IJBFC Chat - October 10, 2004

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> Hi Michael

<Michael> Hi Laura

> Since it's just us, may I ask to which Michael I'm speaking?

> If you'd rather just keep it first name, that's fine.

<Michael> the one who sent you the Jack Benny TV eps a long time ago.... also did the comparing of the 2 snow white & the 7 gangsters shows

> Ah right! How are you doing?

<Michael> haven't been able to be on in a long while

> I was just thinking that.

<Michael> all things considered.... not too bad

[Sun Oct 03 16:00:42 GMT-08:00 2004] Brad from GA has no profile.

> Hi Brad!

<Michael> Hi brad

> Michael - You're here, so that's something.

<Brad from GA> Hi, Laura, Michael. How are you?

<Michael> true

<Brad from GA> Doing well, thanks. Sorry I missed Eddie Carroll's show!

> Brad - That's OK...it's a bit of a commute for you!

<Brad from GA> Hey, my wife and I went from Georgia to Pomona, NJ to see it!

> Oh hi, Brad! Now I know who you are!

> That's darned impressive.

<Michael> well..... if you could get him to do a show in Tulsa I could get to see it.... otherwise..... *sigh* :)

<Brad from GA> Yep, THAT Brad. And we loved the show!

> Michael - Talk with your local theatres and encourage them to book him!

<Brad from GA> Gee, I'm an English teacher, and here I am overusing exclamation points. Must be the chat format.

<Michael> will see what can be done

> Brad - That's OK...I've been rather exclamative myself here.

<Brad from GA> Caroll is amazing, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, too.

<Michael> where's everyone else? still sleeping?

<Brad from GA> Even when one misspells his name...

> He is a nice guy. When we first worked with him in Waukegan, both Dan and I were concerned that he was going to be a prima donna

[Sun Oct 03 16:04:37 GMT-08:00 2004] Carmichael has no profile.

> or that he was going to be like, "Well, I'M the entertainment professional"

<Brad from GA> Michael, maybe we should send the Blue Fairy to wake them?

> But he wasn't like that at all.

> Hi Carmichael!

<Brad from GA> Hi, Carmichael!

<Carmichael> Jello again!

<Michael> Hi Carmichael

> Eddie treated us all as fellow professionals.

<Michael> sounds like a plan Brad..... you can pay the freight bill ;)

<Brad from GA> Laura--He was so nice! After the show, he chatted with us.

> Brad - Eddie's very good about that. Talks with people in the lobby and often sends them to our site.

<Carmichael> Wish I could have been there! Hope it was fun!

> Eddie's shows are always fun. Great to be in a group reacting to Jack's humor, rather than just listening solo at home or in the car.

<Brad from GA> Yes, he asked if I knew about you. I was already a member. Carmichael, I was talking about a show last winter--my wife and I went from GA to NJ just to see Eddie.

<Carmichael> cool!

<Brad from GA> Yes, it was, rather. But we bundled up.

> Speaking of cool, is everyone ready for fall?

<Carmichael> Brad -- groan! LOL

<Michael> yes

<Brad from GA> I must be. I'm teaching college again.

<Carmichael> yep.

> Carmichael - Are you preparing for hibernation

<Michael> or perhaps to eat the Gas Man?

<Carmichael> Laura -- yes. One more gas man ought to do it!

> I thought he ate the gas man when he came OUT of hibernation and was hungry!

<Michael> well..... I bet he does that too

> J'ever notice that Carmichael in Buck Benny is a little brown bear, not a polar bear?

<Carmichael> well, i do need to have someone -- err, something in my tummy

<Michael> yes I did

<Brad from GA> With the price of gas these days--ah, well, I don't want to do a Benny impression in THIS company.

> Carmichael - :)

> Brad - I was just saying for my Yesterday USA spot that having bad Benny impersonations forced upon me is an occupational hazard.

<Carmichael> actually, i would like to hibernate until the election is over!

> Carmichael - I don't know your party affiliation, but I need to stay awake to vote!

