IJBFC Chat - August 1, 2004

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[Sun Aug 01 16:02:52 GMT-08:00 2004] afanofoldradio: founder Reel Old-time Great (ev'rybody luv's 'em) Radioshows Club

> Hey Ed!

<afanofoldradio> hi laura

> How's it going this evening?

<afanofoldradio> ok where is every one else

> Don't know...it may be due to the summer. Or that I didn't send a reminder for tonight's room.

> It's hard to tell.

<afanofoldradio> well if you like the website you should know it already

> That's what I figure. Sometimes I don't send reminders (probably about 40% of the time), but we still get attendees.

<afanofoldradio> my third chat wouldn't miss for anything

<afanofoldradio> it*

> I'm glad you're enjoying them!

[Sun Aug 01 16:05:28 GMT-08:00 2004] Carmichael has no profile.

> Look out! Carmichael is loose!

<afanofoldradio> thanx i am listening to the interview

<Carmichael> growl!

<afanofoldradio> is there a bear in the house?

> We used to have someone who went by the nick "Gas Man".

> Or is this a bull market?

<Carmichael> lol!

> Carmichael - Are you played by Mel Blanc/

<Carmichael> growl - yes!

<Carmichael> growl - achoo!

> So if you suddenly start giving violin lessons, we'll know what happened.

<afanofoldradio> sick time

<Carmichael> burp - sorry, that must have been the gas man!

> I found Mel Blanc in a speaking role well before Carmichael. And I sat gasping in the reading room, looking at his name in front of lines that far back.

<afanofoldradio> frank breshee gives a great interview

<Carmichael> wow - really?

> Ed - Was this his interview with Irving recently?

> Carmichael - Yup. Hang on and I'll give you an exact date.

> June 7, 1936

<afanofoldradio> is this frank giving this interview

<afanofoldradio> sounds like him

> Fan - I don't think so. It's for the CBC Radio.

> Tony somebody, I think.

<Carmichael> How old is Irving?

<afanofoldradio> oh well sorry...

<Carmichael> Tony Thomas, as I recall.

> Carmichael - I used to know that, but I keep forgetting. He's in his 90s now, and as far as I know, still plays tennis every day.

<afanofoldradio> oh sounds like frank ...

> Carmichael - That's it...good call.

<Carmichael> Thanks.

> I recently connected Frank and Irving so they could do an interview for Walden's show.

<Carmichael> I thought it was Bressee at first but then it became clear this was from Canada.

> So since it's just the three of us so far, let's throw the floor open. What Benny stuff is on your minds this evening?

<Carmichael> I had an album with this interview on it years ago

<Carmichael> I thought the interview was interesting

> Carmichael - Really? What was the album?

<afanofoldradio> the interview he says he is not nostalgic you know i think burgess merideth said that too once...

> It's interesting to hear Jack saying "To hell with the past" and not being nostalgic about his radio days.

<Carmichael> I can't quite remember

<Carmichael> It was Jack on one side and Crosby on the other

> Jim Jordan also said that. He did the shows and never listened to them again.

> Carmichael - Both Tony Thomas interviews?

<Carmichael> Yes

> So who was this Tony Thomas guy?

<afanofoldradio> but did he he leave his heart in radio cause he did no TV

<Carmichael> I may still have the album but I would have to dig to find it

<afanofoldradio> jim jordan

> Maybe he left his heart in San Francisco.

<Carmichael> I only know Thomas from that album

<Carmichael> LOL!

> When did Marian Jordan die? I have the BBC "Who Wears the Trousers" show on her, but haven't had a chance to hear it yet.

> I heard that it had some rather gossipy stuff about her in it, like alcoholism, etc.

<Carmichael> Marion died in April 1961

<afanofoldradio> 1961 in april

> OK, knowledgeable group here... :)

<afanofoldradio> just before or after her b-day

> Did they ever try to move McGee to TV? I know they did a couple movies.

<afanofoldradio> yes

<afanofoldradio> bob sweeney and cathy lewis

<afanofoldradio> 1950

> Why not the Jordans?

<afanofoldradio> 1959 sorry

<Carmichael> you just beat me to the answer!

<afanofoldradio> visual

<Carmichael> Hal Peary was on the show but not as Gildersleeve

> Hmm. I recently saw them in "This Way Please" in 1937 and they looked like they were portraying the characters as older then.

<afanofoldradio> mayor latrivia

<Carmichael> I think he was Mayor LaTrivia

> I guess Marian Jordan going out as Mollie and coming back as Teeny wouldn't work.

<afanofoldradio> you beat me to the answer

<afanofoldradio> kidding

<Carmichael> lol! growl.....

[Sun Aug 01 16:18:18 GMT-08:00 2004] Fibber_McGee has no profile.

> There was an interesting plot device in "This Way" to have them doing all the voices.

> Oh how ironic

<afanofoldradio> he's hungry

> We were just talking about you, Fibber!

> Watch out for the polar bear, Fibber.

<Fibber_McGee> I hope it was good what you were saying

<Carmichael> T'aint funny, McGee! LOL

<Fibber_McGee> I'll put Carmichael in my closet...

> Fibber - You'll be able to see it in the transcription. ;)

<Carmichael> uh, oh!

> *********CRASH**********

<afanofoldradio> oh oh

<afanofoldradio> oh boss where are you

<Carmichael> gotta straighten out that closet one of these days!

<Fibber_McGee> Tain't Funny Laura


> Somehow this turned into the Fibber McGee chat room tonight.

<afanofoldradio> thought you crash the computer

> Gosh, I hope not.

<Fibber_McGee> That was the sound of me opening my closet

> Anyone been to the Museum of Broadcasting in Chicago and seen their exhibits on Jack and McGee/

<afanofoldradio> yes

<Carmichael> no

<Fibber_McGee> No

<Carmichael> I'd love to see it!

> They had Jack Benny's vault and McGee's closet. Fan - you want to describe?

<afanofoldradio> it is a fun place to see

> They sold off a bunch of their Benny photos recently.

<Fibber_McGee> Did you get any of them?

> No, I found out too late.

<afanofoldradio> the vault is a walkin and a sound effect takes you thru all the noise that was his vault

> Durnit

> Fan - Except for me, of course.

<Carmichael> cool!

> Lots of photos of it in our Photo Gallery.

<afanofoldradio> poor ed the guard

<Fibber_McGee> I saw a foley artist imitate what the sound effect was for opening my closet

> That was the darndest thing...I was there with some members, and they said, "Hey Laura, walk in there."

