IJBFC Chat - November 7, 2004

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<Michael> Hi Laura

> Hello again folks

[Sun Nov 07 17:02:38 GMT-08:00 2004] Barbara has no profile.

> How are you doing tonight?

> Hi Barbara!

<Michael> Hi Barbara

<Barbara> Hi all. Welcome back, Laura.

> Hello Harold

<Michael> so far things ar all right

> Thanks, Barbara. It was good to have a break.

<Barbara> I'm sure it was.

<Honest Harold> Hello laura

<Barbara> How many e-mails do you have to answer?

> I haven't counted. I think it would be too intimidating.

<Michael> Who made the Jello salad?

> Michael - Not me...at least not in a while.

<Michael> lol

<Honest Harold> Doesn't the Jell-O wilt the lettuce?

> Harold - If I may ask, what part of the country are you from?

<Barbara> Utah is the biggest consumer of Jello if anyone is interested.

> Barbara - Really? At one time, it was my home town of Grand Rapids that was the Jell-O capital.

<Michael> honestly or is that a chamber of commerce ploy? :-)

> Mormons love Jell-O...go figure.

<Barbara> I think I read that. Especially lime.

<Honest Harold> And Hawaiians love "Spam"

> With shredded carrots on top?

> Harold - That I've definitely heard.

<Barbara> Speaking of Hawaii, did you notice how they pronounced it in 1934?

> So who loves Lucky Strike? Probably Europe...

> Ha-wa-ya!

<Honest Harold> It's from all the Spam served to service men on Pearl Harbor

<Michael> what was up with the Hawaii pronounciation?

> Harold - Eddie Carroll has a joke about all the saltpeter served to service men during the war.

> It may be a network thing. Whenever anyone said "menu" (especially Don in commericals), it was always main-yew

<Michael> which one though?

> I think there was a pronounciation guide somewhere.

<Barbara> To show how old that show is, Joan was only a few months old and is now 70.

> Michael - Which one what?

<Michael> which war?

> Barbara - Good point.

<Honest Harold> My grandparents allways pronouced it Ha-wa-ya

> Michael - WWII

<Michael> Ok... knowing the way things are comedy wise with Jack it could have been the Revolution....

> KM99 (a semi-regular here) has a brother who plays the uke professionally, and he sings it "Ha-wa-ya".

> Michael - Har har

<Michael> :-)

> Michael - It wasn't the Gulf War.

<Honest Harold> I figured the Civil War with all of Jack's Confederate money

<Barbara> I thought the show was a bit corny, but look at the times then.

<Michael> seemed weird not hear Phil introduced as the Orchestra leader.... even knowing he doesn't hit the scene until 36

> I wonder if anyone got the "ja-heah me?" thing that Jack does a few times.

<Michael> nope.... went way over my head

<Barbara> Who were the writers then, Laura, do you know?

> You need to hear the previous show to get it. They did a skit of "The Bennys of Wimpole Street", and Jack kept reapeating that line during the skit.

[Sun Nov 07 17:10:33 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Jello Folks!

> Barbara - Harry Conn and Al Boasberg

> Hi Mike!

<Michael> ok

<Mike Amo> Hi LL!

<Michael> Hi Mike

> I've not seen the movie from that time, but I'm sure there's a connection with that line.

<Honest Harold> Sounds like the "Cimarron Rolls" line

<Mike Amo> Hi Michael, Barbara, Harold

<Barbara> Hi Mike,

> Harold - A little, but didn't have the staying power. I think it was only used in the previous show and this one.

<Honest Harold> Hello Mike

> So who knows who played Galli Kerchoo? And the significance of that name?

<Barbara> You notice that Mary's role was quite different then.

> Barbara - Right. She'd still insult Jack, but it was in much more of a silly, dumb sort of way.

<Barbara> More of a Gracie Allen.

<Michael> seemed like Mary was in transition from dumb girl to wise cracker

> Mary was pretty much in this role until Morrow-Beloin started evolving her character.

<Barbara> They had been married only 7 years at that time.

> And in a way I think she was a variation on this until the early 1940s.

> Barbara - Almost 8

<Barbara> The singer was dumb so they didn't need two of them.

<Michael> and what WAS the deal with Gallie Kerchoo?

