IJBFC Chat - January 9, 2005

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<Mike Amo> Hi Barbara

<Mike Amo> Hi LL

> Hello again folks!

<KayLhota> Hi Barbara Hi Laura

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

> How's everyone doing tonight?

<KayLhota> I'm doing fine.

<Mike Amo> lol, click on my profile {:oP

<Barbara> We're about to get washed away here.

<KayLhota> I enjoyed the episode you picked for tonight's chat. I didn't have that one in my MP3 collection

<Mike Amo> I thought I could change it since I'm still conscious, but noooo

<Mike Amo> I told my friend in Van Nuys to get an Ark

<Mike Amo> Where in L.A. are you, Barbara?

<Barbara> Now I know how Noah felt. We are in the San Fernando Valley, Mike.

<KayLhota> oh my. I live near Boston where we had an ice storm yesterday

> Mike - Har har

<Mike Amo> The Grapevine has to be a disaster

<KayLhota> snow is easier to deal with. That you can shovel.

<Mike Amo> ty LL

<Barbara> I shouldn't complain. My daughter in Lake Tahoe has 4 feet of snow.

> Barbara - But steadily drifting towards Bakersfield

<Mike Amo> lol!

<KayLhota> LOL

> Well, it's all better than tsunamis.

<Barbara> I thought it was a good show from December 1941.

<KayLhota> you said it!

<Mike Amo> And it's all coming east, we're on deck for a mess {:oD

<KayLhota> So, we'll get it. It's heading my way!

> Mike - Just like Pearl Harbor, I suppose...

<Mike Amo> yep

<Barbara> I'm sure you recognized the reference to Pearl Harbor on the show.

> So what did everyone think of the show for tonight?

> Barbara - Definitely. This was less than a month later.

<KayLhota> I was heartbroken that the songs were cut. "How About You?" sounded classic.

<Barbara> I have heard the song before with Phil and Mary. It's cute.

<KayLhota> Mary Livingston sounded soft and shy, but cute, and on pitch.

> Barbara - I've heard it with Mary and Bob Crosby and Jack.

<Barbara> Jack would have just wrapped up To Be or Not To Be and Carole Lombard would be killed a few weeks later. Sad.

<KayLhota> oh yes.

> Barbara - Yes, I think the wrap party was either on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve.

<KayLhota> I have some of the surrounding episodes on MP3, and I've heard most of them.

<KayLhota> Wow.

<Mike Amo> I thought I would have heard this one before but it was new to me

> Kay - Yes, they're all interesting from this period. After 12/7, the show turns on a dime and becomes very patriotic.

<KayLhota> I've heard that episode.

<KayLhota> In fact, I just played it the other day.

> They liked the New Tenant bit so much that they redid it in the Jell-O retrospective in May 1942.

> The New Year is played by Dix Davis, who I interviewed last year.

<Barbara> It's a good thing they didn't know what an awful yeaar 1942 would be for the country.

<KayLhota> How is he?

> Kay - Who, Dix?

<KayLhota> I've heard him on some LUX shows.

<Barbara> Was he a kid, Laura?

<KayLhota> I mean, he's 65 years older, but how is he doing?

> Kay - He's great. He's one of these incredibly modest people who says, "I don't have much to share" and then gives you an hour of priceless memories.

<Barbara> I guess he would have to have been.

<KayLhota> LOL-- you love those guys.

> Barbara - Yes, he was the Baby New YEar.

> Kay - I had the pleasure of talking with several of them last year.

<KayLhota> I heard him in a 1943 episode as a boy scout

<Mike Amo> I thought I'd heard the routine before, but maybe they did use it another time

> kay - Yes, he even uses his real name for that!

<Mike Amo> The rest of the episode was new to me

<KayLhota> they sort of made it an annual New Year's sketch

> Kay - Or almost annual. They did others, like Jack getting stood up.

<Barbara> The routine was pretty much the same every year, wasn't it, except for some name changes.