<Brad from GA> Laura--Hah! I'll bet. It was awful when I was chatting with Eddie--I kept wanting to put that Benny sound in my voice (and I'm NOT a good impressionist).

<Carmichael> same here, laura!

> Brad - Don't feel too badly. After you actually work with Eddie and hear his voice a lot, everyone automatically starts doing it.

> I don't ever really "do" Jack, but I was involuntarily doing a pretty good Jack impersonation by the end of Waukegan.

> Gee, I think everyone really IS asleep!

> Present company excepted, of course.

> Well...

<Michael> send out the Blue fairy then

<Carmichael> do you realize that october 14 is the 70th anniversary of jack's first jello show?

<Brad from GA> My son and I once met Garrison Keillor, and after we'd been talking for a bit, Jonathan (mah boy) said, "Dad, you're starting to sound Midwestern."

> Shall we talk about the show for tonight?

<Brad from GA> Carmichael--Nice! Laura--Let's!

> Carmichael - Good point! You're right.

<Michael> any time you're ready

<Carmichael> awake, awake, awake

> Brad - Har har. I've recently discovered and embraced my own midwestern accent.

<Michael> *snore*

> So how about that opening, huh? That's why I chose this show.

<Brad from GA> I'll say to begin with that I love Mary's laugh. So infectious.

<Carmichael> interesting way to start the show

<Michael> I like Don's better

> No theme music, no opening credits...just Frank Nelson narrating.

<Brad from GA> I suppose "Pinocchio" was just out at that time?

> Well before his "Yesss" character.

<Carmichael> loved nelson's narration

<Brad from GA> Second that.

> Brad - Yes, they'd been using the Blue Fairy off and on for a while.

<Michael> sounded more like a let's pretend takeoff

> You all know who played the Blue Fairy, right?

<Brad from GA> No, who?

<Carmichael> mary kelly

<Michael> who?

> Carmichael - Right!

<Brad from GA> Bear right.

> Now...you all know who Mary Kelly is, right?

> Brad - :P

<Carmichael> jack's former love

> Give that bear a seegar.

<Michael> hmmmm

<Brad from GA> Sorry...yes, I've heard Mary Kelly before. Didn't recognize her, though.

<Michael> same here

<Carmichael> cough, cough!

> Brad - It's very easy to mix her up with Blanche Stewart, who had a similar voice.

<Brad from GA> She's the one who was hard up.

> Brad - After her marriage fell apart...right.

> And had gained a lot of weight from her svelte days in the 1920s.

[Sun Oct 03 16:16:17 GMT-08:00 2004] Brad has no profile.

<Brad from GA> I remember reading about her..."Sunday Nights at Seven," right?

> Unrelated question...did anyone have trouble logging in tonight?

<Michael> I suppose that's the point behind the "Freight Bill" bit then?

> Brad - Yup. Jack talked about here there.

<Brad from GA> No problem here, though it's my first time.

<Carmichael> logged on just fine

> Michael - That's it. And all of the "All of me and that ain't hay" line.

<Brad from GA> Another Brad!

> Hi Brad!

<Brad> Hello.

<Carmichael> hi brad!

<Brad> er...'Jello'

<Michael> no.... but the silly thing won't auto scroll..... am having to do it myself :(

> OK...sometimes when attendance is scarce, it's because people are having trouble logging in.

<Brad from GA> Hi there. I'm glad I put "from GA" on my tag. Confoosin' having two of us.

<Brad> brb

> Michael - Really? I've never had that problem before. It should scroll when it hits the bottom of the screen.

<Brad from GA> Mine's doing fine.

<Michael> this is a first for me as well

[Sun Oct 03 16:17:43 GMT-08:00 2004] Brad from Pleasanton has no profile.

<Michael> brb

> Oh, THAT Brad!

[Sun Oct 03 16:17:54 GMT-08:00 2004] Michael has no profile.

<Brad from GA> You others will be gentle with us, won't you?

<Brad from Pleasanton> !

<Michael> hopefully it will work now

<Carmichael> this is my second visit

> Great! Many newcomers here!

