IJBFC Chat - September 5, 2004

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Hey Scott

<Scott in KC> Hi Laura. How are you doin'?

Pretty good...and yourself?

<Scott in KC> Pretty good thanks. Hey, and I know I always say this, but lest I forget, thank you for everything you do for preserving the history of Jack Benny!

Thank you, Scott. I always appreciate hearing that!

Hi Mike!

<Mike Amo> Hi folks!

<Mike Amo> Wow, not crowded tonight yet!

<Scott in KC> It's the truth. I bet your husband think you're obssessed. :)

<Scott in KC> Hiya Mike.

<Mike Amo> Hi Scott, Laura

<Scott in KC> Where's home, Mike?

> Scott - Dan and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last May, and I think he's learned to live with it.

Welcome in, Alex!

<Scott in KC> :) LOL

<Alex Buck> Hello!

<Scott in KC> Hi Alex.

<Alex Buck> Its been awhile but I've been thinking about you all

Scott - Once in a while he still has to say, "Let's not talk about Jack Benny for a while."

<Scott in KC> Alex...My niece in Gardner gave birth to a baby boy this morning at SHawnee Mission Medical Center (I think).

Mazel tov!

<Scott in KC> Thanks Laura!

<Scott in KC> Shawnee*

<Alex Buck> Shawnee Mission Medical is where we had our son about 2 years ago

What a coinkydink...

<Mike Amo> Scott, I'm in Viriginia (metro DC area, but from Lynchburg)

<Alex Buck> Hope this isn't too graphic but my wife had a c-section by a Dr. Ripps - no joke

<Mike Amo> Hi Alex...Mazel Tov and gezundheit to LLaura and Scott

<Scott in KC> It's the ONLY hospital in KS, Laura. :)

<Alex Buck> their birthing center is rated the best in the area

Alex - I was born by C-section, now I always want to go out a window rather than a door.

<Alex Buck> LOL

So we've got a coast-to-coast broadcast here.

<Scott in KC> My former g/f was a doc...Dr. Panek (Panic) and she had two colleagues at KU Med Center who were surgeons ~ Dr. Butcher and Dr. Payne (Pain)

<Mike Amo> Cool!

My mother's dentist when she was a girl was Dr. Die.

<Scott in KC> Well, Laura, what is the topic tonight? :)

Well, I have a small confession to make.

<Alex Buck> Laura - didn't you say that you once interviewed Dennis Day

<Scott in KC> I used to work with a dentist named Dr. Toothacher.

I'm listening to the Dennis interview right now, because I've been working all day on 39 Forever Volume 2.

Alex - Yup, I did interview Dennis. A great thrill.

<Mike Amo> I worked for an interesting military chain of command at one time

Hey Barbara!

<Scott in KC> Hi Barbara.

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

<Mike Amo> Under Chief of Staff COL Big

So I hope the rest of you listened to the interview and can help me along...

<Mike Amo> His boss was BG Small

<Mike Amo> Their boss was a 4-star named

<Mike Amo> General Starry

<Mike Amo> Hi Barbara!

<Barbara> If I didn't know it was Dennis, I wouldn't have believed it.

<Scott in KC> I almost worked for a Col. Sanders at Ft. Leavenworth...Lest I digress.

Mike - That's like the old joke about the escaped short mindreader...a small medium at large

<Alex Buck> My wife made the comment that she didn't think it sounded like him either

<Scott in KC> Dennis had ALS, right? :(

Scott - Yes.

<Mike Amo> lol, Laura, I'm usually late getting around to those things...we can cheat and let you know what happens! {:oD

Better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

<Scott in KC> Yep!

<Barbara> It wasn't so much that it didn't sound like him, but this man was well educated and intelligent, the anthisis of what Dennis was supposed to be.

Funny that they mention Mel Simons at the beginning...he's one of our long-time members.

<Alex Buck> It seemed like he hiked up his voice to higher pitch when he was "in character:"

<Scott in KC> Barbara...Wasn't he college educated, and the rest of the gang not?

<Mike Amo> Dennis sounded great...I was late getting to the Jack interview since I missed last month anyway...was surprised at how Jack brushed off the radio shows as "that was the past"

> Alex - I know someone posted a poll on the Forum about that, noting that later in his career his voice wasn't so high and breathy.

<Barbara> He was 66 when this interview was done, I believe. I think Don was also a college graduate.

<Alex Buck> Hello Gildy

Hi there, Gildersleeve

<Gildersleeve> Hello

<Scott in KC> That's right, Barbara...University of Denver.

Good job, Scott

<Scott in KC> What Throckmorton P. Gildersleave doing in here? :)

So did he say anything surprising or earth-shattering?

<Gildersleeve> Looking for my nephew

<Barbara> The interview was done in 1982 according to my calculations. Dennis said Don had died recently and that was 1982.

<Alex Buck> We passed through Denver but I couldn't find anything about Donsy in the AAA vacation book

I didn't know that he and Don had done a stage show in the 80s.

<Scott in KC> LOL Gildie.

It was 5-28-83

<Mike Amo> When did you interview him, Laura? Hi Gildy!

<Scott in KC> Laura...Don WAS Denver.

Don Wilson is as much an enigma as Eddie Anderson.

<Scott in KC> How so, Laura?

<Scott in KC> Private?

<Gildersleeve> Hello Mike.

<Barbara> That's right.

Mike - It was...1988 I think. I'd have to look at my files.

Scott - Well, Don was married five times, first of all.

Once even to a titled woman.

<Scott in KC> OMG!

> But it's hard to find out who the man really was...to get some sort of story around him, who he was off-mike.

<Gildersleeve> I have a title, "The Great"... ha ha

<Barbara> Didn't Dennis die in 1988?

<Scott in KC> "Titled" woman? What's that?

He didn't seem to socialize with the rest of the cast.

<Mike Amo> It's been about 2 weeks since I played it...I was just impressed at how pleasant a guy he was, pretty much as I would have expected

Barbara - It may have been 1987.

Scott - A woman with a title, like a Baroness.

<Alex Buck> I was thinking that Dennis died around 1990

<Scott in KC> Wow! King Donsy!

<Barbara> Sam Perrin said that Don was hard to know and was anti Semitic.

Who was he, what motivated him, what did he do after the Benny show besides a talk show with his wife?

<Scott in KC> Barbara...I hope that is wrong.

<Alex Buck> Are any of his wives still around?

Dennis died June 22, 1988.

Alex - Don't know...I can't even find who all of them were. I know Lois is gone.

<Barbara> Sam said Don was upset because they were building a synagogue across the street from him.

I wondered for a while if Don was Quentin, but I don't know.

<Scott in KC> Did Lois really play Lois on the air?

Scott - I think she did sometimes.

<Scott in KC> She was pretty articulate for an "ameture."

<Barbara> He never had any children from the 5 wives, did he?

<Mike Amo> Dennis must not have toured much in the early 80s...I would have gone to see him if he'd performed in L.A. during 1981-84 and he never came to the mid-Atlantic before or after that or I would have noticed

Scott - I think she wasn't an amateur, I think she had been an actress...Lois Corbett.

Barbara - Not as far as I know.

<Scott in KC> TMI...Don, children! :)


<Scott in KC> TMI = Too Much Information

And his disposal in death is just as enigmatic...cremated and scattered in the desert between Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

<Mike Amo> Amazing about Don...how did he get past that with Jack then?

<Alex Buck> I wish the interviewer had asked Dennis more about Don

I've tried asking people about Don, and no one knows very much.

<Barbara> I know Dennis would never badmouth anyone, but I wonder if he had any private thoughts about Mary. He did say that they ran in different circles, which was obvious.

<Mike Amo> Remembers Don's "son" from the TV show, lol!

<Scott in KC> Was Wilson his real surname?

Supposedly Lois wrote a book about Don, but never published it. Who knows where it is now...

Mike - Harlow!

Scott - As far as I know.

[Sun Sep 05 16:18:16 GMT-08:00 2004] Alan in Oregon has no profile.

Hi Alan!

<Alan in Oregon> Greetings!

<Mike Amo> Hi Alan

<Scott in KC> That would be hard to trace, then.

<Alex Buck> I thought it interesting to hear Dennis say that he had dropped off a Christmas gift during Jack's last days and all he saw was the help. Wouldn't Mary have greeted him?

<Barbara> Are you kidding?

<Scott in KC> Hiya Alan. Send me some Frango mints! :)

<Mike Amo> Maybe the guy who played Harlow is still around and has stories, Laura?

Alex - Not necessarily. I've heard stories that she might have stayed in bed well into the afternoon.

Mike - I've tried to get hold of him, but it's all been dead ends so far.

<Barbara> Dennis was well out of her circle.

<Mike Amo> I was surprised that Dennis was as prolific a father as he was...thought that might have just been a sketch

I think just about everyone was out of Mary's circle, except for the creme de la creme of Hollywood.

<Mike Amo> What a huge family!

<Alex Buck> Dennis only mentioned Claudette Corbette (sp?). Who else would have been in her clique?

Mike - They appeared on Jack's 20th Anniversary Special.

<Barbara> Dennis said he had 10 kiids, but I thought it was 11.

Claudette Colbert

Supposedly Barbara Stanwyck was

<Mike Amo> Yes, I saw that with y'all at the museum in L.A. That was hilarious

<Gildersleeve> Rochester commented on one show he had been married numerous times

Gracie Allen, to some extent.

<Barbara> I think Mary had very few friends and even fewer after Jack died.

<Scott in KC> Dennis...The "perfect" Irish Catholic. So many kids! :)

I gasped when I read in a book that Robert Benchley said that he didn't want to go to California "because it's too close to Mary Livingstone."

<Mike Amo> Oh my!

I've talked with members of Mary's family, and she wasn't even that close with them after a time.