<KayLhota> LOL

> Barbara - Pretty much. Fred Allen played Uncle Sam when Phil was in the Merchant Marines.

<Mike Amo> aww

<KayLhota> My son gave me the Christmas and New Years TV eps on DVD

> Kay - Yes, someone just sent me that DVD. One of these days I'll see it.

<Barbara> I guess Alaska wasn't in the picture at that time.

<Mike Amo> I finally bought a DVD player...would be cool if there's a DVD series...I assume there are only a scattered group, Laura?

> Someone on the Forum was talking about the New Tenant eps as being very sappy. What do you think?

<KayLhota> a handful are available

> Mike - Nothing consistent right now. But stay tuned to our video library...a lot more coming.

<KayLhota> awesome!

> Many I haven't seen before but wanted to for years.

<Barbara> The Jack Benny Times was great, Laura, but I'll comment more on that at another time.

> The problem that I have with the New Tenant eps are that they don't age well. They're all period pieces.

<Mike Amo> I guess I'm just into the time...the number Jack and Mary did was good...what was the deal with the drop off of the song?

> Barbara - Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

<KayLhota> go ahead, Barbara. I'd like to hear about the JB Times

> Mike - Dunno. There's someone who circulated some chopped shows in the early years, and a lot of them seem to still be floating around.

<Barbara> Did you get one, Kay?

<KayLhota> not yet, Barbara.

> I think it may have to do with being able to air the shows and not having the rights to the songs.

> Kay - Are you a subscriber?

<KayLhota> Needed to wait until after the Holidays

<Mike Amo> lol, I just remembered I got the JB Times! I haven't had time to look at it yet, otherthan the front page, which was a great shot!

> They went out in the mail on 12/31.

<Barbara> I'd have to go thru it again as I read it rapidly when it first comes and digest it later.

> Mike - I got that from Jack's own collection, along with portraits of each of the writers.

> Barbara - Scarfing it down, as it were.

<Barbara> You got that right.

<KayLhota> sounds like a lot of fun, and something that my husband would appreciate as well

<Mike Amo> Oh, I didn't think of that

<Mike Amo> about the music

> The picture of John Tackaberry on the inside is from Jack's collection as well.

> Mike - It was supposedly Charles Michelson who did the chop jobs. But some of them are so bad that I think they're amateur jobs.

<Mike Amo> I have about 3 days of mail to go through now...just haven't had any time

<Barbara> Where did you get Jack's collection, Laura?

> Barbara - Copies from UCLA.

<KayLhota> are some radio transcriptions more complete, or in better condition, Laura?

> Mike - Been out of town again, eh?

<Barbara> Okay. I've been there.

> Kay - Yes. It all depends on the source. Many are really pristine. But AFRS shows tend to be in rougher condition.

<Mike Amo> lol, a few times

<KayLhota> The AFRS would have been bounced around the world a bit, but I understand

> Early shows were on metal acetates and degraded badly. But with the start of the 1936-37 season, Radio Recorders took over and the quality gets much better.

<Mike Amo> I turned 50...er, 39 a week ago Wednesday

<KayLhota> that more complete runs of episodes exist from the AFRS

> Mike - Mazel tov!

<KayLhota> because they were better at keeping their recordings than the networks

> Kay - Sometimes, but the AFRS ones are always edited. Sometimes oddly.

<Mike Amo> ty

<wheeze> I may act 5, but I have the physcial ability of any 87 year old

<Barbara> Was that the 5th, Mike?

> Mike - Har har

<KayLhota> Happy Birthday Mike

<Mike Amo> I could use a 5th

<Mike Amo> It was the 29th

> I'm taking the 5th

<Barbara> Oh, mine was the 5th of Jan. and I thought we might be twins.

<Mike Amo> wow, Happy Birthday Sis!

<KayLhota> I'm a summer baby, so that lets me out!

> She thinks I look alike.

<KayLhota> LOL

> Lot of Aquariuses in the room, I see...

> Or 1/5 may be Capricorn.

