IJBFC Chat - March 6, 2005

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<KM99> Barbara - It's 14 degrees Centigrade (~ 55 F) and no snow in Calgary

> Hi folks

<Brad from Georgia> Hiya, Laura!

<Kay Lhota> Hi Laura

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Hi Laura

<Barbara> I'm originally from Michigan so I know what that's like.

<KM99> Hiya Laura

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Born & raised in Michigan here too!

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara--I've got friends in Marshall, if you know where that is.

<Kay Lhota> My husband grew up in Detroit

> Apologies for being late...Dan just came home and we were trying to sneak in afternoon tea before the chat.

> I'm from Grand Rapids! Yee hah!

<Barbara> What part, Steve? I'm from the detroit area.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Grew up in East Lansing. Lots of relatives in the Detroit burbs though

<Barbara> Michigan is well represented.

<Kay Lhota> Frank Lhota lived near 7 mile Levonois near the U of D

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Michiganians have good taste in comedy!

<Barbara> Did you have crumpets too, Laura?

<Brad from Georgia> Nice little group here already.

> Hi Ellis

<Ellis M. Eftee> Hello again

<Brad from Georgia> 'Lo, Ellis!

<KM99> Hiya Ellis

<Steve "shimp scrampi> LOL at that name!

> Love the handle, Ellis

<Ellis M. Eftee> ty

> Barbara - Actually, we had teacakes.

<Barbara> It must be the English in you.

> Hey Steve...very good commentary on the Forum recently.

<Kay Lhota> I baked an apple cake tonight

<Ellis M. Eftee> It's a challenge to come up with a new name each month

<Brad from Georgia> I love teacakes, Laura. They're so round, so firm, so fully-packed.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Thanks - I can't compete with some folks here, what a group of experts - I always learn something.

> Brad - These were also free and easy on the draw

<Brad from Georgia> LOL

<Kay Lhota> I knew that was coming!

> Steve - Don't be too hard on yourself...I learn stuff all the time

> Teacakes made with the finer, the lighter, the naturally milder flour...

<Ellis M. Eftee> Do they calm your nerves?

<Kay Lhota> LOL Laura

<KM99> Laura - We're they toasted as well?

> Teacakes taste better, cleaner fresher smoother...

<Kay Lhota> I hope your tea was Lipton

<Brad from Georgia> Hey, I may be coming to LA next July. I'm spose ta sign one of my books at the San Diego ComiCon, and it's cheaper for me to fly to LA and rent a car.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I always wondered who came up with those descriptive flavorful ciggie terms! Brits?

> Kay - Feh! It was Mighty Leaf. Season after season, I've seen Mighty Leaf buy the finer leaves...

> I'm sure this is more than any of you wanted to know about my eating habits...

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Hey Barbara...I was just sorting out a large (I mean LARGE) pile of Jack Benny copies and memorabilia

<Kay Lhota> I was just thinking that Lipton was one of Jack's sponsors.

> and your copies from U of Wyoming were in there.

<Kay Lhota> Actually, I've been drinking Red Rose English Breakfast.

<Brad from Georgia> I remember Lipton being Arthur Godfrey's sponsor for years and years.

> You had a couple questions pencilled in the corners of some documents, and I added answers after them.

<KM99> Kay - You're thinking Inner Sanctum I think

> Kay - You're right...there was a tea company that sponsored Jack...

<Kay Lhota> nope-- I saw it mentioned on a DVD of a TV episode

<Barbara> Can you show them to me if and when I see you in May?

> There's a really bizarre edit (two of them) in the Oscar Levant show where Jack says "coffee" and it's looped over (very badly) with him saying "tea"

<Kay Lhota> Oh my gosh

> Then Mary orders coffee in a restaurant and its bleeped out altogether.

> Barbara - Sure. I bet you'd have a field day in my basement. I hope to get more stuff pinned on the ceiling by then.

<Brad from Georgia> Savin' America's youth from the temptation to become caffeine fiends....

<Kay Lhota> I haven't seen the Oscar Levant episode in many years, but I recently found my audio tape of it

> I ran out of room on the walls.

> Kay - The TV show or the radio show

<Ellis M. Eftee> While smoking Luckys

<Kay Lhota> the TV episode from 1958

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Sponsors do the nuttiest things!

> Kay - Too bad it's audio only...you miss seeing Frank Nelson climbing up the wall and onto the ceiling on seeing Jack.

<Kay Lhota> oh, I know it!

> Hey, speaking of TV shows, has anyone had a chance to look at the new adds to the video library?

<Kay Lhota> when I was a very little girl in the early 1960's CBS reran that episode on a Sunday afternoon

> Kay - The Oscar Levant episode is among them.

> Kay - Sunday with Jack Benny...they had a special opening for those.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Laura I'm jumping to send you off a check! I have been waiting to see the "European" shows for 20 years!

<Brad from Georgia> Just barely glanced at them before I logged on. My internet connection's been sort of flickery all day.

<Kay Lhota> and it haunted me for years wondering what it was all about.

> Steve - Have you never seen them?

<Kay Lhota> I haven't seen it since 1964.

<KM99> Laura - I'm quite impressed with the adds

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Saw them on CBN back in the '80s

<Kay Lhota> I was Six at the time.

> KM - I was very excited about them. Haven't even had time to see them all yet.

<Ellis M. Eftee> I still owe you a tape Laura with Benny stuff. I recorded Dennis Day as a mystery guest on What's My Line from 1954

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I remember a sweet scene with Mary& Jack on the eiffel tower that has haunted me

<Brad from Georgia> Laura--I did like Rochester's and Don's song and dance!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Though I can't remember what it entailed exactly

> Steve - There's more than just the CBN episodes...even Jack's first TV show!

<KM99> LL - And I still haven't sent you the finds I've come across

<Kay Lhota> yes, that was awesome! what show is that commercial from?

> Ellis - Oh, that would be great. I just have about a 30-second excerpt from it.

<Ellis M. Eftee> He does alot of voices in it

> Steve - Je suis Jack Benny je conduis un cameon a ordure!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> LOL - gotta get some discs in the mail to you!

> KM - And I'm looking forward to hearing the cleaned Friars dinner. ;)

> Ellis - I'll bet...as only Dennis could!

<KM99> LL - I actually can across an even better version than the one I cleaned!

<KM99> *came*

> KM - Really? I didn't know it was in circulation. I took that directly from Julius Sinykin's transcription copies, so it's first gen.

<KM99> LL - I think my copy is 1st gen as well

> KM - Cool. I'm impressed you could get better quality...you could have done your hair in the Sinykin copies. I even had a hard time getting some of them on/off the spindle because they'd been played so little.

> OK, trivia time...what famous star made his screen debut on the Jack Benny Rome episode?

<KM99> LL - All I can say is that the copies (3) I have sound very good.

<Brad from Georgia> Hmm....I suppose, once again, it's NOT Regis Toomey.

> (I've probably asked this before here, but maybe it's a memory test.)

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Was it Sean Connery?

> Steve - RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<Kay Lhota> Yes! That

<Kay Lhota> I read about it

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Can't remember where I pulled that from!

> KM - Hey, as long as the sound is good, it can come from anywhere.

> OK, next trivia question....what famous star was in the London episode, but Jack dismissed him because his delivery was too similar to Jack's own?

<KM99> LL - Digital from Jerry Haendiges

> KM - I'll buy that. He's probably got better equipment than I do and can do better balancing from the original copy.

> KM - Is Jerry selling that?

<KM99> LL - It's now listed as a special broadcast

> KM - Because I was going to make it the next "special release" from the IJBFC library, thinking it wasn't in circulation.

<Kay Lhota> I tried to order a few Screen Guild programs from Jerry Haendiges, but he

<Barbara> I read it, Laura, but I can't remember who it was.

<Kay Lhota> never answered my request

> Any guesses on the star from the London program?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> No idea.

<Brad from Georgia> I can't remember that--though I think I read it in one of the bios!

> Hint?

<KM99> sure

<Brad from Georgia> Yes please.

<Kay Lhota> is that the episode from when he was locked in the tower of London?

> If the show would have been in color, he would have photographed in pink.

> Kay - That's it.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Liberace?

<Kay Lhota> no

> (OK, I admit that's a vague clue, but it's fun when you know who it is)

> Steve - Nope. But amusing guess.

> Next hint...he played a waiter, not an inspector.

<Kay Lhota> gosh, I can't remember and I'll lose the chatroom if I go look it up!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Must be Peter Sellers?

> Kay - If you launch another instance of your browser, you won't.

> Steve - RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<KM99> Steve - There's a great TV show with Liberace where he has candlabras everywhere.

<Barbara> Don't keep us in suspense, Laura.

> KM - Including on Jack's violin.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Funny Sellers couldn't change his voice - he was a chameleon!

> Barbara - But my hints were well-calculated, though.

<Kay Lhota> Oh my gosh-- Peter Sellers?

<KM99> LL - It kept me in Suspense

> Kay - Yup.

<Barbara> If he was a waiter, I wouldn't think his delivery would be all that important.

> Where's my Autolight...

<Kay Lhota> I'd love to see that episode again. I loved Jack Benny in costume. He looked grand!

