IJBFC Chat - December 12, 2004

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<Michael> Hi Laura

<KayLhota> hi Laura

> Hello again folks!

<RobChisSwise> and it has all of the guest appearances too and the tribute stuff too... Hugs Laura

<Michael> Kay's the new kid on the block :-)

> How's everyone doing tonight?

> Staying warm?

<Michael> am doing fine :-)

<KayLhota> Yes, thank you. I'm fine and excited to be joining you all.

<Michael> it's been in the mid 60's here in NE Oklahoma........ so yeah I suppose so

> Glad to have you here, Kay.

> Michael - Well, you and I (in CA) get to cheat a little.

<RobChisSwise> Laura I was just saying I got a SpinSmart cd that's mp3/dvd format, with over 300 JB programs

<KayLhota> Thank you, Laura.

[Sun Dec 12 17:03:17 GMT-08:00 2004] allen: jb fan

> I was in Michigan, Waukegan, and Boston last weekend, so I got my cold shot.

> Hi Allen...not Fred Allen, I presume.

<KayLhota> I live near Boston!

<allen> no, not fred allen.

<Michael> Kay's also got a friend who's got some Benny Rubin shorts from the early 30's

<RobChisSwise> yeah it's cold and breezy here in Iowa too

<Michael> Hi allen

<allen> nice to finally talk to some jack benny fans.

> Hi Gulliver...you there?

<KayLhota> He collected them on video tape about 20 years ago.

> Allen - We've got plenty of 'em here.

<KayLhota> you bet!

> Rob - You coulda stayed in Arizona... ;)

<Gulliver> oops -- hi Laura! Yes I'm here. Just trying to get my kid in the bathtub and do the chat at the same time!

<RobChisSwise> I got 4 dvd's of Jacks tv shows

<allen> I have two of the $1 store DVDs

> Kay - Cool stuff. We have a Rubin relative who'd love to have copies if you can share.

<KayLhota> I was telling Michael that I am old enough to remember watching Jack Benny on CBS

<Michael> do you have him & Bob Hope in "On the Road to Nairobi"?

<RobChisSwise> I know it laura... my nipples are not taking it well

> Gulliver - No problem. Just wanted to insure you can transmit!

> Kay - Gee, that makes you....39.

<KayLhota> I'll tell my friend Richard then, that there is interest. I hope he can unbury them.

<Michael> yep

<RobChisSwise> Do we have any members from UK here??

> Kay - Sure hope so. Have you read Rubin's book "Come Backstage With Me"?

<KayLhota> Oh no, I haven't.

> Rob - Don't think so...that's normally Douglas and he's on vacation.

<Michael> me either

<KayLhota> He was an interesting comic.

> Kay - You have to be really into the vaudeville/theatre genre to really understand it. But it's good info.

<RobChisSwise> Cuz I still got that vhs that's european format

<RobChisSwise> comic, as in book?

> Rob - I think I can transfer from PAL to NTSC on DVD.

<KayLhota> I'm more into the classic movies, but there is bound to be spillover.

<RobChisSwise> I can't view it hon

> Rob - Depending on what it is, there are people who can transfer tape as well.

<RobChisSwise> Laura you don't have The Meanest Man in Town do ya?

> Rob - Meanest Man in the World...I have it on VHS, but haven't transferred to DVD yet.

<RobChisSwise> I will find some time and money and send it to ya, see what you can do?

> Rob - Is that what it is? Meanest Man?

<RobChisSwise> Like that movie, but it's so short

> Rob - Most of his movies were. Medicine Man is just over an hour. But that's probably a blessing.

<RobChisSwise> no it's the Frank Sinatra show with guest JB

<Michael> I think Buck Benny will always be my favorite :-)

> Rob - Oh cool...would like to see that.


<Kay> Mine too.

> Kay - System automatically puts your name in front of your statements to the rest of us. Just FYI.

<allen> I've never seen Buck Benny, just heard the audio from the radio show.


<Kay> I have an old tape of "Meanest Man" from AMC in the 1980's.

> So who listened to the show for discussion tonight?

<allen> I did

[Sun Dec 12 17:09:15 GMT-08:00 2004] gulliver: 39 + 4


<Kay> Me!

> Allen - You should get it from the IJBFC library.

<Michael> Me too

<RobChisSwise> send me you address, and sometime in the next 2 weeks I will send it to ya, you can make it available to the club instead of just transferring it to make it viewable for me

<allen> I download mine from www.antiqueradios.com

> Rob - OK. You can send it to the PO box under Contact Us on www.jackbenny.org.

<Michael> I've got a copy of their 49 version of this show....

> Michael - Did they redo it in 49?

<Michael> This version seemed a bit wilder around the edges

<Michael> yes they did

<RobChisSwise> will have to find it, and I will, but money tight right now.. and gotta save to drive to wisconsin

> I haven't listened to that one, so I don't know if it's a dupe.


<Kay> Oh, that must be the one I've heard.

<Michael> No it isn't

<Michael> there were a few minor changes

<Michael> it's like the 2 versions of Snow White & the 7 Gangsters


<Kay> It's a darling show.

> Kay - You don't need to put "<Kay>" in the start of your lines...the system puts your name in front of them when it transmits to us.

> Michael - Got it.

<KayLhota> oh, okay-- new here

> Kay - No problem...just trying to save you keystrokes.

<KayLhota> LOL

<allen> Anyway

> So what did everyone think of the show for tonight?

<Michael> I've always loved this one :-)

<gulliver> Never heard it before, so I appreciate your pointing us at it!

> I could have put up a JB Christmas shopping show, but wanted to go with something a little different.

<KayLhota> very sweet but with enough of the Phil Harris humor

<gulliver> I notice Phil imitating Jack once or twice.

<KayLhota> LOL

> Kay - Yes, I find it interesting to take the hard-drinking, pool-shooting Phil and put him in a domestic comedy.