<Barbara> I don't think Gracie liked her much, Laura. At least she said they weren't close friends. I think their relationship was more for the husbands.

Barbara - It's true. George tells that well in "Gracie: A Love Story".

<Scott in KC> and their daughters, Laura

Scott - Excellent point.

<Scott in KC> Joan was a good friend of Sandy Burns, right?

Scott - Right.

<Alex Buck> But Mary did pick Dennis

There's a story about them getting busted at camp, I think.

Alex - That's also true.

<Scott in KC> In that book, Joan would go to Mass with Sandy. Jack blew it off. :)

<Alex Buck> It was interesting to hear Dennis's version of why Kenny left the show - money

<Barbara> Dennis talked about a routine that he did with Phil Harris. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it was hilarious.

I think something happened somewhere in the mid- to late-1940s when Mary started to get away from the show.

Scott - Well, why would Jack go to Mass? ;)

<Barbara> Maybe Kenny couldn't stand Mary.

Barbara - Which one is that?

<Scott in KC> Is that why she didn't act live? I meant Joanie went to Mass with Sandy.

Scott - Who didn't act live...Mary?

<Mike Amo> I heard Mary and Jack sing on that 20-CD set, one from 1937 I think...it was brief {:oD

<Scott in KC> Yes, Laura. Didn't see pre-record her lines?

Scott - Sometimes...but I'll let others jump in on that one.

<Scott in KC> she*

<Barbara> The roast when Phil's story and Dennis' story intertwined. About Jack's little black book. It was one of the best things I've heard. Dennis said George Balzer wrote it.

<Gildersleeve> Right, I'm sure she pre-recorded "Chiss Sweese Sandwich"

Barbara - Oh right, the 1972 Friar's roast.

<Alex Buck> Oh that was so kind of you Laura for you to share that one

Gildersleeve - Really? How?

<Scott in KC> LOL...Gildy...I think they kept in some of the bloopers.

<Alex Buck> I just about fell out of my chair laughing

<Gildersleeve> I'm being sarcastic

Gildersleeve - Sorry, couldn't see that sarcastic smile on your face.

<Scott in KC> I felt it, Laura. :)

> Well, sometimes her stand-ins would blow a line and she'd have to intentionally blow a line to match the audience reaction.

<Barbara> Phil said he was shocked when Jack offered him alcohol. He wanted a cherry Phosphate.

[Sun Sep 05 16:27:46 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Rides Again!

<Mike Amo> Yikes! I pffted

Mike - TMI

<Scott in KC> Phil turning down beer? What a concept!

<Mike Amo> Running XP so I lost everything...including short term memory...what's TMI {:o}

There was a line about people walking in on their hands, and the stand-in said they were walking in on their heads. So Mary had to blow the line, too.

<Barbara> Did Dennis have anything to say about the case when you interviewed him, Laura?

Barbara - The smuggling case?

<Barbara> I meant cast.

<Scott in KC> TMI = Too Much Information

<Gildersleeve> Mike, TMI = Too Much Information

<Barbara> I wouldn't think Dennis would mention the smuggling case, would he?

> Gosh...it's been a number of years since I re-read the interview with him...he had just recently been diagnosed with ALS, and information poured out of him like he was trying to preserve it.

<Mike Amo> lol, luckily thanks to short term memory, I am blissfully unaware

Barbara - No, it was before his time. But i was trying to think what "case" might have been!

<Barbara> Do you suppose Dennis liked Mary or at least tolerated her?

<Gildersleeve> Mike, you meet so many new friends when you have now long term memory

<Mike Amo> Gildy! Hi! lol

Barbara - I think anyone on the show had to at least tolerate her. I've only found one person who really *liked* her.

<Barbara> Who?

<Barbara> Jack?

The man who delivered her roses every day for the rest of her life.

Well, I never interviewed Jack, so I can't really speak to that one.

<Gildersleeve> I thought that was at Marilyn Monroes crypt

Jack did it for Mary as well.

<Barbara> Did you check that rose story out, Laura? You weren't sure it was accurate.

<Gildersleeve> Better to give the flowers while they are alive than after they are dead.

Yup, I talked with the guy who was the family florist, and who delivered them to her.

<Barbara> Good for you.

Jack apparently said it to him several times, not just a spur-of-the-moment thing.

> So I guess we can extrapolate that if Jack wanted to be "remembered to Mary" daily after his death, there was a strong emotional bond between them.

<Alex Buck> From Phil's delivery on the show, I always had the impression he had a soft spot for Mary. Was that just part of the act?

<Scott in KC> Mary was pretty sassy. Was that part of her act, too?

Now I'm trying to remember any specifics of what Phil said about Mary...

<Barbara> I'm sure there was, possibly more on Jack's side. Mary said he learned to love him later. George Burns said, "Later than what?"

Scott - That's one thing that I do remember Phil saying...that all the characters were larger-than-life versions of themselves.

<Scott in KC> LOL Barbara.

Well, you look at the story of their sudden romance and marriage, and that's not surprising.

<Scott in KC> I wonder how they maintained "normal" lives?

Especially considering that they had two non-starts, and possibly a third.

Scott - How do you mean "normal"

<Barbara> You would think that Jack would have married sooner with all those beautiful women around.

<Scott in KC> You know, eating out, going shopping, theatre, sports events, etc.

Barbara - I found out he was engaged probably around 1920.

But I'm going to keep that tidbit for later.

<Alex Buck> My wife was asking if Dennis did anything for Disney besides Johnny Apple Seed

I think he did, but I'm trying to remember what it was...

Someone dial up IMDB...

<Scott in KC> Was Mary related to...Horrors...The Sak's Fifth Avenue people?

I want to say "Ferdinand the Bull", but I'm not sure that's right.

Scott - Not by blood, but definitely by money.

Scott - Are you thinking of Jack's mother, Emma Sachs?

<Scott in KC> I guess that's why she ended up at the May Store. :)

<Barbara> I would like to have seen Great Temptations. In 1926 there was no decency code so you could do anything.

<Scott in KC> Yes, sorry. I have short term memory, too.

<Mike Amo> Hi Scott!

Barbara - It also lends credence to the more colorful version of Mary scratching her nails down Jack's cheek.

<Scott in KC> The first "Ben Hur" had topless maidens.

Ah, Will Hays, eat your tiny little heart out.

<Barbara> Wasn't that over a tie?

Barbara - They had a fight over a tie, but there are various stories of why Mary scratched Jack's cheek. One involved nudity.

<Barbara> Jack always gave in to Mary.

I think he had to.

<Barbara> Was that about the "oink oink?"

Like moving out of 1002 North Roxbury.

<Gildersleeve> I looked up on IMDB, No other Disney movies for Dennis

Barbara - That's the one!

Gildy - Thanks.

<Alex Buck> The pig version was the one I heard

<Scott in KC> Thanks Guildy

Alex - Yup, that's it.

<Barbara> I think Mary has always been insecure and Joan seems to think so too.

<Mike Amo> Everyone knows about the pig reference but me?

<Scott in KC> I don't understand, either, Mike

<Alex Buck> Well, I believe it involved a show girl's chest

<Mike Amo> whew!

I'd tend to agree with that. Some sort of psychology at work whenever someone else gets something, you have to have the same thing but bigger or more of them..

<Barbara> I don't know why Jack didn't put his foot down over the Roxbury thing, but he didn't.

As long as everyone's OK with a blue story, I'll tell it.

<Scott in KC> Time to get out the DSM IV....LOL!

<Gildersleeve> I'll cover Leroy's ears


<Mike Amo> I'll close my eyes -o@

OK, here's the deal. And apologies to anyone reading the transcript who's offended.

> Some stories have Jack getting a phone call from a girl for a date and him turning her down but not saying he was married.

So Mary heard it and scratched her nails down his cheek.

But the most colorful and detailed one is this...

One of the chorus girls of The Great Temptations burst into Jack's dressing room

with her bare breast painted up with lipstick like a pig.

She announced her arrival by shouting, "Oink! Oink!"

Normally, this would have made Jack fall on the floor laughing.

But Mary was behind the door.

<Mike Amo> I have heard that before!

<Scott in KC> Laura...I thought Jack was Kosher.

And as Jack sat there uncomfortably, the chorus girl realized Mary's presence

(Scott - I could go places with that remark, but I'll pass right now...)

and withdrew from the room.

<Alex Buck> I wonder how Gracie would have reacted if that had happened to George

The furious Mary then scratched her fingers down Jack's cheek,

causing Jack to put his hand to his face when onstage

thus starting one of his most famous poses.

<Mike Amo> Wow

<Scott in KC> Well.....:

<Gildersleeve> I guess there was already enough ham in the room without the chorus girl....

Alex - I think since Gracie had been in showbiz, she probably would have been more understanding.

Gildy - :P

So that's the story.

<Gildersleeve> Heee Heeee Heee Heee

<Alex Buck> right . . . as understanding as any new bride could have been

<Scott in KC> In Mary's book she practically told him, he could have an affair, but don't tell her.

Well, with Mary not being in showbiz and probably being insecure about her "handle" on Jack...I can envision it.

Scott - Although she asked Larry Adler whether Jack cheated on her when they were overseas.

<Gildersleeve> I can't imagine any wife giving their husband permission to have an affair

> But as many have pointed out to me, when George cheated on Gracie, he went to Jack to ask what to do.

<Scott in KC> I could be way off base, but Jack seemed as faithful as a puppy.

<Barbara> Larry said he did, but he would never give Mary the satisfaction of telling her.

<Alex Buck> Scott - you're way off base

<Barbara> Jack did seem to be, but George said he had girls all up and down the west coast.

IJBFC chat room meets the Spice Channel.

Barbara - He did?

Barbara - Oh, I thought you meant GEORGE had girls all up and down the West Coast.

<Barbara> That was i George's b ook. No, Jack had girls up and down the coast. Jack said he could always get a girl in San Francisco.