<KayLhota> the earliest recordings that I've heard sound like they were 78's with multiple discs

> And happy birthday, Barbara!

<KayLhota> Yes, Happy Birthday too, Barbara

> Kay - They all are, pretty much. Some of the transcriptions are 33 1/3.

> Kay - It depends on how well the sides are edited together.

<Barbara> Thank you. I'll be as old as Jack soon.

<Mike Amo> {:oO

<KayLhota> yes, and some of the 1933 ones are really scratchy and battered

> I just dubbed off a Friars banquet from 78rpm transcriptions, and did electronic edits of the sides. I don't think you can tell any more where they stopped and started.

<KayLhota> that's excellent.

> Kay - Those are the metal acetates. Try listening to them in the car for a real exercise in frustration.

<KayLhota> oh, I can believe that!

> Sometimes you'll hear a show jump with a split-second of silence...that's probably a transcription flip.

<Mike Amo> In time, I'd hope they can knock out the pops and other noises

<KayLhota> they may be able to bring it up a little.

> Mike - They can do some of that now. The Friars is with KM99 to get the surface hiss taken out.

<KayLhota> Heaven knows that a lot of old radio recordings have been copied multiple times by collectors

> The transcriptions were so clean you could do your hair in them, but that still doesn't eliminate all the characteristics of the medium.

<KayLhota> on every sort of machine

<Mike Amo> Great! It takes time, but I'd love to hear them when it's done

> Kay - Yup. And speeds corrected and corrupted in the process, with progressive generation degradation.

> Mike - I'm hoping to release it soon. That will depend on KM99.

> That's one really nice thing about MP3s. No sound degradation in copying.

<Mike Amo> Where are all the others tonight? This is a lighter crowd than usual, and I've been bad at getting here most months lately

> I've heard some bad audio "clean ups" on MP3s. Jack starts sounding like Darth Vader.

<KayLhota> yes, but if you source of MP3 is bad, not much you can do.

> Mike - Not sure. I've been so busy with work that I was hoping for a small, short room tonight and didn't advertise.

<Mike Amo> lol...pictures Jack saying "I am your father, Luke"

> Mike - LOL

<KayLhota> I was just thinking-- that I have an audio tape of the Jimmy Stewart ep from 1949

<KayLhota> and the MP3 that I got of it is a lot worse. loading with noise and disc skips

> 1-9-49

<KayLhota> loaded, I meant to type

<KayLhota> the very same

<KayLhota> I got it on audio tape in 1975

<Barbara> Do you know what Joan's doing these days, Laura? Isn't there a book due out soon with an interview by her?

> Whoever is encoding the MP3 is only working from the copy that they have.

<KayLhota> my Gosh-- was it that long ago?

<Mike Amo> I'll eventually check out the set of JB tapes I have from 1948-52 in sequence

<Mike Amo> I'd hope they're good quality

> Barbara - Joan is enjoying life on both coasts, and being a grandmother again. Yes, "Children of Hollywood" is supposed to be out some time this year.

<Barbara> Who else had a baby?

<KayLhota> that sounds like a wonderful book

> Mike - You'll be a lot safer with that timeframe. Most of the shows are pretty good soundwise.

<KayLhota> Joanna had her daughter last year

> Barbara - Bobby/Cynthia had their first, and Joanna (like Kay said) had her daughter around the same time.

> kay - Do you know Joanna personally? She's in your area.

> I got a holiday card with a picture of Bobby's new boy.

<KayLhota> I don't know her, but my children have been devoted patrons of SNIP ITs since it opened

> Kay - Yup, that's her chain!

<KayLhota> I heard, and I thought it was a great place for them, and they loved it, so it's their place

> I even got a card from one of the Sportsmen. It was a cool yule.

<Barbara> I remember the nice conversation several of us had with Maria. She said she is shy, but she did talk to us.

<Mike Amo> How many Sportsmen are still around?

> Maria has a great respect for her grandfather, and I appreciate her for it.

> Mike - Not many. I just interviewed Thurl Ravenscroft in September, and there are a couple more.