<allen> I like hearing Phil Harris in JB's show, but I don't know if I would like a whole series of just Phil Harris.

<Michael> The thought of Jack in a Santa Claus suit is on par with Gary Cooper in a santa claus suit

<Michael> for sheer silliness

<KayLhota> LOL

<gulliver> Loved the audience reaction when Jack came in.

> Michael - Instead of "Ho ho ho" he could say "Yup yup yup"

<RobChisSwise> laura can you transfer SpinSmart cd's that are mp3/dvd format??

<allen> a 39 year old Santa

> Gulliver - Noticed that...usually on the Benny show people held their applause until the person said something.

<gulliver> Exactly.

> Rob - Dunno...never tried.

<Michael> Laura... Actually Gary got to play santa in the 12/14/47 Charlie McCarthy show

> Michael - No kidding! Haven't heard that one.

> Talk about having to climb UP on Santa's lap.

<RobChisSwise> I have a dvd/mp/ disk of over 300 of Jb's shows, guest shots, tributes etc on one disk

<KayLhota> Neither have I and that sounds very funny!

<Michael> it is

<gulliver> Yeah, but Gary Cooper didn't have Monty Wooley's beard.

> Rob - Is there anything that isn't already in the IJBFC library?

[Sun Dec 12 17:14:16 GMT-08:00 2004] billpowers has no profile.

<RobChisSwise> dunno, you'll have to review the files

> Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

<Michael> Hi billpowers

<KayLhota> Hi Bill.

<billpowers> hi laura, michal, kay

<RobChisSwise> hello bill

<billpowers> rob, gulliver, allen

<gulliver> Howdy!

<allen> I forget which character was in the show, was it Sammy or Remley?

<Michael> Remley

> Gulliver - And it wasn't until next year that Jack did "The Man Who Came to Dinner"

> Allen - Remley

<Michael> as done by Elliot Lewis

<allen> It's interesting to hear Remley actually talk, whch he did rarely in JB's show.

<gulliver> And of course Remley can see Santa. What a sweet idea.

<Michael> yeah

> Allen - That's actually Elliott Lewis doing Frankie...not THE Frankie.

<Michael> right

<gulliver> Oh -- reminds me: who were the girls? I mean really.

<Michael> Anne Whitfield

<gulliver> And don't say Marion Jordan.

> Gulliver - Har har

<Michael> and I can't spell the other one's name

<allen> all right.

<gulliver> How old at the time?

<billpowers> jeanine ruth?

<Michael> yeah

<gulliver> Any idea?


<Michael> something like that bill

<KayLhota> older than the real little Alice and Phylis

[Sun Dec 12 17:17:15 GMT-08:00 2004] bryan: bryanh362@aol.com

<billpowers> they were on an episode of ralph edwards

<gulliver> That's what I thought, but then...

> Hi Bryan!

<Michael> Can ANYONE here imagine Willie being Santa?

<Michael> Hi bryan

<KayLhota> LOL Michael.

<billpowers> and i think phil introduces the girls and their ages in an RCA show of the fifties during warmup that exists

<bryan> hi all.

<gulliver> That's interesting, bill -- I'll try to track that down. Thanks!

> Say, what was up with the Willie character? Who is he?

<Michael> he's Alice's brother

<bryan> yep

<KayLhota> I was going to say that.

> Michael - Aha...got it. Thank you.

<billpowers> can anyone imagine this cast of characters doing a parody of national lampoon xmas vacation

<KayLhota> He's there to be annoying to Phil. Like Julius.

<Michael> right

<bryan> Hey how do I get my name to show before every sentence.

<billpowers> ooh ooh.. one of my favorite parts

<Michael> only Julius is a LOT more annoying

<gulliver> Hi bryan -- we see it fine. Volana just doesn't show you.

> Bryan - It does automatically to us.

<Michael> and how about the thought of Frankie drinking buttermilk?

<gulliver> Never touch the stuff!

<Michael> me either

> Frankie drinking eggnog is more like it...

<bryan> good health to all from Rexall!

<Michael> with more nog than egg....

<gulliver> I keep looking for a bottle of good nog.

<RobChisSwise> kay are you the newbie, because you've newly joined? or is it because your young

> Gulliver - It's labelled "Brandy"

<gulliver> Doh!

<Michael> Kay's newly joined :-)

<KayLhota> This is my first chat, but I am a long time Jack Benny fan

<RobChisSwise> don't be shy then kay

<RobChisSwise> jump in

<RobChisSwise> gotta type fast here

[Sun Dec 12 17:22:16 GMT-08:00 2004] billpowers has no profile.

> Oh...MikeAmo says "hi" to the room, but he's on the road because it's the 100th anniversary of his ancestor coming through Ellis Island.

<KayLhota> Gladly, but I thought I was doing just that

<RobChisSwise> or you get ingored

> Kay - You're doing fine, Kay!

<allen> do we stick to just the show, or does the floor uopen up?

> Rob - Heyyyyy...we don't ignore anyone here. Except maybe Fred Allen neophites... ;)

<KayLhota> LOL

<Michael> LOL

<bryan> Phil Harris and Alice Faye aired on NBC directly after Jack Benny. It would only be a few weeks after this broadcast 12.19.48 that Jack moved to CBS.

<RobChisSwise> oops I didn't do my homework... but is my face red

> Allen - Just like in "It's A Wonderful Life"...floor opens up.

<gulliver> Ha ha!

<allen> hahahahha

<allen> that hasn't been on yet this year.

<Michael> yet

<KayLhota> Did you know that it was Alfalfa Switzer that dropped Jimmy Stewart into the pool?

> The floor's open to any Benny-related or semi-Benny-related topics.

<gulliver> I noticed that only recently. It was Alfalfa indeed.

> Kay - I thought they just danced backwards and fell in.

<Michael> I did too

<gulliver> Say "semi-Benny-related" three times fast.