> Welcome in everyone!

<Michael> I used to come in every month... until life caught up with me

<Carmichael> the more the merrier!

> Michael - Believe me, I know how that is.

<Brad from Pleasanton> I lurk a lot, but I've visited before.

> So what else did you think about the show?

<Brad from GA> Liked the "cast gets a raise" running gag.

> Phil was evidently still leading the bad at this point, since they were touring during the summer.

<Brad from Pleasanton> Didn't listen to it yet...I got engrossed in the Dennis Day interview..

<Michael> not bad for the time.... would like to shoot whoever cut the opening commercial and Dennis's song though

<Carmichael> loved how jack cornered himself re writing the blue fairy opening

> Michael - No opening commercial, actually. This was an unusual opening.

> Sometimes they'd save a transcription side by cutting the music.

> Michael - Oh! I know what you mean. They cut the music and thus cut the commercial.

<Brad from GA> Didn't Jack build a routine around a song "inspired" by "When the Swallows Come Back from Capistrano?" "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon Then I'll Come Back to You?"

<Michael> the opening number then....

<Carmichael> don did get in a little rhyme about jello

> Brad - Sure did! This was about 12 years before that.

<Michael> I think so.... I just listened to the show where he dreams he gets his song played in Carnegie hall

> When the swallows at Sorano...return to Capistrano...

<Brad from GA> How typical of Jack that he becomes a writer by virtue of finding a fountain pen.

<Carmichael> how did those swallows get to sorano? ;-)

<Michael> Federal Express

<Michael> lol

> Michael - Good answer.

<Carmichael> michael - lol!

> That gag always changed depending on who was pitching the line, so I can't give you a "pad" answer, like with the Si-Sy routine!

<Brad from Pleasanton> My folks live in San Juan Capistrano....I'll never look at that mission without thinking of that Benny routine...:-)

<Michael> I know what you mean

> Apparently Kenny Baker must have been back on good terms with Jack at this point, since he was mentioned.

<Michael> I can't go to a train station with out thinking of all the Benny stuff done there

<Brad from GA> Yes, he has a yacht.

<Michael> that leaks

> My name is Kenny Baker. I own a mansion and a yacht.

<Brad from GA> Are you hunting wabbits?

<Carmichael> he-heh-heh-heh-heh!

> Be vewy vewy quiet.

<Michael> May Company!

> It's the MEL BLANC chat room!

<Brad from GA> Say, I recently got to meet the voice of Elmer Fudd--the new one, Billy West.

> Mary's laugh sounded very natural at that line!

> Brad - I was going to say...Arthur Q. Bryan is dead, I thought.

<Michael> yes it did

> Y'know, Bryan did at least one spot on the Benny show in that voice as a football announcer.

> 11/16/41

<Michael> did he use his Fudd Voice?

> Michael - Sure did.

<Michael> lol

<Carmichael> loved arthur q. bryan's "wucky stwike" commercials in the easter show

<Brad from GA> I heard an audio adaptation of "It's a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart--and Bryan as Clarence the angel, sounding EXACTLY like Elmer.

> Raymond Radcliffe was his character's name.

[Sun Oct 03 16:25:41 GMT-08:00 2004] The Gasman has no profile.

> Hi Gasman!

<The Gasman> Hello

<Michael> Hi Gasman

> Look out! We've got CArmichael and the Gas man in the same room!

<Brad from GA> Hi, Gasman. Meet Carmichael...

<Carmichael> don't worry gasman, i won't eat you!

<The Gasman> Oh no, not again!!

<Michael> lol

<Carmichael> it wouldn't be polite

> Yeah, this is a family show.

<The Gasman> You need to eat something else to cleanse the palatte

> How about some Jell-O?

<Michael> or some Sympathy Soothing Syrup

> Or an SBC employee?

<Brad from GA> Come to think of it, we had Jell-O tonight as dessert. Lemon, with apricots.

<Carmichael> jello -- yummy!

> Brad - Shoulda had it with some Georgia peaches.

<The Gasman> I never see Lemon in the stores anymore

<Michael> with Lemon Jello?