> The line "who cares, so long as she's healthy" is the opening line of Shlepperman

<Mike Amo> Margaret Dumont? Just a haphazard guess... {:oP

> Sort of along the lines of "pickle in the middle and the mustard on top" was to Mr. Kitzel.

> Mike - Nope

<Mike Amo> Mrs. Schlepperman?

> Mike - Nope

<Mike Amo> hmm

> Although I don't know if the actress ever played that...would have to do a little indexing in 39 Forever

> C'mon kids, you can get this one.

<Mike Amo> lol, not me

> Who played Gallie Kerchoo?

<Barbara> Mary Kelly?

> Barbara - GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

<Mike Amo> Slim Pickens?

<Mike Amo> YAY!

<Barbara> Really? It was just a long shot.

<Michael> and Barbara gets the Lei made from Jell-O boxes :)

<Mike Amo> I'm impressed!

<Honest Harold> Slim Pickens... yeeee haaaaa

<Barbara> I'd rather have a trip to Hawaii.

> Har har

<Barbara> I didn't realize she was used as far back as that.

<Honest Harold> A trip to Hawaii on the Super Chief

<Michael> seems like a "When in doubt" sort of an answer

> Barbara - I had to look it up and had forgotten that myself.

> Harold - That's like Dennis getting a new car and driving to Hawaii over the summer.

<Barbara> Do you suppose she was as heavy then?

> They started using her in February 1934.

> Barbara - I think she was by the time she started with them.

<Honest Harold> Train leaving on track 9 for Anaheim, Azuza, and Honolulu

> When I was transferring "Love Thy Neighbor" to DVD recently, I took a good look at her and can imagine how cute she must have been.

<Barbara> Do you think Jack still had any feelings for her of a romantic nature?

<Mike Amo> I was impressed at how early the show made the transition to a structured format...it already had the makings of what followed. Though they did figure out to speed up that Jello intro/outro

> She's got a very elfin sort of face.

> Mike - Well, remember that radio reception was not the best then, and you'd want to insure listeners heard EXACTLY what was being said.

<Mike Amo> Ahh! I had not pondered that...cool!

> Barbara - Hard to say. When someone is that much a part of your life and you want to marry them, does one ever fully get over having some sort of feelings for them?

<Michael> I would say it depends

<Barbara> No, I don't think so. I wouldn't call Mary cute although she did have a good figure.

> And Galli-Kerchoo is a takeoff on Amelita Galli-Curcci (sp?), who was popular around that time.

> Barbara - Mary Kelly or Mary Livingstone?

<Michael> ok

<Michael> I think Livingstone

> I was taking a good look at mary Kelly, thinking how cute she would have been.

<Mike Amo> I just remembered how that show had lots of contemporary references for the time

<Barbara> Mary had a good figure. In fact, I looked her up at theMotion Picture library once and there are a lot of cheesecake photos of her taken in the early 30's.

> Mike - Harry Conn tended to do that.

> Barbara - Yes, Mary was a very petite woman. I have some of those in radio mags of the time.

<Mike Amo> Like Fred's shows, if you knew the references, they were pretty funny

<Michael> right

<Barbara> She was quite tall, tho and had good-sized feet.

> Barbara - No kidding...I didn't know that.

> Barbara - She wasn't taller than Jack, who was about 5'10.

<Barbara> I wonder how long the Royal Hawaiian Hotel has been there. They referred to it.

<Barbara> No, Mary wasn't taller than Jack, but only about 2 inches shorter.

> Barbara - That is pretty tall for a woman of that time.

<Honest Harold> I remember seeing that hotel in the 70's when I was there

> Also on the in-joke list...that joke with the setup of "Sap...sap...what's (something)" is a running gag.

> During the "Who Killed Mr. X" series, Jack always played Captain O'Hare.

> Then someone would not get his name, and he'd say, "Hare...hare...what's on your head?"

> Which was the setup for some comedic line like, "An ice bag...I had a wild night."

> They used that for a long time.

> Any Schlepperman fans in the crowd?

<Barbara> This is off the subject, but I read the bio of Edward G. Robinson and his wife Gladys was at least 3 inches taller than he.

<Honest Harold> Who isn't

> Barbara - I think it would be hard to be shorter that EGR.

<Mike Amo> I liked Schlep

> Harold - Great minds think alike.