> There's a story of a place called the Chicken Ranch where Jack and Bob occasionally "kept" women, but it's unsubstantiated.

<Scott in KC> I would like to interject...If my comment about Jack being Kosher was offensive, I am truly sorry.

Scott - Not at all. At least, not to me, and I'm Jewish.

<Barbara> I don't think that was too unusual, and it was before Jack was married. He was a very attractive man,

<Scott in KC> Thank you, Laura. I know that and honor that.

I think Jack tells a story in his own book about coming into town where he had a regular woman, going to her home for tomfoolery and finding her family gathered for her funeral!

<Mike Amo> Keep kosher occasionally, no problem here

<Alex Buck> I remember a line in the George Burns biography "The One Hundred Year Dash" saying that Jack had found a new girl friend - meaning Gisele - and implying that she wasn't the first

<Barbara> I wonder about Jack and Ann Sheridan. Mary was concerned about that too.

<Scott in KC> I hope he didn't hit on Milton Berle when he was in drag! :)

Well, take a look at Jack's picture on the most recent issue of "The Jack Benny Times". He looks unabashedly sexy in it.

Barbara - Yeah, tell the story of their encounter at a party.

Scott - There are jokes about that in the Friar's Roast, I think.

<Mike Amo> It was a good shot, Laura...guess from the late 1920s?

I think I've heard jokes about George Jessel hitting on Milton Berle in drag.

Mike - I think it's from 1939 and Man About Town.

Or very close to that vintage.

<Alex Buck> Was there something with Ann?

<Gildersleeve> Milton's too old for Jessel

<Barbara> Jack had invited Ann to one of their lavish parties, and Mary went over to Ann and said Jack wouldn't give one of Mary's fingers for Ann's whole body. Is that it?

I think even Jack did jokes about Jessel hitting on him as Charley's Aunt.

Barbara - That's it.

<Alex Buck> was mary justified?

<Barbara> I hope so.

Alex - Hard to say. But Ann Sheridan was certainly a beautiful woman.

It has been said that Jack had crushes on many beautiful women, including Carole Lombard and Greer Garson.

<Barbara> She had just been divorced so might have been considered fair game.

<Alex Buck> Who wouldn't have a crush on Lombard?

Whether or not he acted on them is another question. I don't think anything happened with Lombard, because she was in such a romance with Clark Gable that whole time.

<Scott in KC> I love the comment Gloria Swanson told a young starlet who held a door for the aged star. The starlet said: "Age before beauty." Ms. Swanson retorted: "Pearls before swine!"

<Gildersleeve> Rock Hudson wouldn't

Scott - Wow! Good one!

[Sun Sep 05 16:58:21 GMT-08:00 2004] KM99 has no profile.

I am big...it's the pictures that got small.

Hi KM!!!

<Mike Amo> Hi KM! lol Scott

<KM99> Hiya Folks

<Scott in KC> Hi KM

<Barbara> Hi KM in Canada.

<Gildersleeve> I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille

Off topic for a moment...is anyone attending Cinecon this weekend?

<Scott in KC> Glidy the prima dona

<Scott in KC> No ma'm. :(

Barbara - you may be the only one close enough to do that, but I don't want to presume.

<Barbara> What is it?

It's supposed to be the biggest classic film convention around. At Graumann's and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

I got a brochure on it at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.

<Alex Buck> Scott - Keep in mind the Buster Keaton Festival in Iola on the last weekend of September. Edy Adams (sp?) - Erinie Kovac's widow - will be there.

<Scott in KC> Man! And I had to move from So. Cal. to Kansas City! :(

<Barbara> No, I'm afraid I didn't go.

Edie Adams...Joan and I sat at her table at the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

<Scott in KC> Thanks Alex! :)

<Gildersleeve> I always think of Edie doing the cigar commercials

<Scott in KC> "Won't you pick on e up and smole it sometime."

> Now that you've mentioned it...Buster Keaton did a Twilight Zone, and so did Ed Wynn (my favorite TZ episode). It would have been something if Jack had done one.

<Alex Buck> The Keaton Festival has brought in some big names to the little Kansas town. I saw Steve Allen there a month before he died.

<Gildersleeve> Spend a little dime with me

One of these days I've got to see Jack's episode that featured Rod Serling as a guest.

(loss due to screen refresh)

So what else did Dennis say?

<Alex Buck> Scott - I don't have any information to forward but I know a search for Iola and Keaton will get you a web site. Its a yearly event

<Scott in KC> Thanks, Alex.

<Alex Buck> The Damfinos aren't involved but they always have a representative there

What else Benny-wise is on everyone's minds this evening?

<Scott in KC> Laura...I am conveting to DVD...Do you want my old TZ on VHS for free?

Scott - That's an offer I can't refuse...sure!

<Scott in KC> I got a question.

<Scott in KC> :)

<Alex Buck> Its a pilgramage for a lot of people since Keaton was born in a nearby town during a vaudeville tour

<Barbara> Dennis talked a lot about places he would be appearing, but I don't think any were in the L.A. area.

Scott - OK, go for it.

Barbara - He lived on Mandeville Canyon Road, though. Hmm.

<Scott in KC> Laura, I was wondering about the logistics of the show itself. Where was it broadcast, ticket prices...I have seen stills of how the cast was on the stage.

Scott - There's a law that you can't charge admission to a broadcast. So I think tickets were free.

<Gildersleeve> Website for Keaton: www.iolaks.com/keaton Sept 24 and 25

Scott - Dennis does mention that they were in Studio B of the NBC Studios.

Scott - Do you mean the television programs?

<Scott in KC> And CBS?

Those moved around a bit

Scott - I don't know for sure where they were at CBS.

<Scott in KC> Both, mostly radio

<Mike Amo> Laura, I can tell you the reason for 2-1/2 minutes of that Be Happy Go Lucky instrumental closing


Mike - Aha! yes?

<Mike Amo> A government production always does things that seem good at the time...

<Mike Amo> Hey Joe, we gotta fill that last 2-1/2 minutes! Whaddya think we should do?

Barbara - Do you recall which studio they used at CBS?

<Alex Buck> I've got to go put our son to bed. Its been fun and hope to catch up with all next month.

<Barbara> I'm going to leave you now. Stay away from hurricanes! The benny show was broadcast from studio B at CBS. That was radio. He had the configuration at the mikes correct. Sometimes 5 or 6 people were at the second mile.

Mike - Yes, I was wondering that. But AFRS had some other standard music for filler.

<Scott in KC> Alex...Hope to see you in Totoland.

Barbara - Thanks, and take care!

<Mike Amo> Nite Barbara!

<Scott in KC> Have a safe Labor Day!

Take care, Alex!

<Barbara> You too. Love ya all!

<KM99> Seeya Barbara

<KM99> Seeya Alex

(loss due to technical problems)

<Scott in KC> Yeah, they gave them away when we moved to Missouri from Michigan. :(

Ah, I've heard that sort of story before.

Or the person who used their Edison Diamond Discs for skeet shooting.

Makes mine more valuable, I guess.

So what else Benny-wise would you like to discuss?

<KM99> My mom threw out my Wayne Gretzy rookie cards - worth $ 1000 each

The Top Ten 78rpm set while we're talking about records?

KM - Ouch.

<Scott in KC> I am looking for an old Victorla. I could have gotten one in 1971 (my freshman year in college) for $500, but didn't have the money then.

Scott - You should be able to get one for $500 now. Or less.

<Scott in KC> My stepmom saw one on eBay for $1500

Unless you're looking for a horn victrola.

<Scott in KC> Yes, the horn one. :)

Are you looking for the Victor B, like in the Nipper picture?

Them's expensive.

<Scott in KC> I have an old 1924 Philco radio that works better than my new stereo system.

I can see my Brunswick horn victrola from here.

<Scott in KC> Yes, Laura, with Little Nipper. "His Master's Voice" logo.

I thought Philco started production in 1927.

<Gildersleeve> Well, since no one want's to talk about Jack Benny, I'm going over to Fibber McGee and make him get something for me out of his closet.

<KM99> LL - Sounds like you've ben listening to too much Lum & Adler

<Mike Amo> I saw some amazing old radios on display at a museum in Cypress Gardens, Florida...wonder if they're still there?

Scott - Ah, get out your check book.

KM - Lum and Larry Adler. :)

<Mike Amo> I'll be shoveling along shortly, Gildy

Gildy - OK, thanks for stopping!

<KM99> Misses Nussbaum always said Lum & Adler

<Gildersleeve> Bye

<Scott in KC> My brother got me that Philco for $50 in 1973. I call it Grandpa.

<Scott in KC> Bye Gildy.

<KM99> Seeya Gildersleeve

<Scott in KC> LOL KM

Hope no one else minds us being on peripheral topics.

If you do, then offer a Benny question!

<Scott in KC> I digress so much. I apologize.

Scott - Not a problem.

I was right there with you.

<Scott in KC> Will there be another Benny stamp. Did you have one in Canada, KM?

<KM99> Scott- not that I recall

I keep hoping that if it goes to 39 cents, we need to make a big push.

<Scott in KC> I know some island nation had a set of dstamps with Jerry Garcia...Go figure.

<Mike Amo> Was going to ask where a lot of the other regulars are, Laura...usually I'm away...looks like many must be on vacation this time

<Mike Amo> lol, that would be funny, Laura

Grenada had a Jack Benny stamp

<Scott in KC> It has to be a blue stamp

<Scott in KC> It would be nice if the Postal Service honored OTR stars.

<Scott in KC> honoured to you, KM

> Mike - Don't know. Some of the old regulars seem to have disappeared or taken off for a while. We need new regulars, like you!

<KM99> Scott - ?

KM - British spelling

<Scott in KC> KM...I thought you use the British spelling up there.