<KayLhota> LOL

<KayLhota> whoa!

<Michael> I think it was Alfalfa who opened up the gym floor though.........

> Gulliver - I've been doing the club so long, that I have no problem doing that.

> Michael - I'll be darned.

<KayLhota> that's where I was going, Michael.

<allen> So, I posted a link to my Jack Benny trivia quiz on the Message Board, but nobody's responded.

<Michael> don't quote me on it though

> I just did a better transfer of Jack playing Alfalfa on his TV show.

<RobChisSwise> what's the quiz, care to go thru some of them here??

<bryan> Anne Whitfield who plays Phyliss in Harris and Faye lives in Seattle.

<bryan> She attends the REPS convention quite regularly.

> Bryan - Does she go to REPS?

> OK, I'm too slow on the trigger.

<bryan> yep.

<gulliver> Thanks bryan!

<Michael> great

<allen> would everyone like me to ask a few trivia questions from my trivia quiz?

> Hopefully I'll get up to REPS one of these years.

<gulliver> Gotta learn more about her -- I thought she was terrific.

> Allen - Yes please!

<billpowers> so laura.. were network loyalties an obstruction to anyone working both sides of the cbs/nbc street so to speak.. or abc for that matter. where there studios in the same complex

<RobChisSwise> Phyliss sometimes writes in the Phil Harris group at yahoo

<gulliver> allen! yes!

<allen> one of my favorites: Who took out Dennis's appendix?

> Bill - Well, Phil talked about being in just the first half of the Benny shows so that he could run down the alleyway to get from CBS to NBC and warm up the audience for his show.

<Michael> yeah

<RobChisSwise> I think he ended up taking a cab right?

<KayLhota> Oh, I had been wondering about that.

> Rob - I think they had a car waiting.

<RobChisSwise> it could be, sounds right

<Michael> in fact on Jack's show I recall them making jokes about Phil's going from one studio to the other

<billpowers> gildersleeve is the closest thing i can think of to a contractual restriction

<RobChisSwise> oops desert...brb

[Sun Dec 12 17:27:25 GMT-08:00 2004] Abe has no profile.

> Hello Abe!

<Michael> Hi Abe

<RobChisSwise> dessert sorry, I should know better

> Allen - I remember the gag...was it Rochester? Or Rochester took out Jack's appendix?

<billpowers> didnt radio city evolve to allow both networks to be on the same campus?

<bryan> Go to LA and you can see where the studios were. CBS was at the KNX columbia square complex. It is still there. NBC was on the corner where Washington Mutual now stands. .

> Bill - NBC was at Sunset and Vine

<allen> Laura you are correct, Rochester took out Dennis's appendix.

> Allen - Rah!!!!!! :)

[Sun Dec 12 17:28:25 GMT-08:00 2004] Gulliver has no profile.

<Abe> Merry Christmas, everybody.

<bryan> ABC was at the NBC ctudios for years after the split.

<billpowers> ok

> Abe - And a Happy Chanukkah to you, Abe!

<KayLhota> Merry Christmas, Abe.

<allen> Can you name the episode it was mentioned in?

> Bryan - Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters are in the basement of that building.

> Allen - I'm going to pass on that one.

<allen> all right.

<allen> Everyone here, name some characters played by Frank Nelson.

<KayLhota> Mr. Tootlequirtle

> Allen - The man on the train

<bryan> Which era of Benny do most people prefer ? ( Jello , Lucky Strikes, Chevrolet?)

<Abe> Allen - The Floorwalker

<Michael> Every character who answered Jack with "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"

<Gulliver> I love the Jello days.

<KayLhota> Grape Nuts era?

> Allen - Richard Arlen!

> Bryan - Most people seem to prefer about 1947-1950. But there are exceptions.

<Michael> I like em all

<bryan> I like the Lucky Strike era. However, there are some real gems during the Jello days.

<KayLhota> Yes, I have been finding so many different periods with wonderful shows.

<Michael> although the pre Jello stuff does sound a bit odd

> I like Schlepperman

<allen> I do prefer the later years, I thought the earlier 30s episodes were weaker, underdeveloped.

> Michael - Thank Harry Conn for that.

<Michael> what I mean by odd is not hearing people like Phil, Dennis and the like on the show

<Michael> or even Don for the really early stuff

<allen> Anyone else for Frank Nelson?

<bryan> I have seen a few TV Benny's and they were quite good also . The first Benny TV I saw was from the 60s and I don't like those as much as the 50s shows.

> No other orchestra conductor filled the bill like Phil. Don Bestor gave Jack static, but it didn't work as well.

<KayLhota> I remember feeling that when Don Wilson did the announcing on that first show, he sort of goosed up Jack Benny

<Gulliver> And the whole Benny character really hadn't come together... (I didn't say "jelled" but I thought about it)

<bryan> The 50s TV shows are more like the radio series.

<KayLhota> in that his energy got Jack Benny going.

> Kay - That brings an interesting mental image...

<Gulliver> Don goosing Jack?

<KayLhota> I know! I was sorry the minute I typed it!

<Gulliver> Still, I think Kay's right.

> Kay - And Jack saying, "Yipe!"

<Michael> I've been listening to some of the shows from right when Phil first arrived... and it seems weird to think of Phil as being a subdued character

<KayLhota> LOL

<Michael> LOL

<bryan> Is the Horn Blows at Midnight really that bad?

> I recently transferred the Ginger Rogers show, and thought it was really magnificent. Hadn't seen it in a long time.

<Abe> Bryan - Did Jack ever do his Christmas shopping skit on his tv show?

> Abe - Sure did.

<KayLhota> I like "The Horn Blows at Midnight" but it is a strange movie

<Michael> am wondering Laura... did Phil conduct the Orchestra in his earliest appearances?

> Bryan - Matter of taste. Some love it, some don't.