> Barbara - Supposedly he had some exchange with Jack, and Jack thought they were too similar. I guess Jack was still thinking a lot of radio.

> Kay - It's in the video librar now!

> library

<Kay Lhota> he swashed a pretty neat buckle!

<Brad from Georgia> I've got a virus, so don't blame me for being puny in the memory. Who was the Brit who "copied" Jack in one show? He had a servant named Manchester, etc....

<Barbara> I guess, but on TV you can SEE him.

> Kay - Yes, quite out of character for him!

> Brad - Oh, you're thinking of Max Bygraves.

<Brad from Georgia> That's it!

<Kay Lhota> but fitting in a dream sequence. Very romantic!

> Underneat the Ahhhches...

<KM99> hmmmgrrasssphhhtttt

<=== Manchester impersonation!

> Kay - Whenever Jack does physical comedy, I always think of the end of Horn Blows at Midnight

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Nothing beats Mel Blanc's "English Horse" for the anglophiles while we're on topic...

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Brad from Georgia> Whinnnnnyyyyyyy awhaw!

<Ellis M. Eftee> So, did the nextdoor neighbors mispronouce Manchester's name as Rochester?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> A-Haw...Haw...

> Say...I was just watching some of the "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Jack Benny" special, and Phil Harris is on it.

> He and Jack do a bit about "That's What I Like About the South" that they did almost 30 years earlier!

> Ellis - Right...that was Benita Colman.

<Kay Lhota> I saw that clip in "A Love Letter to JAck Benny"

<KM99> LL - It that the one where Jack says the Lyrics don't make any sense?

<Brad from Georgia> Well, if you liked it about the South THEN, we still have it NOW.

<Kay Lhota> Do Wah Ditty

> Kay - Yup, and I'm supposed to get that too but the DVD doesn't read. So I'm having the donor resend it.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> CAKEY.

<Ellis M. Eftee> No, I meant did the London copycat do the opposite

> Brad - Are those nerves still never shakey?

> KM - You got it.

<Kay Lhota> I have a video tape of "Love Letter"

<Brad from Georgia> We calm 'em down with Southern Comfort.

> Ellis - Run that by me again?

> Kay - How's the quality on it? Just in case I can't get another DVD of it.

> Brad - How Old Fashioned.

<Kay Lhota> I'll be glad to copy mine for you, Laura.

> Wow...active conversation and we haven't even touched the show for tonight yet.

> Kay - That would be great. Thanks!

<Kay Lhota> Do you want it with or without commercials?

> Kay - I'll take it with. You never know when they're historically interesting.

<Brad from Georgia> There was quite a little vogue back in the thirties for spooky comedies, wasn't there?

<Ellis M. Eftee> Did Max Bygraves' neighbors mispronouce his butler Manchester's name as Rochester?

> Ellis - Hmmm...it's been a lot of years since I saw the show, so I can't remember. But I don't think so.

> Brad - How do you mean?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Seems even ahead of the curve for "spooky comedies"- most of those were later 30s and 40s.

<KM99> Spooky moment ...........Chevrolet, Chevrolet, Chevrolet ........

<Brad from Georgia> Oh, the "Haunted House" bit, Bob Hope's "Ghostbuster" movie, "The East Side Boys Meet a Brooklyn Gorilla," that sort of thing.

> KM - Hee hee hee...I was saying that just as I sat down to listen to the show.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Usually with Bela Lugosi as a butler!

> Try saying Chevrolet, Chevrolet, Chevrolet fast. It comes out Chevolet, Chevolet, Chevolet.

<Barbara> Jack's delivery was a lot faster in the early years that it was later.

<Brad from Georgia> There's a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon (NOT the cat and mouse team but sort of humans) from '33 with the same haunted-house notion.

> You know who did the non-Mary women's voices in this episode?

<Brad from Georgia> Not a clue.

> Members with "39 Forever" will know this.

<Kay Lhota> boy, I got knocked out

> Kay - I'll get the smelling salts.

<Brad from Georgia> I've got it, but I haven't MEMORIZED it.

<Kay Lhota> thanks, I can use them!

<Barbara> Mary Kelly?

<KM99> Blanche Stewart?

<Brad from Georgia> Andy Devine?

<Ellis M. Eftee> Did a can of vegetables hit you on the head and knock you out Kay?

> Brad - That's OK...as someone once said, "I wrote a book so I don't have to keep all that stuff in my head."

> KM - RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<Kay Lhota> LOL Ellis

> Kay - Mind giving me some money? Donation for the club, you know?

<KM99> LL - I was think that she's is one of the forgotten Benny cast members. She did so much on so many shows. And I haven't even got my 39 Forever yet...

<Kay Lhota> I keep asking my husband and he says next time we do the bills. That was January

<Ellis M. Eftee> She's buying my yaght 1st LL

<Kay Lhota> I will ask him tonight

> KM - Hey, I'll make you a deal. I've got two "second" copies with the covers ripped off. You want one of them to tide you over?

<KM99> LL - Sure

> Ellis - Har har

> Anyone else want the other one with the cover ripped off?

<KM99> Laura- Do you have a copy of Dunn's Jack Benny log?

> KM - Yes.

<Kay Lhota> Geesh, Laura. Now I really feel bad about this.

> Kay - What, you'd like the other one?

<KM99> LL - I've found a lot of errors in Haendiges and I am looking for a better source.

<Kay Lhota> I'll take it, Laura!

> KM - I haven't studied Haendiges' log, but I've heard that from other people as well.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Isn't Blanche the one who also did a lot of, um, sound effects, I guess? Roosters crowing, and so on?

<KM99> LL - I've been checking the scripts and ATCO documents against the listings to ensure my log is as accurate as possible

> Kay - OK, sold! Good, gets more stuff out of the basement.

<Kay Lhota> Laura, when I listen to the episodes, I make notations

<KM99> LL - Haendiges is missing a lot of the Best of Benny and AFRS shows

> Brad - She's the one. She did an amazing amount of work with the show in the 30s.

<Kay Lhota> so, if you have a dilapidated book with some info, I'll take it. How much beyond the club dues?

> KM - Got it. BTW, I've been referencing both the radio and TV scripts when dating various stuff, so those have really come in handy. Thanks again!

> Kay - For the dilapidated book you mean?

<Kay Lhota> and the club dues. I'm overdue to join, you know.

<KM99> Blanche did the banryard animals in the Buck Benny shows as well

<KM99> *barnyard*

> Kay - Well, the newsletter is $12.39 for regular mail or $6.39 for E-mail. But for E-mail, you need to be able to get files up to 10MB.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> So Blanche was like Mel Blanc before Mel?

<Brad from Georgia> I haven't subscribed yet, either. The twelve dollars I could do...it's that EXTRA thirty-nine cents I can't scrape together.

> Kay - Membership is free. Technically I can't sell book seconds, so that's free. If you want to make a donation, it's not mandatory but much appreciated.

> Steve - A little bit, but less specific on character.

> Brad - Not the first time I've heard that.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--That's the risk of dealing with Benny fans!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I have to say I don't listen too much to the earliest episodes. They're really interesting but require a lot more attention.

<Brad from Georgia> Same here. I really started with the 1939 shows, though I've "spot-listened" to earlier ones.

<Kay Lhota> glad to help in whatever ways I can. I just have to ask Frank when it comes to spending money

> Steve - I don't post them too much, but they are interesting from a historical and research perspective.

> Kay - Frank Nelson?

<Kay Lhota> since he pays the bills

> Kay - Frank Black? Frank Parker?

<Kay Lhota> I have a Frank

<Brad from Georgia> Frank Buck?

> Be Frank with us, Kay

<KM99> More Trivia - What was Dennis salary per radio episode in 1955?

<Kay Lhota> I can't be Frank, but my husband can!

<Barbara> $15 a week?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Free laundry from Rochester?

<Brad from Georgia> Whatever it was, Jack paid it to Dennis's mom.

<Barbara> Do you mean his real salary?

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<KM99> Barbara - Yes

> KM - Was it up from $35 a week in 1940?

<Ellis M. Eftee> Which show, he has 2 you know

<Barbara> $1000?

<KM99> LS - The Jack Benny Show

<KM99> Higher

<KM99> Higher

<Brad from Georgia> 1500

<KM99> Higher

<Brad from Georgia> 2000

<KM99> Higher

<Brad from Georgia> 2500

<KM99> Higher

> Dang

<Kay Lhota> hokey smokes.

<Brad from Georgia> Any minute now, he's gonna say "Sold to an American"

<Kay Lhota> yeah

<Brad from Georgia> 3000


<KM99> $ 4,258 per episode

<Brad from Georgia> And thirty-nine cents.


<Steve "shimp scrampi> Brad wins an elephant foot!

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Barbara> Wow! With 11 kids, he needed it.

<Brad from Georgia> I don't think my dad earned that much in a year back then!

<Kay Lhota> I loved Dennis Day's Dirty Old Man episode of "The Lucy Show"

<Brad from Georgia> Of course, he wasn't a tenor...

> How'd you find this out?

<KM99> I found a notation in the ATCO contract documents about it when Jack's show ended in 1955.

<Barbara> At one time Jack got $22,500 a week out of which he had to pay the cast. That's a big hunk of it.

<Kay Lhota> isn't that something?