> I did, and nothing happened.

> So they said, "Walk out again."

> Nothing happened.

> They couldn't figure out why I hadn't tripped the alarm.

> I said, "But I know the password."

<afanofoldradio> well i thought it did when i was there in 1993

> Fibber - That must have been great.

> I've wanted to see someone do the vault for a long time.

<afanofoldradio> and the closet would open and effects would sound off

<Fibber_McGee> It looked like one of those drums you put tickets in for a drawing filled with tin cans, etc., and turned to make the noise

<Carmichael> How ironic that you couldn't trip it

<Fibber_McGee> At the end, the guy would toss an empty tin can to finish it off

> Carmichael - I know...funniest thing.

> Fibber - I thought it was a dinner bell.

<Carmichael> Maybe Jack was playing a trick on you!

<afanofoldradio> sounds like a bell from a bike

> Carmichael - It wouldn't be the first time.

<Fibber_McGee> I guess it wasn't time for dinner when I saw him

<Carmichael> I always thought it was a little bell

<Fibber_McGee> It might have been, it's been a long time

> Sound effects are so much fun.

<afanofoldradio> i am hearing professor LaBlanc giving lessons on the interview wonder was that jack playing

<Carmichael> Souvenir?

> Probably, based on proximity to the mike

> I think almost all (except for "King for a Day") of those are from the Top Ten 78rpm set

<Carmichael> Right, Laura

<afanofoldradio> king for a day GREAT RADIO!!!

> I was really lucky that I could get my friend from Fort Wayne who did sound effects to help with our recreation in Waukegan.

<Carmichael> Those apparently were recorded specifically for records

> We did the "Captain Horatio Hornblower" broadcast, and it had all sorts of stuff.

<Carmichael> wow

> Carmichael - Yes. But the skits go back to 1944.

> Not LeBlanc, but the rest of that shaving routine does.

<Carmichael> I know, I have heard them :-)

<Fibber_McGee> You should have done it at midnight, then it could be "The Hornblower At Midnight"

> Fibber - BOOOOOO!!!

> I just listened to a "Halls of Ivy" today for Walden's show, and there's an elaborate set-up for a pun like that.

<afanofoldradio> i second that BOOO

Anyone here know much about that series?

<Fibber_McGee> Not me.

<afanofoldradio> ronal coleman and benita

> I've just heard the one episode, and am curious to hear other's comments on it.

<afanofoldradio> rronald*

<afanofoldradio> god i hate typing bad

> Oops...lost Carmichael.

[Sun Aug 01 16:32:00 GMT-08:00 2004] Carmichael has no profile.

<Fibber_McGee> Maybe my pun scared him off

> Carmichael - I thought you fell in the moat.

<afanofoldradio> he's back

<Carmichael> Burp...there goes the gas man again!

<afanofoldradio> whew that smell

> The gas man gave you gas

<Carmichael> burp..growl...excuse me!

<Fibber_McGee> I'm scared to comment, I'll get boo'ed again

> So what other comments on that interview with Jack?

<Carmichael> I got disconnected....loved the pun, Fibber

> As long as it's not Texaco gas, you're OK.

> Fibber - It's OK to get booed in here. I get it all the time.

<Carmichael> I thought it was interesting that Jack talked about being moody

> And Jack could be VERY moody.

<Carmichael> have read that

<Fibber_McGee> I didn't get a chance to download and listen to the interview. I've listened to one before, I'm thinking it's the same one

<afanofoldradio> how many episodes do you think alan reed was in as far as jack benny goes

> Makes me wonder if he were around today what something like Paxil or Welbutrin would do for him.

<afanofoldradio> he was great

<Carmichael> somebody said he had high highs and low lows

> Fan - On Jack's program?

<afanofoldradio> yea...

<Carmichael> When was Reed on Jack's show?

<afanofoldradio> when he was a tour gude on the king for a day skit

<Carmichael> that was on fred's show

<afanofoldradio> or was he

<afanofoldradio> ok fred's show sorry

> Is THAT who that is? I've been looking for that name for some time.

<afanofoldradio> fred flintstone himself

<Carmichael> teddy bergman, before he changed his name

<afanofoldradio> right

> I think he may have been on both shows...Fred and Jacks.

<afanofoldradio> thanx

> Whew! I think you just solved a small mystery for me.

<afanofoldradio> glad to help

<Carmichael> I heard one of Jack's shows from NY in the early to mid 40's recently

> I've been hearing this voice a lot on the 1943-1944 shows, and in my audio notes I've been calling him "the new guy".

<Carmichael> Jackson Beck was on the show

> I thought it might have been John Brown, but wasn't positive.

<Carmichael> Beck just died this week

<afanofoldradio> oh sorry to hear he passed away he was great too

> Jack even comments to him that if he does something, he'll go back to the Fred Allen show.

<Carmichael> He was the voice of Bluto in the Popeye cartoons

> And a lot more.

<afanofoldradio> sam edwards died this week too

> Yes, bad week for OTR.

<afanofoldradio> bad year for OTR

<Carmichael> i didn't realize edwards was 89

<afanofoldradio> yea

<Carmichael> thought he was about 80

<Carmichael> beck was 92

> Then again, nature of the business...OTR wasn't yesterday.

<Carmichael> very true

[Sun Aug 01 16:40:49 GMT-08:00 2004] williamp: no, not wm paley!

> We're quite blessed that we still have some of the folks we do, like Conrad Binyon and Hal Stone.

<afanofoldradio> book i have says edwards was born in 1928 i don't think so

> Hi William!

<williamp> hi laura

<Carmichael> Fred Foy is still around

<afanofoldradio> THE VOICE

> Carmichael - Yeah, I have to catch up with him one of these days.

> I recently interviewed Dix Davis...that was a real kick.

<Carmichael> wow

<Carmichael> Is Stuart Canin still living?

> Not a whole lot of people who can talk about working with Jack when Morrow and Beloin were there.

> Carmichael - Yup, and I interviewed him a couple months ago.

> Lives fairly close to me, in fact.

<Carmichael> Glad to hear it

> That was also a wonderful experience.

> With the time off i took at the beginning of this year, I got a LOT of good interviews done

> Plenty of newsletter material for the next few years.

<afanofoldradio> joseph kearns was a benny regular does anybody the year he was born thisb same book says 1907

<Carmichael> How did he enjoyhis experience with Jack and Fred?

