IJBFC Chat - April 3, 2005

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<Greg> Hi Maxwell & Kay

> Hello again, folks!

<Michael> Hi Laura

<Kay Lhota> Hi Laura

[Sun Apr 03 15:57:34 GMT-08:00 2005] _bill:

<Kay Lhota> and thank you for the book-- arrived in the mail yesterday

<Maxwell> You can hear him use the Woody Woodpecker laugh in a couple of WB cartoons as an early Bugs Bunny and early Daffy Duck.

<Maxwell> Hi Laura

<Greg> And hi to our esteemed President!

> Hey _bill, how's it going?

<Michael> yeah now that I think about it... you're right

<Kay Lhota> yes, and he used it for Norman Krasna on the JB show

> Maxwell - Mel Blanc?

<_bill> splendid, thanks

<Maxwell> Yeah.

<Michael> or the car?

> Hi Greg!

<Maxwell> Or both?

<Kay Lhota> I kind of started things talking about Mel Blanc

<Maxwell> Which happens to be one of my favorite topics.

<Kay Lhota> I met him in 1984 when he was doing a College lecture

<Michael> am wondering.... why was Phil left in Hollywood?

> Hey check out the Themes on the new Volano...looks like the Jell-O flavors

[Sun Apr 03 15:59:22 GMT-08:00 2005] Steve - "shimp":

> Kay - No problem...happy to have the conversation already kicked off!

<Kay Lhota> how do you check out the themes?

<Maxwell> BTW Laura, I was able to access my email and did get the attachment.

> Michael - Probably because it was too expensive to bring the whole band.

<Michael> Hi Steve and _bill

<Steve - "shimp"> Hi folks!

<Kay Lhota> Hi steve

> Maxwell - Great! Glad that worked out.

<Greg> Last summer I attended an antique auto show and got to see a real live Maxwell up close and in person!

<Michael> ok

<Maxwell> Hey Shimp

<Greg> Hi Steve, Hi Shimp

<Steve - "shimp"> I've seen a Maxwell or two, they don't sound like Mel!

<Kay Lhota> wow-- that would have been interesting. I saw one of Jack Benny's Maxwells and Universal in Feb of 1970

<Steve - "shimp"> Greg - just one schizophrenic us here

<Maxwell> <Decides to go full screen with this window because he can't keep up.

<Greg> lol, this one was parked so I couldn't tell!

> I sat in one of Jack's Maxwells...

<Steve - "shimp"> Did he ever actually own one?

<Kay Lhota> <sigh> oh cool, Laura!

<Michael> it would be hilarious if someone fixed up some sort of FX so if you started up one of those Maxwells it WOULD sound

like Mel

> Steve - Not personally. But the studios/networks did.

<Greg> ah I see, a multi monikered member

<Steve - "shimp"> Gotcha.

> Where are Larry and Moe?

<Maxwell> I vaguely remembering seeing him in a Maxwell on his TV show.

<Maxwell> Now cut that out!

<Michael> if you ever see Buck Benny Rides Again... I think you'll see him in his Maxwell

<Kay Lhota> I love that movie!

<Maxwell> Haven't seen it in years.

> Maxwell - That was probably the one I sat in.

<Maxwell> Most likely.

<Kay Lhota> I got a nice tape of it when it was on AMC about 12 years ago.

<Michael> me too

<Michael> and now the tape is worn out almost

<Greg> it's a hoot to actually see Mel Blanc do the sound of the Maxwell starting. He did it on the Tonight Show with Jack at his

side in 1974

> If you go to the Photo gallery, look in Television and you'll see some photos I got out of UCLA of Jack in the Maxwell.

<Kay Lhota> His facial expressions on a lot of his voices are a hoot

<Maxwell> I must have seen that because I remember it. (Blanc on Carson.)

<Michael> how long was Jack Laughing Greg?

> Greg - Not to get your hopes up, but that may show up in the video library one of these days.

<Greg> yes! No wonder the studio audiences would roar with laughter whenever he did that sound effect

<Kay Lhota> (crossing my fingers for the library)

<Michael> would love to at least see the actual clip... like watching Don & Eddie dancing :)

<Steve - "shimp"> Mel gets really agitated - love the story 'bout how he was afraid to do the maxwell one day when he had


<Greg> lol, not as long as when Mel did the english horse bit!

> Don't we have Buck Benny in the video library?

<Michael> I meant the Carson bit...

<Kay Lhota> I found an ancient tape I made of "Meanest Man In the World"

[Sun Apr 03 16:04:53 GMT-08:00 2005] Barbara:

> OK we're taking bets...how many people will show up an hour late tonight?

> Hi Barbara!

<Kay Lhota> I'm sure I hadn't seen it in over 17 years

<Barbara> Hello everybody!

<Kay Lhota> Hi Barbara

<Michael> Hi Barbara

<Greg> "aw haw"...Jack was pounding Johnny's desk!

<Steve - "shimp"> Hi Barbara!

<Greg> Hi Barbara

<Maxwell> The other Blanc sound that I remember that was a hoot seeing him was the sound he used to do as a trumpet for

Marvin the Martian.

<Maxwell> Hi Barbara

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Mel also did the English horse on Jack's TV show...one of the amateur shows.

<Barbara> Thanks for all the hi's.

<Michael> I've got one of Jack's TV shows where Mel does his Electric Organ....

<Maxwell> That's the one.

<Michael> yeah Laura

> Ee ee en ee ee en...

<Michael> Mr Gropff!

<Michael> (wipes off screen)

<Maxwell> That was a amateur show, too, iirc.

> Michael - Ah yes, I'd forgotten about that.

> Barbara - The topic is Mel Blanc

<Steve - "shimp"> Too much brilliance, drawing a blanc here

<Barbara> Okay. I have his book.

[Sun Apr 03 16:07:17 GMT-08:00 2005] Scott in KC: KCAgape

<Steve - "shimp"> Great book! I need a new copy, if it's in good shape it is going for some bucks on amazon

<Kay Lhota> I was saying before you came in that I heard him last week in an MGM cartoon. I recognized his circa 1940 hiccups

<Maxwell> Hi Scott!

> Mdexefluxj

<Michael> Hi Scott

> Hi Scott!

<Maxwell> And it just took off from there.

<Scott in KC> Hi everyone! Long time, no chat.

<Barbara> There's a picture in the book of Jack trying to water ski.

<Steve - "shimp"> Hi Scott

> Kay - I'll be! I guess that was before he was exclusive with WB.

<Michael> that's what I thought

<Greg> Hi Scott

<Kay Lhota> yes, he was in many MGM, Columbia, and Lantz cartoons

<Kay Lhota> he became exclusive to WB around 1944

<Barbara> Was he in the show for this month?

<Kay Lhota> no

<Michael> actually no

> Mel had a story about trying to break into cartoon voiceovers, but there was always some guy who told him they didn't need


<Steve - "shimp"> Nope, too early

> Finally this guy died.

> And that was Mel's opening.

> No, but the cast on this show is HUGE.

<Kay Lhota> yes, I think that was their sound man, Norman Spencer.

<Greg> Jack said "That's a terrible thing to laugh at, some guy dying"

<Michael> Barbara... this was Rochester's Debut...

<Scott in KC> Are you saying, Laura, That's All Folks?

<Barbara> Yes, it was good to hear him for the first time.

> Scott - No, too early to do that!

<Greg> (when Mel told that story on Carson in '74)

> I always thought the redcap in the first half was also Rochester, but it's not.

<Steve - "shimp"> Roch's voice definitely seemed different.

<Michael> it wasn't????

<Michael> it sure sounded like him

<Steve - "shimp"> Which makes you think how flexible that rasp really was!

<Maxwell> Sounded like him to me.

<Steve - "shimp"> Don't think the first porter was Eddie either.

> Michael - Nope. The name of the actor is Nelson...I'm sure not Frank...but when you really listen and think about it, you hear

the difference.

<Barbara> I thought he sounded pretty much the same. But the first porter was someone else.

<Michael> ok... will have to check it out later...

<Kay Lhota> there are so many voices on that episode that you really have to listen closely.

> If you don't have a copy of 39 Forever and want an ID on any cast member, let me know.

<Kay Lhota> I recognized Verna Felton right away.

> And here's a pop quiz...

<Maxwell> So did I.

> Who played the program salesman?

<Scott in KC> Who played Rochester's friend Roy? Did he have other radio roles? He seemed to be a quasi regular on Jack


<Steve - "shimp"> As a pushy stage mom! foreshadowing

<Michael> did anyone else half expect to hear Anaheim Azusa and Cuck-amonga?

<Kay Lhota> Ed Beloin?

<Maxwell> Program salesman?

> Steve - She even played Phil Harris' mother at one point a couple months earlier.

<Steve - "shimp"> Early train departure gags too!

> kay - Nope.

<Maxwell> OH, never mind.

<Kay Lhota> darn

<Greg> what year did Rochester suffer his stroke? The effects of it are evident on the 1969 Jack Benny's New Look Special

<Kay Lhota> my book is in the other room, and this isn't an open book quiz anyway

> Greg - That was when they were doing the Shower of Stars Jack's 40th birthday

<Steve - "shimp"> Verna is so funny, also Gracie Allen's mom on B&A

> Any gueses on the program salesman?

<Greg> oh I see

<Barbara> I was telling Laura recently that Rochester's beautiful home is now a haven for pedophiles.

<Michael> who played Millicent?

<Scott in KC> Steve was Jack's PR guy, right?

<Steve - "shimp"> I dunno the program guy

<Steve - "shimp"> Huh?

<Maxwell> Verna was also a regular on the December Bride TV series. That's where I first remember her.

> Greg - 1958...oh no, I take that back. That was his heart attack.

> Scott - Who, Steve Bradley?

<Greg> Did anyone see the live auction on eBay of some of Jack's personal effects from the collection of Eddie Villery? It was

sometime last week.