<The Gasman> I bet he bought Royal, the Rudy Valee lover

> I think it's around...I once looked for all the originals in our local Safeway and found them all.

<Brad from GA> It's a Weight Watchers recipe...my wife and I are waistin' away...

<Carmichael> thanks michael, now i have the sympathy soothing syrup jingle going through my head! lol!

<Michael> lol

> Complete with the Sportsmen Quartet.

<The Gasman> Mmmmmm

<Carmichael> right, laura!

<Michael> I always hear the Colemans

> Oh Ronnie, Ronnie!

<Michael> yes Bonita

> Where are you?

<Michael> just talking to manchester

<The Gasman> Looking for his Oscar

> Oh, ,I thought you'd be in the library.

> Or in Shangri-La.

<Carmichael> lol

<Brad from GA> NOW CUT THAT OUT!

<Michael> lol

> OK, so who was the best guest star on the show?

> Or stars, if you take Ronnie and Benita as a package?

<Michael> I take them as a package

<Brad from GA> Hmm...I loved Bing Crosby's appearance when he talked about shooting the mouse in Minnesota and trapping the moose behind the fridge.

> Who the hell picked this key? Dennis Day?

<Michael> when was that????

<Brad from GA> lol, Laura!

<Carmichael> laura, ooooh what you said!

> Carmichael - lol

<Brad from GA> She was quoting Bing!

> You just mentioned Bing and that was the first thing that came to mind!

<Carmichael> they were singing "always" and bing couldn't hit the note

<The Gasman> I figured it would be orange juice

<Brad from GA> Laura, do you remember the mouse/moose gag? When was that show? Late 40s, early 50s?

> Brad - *Sigh* I think I've heard it at some point, but i'm not positive...

<Michael> right.... I'd like to hear it sometime

> *quick check of 39 Forever First Edition*

<Brad from GA> It got a HUGE response. Benny said, "Hmm, that got NOTHING in rehearsal." Crosby said, "Sort of shook the whole joint, didn't it?"

<Carmichael> laura, getting in a plug?

[Sun Oct 03 16:33:26 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Jello Folks...We're Running a Little Late Here

<Brad from GA> Great book, BTW, GREAT book.

<Mike Amo> Jello everybody

> Well, here are the three shows he was on: 3-16-47, 4-4-48, 2-15-53.

<Michael> Hi Mike Amo

<Brad from GA> Hi, Mike!

<Carmichael> hi mike

<Mike Amo> on phone, here shortly

> Carmichael - Well, it's after the shows of Volume 1, so I need to go back to my original work!

> Hi Mike!

<Brad from GA> Probably the '53 show, then--I've had the cassette a long time, long before MP3s.

> Two Brads, two Michaels, and Carmichael and the gas man. What a room.

> Brad - Thank you!

<Brad from GA> You're most welcome.

<Carmichael> growl :-)

<Michael> well.... at least we'll applaud.... unlike that night in Toledo...

> I have to admit that Jack and Fred Allen were always an amazing comedic pairing.

<Michael> yes...

> OK...trivia time!

<Carmichael> i think fred may have been the best guest

<Brad from GA> I agree. Though I thought sometimes Allen's ad-libbing threw Jack off.

> What major star made his first television appearance as a waiter on the Jack Benny television program?

<Brad from GA> Oh, I know this one. Charlie Chaplin.

> Brad - You wouldn't say that if my writers were here!

<Michael> Neil Simon?

> Brad - :P Yeah...

> Michael - Nope.

<Michael> really? wow

> Brad - No, it's not...

<Carmichael> that's a tough one

<Brad from GA> Hmmm...Jack Nicholson.

> Brad - Nope.

<Michael> Mel Brooks,

<Brad from Pleasanton> Joe Besser?

> Michael - Nope.

<The Gasman> irving Berlin

<Mike Amo> Back...Johnny Carson

> Brad - Har har

> Gasman - Oh no, Berlin was active in vaudeville.

> Mike - Nope.

> Need a hint

> ?