<KM99> Oh, oh, ooooh. I get it

<Scott in KC> No prob, neighbor...er...neighbour

<Scott in KC> Why was Don so private?

<KM99> brb

> Scott - That's sort of a chicken-and-egg question...why Don was so private is protected by the fact that he was private.

<Scott in KC> Was he really that jolly, or offended by "fat jokes"?

Eddie Anderson's enigma is more explainable because of general segregation.

> Scott - I'm told by people who worked on the show that he really was that jolly, gregarious guy. At least during show production.

> When I had the Don = Quentin thing as a working theory, I started asking people and everyone said, "Oh Don was just what you heard on the air."

<Scott in KC> That is a paradox...Unless he hid a lot. Married for five times is a lot.

So I don't know what his real story was.

<Scott in KC> Sometimes actors are so much different than they are in real life. I met Clint Eastwood, and he seemed shy, not at all the macho, tough guy.

> Jack, Mary, Phil, Dennis...you can find out about them. Even Frank Nelson, Mel Blanc, Sheldon Leonard, Benny Rubin.

But not Don or Eddie Anderson. There's just not much there to hook into for research.

There's been a running discussion recently on the OTR Digest about Mickey Rooney.

And I read a biography of Danny Kaye a few months ago.

<Scott in KC> I loved the cartoon honoring Mel Blanc...It had a spotlight on a vacant microphone, and the cartoon chatacters with heads bowed. The caption read: "Speechless."

Very different from their public images.

<Mike Amo> That's interesting about Eddie, Laura...he was great in Cabin in the Sky...must have had many folks who knew him somewhere

> Scott - Yes. There was also one where all the cartoon characters were looking at Mel's grave, and a big empty speak balloon over their heads.

> Mike - I think he moved mainly in the African-American community, which tends to be more private about personal lives.

> I saw some home movies at his home with his first wife, hanging out with Duke Ellington and others.

<Scott in KC> Was Rochester respected working as Jack's "valet" or scorned because he was a glamorized slave?

Scott - Do you mean when they were doing the show or today?

<Scott in KC> Doing the show, back then.

> I think he was a celebrity, just like, say, Hattie McDaniel. And I think he was well-respected for his talent.

<KM99> I think Eddie was widely respected

Remember, in the context of the time, he wasn't doing anything unusual.

Look at "Song of the South".

<Scott in KC> But he made a lot of money.

<KM99> The fact the network was looking to make a Rochester spin-off show says it all

<Scott in KC> I assume he did.

He was proud enough to have "Rochester" put on his grave marker.

<Scott in KC> Yes that does...Especially then.,

KM - Yeah, isn't that something?

<KM99> I've heard those shows and Eddie was pretty good

I think the auditions are fascinating.

<KM99> But the writing was not up to the same standards as the Benny show

<Scott in KC> Their kids ought to have a reunion with each of them playing their parents.

Eddie was good, but the shows...yeah, what you said.

<KM99> LL - ESP Helmet again?

Scott - I've heard a few people suggest that. Phil's daughters might have a tough time, though.

<Scott in KC> Or grandparents.

Not to mention Joan...but she could be Mary.

<Scott in KC> Phil's daughters could be Alice Faye.

<KM99> I think Bobby has Jack's eyes

Who would be Don?

<Mike Amo> Who was Don in L.A.? Bill?

Mike - Yes.

I love Bill in that role. He looks the part!

<Scott in KC> And more than fills it?

> Hey KM...I was re-listening to one of our performances, can't remember which one, and was remembering just how good you and Tom are.

<KM99> I was thinking the only thing Bill could have done better was kicking the floor when he was mad at Jack


<KM99> LL - Garsk thanks

<Scott in KC> "Garsk" another Canuck phrase? LOL

<KM99> Yeah, Laura, I read the Times yesterday and I was thinking about the Genessee Theater opening...

"Garsk" is the sound you make when you drink the liquid that the St. Bernard brings you.

<KM99> Scott - Popeye actually

KM - Yes, I'm not sure when that's all going to be "official". We'll see.

<Scott in KC> LOL you two!

[Sun Sep 05 17:39:03 GMT-08:00 2004] RadioMaster: the Senator's father

<KM99> Speak of the devil

RM!!!!! We were just talking about you!

<KM99> Hiya RM

<Scott in KC> :I yam what I yam!"

<Mike Amo> Howdy RM!

<RadioMaster> my ears were burning

Now if we can just get the good Doctor here, we'll be all set.

<Scott in KC> Hi RM...Welcome!

<RadioMaster> Oh, Hello Mr. Benny

<KM99> RM - Laura was just saying how good she thought you were on the recreations

RM - I was just complimenting you in absentia.

<RadioMaster> *blush* I owe it all to the little people


Your kids?

<Scott in KC>

<<< Bowing

<RadioMaster> yup

<Scott in KC> The Munchkins?

<RadioMaster> yes, scott, four of them

<Scott in KC> Wow! Cool! :)

RM - Remember, you've got six more to go.

<RadioMaster> all IJBFC members

And Gracie's our youngest member ever! A member from the day she was born!

<Scott in KC>

<thinking> His poor wife.

<RadioMaster> Veronica won't be too pleased with that, LL!!

RM - LOL. I can imagine not.

Recalling Mary's reaction in the New Tenant when she has to play Columbia with 48 children.

<RadioMaster> How's everyone? slow night 'cause of the weekend, huh?

<Scott in KC> I have a couple you can adopt...I'll ask Teresa first.

RM - Maybe...don't know. It also may be because I didn't remind people about it tonight.

<RadioMaster> That show was hilarious, LL

<Scott in KC> Laura...That is the skit I referred to last month when Jack talked about ending racism.

> I've been working all day on 39 Forever Volume 2, because I'm taking an extra day in LA to go to UCLA.

<KM99> LL - That's one of the TV shows I want to send you - 1956-01-01

Scott - Right, that's what I thought.

KM - Cool!!!

<KM99> LL - I'm sending you 95% of the scripts from 1944 on. ou won't need to spend too much time in the library

<Scott in KC> KM, you're awesome!

KM - Yee hah...just need to scan for Jack's notes on who the minor characters are.

<RadioMaster> Dan will be happy with that

RM - Indeedy do. And so will I!

<RadioMaster> :)

> It seems like I've gotten to the point where most of the minor characters are played by recognizable voices.

Hey, here's a trivia question...

<Scott in KC> Carmicheal!

What was Mel Blanc's first ongoing speaking character on the show?

<KM99> LL - On most of the script covers, the players are billed by name

<Mike Amo> Wow KM, how'd you get hold of all that?

Scott - No, I mean English speaking!

<Scott in KC> Train announcer?

KM - Oh, glory glory hallelujah!

Scott - Nope, before that.

<RadioMaster> Herman, the insurance salesman?


<KM99> Good one RM

Herman Peabody

<Scott in KC> You go, RM!

<RadioMaster> it just popped in my head


<Mike Amo> Laura, I have yet to read the past couple months' transcripts and your book is pristine, but here {:o}

<RadioMaster> no kidding

<Mike Amo> I'll bet Herman is listed in it?

Mike - Herman is listed in the book you mean?

Mike - (and thank you for your kind words)

<Mike Amo> That's what I was thinking

Mike - Not yet, because he doesn't appear before 1942.

<Mike Amo> I wondered

In fact, he doesn't appear in 1942 either.

He comes up because he's in a carpool with Phil and Dennis.

<Scott in KC> Did he have special permission from Warner Bros. to say "What's up, Doc?" in the shows?

[Sun Sep 05 17:48:56 GMT-08:00 2004] RM has no profile.

> Scott - Hmmm...not sure. I know there was a court case over him using the Woody Woodpecker laugh.

<RM> am I back on?

<Mike Amo> wb RM

<Scott in KC> That was the late Walter Lantz, and I think his wife did Woody Woodpecker's voice.

<KM99> There's a great JB TV show where Mell comes out and makes all the character voices for the audience

<RM> $^%$^ Juno

RM - Not sure...are you?

<RM> haha LL

<KM99> Does this Mic work?

Scott - Right, and Mel did it on the record "Woody Woodpecker" with the Sportsmen.

KM99 - Test one two test one two hi moe hi moe hi moe

<RM> I THOUGHT that was the Sportsmen

KM - Oh, the amateur show?

<Scott in KC> By the way, Laura, how's ol' Thurl Ravenscroft?

Scott - Funny you should ask...I hope to see him when I'm in LA.

<KM99> LL - I'm not sure of the broadcast date but that sounds right

<Scott in KC> Please give him our regards.

KM - I think he did it on more than one occasion. An English horse impersonation and all.

Scott - I will do that!

<KM99> LL -Tell him we think he's GREEEAT!

KM - har har har har

<Scott in KC> Mel Blanc whinnied like a horse, and then say, "Haw!"

I've noticed horse whinnies in a couple shows that I am 99 44/100% sure are Mel Blanc.

Mike/RM - Thurl is also Tony the Tiger in case you don't know.

<RM> just like Dove, huh?

RM - Ivory

<RM> no way

<RM> my fault

RM - yes way

<Scott in KC> Thurl was also the Grinch's singing voice

<Mike Amo> lol, I did wonder! That is his real name? Sounds like Remley, something real that sounds made up

Scott - Inadvertently uncredited

Mike - I think it's too unusual of a name to be made up

<Scott in KC> What a shame, Laura.

But then again, Rodney Dangerfield seems to be a Benny invention!

But who can imagine calling their child Wonga?

<Scott in KC> What about Nick Danger, Laura...Ever hear of him?

Scott - I've heard the name, but can't place it.

<Scott in KC> Laura...Firesign Theatre

Scott - I don't know Firesign Theatre, sorry.

<RM> too bad Maria wasn't here to respond to THAT one!

<Scott in KC> They were like an American version of Monthy Python

RM - I probably wouldn't have said it if she had been here!