> The program guy WAS................

> Hilliard Marks.

<Scott in KC> Yes, Laura. He was a fast talking guy.

> Greg - Missed that one.

<Greg> Ah, that makes sense, as he did shows with Jack in the early 60's and was fine

> Scott - Yup. But he started in 1944 or 45.

<Steve - "shimp"> Ah, Hickey! Did he do many other characters?

> Steve - Not very often. But once in a while he'd do a very minor character like this.

<Steve - "shimp"> Nice, didn't know what he sounded like.

> Harry Baldwin was the first conductor with something like one line.

<Greg> there were some good things, like Jack's script for "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Jack Benny But Were

Afraid To Ask". The lots opening bids were like $500 and $600

<Scott in KC> Laura...I am courious what ever became of Mr. Billingsley, his weird border?

<Michael> I think he went down to the Vault & got eaten by an alligator!

> Scott - Well, that was played by Ed Beloin. So do you mean in "real life" or the character on the show?

<Scott in KC> With the gas man?????

<Michael> yep

<Michael> lol

<Maxwell> Maybe he was up in the attic with Kenny Baker.

<Kay Lhota> yes, he was mentioned in 1944 on the Groucho episode, and Ed Beloin would have left by then

<Scott in KC> Both, Laura.

> Greg - Man! I got a script of Jack Benny's New Look for something like $10.

> Kay - Ed didn't disappear completely when the new writers took over. He was looking into movie writing, and I think

(underscore think) he may have stayed on to train the new writers.

<Greg> Good deal! There were things like Jack's Friars club membership card, etc. I can't recall everything, but it wasn't worth


<Kay Lhota> Oh, I didn't know that! That's nice!

<Scott in KC> Laura...Are you "Thinking it over"?

> Scott - Well, as I mentioned, Ed Beloin wanted to go into movie writing (and Bill Morrow was going into the military)

<Kay Lhota> Ed Beloin is very funny.

> Greg - Wasn't vj7 bidding on anything, was it?

[Sun Apr 03 16:16:53 GMT-08:00 2005] Ellis M. Ef'Tee:

<Michael> Hi Ellis

> Hi Ellis!

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Hello

<Greg> couldn't tell you who bid on it Laura, I just happened to catch it while surfing the listings

<Steve - "shimp"> Howdy Ellis.

<Kay Lhota> Hi Ellis

<Maxwell> Hi-ya Lucky

<Greg> Hi Ellis

<Scott in KC> Hi Ellis!

> For the character, they just stopped talking about him, much like Carmichael or Trudy the ostrich

<Barbara> Where are you from, Ellis?

[Sun Apr 03 16:17:42 GMT-08:00 2005] Buddy: Jack fan

> Hi Buddy!

<Michael> Hi Buddy

<Maxwell> Hi Buddy

<Buddy> Hi

[Sun Apr 03 16:17:52 GMT-08:00 2005] Mike Amo: J-E-L-L---Oooooo!

<Steve - "shimp"> Buddy, welcome!

<Buddy> Hi everyone

<Maxwell> Hi Mike

<Greg> Hi Buddy

<Scott in KC> Laura, did Jack's camel have a name....Dare I write the word "camel"?

<Michael> Hi Mike Amo

> It's an ambush!

> Hi Mike! How's Ann? I "corrected" her name finally.

<Greg> Hi Mike A.

<Michael> Scott... you mean Ameican Tobacco would let Jack have a CAMEL???

<Buddy> This is my first Jack chat

<Maxwell> Mine, too.

<Greg> Welcome aboard Buddy

> Scott - *staring at ceiling* I don't recall ever hearing one. But I may have forgotten it.

<Kay Lhota> no, the Camel arrived during the Grape Nuts era

<Buddy> TY

<Barbara> I hope it's not the last.

> Buddy - Welcome in...it's a big crowd tonight.

<Buddy> Good

> Michael - This was in Grape Nuts days.

<Michael> Welcome aboard Buddy

<Scott in KC> I listened to an episode recently and he had a camel shipped to him....Grape Nuts was the sponsor then.

<Michael> and Maxwell

> The camel was long gone before Luckies.

<Scott in KC> Yes, did it have a name?

> So what else did people think about tonight's show?

<Michael> I would think so.... GW Hill would have had a fit and a half

<Buddy> I just recently purchased 901 episodes on Ebay...is that all of them?

> Scott - Not that I recall.

<Kay Lhota> it's a nice episode. A lot of action going on during it.

<Michael> I thought it was rather fun all things considered

<Steve - "shimp"> Good gags! 'Waiting Room, New Mexico" had me chuckling

> Buddy - It won't be 901 episodes of just the Jack Benny program. You'll have many separate appearances there.

<Maxwell> Fastest cross-country train ride in history!

<Kay Lhota> I've listened to it many times, and there is so much to listen to.

<Barbara> It was nice to hear Phil near the end.

> Who's the opening announcer? I think it's Ken Carpenter.

<Michael> soooo does Alberqueque exist or not???

<Buddy> Yeah, it is Guest appearances and such

<Maxwell> Yes, it is Ken Carpenter.

<Kay Lhota> Is it?

<Steve - "shimp"> There you go again, Michael!

<Michael> it sure wasn't Don Wilson

<Maxwell> I'd know his voic anywhere.

<Maxwell> Or his voice.

[Sun Apr 03 16:21:25 GMT-08:00 2005] Mike Amo: J-E-L-L---Ooooo!

<Kay Lhota> well, we'll take your word for it!

> Maxwell - I didn't know you were so personal with him...

<Kay Lhota> he did have a distinctive voice.

> There was no credit for the role in Jack's script, just "announcer". So I couldn't be sure.

<Maxwell> No, I just remember his voice.

[Sun Apr 03 16:21:57 GMT-08:00 2005] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<Maxwell> Pencil it in.

<Buddy> Which episode are you guys discussing?

<Kay Lhota> I remember hearing him on the Al Jolson Kraft Music Hall and the Bing Crosby shows

<Maxwell> Hi Alex

> BTW, "landsman" (as in "pale-faced landsman") is Yiddish for countryman or comrade.

<Alex Buck> Hello

<Steve - "shimp"> Rochester's first appearance

<Mike Amo> JELLO again folks...I missed the train

<Michael> Hi Alex

> Hi Alex!

<Steve - "shimp"> March 28, 1937?

> maxwell - I just did.

<Greg> and Charlie McCarthy and The Great Gildersleeve...

<Kay Lhota> Easter Sunday, 1937

<Scott in KC> Hi neighbor Alex!

<Alex Buck> Haven't been able to join up with you all for awhile now

> Welcome back, Alex!

<Greg> Hi Alex

> Not often that we have this many people in the room!

<Steve - "shimp"> Hi Alex

<Mike Amo> Hi Alex, all

<Kay Lhota> Hi Alex

<Alex Buck> We're expecting company in awhile so I'll see how long I can stick around

<Alex Buck> What all have i missed?

> Alex - Play the show for discussion for them. they can join in.

<Scott in KC> More the merrier, Laura. :)

<Kay Lhota> I have a friend that asked to come visit me tonight, and as usual, she's late

> Scott - Absolutely.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Maybe it's because there's no Super Bowl or Oscar's tonight

> So I have to ask it...what did people think about the Stepin Fetchit reference from Rochester?

> Ellis - You may well be right.

<Steve - "shimp"> Ew.

<Alex Buck> so did anyone pick up any similarities between Rochester in tonight's show and an Amos & Andy routine

<Kay Lhota> my friend that's late is a Fred Allen buff. She also grew up in Dorchester, MA

<Steve - "shimp"> One of those bad moments, LL

<Greg> or maybe we all need a diversion from the media saturation on the Pope's passing. Sad times.

<Maxwell> I've heard the episode before, but it still bothers me...2000s sensibilities applied to a 1937 show.

<Michael> yeah Alex... now that you mention it...

> Kay - Oh, then she's not allowed.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Greg> I wonder if Jack ever had an audience with a Pope?

> Maxwell - Yeah. Sometimes there will be lines like that which make me cringe.

<Alex Buck> you think its saturated now, wait until they get around to electing the new one

<Scott in KC> Greg, and the Terri Schiavo case, too.

<Kay Lhota> I keep hoping she'll visit me so that I can play for her some of the many Fred Allen show take offs that they did on

the JB show

> Greg - Probably not this Pope.

<Greg> yes, that too Scott

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Stepin' Fetchit. I think he was the guy in one of the Harold Lloyd movies, Feet First

<Buddy> Jack was Jewish but was he practicing?

<Greg> LOL! Good one Laura!

<Kay Lhota> No, that was Willie Best in "Feet First"

<Barbara> Jack never had an audience with the Pope, but he did have Billy Graham on once.

> Buddy - No, he was already pretty good at it. *RIMSHOT*

<Maxwell> Fetchit was in a couple of Will Rogers' talkies.

<Buddy> Which episode?

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Willie played "Charcoal"?

<Greg> Silly me, of course, Jack was Jewish. Sorry.

> Barbara - Good point.

<Kay Lhota> You can also see Willie Best in the Bob Hope movie "the Ghost Breakers"

<Scott in KC> Did a Pope ever have an audience with Jack you should ask.

<Steve - "shimp"> Willie Best had an even worse moniker, "Sleep N Eat" (eye roll)

<Michael> Maxwell which ones?

<Maxwell> IIRC he was in a lot of movies for Fox.

<Buddy> Which episode was Billy Grahm on?

> Buddy - 9/24/63

<Alex Buck> i remember seeing the Grahm TV appearance. I remember thinking it was a bit flat

<Maxwell> Good question. Unfortunately, I can't think of any titles offhand.

<Greg> Wasn't Billy Grahm on in 1964?

<Michael> ok

<Mike Amo> I didn't know that, LL...what did Graham do in it?