> Carmichael - Very much. He even gave me a new thought on what Fred might have said for the West Coast broadcast of the show that 'started' the feud.

> I brought a copy of "The Bee" sheet music with both their pictures on it, and he said that he'd never seen it before.

<Carmichael> Does the East Coast show exist?

> It's also been really gratifying that for almost every interview I've done, I've been able to give something back to the interviewee.

> Carmichael -Yes it does...I've heard it.

> Carmichael - I transcribed that section in the Jack Benny Times last year.

<Carmichael> thanx, laura

> It might have been a copy of their appearance on Jack's show, or helping them get some family history, or whatever. I like it when we can both benefit from the connection.

> So what other Benny thoughts are out there?

<williamp> im schizophrenic tonite

<Carmichael> Jack spoke about always wanting to enter "new media"

> William - Can't decide on the handkerchief, eh?

<afanofoldradio> the thought of him being a playing violinist instead of a comic

<williamp> :-)

<Carmichael> what do you think he would think today's "entertainment"?

<williamp> jack sure sounded well-adjusted to fifty years of being type-cast in that interview, didnt he

> We've had a lot of self-identified young (sub 39yo) members signing up lately, and I commented to Dan,

> "In 1968, Jack wore a Nehru jacket. In 2004, he wears a Web site."

<Carmichael> LOL!

<williamp> just think how few folks in entertainment want to be typed to that degree anymore

> William - I guess when you've done it for "a lousy million dollars", you can adjust.

> William - That's an excellent point.

<afanofoldradio> money money money

<Carmichael> I just remembered that I was about to mention the Schizophrenia bit when I was disconnected

> And y'know...Robin Williams can carry off wild ad lib comedy as well as drama. And Jack could do comedy and drama well, too.

<williamp> dont be fooled laura.. my friends sometimes call me don wilson

<afanofoldradio> he was buying a kerchief

<Carmichael> It was diffent on the radio show....Jack was buying a cigar

> Carmichael - Yeah, that's it.

<afanofoldradio> frank nelson was on it

<afanofoldradio> but who played the customer behind him

<Carmichael> I agree that Jack could do comedy and drama well

> I'm pretty sure that was just before the move to Luckies!

<Carmichael> Fan - I couldn't recognize the voice

> So Jack could probably have held his own as a performer *outside* of his character. Do you think?

<afanofoldradio> yes

> Fan - Ask me next year.

<Carmichael> absolutely, Laura

> OK...*just moving the conversation in a circle*...why is it that his movies where he's not playing himself (except for "To Be" and "George Washington") are largely forgotten/

> Or derided, like "Horn"?

<afanofoldradio> 'cause they expect it to be him

<afanofoldradio> not a character

<Carmichael> 'cause they weren't anything "special"?

<afanofoldradio> type cast sorta

<williamp> I think HE orchestrated most of the HOrn blows at midnite criticism

> William - Agreed.

<Carmichael> I agree, too

<Carmichael> It's not a bad movie

> What was Johnny Carson's movie that he did the same thing to/

<Carmichael> Looking For Love

> And the box office for "Horn" was respectable.

> Carmichael - That's it.

<williamp> I would like to see what some of the contemporary radio and movie guides, variety, etc said about the other movies at face value

<afanofoldradio> but he mentions how his father would not watch him play a hitler looka like because of his jewish upbringing

<Carmichael> Didn't Jack do "Horn" on radio?

> Fan - Well, that was more of a misunderstanding, as the story goes.

> Carmichael - Sure did. And most people think it was better than the movie.

<afanofoldradio> oh

> Fan - His father thought that he was playing a Nazi, and Jack had to calm him down and convince him to sit through more of the movie.

<afanofoldradio> correct

<Carmichael> Ever see the remake?

> I think Jack also did "Horn" on Omnibus, if I'm not mistaken...*reaching for 39 Forever, first edition*

> 11/29/53...Omnibus. Sure did.

> Carmichael - Once, yes. What did you think of it?

<Carmichael> He did do it on Omnibus...the MT&R has it

> Carmichael - I'm going to be spending a lot of time there when I get to Volumes 3 and 4.

<Carmichael> I thought it was a change of pace for Mel Brooks

<williamp> excluding cameos, laura; how many movies did jack get a credit line in as a star or supporting actor

<Carmichael> Love the Kublelsky Street sign

> William - I think about 20...let me count...

<afanofoldradio> was he in a mad mad mad world?

<Carmichael> I think his last one was Guide For the Married Man

<williamp> i count mad mad world as a cameo

> Well, it was "The Man" in 1972

<Carmichael> Yes, he was in Mad Mad World

<afanofoldradio> right

<Carmichael> "The Man"?

<Carmichael> What was that?

> I'm counting 22, just going fast right now.

> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0068912/

<williamp> thats not bad.. most of those would have been movies he could play jack benny in;

<Fibber_McGee> He drove a car in Mad Mad world

<Carmichael> I have to leave for a while.....back in about 15 minutes...growl :-)

> And Ethel Merman screamed at him.

> Like she did to everyone else in the movie.

> See you in a bit, Carmichael!

<Fibber_McGee> She screamed at EVERYONE

> Is it possible to be more annoying than she was in that movie?

<Fibber_McGee> Charles Grodin can be

> Just her performance almost made Dan demand that I turn it off and watch it when he wasn't around.

<williamp> sure wish i could find the big "W" tho

> William - www.whitehouse.gov

<williamp> :-)

<Fibber_McGee> Be sure you do .gov and not .org, the .org is porno

> Oh, I thought .com was porn and .org was comedy.

> Or is that .net? I can't remember.

> Then again, if you're looking for that sort of thing...that's your business.

<williamp> wish jack could have toured in the broadway play sugar babies

> So it sounds like we've got a pretty knowledgeable little group here...I'm happy to take the topic wherever you'd like to go Benny-wise.

> William - Do you think he could have carried off the baggy pants stuff?

<williamp> after hearing the interview.. i think jack really liked to do live audience stuff

> I'm thinking of the "meet me round the corner in a half an hour" routine, which was more Weber and Fields.

<williamp> and not just so he could play his violin

> William - Agreed. You can't hold a laugh by staring at the audience if it's an empty studio.

> Oops...lost Fan.

<williamp> I still wanna see that Waukegan theatre thing come to fruition somehow so I can go to a real vaudeville program

> William - Unfortunately, the Genesee was built as a movie house, not vaudeville. The Barrison was the vaudeville house, but it closed in 1912.