<Michael> yes

<Brad from GA> Yes, please

> It was on one of the European shows.

<Carmichael> sean connery

<Brad from GA> David Frost

<Michael> I have No Idea

> Carmichael - DING DING DING DING DING!!!!!

<The Gasman> Generalisimo Fransisco Franco

> Carmichael gets another cigar.

> Gasman - har har

<Brad from GA> Wow! Give that bear a hand! Ouch.

<Carmichael> thanks -- the hint did it!

<Brad from Pleasanton> "We meet again Trebek"

> Carmichael - I figured it might!

<Mike Amo> AlIt was Franco? Cool!

<Mike Amo> csjdvhshvg

<The Gasman> Didn't count, he didn't answer in the form of a question

<Carmichael> please, no more seegars!

> Mike - ooooo, what you said.

> Carmichael - OK, here's a lucky.

<Carmichael> cough, cough

<Michael> made from Jello!

<The Gasman> Free and easy on the thaw

<Carmichael> michael, i like that!

> Gasman - Har har

<Carmichael> lol

<The Gasman> Thank you

> After Carmichael eats the gas man, he's so round, so firm, so fully packed.

<Brad from GA> So round, so firm, so fully packed...with Grape-Nuts?

<Carmichael> burp!

> Brad - That's Don.

<Michael> and he comes in 6 delicious flavours too

<The Gasman> Then he'll eat Phil Harris as a cordial

> Y'know, this show had a strange opening, and a strange closing too. No applause, Jack just dies out.

<Brad from GA> Scripted, or were they running long?

<Mike Amo> The usual thousand distractions here kept me from arriving at the appointed time...have I missed much?

> Gasman - With a twist of lemon (or a squeeze of corn).

<Michael> was the closing a transcription disc thing....

<Michael> ?

<Carmichael> was jack on his way to another show?

> Brad - Dunno...I think the audience didn't get cued, or someone messed up.

<Mike Amo> It was my favorite strange opening...I heard it a few years back and thought, how unconventional for that time

<Michael> you'd think they'd have done "This is NBC..."

> Michael - No, because you can hear the volume die out and the surface noise. It's possible that it was a bad dub from transcriptions, though.

<Michael> could be

<Brad from GA> Seemed as if the point of Jack's story was still to come when we lost him.

> Brad - Not necesssarily...he was just telling the same sob story he'd given to Dennis.

<Michael> is it something they continued on the next show?

<Michael> seemed like a bit of a weak ending.....

<Brad from GA> Laura--that's true. Like the repetition of the "he's got a yacht" gag.

> Michael - Nope...the next show starts with Jack talking about being nervous on the first show.

> Brad - Exactly.

<Michael> ok

<Carmichael> i agree, michael, about the weak ending

<Brad from Pleasanton> Well....Joe Besser played a waiter (the Frank Nelson role) at the race track (pick table 9, it has no legs). He was on the Joey Bishop Show, produced by Milt Josefsburg....somehow Kevin Bacon fits in all of this...

<Brad from GA> The truth is out there, Brad.

> Brad - Maybe they ordered Bacon and Eggs?

<The Gasman> 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon?

<Brad from GA> Or six degrees of bacon and eggs.

<Brad from Pleasanton> Well1

<Brad from GA> Or ham.

<Carmichael> don't make me hungry! lol

> Zero degrees Kevin is absolute zero.

<Brad from Pleasanton> I mean, "Well!"

> Look out, gas man!

<Michael> that's Kelvin

<Carmichael> michael -- LOL

> Michael - I know...just trying a little science humor...

<The Gasman> No, the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon Game. Every actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon in 6 steps

<Michael> ahhhhh ok

> Gasman - Oh? I never knew that.

<Brad from GA> That's pretty much true, though I once found one that had eight steps. She was Iranian.

<The Gasman> It's a big hit. There's a website and everything. It used to be big at colleges.

<Brad from GA> My Kevin Bacon number is two. I was once in a movie with Ray Walston, who once appeared with Kevin Bacon.

> Thank you sir, may I have another?