<bryan> I heard a version of it on Ford Theater (radio ) and it was quite entertaining.

<KayLhota> Have you ever heard the Ford Radio Theater adaptation of it?

> Michael - I think in the earliest ones he did. But eventually Mahlon Merrick did it, and Phil pantomimed on air.

<Michael> Ok...

> Bryan - A lot of people think that the Ford Theatre version is better than the movie.

<KayLhota> The Ford show dropped the Fallen Angels and made more of Jack's inner conflict at blowing up the earth

<bryan> I just bought a DVD of Jack on TV and it had the Shopping gag.

> They just did a recreation of it at SPERDVAC and brought down the house.

<Abe> bryan - the radio version had a message about the good of man kind.

<KayLhota> I'd love to see the TV version that was done in 1951

> Bryan - The grocery shopping or the Xmas shopping?

<Michael> I knew about Mahlon... but when I heard them do Anthony Adverse... it sure sounded like Phil was actually leading the orchestra... and even got to perform on the drums

<bryan> Xmas shopping.

<Gulliver> (Everybody's typing at once)

> Michael - Well, that was 1936. I think Phil was doing it then.

<Michael> right

> Abe - It's also very post-war sentiment.

<KayLhota> I had to scroll back to get it all about Mahlon Merrick

> Kay - Ah, Omnibus.

<Michael> did Mahlon just suddenly take over or was it a gradual thing?

<bryan> J-E-L-L-OOOOOOOO

<KayLhota> Love to see that program. The kinescope must be out there somewhere.

> Michael - Mahlon had been the musical arranger for some time. I don't know exactly when the decision was made to change over.

<bryan> It might be . Might not be.

<Michael> ok

> Kay - I think it may be at the Museum of Television and Radio.

<Michael> and that sonic boom you just heard was Laura going through Pamona :-)

> 1934: J.......................E.......................L......L........................OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

<Gulliver> LOL! With the correct timing.

> Michael - ?????

<bryan> Laura , will the a version of 39 forever cover TV also ?

> Bryan - Yes, that will be volume 3.

<bryan> great.

<RobChisSwise> well... I'm back, I know I missed alot, and gained two lbs

<Gulliver> Two lbs of solid chiss sweese.

> Rob - Don't confuse cue balls with eggs.

<KayLhota> I thought it was his dessert.

<RobChisSwise> I wouldn't much

> Kay - His just desserts.

<RobChisSwise> it was

[Sun Dec 12 17:40:26 GMT-08:00 2004] Michael: Brightstar2761@netzero.net

> WB Michael

<KayLhota> I didn't dare be the one to say that, Laura.

<Michael> thanks :-)

<RobChisSwise> come lil Xmas cakes

<bryan> Laura , why are we listening to the 12.19.48 Harris and Faye program this month?

> Kay - Vaudeville is alive and well here in the IJBFC chat room.

<KayLhota> LOL

> Bryan - Why not?

<Michael> you mean apart from the fact it's funny and it has Jack in it?

<bryan> I thought there might be special signifigance

<Gulliver> I wondered that too until Santa arrived.

<RobChisSwise> does anyone know anything about the vaudeville routine "Niagra Falls"?

<KayLhota> I know that it was an old Burlesque routine

<bryan> It's a great show ....no problem with it.

> Bryan - Not particularly. I try to select shows that are from approximately the same time of year for discussion. Except in the summer, when it's open to any other appearances.

<Michael> never heard of it

> Rob - Wasn't that done by Abbott and Costello?

<Michael> sounds like something they'd do

<KayLhota> When it was the "Banks of the Pokomoko"

(Loss due to screen refresh)

<billpowers> actually, i continue to be amazed at the volume of material jack did guesting or

   guesthosting other programs

<RobChisSwise> Abbott and Costello did it too

<bryan> Santa is just leaving.

<billpowers> im surprised he had time to do a weekly show all those years


<RobChisSwise> I have about 40 progs of his guest appearances

<Michael> wb Mr allen :-)

<bryan> What was the ad agency for American Tobacco ?

> Susquehanna Hat Company (punches through the straw hat)

<RobChisSwise> I vaugely remember the Susquehana hat company

<Laura Leff> Bill - Pretty amazing, isn't it? Considering Jack's level of involvement in creating

   his own show.

<Gulliver> I was asking about that earlier, Abe. A quick web search shows that Anne Whitfield

   was 12 when she was "Phyllis" in the episode we heard.

<RobChisSwise> didn't Anne play Judy Jetson??

<Abe> Gulliver - Thanks. 

<Laura Leff> Bryan - Duh...I should know that...Arthur Lyons was from the Canada Dry days,

   because all the scripts are on their letterhead.

<Michael> did Phyllis ever get to draw that pic on the wall?

<Laura Leff> Rob - Is that her?  I just saw her at SPERDVAC in person!

<Gulliver> Well, there you go then.

<RobChisSwise> I thought it was Anne Whitfield who played Judy Jetson

<bryan> Janet Waldo

<bryan> Janet Waldo played Judy.

<RobChisSwise> Oh yeah

<Michael> right

<bryan> I am not so sure that Anne was born in 1936.

<Laura Leff> I just pulled a Lucky Strike Script and found a reference to Batten, Barton,

   Durstine and Osborne.

> But the children on Phil and Alice's show were older than the children that they portrayed.

<bryan> Oh yeah BBD&O

<Laura Leff> But I don't think that was consistent across the years.

<RobChisSwise> that was Jacks real agents

<Laura Leff> Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel

<RobChisSwise> BBD & O or it was a rail road company?

<Michael> wasn't BBD&O chacks attorneys on the show?

<Gulliver> Sounds like a suitcase falling down the stairs.

<bryan> Di d BBD&O hold any real control over the program ?

<Laura Leff> Michael - No, that was the Sportsmen Quartet.

<Michael> Ok

<Laura Leff> Bryan - Creative control, I doubt it.