<williamp> Laura, have you talked to Eddie Carroll recently, he sure has played the midwest alot this year

> And I've got a real Barrison broadsheet sitting on the table in front of me.

<williamp> thats neat

> William - Oh, is that you, Bill? :)

<williamp> yep, i tried to hint that to ya

> Hi Bill...good to see you! I thought it might be you, but didn't want to presume.

<williamp> im listening to jacks summer replacement host even as we speak

> I talked with Eddie a couple weeks ago. He's doing fine.

> Stan Freberg or Jack Paar?

<Fibber_McGee> Can't believe we are down to 3 in the chat

<williamp> tho these are vintage 1966 shows.. i really wanted to see him at aztar in evansvill.. guy lombardo

<williamp> im a lombardo /jan garber fan these days for some reason

> Bill - Well, it's still good stuff.

<williamp> well, fibber, open up that hall closet and find us some folks

> Fibber - It may be partially because the July chat was so late, and i didn't send a reminder for this one.

<williamp> so fibber, have you been to the radio museum in chicago.. lots of jim jordon stuff there

> I heard people were here late last time, after we'd figured we should shut down for the month. Oh well.

<Fibber_McGee> No, I've yet to go to Chicago.

> Bill - Check out Wayne King...you'll probably dig it.

<williamp> i think the entire script achive is there in bound volumes.. and, of course the hall closet

<Fibber_McGee> I stayed around last time, and several showed up after the chat was officially over

> Bill - Of Jack or Fibber?

<williamp> i heard wayne king live at a dance at broadmoor

> Bill - Wow...I didn't know that he was still working that long.

<williamp> fibbers..... and then i was going to tell him bout jacks vault three

<williamp> well, it was a long time ago ; im older than you are

> Bill - Ah but not by much. I'm 35 and you're 39.

<williamp> I saw most of the bands that were still active as i was growing up.. that was probably bout 1974

<williamp> right

<Fibber_McGee> Forever 39

<williamp> i have some russ morgan emanating from san francisco mark hopkins too

> Bill - Got it. I started getting into this stuff around 1979-80. But I did get to see the last of the Mills Brothers and his son, with Kay Starr.

<williamp> i kind of liked it when jack got stuck on 38

> Bill - I've had tea there. Nice place. Interviewed Isaac Stern next door at the Huntington.

[Sun Aug 01 17:11:53 GMT-08:00 2004] afanofoldradio has no profile.

> Bill - I'm happy to say that I think I've conclusively found when Jack went into the age series that firmly took him to 39.

<williamp> i saw the mills brothers two shows nightly five nites in a row in owensboro ky.. go figure

> WB, Fan!

<afanofoldradio> hi laura i am back

> Bill - Across the alley from the Alamo, lived a pinto pony and a Navajo...

<williamp> glad i did tho...i saw bob hope there too.. and a blew a chance to see jack..

> Who used to make frijoles and cornmeal dough for the people passin' by...

<williamp> that is stan kenton stuff

> Bill - Alamo was recorded by the Mills Brothers too.

<williamp> i know but i remember anita o day on that one

<williamp> wonder is she is still living

> I stood next to her at a jazz club in Los Angeles in 1994.

<williamp> i think harry was sightless from diabetes when i saw em

> I was waiting for the performance to start, and there was a loud woman who seemed to be drunk and chain smoking.

<williamp> it was her?

> Then they announced Anita O'Day and she went up on stage.

> Talk about a shock.

> Her early albums are magnificent.

<williamp> I hear helen o connell liked her whiskey too.. and harry james had the fifth in his contracts

<williamp> wow

> Supposedly they were recording her performance that night for release

> She kept stomping on the stage and saying, "You got that down there?"

> Helen O'Connell...another of the few who kept a great voice late in life.

<williamp> wonder why jack never made room for a top notch female vocalist

<afanofoldradio> from my hometown...springfield illinois

> Hey Fibber, Fan...feel free to jump in...don't let us steamroll you.

<williamp> they never did.. cept for dorothy collins in the commercial

<williamp> please do fibber, i get tired fast with my rambling tyrades

<afanofoldradio> i am here look kidding

> Bill - They started with Ethel Shutta, of course.

<afanofoldradio> helen o'connell

> And they had another woman when Canada Dry was retooled...her name is escaping me at the moment.

<Fibber_McGee> I'm not as old as you, so I haven't seen any of these people perform live

> Helen was a midwestern girl like me?

<afanofoldradio> i believe so

<Fibber_McGee> I'm only 39

> We had the Ink Spots at 39 Forever.

<williamp> remember when helen, and kaye star did their national tour?

> Carole Lombard was from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

<williamp> there were four of em.. was margaret whiting in on that

<Fibber_McGee> I did meet one of the original Ink Spots once though

<afanofoldradio> wow

(loss due to screen refresh)

<afanofoldradio> hungry???

<Sinatrafan> Hi everybody

<afanofoldradio> blues eyes

> Welcome Sinatrafan!

<afanofoldradio> hi

<Carmichael> Hi! Did I miss anything good?

> We've actually been talking more about old music and vocalists, so Sinatrafan is right on time.

> And gone again! Durn...

<Carmichael> cool!

> I guess we scared him/her off.

<Carmichael> I'll read the transcript later this week

<williamp> i have kms email address somewhere, ill try to write him this week

> If it's OK with everyone, I'm happy to float to the topic of music in addition to Benny.

<Fibber_McGee> Maybe he saw the card from the Manchurian Candidate

<Carmichael> I hope he/she didn't think I was hungry!

<williamp> whaever happened to that jeanine from 39 forever?

<afanofoldradio> growl!!!

> Fibber - Good one.

<Carmichael> Fan - grolwl! :-)

> Bill - Oh, she's still around. Very busy. I hear from her occasionally. Actually, she's supposed to get back to me about interviewing Kate.

<Fibber_McGee> One growl, and one good one

<Carmichael> growl, I mean

> For everyone else - Kate Phillips, supporting actress on "Buck Benny"

<williamp> well, let me ask you this.. in your interviews, laura... why has no one in hollywood tried to tackle a jack benny themed movie

<Carmichael> neat!

> Bill - Well, there's been talk of it. I've even been offered an associate producership on one of them.