> KM - Cool. I've been meaning to take a more detailed look at their documents for data just like that.

<Brad from Georgia> Wow. So Jack personally wrote the paychecks?

> Barbara - That was in the NBC days, right?

<KM99> I have a detailed list of costs per show for the last season

> Brad - He did for the writers and cast.

<Kay Lhota> not if it was in 1955

<Steve "shimp scrampi> What was the overall budget per show in '55?

<Barbara> Probably, Laura. If you want financial statements, go to Wyoming. Boxes of them.

<KM99> The average salary cost was $ 12,500 per show

> Barbara - I just made a separate file for the financial statements from your copies!

<Barbara> Good.

<KM99> That was just the salaries

> Actually, the show costs and low profit margin for Jack were one of the main reasons he wen to Lew Wasserman for advice.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Jack's radio show was probably much more expensive than most TV in those days.

<Barbara> Jack thought he should be getting more. He probably should have.

> That's why they incorporated the show as Amusement Enterprises, so that Jack could make more per episode.

> Steve - Dix Davis told me that the Benny show was the one place that people knew they'd get paid above scale.

<Barbara> I don't think he would have been more than TV in those days,tho.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I remember reading that the Burns & Allen TV show (filmed) budget was something like $20,000/episode.

<Brad from Georgia> Jack seemed to care about delivering a quality show.

> Brad - Jack was a perfectionist, especially when it came to delivery and timing.

<Kay Lhota> and paying people what he thought they were worth, which was above

> Brad - Gisele told me about Jack being angry at her for being "a tenth of a second off" in her response to one of his lines.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<KM99> LL - I just listened to a rehearsal copy of the 1955-02-20 show with the Beavers. Jack spends time coaching the kids on delivery.

<Kay Lhota> wow

<Brad from Georgia> I've read that he had rare displays of temper--once he fired Rochester for being late--but two weeks later he'd forgotten why he'd fired him and wanted to know why he wasn't coming in to rehearsals.

> KM - Cool! I know there are some rehearsal recordings out there.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Rehearsals and audience warmups, I'd love to hear those!

<Kay Lhota> I would too

<KM99> LL There are two known rehearsals - 1955-02-20 and 1955-01-09

<Brad from Georgia> Moi aussi.

<Kay Lhota> Have you seen the "Here's Lucy" DVD?

<Barbara> I read that the new DVD of the Sunshine Boys has a rehearsal with Jack. I think it was in the JB Times, wasn't it, Laura

> Brad - True, although Roch had a habit of showing up late for rehearsals, trains, etc. and it often burned up Jack.

<Kay Lhota> oh man!

> Barbara - Yes, it's very interesting to see.

<Brad from Georgia> I just bought that Sunshine Boys DVD! It's a makeup test, and it's silent.

> KM - There are more out there. ;)

<Kay Lhota> I showed my 13 year old son "The Sunshine Boys" when it played on TCM a few weeks ago

> Kay - What did he think of it?

<Kay Lhota> He laughed heartily all through it

> Kay - Did you tell him what "putz" means?

<Kay Lhota> yeah

<Brad from Georgia> Kay--I think I met your son once. I forget the theater...

<Kay Lhota> I think he sort of figured it out

<Barbara> \I wonder if Jack would have won an Academy Award for it as George did.

> Eskimos have 30 different words for snow...Yiddish has 30 different words for...well...putz.

<Kay Lhota> Brad, are you in the Sons of the Desert?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Maybe - with Jack it wouldn't have been so much as a "comeback"/reinvention of himself though

<Brad from Georgia> Barbara--Sadly, I doubt it. George was making a spectacular comeback.

<Brad from Georgia> Kay--not in Sons of the Desert, but I enjoy a hardy laugh from time to time....

> I don't think Jack would have gotten an Academy Award. His film work didn't warrant it.

<Barbara> Not even for the Sunshine Boys?

> Except for "To Be or Not to Be"

<Ellis M. Eftee> He's no Hugh Carmichael

> Barb - Oh, you mean would Jack have gotten the award for Sunshine Boys?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Anyone get THAT new dvd? It is out now I think.

<Ellis M. Eftee> Hugo I mean

<Barbara> We were in las Vegas a few days ago and they showed us the mountain where Carole Lombard was killed.

<Kay Lhota> I haven't seen it out yet

<KM99> In my personal opinion - Jack was always at his best in front of an audience, not in front of just a camera

<Brad from Georgia> Someone observed that Jack was really a consummate actor--he wasn't a comedian, he was an actor playing a comedian who happened to be named Jack Benny.

> Steve - Is it? I thought it was coming out later in March.

<KM99> Barbara - Table Mountain?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I thought I saw it with the other discs it is being released with in a set - maybe the individual release is later

> I need to get it because it has "The Rounder" which I've never seen.

> Brad - I like that observation. I tend to agree with it.

<Brad from Georgia> LL--Literally, "the role of a lifetime."

> I just found a little postcard from the German (!) release of 2B...Sein oder Nichtsein. I may put it on the cover of the Times.

<Kay Lhota> I just bought the DVD of "Gypsy" and I didn't tell my son about Jack's cameo

<Barbara> Yes, for Sunshine Boys, Laura. I know he didn't deserve one for his other films.

<Kay Lhota> I just pulled him into the room, cued up the clip

<Kay Lhota> and Daniel just lit up in the laugh

> Kay - You ought to show him "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World".

<Kay Lhota> he said "no mistaking that voice"

<Kay Lhota> he's seen that, but it's been a while

> Barbara - It's really hard to say, because I don't know if he would have had the same chemistry with Matthau.

<Barbara> That's true. I don't think he would have.

<Kay Lhota> George Burns also brings his scholarship in Vaudeville with him in the role.

> Barbara - Jack was getting rather fragile by that time, and the part called for someone very feisty to stand up to Matthau's character. You can see how fragile and tired he is in the screen tests.

<Brad from Georgia> In the makeup test, Matthau seems a bit more mild when interacting with Jack. Of course, they were probably just clowning a bit for the camera.

<Kay Lhota> I remember seeing Jack Benny that summer on the Tonight show, and I had this
<Kay Lhota> that they shouldn't wait until January to shoot the movie
<Laura Leff> Kay - Jack probably had as much vaudeville experience as Burns, though.
<Kay Lhota> true
<Barbara> At the screen test, didn't they tell Jack to slow down a little and act older?

> Kay - Yes, Jack was in and out of the hospital by that time. I can't remember exactly when he "collapsed" in Dallas, but I think it was August or September.

> Barbara - Sure did. I think they told him he was supposed to be playing someone who is 75, and he had to remind them that he was 80.

<Kay Lhota> I think he did the tonight show in late July. I remember that George Raft was also a guest

<Brad from Georgia> I think Jack would have been a little more emphatic with the finger-in-the-shoulder routine than Burns was. Probably louder and more annoyed, too!

> Can someone grab the lines after Brad saying that Matthau was clowning for the camera and Barbara's question about the screen test?

> If you can E-mail them to me for inclusion in the transcript, I'd appreciate it.

> Kay - Mel Blanc was, too, wasn't he?

> My screen refreshed and I lost those few lines.

<Kay Lhota> No, not on that program. Mel Blanc did the Tonight show with him in January

<Kay Lhota> but I missed it

<Kay Lhota> it would have been a school night

> Kay - OK, I knew they'd done it in 1974.

<Ellis M. Eftee> I captured them LL, I'll email them

> Ellis - Thank you!

<Kay Lhota> and I missed the Second Farewell special because I went to see my Dad

<Kay Lhota> play trombone for a small town play "Bells Are Ringing"

> Kay - Hopefully one of these days we'll get that into the video library.

<Kay Lhota> well, I waited 30 years, I can wait

> I have a B&W of the First Farewell Special that I need to transfer, but the quality is marginal.

<Kay Lhota> I'm thrilled that they even exist

<Brad from Georgia> I always liked Jack's Tonight Show appearances. He was a great raconteur.

> I'm told by the donor that the David Frost interview with Jack should be required viewing for any Benny fan. It's a fairly serious and lengthy exchange

<Kay Lhota> yes! it was marvelous@

> that shows you more of the person behind the image. I'm looking forward to seeing it...have only seen excerpts to date.

<Kay Lhota> I saw that in 1970

> Kay - Wow...I'm not going to challenge you to a memory contest!

<Brad from Georgia> Eddie Carroll comes very close to capturing that quality of Jack just talking about himself.

<Kay Lhota> I remember learning so much about Jack Benny because at the time, I had

> Brad - Yes, he's really refined that ability to slip in and out of character effortlessly.

<Anne> Jello folks from Mike Amo. He's at work keeping the country safe, and just wanted me to say Jello on his behalf.

<Kay Lhota> never seen Mary Livingstone. He talked about her, and she became real to me

> Hi Anne!

<Anne> Hi Laura!

<Brad from Georgia> Anne!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Hi Anne

<KM99> Hiya Anne. Say Hi to Mike for me!

<Kay Lhota> Hi Anne

> Yes, Anne...say hi to Mike from all of us!

<Anne> I'll say hi right now. he's on the speakerfone.

<Anne> he says hi back.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Did Mary every do any extensive interviews after Jack's death (maybe to promote her book)?