<Buddy> I havent seen but a couple of the TV episodes

> Jack was Jewish, but he didn't go to shul or observe the High Holidays. They even celebrated Christmas, but not as a religious


<Alex Buck> seems like Jack would do a usual joke and then look over to Grahm for approval which most of the time he didn't


> Mike - Haven't seen it, sorry to say. Yet.

> Buddy - Need to remedy that. We have a lot in the video library now.

<Buddy> Dennis day used to sing Christian Christmas hymns on the show

<Steve - "shimp"> Video library is bursting at the seams!

<Mike Amo> lol, I probably saw it but it would have been 41-1/2 years ago

<Scott in KC> Mary even sang "Easter Parade."

> Steve - We've got bits and bytes all over the place...

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Yikes

<Greg> Yes, Buddy (and others) you all need to get those Benny Special Collections in the video library. You get a ton of great


<Maxwell> In those days, you'd never know there was any religion practiced in the USA other than Christianity.

> LOL...get all my salespeople here...

<Steve - "shimp"> Groan! LL

> Maxwell - Unless you lived in NYC.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> I sent in a tape last month with a bunch of stuff on it.

<Maxwell> I'm speaking mainly about radio/TV.

<Buddy> I have been looking at the DVD titles on the website

> Ellis - Your first name wouldn't start with "P", would it?

<Greg> lol, I got 'em all from you Laura, and can't say enough good things about them, or for your fast, efficient service!

<Steve - "shimp"> Maxwell, you can tell now? (slaps hand for getting political)

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Yes, it starts with P

> Greg - Ah right! You had that monster order! Whew!

<Maxwell> Well, you hear references to other things now on the news.

<Greg> that was I!

> Greg - My DVD burner is still panting.

<Mike Amo> lol

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Might be time for a new burner.

<Kay Lhota> I had guessed that the yiddish Indian was Benny Rubin, but I was wrong. It was Patsy Flick.

> Ellis - Ah, I just watched your tape a couple nights ago and was going to drop you a note of thanks.

<Greg> I'm still enjoying everything...Thank you for offering this great material to members!

<Buddy> I have been to see Jack Benny's house in Cali.

> Kay - Right. Pat C. Flick was doing the Yiddishkeit characters on the West Coast while Sam Hearn was still in New York.

<Buddy> Anyone else?

> Buddy - Which one? Roxbury?

<Alex Buck> Well, that didn't take long. I'll be sure to read the transcript tomorrow at work. Catch up with you all next month.

<Buddy> Yes

<Buddy> That is the only one Im aware of

> Greg - Thanks for supporting the library! That's what we're here for.

<Kay Lhota> Yes, he was brilliant in the "Buck Benny's" as "Cactus Face Elmer"

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye Alex

<Mike Amo> Bye Alex!

> Buddy - There were a few.

> Have fun, Alex!

<Kay Lhota> bye Alex

<Maxwell> Bye Alex

<Scott in KC> Buddy, did the owners let you in?

> Kay - He also did the Yiddish-speaking bartender.

<Buddy> I became interested in Jack Benny because he lived next door to Lucille Ball

<Scott in KC> Bye Akex

<Greg> bye Alex

<Buddy> No, it was under major renovation when I went by

[Sun Apr 03 16:32:33 GMT-08:00 2005] Melanie:

<Kay Lhota> well, the bartender might have been "Cactus Face" in disguise

<Steve - "shimp"> Buddy have you seen the Here's Lucy DVD sets?

<Maxwell> Hi Melanie

> I took copies of Jack's scripts from that particular scene because we couldn't figure out the Spanish Jack was speaking, or the

Yiddish Flick was speaking.

<Melanie> HI

<Buddy> yes

<Kay Lhota> LOL Laura

> Buddy - It has been for a while.

> Barbara - Is it still?

<Steve - "shimp"> Lucie Arnaz & Desi Jr have some good anecdotes on that about Jack

<Michael> I need to head off as well... see you all in the future

<Maxwell> Bye Michael

> Take care, Michael.

<Buddy> I went back in 2002

<Kay Lhota> bye Michael

<Scott in KC> Steve...Can you share any?

<Greg> bye Michael

<Kay Lhota> please, I love hearing those stories.

<Scott in KC> Bye Michael.

<Steve - "shimp"> Yeah, they talk about "uncle Jack" telling Desi Jr to stop playing the drums so loud

<Steve - "shimp"> And coming over, fiddling for Lucy, accepting $20 from Gary Morton, and leaving without saying a word

<Buddy> Oh no, I havent seen the "Here's Lucy" DVDs

> And then the Colmans wanted Jack not to play the violin so loud

<Kay Lhota> oh, they are wonderful episodes

<Steve - "shimp"> Only to be locked out of the house by Mary, and while he is pounding the door - a tour bus comes by

<Kay Lhota> the 2nd Jack Benny show on the DVD set is classic

> Steve - And he's dressed as a gypsy

<Scott in KC> I heard a tour bus of people did not know Jack, they thought he was a gardener or something....Until they realized

it was The Man.

<Steve - "shimp"> so he goes up and plays Love in Bloom for them!

[Sun Apr 03 16:34:53 GMT-08:00 2005] Pam D.: molerat@centaur.org

<Buddy> I love to hear George Burns talk about his and Jack'

> Hi Pam!

<Buddy> s relationship.

<Maxwell> Hi Pam

<Kay Lhota> it's the one where Lucy plays the women in JAck's life as he dictates his autobio

<Pam D.> Greetings all

<Steve - "shimp"> The Mary Voice over is kinda creepy in that though, Kay!

<Buddy> Hi Pam

<Scott in KC> Hi Pam!

<Kay Lhota> yes, it's deep and smokey

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> From Smoking Lucky's?

<Steve - "shimp"> She can't quite bring up the old Mary for the show, it's a bit sad.

> Ellis - Nope...that wasn't her brand.

<Steve - "shimp"> Coupled with Lucy's animated performance, it's weird.

<Steve - "shimp"> Parliaments, LL?

> Steve - Very good, I think you're right.

> They even put it in the American Tobacco contract that she could smoke whatever brand she wanted.

<Scott in KC> Laura...This is hard to explain, but how did the studio audience respond when all they got was a recording of

Mary "talking" to the other cast, after she did not want to be on the air?

> Scott - Jeanette Eyemann (script secretary), Joan, or an actress would stand in for Mary.

<Kay Lhota> The audiences were kind about it, weren't they?

<Steve - "shimp"> I understood she dubbed after the show, to match lines - they never heard Mary, right?

> Scott - There are recordings of the last show pre and post edit, so with and without Mary's voice. It's strange.

> Steve - Right. They heard whoever was playing the role.

<Scott in KC> Then there are pauses?

<Buddy> Why didn't Mary want to be on the air?

<Maxwell> Stage fright.

<Scott in KC> Oh...Duh...another voice.

> Sometimes the stand-in would blow the line, and it would get a big laugh and Mary would have to blow the line.

<Steve - "shimp"> I have to say, I can't tell in most of them. It's only that last show where it is super noticeable to me.

<Scott in KC> Chees Weez?

<Maxwell> Which reminds me Laura, so I don't have to bug you on the message boards...Do you know offhand how many

episodes Mary made for TV?

<Kay Lhota> Beyond stage fright. More like clinical anxiety.

<Pam D.> I listen to a lot of the radio shows and her voice matured quite a bit over the years.

> Steve - Yes, I don't think it happened as often as they claimed

> Kay - Coupled with hypoglycemia
<Kay Lhota> yes
<Melanie> I didn't really care for her voice in the show for tonight.
> Maxwell - Offhand, no. But she was only in filmed shows, no live ones.
<Steve - "shimp"> Agreed. Hearing Mary tell it she stopped in '48 or something, but clearly there are photos
and episodes where she had to be there.
<Scott in KC> When Mary laughed, then was it genuine, or nervousness?
> Barbara can vouch for that.

<Greg> You all need to see Jack's very first TV show from 10/28/50. It's a new addition to the video library.

<Steve - "shimp"> She was in a lot of them around '57-58

> Scott - Depends. Sometimes scripted, sometimes nervous, sometimes genuine.

<Barbara> As I told Laura once, I watched many shows live from 1951-56 and never saw anyone replace Mary. She wasn't on

every show, tho.

> Argh...Can someone please grab the last screen page of lines and E-mail them to me? Thanks.

<Scott in KC> She did have a cute giggle.

<Greg> Don, Rochester, Mr. Kitzel, Mel Blanc, The Sportsman Quartet are all on the show. Too bad Phil Harris didn't appear.

> Steve - You sure? I think of her mainly in 54-56.

> Greg - Did you get a copy of "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know" special?

<Greg> Dinah Shore guested. Ironically, she also guested on Jack's last special in 1974

<Buddy> Did Phil Harris leave because of bad blood or was it just because he got his own show?

<Steve - "shimp"> Maybe I'm a bit off. But I remember in George Burns' book he claimed she "retired" following Gracie's


<Greg> I already have that one, Laura. My copy has a time code on the screen, though

> Buddy - Ah...now THERE'S a question.

[Sun Apr 03 16:42:04 GMT-08:00 2005] ReallyMaxwell: hvickery@svs.com

> Greg - So you've seen Phil with Jack on that one.

<Buddy> Does anyone have a theory or the truth?

> Hi Maxwell Jr.

<ReallyMaxwell> That wasn't fun...Chat Client thinks I'm still here.

> Buddy - Several of them

<Barbara> Didn't you think there was a bit of a money problem, Laura?

<Scott in KC> Laura, speaking of Mr. Kitzel...I have been e-mailing his (Atre Aurerbach's) niece. She wants to send me some

pics of him. If I get them, I can send them on to you. Do you want them?

<Greg> yes, that's hilarious...the Doo Wah Ditty bit!

<Kay Lhota> all the stories have a mixture of truth and myth, Laura?