<Barbara> It was. Even their son was 6 feet.

> Wasn't it Tyrone Power who had to stand on a box with his leading ladies?

> Barbara - I bet they had to spend a lot on shoes.

<Barbara> That could be. Alan Ladd was only 5 ft. 6.

<Honest Harold> At Grauman's Chinese Theatre, John Wayne's boot prints are right next to John Travolta's boot prints, and Travolta's are alot bigger

> At least Jack was a respectable height. No Gary Cooper, but taller than many women.

<Barbara> If you watch TCM, Robert Osborne says that Fay Wray was told she was going to work with the tallest actor in Hollywood. She thought it was Gary Cooper but it was King Kong.

> Harold - I don't even want to think about Tom Jones'.

> Barbara - Was Cooper even working then?

<Honest Harold> Travolta did his cement prints in boots because of Urban Cowboy

> Harold - Or Milton Berle...

<Honest Harold> Milton's print..... Eww....

<Barbara> That's a good question, Laura. I think that's what Osborne said. Jack was quite a bit taller than his father, wasn't he?

> Harold - I guess the white suit wouldn't show up in cement.

<Honest Harold> Now that's an inside joke

[Sun Nov 07 17:31:14 GMT-08:00 2004] KM99 has no profile.

> Hey, KM99!

> We were talking about you a while ago.

<KM99> Hiya Folks

<KM99> All Good, I hope

> Barbara - I'm trying to think of pictures where Jack and his father are standing together.

> Barbara - I think he was.

<Mike Amo> Hi KM

<Barbara> Hi, KM99. Any snow up there?

> KM99 - Maybe you can answer a question for us.

<KM99> Mike - we just had a slight dusting today. Everything else melted last week.

> KM99 - Your brother sings "Ha-wa-ya" for "Hawaii" on his CD. Any information about that pronounciation?

<Honest Harold> It was 85 degrees here in Texas

> It was probably in the 60s here in San Francisco.

<KM99> LL - He does it to imitate the faux hawaian songs of the 30s & 40s.

> KM - Do you know why that pronounciation was used then instead of "Ha-wa-ee"?

> Jack kept saying Ha-wa-ya on tonight's show, so it came up.

<KM99> I'm really not sure but I know that was the way it was pronounced back then.

<Barbara> You might remember how they pronounced helicopter on one of Jack's old shows--heliocopter.

<Mike Amo> Wasn't that also a catch phrase for Arthur Godfrey in the 1950s

<Honest Harold> Same with Aeroplane

> There was a lot of Hawaii stuff going on then. Toots Paka and his Hawaiian Orchestra were touring in vaudeville in the 1920s.

> And hee-lee-o-copter

> Barbara - Sorry, saw Harold's comment before I saw yours.

<Mike Amo> Actually, that may explain it...folks would say Hawaiian, so Ha-wa-ya would make sense

<Barbara> No problem.

<Honest Harold> Airplanes used to be spelled and pronouced aeroplane like air-o-plane

> Mike - Good point.

<Honest Harold> of course, today was spelled to-day

<Barbara> I've also heard it pronounced Ha-viee.

> Barbara - That's Schlepperman.

<Barbara> Oh.

> Barbara - It may be someone else, but I've generally heard that pronouciation with Yiddish dialect.

<Barbara> Did they ever broadcast from Hawaii? It would have been quite an undertaking in the early years.

> Barbara - Not that I know of. Canada a couple times, though.

> And Jack and Mary WENT to Hawaii over a few summers.

<Barbara> That's attached, tho.

<Barbara> They went in 1940.

<Mike Amo> How did they carry the show in Hawaii in 1934?

> Barbara - True. No satellites then.

> Mike - That's a good question...hadn't contemplated that. Must have been via telephone lines.

<KM99> Barbara - There were news hookups at that time via shortwave

> One of the NBC networks originated based on AT&T lines.

> KM - Aha...thank you.

> KM - Do you know when the earliest use of shortwave was? Radio was still pretty young at the time.

<KM99> LL - Not really sure.

<Barbara> Hawaii must have seemed a very exotic and far off place to most people in 1934. Nobody had any money to go there either.

> KM - I'll have to do some research in my (HA HA HA HA) spare time.

