show in Feb of 1970 and I remember seeing it when I was 12

<Maxwell II> I love Horn until the climax.

<Maxwell II> Then it falls apart.

> Oh, someone sent me excerpts of "Laugh-In"...only the scenes with Jack. Laugh-In is pretty crazy as it is, and it's completely unintelligible when excerpted.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Is it true that Jack was up for the role that Bob Hope got in "The Big Broadcast of 1938"?

> Brad - No, that's a myth from Eddie Carroll's show.

<Kay Lhota> yes, it would have been better if you saw the show as a whole

<ed> i think so

<ed> oh i thought it was true'

> Kay - And I have, on Nick at Nite many years ago. Unfortunately, those Betas don't want to play now.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Not only from Eddie Carroll's show! I read that in the OTR reference book I mentioned earlier and it didn't seem right then, either.

<Kay Lhota> although the whole point of Jack's episode is that he is rushed through each scene

> Keep it moving...keep it moving...keep it moving...

<Kay Lhota> the Nick at Nite ep would have been shortened

> Kay - Broken into half hours.

<Kay Lhota> ah

<Maxwell II> They're showing complete Laugh-In episodes on Trio now.

<Steve "shimp"> I've got an interview from around that time where Jack talks about "learning" comedy fromLaugh-In

<Maxwell II> Watched a couple yesterday.

<Brad from Georgia> Laugh-in must seem like a fossil nowadays.

<Steve "shimp"> I don't think he needed bother!

<Maxwell II> No Jack, though. Bob Hope.

<Kay Lhota> I couldn't remember the details except for the running gag about the waterfall

> I recently handled the contracts for all the Laugh-In appearances.

<Steve "shimp"> Laugh-In creaks BADLY now.

> What waterfall?!?!

<Maxwell II> Not all of it...the topical stuff, though, really dates.

> Steve - Oh come on, admit it. You still enjoy watching Goldie Hawn dance in a bathing suit.

<Kay Lhota> I showed Laugh In to my son Daniel, and it was new to him. He said that this was over-the-top comedy.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--You bet your sweet bippy!

> It's still fun to see Dick Nixon say "Sock it to me?!"

<ed> did jack love doing tv or radio?

<Steve "shimp"> I couldn't even watch those half-hours!

> Ed - He loved radio more.

<Maxwell II> Or Tiny Tim singing.

> Maxwell - Ew.

<Brad from Georgia> I think Jack indulged in a little too much visual zaniness on his TV show at times. I see why he did it, but the standing-around-the-mike ambience of radio is warmer, funnier to me.

> I recently saw a picture of Tiny Tim in his coffin with his ukelele, looking much as he did then. But more still.

<Steve "shimp"> tiiptoooe throooo the tuuuuulips!

<Maxwell II> I just think of him as Cliff Edwards at 78 rpm.

<Brad from Georgia> We'll have to get Eddie Carroll to sing it, then speed it up!

> Maxwell - But all the Cliff Edwards records I have *ARE* 78rpn.

<Steve "shimp"> Brad, there were some great subtle visual gags though!

<Kay Lhota> tiny Tim sang Tiptoe in the style of the old recording by Nick Lucas

> Brad - You're also working off the ensemble of Jack's show for those.

<Maxwell II> I didn't finish my thought..."with the rest of the world at 33-1/3.

<Maxwell II> "

> Tiny Tim was a huge 78rpm fan.

<Kay Lhota> I met him at a convention

<Steve "shimp"> I am beginning to reappreciate the TV show, it gets a worse rep than it deserves.

> Steve - It depends a lot on the show you see. The shows of the mid to late 50s are really, really good by and large.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--That's true. We were at Disney World not long ago (our daughter plays the role of Simba in the Lion King show, but I'm not supposed to tell you that), and we heard Eddie as Jiminy Cricketa lot!

<Maxwell II> I'm still trying to figure out this 78 rpm record I inherited from my dad: "Vogue: The Picture Record."

[Sun May 01 18:13:47 GMT-08:00 2005] ed:

<Maxwell II> A picture illustrating the song on each side.

<Steve "shimp"> Exactly, LL

<Brad from Georgia> You know, Cricketa Lot--she was married to...oh, I can't spell anymore.

> Brad - I was recently corresponding with them, and Carolyn (Eddie's wife) told me that Eddie's in the studio a lot for them.

> Brad - Trent Lott?

<Maxwell II> Lotta Crabtree?

> Maxwell - What do you want to know about them? I have some.

<Brad from Georgia> Eddie, as Jiminy, narrates the whole electric parade AND the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

> Maxwell - It's worth something.

<Maxwell II> I know nothing about the company. The one I have is Art Kassel, "The Whiffenpoof Song," and "If That Phone Ever Rings (And It's You)"

> Vogues were done to try and rekindle interest in 78s. People were moving away to 45s and 33s.

<Brad from Georgia> Now, wouldn't it be funny if Eddie suddenly broke into Jack during the fireworks: "Can you IMAGINE how much the Disney people are sending up in smoke...and they pay me cricket food!"

<Steve "shimp"> LOL Brad

> Maxwell - Not one of the ones I have, but like I said, they're worth some coin. I have many of mine hanging on nails on the wall.

<Maxwell II> Ah...late '40s/early '50s?

> Brad - He could easily do it. He slips into and out of Benny character very easily.

> Maxwell - Yup.

<Kay Lhota> I finally got it figured out that you are talking about Eddie Carroll!

<Kay Lhota> Whew!

<Maxwell II> I kind of guessed that since it's (apparently) vinyl.

<Brad from Georgia> I know--he once called me at my office and said, "Oh, Brad, this is Jack Benny calling." Weirded me out big time!

<Steve "shimp"> I would love to see Disney do a Jack theme park ride!

> Brad - He did the same to me about 14 years ago.

<Brad from Georgia> "Please keep your hands and arms inside the car and hold onto your cash."

> Steve - All the cabs would be little Maxwells

<Steve "shimp"> Little Maxwells rolling through the studio, audio-animatronic Marys harassing you...

> pest-girls.

<Steve "shimp"> they could re-vamp the Mr. Toad's wild ride track..

<Maxwell II> I can't imagine a bunch of little me's.

> Say folks...I'm doing my Yesterday USA gig tonight live at the bottom of the hour. So I need to sign off. But feel free to stay here as long as you like.

> Thanks much, and I'll see you next month!

<Brad from Georgia> Mr. Toad is gone in Disney World. Replaced by Winnie the Pooh, alas.

<Brad from Georgia> See ya, LL!

<Kay Lhota> thanks Laura