<Buddy> Well, I havent heard any of them.

<Pam D.> Didn't Barbara Stanwick stand in for her on occasion ?

<Greg> An almost exact recreation of the classic segment from radio in 1948

> Scott - Yes, please!

> Kay - Something like that...

<Kay Lhota> when Mary was sick. Alice Faye did for her, too.

<Scott in KC> OK, will do. My pleasure.

> Pam - Yes, and Alice Faye. And even Babe a time or two.

<Steve - "shimp"> Babe had a great voice!

<Kay Lhota> Hopefully not the kind of bad feelings that stayed bad for evermore.

> Sorry, too many topics going on at once and I can't get back to Phil's departure.

<Steve - "shimp"> I wish she did more of the program as herself.

<Scott in KC> Was Babe really a babe?

<Buddy> I can wait for my turn - LOL

> Phil himself said that he and Alice wanted to slow down and have more of a family life

<Buddy> That sounds like PR

<Barbara> Joan said she got along much better with her than she did her mother.

<Scott in KC> Philsy, slow down?

> Scott - The family says that they always considered her to be prettier than Mary!

<Steve - "shimp"> I've always wanted to see a pic of Babe!

> Buddy - Agreed.

> Steve - I published one some years ago, but I need to do it again.

> So, Al Gordon gave an interesting new story at the 39 Forever convention.

<Buddy> I know that Kenny Baker left because of financial issues. But I am interested in knowing why Phil left.

<Scott in KC> The voice of Babe sounds masuline. Kinda like that comic character in Geech, Nadine.

<Scott in KC> masculine*

> Basically, Jack had gotten a few million in the business dealings that moved him to CBS

> (I'll spare you the endless details of that)

> And there was a big tax case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

> Jack won.

> Suffice it to say.

> And supposedly, some members of the cast felt entitled to a portion of that money.

<Scott in KC> Of course he did, Laura.

<Buddy> I dont know of any of this...is this in his book?

<Scott in KC> :)

> Al says that Phil was one of them.

> Buddy - I've only heard this version from Al Gordon in person.

<Barbara> Maybe Phil thought he should have gotten some of that money.

> Al says that when Phil wouldn't get a slice of the money, he left.

<Steve - "shimp"> So is Phil generally considered to be the guy Josefberg gives a pseudonym to in his book?

<Steve - "shimp"> Who was on the outs with Jack for a long time?

<Buddy> How wealthy was Jack?

> But I need to recheck the court date on the ruling to see if it makes sense with Phil's departure.

<Greg> it must've been a long drawn out court battle, because Jack moved to CBS in 1949 and Phil left the show in 1952

> Steve - No. Phil was at the funeral. And he spoke highly of Jack when I interviewed him.

> Buddy - Not nearly as much as you'd think.

> Greg - Like I said, it was appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.

<Barbara> With Mary's spending, it's a wonder he had anything left.

<Steve - "shimp"> That's good! I'd hate to think they were on the outs when Jack died.

<Scott in KC> It is sad how money affects people.

> Barbara - And I think that's why the estate was much smaller than most would have guessed.

<Buddy> I heard Phil Harris on the Jack benny Roast in 1970 and it seemed like they were friends

<Barbara> You're right, Laura. He also supported a number of relatives.

> I have the exact numbers, but Joan previously asked me not to publish them. I can understand that, because the estate

finances are now her finances.

<Pam D.> Jack was a guest on Phil's show, but I don't know the time line of that

<Kay Lhota> I'm sure they were friends, ultimately.

<Steve - "shimp"> Phil also came back for at least one TV show in '58

<ReallyMaxwell> Wow, I finally left!

<Steve - "shimp"> I remember it being good.

<Greg> Phil also guested on that 1971 "everything you ever wanted to know...." special that Laura talked about earlier

<Scott in KC> How is Joan Benny these days, Laura? Beautiful as ever?

[Sun Apr 03 16:50:05 GMT-08:00 2005] Barbara:

> Scott - Absolutely. She's doing very well.

<Buddy> How old is she?

<Kay Lhota> Glad to hear that. She's a classy lady.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> 39

<Steve - "shimp"> Laura, does the estate own the rights to the specials?

<Scott in KC> Tell her I want to marry her! :)

<Buddy> LOL

> Buddy - She's going to be 71 this summer.

<Kay Lhota> She must be 71 this year

<Steve - "shimp"> Or MCA?

> Steve - Yes.

<ReallyMaxwell> Terrible question to ask about a woman, Buddy!

> Scott - Forward me a love letter on E-mail and I'll send it to her.

<Steve - "shimp"> Any interest in commercial releases of those?

<Greg> Is there any progress with the family regarding the official release of any of Jack's 1965-74 NBC tv specials?

<Kay Lhota> Don't worry. We should look half as good at that age

> Steve - MCA just has some of the shows.

<Buddy> She's not here...so I believe it's okay. :)

> Steve - One person has been trying to sell them for years, but no takers.

<Scott in KC> ReallyMaxwell...Terrible question to ask Jack Benny, too. :)

<Steve - "shimp"> Stinkers!

> Greg - See comment to Steve.

<Kay Lhota> idiots! They have a natural audience for specials that have been unseen since their network runs!

[Sun Apr 03 16:51:53 GMT-08:00 2005] Walt:

<Buddy> Well folks, I have to rejoin my family. I really enjoyed chatting with some fellow Jack fans. I hope to do it again soon!

<ReallyMaxwell> Speaking of which, does anybody remember an episode of the Danny Thomas Show in which Jack guest


<Kay Lhota> goodnight Buddy

<ReallyMaxwell> By Buddy

<Walt> I have returned!!! :)

> I wish that they'd release those in the informercial way like the Carson stuff and Red Skelton and Dean Martin.

<ReallyMaxwell> or bye

<Scott in KC> Take care, Buddy.

> Have fun, Buddy!

<Greg> Laura- you should have them get in touch with the Sinatra family attorney. I'm sure, because of Frank's appearance,

they'd be interested in releasing the 20th anniversary show.

> Maxwell - That Old Devil Jack benny?

<Kay Lhota> It's been so long since I saw any Danny Thomas shows

<Steve - "shimp"> It is unthinkable there isn't an audience for them.

<Steve - "shimp"> Skelton doesn't have a "syndication" audience buildup either.

> Greg - Someone came up with that idea a while back, but it didn't go anywhere unfortunately.

<Greg> I can put you in touch with the person in charge of licensing for the Sinatra family estate

<ReallyMaxwell> I remember at the end he asks Rusty, "How old do you think I am?"

> Greg - Yes, please. Just drop me an E-mail.

<ReallyMaxwell> And Rusty answers, "64!"

<ReallyMaxwell> Which I think was his actual age at the time.

<Greg> ok, will do Laura

> maxwell - Must have been 1958.

<Scott in KC> 1958 was the year Jack Benny Junior High opened, I think.

<ReallyMaxwell> I really have no idea what year it was. I just remember that punchline.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> What's the name of their Mascot?

<Scott in KC> Ellis...the 39ers

<Walt> The Parrot?

<ReallyMaxwell> By all rights it should be Carmichael.

<Kay Lhota> that's their team

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> I thought it might be The Fiddlers

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Scott - That feels too early...

<Scott in KC> I think it is really the 39ers.

<Walt> The Camels!!!

<Scott in KC> The Grape Nuts

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<ReallyMaxwell> I can just hear the cheers for the Jack Benny Jr. High Grape Nuts.

<ReallyMaxwell> *cringe*

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> I've been listening to shows the past several weeks where Jack says he's 38

<Scott in KC> Laura, did Jack really wear a wig or was that radio hype?

<Walt> Gimme an N -- Gimme a U -- Gimme a T.....

<Barbara> I believe he was 38 for a number of years. Jack wore a toupee only in movies.

<Scott in KC> My high school's mascot was the Kewpies.

> %$#(%@#$)*%...I can't find this show...

<Steve - "shimp"> Mary, it's me! The propellor blew it off!

<Scott in KC> LOL Steve.

> Scott - What Barbara said. Just a little piece in the front for movies.

<ReallyMaxwell> 39 ended up being the perfect number...just the right amount of vanity.

<Pam D.> Steve ... wasn't that when he flew to New York for his first TV show?

<Greg> Jack said on the David Frost show in 1970 that the football team at JB Junior High in Waukegan were known as the


<Barbara> Jack felt that 40 wasn't funny.

<Steve - "shimp"> Think so, Pam

> AH! 10/22/61. Jack dedicates the JBJHS.

<Scott in KC> Greg, I think you are correct.

<Scott in KC> Thank you, LL!

<ReallyMaxwell> After the 40th birthday bash they gave to the asst. principal where I teach, I'd say Jack was right.

> Greg - And I have that on clothing (e.g., t-shirts, sweatshirts) from the school!

<Greg> I just watched that show today as a matter of fact (David Frost)

> There was also a great column in the Boston Globe begging Jack not to turn 40.

> It is the 39ers.

<Barbara> He never did, did he?

> Barbara - Never did what? Turn 40?

<Barbara> Yeah.

<Scott in KC> If it was the Boston Globe, how come Fred Allen did not beg them TO put it in? :)

<Greg> it got a big laugh from the studio audience when Jack said they were called the 39-ers.

> Barbara - No, Shower of Stars 1958. Jack's 40th Birthday Party.

<Walt> Yes, he turned 40 in the radio years. But reverted back

<ReallyMaxwell> But he never referred himself as being 40 on his show after that Shower of Stars show.

<Scott in KC> I think we all have "reverted back," I have.

<Steve - "shimp"> Usually saved by a Deus Ex Machina call from Florence!

> He turned 40 (twice...1949 and 1954) and both times got a telegram from Florence telling him he was 39.

> Scott - I reverted forward.

<Walt> Ahhh, recycled stories

> Maxwell - You're right, he didn't. It was sort of forgotten then.