<Kay Lhota> Yes, she did the Dinah Shore show in 1978

<Kay Lhota> in April

> Steve - She was on the Tonight Show, but I can't remember if she did anything else (ah, thanks Kay).

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Was it just "fluffy" or at all revealing?

<Kay Lhota> it was touching.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I'm curious because Mary gets such a bad rap from everyone.

> Hi Ryan!

<KM99> Hiya Ryan

<Ryan> Hi, I've always wanted to chat but never had a day that worked out for me

<Kay Lhota> Mary doesn't deserve a bad rap

<Brad from Georgia> I heard or read somewhere that Mary couldn't stand Lucille Ball, and vice-versa.

<Ryan> been reading the posts for a long time

<Kay Lhota> I don't think that is so. But Mary did become depressed and reclusive in later years

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I think a lot of people didn't recognize Mary's depression as something more than rudeness or whatever.

<Brad from Georgia> I know that Mary developed stage-fright in the later radio years, and the early TV shows were hard on her.

<Kay Lhota> Rich Little told a cute story on that Dinah Shore show that he was upstairs rehearsing his act,

<Kay Lhota> and she went upstairs looking for her husband, heard Rich's voice and mistook it for Jack's

> Brad - A lot of names could go into that sentence in place of "Lucille Ball"

<KM99> I think Mary was swept into a show business life that she found intimidating and I don't think she ever got over it.

<Kay Lhota> Yes, I think you are right. I'm impressed with her talent. She had a very good ear.

<KM99> She compensated for it with distance, envy and trying to control all moments off-mike

> Well, welcome in Ryan. Please feel free to jump into this active discussion tonight. All Benny-related questions and comments are welcome.

<Kay Lhota> even early on (like tonight's episode) she could do a good Mae West

<Brad from Georgia> Heh...I remember Rich Little talking about trying out his impression on Jack. Jack said, "Lookit, kid, when you do your impression, please DON'T keep saying 'y'see,' and 'y'know.' Because I never really say that, y'see. Y'know."

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Ryan> Thanks! And greeting from out here in Chicagoland

<Steve "shimp scrampi> I don't think she gets the credit as comedienne she deserved because she made a lot of people upset.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> She was Bea Arthur before her day with that deflating delivery.

<Anne> mike says bye.

<Brad from Georgia> Bye, Mike!

<Kay Lhota> bye to Mike

> Brad - That reminds me of Jolson coming on the show to say that he doesn't say "Nyahhhh"!

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Steve - What a great comparison...I don't think I've ever heard that before.

> Bye Mike~!

<KM99> Well folks, I'd better be running along as well. Seeya next month.

> Mary did Mae West a lot in the early days.

<Kay Lhota> bye KM

> Take care, KM!

<Ryan> This might be tangential, but does anyone else feel tempted to start smoking again after hearing the Lucky Strike ads?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Oh, Maude is just Mary but taller!

<Brad from Georgia> So long, KM!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Bye KM

<Kay Lhota> as I get older, Cigarette smoke makes me sicker

<Brad from Georgia> Never smoked, Ryan. But I sure would like to be able to talk as fast as the Lucky Strike auctioneer!

> Ryan - I only smoke the occasional cigar, so it doesn't work on me. But when I was researching the Jell-O shows, the craving for Jell-O was overwhelming!

<Ryan> I quit and then started listening to the shows while I fall asleep, and I swear it's subliminal.

<Kay Lhota> yes-- I have been making a lot of JELL-O

> Brad - You can see L.A. Speed Riggs do his thing on the 10/50 JB TV show!

<Brad from Georgia> LL--You know, I occasionally try out some of Don's mouth-watering recipes for Jell-O. Some of them are pretty darn good!

<Kay Lhota> My son has braces, and misses his sticky candy and gummi worms

<Ryan> I don't know if they've changed the formula, but Luckies sure aren't milder and better tasting.

> Brad - Some of them I've heard are pretty darn disgusting!

<Kay Lhota> JELL-O gives him that taste in a safer texture

<Brad from Georgia> LL-Yes, the pumpkin, onion, celery, and lime Jell-O would have been better left behind.

> Ryan - So I've heard. I think they're marketed to the "young tough" market now. So "finer, lighter, naturally milder tobacco" may not be a selling point.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Some hippie must have smoked Jello at one point!

> Brad - There was something about...maybe putting red cabbage, asparagus tips, and pork rinds in lime Jell-O. Just turned me off.

<Kay Lhota> when I hear Basil Ruysdael, I think of him in "The Cocoanuts"

> Steve - I didn't know it would light up.

<Brad from Georgia> "So macho, so kewl, so firmly packed."

<Ryan> Would be funny to hear the Sportsmen or Don do a commercial aimed at the "young tough" market

> Kay - The Marx Brothers movie?

<Kay Lhota> yes

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Maybe in the 80s they snorted the powder...

> The Sportsmen meet "Pulp Fiction"

> I'll have a Royale with Jell-O.

<Kay Lhota> Basil Ruysdael played Hennessy, the Detective who loses his shirt and sings the Opera parody

<Ryan> Reservoir Sportsmen

<Steve "shimp scrampi> LOL

> Kay - NO KIDDING! I never made that connection!

<Brad from Georgia> "It...was a present from my brother Burt...that's why I love my shirt!"

<Kay Lhota> I nearly flipped when he said his name, and I realized he did the commercials

> So buy %#@*($#@ Lucky Strikes you #%@&$*$(#...or I'll lay my vengeance upon you...

<Kay Lhota> he still had that rich vocie

<Kay Lhota> voice

<Brad from Georgia> V-O-C....see ya real soon....

> The Sportsmen - Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown...

> Brad - VOC?

<Ellis M. Eftee> When I said "Light The Guy Up", I meant the cigarette

<Brad from Georgia> vocie.

<Ryan> LOL

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Ellis - LOL

<Brad from Georgia> Now imagine "Reservoir Dogs" with Jack Benny....

<Ryan> nice to hear their barbershop rendition of "stuck in the middle with you"

<Ellis M. Eftee> Instead of a Reservoir, it's a "Well"

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> I guess those were Luckies Uma Thurman was smoking...as for what was going in her nose, maybe Jell-O crystals

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Jack would have said "Yipes!" in the first five seconds and ran out the door!

> Steve - Maybe Jack would have been the plant.

<Ryan> Phil would been great with that

> Ellis - Oooooooo

> Quentin Tarrantino and Jack Benny...talk about an unlikely combination.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Kill Phil

<Brad from Georgia> Hmmm...I flashed on Phil and Jack cruising along, with Phil explaining "They don't have Quarter Pounders in France, Jackson, because of the metric system." Jack: "Hmmmm."

<Ellis M. Eftee> Now cut that out

> Uma Thurman as Mary Livingstone

> Brad - ROFLMAO

<Kay Lhota> too much!

> Phil: If you own a hash bar, it's legal to sell it.

<Brad from Georgia> Jack: "The metric system yet. Harris, the only measurement YOU know is a fifth!"

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Jack: Oh really? I'm going...

<Brad from Georgia> Jack: "Mary won't let me eat hash. It's bad for my cholesterol."

<Ellis M. Eftee> They could call in Rochester as the cleaner and he could get his friend Roy to help with clean out the car

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Brad - Good one!

<Ryan> Rochester in the Samuel L. Jackson wig

> Ellis - ROFLMAO

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Ryan> the blood-spattered Maxwell

[Dan's contribution after the chat:  "Oh man, I shot Mr. Kitzel in the face!"]

> Oh, I like the thought of Rochester and Jack in the car even better

<Kay Lhota> what is old is new again

<Brad from Georgia> Now, one of these days, computer technology will let us DO this kind of thing!

> Phil could be Bruce Willis, with a guest shot of Alice Faye

<Ellis M. Eftee> Then he finds out, it's not blood in the car, it's only cherry Jell-O

<Kay Lhota> LOL


> I'm still trying to get a full breath from laughing so hard.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Steve "shimp scrampi> If the JBS was still on, you know they would have done this exact skit!

<Brad from Georgia> LL--We gotta write a script and get Eddie Carroll to read it...

> Oh my gosh...Dan could do Rochester for this...he'd love to because he loves "Pulp Fiction" so much that we own the DVD.

<Ellis M. Eftee> You could let Don Wilson read the script, and call it "Plump Fiction"

<Kay Lhota> wow

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Ellis - Har har

> Jack and Mary dancing at Jack Rabbit Slims

> But...who would Dennis be?

<Ellis M. Eftee> I hope he has a glove on his clammy hands so he can put it on Mary's back

> Maybe the British guy who holds up the diner?

<Ryan> I was just going to say that

<Kay Lhota> to much

<Kay Lhota> too much!

<Ryan> or the Colemans rob the joint

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis: Put all the money in this bag. Yes, please.

> I hope we're not boring anyone with this little fantasy combination.

<Ryan> with their perfect demeanor

> Brad - LOL

> Ryan - Oh, I like that!

<Ellis M. Eftee> No, Mel Blanc coming back for another Oscar of Ronald Colemans

> OK, so if the Colmans hold up the diner, who's Dennis? Christopher Walken?

<Kay Lhota> why not?

<Brad from Georgia> Oh...my...God.