<KM99> LL - Same here. I've been working 18 hour days 14 days straight so far

> Barbara - It wasn't even a state yet, I don't think.

> KM - Yow! Time for a break.

<Honest Harold> Hawii wasn't a state until the 1950's

<KM99> Hawai joined the union in 1949 didn't they?

<Barbara> No. That didn't happen until the 50's.

<Mike Amo> It was a state in 1960

<Barbara> You see how much we know.

<Mike Amo> It was a territory after about 1898

> I couldn't remember whether Alaska or Hawaii went first. A good friend has a 49-star flag.

<Honest Harold> Hawaii was 50th, because of Hawaii -5-0

<KM99> LL - I've been to Vancouver, Winnipeg and Ottawa in the last two weeks. I watched the US election from the Nation Press Club in Ottawa Tuesday night. The NCP is right across from the Canadian Parliament buildings.

<Mike Amo> Me either, LL...I might have them backwards...one was in 1959 and the other in 1960

<Honest Harold> otherwise it would have been Hawaii 4-9

> Harold - There's a good pnemonic.

<Mike Amo> lol, ty Harold

> KM - I'm going to resist the urge to make a political statement. But Dan was wondering about the weather your way.

<Honest Harold> That's why it was 5-0 because it was the 50th state

> Jack Webb Benny

> Book em, Roch-o.

<Honest Harold> Jack Lord Benny

> Harold - Duh...thank you.

<Barbara> We never did come up with a middle name, did we?

<KM99> LL - In the west of Canada, folks wanted GW to win since he was viewed as less protectionist. In the east, folks like Kerry better.

<Honest Harold> Webb was Dragnet

> Confused with Dragnet.

<Honest Harold> Just the facts mam

> Barbara - Nope. Haven't found a substantiated one yet.

<Barbara> I'll have to ask a Jewish friend if that's unusual.

> Last names were unusual until fairly recently.

<Mike Amo> What middle name?

<Barbara> Jack's.

<Honest Harold> Maybe it's like Fred G. Sanford, it keeps changing all the time

<Barbara> Even Queen Elizabeth didn't have a last name until recently.

<Honest Harold> I thought the Queen's family used the last name Windsor

<Barbara> They do now, but only since WW2.

> Jack's parents don't have any evidence of middle names on their gravestones.

<Barbara> Did Sayde Marks have a middle name?

<Mike Amo> Jack Buck Benny

> Barbara - Not that I'm aware of. I should have asked her cousin.

<Barbara> What cousin is this?

<Honest Harold> Jack Benny wasn't his birth name, did he have a middle name with his real name?

> Barbara - Mary's cousin. Photo of Mary on the back of the most recent newsletter is courtesy of her.

> Harold - Benjamin Kubelsky is all I've ever been able to find. I've casually looked for a birth certificate, but haven't found one yet.

<Barbara> What side of the family is she from?

> Barbara - Mary's mother's sister's daughter.

> Got that?

<Honest Harold> You might try old census records

> Harold - I've seen them...they don't list a middle name.

> In fact, they misstate Jack's birth year as 1893.

<Barbara> It's not on his social security card or driver's license.

<Mike Amo> LL, if I ever go back into the ancestry.com site, I'll see what I can find...I'm waiting for them to add more of those WW I draft cards...will have significant family info on both my grandfathers when they do

> Mike - That's right...I don't remember any middle name there, either.

<Barbara> I don't suppose Florence has one either.

> I've asked Am Echod about records of bar mitzvah or ketubahs/marriage, but there's just nothing.

> Barbara - I've never heard one for her, but mentions of her are much more infrequent.

(Loss due to technical issues)

<KM99> WB Laura

> Oops...didn't mean to actually leave.

<Mike Amo> wb!

> I was checking the 1904 insurance policy on Jack. Just says "Benny Kubelsky".

> I seriously suspect he had no middle name.

<Mike Amo> It seems likely there's no middle name

> And when Jack is taking a stage name, then why adopt a middle name?

<Mike Amo> I was just thinking back to my family from that time...I don't think any of them had American middle names

> Heck, Bob Hope changed his every time he performed.

> Now, Joan's middle name is Naomi after Jack's mother.

<Mike Amo> The only place that would ask would be the Navy on Jack's enlistment papers if they exist

> Mike - Do you feel like doing that? Would they give it to you?