<The Gasman> 12 steps and he's no longer a drunk Brad

<Carmichael> what movie?

<Brad from GA> Blood Salvage. It's pretty terrible. I'm unbilled, but my whole family's in it.

> So what's Jack's six degrees connection to Kevin Bacon?

> Brad - Sounds like The Milpitas Monster.

<The Gasman> I'm sure it's low since he was in Mad Mad World

<Brad from GA> He'd be easy. Marilyn Monroe has to be only one away from Bacon.

> Kevin Bacon was in Mad Mad World?

<The Gasman> No, Jack

<Brad from GA> No, no, Jack was.

<Brad from GA> Along with everyone else!

> Does Bacon have some connection to Mad Mad World?

> Brad - Except for Groucho.

<The Gasman> 6 degrees

> And George Burns.

<Michael> Now that I'm totally confused.....

<Brad from GA> The way it works is that Bacon was in a film with someone who was also in Mad Mad World. Therefore Jack is only two degrees from Bacon.

<The Gasman> You link actors through movies and try and get to Kevin Bacon

> Brad - Oh.......OH.......OHHHHHH!!!!

> I barely know any Kevin Bacon movies, so it would be hard for me to play.

<Michael> I think I'll listend to Jack Practice his Violin........

<Michael> same here Laura

<Brad from GA> Google "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon," and you'll see the website.

<The Gasman> Like Jack to Spencer Tracy in Mad mad World. Spencer to Hepburn in Guess Whos Coming To Dinner, etc.

<Carmichael> michael, you are a glutton for punishement!

> Say, the Maxwell on tonight's show was still the mechanical version.

<Brad from GA> Ooh! Ooh! Did anyone see "Looney Tunes: Back in Action?" They used Mel Blanc's Maxwell as the sound of a Gremlin--and gave Mel credit.

<Carmichael> i don't think blanc did the maxwell until the mid 40's

> Brad - Really? Is this the recent one?

<Michael> I thought it was earlier...

<Brad from GA> Yes, indeedy! So Jack is within two degrees of Bugs Bunny.

> Carmichael - I've heard up to 1946 and haven't heard it yet. I'll be pretty excited when I find the first one.

> Brad - I'd call that one degree, since he was good friends with Mel.

<Carmichael> you must be getting close, laura

<Michael> how many boxes of Grape Nuts did Don compel you to buy?

> Carmichael - Well, he doesn't have the Maxwell back yet. So we'll see.

> Michael - Who, me?

<Michael> lol

<Michael> It's never really said.... and I've heard the show donates it

> Carmichael - I'm a-workin on it!

> Brad - Not really..they turned it into a plane and Jack bombs Japan in it.

<Carmichael> it was the tv show with dorothy shay, i think

<Brad from GA> Laura--dream sequence, right?

<Michael> yeah.... and the bomber sounds just like the Maxwell

> Carmichael - Yes, I saw it recently...you may be right.

<Michael> right Brad<Michael> I remember What Don's Jello ads did to you :-)

<Carmichael> i'd like to know how they brought the maxwell back from scap heaven

<Brad from GA> Laura--Well, one degree would be if Jack were in a picture with Bugs Bunny...if Bugs had made a guest shot in "The Mouse that Jack Built," fr'instance.

<Michael> good question Carmichael

> Dan asked me at one point if I wanted him to buy anything for breakfast at the store, and I said, "How about some of those malty rich, sweet as a nut Grape Nuts Flakes?"

<The Gasman> I thought the Maxwell went to the salvage drive during the war

<Brad from GA> Carmichael--I think the Army rejected the Maxwell as being four-F.

<Carmichael> jack once adlibbed on the tv show that he was the voice of bugs bunny, just to break up blanc

<Michael> It's never really said.... and I've heard the show donates it

> Carmichael - I'm a-workin on it!

> Brad - Not really..they turned it into a plane and Jack bombs Japan in it.

<Carmichael> it was the tv show with dorothy shay, i think

<Brad from GA> Laura--dream sequence, right?