<Ryan> Dennis is the guy with the tasty burger

<Brad from Georgia> He wears it on his head. It's all the rage in Washington.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Ryan - I was thinking about that, but the part's a little small.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> LOL

> Brad - Hey, good connection.

<Kay Lhota> dang, my page just refreshed!


<Ryan> you write in a song, he has his spot, he's out (cold, dead)


> Ryan - That sounds more like Larry Stevens.

<Ryan> good point.

> I actually kind of like the Dennis Day - Christopher Walken casting. Imagine that monologue done in Dennis' breathy delivery.

<Brad from Georgia> LOL

<Kay Lhota> dear lord!

> Who says Jack Benny fans aren't hip?

<Kay Lhota> why would anyone think that?

> Dennis could wear his Navy uniform for the part.

<Brad from Georgia> Actually, I've heard interviews with Walken in which he displays a kind of Dennisian lack of logic...

> Brad - Really? I've always wondered who the person was behind all those creepy roles.

<Ellis M. Eftee> Where would Dennis hide the wristwatch

<Kay Lhota> oh-- I showed my new Jack Benny DVD to my friend David. The Bogart episode

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Dennis and Christopher Walken might be both from the same planet - not earth!

> Ellis - I ain't goin' there...not goin' there...

<Kay Lhota> and he had a younger friend with him. This guy was 28 and didn't know Jack Benny from Benny Hill!

<Brad from Georgia> LL--there's a hilarious sendup of Walken I've seen: "You know...marsupials...are very different animals from other mammals...because they have this...pouch."

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Kay - When I was in 9th grade, a lot of fellow students thought I was the head of the Benny Hill Fan Club.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Two Bennys that never the twain should meet!

> Brad - LOL

<Ryan> I find so many times I have a perfect Benny reference or funny Benny-related comment to make, look around, a realise no one will probably get it.

> Steve - Oh I don't know...Benny Hill changed his name to that because he loved Jack Benny

<Kay Lhota> I was sad that this young man had never seen or heard of him.

> Ryan - Boy, can I relate to that.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Can you imagine JB chasing women in bikinis to kazoo music?!

<Ellis M. Eftee> Like "I need that like a moose needs a hatrack"

<Brad from Georgia> Huh.. Didn't know that about Benny Hill--I always thought him more similar to Red Skelton.

<Kay Lhota> But, Jeremy had never heard of Sid Caesar either, so I was happy to introduce him to "From Here to Obscurity"

> Aside to Ryan - Now see what you've done to our chat room? You come in and we start morphing Jack into Pulp Fiction...)

<Ryan> glad to help!

<Kay Lhota> LOL Laura

> Steve - Remember the strip poker bit of the man in the retirement home who keels over with a full house when the buxom nurse has very little on? I can see Jack in that role. The man, not the buxom nurse.

<Ryan> other than my fellow radio geeks and my parents & grandma, I don't know anyone who's aware of benny at all.

<Brad from Georgia> Next time we do Jack Benny in "The Aviator"

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Brad - Ah, but I'd have to see it first.

<Brad from Georgia> Dennis could do the Kate Hepburn role....

<Steve "shimp scrampi> All Benny Hill is one big blur to me, I'm afraid...with the kazoo!

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Non-Benny trivia...what's the name of the kazoo music in Benny Hill?

<Brad from Georgia> If the JBS were still going today, I'm sure Jack would have done a "Harry Potter" skit.

> Brad - Actually, seeing a clip of "The Aviator" reminded me of Mary's impersonation of Kate Hepburn after she was in "Seven Keys to Baldpate".

<Brad from Georgia> "Yakety Sax"

<Ryan> the theme song or the "mah-na, mah-na?"

> Brad - RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

> Ryan - Theme song

<Ryan> well, sure, now I'll look like I cheated if I answer.

<Brad from Georgia> Where did "Mah-na Mah-na" originate?"

> I don't know what "Mah-na Mah-na" is... :(

<Ryan> I remember it from the muppet show, but I'm sure that wasn't it.

<Brad from Georgia> Nope. "

<Ryan> "mah-na, mah-na (doo doo do doo do)"

<Steve "shimp scrampi> It's some Italian guy who "sings" it ...

<Ellis M. Eftee> Imagine Jack in O' Brother, where art Though

<Brad from Georgia> Mah-Na" was the theme for a semi-pornographic film, "Sweden: Heaven and Hell"

<Kay Lhota> mahna mahna could have been in Jim Henson

> Hey, leave it to the IJBFC...we know everything...

<Kay Lhota> muppet shows from way back in the Ed Sullivan days

<Brad from Georgia> Gosh, will ya LOOK at the time....I'm going to have to leave. I'm getting over a virus and tomorow's a school day....

> Brad - Not directed by Ingmar Bergman, I take it.

<Kay Lhota> I remember hearing it on Red Skelton's NBC season in 1970

> Brad - Thanks for stopping! Hope to see you next month.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Jack is Kermit, Mary is Miss Piggy, Liv Ullmann screams a lot...

<Kay Lhota> and my son Jonathan found "Mahna Mahna" from early sesame street eps

<Brad from Georgia> LL-Not quite! It was one of those films sort of like "Mondo Cane"--a sensual documentary....

<Kay Lhota> online

> Gosh, I must know this piece of music...

<Kay Lhota> goodnight Brad

<Brad from Georgia> Well, I'm a little late, so g'night, folks!

> Brad - Or La Dolce Vita

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Bye Brad

> Whew! OK...now where were we...?????

<Ryan> somewhere, another fan club is casting Pulp Fiction with the muppets.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Ryan - I can easily imagine that.

> I have to say that I really love this today-meets-yesterday fantasies that we sometimes get into here in the chat room

> We once did a whole Star Trek fantasy.

<Kay Lhota> and I am old enough to remember seeing Jack Benny when State Farm Insurance was the sponsor

<Ryan> oh, good. I'm glad I didn't ruin things.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> It's a time twisting vortex here!

> Ryan - Not at all in my book.

> Kay - Ah, but you're only 39.

<Kay Lhota> bless you.

> Kay - Just more of the time twisting vortex.

<Kay Lhota> oh, that I could be the same weight I was at 39.

> Kay - Do you happen to have seen the Ed Sullivan appearance where they're doing a courtroom scene?

<Kay Lhota> I hit 40 and gained 20 pounds

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Laura I meant to ask about tonights episode...

> Steve - Yes, please do.

<Kay Lhota> yes, I have that episode on a DVD set

<Steve "shimp scrampi> The music number that is cut that is something like "I'm riding a mule to heaven!"

> Kay - Does it have the commercials?

<Kay Lhota> no, I wish it did!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Just the title alone made me roll on the floor thinking of Francis and Chill Wills' voice.

> Steve - Oh, "Goin' to Heaven on a Mule" I think...*reaching for 39 Forever*

<Steve "shimp scrampi> That's it!

> Kay - They did a bit with the French witness having a "State Farm Insurance boomper sticker"

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Kay Lhota> marvelous!

<Kay Lhota> "Goin' to Heaven On a Mule" was an Al Jolson song from the movie "Wonder Bar"

<Kay Lhota> it evidently was a mild hit in 1934

> I have the commercial on some beta of a show on old commercials. I've thought about re-editing it back into the show.

> Kay - Did Al sing it, or did someone else?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> It sounds like one of those crazy old-timey numbers George Burns would always bust into...

> Down in the garden where the red roses grow

<Kay Lhota> oh he sang it in the movie--

> Oh my I long to go

> Pluck me like a flower

> Cuddle me an hour

<Steve "shimp scrampi> But I'm sure it was no "When I beg your pardon"

<Kay Lhota> bands recorded it thoug

<Kay Lhota> though

> Lovie let me learn that Red Rose Rag...

<Steve "shimp scrampi> My favorite is Monkey Rag...

> Kay - Got it. Haven't seen that Jolson movie, and I don't remember seeing a 78 of it.

> Steve - Do you know it?

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Way down in Africa every evnin in the bamboo trees - some chimpanzees..

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Are playin' banjo...and it's worse than buzzin' bees...

> I can just imagine George singing it from that line

<Kay Lhota> Kay will BRB

> Oh Kay

> (nod to the Gershwins)

<Kay Lhota> This is Frank, Kay's husband

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Well, I should be hitting the road out here in the east. Thanks everyone, it has been a blast!

> Hi Frank! Now you can be Frank with us.

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Sorry to say hi and bye Frank!

> Take care, Steve. Please come again!

<Steve "shimp scrampi> Will do. Night!

<Ryan> you guys are fun. I've read the transcripts and always wanted to make it for a chat.

> Do you have a favorite George Burns song that you'd like to sing Frank?

> Ryan - I'm glad you did. Hopefully we'll see you again around here.

<Kay Lhota> Hi, I'm back.

<Kay Lhota> that would be wonderful to see some of the Benny scripts
<Ryan> those scripts should be national treasures. pure gold.
> Ryan - Part of the problem is that the scripts themselves aren't nearly as funny as the shows. A lot of it is in the timing and delivery

<Kay Lhota> with "Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel" that was just that one season

<Kay Lhota> you have decades with Jack Benny

<Ryan> true, but it'd be fun to follow along

> Say Ellis, could you grab the lines after my comment about talking to the estate?