<Mike Amo> lol, I couldn't find them through work, but I could look into it sometime

> Mike - If you get a minute. I talked with the Great Lakes Naval Station before the statue unveiling, but all they had was the article I put in the Times about the Revue.

> Which was certainly more than enough for me!

<Barbara> It's interesting that I don't recall anyone ever asking Jack about it.

<Mike Amo> My father was named Jack David, but that matched his Hebrew name, Yakov (Jacob) David

<Mike Amo> I'll look into it...just thought of a site I can check

> I have a friend (and IJBFC member) whose name is Alan Joseph, and his Hebrew name is Josef Avram.

<Barbara> Phil's first name was an unusual one, but I don't remember what it was. Do you, Laura?

> Wonga

> Wonga Phillip Harris

<Honest Harold> That's a lu lu

<Barbara> Sounds like he should be in Hawaii. Why would you name your kid Wonga?

> Harold - Indeed!

> Barbara - Maybe he was related to the Wight Brothers.

> (Or Wighta Brothers, as the case may be.)

<Barbara> Do you suppose Phil ever changed it legally? Probably no need to.

> Barbara - That I don't know. I heard that Dennis changed his from Eugene Patrick McNulty to Dennis Day, then later changed it back.

<Honest Harold> Two wrongs don't make a right, but two Wrights made an airplane

> Harold - * RIMSHOT *

<Barbara> I remember Phil making fun of Robert Taylor's real name.

> Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.

> Barbara - Which was...(not remembering)

> KM - You still with us?

<Honest Harold> How about John Waynes name, Marion Morrison

<KM99> Yup

<Barbara> Spangler Arlington Braugh. Something like that.

> Marion Michael Morrison

> Barbara - I wonder if he was related to Erin Go Braugh.

<Barbara> Very likely.

> Harold - Do you know the skit he did with Jack and Lucille Ball on one of Jack's specials?

<Honest Harold> Or Cary Grant's name

> John Florence Sullivan

<Honest Harold> I don't remember the skit

<Honest Harold> No, Cary Grant was Archibald Leach

<Barbara> Was that Fred Allan, Laura?

> Harold - Jack is playing a younger version of himself, and Lucy was a chorus girl taken with him.

> Barbara - Yup.

> John Wayne comes up for Jack's autograph, and tells Jack his name. Jack suggests he change it.

<KM99> FYI...Robert Taylor was born in Edmonton, Alberta

<Barbara> I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you soon. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

> John Wayne says he was thinking of changing it to Wayne. Jack suggests Wayne Newton.

> Take care, Barbara!

<Honest Harold> Ha ha

<KM99> Seeya Barbara

> It's a really fun skit.

<Barbara> Love ya all

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind this evening?

<Honest Harold> Roy Rogers had an odd real name from what I remember

<Honest Harold> I didn't get a chance to listen to the show for this evenings chat

> I interviewed Thurl Ravenscroft recently, and he mentioned that people didn't believe that was his real name.

<Mike Amo> Wonga? Spangler? Opium was popular back in the late 1880s/1890s

<KM99> LL - I was wondering if you have been getting some use from those scripts I sent you.

> Harold - No problem. Any Benny topic or semi-Benny topic will do.

> Mike - Har har...I didn't know it made its way to Linton, Indiana.

<Honest Harold> oh, on What's My Line last week, Rochester was the mystery guest

<Mike Amo> oops, missed Barbara

<waves anyway> I was checking a Jewish War Veterans site...no luck

<Honest Harold> laura, I'm making a tape for you with Benny related stuff

> KM - Absolutely. I've been using them for research for the Yesterday USA series, and one helped me date the Beverly Washburn appearance on TV.

> Harold - No kidding! I didn't know he was on it.

> Harold - Great! Audio or video?

<Honest Harold> It was around 1952 or 1953 when Hal Block was a regular on the panel before Steve Allen

<Honest Harold> Video

> Harold - Fabulous! I'm slowly converting stuff to DVD for the video library...always looking for more.

> I just found a tiny excerpt of Dennis Day on "What's My Line" on a tape.

<Honest Harold> I have the other 2 Benny appearances I need to transfer for you also. One where he signs in as Kublesky

> Harold - That's also "What's My Line", isn't it?