<Michael> Oh yeah... now I remember :-)

<RobChisSwise> they were the agency for Lucky Strike, I'm thinking

<Gulliver> That's why Jack called them to complain that his new calendar hadn't come in.

<Laura Leff> Harrington, Harrington, Harrington, and Droop

<RobChisSwise> WHAT??

<Gulliver> Just heard that one yesterday!

<RobChisSwise> Dooey Cheatham and Howe

<Laura Leff> LOL

<RobChisSwise>  I could always make L laff

<Michael> and don't forget the Brit Solicitors Grabble Twister and Fleecum

<RobChisSwise> LOL never heard of that one

<Michael> I got them off of a BBC show

<RobChisSwise> Fleeceum would be correct?

<Laura Leff> I think Frank Nelson played Jack's attorney at least once

<Michael> right Rob *smacks typist*

<Gulliver> Laura, IMDB says that Phil was sometimes credited on screen as "Wonga Harris."


> Wonga was his name.

<Laura Leff> Gulliver - Believe it or not, Wonga was Phil's real first name.

<Laura Leff> Wonga Phillip Harris.

<Gulliver> Well, that would explain it.

<Gulliver> What mother names her son Wonga?  I ask you.

<Laura Leff> On one show, I heard Jack call him that in passing.

<Michael> Know wonder he went by Phil

<Abe> Laura - I seem to remember him playing a waiter once.

<Laura Leff> Gulliver - That's been discussed a LOT on this room?

<Laura Leff> Abe - Frank Nelson?

<Abe> Laura - Yes

<Laura Leff> Gulliver - That was supposed to be a ! not an ?

<Laura Leff> Abe - Oh, he played a lot of waiters.  Floorwalkers, clerks, etc.

<Laura Leff> Ticket men at train stations...

<Gulliver> And sometimes Jack would say "you again!" as if it really was the same man each


<Laura Leff> OK, here's a poll for the room...

> Orson Welle's secretary, Mr. Tootlequirtle!

<Laura Leff> Who was the most memorable supporting character on Jack's show?

<Abe> Laura - Is he still around. I ask because I recently saw a Garfield cartoon that he was in?

<RobChisSwise> also the nutty doctor vs. Jack

<Michael> Mel Blanc

<Laura Leff> Kay - I like when Welle's secretary comes in and sprays everything that Welles

   will use...then starts spraying Phil Harris.

<Michael> with Frank Nelson running a close second

<Gulliver> Wow, you mean of the regular cast?

<RobChisSwise> Has Frank N passed also?

> LOL Laura. 

<Laura Leff> Abe - No, he passed away in 1986.

<RobChisSwise> so there is no one left from jacks cast?

<Laura Leff> I mean a specific character...so, Professor LeBlanc or Kitzel or...

<Michael> Not even Larry Stevens?

> There must be some Beavers still around, right?

<Michael> Oh.... character.... I thought you menat actor

<Laura Leff> Rob - Mainly the Beavers, because they were kids. I interviewed Belly Laugh

   Barton a while back.

<RobChisSwise> Larry Stevens passed too?

<Laura Leff> Michael - Nope.  He's gone a few years ago.

> Beverly Hills Beavers?

<Gulliver> Have to go with Professor LeBlanc then.

<bryan> Did Jack Benny actually "celebrate " Christmas. I know some assume that he did not because he was Jewish . However, I have many Jewish friends who do in fact "celebrate" the many non religious specific aspects of the holiday.

<Michael> I would too Gulliver

<RobChisSwise> there was someone who played on SLN who did work as a kid for Jack

<KayLhota> Jack Benny did celebrate Christmas, and was most generous.

<Gulliver> Pleez, Monsieur Benny ... it's only a dollair ...

> Hey, could someone E-mail me the last 4 screen pages of dialogue? My screen just refreshed.

<RobChisSwise> mine did too

> Bryan - He did celebrate Christmas. Joan even had her own red Christmas tree.

<Michael> and Professor.... the lesson's over why don't you put your pants on?

<Gulliver> LOL

> Clicking and dragging over the screen, then Ctrl-C to Copy and paste it into an E-mail. Thanks in advance.

> Rob - Harry Shearer. He was a BH Beaver.

<bryan> Red Christmas tree..cool

> Michael - Ah, just heard that recently as well. And he goes to the Colmans for help in getting his money.

<allen> Laura, it's so hard to say, all the characters are so memorable.

<Michael> that was when Joan was in her "red" mood wasn't it?

> Michael - Are you calling Joan a communist? ;)

<KayLhota> LOL

<Michael> LOL

<Michael> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nope

<Abe> Laura - I got a kick out of the IRS agents who used to pester Jack about his deserving a bigger refund.

> Red tree...Red channels...Red son in the sail set...

> Abe - Yes, those were good shows. and redone on TV with the Stewarts instead of the Colmans

<Michael> makes you wonder how Cincinatti's Baseball team survived the McCarthy Era?

> Michael - Excellent point.

<billpowers> they became the redlegs

<bryan> Sadie Marx ? Any relation to Karl Marx ? He He

<Gulliver> I like all the appearance of the Colmans, especially when Benita says "Benny's servant Manchester."

<Michael> sure...

> Bryan - Sadye Marks...sorry.

<billpowers> actually officially changed the name

<bryan> I knew it .

> No relation to red Marks.

<KayLhota> or the Marx Brothers.

<Abe> Laura - Anybody know why the Colmans didn't follow Jack to tv?

> Kay - Yes! No relations to the Marx Brothers! Let's put that one to bed...

> Abe - Well, Ronald Colman being dead put a damper on it.

<bryan> Being silly here...that's all.

<RobChisSwise> Harry Shearer worked with Jack as a child

<KayLhota> My guess is that the Colmans had their own show, and then he did pass in 1958

<Michael> yeah it was called "The Halls of Ivy"

<RobChisSwise> was one of the Beverly hills beavers

> Abe - I think they were on at least one show though...*reaching for 39 Forever First Edition*

<Abe> Laua - That would do it. I thought the radio shows ran in conjunctin with the first few years of tv?