> Walt - Are you Walt P. or Walt M.?

<Walt> P

<ReallyMaxwell> My memory scares me sometimes.

<Barbara> Laura, have you ever approached Joan about being on the forum?

> Walt - OK, that's what I thought. Thank you.

<Scott in KC> I recall Rochester comment that "Are we a couple of devils?" And Jack wondered if he meant him and Rochester,

and Rochester said, "NO! Me and your sister!"

<Walt> Welcome

<Walt> :-)

> Barbara - No, that's just not her thing. Actually wait, I think I did in the early days. But like I said, it's not her thing.

<Barbara> What is her thing?

<Scott in KC> We would LOVE to have her company.

<Kay Lhota> that's okay. As long as she knows we care about her.

> Barbara - Venice.

> Scott - Oh, I know. And she does, too.

<Barbara> Italy?

<Steve - "shimp"> When Paul Henning died, I saw a Petticoat Junction website

<Scott in KC> <<< Tearing up my love e-mail to Joan Benny. :)

<Greg> Well group I must bid you all a fond farewell. This has been fun. Hope to be back next month!

<Kay Lhota> LOL aww

> Barbara - Yeah. It's her favorite city. I called her for suggestions of places to visit before Dan and I went there.

<Kay Lhota> night Greg

<Steve - "shimp"> And Bea Benaderet's daughter popped in on a chat...

<ReallyMaxwell> So long Greg

> Have a good one, Greg!

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye Greg

<Pam D.> Nite Greg

<Kay Lhota> Bea's daughter

<Kay Lhota> wow

<Greg> bye everyone!

> Steve - One of ours?

<Walt> Any chance some of Jack's movies will ever be released? Like Charley's Aunt?

<Steve - "shimp"> Might have some interesting stories re: Jack

<Scott in KC> Bye Greg.

<Steve - "shimp"> Nope, a Petticoat Junction chat

> Steve - OK, whew. I thought I was having amnesia.

<Kay Lhota> gosh, I have never seen "Charley's Aunt" all of the way through

<Barbara> Charley's Aunt is out, isn't it?

> Walt - To Be or Not to Be was just released.

<Scott in KC> Paul Henning was from here! Whoo-hoo! :)

<Steve - "shimp"> I bookmarked the URL somewhere, maybe we can get in contact

> Barbara - Only on our video library.

<Barbara> I have it.

<Kay Lhota> I haven't seen Charley's Aunt since before I had a VCR

> Steve - Love to. Her father was Gene Twombley, I take it?

<Scott in KC> Uncle Joe was from Humansville, MO

<Steve - "shimp"> No, Jack Bannon, Bea's first husband

> Kay - We've got a very good copy. I transferred it myself.

<Pam D.> I got sattelite radio just so I could hear as much of the radio shows as possible. It has been a blessing to me

<Kay Lhota> excellent, Laura.

> Steve - That's what I thought. I didn't recall that Bea and Gene had any children.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Which Satellite, XM or Sirrius

<Walt> "To Be" has been out for years. I mean the ones that haven't

<Steve - "shimp"> She married Twombley later in life...

<Pam D.> XM

> Walt - Slim to none. They're just not that saleable to the studios.

<Steve - "shimp"> and they died only a few days apart.

> Steve - True.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> I didn't know XM had a stream of old radio shows

> Steve - Yes, one of the great Hollywood tragic love stories.

<Kay Lhota> I remember when Bea died in 1968

> Ellis - Yes. They contacted me for help in getting the rights to the Benny shows.

<ReallyMaxwell> So do I. Right in the middle of the run of Petticoat Junction.

<Walt> And come of the cr*p that the release IS saleable? Who makes this stuff up?

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Sounds like I need to look into it then

<Pam D.> Yes, they have a 24 hour a day channel. I even got to hear Jack do Suspense

> Pam - Which one?

<Steve - "shimp"> Walt - my sentiments exactly!

<Scott in KC> Bea was Betty Rubble and which Telephone Operator, or Glays Zybissco (?)?

> Walt - Tell me about it.

<Scott in KC> Gladys*

<Steve - "shimp"> Gertrude!

<Walt> Jack was in TWO Suspense eps

> Scott - Gertrude Gearshift. Sara Berner was Gladys Zybysko.

<ReallyMaxwell> She was also the voice of a lot of the female characters in the WB cartoons (coming full circle).

<Pam D.> The one where he looks so ordinary that he gets away with a bank robbery

<Scott in KC> Anything you say, sweetie. :)

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Bea was also the next door neighbor on Burns and Allen

> Pam - The Face is Familiar

<Kay Lhota> she and Mel Blanc worked together a great deal

> Wow! It's POURING RAIN here!

<Pam D.> Laura ... that's it

<ReallyMaxwell> Blanche Morton.

> Coming down in buckets...

<Steve - "shimp"> Bea was also the original wife in the radio version of Green Acres!

<Scott in KC> 75 here and sunsetting

<Pam D.> Also just heard him do June Moon ... that was a delight

<Steve - "shimp"> with Gale Gordon - "Granby's Green Acres" - very different from the TV show.

> Bea was one of the hardest-working actresses in Hollywood at that time.

<ReallyMaxwell> 60s here and sunny all day...dark now.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> And she was Jethro's Mom, Pearl, in Beverly Hillbillies

<Kay Lhota> Paul Henning wrote that role with Bea in mind

> Speaking of hard-working actresses, Blanche Stewart played Millicent in tonight's show.

<Steve - "shimp"> Mary's really nasty to Millicent!

> Man, if I'm suddenly gone, it's because it's coming down in swimming pools now...

<ReallyMaxwell> Sounds like the storm we had here Wednesday, complete with hail.

<Kay Lhota> yes, she really did a lot of roles in episodes during that period. I was glad to learn about it in my new book (thanks


<Barbara> Maybe we'll get it next, Laura.

> Kay - :)

<Barbara> We had over 3 feet this spring.

<Scott in KC> Laura...This is a tad off Jack Benny topic, but Harlow Wilcox, the MC for Fibber McGee and Molly...There was a

song in the late 60's called "Groovy Grubworm" by Harlow Wilcox and the Oakies. Any conne

<Steve - "shimp"> I've never had more than two!

<Scott in KC> connection?

> Barbara - It must be hard to buy shoes.

<Steve - "shimp"> We don't split up the pairs!

<Barbara> You should have worked on the Benny show, Laura.

> Scott - Beats me. Anyone else know?

<Steve - "shimp"> I think Laura JUST works on the Benny show!

<Kay Lhota> nope. sorry.

<ReallyMaxwell> Nope.

> Barbara - Just call me Harry Conn.

<Mike Amo> lol

<Scott in KC> I can see Laura Working for the May Company.

<Barbara> Onlly you're better looking.

> Steve - Some times it feels like that!

<Mike Amo> Laura is already working the switchboard

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> is it 2 or 3 thread hose?

> Scott - is that your way of saying "Don't quit your day job?"

<Steve - "shimp"> Mr. Benny's line is flashing again!

<Scott in KC> Did she take over for Gertrude?

> Barbara - Why thank you *tips straw hat*

<Walt> "A gracious good afternoon, Mr. Benny [snort snort]"

> Hey, I played Gertrude at 39 Forever.

<Scott in KC> You go, Laura, you go!

> Scott - Who, Lily Tomlin?

<Barbara> Just about time for pizza so I'll leave you now. Wish you could all join me. Happy daylight savings time!

<ReallyMaxwell> So long Barbara

> Have a good one, Barbara!

<Kay Lhota> thanks and good pizza Barbara

<Scott in KC> Take care, Barbara.

<Walt> Bye B

<Steve - "shimp"> Didn't "Mabel" get replaced eventually by Doris Singleton?

> BRB...

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye Barbara

<Kay Lhota> Doris was Pauline the maid.

<ReallyMaxwell> Laura left a window open.

> Kay - Are you sure?

<Scott in KC> Who played Butterfly?

<Mike Amo> I have to go too...just sent it Laura...I'll catch up later

<Steve - "shimp"> She was a later Pauline - we had this discussion on the forum.

<Kay Lhota> butterfly played Butterfly

<ReallyMaxwell> Bye Mike

<Steve - "shimp"> Doris is still with us, by the way...

<Pam D.> bye Mike

<Walt> Bye Mike

<Mike Amo> Off to Albuquerque! Wheee!

<Scott in KC> Thanks Kay

<Kay Lhota> bye Mike

<Steve - "shimp"> Last surviving radio cast member other than the kids?

<ReallyMaxwell> Who's Albuquerque?

<Walt> Don'e make a wrong turn!

<Scott in KC> Bye Mike

<Scott in KC> Train No. 5...Now leaving for.......

<Kay Lhota> well, if Doris wasn't always Pauline, she certainly was sometimes Pauliner

<Steve - "shimp"> Doris still attends I Love Lucy events, she is 90something!

<Scott in KC> I must have missed it. Who played Rochester's friend Roy?

<Kay Lhota> his name was roy for real, wasn't it?

<Scott in KC> I do not know, Kay.

<Kay Lhota> I tried to look it up a few weeks ago, but I wasn't sure.

<Scott in KC> He has such a mellow voice.

<Pam D.> Well, good night from Chicago, birthplace of someone who's name escapes me.

<Scott in KC> He sounds like Barry White.

<Steve - "shimp"> probably a deliberate contrast to Rochester.

<Kay Lhota> LOL night Pam

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye pam

<ReallyMaxwell> Bye Pam

<Scott in KC> Nighters, Pam.

<Steve - "shimp"> Roch's voice is anything but "mellow"!

<Scott in KC> Rochester's voice sounds like sandpaper against a chalkboard.

<ReallyMaxwell> About as mellow as Andy Devine's

> I'm back.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Night, Pam

<Steve - "shimp"> Oooh, Andy's is worse.