<RM> :)

> Scott - That's what I understand. Actually, I think they did a Lum and Abner take-off on NPR's "All Things Considered" earlier this year.

<Scott in KC> They were Shakespearan actors who did really oddball comedy.

<RM> or you MIGHT HAVE to get her goat

RM - *mischievous grin* You're probably right.

> Anyone know where Bill is this evening?

> I was in a rush earlier and didn't respond to an IM from him...

<RM> good ole bill

> hope that he didn't feel dissed and boycott.

<RM> the announcement was on the IJBFC home page,right?

<Scott in KC> Maybe he is kicking back for Labor Day.

> RM - About the chat?

<RM> yes

> Oh yes. It's always there, I just update the date.

> Hey, RM, sing us a song!

<RM> why would he feel dissewd?

<RM> dissed?

<RM> Haang on...

> RM - Just that I logged off because I was in a hurry rather than responding

<RM> oh

> I was rushing to do something or other.

<RM> Oh.....

> Silly me...I read RM's "oh" with the same inflection as if Dennis had said it.

<Scott in KC> Waiting for that song.

<Mike Amo> Never dissed here, just dissed-tracted @o@

<RM> Why , Oh Why did I ever leave Wyoming?

> I like Bill a lot. He's a good part of our group.

> RM - Wyoming Michigan?

<Scott in KC> "Yes, please?"

<Mike Amo> If you knew Susie...

<RM> Why , Oh Why did I ever have to go....

> If you knew Sioux City like I know Sioux City

<RM> Or Kenwood

<Mike Amo> lol

<RM> Or Jenison

> RM - Or Kentwood

<Scott in KC> LOL....LL

> Labor Day, oh Labor Day...

<Scott in KC>

<<< Transplanted Michigander

> I just sang a bit of "Kalamazoo" for Walden's radio show next week.

<Scott in KC> Cool, LL.


<<< Transplanted Michiganian

<RM> "caause there's a sheriff back there lookin' for me high and low and high and low and HIGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

<Scott in KC> You know, that's where my mom is buried.

<KM99> I had a breakdown south of Sioux City, Iowa once

> Scott - Kalamazoo?

<KM99> And my car wasn't doing too good either

<Scott in KC> Mom would have been 80 yesterday.

> KM - It was that disturbing?

<Scott in KC> Yes, Laura.

<RM> I'm done now, if anyone cares

<Mike Amo> Does Walden have a schedule for those shows?

<Scott in KC> LOL KM'

> RM - ***APPLAUSE****

<Mike Amo> I haven't caught that in a long time either...Yesterday USA, right?

<Scott in KC> Clap! Clap! Clap!

<Mike Amo> Applesauce for RM!

> My mother is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And she's probably none too happy about it.


<<< clapping too much to type

<RM> I was just wondering if Eric was over his breakdown

> Mike - I think I'm supposed to be on at 8:30PM Pacific, provided Mike Biel doesn't run long. But I think Mike's on break this week.

> RM - Of course not. You know him and maids' carts.


<KM99> LL - You're number three of Walden's show tonight according to the note I read

<Mike Amo> lol KM, just caught up

> KM - I'm number three. Bummer.

<RM> how could I ever forget

> Dan's home!

<Mike Amo> Hi Dan!

<KM99> Hiya Dan

<Scott in KC> Hiya Dan!

<RM> Hey big guy!!!

<Scott in KC> "I'll have what she's having!" LOL!

> That got a big smile from him.

> He says hi to everyone.

<Mike Amo> One more and we coule be the Sportsmen

<RM> Done cooking for the night, huh?

<Scott in KC> Hi from Kansas City, Dan! You have quite a wife there.

<Scott in KC> I can't sing as LOW as Thurl, but who can?

> Scott - I read what you wrote to him, and he asked exactly who you were.

> RM - Yeah, it sounds like it was a long day for him.

> Scott - Tubas can't sing as low as Thurl.

<KM99> He's just this guy we know, who happens to live in KC MO

<Scott in KC> True, true

<RM> poor guy

<Scott in KC> KM, what a poet.


> They love me in St. Joe

<Mike Amo> I did find somethinbg interesting on the music download site I added

> Mike - And that is...?

<Scott in KC> That's 30 miles north of here...There is a St. Joe Michigan too.

<Mike Amo> I was going through all the artists and came across

<Mike Amo> Phil Harris

<Scott in KC> "The Thing"?

> Look for the bear necessities, the simple bear necessities...

<Mike Amo> It gives info on each of the artists

> Forget about your worries and your strife...

<Scott in KC> I have a copy of that, Laura.

> Scott - I think my copy is from when I was a kid.

<Scott in KC> Do you want a cassette copy?

<RM> St. Joe, MI, about an hour rom here

> Scott - Thanks...I'm a big record collector, so I'm sure I have it.

<Mike Amo> Give me a sec...want to pull up what I found...the bigger surprise was a listing for Jack Benny

<Scott in KC> RM....I used to live in Marshall, MI

> Scott - Ah, right by Win Schulers?

<RM> north of Coldwater

<Scott in KC> I have the Best of Disney on 3 CD's

<RM> on I_69

> Marshall - on I69

> Jinx!

<RM> HA!!!

<Mike Amo> lol, the album they feature is The Thing About Phil Harris

<Mike Amo> Very good!

<Scott in KC> Win Schulders was closed the last time I vitied Marshall. They were having a college reunion. And we moved to Missouri when I was too young to go there. I can't win!

<Scott in KC> You never get ride of the .... .... Thing, no matter what you do!

> I grew up on their cheese dip. I can easily recall the taste of it now on pretzels!

<RM> Hey Laura, Tad Devine...that talk head for the DNC ..that's Andy's boy, right?

> OHHHHHHHHHHH I was walking on the beach one bright and sunny day

<Scott in KC> I had a Mickey Mouse special...7-Up with a cherry.

<Scott in KC> ...and a saw a box, a-floatin' in the Bay.

> RM - I have been wondering that as well! Been meaning to drop him a note and see if it's him or just a coincidenced.

<RM> talking head

> Combining Scott and RM's last transmissions....Senor Wences!

<Mike Amo> Just a paragraph on Philsy from Ron Wynn, All Music Guide...but here it is: Better known as a longtime actor who made his first film appearance in 1933, Phil Harris was also a successful drummer and singer. Harris played drums with Francis Craig and led his own groups during the 30s, using the song "Rose Room" as a theme. Harris was a regular on Jack Benny's radio show for a decade from 1930-1946 and had his own show with Alice Faye from 1947-54. He had a number of novelty hits in the 40s and early 50s.

<Mike Amo> The last sentence was the kicker for me...follows

<RM> he had a son named Tad.. there's a picture of him with Phil's son and Joanie aand someone else on the top of a piano.

<Mike Amo> His jazz va,ue is limited, but his 30-s bands did have some good musicians.

<Scott in KC> The Thing was a #1 song on Billboard

> RM - Yes, I've spoken with him. He's a good guy!

<KM99> "You'll never get rid of that BOOM-BOOM-BOOM no matter what you do...."

<RM> cool

> And he tipped me off as to how George Balzer got the job on the Benny show

<Scott in KC> How's that, Laura?

<RM> His Dad waas a Repubican, though, right?

> He was Andy Devine's cleaning man!

> RM - Not sure, but he was Mayor of Van Nuys!

<RM> whoops, you know what Imeant!!

<Mike Amo> Balzer's dad? lol

<Scott in KC> Van Nice? I lived near there.

<RM> yes

> Mike - No, BALZER was!

<Mike Amo> oh wow

<Scott in KC> Rags to riches?

<RM> LOL MIke!

> Scott - Something like that!

<Mike Amo> Anyway, this music guide had a lot if interesting stuff on Jack's early career as well, written by Cub Koda...ever heard of him?

<Scott in KC> Are you: "Thinking it over?"

> Mike - No, have no idea.

> I'll have a vodka and Cub Koda, please!

<Scott in KC> shaken not stirred

<Mike Amo> {:OP

<RM> get her one, will ya, Eric?

<Scott in KC> Hey, Dan, you heard her...Hop to it!

<KM99> RM - Coming right up

> Ah, he went to the basement already. Sorry!

<Scott in KC> The wine cellar?

> Actually, scotch and Cub Koda would be more like it.

> Scott - To the library, next to the wine cellar (really).

<KM99> Don't get me started on scotch...

<Mike Amo> Anecdotes like one I'd never heard...Jack at opening day of baseball season one year...instead of throwing out the first ball, he merely glanced at it and put it in his pocket, bringing the house down

> KM - LOL

<Scott in KC> You are the first California I have met who has a basement.

> Scott - Well, our house is on a lot with a mild grade, and the back part of it is underground. But the front is on the ground. So I still call it the basement.

<Scott in KC> Is there a vault down there with a Guard named Ed?

<RM> my stomach can't take it anymore

> RM - Are we disgusting you?

<Mike Amo> Halt! Who goes there!

> Scott - Well, the guard's name is Dan right now.

<Scott in KC> Friend or Foe?

> Fiend

<Scott in KC> Watch out for them alligators!

<RM> no, it hurts from laughing

<KM99> "The British Are Coming"

<=== password

> RM - :)

> Greenberg's on third.

> A fool and his money are soon parted.

> Foe

> How many passwords can YOU name?!?!

> Well, that stopped conversation right there.

> Labor Day, oh Labor Day!

> You are with us once again...

<KM99> LL - I was just thinking about dinner....

<Scott in KC> KM has to work, right?

<RM> He He

> KM - No, he's always that way.

<KM99> Scott - Actually I'm just working for a few hours tomorrow

<Scott in KC> I didn't know Canada observed Labor Day the same time we did.

<KM99> I've got a contractor in Lethbridge who needs me to run some bid numbers for them

> Ah, RFPs. That's what my other book is about.