<Ellis M. Eftee> ok

> When I read the scripts, I hear the characters in my head speaking the lines. Scanning the scripts is like listening to the shows in 3x time.

> Ellis - Thank you!

<Ryan> I'm thinking about doing some shows like that and would like to see an actual script format they used.

> Something really interesting to me is reading the Canada Dry scripts.

<Ryan> other than the tidied up ones you see in books

<Kay Lhota> wow!

> Ryan - If you're looking for a specific show, let me know. I may have it.

> Ryan - If you ever get to Los Angeles, you should go to UCLA and see some of Jack's scripts with all the pencil edits on them. A real lesson in comedy editing.

<Kay Lhota> wow

<Ryan> I'd love to do that.

<Ryan> do they let you touch them?

> I don't know that the Canada Dry scripts are as interesting to anyone else, but just to see what they were doing at that time and the very sweet relationship then between Jack and Mary.

> Ryan - Sure do. They're all bound in volumes. Harry Baldwin was an efficient secretary.

<Ryan> touch a script he actually used? I don't know if I could handle that.

<Kay Lhota> I'm sure I would find that interesting. Especially because so many of the recordings are lost

> Ryan - It's a blast to listen to shows like the one for tonight and know that I've had in my hands the script Jack had in his hands during that show.

> Kay - You'll love 39 Forever. I really tried to bridge the gap so that people could get a sense of what was in the lost shows.

<Ryan> amazing.

> Kay - Do I have your address?

<Kay Lhota> I do want to order it.

<Kay Lhota> I'll email you and give you my address.

> Kay - That's fine. You can also fill out the membership - How to join page and I can get it that way.

<Kay Lhota> Besides, I will need yours to send you the "Love Letter" video

> Kay - Ah, of course. You can send it to the PO Box on the Contact Us page.

<Kay Lhota> surew

<Ryan> I love the story in Stan Freberg's book about his uncle bringing home discarded Benny scripts and Stan re-enacting them in his garage.

<Kay Lhota> oh my!

> Ryan - No kidding! I didn't know that. Who was his uncle?

<Ryan> don't remember the name, but he got hired as a security guard during the war

<Ryan> they were afraid the Japanese would take over radio stations on the west coast

> Ryan - I'll be darned!

<Kay Lhota> Stan Freberg wrote his autobio some years ago. I read it from our local library, but it was ages. When did it come out?

<Ryan> so he worked late nights, and would go around and take scripts out of the bins and bring them home for stan

<Ryan> I got mine as a gift in 1989.

<Ryan> it came out right around then.

<Kay Lhota> gosh, that long ago.

<Ryan> I was really into him at the time.

<Ellis M. Eftee> I picked up a 5-DVD boxed set of Jack Benny TV shows a week ago for $19.99 at a local store, I thought that was a pretty good deal.

> Kay - Quick note on the Marcia Borie book...take the "facts" with a large grain of salt. It is fraught with a lot of errors, even with the direct quotes of interviews.

<Kay Lhota> I will. I already spotted a few differences in stories.

> Ellis - Do you remember who the distributor is on those? Is it Madacy?

<Ellis M. Eftee> Let me check

<Kay Lhota> Is that the DVD set with 24 episodes?

> Kay - Right...like Hickey maintaining that NBC invented the chimes because Jack would run over. The chimes started in the 1920s and you can hear them at the end of the first Canada Dry show.

<Kay Lhota> I just got one the other week

<Kay Lhota> Hickey wasn't there then.

<Kay Lhota> so, I already know better!

> Kay - Nope, but he maintained that was the truth. Go figure.

<Ellis M. Eftee> Passport Video from North Hollywood CA.

> Ellis - Oh Passport. Uh huh.

<Kay Lhota> I wouldn't doubt that Hilliard believed it, and that's okay.

> Kay - Oh, I'm sure he did. I wouldn't say this if certain people hadn't said it first, but Hilliard wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Ellis M. Eftee> Doesn't have alot of shows, but that's OK. Medicine Man on DVD #1 then 2 shows on each remaining DVD

> Ellis - Have you ever seen Medicine Man?

<Kay Lhota> Laura, plenty of people never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

<Ellis M. Eftee> No, haven't seen it yet

<Kay Lhota> I've learned to weed things out a little in reading Bios.

> Kay - Oh, I've been in the position of facing down people like Jack's writers insisting on certain things I knew weren't true.

> Ellis - Tee hee...I'll be curious to hear what you think of it.

<Kay Lhota> Yes, I'm curious too.

> Kay - Not that I get too pushy with them. I'll gently prod with, "Gosh, I thought it was THIS way..." and then just clean it up in the transcription with an Editor's Note.

> Kay - Have you seen it?

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Kay Lhota> Yes, I got the DVD of it a few months ago.

> Sam Perrin insisted that the radio show's opening theme song was "Hooray for Hollywood".

<Kay Lhota> My friend Richard said that the picture was clearer than the tape he got of it years ago.

<Ellis M. Eftee> That was the closing theme

<Kay Lhota> yeah!

<Kay Lhota> I didn't even make that connection

> Ellis - Exactly. I tried to say that, but he pulled the "Look, I was there!" on me and I backed off.

<Kay Lhota> I got stuck on the medley of Yankee Doodle Dandy and Love In Bloom

> Kay - Right, THAT'S the opening theme.

> At least of the Lucky Strike series.

> Rayn - You still with us?

> Ryan...apologies

<Ryan> still here. just reading, soaking things up

<Ellis M. Eftee> I used to run into stuff like that with my uncle when he was in his 80's. I finally learned just to stop arguing with him.

<Kay Lhota> well, the recordings do bear out the facts

<Ryan> I'm out of material for myself.

<Kay Lhota> yes, you have to.

> Ellis - That's it. Sometimes I can prod a memory, but not always.

> Ryan - No problem. Just wanted to make sure you weren't bored.

<Ryan> not at all

> Ryan - We can always recast Blue Velvet with the Benny characters.

<Kay Lhota> a few years ago, I was arguing with my sister about something that had happened to us as kids

<Kay Lhota> and she had blurred two incidents togethert

<Ellis M. Eftee> Eww, not Blue Velvet

<Kay Lhota> and as we were arguing we both pointed to our chests and said "Hey, I was there!"

> Larry Adler has a great story about such things in the foreword of his autobiography

<Kay Lhota> and it dawned on me that it wasn't worth arguing about.

> Where he talks about being flown in a glider during WWII and how vividly he remembered it.

> Then he found his diary from that time, and it said that he couldn't go in the glider for some reason.

> So his vivid memory was apparently a complete fantasy.

<Kay Lhota> wow

<Ellis M. Eftee> I argue with people I went to school with about stuff that happened 30 to 40 years ago in class. Let's just say, they're the ones that fried their brains on stuff not me. I'm the one that remembers it correctly.

> Ellis - LOL

> There's a member who's been a close friend for 10 years, and he and I are both memory nuts...

<Ryan> anyone who's experienced war gets a free pass on mixing up small details, I think.

<Kay Lhota> yeah, I always was proud of my memory

<Kay Lhota> LOL Ryan

> And we were arguing about something that had happened the first night we met each other

<Ryan> seriously, that will mess anybody up.

> I said, "I walked into the restaurant and you had ordered beef satay"

> He said, "It was beef teriyaki."

<Kay Lhota> gee, that's pretty close!

> How we both remember the appetizer he ordered 10 years ago, I don't know.

> Also that night 10 years ago, we argued about the title of a Jack Benny Suspense episode.

<Kay Lhota> People can never believe me when I bring up food

> I won. By sending him a copy of the show.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Kay - That sounds rather disgusting... ;)

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> Ewww Kay...

<Kay Lhota> yeah, I wish I'd worded that one differently

<Ellis M. Eftee> Don't bring up your food


> No tossing cookies in the chat room please.

<Kay Lhota> or mention Jack Benny while Benita is eating

> Kay - Oh, I thought that was Phil's orchestra!

<Kay Lhota> you're right

> But...I think you were saying something about food...

> If I dare approach that one again.

<Kay Lhota> I remember meals and Holidays and the food that was served\

> Dan and I once went to a San Francisco restaurant named Bix that was famous for its martinis.

> I remember the cocktails.

<Kay Lhota> My memory isn't what it used to be

> I don't remember the rest of dinner.

> Kay - The memory's the second thing to go...I don't remember what the first is.

<Kay Lhota> no matter if the drinks were good

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Ryan> (rimshot)

> (That's actually a favorite joke of the member with the beef teriyaki.)

> I was working on the club one night, and turned to Dan and said,

> *dramatic pause*

> "You know, this is what's going to keep me from going senile. The club always provides so much mental stimulus for me that it's like continual mental calisthenics."

<Kay Lhota> beautiful!

<Ryan> well...I had better get back to work. Thanks everyone for all the help & info.

> Whether it's the continual "pop quiz" of questions from people about Jack, the business of running the club and doing the financials, or (especially) the research involved, it's always something (nod to Roseanne Rosana Dana).

> Thanks for stopping, Ryan! Enjoyed having you here.

<Kay Lhota> thanks Ryan goodnight

<Ellis M. Eftee> L.S.M.F.T.

<Ryan> good night and drive safely.