> Steve - Oh come now...the Sentimental Fellow with the Mellow Bellow?

<Scott in KC> WB LL! :)

<Kay Lhota> Hi Laura. Let's ask: who played Roy, Rochester's buddy?

<Steve - "shimp"> Laura, have you talked to Doris Singleton?

<_bill> Roy Glenn

> Kay - I haven't gotten to those shows quite yet. Ask me in a few months.

> Steve - Nope.

<Kay Lhota> bill says so.

<Scott in KC> Roy Rogers?

> Butterfly McQueen played Butterfly.

<Steve - "shimp"> Just saying she might be the last surviving adult radio cast member.

> _bill - Yes, I remember that name in some of the TV shows. I think you may be right.

> Not to be confused with Glen Glenn.

<Scott in KC> Butterfly sounds like Hooks in the "Police Academy" movies.

<Steve - "shimp"> Or Glenfiddich

> Pauline was played by an actress named Pauline, who also played other roles.

> Or Glen and Glenda

<Kay Lhota> I thought I saw his name come up. My friend Rich mentioned Roy as a character, which is why it stuck so in my


<ReallyMaxwell> Butterfly McQueen is probably most famous for her part in GWTW.

> Prissy

<ReallyMaxwell> Yup.

<Walt> It's "Glen or Glensa" ;-)

<Kay Lhota> I saw her in a movie the other day. I wish I could remember what it was.

<Scott in KC> She won an Oscar, didn't she?

<Walt> That's a D not S

<Kay Lhota> no, she didn't win the Oscar.

<Steve - "shimp"> I think there is a pic of Singleton as a replacement "Mabel" on a TV show in the MT&R book - I could be


<ReallyMaxwell> For GWTW? No, that was Hattie McDaniel.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Hattie McDaniel won the Oscar

> Walt - Or Men or Mensa

<Scott in KC> She was nominated?

<Kay Lhota> no

<ReallyMaxwell> No...

> Maxwell - they were both in it.

<ReallyMaxwell> Prissy was the character best known for saying, "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies!"

<Scott in KC> <<< Belongs to Densa.

<Walt> Definitely not Manes -- at least not Mr. Wood...

> Maxwell - You said that really well.

<Kay Lhota> Butterfly McQueen is in "Mildred Pierce" but I'm trying to remember what I saw just the other day

<Walt> Man, I can't taype tonite

> Walt - Get Scotch taype

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Walt washed his hands and he can't do a thing with them

<Steve - "shimp"> Glenfiddich taype

<Walt> Yeahhhh

> Glenlivet taype

<Scott in KC> "Taype"? Are you imitating the President, Laura?

<Steve - "shimp"> Glenmorangie, etc.

> Ah, this is where the room gets surreal...

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Steve - Oh, NOW you've got my attention. Madeira or Sherry wood?

<ReallyMaxwell> Not as surreal as the train in this month's episode.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> At least we're not back to Pulp Fiction

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Ellis - LOL

<Scott in KC> This room is ALWAYS surreal.

> Dan and I laughed about that for a couple of weeks.

<Steve - "shimp"> What do I know, I drink with Phil, bottom shelf straight up!

<Walt> Pulp Fiction! Yeah, Shadow, Spider, G-*! Really kool!

<Kay Lhota> Laura, have you been brave enough to listen to "The MAD MAD MAD COMEDIANS?

> Kay - I have to admit no, as I've had a lot on my to do list. Besides, you gave me a transcript.

> I have a giant pile of cassettes to process into the library...hope to do that this week.

<Kay Lhota> I should write up a full one-- that way you'll understand it when you finally do hear it

> Kay - That would be nice, since I haven't heard the metal tunnel audio quality yet.

<Kay Lhota> HUGS LINDA

> Hey Maxwell...did you get my post about Jack's closing theme?

> Kay - ???????

<Kay Lhota> about the metal tunnel

<ReallyMaxwell> If it was today, I haven't checked the board since this morning.

> Kay - I think you're mixing up your chat rooms.

<Kay Lhota> you are a dear.

<ReallyMaxwell> If it was before, yes.

<Steve - "shimp"> What's Mad X 3 Comedians?

<Scott in KC> It was great seeing all of you again. I need to pay some bills and head for bed. Take care, God bless, and


<Kay Lhota> Laura! oops.

<Kay Lhota> Typo

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> She's 2 timing us

> Maxwell - I put it up this morning. You'll see it. The name is "Jefferson Fox I Love You".

<ReallyMaxwell> Bye Scott

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye Scott.

> Shalom, Scott!

<ReallyMaxwell> Thank you!

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Mahalo Scott

<Kay Lhota> MA Comedians was an animated special in 1970

<Steve - "shimp"> Just surreal. Don't you see Linda??

<ReallyMaxwell> Bye Scott

<Kay Lhota> I have a bad audio tape of it

<Walt> Beam Scotty up, Us! Wait, that's not right....

> *Singing* I'm not Linda...my name is Laura...

<Steve - "shimp"> By the Rankin/Bass "Rudolph" puppet animators?

> Walt - Were you on the chat the night we recast Star Trek with Benny characters?

<Steve - "shimp"> They also did "Mad Monster Party"

<Kay Lhota> it was cell animated but Rankin Bass

<Walt> No, I missed it.

<Walt> No, I missed it.
<Steve - "shimp"> Interesting. And Jack is in it?
<Kay Lhota> the Groucho Marx sequence is up on the WHYADUCK website
<Walt> Do you have the final cast list?
> Was Fred Allen a Klingon, his arch nemesis
<Kay Lhota> Jack and George Burns do a scene together

<ReallyMaxwell> Somehow I picture Rochester as Scottie.

> Oops...can someone please E-mail me the last 20 lines or so? Thanks.

> Maxwell - I think that's who got it, or possibly Dennis.

<Steve - "shimp"> Laura I'd be happy to oblige but I can't copy the chat for some reason

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Do you think Rochester could cast his hook to the bumper of another starship for transporation?

<Steve - "shimp"> Kay, that's great!

> Steve - Can you click and drag over the chat lines and then Ctrl-C to copy them?

<ReallyMaxwell> If he could drive that Maxwell, he could do anything.

<Steve - "shimp"> If you can't tell, I"m a big B&A fan too.

> Ellis - Lock bumpers with it like they did on the way to Palm Springs (vacuum cleaners).

<ReallyMaxwell> George Burns is the only OTR star I've ever seen live on stage.

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> I sent them and the 1st set as well

> Ellis - Thank you! I'll edit it all together later.

<Steve - "shimp"> I sent them but they're in a weird font and now, too late! Thanks for the instructions tho.

> I wish there was a way of capturing the chat, but Volano doesn't have that.

> Steve - Fonts I can fix. Thanks!

<Steve - "shimp"> Maxwell, Me too! Florence Henderson opened for him. That's surreal!

<ReallyMaxwell> Like a real volcano, it obliterates all in its path.

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

<Steve - "shimp"> Laura, I had one to bring up - the Jubilee program!

<Steve - "shimp"> Have you heard these episodes, where Jack and Rochester are on this radio program meant for black GIs?

> Steve - Which I haven't heard in a long time.

<Kay Lhota> what about the Jubilee show

<Steve - "shimp"> I think it would be fascinating to hear Jack & Roch in a context specifically intended toward black audiences

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Someone mentioned Dina Shore earlier. I remember ( as a kid), Jack being on Dinah's 1st show in the 1970's

and presenting her with a sign for her show, and when it was unveiled it said "Liza"

<Steve - "shimp"> Might make up for the Stepin Fetchit bit!

> Steve - We have at least one Jubilee program in the audio library, but I don't remember anything about it.

<Steve - "shimp"> Are any in the library?

<Steve - "shimp"> Answered before I could ask!

> Ellis - Yeah, I have that on tape somewhere.

> I think it's in the CBS tribute to Jack. Yes, it definitely is.

<Kay Lhota> yes it was!

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> I saw it in it aired the first time. It was her daytime show.

<Walt> Lost lines sent, Laura

> Walt - Thank you!

> You know, speaking of race roles...

> There was a role that was apparently excised from the script of tonight's show.

<Walt> Speaking of B&A, Frank Gorshin is touring in Goodnight Gracie. He does a wonderful George, and the script is excellent

<Steve - "shimp"> What was the role, Laura?

<Steve - "shimp"> I've heard good things about the Gorshin show, too Walt

> William Royale was to play both (pardon the terminology) a Chinaman and an Indian in tonight's show. The Chinaman was one

of the guys holding on underneath the train.

<ReallyMaxwell> I'm going to have to take back what I said about George Burns. I saw Red Skelton on stage, too. For some

reason I forget he was on the radio.

<Steve - "shimp"> Was it a Jewish Chinaman?

> But the role had only one or two lines. So I think it may have been done in the East Coast version, and this is the West Coast


<Walt> If anyone has the cahnce, The show is a must-see!

> Maxwell - Come to think of it, I saw both of them, too.

> Steve - No, just a straight Chinaman.

> Walt - I wish it would come to the West Coast.

<ReallyMaxwell> Could have been cut for time constraints.

<Steve - "shimp"> The "ethnic" humor is actually funny when they do the crazy things like the Jewish Indian, IMHO

> Maxwell - Possibly, but it was just like one or two lines.

<Steve - "shimp"> because it is exactly the opposite of "stereotypes"

> Steve - Well said.

<Kay Lhota> indeed

<Walt> And in Branson, Tom Mullica is doing a tribute show to Red Skelton. I haven't seen that one yet, but knowing Tom, it's

probably great too

<Ellis M. Ef'Tee> Well, I need to run. Stuff to do, and places to go.

> Maxwell - I was surprised when I saw it in Jack's script, and was scratching my head that I didn't remember hearing that.

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye Ellis

<Kay Lhota> goodnight Ellis

<ReallyMaxwell> I think the final running time was just about 29:30. I was kind of watching near the end.