<KM99> Scott - I've watch more Jerry Lewis Telethons than I care to count

<Scott in KC> Laura, here's another password: "loose ends"

<RM> It's actually called "Hockey Day" in Canada

> RM - I thought every day was hockey day.

<Mike Amo> Oops, forgot that was on, thanks folks!

> Mike - So did I.


> Sy

<Scott in KC> Jerry Lewis patronizes those of us with disabilities...End of my political comment.

<Mike Amo> We are all disabled in some way...passes soapbox to next person

<KM99> So I was at a this wedding this afternoon.... and the people had the ceremony in their back yard

<Scott in KC> I will, Mike, but it's my job, leterally.

> I had a friend with MS who was on a local film for the telethon one year. He was excited about it. *pass*

<Mike Amo> Good weather, KM?

<KM99> The bride and groom said their vows, kissed and turned to the crowd and cued the music....

<Scott in KC> Were you Best Man?

> Love in Bloom?

<Mike Amo> lol!

<KM99> Out played the "Hockey Night In Canada" Theme. They're both great hockey fans, you see.

<Mike Amo> If I ever get a cellphone, that will be my ringtone

> Mike - You heard Joel's ringtone, didn't you?

<Mike Amo> Um, Love in Bloom, not Hockey Night in Canada

<Scott in KC> LOL...Really, KM?

<KM99> No kidding, folks

<Mike Amo> Maybe so, Laura, I just know it's out there somewhere

> Mike - Joel had me send him the sheet music so he could program it.

<RM> did you see the look on Joan's face when she heard it?

<Mike Amo> Well, I need to get a cellphone someday, Laura...I'll be in touch {:o)

> RM - He played it for her? Oh my, I can only imagine...

> Mike - I'll be here!

<RM> yup, just imaagine

<KM99> LL - Would you be willing to send me a scan of the music as well? I've got an idear or two

> RM - Probably similar to William Shatner at a Trek convention.

<Scott in KC> I went to a KC Royals game when an airplane flew by with a banner asking someone woman: Mary, will you marry me? I happened to sit next to him, and he had the engagement ring ready, and she said, "%%^&* NO! You embarrassed me in front of all these people!"

<Mike Amo> I'm a big Canadian Country Music fan...off to Edmonton Thursday-Tuesday for the annual CCMA convention, yeehaw

> KM - OK, just remind me to do it. I think I still have the scans.

> Scott - Following in the footsteps of her namesake, eh?

<RM> word cannot describe the look

<Mike Amo> lol!

<KM99> Out played the "Hockey Night In Canada" Theme. They're both great hockey fans, you see.

<Mike Amo> If I ever get a cellphone, that will be my ringtone

> Mike - You heard Joel's ringtone, didn't you?

<Mike Amo> Um, Love in Bloom, not Hockey Night in Canada

<Scott in KC> LOL...Really, KM?

<KM99> No kidding, folks

<Mike Amo> Maybe so, Laura, I just know it's out there somewhere

> Mike - Joel had me send him the sheet music so he could program it.

<RM> did you see the look on Joan's face when she heard it?

<Mike Amo> Well, I need to get a cellphone someday, Laura...I'll be in touch {:o)

> RM - He played it for her? Oh my, I can only imagine...

> Mike - I'll be here!

<RM> yup, just imaagine

<KM99> LL - Would you be willing to send me a scan of the music as well? I've got an idear or two

> RM - Probably similar to William Shatner at a Trek convention.

<Scott in KC> I went to a KC Royals game when an airplane flew by with a banner asking someone woman: Mary, will you marry me? I happened to sit next to him, and he had the engagement ring ready, and she said, "%%^&* NO! You embarrassed me in front of all these people!"

<Mike Amo> I'm a big Canadian Country Music fan...off to Edmonton Thursday-Tuesday for the annual CCMA convention, yeehaw

> KM - OK, just remind me to do it. I think I still have the scans.

> Scott - Following in the footsteps of her namesake, eh?

<RM> word cannot describe the look

<Scott in KC> Mike...Does Gordon Lightfoot sing Love in Bloom?

<Mike Amo> I'll let you know

<KM99> I heard Joel's phone in LA and I thought it was hilarious

<RM> That's funny, LL

> I think I've said this here before, but Dan and I were making up obscene lyrics to Love in Bloom by the end of 39 Forever.

> Dan still sings some of them from time to time.

<RM> uh oh

<Scott in KC> I just used the name Mary...I forgot, but they were on the Jumbotron and she was really POed at the guy.

> Scott - Not much of a romantic, I guess.

<RM> to get you in the mood?

<Mike Amo> I was watcing a show at Wolf Trap and couldn't get "If You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then I'll Come Back to You" out of my head...

<KM99> LL - You've told us the convention got a little stressful....I understand completely

<Scott in KC> LOL, everyone!

<Scott in KC> Mike ~ Are you in Virginia?

<Mike Amo> yes

> I think when you're not deeply involved in Jack Benny, it's fun to be so completely immersed in it for a weekend and hear Love in Bloom over and over.

<Scott in KC> I want to visit Wolf Trap sometime.

<Scott in KC> Did they play that at your wedding, Laura?

<RM> trust me, What goes on in VA, STAYS in Va.

<Mike Amo> It was a kick, Laura, and I'm sure Joel's cellphone was an inspiration for me at the time {:oD

> Scott - Oh my, Dan would have left me if that had happened!

<KM99> Hey folks, I'm going to sign off for now. Goodnight all.

<Scott in KC> My brother went to Va Tech, but didn't stay there. That's where he got that Philco radio.

> What did happen though, is that we had a guy who was a Jewish fiddler

> Night, KM! Thanks again!

<Mike Amo> Okay, cya KM!

> His name was Zvi

<Scott in KC> Good night KM

<Mike Amo> Si

> And he was there mainly as a strolling Klezmer violinist during dinner

<KM99> I have to stick around to hear the end of the fiddler story now

> And when we turned to walk up the aisle, I had picked out the opening movement of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons"

<Mike Amo> wow, it would be cool to have a Klezmer band on the loose

> as the music for that.

> But Zvi was sort of a putz

<Scott in KC> Jack played "The Fiddler" as a funny parody of "The Whistler"

> and decided that he wanted to do something different.

<RM> I was gonna say 'bye to Phil, but you ruined it , KM

> So Dan and I turned to walk up the aisle,

> and Zvi jumped in before the DJ could start the music, and started playing this mournful dirge on his violin.

> The photographer snapped a shot of us as we walked up the aisle

> And I have this look on my face like, "Why the hell is he playing that mournful dirge?"

> And Dan has a look like "I'm going to #%@Y*$# kill that guy."

<Mike Amo> LOL

> On top of it my mother had just died

> and it was really strange to have this dirge playing us away from the chuppah.

<RM> oh my goodness

> But it's something that we laugh about now.

<Scott in KC> Did you throw the glass at him?

> Scott - Dan certainly would have, given half a chance!

<KM99> Thanks for the story, LL. Bye for now..

> But Zvi got the chair dance going later in the evening.

> Night, KM! Take care!

<Scott in KC> Good night, KM

> So he absolved himself.

<RM> bye eric

<Mike Amo> I've always worried about someone taking a big fall off those chairs!

> Well, we're off topic now, aren't we?!?!

<Scott in KC> We Christians should have festive weddings like the Jewish friends!\

> Mike - I hung onto mine for dear life, because they kept tipping me forward!

<RM> what WAS the topic?

> RM - You came in after it left.

<Scott in KC> Thurl Raverscroft eating Frsoted Lucky Strikes

[Sun Sep 05 18:39:27 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

> Scott - LOL

<Mike Amo> Hi Josef

> Hi Josef!

<Josef> Hello

<RM> I didn't even see it in passing

> Maybe you can get us back on topic!

<Scott in KC> Hi Josef

> Or...maybe not.

> Well! Same to you, buddy!

<Mike Amo> I learned today that Jello made ice cream powder, even in maple...that one threw me when Don mentioned it

> I think I scared him.

<Mike Amo> Could've been me

> Mike - Yes, they had ice cream powder and freezing mix.

[Sun Sep 05 18:40:25 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

<Scott in KC> Eeeewww, Mike...sounds nasty

<Mike Amo> wb Josef

> WB Josef

<Josef> Hello

<Scott in KC> Hi again Josef

<Josef> Thanks

<RM> hey Josef

> It's funny that they apparently test marketed ice cream mix in the East, which eventually became freezing mix based on the flavor distribution.

<Josef> So, what's eceryone been talking about?

<Josef> *everyone, that is*

<Scott in KC> I can't imagine making a fortune off of Jell-O

> Someone made a great post on our old Bulletin Board about how the resulting product couldn't be penetrated with any kitchen implement.

> Josef - Hockey night in Canada

<Josef> cool

<Mike Amo> lol, I did wonder

<Scott in KC> LOL, LL....

<RM> don't mind her, Josef, she went for the scotch

> Josef - Do you have any Benny questions/comments to get us back on track?

<Josef> Ah

> RM - It might surprise you to know I probably haven't had scotch since about March. Just not in the mood for it lately.

<Scott in KC> So, what did you re-name Love in Bloom, Lura, dare I ask?

<Scott in KC> Laura*

<RM> :) LL

> Scott - Oh No, It's You

<Josef> Well, I'm listening to the Dennis Day interviw, but I just finished listening to The Benny Program.

> Josef - You're ahead of me...I was working on 39 Forever and forgot to hear the Day interview!

<Scott in KC> Your thoughts, Josef?

> Scott - (It's Love in Bloom => Oh No, It's You)

<Josef> How long was Dennis Day in the Navy? Anybody know? Cause it seems he left in 1944, came back a year or so later.

<Scott in KC> LOL....Now work on Clancey Lower the Boom!