<Kay Lhota> I got bounced out of the room when you were talking about that book earlier

> Please do not smoke until you've exited the building.

> Kay - Which book?

<Kay Lhota> I'll gladly take it, but I wasn't sure what the book was

> Oh, MY book.

<Kay Lhota> Oh!

> 39 Forever, Second Edition

> Volume 1

<Kay Lhota> I have wanted to order it.

> Kay - Well, I can give you a copy with the cover torn off, or you can order it. Either's OK with me.

<Kay Lhota> hey, how about both?

> Know that there will be some defect in the print, like periodic fading on the torn copy.

> Kay - Works for me.

> Buy one, get one sans cover free.

<Kay Lhota> yes!

> Kay - I'll hold it and send both of them together.

<Kay Lhota> I'm borrowing his Museum of Broadcasting Jack Benny book

> Kay - Look in the bibliography. Lee was my maiden name.

<Kay Lhota> I have a friend that would really love the torn one

> Kay - The editor of the MoTR book told me that my first edition of 39 Forever inspired them to do that larger book.

<Kay Lhota> you are a jewel, Laura!

> Kay - You're pretty spiffy yourself! :)

<Kay Lhota> I have to admit that although I love Jack Benny, I got involved more in this past year

<Kay Lhota> thank you, Laura

> Kay - Any particular inspiration to revisit Jack?

<Kay Lhota> yes, a friend of mine let me borrow his 6 CD set of MP3 radio episods

> Hi River Phoenix!

<River Phoenix> hey, there's people here

> River - Yes, it's been a very active conversation tonight!

> River - You missed the part where we recast "Pulp Fiction" with the Benny characters.

<Kay Lhota> I had been looking to buy a set from a dealer but a free copy was okay for the price

<Ellis M. Eftee> I have a 7 CD set of MP3s

<River Phoenix> cool

<River Phoenix> why keep mp3s on cd?

<River Phoenix> (hard drive)

<River Phoenix> my name's not River Phoenix by the way

<Ellis M. Eftee> No one would mail me an IPOD

<River Phoenix> www.freeipods.com :P

> River - I know, but that's your handle.

<Kay Lhota> we don't have a lot of room on our hard drive right now

> I keep the whole IJBFC audio library on my hard drive. But the video library has proved a greater challenge.

<Kay Lhota> anyway, since last year I have been slowly listening and notating the episodes

<Ellis M. Eftee> I have them on CDs then listen to them in the car on my CD player

<Kay Lhota> a good book like yours would answer a lot of my questions but I've had to wait a little

<Kay Lhota> I'm also notating my "Lux Radio Theater" MP3 set

> I am in the process of doing Volume 2 (1942-1955), but it's going to take a while.

<Ellis M. Eftee> I have a portable CD player that plays MP3s and an FM modulator that plugs in so I can listen to them through the radio

> Kay - There are some people who deal in radio logs, just FYI.

<River Phoenix> in one of the episodes Dennis kept saying that he broke his leg that morning but was now fine, and kept trying to get others to ask him how this was possible

<River Phoenix> but nobody ever did

<River Phoenix> i wonder if there was actually a joke, or if it was a long gag

> Ellis - And I hear that new cars now have MP3 capability.

<Kay Lhota> oh, I know, but it doesn't come free, and I have a nasty habit of collecting stuff

<Ellis M. Eftee> I was listening to the broken leg skit this week

> River - Sounds like a gag.

<Kay Lhota> I'm very compulsive that way

<Ellis M. Eftee> No one would ask him how he broke it

> Kay - I hear that. I spent most of this weekend taking care of the effects of that habit.

<Kay Lhota> yeah, it can get ya. But, I am pleased to pieces that we found that Jack Benny 24 ep DVD set

<River Phoenix> here's a question: is it only a coincidence that Jack referred to a comedian named Rodney Dangerfield who didn't get any respect, but was 'going to make it big someday'; when it reality there eventually was such a Rodney Dangerfield, who loved Jack in real life

> Including a really devastating original sepia portrait of Jack from about 1926.

<River Phoenix> anybody know if it's the same guy?

> River - I posed that question to Dangerfield, but didn't get an answer. But here's the thing...

> Jack wasn't the only one who used that name.

<Kay Lhota> interesting

> It was sometimes used as a fake name as a gag, and Dangerfield didn't start performing until the 1960s.

<Kay Lhota> this is new to me, and I remember seeing Rodney Dangerfield in the 1960's

> So it's possible he got it from Jack's show, but it may have come from other sources.

<River Phoenix> Rodney Dangerfield was his given name, i thought

> River - No, it's a stage name.

<Kay Lhota> I wish I could remember when I first saw him.

<Kay Lhota> I do remember seeing him on a series called "That's Life" in 1968

<Ellis M. Eftee> Just like Redd Fox was the stage name of Fred Sanford. Then, he used the name Fred Sanford as the name of the character in Sanford And Son

> Jack was actually referring to a Western cowboy star, not a comedian, when talking about Dangerfield.

<Kay Lhota> wow.

> Ellis - Really?

> Ellis - Or are you just tossing our cookies?

<Kay Lhota> Fred Sanford was his older brother's name

<Ellis M. Eftee> Yes, Redd Foxx' real name was Fred Sanford

<Ellis M. Eftee> Probably like George Forman's kids

<Kay Lhota> Fred was not his name.

<Kay Lhota> Sanford was his last name, though.

> I'll be darned. Now I've got the Sanford and Son theme stuck in my head.

<Kay Lhota> I heard that he gave the name of Fred in honor of his brother.

> So here's a question, although it's not specifically Jack Benny-related.

> I'm also going to pose this on the Yahoo Classic Comedy group.

<Ellis M. Eftee> I looked it up, you are right, it was John Elroy Stanford, I was mistaken

> Ah, the things you can learn in the IJBFC chat room.

<Kay Lhota> you know it!

> So we think of vintage comedy as being very clean and family-friendly.

> But that doesn't mean that there weren't items during that time that were funny and not family-friendly.

<Kay Lhota> well, that's my favorite type of comedy

> Case in point: Tijuana Bibles, party records, Redd Foxx, Rusty Warren...

<Kay Lhota> oh sure

<River Phoenix> Kay, you lag the conversation by exactly one post :P

> Songs like "I'll Keep Sittin' on It", "She Had to Go and Lose it at the Astor"

<Kay Lhota> I know. I can't type fast enough

> "Shaving Cream", "The Freckle Song", etc.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> So...is it just me, but does it seem like even off-color comedy was funnier "back then"?

<River Phoenix> just you

> It was just...more clever, and less...in your face?

<River Phoenix> that depends on taste

> River - Oh OK. Thanks.

<Kay Lhota> I haven't heard much of the adult humor of back then, but it could have been

<Ellis M. Eftee> Now, comedians think they have to be vulgar. Just look at having Chris Rock as the host of the Oscars. They had to put a 7 second delay just in case

> OK, I was just curious if anyone had an opinion on it.

<River Phoenix> it's just different

> Even Jack had a few blue lines from his nightclub/Vegas act.

<Kay Lhota> Sid Caesar was asked to comment on this in an interview and he said that shock humor was easy humor

<River Phoenix> i think the problem today is that pop culture is too commercialized, so what's perceived as 'popular' isn't necessarily good comedy, although some of it is

<Kay Lhota> and that he didn't do the cuss words in his comedy because he gets embarrassed

> Kay - I'd agree with that. There's a good vignette about that in the early part of the movie "For the Boys".

<River Phoenix> a lot of old comedy was pretty cheesy

> River - I can't argue with that. Pick up a book of vaudeville jokes and there's plenty of corn in it.

<Kay Lhota> I tell this story a lot, but I hope you'll bear with me-- can I tell it?

<Ellis M. Eftee> I've you did off color stuff, they could throw you in jail, like Lenny Bruce

<River Phoenix> WE dont knot what it is kay

<Kay Lhota> I used to work in a video store

<River Phoenix> you didn't wait for us to say yes or no

> Kay - Sure, hit it. As long as it's not about bringing up food.

<River Phoenix> but ok tell it


<Kay Lhota> and one day I had a pair of customers that were looking for a tape and asked my opinions of what was available

<Kay Lhota> now, I'm the classic film queen and I sensed that these guys wouldn't look at something older than 6 months

> How about "Dude, Where's My Car?"...

<Kay Lhota> now, "There's Something About Mary" was on the shelf, but I hadn't seen it

<Kay Lhota> and wasn't ready to

<Kay Lhota> and these guys saw me hesitate to name anything and asked me if I like comedy

<Kay Lhota> I said "I like it from the waste up"

<River Phoenix> waste up?

> Was that spelling intentional?

<River Phoenix> pun?

<Kay Lhota> waist

<River Phoenix> ok

<Kay Lhota> whoops

> Hee hee hee

> *snickering*

> But you were saying.

<Kay Lhota> see? This is why I don't do comedy for a living. I can't even type a decent punchline and to my own story

> Oh! I get it...

> Now I'm curious, memory queen...what did they get?

<Kay Lhota> but, since I do like clean comedy, and these guys got what I was saying

<Ellis M. Eftee> Now Laura's on a 7 second delay

<Kay Lhota> I don't remember what they got, Laura.