> Have a good one, Ellis!

<ReallyMaxwell> So long Ellis

<Walt> Bye ellis

> I can't imagine the demands of the SFX on this show.

> When they "cut" to "Chicago", it sounds like a real train station.

<Steve - "shimp"> How much needle-drop as opposed to live SFX were done for the show?

<Kay Lhota> it sounds like a real remote

<ReallyMaxwell> I wonder if they had some stock recordings of train station background, or if somebody went out and recorded


> Steve - Needle-drop was done only occasionally. Now that you mention it, they might have done that in this case.

<Steve - "shimp"> So they had those crazy train whistle gadgets, etc.

> The vast majority of the time it was live stuff.

<Kay Lhota> seems likely, Laura.

<Steve - "shimp"> In pics the SFX spot on stage always looks fairly small

<Steve - "shimp"> That might be after they got Mel though!

<Kay Lhota> LOL Steve

<ReallyMaxwell> How would they do the train wheels on the track when Kenny looks out the window if it wasn't a needle drop?

> When we did the recreation in Waukegan, Ray Erlenborn helped us through a tremendous demand of sound effects. The skit

was Captain Horatio Hornblower.

> So we had ships creaking, wind in the sails, bosun's whistles (which I still have), cannons booming, etc.

<Steve - "shimp"> A great piece to see on SFX is the Disney flick "The Reluctant Dragon" with Robert Benchley

> Sometimes we had to have three hands working the SFX. I'm proud that I did the boat creaking

<Steve - "shimp"> where they show the '40s era "Foley" equipment in detail.

<Walt> Did my wind machine get any use?

> We even had a huge trash can filled with water which was used for the sound of Don going overboard.

<Walt> Foley is for movies, Sound Effects is for radio ;-)

> Walt - Ah yes, I forgot that you had built some of that stuff!

<ReallyMaxwell> I thought Foley was for hospitals.

<Kay Lhota> that must have been so funny to recreate

> Walt - We did. Did you see the pictures of it all in the rehearsal room?

<Walt> Foley is in News Radio

<Steve - "shimp"> My bad!

<Steve - "shimp"> Sorta

> We've replaced the club's regular coffee with Foley crystals...let's see if they notice...

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Walt> I'm not sure if I saw the pix

<Steve - "shimp"> Since it is a movie they're doing in reluctant dragon

<Walt> Anything like an English Horse?

<ReallyMaxwell> Red Foley?

<Steve - "shimp"> So much easier to slip someone a mickey in the days of Folgers crystals ads.

> Walt - Go to Events, then Waukegan, and look at the Recreation photo galleries. You'll see your stuff.

<Walt> Dave Foley

> The Ziegfeld Foleys

<ReallyMaxwell> Foleys Bergiere

<Walt> Fleys Bergiereeeee

> Tie!

<Walt> too slow

<ReallyMaxwell> Tie goes to the runner. I'm walking.

> Ah, it's FREE ASSOCIATION time in the IJBFC chat room.

<Kay Lhota> Foley's a joly good fellow

> Maxwell - You're going to need a jacket with that tie.

<Steve - "shimp"> Oh, no!

<ReallyMaxwell> I'm looking over a Foleyf clover....


<Walt> It's getting foley deep in here

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Kumquat...

<Steve - "shimp"> <sorry he ever brought it up>

<Kay Lhota> I'm laughing so hard my typing's worse than usual.

<ReallyMaxwell> You have a dog named Quat, too?

<Steve - "shimp"> LL - not suitable for family viewing

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Pardon me while I wipe the tears from my eyes...

> Steve - I knew someone was going to go there...

<ReallyMaxwell> Yeah, Laura, this is pretty painful.

> Maxwell - Well, Jack had a dog named Baskervilles.

<ReallyMaxwell> I hope he was a hound.

<Kay Lhota> I can just hear Andy Devine howling!

> As has often been said in the past, vaudeville is alive and well in the IJBFC chat room.

<Steve - "shimp"> <rimshot>

<Kay Lhota> it has to be hear, as it's alive no where else!

<Kay Lhota> yeesh-- I can't type!

> So...um...what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind? :)

<Kay Lhota> I've been listening to many of the early episodes

<Walt> That's taype, Keay

> That was no lady, that was Mary Livingstone...oops, did I say that...

> Why a duck?

<Kay Lhota> I heard many this week from the 1938 period

[Sun Apr 03 17:47:27 GMT-08:00 2005] Maxwell: hvickery@svs.com

<Kay Lhota> especially the Snow White episodes

> Kay - Oh, those are quite good.

<Maxwell> Hmmm...as I was saying before I was rudely ejected....

<Steve - "shimp"> pretty little birdie (phhffft!)

> And now you know who all the dwarves are, with 39 Forever.

<Maxwell> Benny-wise and pound foolish.

> A Benny saved is a Benny earned.

<Maxwell> A Benny for your thoughts.

<Kay Lhota> Yes, I got 5 and 6 of them

> Benny-whistle

<Steve - "shimp"> I've got 5 or 6 thoughts too.

<Maxwell> Benny Serenade

<Steve - "shimp"> None of them suitable for family viewing either

> Kay - I would have sworn that one of them was Ned Sparks.

<Kay Lhota> I knew Cliff Nazzaro even without the book'

<Kay Lhota> the Grumpy voice

<Walt> A penny saved is a Benny earned

> Benny Rubin

<Maxwell> Benny's from Heaven

> Wait...that's a real name.

<Kay Lhota> the songs were great. Again, Mary's talent impresses me.

<Maxwell> (With apologies to Eddie Jefferson)

> Kay - She really did have it in her at times.

> (Don't put any dirty spins on that comment.)

<Steve - "shimp"> Mary was pretty good with accents and stuff in the earlier shows

<Kay Lhota> I won't.

<Walt> Hey! There's my wind machine!!!

<Kay Lhota> I have a clean mind

<Maxwell> I wouldn't think of it.


<Steve - "shimp"> But they seemed to not do that much in the later '40s...

<Walt> :-D

<Kay Lhota> my guess is that she was healthier during her younger years as towards the end of the 40's she was more panic


> Mary did do Mae West take-offs in the occasional Captain O'Benny skit

<Kay Lhota> and probably depressed

<Steve - "shimp"> Right, I recall the Mae West impression.

> Kay - Agreed. I think early on, she didn't have enough stage exposure to be that nervous.

<Steve - "shimp"> So, how much Vaudeville did Mary actually do with Jack?

> Mary did a pretty good Mae West. In fact, she does it on the show we play on tonight's Yesterday USA spot.

<Kay Lhota> 1927 or so, Laura?

> Steve - Some...mainly around the 1928 time frame, after Great Temptations.

> Kay - They were married in 1927, but he was in GT at that time.

<Steve - "shimp"> But was it ever a long-term thing, or did Jack do solo and other partners alternating with Mary?

> She made her radio debut in 1929 with Benny Rubin.

> Steve - Jack did a solo act, but, well, let me group all of this together...

<Steve - "shimp"> OK

> Mary also appeared in Jack's very first screen appearance, "Bright Moments" in 1928. I can never remember her character

name at that time, but it's in the online biography.

> Wow...here comes the rain again, really hard...

> So anyhow...

<Steve - "shimp"> Falling on your head like a memory?

> Listening to the one surviving Bright Moments disc

> Steve - Yeah. KLONK!

> The one surviving disc sounds like the film was mainly Jack's stage act

<Walt> Laurie Leffie, the sky is falling! We must tell the King!

> Unfortunately, Mary isn't in that one. But Jack's doing a monologue, and even Scotch cheap jokes.

> Walt - Hark, I hear the cannons roah. Is it the King approaching?

<Kay Lhota> lol

<Maxwell> Ah, the sophisticated humor of a bygone day....

<Steve - "shimp"> like Johnnie Walker or Sean Connery?

> So Mary was working with him around that time.

<Steve - "shimp"> Whoops Irish

<Walt> Long live the king! Pass the Chung King please

> He did an act in the early 20s where Ned Miller (not to be confused with Ned Sparks) would heckle him from the audience.

<Steve - "shimp"> That's the interesting thing, did she ever actually want to be a performer?

> But as far as I know, Jack didn't share billing in vaudeville, other than the stage shows.

<Steve - "shimp"> Most of what I've seen says she just filled in with Jack when he needed someone to work with...

> Steve - Do you know the story of Mary joining the act originally?

<Steve - "shimp"> Nope, not that I can recall...

> OK, here's the deal. Jack was working with a woman as a "Dumb Dora" character, and she became ill. So Jack asked Mary to

fill in on the role.

> They were touring down the West Coast at the time.

> That would start around Vancouver, then Seattle, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, etc. moving south week to week.

> So by the time he gets down in California (can't remember which city, it may be in the biography), the regular woman has

recovered and rejoins Jack.

> And he goes on with her and bombs. The theatre manager says to Jack, "We heard from all the managers up north that you

had a dynamite act and partner? What happened?"

<Steve - "shimp"> I guess I did know that in a very non-detailed way.

> Jack said, "That wasn't my regular partner, that was my wife." (Yeah, sounds like a joke.)

<Steve - "shimp"> Mary was a victim of her own success!

> And the managers told Jack, "Dump this dame and bring back your wife." So he did.

> And her appearance on the Benny show was just a one-shot bit role as well.

> But it stuck.

> Wayne King

<Steve - "shimp"> That first radio show doesn't survive, right?

<Kay Lhota> she had natural wit, talent and looks. You have to grant her that.

> Steve - Not Mary's first appearance. Jack's first Canada Dry show does, though.

<Steve - "shimp"> Right, Mary's first is what I meant.

> And when I was at UCLA going through Jack's scripts, I breathlessly turned to the section of the bound scripts that had the

script of that show

<Steve - "shimp"> No, don't say it - gone?