<afanofoldradio> hey does any know that both Kenny and dennis show up in a 1940 JB episode did that happen often at those times

> But as one person put it to me, "There's no HOOK." There's no big drama that took place in Jack's life.

<williamp> next time you talk to her... ask her to e mail me.. i still want my kaye picture autographed.. lol

<Carmichael> what about the "smuggling" case?

> Fan - Mind rewording that? I'm not sure what the question is.

> Bill - I'll make a note of that.

> Carmichael - It's not lurid enough any more.

<Carmichael> true..pretty tame

> Dan and I just watched "Wonderland", based on the true story of a porn star who becomes a drug addict and gets mixed up in four gruesome murders.

> I said to Dan, "This is not 'I Always Had Shoes'."

<Carmichael> LOL

<afanofoldradio> kenny baker and dennis day did they show up on JB on the same show more than once in 1940 or was that it

> Meaning that nothing like that ever happened in Jack's life, so there's not (yet) a movie on it.

<afanofoldradio> a christmas show

<williamp> i know that biographies are a tough sell in hollywood.. maybe there is a twist that someone could come up with for the life and times instead of just dry biography

> Fan - I think I've only heard one like that...hang on...

> 12/22/40.

<Carmichael> Larry Stevens subbed again for Dennis in 1949, I think -- just one show

<afanofoldradio> right date

> Bill - The unfortunate thing is that if they could do a "DeLovely" on Jack, they might be able to sell it. But Jack wasn't gay, so there goes that angle.

<afanofoldradio> i have that from a freeMP3 from radiolady.com

> 11/20/49 and 12/22/46 are the shows I have with Stevens guesting.

<Carmichael> Considering what Hollywood does to biopics, maybe it is ok that they don't do a Benny Bio

<williamp> well, i need a sequel to field of dreams.. they can have a soundstage of dreams

<williamp> what a great title! don wilson should do the trailer

<Carmichael> An independant film would be nice

> Carmichael - Isn't it funny...they used to clean up people's lives for the movies (e.g., Jolson Story). Now it's the opposite.

> Bill - Start warming up.

<Carmichael> Nobody wants to see a "nice" story

<williamp> unfortunately, im always warming up.. lol

[Sun Aug 01 17:29:38 GMT-08:00 2004] Sinatrafan: I am an 18 year old OTR fan and I love swing and big band music.

<Sinatrafan> Hi everyone

<afanofoldradio> how about amos and andy would they make in todays TV unlike thw 1950's

> WB Sinatrafan!

<Sinatrafan> Sorry I left earlier, I was arguing with my parents,

<Carmichael> TNT did a "nive" true story a couple of years ago about Bill Porter, a door to door salesman

<afanofoldradio> ouch

<Carmichael> nice, I mean

> I'll second your profile, although I don't wish I was 18 again...

<williamp> did jack impress you as being uncomfortable discussing success of his character in the interview or in interviews in general

<afanofoldradio> yes

<Sinatrafan> How long does this chat last for? :)

> I've heard interviews where he sounded more at ease and a little less grouchy.

<Carmichael> Jack sounded comfortable to me

<Sinatrafan> Its nice to see a chat for OTR fans Ive had trouble finding them

<afanofoldradio> 'till 10 central

> Sinatrafan - Depends. Last month it was an hour, but I've seen it go up to three hours or more if people are enthusiastic.

> Carmichael - Walden told me earlier today that he was lying in bed for this entire interview.

<williamp> hi sinatrafan

<Sinatrafan> Not many people I know like OTR,Im 18 and my friends wont believe me or give them a chance when I say OTR shows are good

> Sinatrafan - I hear that. It's a big reason that I started the club.

<Sinatrafan> Hi William! My name is William as well :).

<afanofoldradio> i know a kid in Minn. who is 18 and a OTR fan

<afanofoldradio> just started this year

<williamp> good name.. great name.. so i know you are a great guy!

<Carmichael> I "discovered" OTR when I was 16

> I started the club when I was 10. So there are young fans out there!

<Carmichael> Laura - you win!

<afanofoldradio> i started at 10 also

<afanofoldradio> sorry second or tied for 1st

<Sinatrafan> Thats me, Ed!

<williamp> I got hooked on this stuff right around 1970

<Sinatrafan> Im Will, DOGHHH

<afanofoldradio> is that you DOGHHH

<Fibber_McGee> My Dad got me started years ago with the Longines Album set that Jack Benny narrarated

<Sinatrafan> And I started 2 years ago

> The IJBFC chat room gets jiggy...

<williamp> what part of country will?

<Sinatrafan> yes, this is me Ed, DOGHHH :) I live in Minnesota

<afanofoldradio> well i dont everyones name on chats...

> I started on the Nostalgia Lane records.

<williamp> i won the longines album at 39 forever, but my nephew stole it from me.. lol

<Fibber_McGee> I still have the album

<Sinatrafan> I love OTR and that era...I wish it all came back into popularity

<afanofoldradio> i always wished NL records had dates to them

> Bill - Time to look on Ebay.

<Sinatrafan> I am a swing singer myself

<williamp> sinatra fan.. i hope you get to go to one of the otr conventions in your area sometime

<Sinatrafan> I wonder if any come to my area

> Sinatrafan - Yeah, you'd love the conventions. Awash in stuff of that era.

<Sinatrafan> I would love to perform at one or something

<williamp> the stories, script writing contests, nostalgia, and the chance to do a recreation are fun

> Bill does a killer Don Wilson.

<Fibber_McGee> What towns have OTR conventions? I've never heard of any

<Sinatrafan> Oh wow sounds like alot of fun, I wonder how I could know where some are

<Carmichael> Conventions are fun

<williamp> cincinnati, new jersy, have big ones

> Fibber - The big ones are FOTR in Newark and SPERDVAC in Los Angeles. And Cincy.

<williamp> course new jersey is a really big city

<Sinatrafan> afanofoldradio has heard me sing swing before...am I any good ed? I wonder if any are in MN

<afanofoldradio> will and I have been chatting since Feb. and it is great that even kids today know what OTR is sings better than me

> Does Charlie at www.lofcom.com have a consolidated list of conventions/

<Fibber_McGee> Might have to go to one in LA sometime. I'm in Texas

<williamp> you need that otr digest newsletter on line that every body gets e mailed

<afanofoldradio> oh good e-mails

<afanofoldradio> luv em

> Click on the OTR Digest link at the very bottom of our links page. There you can subscribe.