> 11-4-56 they were on.

> Abe - They did...Jack was on TV starting in 1950, and radio to 1955.

<bryan> Was Jack ever a guest on Fibber McGee and Molly?

<RobChisSwise> Bing Crosby stayed on radio the longest

<Gulliver> I prefer to think that Ronald Colman did not die, but merely returned to Shangri-La.

> But the Colmans last appear on radio in 10/51, probably because the budget was being cut and moved to TV.

<KayLhota> aww, Gulliver. That is a sweet thought!

> Gulliver - I like that. I like that a lot.

<RobChisSwise> I've been to Shangri La, used to live there

> Rob - Naw, that was SACRAMENTO.

<RobChisSwise> nope it was actually in Phoenix

<Michael> apart from Laura who all here knew that Jack was on the Honeymooners?

<RobChisSwise> not me

> Bryan - I don't think so.

<KayLhota> nope

<RobChisSwise> prove it

<RobChisSwise> LOL

> Rob - Prove that Sacramento is not Shangri La? Let me count the ways.

<Gulliver> Jack on the Honeymooners!?!?

<Abe> bryan- I don't know if he was on Fibber but did you hear him on Burns and Allen? When they went back to college.

<Michael> yes

<bryan> Shangri is a suberb of Los Angeles. Thus Shangri L.A.

<RobChisSwise> I lived at shangri La in new river near Phoenix

> Bryan - :P

<Gulliver> FM&M is the OTR show I know best ... don't remember Jack ever being on it tho ...

<RobChisSwise> it is a nudist resort folks

> River Phoenix

> Har har

<RobChisSwise> new river

<KayLhota> Did you ever hear the episode from Burns and Allen when George and Jack went out dressed as Gypsies?

<RobChisSwise> nope nice try laura

<RobChisSwise> it was a skit on radio too]

> Gulliver - I don't have any record of him being on it.

<bryan> I remember George and Jack competing for Gracie. That's the one I recall.

> Kay - Makes me think of Jack getting caught outside his house in gypsy attire.

<Gulliver> I'd like to hear either of those Burns & Allen shows.

<Michael> that's where George hits Jack over the head with his violin

<Michael> and thus Jack became stingy

> Kay - The A&P Gypsies?

<Abe> Gulliver - Me too.

<KayLhota> George is the singer, and Jack on the violin. Gracie's pet name for George is "Sugar Throat"

<RobChisSwise> does anyone remember Harry Shearer from SNL?

> Gulliver/Abe - They're probably in the IJBFC library.

<Gulliver> I bet Digital Deli has those too ...

> Rob - I don't remember him from SNL, but I know him.

<Abe> Laura - Thanks. I'm still getting to know this site.

> Abe - No problem. Let me know if you need help finding anything.

<KayLhota> I'm sorry, Laura. I have the episode on audio tape, and I think it's from 1946. Can't remember exactly.

<RobChisSwise> has a very nice deep pleasant voice... has worked with Stan Freburg

<RobChisSwise> had dark hair

<RobChisSwise> he claims to have worked with Jack Benny as a child

> Kay - 1/8/48 - Jack and George as Gypsies

<Gulliver> Are we talking about Harry Shearer?

<RobChisSwise> yes

<KayLhota> That must be the one, Laura.

> Rob - He did. I have a photo from him of him and Jack.

<Michael> time to head off..... bye all (this is NBC the National Biscuit Company)

<RobChisSwise> played a Beverly hills beaver

> Take care, Michael!

<KayLhota> bye, Michael

<Gulliver> seeya Michael

<RobChisSwise> cute exit

> This is the National Bulls...

<RobChisSwise> have you done an interview with Harry?

> Rob - Not yet. I'm holding his photo hostage to get one. But I need to get back in touch with him to set it up.

<Gulliver> Harry Shearer is now frequently a voice on The Simpsons.

> He's Mr. Burns...older brother of George Burns.

> And he's many other characters.

> Including Smithers.

<RobChisSwise> does a number of different characters... I was just reminding you... a nudge, me I'm a noodge

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind this evening?

<bryan> So was Gomer Pyle really better than 1960s Jack Benny?

<RobChisSwise> benny wise/pound foolish

> Bryan - Depends on the episode.

<RobChisSwise> nope

<KayLhota> I remember watching Jack Benny on Friday nights that season

> Gawwwlee

<Gulliver> Love to stay and chat but I gotta go. Good health to all from Rexall!

> I have a script from the Abbe Lane episode, and it's pretty painfully unfunny.

<KayLhota> I know I must have prefered him to Jim Nabors

<bryan> I never cared for Gomer Pyle actually. The Beverly Hillbillies would be more my guilty pleasure.

<RobChisSwise> but it was always the same... Gomer does something nice, and Sgt Carter trys to get rid of Gomer, and GOmer wins in the ned

<KayLhota> night, Gulliver

> Thanks for stopping, Gulliver!

<Abe> bryan - Tonights show reminded me of a skit Jack did on a Dennis Day Christmas album.

> Abe - I know that one. Jack tries to play "Jingle Bells" on his violin.

<RobChisSwise> Jack only made one appearance on Phil Harris, a Xmas show episode

<bryan> Was Jacks TV show filmed at CBS TV city?

<KayLhota> Where was it filmed? At Universal?

> Bryan - It was filmed in three different locations...well, four if you count New York

<KayLhota> Ah, okay!

> CBS Television City, Desilu, and Universal..

<RobChisSwise> Does anyone know why PHil Harris was aced out of the Benny Show?

> Rob - Define "aced out"

<KayLhota> I read that it was a budget cut.

<bryan> What years was he filmed at Desilu?