<RM> 2 years

<Scott in KC> Lowered*

<Scott in KC> Or Clancey Lover the Bloom

<Josef> 2 years? What happened to Larry Stevens after Dennis' return?

> Josef - A little more than that. He came back in 1946.

<RM> went to do movies, right, LL?

> Josef - That's a good question. I believe he toured some of the camps.

<Josef> wow.

> RM - Wish I had a better answer...maybe dial up imdb again.

<RM> ok

<Josef> ok

> I've been counting Larry Stevens' lines in the shows where he appeared.

> Usually, he has a maximum of four lines.

> Sometimes he doesn't have any!

<Josef> He had very little exept a song.

<Scott in KC> Larry Stevens...Is he related to Larry Stevens of Leave It to Beaver...Like his father, maybe?

<Josef> Was he that bad of an actor?

<Mike Amo> How did they introduce him then?

> Josef - I don't think so, they just didn't want him to "catch on" and then not be able to bring back Dennis.

> Mike - Sometimes Jack would muse about the song on the show,

<Mike Amo> Oh, that makes sense

<Josef> ah, sounds logical.

> once Jack just comes into the studio and says, "Hey, Larry Stevens is rehearsing his song!"

<Scott in KC> That's kind of a cruel game, don't you think?

<Josef> Dennis was great on the show.

> I'll be writing a blurb about it in the intro of Volume 2.

<Josef> okay

<RM> hey, I'v got to get going and do some other stuff online, see ya'lllaater!!

<Mike Amo> Cya RM

> Scott - Well, I'd imagine Larry would rather take that than not be on the show.

<Scott in KC> I liked Dennis post World War II

> Take care, RM!

<Scott in KC> Take care, RM!

<Josef> Bye RM

> There's an echo in here.

<Scott in KC> There's an echo in here.

> Hellooooo there

<Scott in KC> Maybe we should see the same shrink Jack did?

<Josef> The show became very different after WWII

> Scott - I was just thinking that.

> Josef - They sort of had to...they were around 5th or 6th in the ratings.

<Scott in KC> GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike!

<Josef> wow

<Mike Amo> Now you have me pondering what was higher...

> That was a big reason that they did the "I Can't Stand Jack Benny because" contest. To boost ratings.

<Mike Amo> Amos 'n' Andy, Bing?

> Mike - Well, I know Bob Hope was.

<Scott in KC> It it help?

<Josef> It worked.

> I haven't compiled more than Jack's ordinal at that time. I'll do that later.

<Scott in KC> Fibber McGee and Molly?

> I'd have to pull my ratings book to see.

<Josef> ok

<Scott in KC> Fred Allen?

> Scott - Doubt it. Allen was on and off the air at the time.

<Scott in KC> OK....

> OK, I'll throw this out there just for discussion, but I'll probably do it again when we have a larger group.

> When Jack and Fred were feuding in the 1930s, it felt like a very "even" fight.

<Josef> it did

> But by the 1950s (and even a bit in the late 1940s), it at times felt sort of sad because Fred wasn't on the air consistently

> and his show wasn't very high in the ratings.

> At the end of one show, Fred goes back to selling maps of movie stars' homes rather than go on Jack's show.

<Josef> He was on the Benny Program a lot during that time.

<Scott in KC> Not to me. Allen always got Jack's goat, it seemed. He seemed to get in the Last Word, but I have only heard a few of their shows together. Allen was naturally sacrastic.

<Mike Amo> It's a shame because Fred had no love for TV

> Fred always had his wit, but sometimes it feels like he's a "beaten man" because he didn't enjoy the same success that Jack did.

<Josef> No, especially when TV came in.

> Just curious what others think about that.

<Mike Amo> That's what I thought too, Laura...Fred was my dad's favorite, Jack was mine

> TV = Treadmill to Oblivion

<Scott in KC> I have seen a still of Fred Allen waging a finger (the polite way) at Jack on a TV screen.

> Mike - I found out that Fred Allen was my mother-in-law's favorite. How ironic.

> Scott - Yes, it looks like a photo of Jack pasted on the screen, doesn't it?

<Scott in KC> Was Jack wearing a hat?

> Scott - Yes.

<Josef> I think the Jack Benny Program worked very well on the transition to television

<Scott in KC> Yep, seen that, too.

<Scott in KC> Even the Maxwell transferred well to TV.

> But the vault didn't.

<Mike Amo> Neither did Dennis as the kid, lol

<Scott in KC> That's why I love OTR = Old Time Radio so much.

<Mike Amo> But I thought the vault on TV was hilarious

> Mike - Although Dennis lasted the full television run.

<Josef> It did. It was great success, more so than any other radio show then. No, Dennis was no kid by TV and the vault is funnier on radio.

> Mike - I'm more going by what others have said, because they couldn't do the cavernous vault that so many had in their minds.

<Josef> But it still worked out-heck 15 or 16 years on TV.

<Mike Amo> That's true, TV sets are limited, but it was the first exposure I had to Jack

<Mike Amo> And as a kid, that stuff, like Ed, was just great

> I personally like the vault in "The Mouse That Jack Built"!

<Scott in KC> I remember the reruns of Jack's show after coming home from school in the mid 1960's

<Mike Amo> I have to see that cartoon again

<Josef> I heard Jack for three years and finally got a copy of the TV show on DVD a few months ago. It was something else, very different.

> Josef - It depends on the show you see. For example, Carol Burnett's Tarzan episode is completely different from radio.

> But the shows with Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stewart are lifted right from the Colmans.

<Josef> Yes.

<Scott in KC> Were there any actors and actresses Jack refused to co-star with?

> And the script from "How Jack Met Mary" is almost identical to the radio version.

<Josef> I love that TV episode.

> Scott - Well, Groucho was persona non grata for a while because he was so critical of the script.

<Scott in KC> I mean people Jack actually "hated." Especially those who criticized his little troupe.

> I can't remember anyone else that Jack wouldn't work with.

> Scott - Well, I tend to go back to Milt Josefsberg's chapter on that question.

<Scott in KC> I thought so, Laura, it speaks well of the man. :)

<Josef> It does.

<Mike Amo> Who were the folks at Hillcrest Jack and George usually hung out with?

> Let's see...Jessel, Berle...

> Jolson sometimes, Groucho...

<Mike Amo> That's what brought that to mind...I figured Groucho was in that gang

> I recently corrected a coworker on George Burns' story of Groucho and sea bass.

<Mike Amo> I remember that story, but it's been a year

> Poor George...she was blaming Burns for Groucho's line that he hated so much!

<Scott in KC> Were they forbidden to play golf at "Non-Jewish" country clubs? That's sad.

<Mike Amo> lol

<Josef> wow

> Scott - Well, there's a joke about Groucho wanting to have his daughter join a club that wouldn't allow Jews

> Supposedly he said, "My daughter is only half Jewish, can she go in the pool up to her waist?"

<Mike Amo> LOL

> Believe it or not, one of our long-time members wrote me a diatribe one time that (just quoting him) one has to believe in Jesus to get into Heaven, and that since Jack was Jewish, it's too bad that such a nice man is in hell.

> You know, how do you respond to something like that?

<Josef> Guess you can't.

<Scott in KC> LOL....We used to have an African-American mayor in the 1990's and HE was forbidden to join the hoity-toity Kansas City Country Club. Until pro golfer Tommy Watson said, NO! Then they could join.

> I sort of like the irony of belonging to a fan club for someone you believe is in hell.

> Scott - Tom Watson. I always had a sense that he was a good guy.

<Josef> Guess it is ironic.

> But anyhow...we've passed the three-hour mark. Should we keep it going or wrap up?

<Scott in KC> As a Christian, that guy needs to re-read his Bible...and the New Testament. I better stop lest I get into more trouble. I think God is a little bigger than that. OK, that's it.

<Josef> Keep it going!

<Mike Amo> Laura, I'm not surprised...I've dealt with ministers like that

<Scott in KC> Enough said, Laura! :)

<Josef> Whether you believe it or not, it's not a nice thing to say bluntly.

> Well, my father was taught that you have to be baptized to get into Heaven. So he had a tough time when my mother died, because she hadn't been baptized.

> Then there he was at my bat mitzvah, the most goyishe man in the world wrapped in a prayer shawl and wearing a yarmulke,

<Josef> huh

> hearing our congregation praying Kaddish for my mother.

<Mike Amo> Aww

<Scott in KC> I think God has a place for your mother and Jack, and who knows who else.

> So he said something like, "Well, I can't imagine that all these people (in the Jewish congregation) aren't going to Heaven, and they're all praying for my wife to get in there!"

> Scott - I think you said it well.

<Mike Amo> Oy, the stories I could tell... {:o)

<Josef> Same here.

<Scott in KC> Thank you, Laura. :)

<Josef> Wow-I like this Dennis Day interview.

> I'll have to hear it some time. :)

<Josef> It's great.

<Scott in KC> He was so positive all the time. He is the perfect gentleman.

<Scott in KC> was*

<Josef> Yes

> Yes, that's something that I recall strongly about him. He was so very positive.

<Josef> He sounds very positive.

<Scott in KC> I work for others with ALS....Many are bitter and cynical.

> Amazing for someone who had just been diagnosed with a terminal disease. Of course, that was a few years after this interview.

<Mike Amo> It really was upbeat, Laura...Jack's sounded a little more of a downer...though noth was very astute in his observations on the world and the entertainment business

<Josef> What disease was it?

<Mike Amo> noth=both

> Scott - It's a rotten disease. Dennis is lucky that he went as quickly as he did.

> Mike - Yes, I agree with you.

<Scott in KC> Lou Gerhig's Disease, Josef

<Josef> Oh wow.

<Mike Amo> hmm, changing these sentences in midthought makes a mess, lol

<Scott in KC> Stephen Hawkin has it, and survived several years.