<Honest Harold> yes it is

<KM99> Well folks, I've still got a mountain of work to do before Monday morning so I'm going to have to sign off for now. I'll see you all next month.

<Honest Harold> Game Show Network has started showing "What's My Line" from the very 1st show, they are in 1953 now

> Is Fred Allen on it yet?

<Honest Harold> No, Hal Block is a regular, but I think he's about to be replaced with Steve Allen

<Honest Harold> Fred Allen takes over for Steve after Steve's a regular for awhile

> Harold - Got it. I hadn't studied the lineage of the panel, so I wasn't sure. Fred was on the Dennis Day appearance and looked very worn.

> Someone told me a story recently that when Fred dropped dead on a New York sidewalk, no one around him seemed to know who he was.

<Honest Harold> Fred was a panelist on the show the year he passed away

> Fred's face just wasn't well enough known at that time to be recgonized by the casual observer.

<Honest Harold> I never heard that story.

> Someone finally came up to the budding crowd and said, "Hey, that's Fred Allen!"

<Honest Harold> I think TV was too much in infancy then. Not everyone had a set.

> Oops...we lost KM

<Honest Harold> Everyone's making it an early night

> Harold - True, although it was 1956. I think there were a good number of sets at that point.

> And Milton Berle may have been hosting bowling by then.

<Mike Amo> Seems so, Harold...

<Honest Harold> I laugh watching "Beat The Clock" from the early 50's and the grand prize is a 21 to 25 inch black and white Sylvania television

> Silly me...KM signed off and I didn't even see that. Darnit.

> Harold - Ooooooooooo

<Honest Harold> That's what the audience says when they show it too...

<Mike Amo> I went to see Kreskin Friday night in a Virginia suburb...it was fun, and he even threw in a Fred Allen reference, none on Jack though

> I watched Jack's First Farewell Special at the Museum of Television and Radio, which was sponsored by a television company

> Kreskin is still performing?

<Mike Amo> Yes

<Honest Harold> I remember watching Kreskin on his weekly TV show as a kid

> Did anyone get the Fred Allen reference besides you?

> I have a Kreskin ESP game.

<Mike Amo> He was here a year ago, but I missed it, something else was going on

> I remember seeing him on Johnny Carson.

<Honest Harold> I've seen kreskin as a guest on shows, and he seems to have a good sense of humor

<Mike Amo> Laura, I heard a couple versions of what happened to Fred, but now I wonder if he just passed quietly instead...one I'd heard for years was that he had just left his doctor's office after having a physical and the doctor had said you're doing fine. He left the building and pfft

> Mike - Well, he had gone for a walk. I think the doctor's inspection may not have been that day, but had been recent.

<Mike Amo> Kreskin had some great stories about Carson and Ed McMahon...main one was that Carnac the Magnificent was invented by Carson to spoof Kreskin

> Mike - Really? I didn't know that.

<Mike Amo> I hadn't thought of it until I read his program notes

> Mike - I think he died not far from his apartment building.

> Fred had so much heart trouble that it's not surprising that it would happen just that fast.

> Well, if others are making it an early night, should we do the same?

<Mike Amo> Yes, poor guy...he was my dad's favorite and I always felt bad that radio abandoned him and TV took over

> I've got a ton of other club stuff to do...can use the time...

<Honest Harold> I guess so. Glad tonights chat wasn't on a holiday

> Mike - Have you ever read "Treadmill to Oblivion"?

<Mike Amo> I guess so

<Mike Amo> lol, no, but I have heard of it

> Harold - We aim to please. :)

<Honest Harold> I'll try and get your tape made for you Laura

<Mike Amo> Fred had some magnifient thoughts on the new medium

> Mike - You really should. It's a fine chronicle of Fred's radio and TV work.

> Harold - Whenever you get a chance. I look forward to it.

<Honest Harold> i have some Laugh In stuff also when Jack was on there

<Mike Amo> I'll make a note of it...any idea where I can find it?

> Harold - That would be great! I think my Beta tapes of Jack on Laugh In don't play properly now.

<Mike Amo> Cool Harold

> Mike - Try www.addall.com/used

<Honest Harold> Goodnight

> They've got everything.

> Night, Harold! Take care.

<Mike Amo> Thanks LL, goodnight Harold

> Take care, Mike!