<Barbara> Several of the Sportsmen have been replaced.

> It was a kick to hear "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" and say, "Hey, I sat in his living room!"

<KayLhota> LOL

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

<Mike Amo> lol

<Mike Amo> Haven't got much tonight because I have half a mind {:oP

<KayLhota> I showed my Mom two episodes on DVD of Jack Benny

> Mike - Half a mind to do what? ;)

> Kay - Is your Mom a Benny fan?

<Mike Amo> {:O)

<KayLhota> the one where Bob Crosby sings "Peter Pan" to little Margaret Truman

<KayLhota> and the other with Fred Allen and Eddie Cantor

> Kay - Ah yes. I just converted a portion of that to DVD, then the whole episode came out.

> Kay - Oh that's a great one. They're both very early.

<KayLhota> I know. I told me Mom that they were just shown once, live

> Right. We're lucky to have them at all.

<KayLhota> and that Jack Benny really did fall asleep when the burglars came in the sketch

<Barbara> Where do you live, Kay?

<KayLhota> In Waltham MA

> Kay - I'm not sure if I knew that!

<KayLhota> just outside of Boston

<Barbara> I love Boston--to visit.

> I'll second that emotion.

<KayLhota> I've lived here most of my life, and I love the area.

<KayLhota> Boston is tough to navigate, but it's well worth the effort

<Mike Amo> I do have a surprise Fred Allen reference from last month...Kreskin was in town and mentioned Fred among others he knew in the early 1950s. Arthur Godfrey apparently gave Kreskin his start

> Kay - I'm helping beef up the Benny collection at the BPL. So feel free to enjoy it.

<Barbara> They say Jack could sleep anywhere at anytime.

<KayLhota> You are? Wonderful!

> Kay - I used to joke that I can get lost faster in Boston than anywhere else.

<Mike Amo> Trying to remember what he said, but it was one of Fred's usual observations on people

<KayLhota> I think Boston University has the Fred Allen collection

<Barbara> How is the collection in Boston coming, Laura?

> Kay - The BPL has most of his stuff. That's why they were interested in expanding their Benny collection as a complement.

> Barbara - Very well. I was there in early December to deliver some transcriptions and papers, and I saw how they'd set up the collection.

<KayLhota> Wow, I'll have to head in there sometime and ask about the JB stuff

> I was still giving them some guidance on the Benny material.

<KayLhota> this sounds exciting.

> Kay - You want the Copley Square main library, Special Collections.

<KayLhota> Yes, I read you.

<Mike Amo> I bookmarked that "Treadmill to Oblivion" site you mentioned, Laura (addall.com)...will eventually order it from someone

<Barbara> Will you let me know when it's completed? I might go there and see a little more of Boston too.

<KayLhota> Can anyone just walk in and ask, or do you need permission?

> If you see the Sinykin scrapbook, know that I completely disassembled and reassembled it. There's plenty of my DNA on the little corners on photos that I fixed.

> Barbara - It's fairly complete now.

> Kay - I'd recommend that you call ahead, since I've always had the credentials to walk in.

<KayLhota> I see.

<Mike Amo> I think only Washington is more confusing than Boston

> Mike - It's well worth it, especially for radio fans.

<KayLhota> No place is worse than Boston

> Kay - That is to say, I'm not sure how much you need to say to get access.

<KayLhota> It doesn't hurt for me to ask.

> Kay - Well, I know Boston now, so it's not a problem for me. But your gas stations close too early!

<Barbara> I had to pull a few strings to see the collection at UCLA.

> Kay - I think you'll be able to see it...they've become much more open about it.

> People complained for years that the BPL wouldn't let anyone see the Fred Allen material. But that's changed.

<KayLhota> It isn't hard for me to get to the BPL I just need the exuse

<KayLhota> Oh, so the Fred Allen collection is in the BPL

> One of these days I'm going to publish the material that Fred did in response to Jack's gags in early 1937, since Jack's shows exist and Fred's don't.