<afanofoldradio> been subscribing for a yera good stuff

<afanofoldradio> \year*

<Sinatrafan> thnaks!

> Sinatrafan - I've been getting a lot of people in their 20s and 30s signing up for the club recently. We do get occasional teens as well.

<williamp> ill tell you what you should do sinatra.. get yourself a small group.. a script and perform at the nursing homes in your area

<Carmichael> i'll have to look into the otr digest

> I think there's so much peer pressure against liking this stuff that it dissuades many.

<williamp> its great practice, and you will be well-appreciated

<Fibber_McGee> Well, I'm going to leave now. One more chat to go to. See all of you next month.

> Bill - That's a great idea.

> Take care, Fibber. Thanks for stopping.

<Carmichael> Bye, Fibber

<williamp> that one group that laura mentioned could help you out learning bout sound effects and what not

<afanofoldradio> see laura is everything JB but opens these chats to anything OTR and JB

<Sinatrafan> I am sad, book stores near me have sold OTR since Ive gotten into it 2 years ago (well I LISTENED to my grandparent's shows for years since I was like 5 but I started buying my own 2 years ago)

<williamp> nite fibber

<Sinatrafan> ?o check out our Links page under "purchases and downloads". Lots of outlets.

<williamp> www.cyber49er.com

<Sinatrafan> but thats what my parental argument was about

<Sinatrafan> lol

<Sinatrafan> I wanted to buy more

> Sinatrafan - Not to mention our audio/video library as well!

<Sinatrafan> and my parents saaid "GET A BETTER JOB!"

<afanofoldradio> i found a new download www.antiqueradios.com they have shows for listening

<williamp> well, lots of this stuff is available free of charge too

<Sinatrafan> do they have a lot

<Sinatrafan> I have used www.radiolovers.com for a while

<Carmichael> Radio Spirits has a lot of great stuff

<williamp> look at cyber49er sometime... lots of shows, lots of links.... heck jackbenny.org can keep you entertained for years

> www.crispy.com

<williamp> and laura can really make you the expert of MN

> Bill - :)))

<Sinatrafan> I really am trying to get people back into the greta things that era gave us, and I am even auditioning for American Idol 4 by singing a Sinatra song :)

> I am the Oracle at Delphi....ask me your Jack Benny questions...

<Sinatrafan> what is crispy.com Laura?

<afanofoldradio> laura does the university in cal. where the 700= JB shows are download or are they at the mecry of copywrights

> Sinatrafan - You'll have to go to it and find out.

<williamp> Buy JELLO, LUCKYS, and Jackbenny.org stuff! (says don wilson)

<afanofoldradio> mercy*

> Fan - The shows are the property of the Benny estate, and the estate has asked that they not be posted to the Web (other than our little one-offs).

<Carmichael> Sinatrafan -- good luck with American Idol!

> I donated a copy of our MP3 library to the Waukegan Public Library, and they wanted to put it all on the Web.

> But the estate said no.

<afanofoldradio> to bad

<Carmichael> Does the estate plan on any official releases?

<Sinatrafan> ohhh what shows are property of the Benny eststae>

> It is, but it makes plenty of sense. That still provides revenue to the estate, and is legally their intellectual property.

> Sinatrafan - All the Jack Benny programs.

<Carmichael> Kind of a shame to keep stuff locked away

<Sinatrafan> Ok thats what I thought you meant, sorry I was confused

> Carmichael - They have an agreement with Radio Spirits, so those are the "official releases".

<Carmichael> cool

> Carmichael - It is, but stay tuned. I'm working on a couple things which may yield some interesting results.

<Carmichael> cool, again!

<Sinatrafan> You know how DVDs come out with special edition DVDs with entire TV show seasons?

<williamp> (yippee! i am now the proud owneer of a st louis browns scorecard from the 1950s)

<Sinatrafan> I think if radio did that and advertised it enough, it could have good results

> Bill - Score!

<Carmichael> congrats!

<afanofoldradio> bill veeck as in wreck

> Sinatrafan - I'd like to see someone give that a try.

<afanofoldradio> eddie gadel

<Sinatrafan> you know, like anythign with "Special Edition" on the package could get people interested

> There's a claim that one of the problems with the Benny show today, and part of the reason it's not on TV more, is the Rochester character.

<afanofoldradio> racist?

> So it's hard to get a lot of airplay/interest for the Benny material, even though it's still good.

> Fan - That's what some claim.

<Carmichael> With all this stuff coming out dvd, wouldn't it be great to see a bunch of Benny shows?

<Sinatrafan> ohhh understandable I guess but then again..I dont know, it was common

> Carmichael - I'll drink to that.

<Sinatrafan> Like Geranium on Judy Canova

<Carmichael> hiccup!

<afanofoldradio> as I said earlier in that case would amos and andy find airtime these days

> Sinatrafan - Right. You understand it in the context of the time. But some people just want to bury that past.

<Sinatrafan> Thats very unfortunate

<Carmichael> Too bad......I think Rochester is a riot

> Fan - What's strange is that some of the black comedies I've seen on Fox or UPN aren't too far removed from that genre.

<williamp> Maybe you can talk your folks in visiting Linton IN.. on their way to the new French Lick Casino and you can tank up on Phil Harris History

<Sinatrafan> I totally agree, Laura

> I tried so hard to get press interest in 39 Forever, and was told by most that if it's not Brad Pitt or Paris Hilton, they don't care.

<Sinatrafan> many shows these days are more racist and obcene then ANY back then

<afanofoldradio> and for that matter the jefeersons?

> Bill - I was just thinking that I need to get in touch with them.

<Carmichael> Agreed, Sinatrafan

<afanofoldradio> jeffersons*

<Carmichael> Sanford and Son, too

<Sinatrafan> Yeah and All In The Family

<Sinatrafan> All In The Family was very racist

<williamp> oooooh! tv......im not up to that era yet

<afanofoldradio> rochester is a thrill compared to shows of today

<Carmichael> All in the Family made fun of racism

<afanofoldradio> same gere

> Dan rented an HBO special of Richard Pryor from about 1977, and it was an interesting realization.

<Sinatrafan> I have some interesting Abott and Costello DVDs

<Sinatrafan> they should have jack benny ones

> I talked with Eddie about it, and he commented how it was really groundbreaking at the time. But now it's lost its shock impact.

> Sinatrafan - I'm working on it...still building the video library!