<RobChisSwise> replaced by Bings brother

> Bryan - I'm hoping to find that out. Not sure yet.

<Abe> RobChisSwise - Why didn't Bob Crosby stick around?

<bryan> Everyhting seemed to be filmed at Desilu for awhile.

> Al Gordon at 39 Forever said that some staff thought that Jack should share the proceeds of selling the show to CBS

> Jack disagreed. Phil left.

> But Phil himself said it had more to do with cutting back on his workload.

> Bryan - Until it fell into disfavor until Star Trek pepped it up for a while.

<RobChisSwise> but the stock answer was that Phil had his own show to do, and something about a failed tv pilot


> Rob - That's pretty much Phil's answer.

> Dun dun dundun dun dun dundun dun dun...

<KayLhota> There's probably more to the answer, but that does sound gracious.

<RobChisSwise> but his radio show was almost off the air by the time he was replaced by Brother Bob

> I just saw Bill Cosby at the grand reopening of the Genesee Theatre in Waukegan.

<bryan> So Phil wasn't the unknown guy in Josefsberg's Book that was feuding with Jack??

> Rob - Well, yes and no. They had three more years yet.

<KayLhota> Rob, there was no one saying "We're going to do this for 3 more years, and then there will be no more network radio shows"

> Bryan - Not as far as I can tell. I thought for a while Phil might be Quentin, but I don't think so.

<bryan> I have heard Milt made that person up.

> Kay - I just transferred an 11/51 Friar's dinner for Jack, and at the end he says, "I hope to be in radio another 20 years, even with television."

<KayLhota> Isn't that funny, Laura? I always thought "Quentin" was one of the writers.

> Bryan - I can't find anyone to give a good answer on who it was. Not even the family knows.

<RobChisSwise> which book did this Quentin name appear?

> Kay - Not as far as I can tell. Harry Conn probably predeceased Jack.

> Rob - Milt's.

<KayLhota> Milt may have doctored up the story with enough fiction.

<KayLhota> Milt Josefsberg's book "The Jack Benny Show"

<RobChisSwise> oh yeah I read that... geeze these Brain F_rts are terrible

> Kay - I'm really starting to think that. I've asked almost everyone who would know, from Irving to Fred deCordova to Milt's kids, and no one knows.

<bryan> I hope Phil and Jack got along till the end. I have heard there were problems between Harris and Faye in the later years ..but the stuff of rumors and gossip ya know.

<RobChisSwise> we will never know... but a good bet it was Phil

> Bryan - When I was saying goodbye to Phil, I said, "Is Alice still as beautiful as she always was?" He said, "I hope so."

<KayLhota> aww

> I think it was one of their daughters who said that they loved each other but didn't like each other. Sad.

<RobChisSwise> she did not last much longer than he did, she died soon after right?

<KayLhota> Some people are very complex

> Phil spoke very well of Jack when I interviewed him. I could detect no hostility.

> Rob - I'd have to look it up. She was around for a few years afterwards.

<RobChisSwise> she wrote a book I know

<bryan> in the 80s.

<Abe> Laura - Really, I know it was a show but they seemed to play of eachother so well. They stayed together so long.

> Rob - Really? You'd think I'd know that.

<RobChisSwise> are you kidding me right?

<bryan> Well that was the 40s . I think Harris and Faye moved apart later on.

> Bryan - Right. I think that's the case.

> Rob - Nope. You'd think I would!

<RobChisSwise> you knew she wrote a book, right?

> Rob - I know there was a more recent one about her, but didn't remember that Alice wrote her own.

<KayLhota> I never heard about a book! And I look for these things!

<RobChisSwise> geeze I knew something you didn't? yeppers it was reviewed when I still lived in sac... she was there for a signing

<bryan> I had heard from someone who interviewed Alice in later years that she started the inrview with "remember I am not just Mr.s Phil Harris"

<KayLhota> I remember seeing her on an interview on AMC in the mid 1990's

<RobChisSwise> and he wasn't just Mr. Alice Faye

> Rob - You beat me to the typing on that

<bryan> yes. I saw that 90s interview also . But they were never together.

> I remember Billy Rose saying that he was tired of being Mr. Fanny Brice,

<RobChisSwise> LOL fast crippled fingers

<KayLhota> the story that stood out for me more than anything was that she wouldn't tell why she left 20th Century Fox so fast that she didn't clean out her dressing room

> And Larry Adler didn't marry Ingrid Bergman for the same reason.

> Kay - Do you know about the more recent book on her? I don't know if it's in there, but it may be.

<RobChisSwise> they let her contact lapse

<RobChisSwise> contract

<RobChisSwise> it can be had on amazon I believe

<KayLhota> No, I never heard of it. The only one I ever saw was a book about her movies that was published in the 1970's

<bryan> Did Harris live in Bel Air?

<RobChisSwise> no laura knows where

<bryan> Alice wrote a book for older people in the 1980s.

> Bryan - He lived in Palm Desert when I interviewed him...Encino during the Benny years.

> Kay - Check out Forum - Classifieds and look for a link about that book.

<RobChisSwise> was it hot there in Palm desert?

<bryan> Where is Encino?

<RobChisSwise> so cal

> Bryan - In the San Fernando Valley

> Rob - Sure was.

> Phil was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

<KayLhota> Thank you, Laura.

<RobChisSwise> outside or inside for the interview,,, and did Phil Smoke?

> Kay - Good luck. I haven't read it myself, but let me know if you do.

<bryan> How old was he then?

<bryan> Better yet. How old were you then Laura?

> Rob - Inside for the interview, and Phil didn't smoke around me. But he did give me a killer glass of iced tea.

> We did photos outside.

<RobChisSwise> he did smoke right?

<KayLhota> I'd love to heard more!

<RobChisSwise> bet you were nervous, right laura?

> Bryan - It was...um...1990. I was 21. Phil was 86.