<Maxwell> My first thought.

> waiting to finally see which of the various stories I've heard is true, whether she was just a girl crying in the audience or

whether she is introduced as the President of the Jack Benny Fan Club

> And I turned the tab...

<Maxwell> The suspense is killing me!

> Steve - You called it. GONE. Almost everything else is there. But not that one.

> I don't think

<Steve - "shimp"> Noooooooooo!

> UCLA is used to people rolling around on the floor of their reading room and howling.

<Kay Lhota> poor Laura

> No, I didn't really do that.

<Steve - "shimp"> Is this Jack's personal collection at UCLA?

<Kay Lhota> but you felt like doing it, I know!

> But I did sit stoop-shouldered and looking very desolate at the table for a few minutes.

> Steve - That's it.

> Kay - I was doing it in my head.

<Steve - "shimp"> So, the going conspiracy theory is...?

> Steve - What, as to what happened to the script?

<Steve - "shimp"> Grassy Knoll, Mary in a fit of pique, and a careless Joan Benny ice cream cone?


<Steve - "shimp"> Yep, that's what I'm getting at LL

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Maxwell> If it was originally there, my guess is that some "collector" "liberated" it.

> I say they (Jack, Bert, etc.) pulled it for reference and it never got put back where it should.

> Harry Baldwin was a great secretary and very orderly about these things.

<Kay Lhota> that makes good sense

> I'm deeply hoping that going through some boxes of miscellaneous papers will lead me to it.

<Maxwell> Good luck!

> Maxwell - I don't think that's likely, at least not through the regular UCLA procedures.

<Kay Lhota> Harry Baldwin was Jack Benny's secretary?

> Most special collections reading rooms don't let you bring in much.

> Kay - Yes.

<Steve - "shimp"> Maybe it was a bad episode, a bad Benny always turns up.

> Boston won't even let you sit with your coat draped over the back of your chair. You wear it or it's in the locker outside.

<Steve - "shimp"> <curse all your punning ways!>

<Kay Lhota> I'm still in shock that he was the man at the door with the goofy jokes!

<Maxwell> Believe it or not, though, Laura, that's exactly what happened to the official score book of the first official baseball

game ever played.

> Kay - Yup! Jack had a lot of great comedic performers, even in the people behind the scenes.

<Kay Lhota> They would be stiffs in Boston, wouldn't they?

> Maxwell - No kidding!

<Maxwell> Somebody walked out of the NY Public Library with it.

<Maxwell> Of course that was only two pages.

> Kay - Oh, don't bash my pals in Boston. I'm having lunch with the department later this month.

<Kay Lhota> I live near Boston!

> Maxwell - Some places are tighter than others on their security.

> I'm going to Laramie shortly, so I'll let you know how they are.

<Walt> I passed thru Boston.

> Walt - You're dead?

<Walt> No wait, that was Baltimore

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve - "shimp"> What's in Laramie Bennywise?

<Walt> LL, whach character was Harry?

> Steve - Joan donated a bunch of papers there. I've got their inventory, but I'm going there to find out. Lots of financial records,

but I'm more interested in the clippings and contracts.

<Kay Lhota> Laura, I was just remembering many years ago when I waited for an hour in special collections for the book "My

Wonderful World of Slapstick" by Buster Keaton

<Steve - "shimp"> Any particular reason for Laramie?

> Walt - The door guy in the 1930s. The guy who'd knock on the door, Jack would say, "Come in," and he'd say, "Mr. Benny?"

"Yes" then say something silly.

<Kay Lhota> which couldn't leave the premises, but they didn't have the book

> Steve - They paid all the expenses of the transfer.

> Kay - That was at the BPL?

<Kay Lhota> yes, but that was in 1978

<Kay Lhota> many years ago

> Kay - It's a whole other world there now. Much, much, much better.

<Walt> I thouth that was one of the writers...

<Kay Lhota> things may be better now

> Walt - Who, Baldwin?

<Steve - "shimp"> LL - have you been to Phil Harris & Alice Faye's archive in Indiana (?)

<Kay Lhota> his bits are really cute. I began to really look forward to them, and wish I knew for sure who he was.

> Steve - Not yet. Probably one of these days.

> Kay - I get asked about him from time to time. I have some photos of him with Jack. He was a really tall, bald-headed guy.

<Walt> The guy at the door. I guess it was later -- the psychotic door knocker

<Steve - "shimp"> I saw somewhere they actually had some kind of little basement museum or exhibit, just wondering if it was

worth a stop in

<Steve - "shimp"> on a road trip sometime.

> Walt - You may be confusing it with Mr. Billingsley, which was done by Ed Beloin.

> Steve - I haven't seen it, and somewhere I have the contact information for the main curator. But it's a lower priority on my list.

<Walt> Yes, that's him. Ed...

> I want to visit the big metropolises like...Laramie...

<Maxwell> Ananheim, Azusa, Cucamonga....

<Steve - "shimp"> Hmm..if I'm tooling through the cornfields this summer sometime I'll let you know.

<Walt> Where in India is the PH archive?

<Walt> *Indiana

> Steve - Please do. I wouldn't want to go all the way there and discover that it's the equivalent of the Dan Quayle museum in


<Steve - "shimp"> Sri Lanka!

<Maxwell> New Delhi.

> Bombay


<Kay Lhota> Altoona

<Walt> Dr Bombay?!?!?

<Steve - "shimp"> Doo Wah Ditty, Punjab province

<Maxwell> Part of the collection is on loan to Bombay.

> Steve - LOL

<Walt> Ahh, of course!

<Steve - "shimp"> Seriously can't remember, near Phil's hometown.

> They love me in New Dehli...

> Crud...I know the answer...just can't say it...

<Maxwell> While you're at the New Delhi, pick me up a corned beef on rye.

> Booooooo

> *Throwing tomatoes*

<Walt> I just hear a rock song that souded like a remake of Doo Wah Ditty -- couldn't tell if it was a remake or inspired...

> I was driving from Chicago to Grand Rapids a few years ago and heard a modern recording called "That's What I Like About the

North"...it was a direct take-off.

<Maxwell> Lox and cream cheese on an onion bagle?

> Linton. Linton Indiana.

<Steve - "shimp"> That's IT!

<Walt> That must have been it, Laura

> See, just to be philosophical for a second....look at us all jumping on punch lines for the thing about where in India is Phil's


<Steve - "shimp"> I got a Phil album for a buck the other day, you can't listen and not smile

<Steve - "shimp"> Instant cure for a bad mood.

> That's something I always enjoy about this room. Not only do we enjoy comedy, but a lot of people here have some unrequited

aspirations around the creation of comedy.

> And that's one of the big things that makes this room very fun. At least for me.

> OK, serious mode off. Where's my cream pie...

<Maxwell> Well, as Go-Go the Dodo once said, "Lame puns are pound for pound your best entertainment value."

<Steve - "shimp"> If you listen to enough Jack Benny - it's a reflex action!

<Walt> I wish Phil's version of "I'm My Own Grandpaw" was not a "I knew a man who..." type. It looses something in that form


<Steve - "shimp"> Blueberry pie, as Phil would have it.

> Steve - Sweet potato pie

> That's what I like about the South

> Ham hocks and turnip greens...

> You ought to taste her layer cake-ee...

<Steve - "shimp"> There actually is an episode where Jack is going to be absent, and Phil has a routine all set up with a

"blueberry pie"

> Sorry, just in lyric free association there.

<Steve - "shimp"> to someone's face

<Steve - "shimp"> And Jack says, well, Phil, in vaudeville it was always a cream pie

<Steve - "shimp"> And Phil says, I know, I improved it!
> Jack's eyes were bluer than the chin of the winner of a
huckleberry pie-eating contest.
> With a sweater....
<Steve - "shimp"> Was Baskerville's first name Huckleberry?
> Steve - Don't hound me about that.
> He had a slave named Jim
> And another named Topsy.
> or was it Jam
<Maxwell> Hmmm...just as Baskerville's name came up, my beagle stopped
outside the door and starting
licking his paws.
> Jim Jam Jemmmm...
<Kay Lhota> with the jumping jive
> Maxwell - Maybe trying to get that blueberry pie off...
<Maxwell> Could be...
> Steve - That must be awfully annoying.
> Aroooooooo!
> Not if you don't have a dog!
> Just think how it used to sound when a dial-up connection was handshaking.
> Mine just waves from afar....
> on the slow creaky computer tonight
> Maxwell knows how that is...
<Walt> After handshaking does the computer need a wipe?
<Maxwell> Uh-huh...especially after it rains.
> So, well, what else Benny-wise would folks like to discuss?
> Walt - You're thinking of something else...like a core dump...
> Shoot, LL - I'm all out of topics for the moment...
<Walt> Ewwww! Messy
<Kay Lhota> I'm going to say goodnight, gang. It's been a joy.
<Maxwell> Whatever I don't think of here, I'll bug people on the message boards.

<Maxwell> G'night Kay

<Kay Lhota> carry on

<Steve - "shimp"> Bye Kay.

<Kay Lhota> bye

> Night Kay!

<Walt> Say goodnight, Kracie

> Argh...need the last screen page again.

<Kay Lhota> goodnight George

> anything else, or should we call it good for April?

<Maxwell> My brain is totally fried, so I'm good for the month.

<Walt> On it's way LL

> Thanks, Walt.

<Steve - "shimp"> Sent you the last page LL, and let's call it good. Daylight Saving has us messed up

<Steve - "shimp"> Good chatting with you all!

> Got it. Well, thanks for everyone staying so long!

<Maxwell> I'll be messed up for a week after the time change.

<Maxwell> G'night everybody!

> Hope to see you again next month!

<Steve - "shimp"> Night!

<Walt> Daylight Savings? Is there a new bank in town?

> We're a little late folks...so goodnight...

<Steve - "shimp"> Now cut that out!