<afanofoldradio> did OTR bring racism to the home

<Sinatrafan> I dont think so

<afanofoldradio> or was it milder in those times

<Carmichael> I love Blazing Saddles but the shock impact is gone on that, too

> OTR didn't invent any sort of racism, it was just what was accepted then.

<Sinatrafan> I think just tlak on the street brought racism to the hoi home

> Is the hoi home Japanese/

<afanofoldradio> it's too bad

<Sinatrafan> Right, just liek homosexuality is accepted now and poked fun at in light humor, so was racism back then

<Sinatrafan> I meant home* sorry typo

<afanofoldradio> right

> Sinatrafan - But homosexuality was poked fun at well back into the 1920s and earlier. See "The Celluloid Closet".

<afanofoldradio> people thought rochester was really benny's butler or valet

> It was Edward Everett Horton's career.

<Sinatrafan> what was The Celluloid Closet?

<Carmichael> Franklin Pangborn, too

> Fan - Which takes us back to the interview for tonight. I don't think that everyone was able to separate Jack's character from the man.

<williamp> lest we forget, butlers and "maids" were acceptable professions in our lifetimes

<Carmichael> Good Point, Laura

> Sinatrafan - It's a recent movie examining homosexuality in the movies since the dawn of the cinema. It's fabulous.

<afanofoldradio> they really thoughtb he was cheap

<Sinatrafan> I dont think Id be interested in listening to anything degrading homosexual though

<Sinatrafan> ohhh maybe I DO want to see it then

<Sinatrafan> As long as it isnt degrading to homosexuals

> Sinatrafan - I live in San Francisco. I highly recommend it. Nothing degrading.

<Sinatrafan> Oh ok, good then, I should ask my boyfriend if hes heard of it, hes very interested in that kind of stuff.

> Bill - Someone bawl for Beulah?

<Sinatrafan> Thank you very much for the tip

> Sinatrafan - Sure. There's a good companion book as well.

<afanofoldradio> did radio have any black announcers and who were they?

<Carmichael> Marlin Hurt was the original Beulah

> Amos n Andy had a lot of black performers.

> Sinatrafan - I often say to those who would understand the reference, "I'm not a friend of Dorothy, but I'm a fan of Dorothy."

<Carmichael> I can't think of any black radio announcers

<Sinatrafan> Was Rochester really black? Sorry that I dont know that, I should know, sorry if that quesiton is dumb

<afanofoldradio> yes he was

> Sinatrafan - Oh yes. Eddie Anderson was definitely black.

<Sinatrafan> ok thnaks, I figured he was

<afanofoldradio> did he mind the typecasting as such?

<Sinatrafan> Was Geranium for Judy Canova black?

> Sinatrafan - Go to Biography, then Other Stuff, and look for the clip of Rochester working with Lena Horne in "Cabin In the Sky". Whenever you get a minute.

> Fan - As he said to someone (who said it to me), "Well, it paid for my house."

<afanofoldradio> true

<Sinatrafan> Ok, thanks

<williamp> laura, is his home still existant .. i forgot to ask when i was out there

<Sinatrafan> Im sure he knew it was worth it since he was getting payed and America loved him

<williamp> i guess phils is still there

> Rochester's home?

<Carmichael> How about the Benny shows with Butterfly McQueen?

<williamp> yep

> Carmichael - Yeah, how about those/

<Carmichael> Strange to hear

> Bill - Yes, take a look at one of the Times issues from last year. One of our brave members took a drive out there and photographed it.

<Sinatrafan> I am playing a Road Rules Online Game so I am going to head out.

<Sinatrafan> Thanks everyone for answering my questions

<williamp> i guess i had forgotten

> Carmichael - They are. Butterfly was introduced at Rochester's niece.

<afanofoldradio> ssee ya later DOGHHH

<Carmichael> Bye, Sinatrafan

> Sinatrafan - No problem...that's why we're here.

<williamp> nite

<Sinatrafan> My AIM screen name is DOGHHH I would love any chat friends sinc eI only know 1 OTR fan...and thats oldtimeradiofan haha

<Sinatrafan> Nice meeting yall

<Sinatrafan> Jackbenny4ever :)

> Take care, Sinatrafan! Stop by again!

<Carmichael> y'all came back!

<williamp> great sinatrafan.. we are here every month

<williamp> well, so far

> That was nice.

<Carmichael> Love hearing from young fans

> Yup, same here.

> Well, kids, we're at the 2 hour mark. I'm happy to keep going if you want to.

<afanofoldradio> i hope everybody liked will he is a great kid and OTR fan

<williamp> nah, its hot up here.. my jello is melting

<Carmichael> Sure, why not?

> Kids who are OTR fans tend to be of a different breed, and usually pretty good.

<williamp> absolutely,, good to have some new blood here

> Seem to be more independent and a little less susceptible to going with the crowd.

<afanofoldradio> thanx

<williamp> when the new folks turn up, sometimes even I can look smart

> Bill - :)

<Carmichael> same here, bill!

<afanofoldradio> same

[Sun Aug 01 18:02:56 GMT-08:00 2004] Scott in KC: KCAgape@aol.com

> Hi there, Scott!

<afanofoldradio> and I chat with him at least 4 nights a week

<williamp> hi scot in kc.. ks.. or mo?

<Carmichael> Hi, Scott!

<Scott in KC> Hi Laura! I made it! LTNS!

> You just missed an 18yo OTR fan.

> Scott - LSMFT!

<afanofoldradio> hey KC nice to see ya

> Fan - Good for you. Gotta cultivate the young interest.

<Scott in KC> Nice to see everyone again. I miss you.

> So what did you think of the interview, Scott?

<williamp> blushing)... its nice to be missed

> Bill - It's not as nice to be hit.

<Scott in KC> I heard the first one...It was OK...I think I have heard it before.

<Carmichael> LOL

> It's the CBC interview.

<williamp> ok, ill be nice

> So what's on your mind, Scott? We've talked about Jack, old music, racism, Fibber McGee, baseball cards...

<Scott in KC> Laura, did you get my e-mail about Johnny Carson?

> Scott - Sure did. Did you get my response? :)

<Scott in KC> Racism...Jack Benny never showed that.

<Scott in KC> I will check.

<afanofoldradio> of course not

> It's true. But unfortunately people seem to see it differently now.

<Carmichael> Jack was angered by racism

<afanofoldradio> he could a performer feel so comfortable

<Scott in KC> I have a recording when he is Father Time of 1948 and urged the Baby New Year to stop racism.