> Kay - Yes.

> I've done several corrections on it as well.

<KayLhota> I remember reading about it, that Portland Allen donated this

> Kay - That's it.

<KayLhota> I have a friend who is a keen Fred Allen fan

> Kay - It's not my mother-in-law, is it?

<KayLhota> I'm sure she would love to join me in exploring the special collections

> She's a keen Fred Allen fan, ironically enough.

<KayLhota> LOL-- nope, her name is Mary and she's from Dorchester

> Kay - Nope, that's not here.

> her

> There are three different versions of each Fred Allen script there.

<KayLhota> Mary is also a keen Ray Bolger fan, and I had to talk her into Jack Haley, but she likes him now

> The first draft, second draft, and air script. Fascinating to see the evolution, although I've not had time to study it.

<Mike Amo> Large rooms full of Bob Hope and George Gershwin material in an ongoing display at the Library of Congress...some JB video was in with the Hope exhibit when I was there

> Kay - Then she probably likes Jimmy Cagney too, as he and Bolger had similar dancing styles.

> Mike - *Sigh* I'm also a big Gershwin fan.

<KayLhota> oh, she's too much of a Dorchester townie. J

<Barbara> Jack had an "as broadcast" script. That may have been partly for legal reasons.

<KayLhota> James Cagney didn't grow up here

<Mike Amo> Even a piano of his there, LL

> Barbara - Agreed. I don't know for sure, but that was my supposition.

> Mike - Not the Rhapsody composition piano, is it?

> Kay - Oh, got it.

<KayLhota> LOL

<Mike Amo> Don't know, but it would make sense

> Mike - That belongs to Engelbert Humperdinck, I think. But maybe he's loaning it out.

<Mike Amo> I didn't have much time to see that...spent most in a huge exhibit elsewhere and then a lot in the Bob Hope one, which had lots of stories and films on 1900-1930 vaudeville

> How about those Yugoslavian elections...I gotta tell ya...

<Mike Amo> lol

> Mike - Cool! Wish I could see it.

<Mike Amo> Run a Google search online...there may some information on their exhibits there

> Mike - I'll try to remember that. I'm working like 60 hours a week now, so my spare time is short and my brain power is even shorter.

<Mike Amo> You mean you have half a mind too? {;o)

> Mike - At least half of my mind seems to be on work all the time, so that's probably true.

> So what else Benny-wise?

<Mike Amo> Same here I'm afraid, but I am going on a Caribbean cruise Jan. 22-29...no relation to Benny, but woohoo!

<KayLhota> Can I tell you about memories of his TV special in 1966

> Kay - Please do!

<KayLhota> the one with Phyllis Diller and the Smothers Brothers?

> The "Miss America" special.

<KayLhota> Mel Blanc did the Si Sy routine

> Where they did "The Graduate"

<Barbara> How come you're only working 60 hours? Can't you do 80?

<KayLhota> no, it was before The Graduate

> Barbara - I'm sure they'd like me to. And I'm a contractor...cha ching cha ching.

<Mike Amo> You can remember them, Kay? I know I watched all of them when they aired, but I couldn't remember any of them

<KayLhota> The Contest was Miss North and South Hemasphere

> Kay - Oh! That must have been Jack Benny's Bag.

<KayLhota> I have a crazy memory for TV shows

<KayLhota> and I loved his specials

> Wish more of them were in circulation.

<KayLhota> I saw that one just after we moved in 1966

<Mike Amo> I just loved him being back on the air at the time

<KayLhota> I do too. I was crazy for the Smothers Brothers

> I have a Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour where Jack and George Burns appear.

<KayLhota> Phyllis Diller ended up winning the Beauty contest, because when she entered it, the rest of the girls walked out in disgust

<Mike Amo> lol

> Kay - And Diller eventually did a nude spread in Playboy, I think.

<KayLhota> LOL

> I'm not kidding! They wanted to do her and Mama Cass, and I think they did!

<Mike Amo> oh my!

<KayLhota> good lord


<Barbara> That must have sold a lot of copies.