<Michael> yeah.... and the bomber sounds just like the Maxwell

> Carmichael - Yes, I saw it recently...you may be right.

<Michael> right Brad

<The Gasman> Did Slim pickens ride it down wearing his cowboy hat?

> Jack hears the horn and says, "It knows me!"

<Brad from GA> Mel Blanc's "That's NOT All, Folks" has some nice Benny stories in it.

> Gasman - Better Andy Devine!

<Carmichael> gasman lol

<Michael> The show was 10/18/42

> It's a very good show, too.

<Brad from GA> Laura--good one! "YEE-HAWWW! HELLOOO, TOJO!"

> Jack and Roch cry when they donate it.

> You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!

> Hey! Peter Sellers was in one of those European television shows as well!

<Brad from GA> That's strange, love.

<The Gasman> I need a drink, where's the Coke machine

> Brad - Har har

<Michael> I also like the show from the 50's where Jack decides to trade in the Maxwell for a new car

> I need a drink, where's the Rum machine

> Just plain Bill

<Michael> lol

<Michael> yeah... :)

> Rum and Cucamonga...

<Carmichael> lol

<Carmichael> 1

<Carmichael> *!*

<Brad from GA> Ah, woe is me. I have papers to grade tonight, so I'm gonna have to leave first. I've enjoyed this!

> There's an earlier one where Jack thinks about trading in the Maxwell, but decides against it when they won't give him what he thinks it's worth.

<Michael> Ok

> Brad - It's been great having you here! You'll have to stop by again.

<Mike Amo> Cya Brad

<Brad from GA> Sure will. Thanks for the laughs, everyone. You're a fun bunch! See you later.

<Carmichael> and then complains about the trouble with the car

<Carmichael> bye brad

<Mike Amo> Laura, how did the Eddie Carroll show go?

> Don't let the Blue Fairy hit you on the way out...

<Michael> I like it when He's talking to Phil on the Phone and tells him about trading in the Maxwell.... "OPERATOR!!..." :)

> Mike - Well!

> Michael - Yes, they have a number of great gags.

> I just found out who played Leona, the horse.

<Michael> and Frankie's having to drink Milk!

<Carmichael> she'd kill him!

> Michael - Incomplete thought...gags about Jack losing the Maxwell

<Carmichael> who played leona?

<Michael> ok....

<Michael> n-e way.... it's time for me to head off

> Appropriately enough...PINTO Colvig.

> OK, take care, Michael. Thanks for stopping!

<Michael> Take Care all

<Carmichael> wow!

<Carmichael> at least he wasn't being goofy!

> Colvig was also the first voice of the Maxwell.

<Mike Amo> Bye Michael

<Carmichael> bye michael

> Good night, John Boy

<Carmichael> good night jason

> Someone put a good trivia question on the Forum a long time ago...name three or five animals that Jack owned over the course of the radio series.

<Carmichael> a bear, an ostrich, a horse.......

> Challenge...name 'em

> You've got the first one, obviously.

> And I just gave you the third one

<Carmichael> carmichael (!), trudy and leona

> A dog named Baskervilles

> Polly

<Carmichael> cripe, how could i forget polly?

> I was wondering!

<The Gasman> The alligator in the basement

> Jack tries once to catch a frog (played by Mel Blanc) as a pet

<Carmichael> i was thinking too hard!

<Carmichael> btw, alligator tastes like chicken!

> Carmichael - Yes, it does. And it's good too!

<Carmichael> i had some recently at a fair

> On the other hand, ostrich tastes like steak.

<Carmichael> i'll keep that in mind

<The Gasman> God made chicken so you'd know what everything tastes like

> And if you take tomatoes and stew them in applesauce, they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does.

<Carmichael> goood one, gasman

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

<The Gasman> Rattlesnake tastes like chicken, Alligator, .... Just buy a chicken!!

> Gasman - What, you want the place overrun with rattlesnakes and alligators?

<Carmichael> i hate to say this but i have to leave now

<Carmichael> it's been real

> It's been lovely but I have to scream now?

> Thanks for stopping, Carmichael!