<Scott in KC> Hawking

> Just to think that your musculature is going to progressivley shut down until you suffocate to death. Rotten disease.

> Hawking has got to be one of the longest survivors.

<Josef> Yes, it is.

<Scott in KC> My stepmom has post-polio...It does the same thing.

<Scott in KC> Anyway....

> Dennis was on the Labor Day telethon once

<Josef> Back to Benny

> I didn't see him, but I know he'd made a film for them.

> Seems like most of the cast died quietly.

<Josef> That's good.

> Jack went quickly, Mary went in her sleep,

<Scott in KC> I feel like I am a candy store and I can't decide what to get. Life's a box of chocolates.....

> Dennis took a fall and died quickly, Phil I think was a heart attack and so was Don

<Josef> Best way to go is in the sleep.

> Rochester I think might have been a heart attack as well.

<Scott in KC> Eddie had a heart attack, too?

<Josef> wow

> Scott - I'm not positive of that.

<Josef> What happened to Kenny Delmar after he left the Benny Program?

<Scott in KC> I think I read that because with his voice, I thought he might have had cancer.

> Josef - Hm! I'm not sure. Of course, he was Senator Claghorn, but I'm not sure how long he did that.

> He has an amazing tombstone. Claims he's the most quoted man ever.

<Mike Amo> He even had a movie or two on Claghorn, Laura

<Scott in KC> Josef...imdb.com is a great source to answer your questions

> Scott - Not that I recall, but I'd have to pull a few books and check.

<Josef> Okay, thanks.

> Mike - Yeah, amazing, isn't it?

> Sort of like the Mr. Kitzel pilot show. How do you sustain that character for a full movie?

<Scott in KC> Who has the most quotes, ever?

<Mike Amo> I'd like to see it sometime...was surprised at your blurb about Kitzel too

> Scott - Probably God (the Bible). Or Shakespeare. I'll let them duke it out.

<Scott in KC> LOL...Or Mark Twain!

<Scott in KC> Bard v. Lord?

> I once paged over an old Bartlett's to see who had a lot of quotes.

> Scott - Har har

<Josef> Shakespeare has the most quotes, ten to one. Followed by the Bible.

> Josef - Good job!

> The pen is mightier than the Lord.

<Scott in KC> Someone, I don't think the writers of the Bible used Comedy. I don't see 1 Jack 2:3

<Josef> I wouldn't say that, it's just that more people know about Shakespeare han the Bible.

> Scott - That's the Canada Dry series.

<Scott in KC> LOL...Laura.

<Josef> 1 Jack 1:1 --Hmmmmmmmmm

> In the beginning, there was Canada Dry.

<Scott in KC> Where there are John's in the New Testament

<Scott in KC> LOL

> And it flowed freely from soda fountains, and covered the glasses of thirsty consumers everywhere for only a nickel.

<Josef> 1 Jack 1:1--This is Jack Benny you Canada Dry Humorist.

<Josef> *your*

<Scott in KC> That's where the Bible references baseball.. "In the Big Inning...."


<Mike Amo> This is the end of the 37th show in the 5th season of the Jello program (Jello 5:37)

> Mike - ROFLMAO

<Scott in KC> Bible also references tennis: "Jacob served in Paraoh's court"

<Josef> 1 Jack 1:2-3 --General Motors. Jello Again, this is Jack Benny talking.

> Josef - Too fast. General Tire.

<Josef> sorry.

<Josef> I knew it was General something.

> Slow down...the General tires easily...

<Scott in KC> Didn't St. Paul write letters to the PHILLIPians

> Bad jokes were simply apocryphal.

> Uh oh, we lost Josef!

[Sun Sep 05 19:24:56 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

<Scott in KC> I've been around my pastor too much.

<Mike Amo> I didn't do it!

<quickly hides boot>

<Josef> 1 Jack 10:49--I'm thinking it over!

<Scott in KC> Me neither.

> Book of Ruth replaced by Book of Mary

> Moses getting drunk replaced by Phil getting drunk

<Scott in KC> The Bible talks about Dennis because in Gensis it says: The was DAY and night, the second day.

> OK, someone somewhere is going to pick this up and give me crap about being sacreligious.

> Scott - LOL

<Mike Amo> Laura, you'll get another letter!

> Kenny and Abel

<Scott in KC> :)

<Josef> Well, I'm a Christian, but the Bible jokes are pretty funny. I wouldn't call them sacreligious.

<Scott in KC> Mary Livinstone and Mary Magnaline

> Josef - I hope any readers who get this far in the transcript feel similarly!

<Scott in KC> I am a Christian too, Josef, but the Lord is smiling on ALL of us.

> OK, this is an unpaid public service announcement! Please remember that laughter is a joyful noise unto the Lord, and God has a sense of humor...he made Jack Benny.

<Scott in KC> Livingstone*

> So don't interpret our banter here as anything more than attempts at fun and humor!

<Josef> The Lord has to have a sense of humor, I mean come on, He created Jack Benny!

<Scott in KC> and He created women.

<Mike Amo> And blondes

> Scott Hmmm

<Scott in KC> "In the beginning, God created Jack Benny, and said It is Good!"

> In the beginning, God created Jack Benny and said "WELL!"

<Scott in KC> Maybe Jack created God....Oh, that's pressing the envelop a tad too far.

<Josef> Afterwards, God created Dennis Day, and said, "Hmmmmm"

> Scott - It's possible...George Burns was born two years after Jack.

<Scott in KC> Amen!

> Have you heard they're remaking "Oh God" with Ellen Degeneres in George's role?

<Scott in KC> Really?

<Mike Amo> Oh no! I'd forgotten about that

> S'what I heard!

<Scott in KC> And George will be a Clown Fish?

<Josef> Oh, God without George is like Peanut Butter without bread. Can't be done!

<Scott in KC> Right on, Josef

> Of course, that doesn't stop Hollywood.


<Scott in KC> I wonder if they will make a sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

<Josef> No, they've remade everything. Maybe they'll remake "The Horn Blows at Midnight."

<Scott in KC> That's a good (God) thing.

<Scott in KC> BRB, also

<Josef> Yes. The sequel would outline the apostles journy.

<Josef> Has anyone ever seen The Horn Blows at Midnight?

> I have.

<Mike Amo> Yes, Laura had a poll on that

<Mike Amo> My favorite movie

> I was surprised how highly it rated!

<Josef> Is ot good?

> Josef - That depends on your yardstick.

(loss due to screen refresh)

To Be or Not to Be

<Mike Amo> And Artists and Models was pretty good too

The IJBFC Video Library

<Mike Amo> Thought that was the name, but I didn't want to be wrong {:oP

<Josef> How much?

I probably don't have it up on the Web page yet, but I put it in the most recent Times.

Josef - Go to the video library link under Featured Items on the home page. It has all the details.

<Josef> Okay, thanks.

So what else is up? I guess my YUSA spot is on now.

<Josef> I gotta get going, everyone, but it was great talking about our favorite stingy man!

<Josef> See you all next month.

<Scott in KC> Ditto. Take care all, and God bless us everyone!

<Josef> Yes, God Bless.

Take care, thanks for stopping!

I'm hungry and want to get some dinner myself.

<Scott in KC> Laura...Do you want me to share that Ricky Nelson thing now to preseve in the chat?

Good night, guys!

Scott - Sure, why not?

<Mike Amo> Nite LL!

Night, Mike!

<Mike Amo> Nite Scott

Go for it, Scott.

<Scott in KC> OK. Ricky Nelson was a guest on Saturday Night Live. He was stuck in "Twilight Zone TV Hell" with Dan Akroyd as Rod Serling.

<Mike Amo> Off to catch LL's spot

<Scott in KC> I will send an email...Don't want you to miss it. Bye

Mike - It seems not to be on yet.

Scott - No, I know what I said.

Scott - If YOU want to hear it, then that's different!

Oh, there I am.

<Scott in KC> Shall I continue?

Sure. I'm just listening to myself laughing.

<Scott in KC> LOL...I heard you on Larry King.

Scott - Yow...don't remind me. :)

<Scott in KC> You were great! :)

Scott - Thanks! I haven't listened to it in a number of years, for fear of sounding stupid!

> Tell you what...go ahead and E-mail me about it. Now I'm starting to study how I'm talking and my vocalized pauses.

<Mike Amo> Now running it, Laura, sounds good

Thanks, Mike!

<Scott in KC> Anyway, Ricky Nelson comes into a house and says, "Mom, I'm home!" A voice says, "Is that you, son?" Then, here is Jane Curtain and she says, "You're not the Beaver!" Nelson says, "You're not my mother!"

Har har

<Scott in KC> He goes into another house, pours milk and has a cookie, and announces, "Mom, I've home!"

I'm going to mention the chat

There it is

<Scott in KC> And a voice calls out, "Is that you, son?"

<Scott in KC> He says, "Yes." Then, out comes Luraine Newman, or someone, saying "You're not bud." He says, "Your not my mother."

I'm expecting someone to come out and say, "You're not Gilligan!"

<Scott in KC> So, Nelson goes to yet another house, and calls, "I'm home." Pours milk, eats cookie. The ca voice calls, "Is that you, Ricky?"

And it's Lucy?

<Mike Amo> I remember that one when it was live!


<Scott in KC> He says, "Thank God, I made it!" Then here comes Gilda Redner, dressed like Lucy and she says, "You're not Ricky Racardo!" "You're not my mother!"


<Scott in KC> That's it.

<Scott in KC> Ricardo

Love it. Thanks for sharing!

<Scott in KC> You're welcome.

Well, folks, I'll talk with you next month! Thanks for sticking with us!

<Scott in KC> Almost like: "I'll have what she've having."

<Scott in KC> God bless you both! :)

<Mike Amo> Take care LL, Scott

We're a little late, so goodnight folks!