> Rob - I think he did at one time.

<RobChisSwise> I was 40

<RobChisSwise> shannon was 16

> Rob - I wasn't as nervous as I could have been. Phil was an easy interview because you just asked a question and he talked.

<RobChisSwise> you recorded it, right?

> The whole thing was surreal for me. I felt like I was in a dream.

<bryan> Was it hard getting an interview?

> Rob - Yup. Have it on tape. Published it in the Jack Benny Times.

<RobChisSwise> I remember that

<bryan> Phil always seemed busy.

<RobChisSwise> until somebody stole everything I owned in Idaho

> Bryan - Hmmm...I remember having to do a little coordination, but I don't remember any great struggle in it. the big thing was just getting me to LA.

<bryan> potatoes Rob?

> Thus the natural progression to the nudist camp...but we won't go there.

<KayLhota> LOL

> I interviewed Dennis Day over the phone. I'm really sorry I never got to meet him.

<RobChisSwise> nope I used to live there, had my things stored in a garage, someone else came by and claimed he had an o.k. to move my stuff

<RobChisSwise> and that's how I lost everythig including family pics etc

> Abe - You still with us?

<RobChisSwise> even a 1938 zenith radio

<Abe> Laura -You interviewed Dennis as a teenager. Wow!

<bryan> I recall when Dennis passed away. I was hoping he would be around for awhile.

> Phil had a house that used to belong to Bill Morrow. Which is appropriate since

> Phil's character was based on Morrow.

<Abe> Laura- Still here. Just taking all this in.

> Abe - It was the one time I cut class. A 500 level Statistics course. But the teacher understood.

<RobChisSwise> you did the right thing laura

<bryan> Well everyone have a nice night. I have to go to dinner. 6:30 here in the west.

<RobChisSwise> but hey I gotta cut and run.... my wife is not happy I'm here typing and not sitting with her

> Have a good one, Bryan!

<KayLhota> Goodnight Bryan

> Say hi to her for us, Rob.

<KayLhota> goodnight Rob

<RobChisSwise> hugs all... miss you Miss L, I will L

<RobChisSwise> nitey nite

<bryan> g'night. I will tune in your Benny presentation tonight on yesterdayusa.

> Bryan - I'll be doing it live!

<bryan> serios?

> Normally we prerecord. But not tonight.

<Abe> Laura - It looks like were the same age. I'm just impressed that you accomplished all this so young.

<bryan> *serious?

<RobChisSwise> nite all

> Bryan - Sho nuff

> Abe - I'm 35 now. Thank you...I started the IJBFC when I was 10. I had nothing better to do then.

<Abe> Laura - Back in the mid 80's my big challange was staying up late nite to watch JB on the family channel.

<bryan> Let's see how long Biels keeps you hanging around....

> Abe - I did the same thing! It's a big reason we got our Betamax so I stopped getting up at 3AM.

<KayLhota> I used to watch Jack Benny pre-cable.

> Bryan - ROFLMAO

<KayLhota> biels?

> Bryan - I was in Boston last Sunday and we tuned in at 11:35 and heard Michael still talking.

<KayLhota> What brought you to Boston?

> Kay - Michael Biel does a shpiel before mine on Sunday nights on Yesterday USA. But he tends to run over.

<KayLhota> oh.

<Abe> I think I'll be signing off too, the old work thing tomorrow. Nice meeting everyone. Happy Holidays.

> Kay - A very good friend of mine, whose family has adopted me.

<KayLhota> aww

> Have a good one, Abe!

<KayLhota> night Abe

> Kay - And a member of the IJBFC. Same person.

<bryan> yep. And I can't recall about what. He has talked for an hour about getting a hot dog on coney island with his daughter Lea. for an hour????

> Bryan - ROFLMAO again...

<KayLhota> good lord!

> Bryan - I...uh...wasn't listening. :)

> We were watching Jack Benny cartoons on this computer.

<KayLhota> I live just outside of Boston

<bryan> anyways good luck . And I will come back next month.

> Kay - No kidding! I was in Brookline...where are you?

<KayLhota> I live in Waltham

> Bryan - Sounds great. Glad to have you here.

<KayLhota> Brookline isn't far away

> Kay - Yup. Right in the same area.

<KayLhota> About 20 minutes across traffic

> I once had a gathering of IJBFC members when I went to Boston. I go there regularly, so will have to do it again some time.

<KayLhota> I'd love to join you.

> We did it at Red Clay out on Route 9...do you know it?

<KayLhota> I've been meaning to make my membership more official

<KayLhota> I know where Route 9 is.

<KayLhota> I don't know Red Clay, but I may not be too hard to find

> You know where the online membership sign up is, right?

> Kay - It's in an upscale mall there. Can't remember the name of it...would have to ask my friend.

<KayLhota> I would also want to do the dues thing. I've been a bit lax.

<KayLhota> Chestnut Hill mall?

> Kay - Works for me. There are plenty who don't, but our mission is to help keep Jack available to people.

<KayLhota> That's the big mall in Brookline that comes to mind.

> Kay - That sounds right. It's on the way to Wellesley.

> I do recommend the restaurant if you're ever looking for a nice place to eat.

<KayLhota> We'll keep it in mind. Where I live in Waltham we have more restaurants than anything else.

> Got it. There are plenty in Brookline as well.

<KayLhota> the page just refreshed again for me!

> It does that automatically. I post the transcription, though.

<KayLhota> I will enjoy reading it.

> Thing is my friend enjoys cooking for me, so we tend to enjoy that more than going out.

<KayLhota> that sounds really nice.

> Well, I need to go listen to the show for tonight's bit. I'm glad that you stopped by, and hope you enjoyed yourself.

<KayLhota> Very much!

<KayLhota> We'll see you again soon

> We're here every month...hope you can get back here again!

<KayLhota> I hope so

> Take care, and happy holidays!

<KayLhota> thanks and take care