<The Gasman> The gasman got rid of Charmichael, that's a 1st

> Hope to see you next month!


<Mike Amo> I can check that 10-6-40 tape I have and see if it has that fade-out line of Jack's not faded out...y'all made me curious enough to go back and catch that...it was odd

<Carmichael> i should be here next month!

> Carmichael - Great!

<The Gasman> I'll have a different name next month, just like every month

<Carmichael> take care and stay warm!

<Mike Amo> And I'll keep trying to be here without meddlin outside activity {:oP

<Carmichael> i have a natural fur coat so i'm ok

> Gasman - There are multiple gasmans, so I never know if it's you.

<Mike Amo> Bye Carmichael

> Mike - Gotta have your priorities.

> So what else Benny-wise would folks like to discuss?

> The silence is a little deafening...

<The Gasman> The crowd is silenced

> Should we shut it down for this month? We've had a good hour.

<The Gasman> Is there a winner for the photo yet

> Submissions were still coming in. I need to post them for voting.

<Mike Amo> I'll hafta see the transcript later 0{:o)

> I put it up for two weeks because I was in LA last Sunday.

<The Gasman> I figured it was a low number of submissions so you left it up longer

<Mike Amo> Still want to hear how the trip went

> No, I just didn't think I'd have Internet connectivity on Sunday, or would be too tired. Turned out it was both.

> Mike - Oh fine. Good show, nice people, good to see Walden Hughes again, and spent Monday at UCLA.

> Mike - Is that the trip you meant?

<Mike Amo> I lost everything on my pc (2 years worth) early this week, one of several pesky distractrions

<Mike Amo> Yes Laura

> Mike - Oh dear! That reminds me...I should back up...

<Mike Amo> Glad it went well, wish I could have gone

<The Gasman> Let me guess Mike, no backup...

<Mike Amo> That's right Gasman...I had a backup from 1-1/2 years ago and decided to try to run backups for everything 3 weeks ago

<Mike Amo> But, for some reason the first CD failed even though the computer said the download was successful

<Mike Amo> So I figured I'd try again in a couple weeks, and...PFFT

> When I was at UCLA working on Volume 1 of 39 Forever, I always carried 2 CDs and made 2 backups at the end of the day. The staff always wanted to shoo me out, not stand there and back up!

<The Gasman> I back mine up to CDs. It takes a while but CDs are cheap

> Mike - Ah geez...I'm sorry to hear that.

<Mike Amo> It's okay, multiply that by 3 and you have my past week,lol

> Mike - Well, at least you can still download your photos from jackbenny.org.

<The Gasman> That's right

<Mike Amo> Oh, all my photos are hard copy, and I do have the CDs for that

> Tell you what, folks...I need to bake a pumpkin pie tonight, so let's call it good for this month.

> Mike - Well, that's a good thing!

<Mike Amo> I lost some music, have most of Benny on CD or cassettes all along

<The Gasman> OK.

<The Gasman> Until next month....

> Mike - At least that's something.

> Take care, folks! Thanks for stopping. See you next month!

<Mike Amo> Nite Gasman

<The Gasman> Goodnight

<Mike Amo> Thanks Laura, will catch up when I can

> Mike - OK, take care.

> Brad - Did we put you to sleep?

<Mike Amo> Did you get my emails about Jack's Draft record

<Mike Amo> And census

> Mike - I did, but I've been so busy that I haven't followed up on it yet. Thanks, though!

> Been so busy with High Holidays, the LA trip, and work.

<Mike Amo> I found those just before the works went pfft...it's interesting stuff

<Mike Amo> I know, same here

> Appreciate your thinking of me.

<Mike Amo> aww, often do

> I think we put Brad to sleep.

> Maybe the Blue Fairy will wake him up after we leave.

<Mike Amo> I think he likes it in Pleasanton

<Mike Amo> lol, was going to mention that

> Hey, Pleasanton's a nice place.

> There he goes.

> OK, nite!

<Mike Amo> Wow, just like that!

<Mike Amo> lol, nite!