> Awwwwww

<River Phoenix> good story Kay

> That is a very good answer.

<Kay Lhota> I do know that I didn't see any of their picks

<River Phoenix> I would have forced an old move on them

<River Phoenix> movie

<Kay Lhota> I never forced, but I always had a classic on the TV

> Here's Abbott and Costello in "Buck Privates" and the Marx Brothers in "Duck Soup". Watch them or die.

<Kay Lhota> people used to say that they always knew when I was on my shift

<Kay Lhota> and I prefered the musicals

<Kay Lhota> oh, I ran those plenty

<River Phoenix> so, who should have won the academy awards?

<River Phoenix> i like the aviator for best picture and Johnny Depp for actor

> Jack Benny for To Be or Not to Be

<Kay Lhota> I could run "The Cocoanuts" and never have to look up at the screen

<Kay Lhota> They didn't have "To Be Or Not to Be"

<River Phoenix> yeah jamie foxx is just lucky jack didn' tmake a picture this year

> Kay - I hear you. Could probably have said the lines along with them. OK, why a duck...

> River - Har har

<Kay Lhota> I used to run "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" and the store manager had never heard of it

<River Phoenix> I've got To Be or Not to Be on my computer, took a long time to find it though

<Ellis M. Eftee> I didn't see the picture, but then, neither did Ray Charles....

> Ellis -Oooooo...that's cold.

<River Phoenix> well

<River Phoenix> he was dead

<River Phoenix> haha

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<River Phoenix> i have an insensitive joke

<Ellis M. Eftee> He was dead when it was release, but alive during the filming

<River Phoenix> if you would like to hear it and promise not to maim me

> River - Give it a shot.

<River Phoenix> Why couldn't Hellen Keller drive?

<Ellis M. Eftee> Uh oh

> Because she wasn't any good at golf.

<River Phoenix> Because she was a woman.

<River Phoenix> (sorry)

> Pffffbbbbbt

<River Phoenix> blame my parents

<Ellis M. Eftee> lol

<Kay Lhota> I liked Laura's punchline better

<River Phoenix> i'm just a jerk actor who ODed on drugs

> River - What, just before you told that joke? :)

<Ellis M. Eftee> Go back to the Club, River

<River Phoenix> I don't know any of you

<River Phoenix> except for Laura and only by name

<Kay Lhota> that's fair

> Oh well, even Jack and Mary did "bad woman driver" jokes.

<Kay Lhota> my name is Kay

> I see Ellis and Kay and River...

> And all the other little boys and girls went to sleep.

<River Phoenix> i'm a college student, I'm just waking up at 11 pm

<Kay Lhota> it is nearly 11:00 hear on the East Coast

> Well, anything else Benny-wise on folks' minds?

> River - I'm a Project Manager between contracts...I got up late myself...

<River Phoenix> yes i'm on the east coast

<Kay Lhota> My friend David roared with laughter when I showed him the Bogart episode

> Kay - I thought David was your son.

<Kay Lhota> he said that Jack sure understood how to keep a running joke going

> Shows you what I know.

<River Phoenix> one of the best otr episodes I've ever heard was bogart on edgar bergen's show

<Kay Lhota> I have a son named Daniel and a son named Jonathan

> River - I haven't heard that one...but I used to enjoy Bogart on Jolson/Levant's show.

<Ellis M. Eftee> I think I'm all chatted out and need to leave.

<Kay Lhota> goodnight Ellis

> Kay - Aha...it's the "Da" connection that threw me.

> Ellis - OK, good to have you here!

<River Phoenix> sleep tight

<River Phoenix> don't let the bedbugs bite

<Ellis M. Eftee> Goodnightall.

<Kay Lhota> I understand. I'm tossing out names, and it does get hard to follow

<Ellis M. Eftee> From Rexall

<Kay Lhota> good health to all

> So should we keep it going or call it good for the month?

> We've certainly covered a lot of ground.

<River Phoenix> i'll try to remember my things to say this mont

<Kay Lhota> it's been fun

<Kay Lhota> oh rats!

<River Phoenix> i always listen before i go to sleep, and I always have brilliant commentary and forget it

<Kay Lhota> I just realized next is April 10 and I'll be away

> River - Back to the drugs thing, eh? :)

> Kay - April 10 or 3rd?

<River Phoenix> My nick is only River because I like the name

<River Phoenix> and I'm an Indiana Jones fan

<Kay Lhota> Oh, I will be here April 3

> Kay - OK, I think we will be too.

<Kay Lhota> is it going to be April 3?

> River - Got it.

<Kay Lhota> whew

> Kay - It's usually the first Friday of the month

> unless it's a big holiday or I'm out of town.

<Kay Lhota> I'll be at the Three Stooges Fan Club meeting in Philly PA

<Kay Lhota> from April 8 through the 10

> Kay - Very fun! Don't let anyone poke you in the eye.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

<Kay Lhota> We have such a great time

(loss due to screen refresh)

<Kay Lhota> I understood that it took a while for the momentum to get going?

> I've had people order tapes and start with the first ones.

<Kay Lhota> and I said to him: "For heaven sakes, why are you listening in order?"

> Well, it took moving away from Harry Conn. Conn was good for the time, but his stuff doesn't age gracefully.

> Tonight's show as case in point. Also the quality of the recordings makes them hard to hear.

<Kay Lhota> I don't mind listening to the early shows, but they have aged

<Kay Lhota> that is tough for me. Especially the clumsy way that the music is cut

> Things started taking off when Morrow/Beloin took over the writing of the show, and a few months after Phil joined.

<Kay Lhota> yes

> Kay - The music is cut to save wax.

<River Phoenix> I can do without the music, for sure

<Kay Lhota> I know, and it's such a part of the sow. It's hard when it's a song I actually like

> I needed to listen in order so I could trap on the "first time" that something is said, where a gag started, etc.

<River Phoenix> who wants to listen to 24kbs music?

<Kay Lhota> yes, you were doing your research

<River Phoenix> hey laura, do you have a day job?

> Kay - Hear hear...there was a trio of Dennis Day, Larry Stevens, and someone else singing and it's cut from a later show. I was mad!

<Kay Lhota> good lord, my typos are getting much worse

> River - Well, yes, sort of. I'm between contracts right now. I'm a Project Manager in software development.

<River Phoenix> i see

<Kay Lhota> In January when the MP3 had Phil Harris and Mary Livingstone singing "How About You?" I

<River Phoenix> i need to go, since my laptop is out of batteries

> So if you know of anyone in the San Francisco area that need a good PM, let me know.

<River Phoenix> Cheers all

<Kay Lhota> very nearly cried in disappointmen that the song was cut

> Take care, River!

<Kay Lhota> night River

<River Phoenix> goodnight

> Kay - Ah, I know that one. I think I gave off a few curse words at that point.

<Kay Lhota> LOL then I'm not alone

<Kay Lhota> she sang rather well

> You should have been in the UCLA reading room when I discovered that the script of Mary's very first appearance is missing from the files.

<Kay Lhota> LOL what a heartbreaker

> They're probably not used to people rolling around on the floor and sobbing.

<Kay Lhota> LOL

> (OK, so I'm exaggerating.)

<Kay Lhota> but, I know exactly how you feel

> But like you said, it was a real heartbreaker.

<Kay Lhota> especially when the recording is lost

> Ticks me off too because I can't confirm that she was introduced as the President of the Jack Benny Fan Club.

> She's never introduced as that on any other appearance.

<Kay Lhota> when you hear those early shows you hear the gradual gains

> And I have conflicting stories of how she's introduced into the show.

> Kay - Yup. A bit of character here and there. Jack is cheap in the episode for tonight's chat.

<Kay Lhota> wow-- and you can't confirm it because the script is lost

> Kay - Yeah. Gah! Such a killer.

> Maybe it's in some other file and I'll come across it eventually.

> If I do, they're going to have to tolerate my jumping around and punching holes in their ceiling.

<Kay Lhota> my mother asked me if I had the "Your Money or Your Life" episode because her friend Ben was interested in hearing it

<Kay Lhota> I sent her that, and the episodes after it

> I hope he's not disappointed by it.

> The myth of the longest laugh.

<Kay Lhota> I think not.

<Kay Lhota> I hadn't gotten to those shows yet, so it was interesting to me to hear the series

> I sent it to one of the writer's sons because his father raved and raved about the gag, but the recording didn't bear him out.

> I've had that script in my hands as well, because I had to confirm that Eddie Marr played the holdup man.

<Kay Lhota> well, they got plenty of miles out of it

<Kay Lhota> oh! Thank you!

<Kay Lhota> I was wondering who it was

> That's just it. It didn't get a huge laugh the first time, but it had a long shelf life.

<Kay Lhota> it sure did

> Kay - Yup, Eddie Marr. 100% confirmed.

> Well, Dan and I haven't had dinner yet...

<Kay Lhota> oh gosh

> And though I'm having a great time talking with you...

<Kay Lhota> please have a good dinner

> I think we need to go scare up some food.

<Kay Lhota> we can talk again

> Sounds good. Thanks so much for being here!

<Kay Lhota> it;s always a pleasure

> Take care, and I'll see you in April.

<Kay Lhota> yes

<Kay Lhota> take care

> You too. Good night!