> I'm not sure which was "before" and which was "after"...

<Barbara> They both look like before.

> I remember hearing Diller talk about the fact that she wasn't as...unendowed as her comedy would have you believe, which surprised Playboy.

<KayLhota> I'd love to see the Smothers episode with Jack and George. I haven't seen it since 1967

> Kay - I have to convert it to DVD. One of these days.

<KayLhota> Hey, I'm not going anywhere. It's nice to have something to look forward to!

> Kay - I appreciate your patience!

<Mike Amo> Same here Laura

<KayLhota> I have the special "A Love Letter to Jack Benny"

<KayLhota> from 1981

> Kay - Ah, that's a great show, isn't it?

<KayLhota> Oh, it was one of my treasured videos

> One of the best Benny tributes, if not the most complete.

> Kay - was?

<KayLhota> I still have it.

> Kay - I thought maybe Rochester taped over it or something.

<KayLhota> it was also one of my firt videos.

<KayLhota> first

> flirt?

<KayLhota> so far, so good. I looked at it last April and it's still in pretty good shape

> Hey baby...come up and see my Jack Benny video...

> Kay - Beta or VHS?

<KayLhota> I may want to get it transfered soon though

<KayLhota> VHS

<Mike Amo> I would have had a large collection of Jack's TV series on VHS but my VCR missed the CBN run of those shows by maybe a year

> If you've got a clean copy, I'd be interested in transferring it. I'll do it gratis if you'd like.

> We bought our first Beta because my mother didn't want me getting up at 3AM to see the Benny shows.

<KayLhota> We got our first VHS in Jan of 1980 right after the Holidays

> I think my copy is staticky.

<Mike Amo> lol...I remember staying up for those

<KayLhota> I'd wanted one since they were first invented

<KayLhota> I have a few JB episodes on tape, but not many. How did I know they'd disappear from the airwaves?

> Someone came over to the house and teased me that I have at least one sample of every type of medium. I even have a few wire recordings.

<KayLhota> brilliant!

<KayLhota> You are amazing, Laura!

> Kay - Fortunately, there are a much higher percentage of Benny shows around that almost any other series.

> Kay - For having wire recordings?

<Barbara> I have Jack on 78's, but I think some of them are broken by now.

<KayLhota> You are the first person I've met with that

> Barbara - That must be the Top 10 set, right?

<KayLhota> I keep haunting BEST BUY and SUNCOAST for anything on Jack Benny

> Kay - It was just luck. I don't have a wire player, but I have the wire. Sort of like I have player piano rolls but no player piano.

<Barbara> I'd have to look that up, Laura, it's been so long.

> Kay - You might keep an eye on Dollar Tree as well. I've heard people say that they've seen stuff there.

> Barbara - I'm not aware of Jack on too many 78s other than those.

<KayLhota> No Dollar Tree where we live, but I'll continue looking

<Barbara> I'll check it out.

> And the 2B or not 2B DVD coming out...very exciting.

<KayLhota> it will be if the print is good.

> I see on the Forum that they're going to put "The Rounder" on it, and I haven't ever seen that short. Have the script, but no more.

<KayLhota> I've seen a lot of dupes of that one.

<Mike Amo> Any extras on that, Laura?

> Mike - Some...check out the Forum and someone put a list.

<Mike Amo> ok

> They listed English Spanish Frenc, but I don't know if that's just language options or something else.

<KayLhota> probably language options

> Dan suggested it would be funny to watch it in Yiddish.

<Mike Amo> thanks, can't believe I'm about to start getting DVDs...in 10 years, something new will come along again

<KayLhota> I've never seen a trailer of it.

> Nu Rochester!

> Ja, knocher!

<Mike Amo> lol, bought a 1938 Yiddish movie on VHS at that Library of Congress exhibit I went to

> Mike - If you're interested in more, you might check out www.hatikvahmusic.com

<KayLhota> I missed seeing "The Second Jack Benny Farewell Special" I was heartsick about missing it, too

> Kay - You can always take a jaunt down to New York and see it at MTR.

<KayLhota> so, all I've seen of that special is the statue sketch

<Barbara> What was the date of that, Kay?

<Mike Amo> Will work on my Jack Benny and Stargate collections first, Laura ... hmm, going to need a bigger place...

> Barbara - 1-24-74

<KayLhota> it was in 1974. I'm fuzzy on the date

> Mike - I know how that is.

<KayLhota> Okay, it was earlier in the year than I remember

<Barbara> I was in the audience for that. Who knew it was his last one? He kept telling people to cut out the "ass" jokes.

> Jack's next special was slated for Jan-Feb 1975.

<KayLhota> I also remember my sister telling me about how Jack and Mel Blanc were on the Tonight show

<KayLhota> the night before to promote the special

<KayLhota> I was dying of jealousy!

<KayLhota> They did the Si Sy routine

<KayLhota> and my sister said that Mel Blanc sounded just like Sylvester

> I think I may be getting that on video shortly.

<Barbara> Mary was on Johnny Carson one time and I had to miss it.

> Joan was on it too.

<KayLhota> Mary was on the Dinah Shore show in April of 1974 to promote her book

<Barbara> I didn't realize that.

<KayLhota> and I saw the episode from a hospital bed

> Kay - Ouch!

<KayLhota> I would have loved to have audio taped the show-- this being before video

<KayLhota> no, I had a misdiagnosis and an unessessary operation

> Kay - Not quite before video. I have a "First Farewell Special" copy that someone did from a personal recorder.

> Kay - I hate it when that happens.

<KayLhota> before we had video, anyway.

<Barbara> Well, it's about pizza time so I'm going to have to leave you all. I could probably catch a fish outside my front door if I wanted. Happy New Year everybody!

<KayLhota> you have to understand that home video was invented in the early 70's and I spent the 70's dying for it to become affordable

> Take care, Barbara!

<Mike Amo> I have audio of the first moon launch and landing

<Mike Amo> Nite Barbara!

<KayLhota> goodnight Barbar

<KayLhota> Barbara

> Kay - I hear that. We used our connects to get our Beta.

> Kay - Are you calling her a Barbarian?

<KayLhota> LOL

<Mike Amo> I taped it at the time with my family and grandparents' "commentary" in the background

> Mike - And are you shushing them because you're recording?

<Mike Amo> lol, not too much

<Mike Amo> Favorite line from the launch...

> I have a tape of something where I forgot I was recording and you hear my Mom shushing me.

<KayLhota> I have an audio tape of the Mike Douglas show in early 1975 where he honored Jack Benny

<KayLhota> but, it's not in great shape

<Mike Amo> 77-year-old grandfather saying (he was waving) "Bye bye rocket!"

<KayLhota> LOL

<KayLhota> Don Wilson, Joan Benny and Mel Blanc were guests

> Mike - Har har!

<KayLhota> and some guys that had some film footage of Jack's tour of North Africa in 1943

> Kay - Neat stuff! I'm not sure I have a copy of that.

<KayLhota> Maybe you can contact Westinghouse. Sometimes they've been good about selling episodes of those shows

<Mike Amo> Laura, I'll get to read that issue on the cruise if not sooner...anything in there or other Benny news I should know? Always ready to buy cool stuff, even after just surviving all the end-of-year bills and donations

> Well, folks, Dan just came upstairs to have dinner. So I think I'll I'd like to spend my precious spare time with my husband...

> Kay - That's a good idea.

> Mike - The 2B DVD is the big news right now. That's about it.

<Mike Amo> That would be great if they still have that stuff

<KayLhota> Have a nice dinner

> And stay tuned to the video library, as I said.

<Mike Amo> ok, thanks Laura

<KayLhota> and thank you very much for tonights chat

<Mike Amo> Nite Kay!

> Kay - My pleasure, the chat's made by the attendees like yourself!

<KayLhota> goodnight Laura and Mike

> Good night folks!