> When I was down in LA for the Jolson convention last year, there was an article in the LA Times saying that we should forget about Jolson.

> Scott - Good call! I haven't heard that one yet.

<Scott in KC> Leaura...I think it is the New Year's Eve show from 1948.

<Scott in KC> Or 1947.

<Carmichael> Forget about Jolson? Nnngggaa! ;-)

> Carmichael - LOL

<Scott in KC> I did not know Mel Blanc was in the room?

> Scott - Someone recently commented to me that a lot of black people went overseas and did just as much as their white counterparts, and tended to be treated more equally.

<Carmichael> Yup...growl ;-)

> Then they came back from the war, and suddenly were thrust back into the "separate but not really equal" society.

> Especially in the South.

<afanofoldradio> yes

<Carmichael> That stinks

> So I can understand how racism was a more public factor by that time.

<Scott in KC> One of the most decorated men of World War II were the Tusktegee (sp?) airmen...Sorry for the sexit term.

<Carmichael> Tuskegee

<afanofoldradio> close

<Scott in KC> Thanks Car.

> I remember hearing that a man was crying...could have been white or black...because he came back with some of his buds from an integrated unit

<Scott in KC> <<< Westerner.

> and suddenly couldn't eat at the same table with them any more.

<Carmichael> sad

<Scott in KC> Rochester paved a lot of new, unfounded ground.

<Carmichael> Right you are Scott

<afanofoldradio> ge had too

> And yet he's really not recognized for that today. That's just as sad.

<afanofoldradio> he had to*

<Scott in KC> Very sad, Laura. Amos and Andy were not American-Americans.

> Scott - Did you hear about the Amos n Andy Candy Bar/

<Scott in KC> No, Laura.

<Scott in KC> I am afraid to ask. :)

> I swear this is true...came from Elizabeth on the OTR Digest...

> It was two vanilla wafers covered in chocolate.

> I'm told that the irony wasn't lost.

<afanofoldradio> sad

<Carmichael> Unbelieveable

<Scott in KC> Kinda the opposite of an Oreo. I am sorry if I offended anyone.

<afanofoldradio> not at all

<Carmichael> not me, either

> And supposedly those were given out to many black kids in Chicago, where they hosted various events.

> No problem, Scott.

<afanofoldradio> wow even more sadder

<Scott in KC> Thank you group. I typed without thinking.

> I don't know if it was really sad in the context of the time. They were doing things to support the black community.

> But Elizabeth would have to say more about it...I only know what I read in the papers.

> OK, here's a question...

> If you were to design a Jack Benny premium, what would it be?

<Scott in KC> I read an article that Amos and Andy were really for the "everyperson," and not necessarily stereotyping African-Americans.

> Jell-O Cookbook is out of bounds...already done.

<Carmichael> Good question.

<Scott in KC> Premium meaning?

<afanofoldradio> speaking of growls car...did you know that the Rochester speech pattern was caused as I read from a childhood illness

> Scott - I have a sort of "surrogate father" who is African American. He said that he used to listen to Amos n Andy and think that they were "just people."

<williamp> a yo yo made to look like a wooden nickel

> Scott - Premium meaning like send in 10 Jell-O panels and get something. Like a decoder ring or an Ovaltine shake-up mug.

<Carmichael> I heard that he became hoarse from yelling when he sold newspapers

> Fan - I always heard it was from trying to out-shout his fello newspaper boys in Oakland.

<williamp> or a yo yo replicating a wooden nickel

<Scott in KC> How about a talkinbg Polar Bear, Carmichael...Ooops, Coca-Cola did that. :)

<Scott in KC> talking*

<Carmichael> growl

<Scott in KC> <<< Glad he's not a Gas Man.

<Carmichael> burp

<williamp> :-)

> How about a big padlock, presumably from the vault, and you could decode message with it?

<williamp> how bout a beanie baby mouse with a violin

<williamp> padlock,,, that works

> Whatever Jack gives as the combination to the vault becomes a secret message?

<Scott in KC> A Jack Benny Bobble Head Doll?

> Bill - Oh God, do you remember that guy?

<afanofoldradio> wouldn't be great

<afanofoldradio> that*

(loss due to screen refresh)

<afanofoldradio> he could play his violin while the head bobbles

<Carmichael> how about a replica of a chiss sweeze snadwich?

> Or "eat more Lucky Strikes"

<Carmichael> sandwich*

<Scott in KC> Smelling the "grass wreck"?

> Eat more chiss sweeze

<Scott in KC> That would be a Mary Livingstone Doll.

<Carmichael> And be sure to listen to Drear Pooson!

> I was hoping to have an article in the next Times about some Jack Benny "mystery violin" toys that have recently surfaced.

<williamp> poor old lucky strikes.. i finally bought a pack for my radio collection... its the first pack i ever bought.. but i sure appreciate their sponsorships.. lol

<Scott in KC> :) Carmichael.

> Bill - A vintage pack or a new one?

<williamp> just a new pack..

> A Mary Livingstone doll...pull her string and she says abusive things.

<Scott in KC> <<< Not smoker. Sorry Speedy. :)

<williamp> besides lucky strike green went to war

<Carmichael> LOL, Laura!

> Bill - And apparently got killled, since it never came back.

<williamp> i didnt realize til today that american tobacco company also put the bull durham signs in all the minor league parks across the coutry

<Scott in KC> A Dennis Day Doll would be one you want to strangle somnetimes. :)

<afanofoldradio> some one the other night on radio show on the net played a abbott and costello and said afterward that the free cigs camel gave away was the reason so many died in the second world war

> Bill - No kidding! What about Mail Pouch barns?

<Scott in KC> Will...That is where the term "bull pen" came from.

> Scott - There was really a Dennis Day teddy bear.

<Carmichael> cool!

> Fan - I didn't know Camels were used for ammunition.

<williamp> there are still a few mail pouch barns still hangin in in ky

<Scott in KC> Really? I guess he was cuddly and soft and was a tenor.

> Bill - In Indiana, too.

<afanofoldradio> exactly

> Scott - It had a recording inside of him telling a story about the bear and singing a song. I think it had a little Irish hat on it too.

<williamp> boy! someone has thought of everything, at least once!

<Scott in KC> "Call for Plillllip Morrrrrissss!" I am too young to remember that, but I think that guy died last year.

> That's something I miss about California. No Mail Pouch barns.

<afanofoldradio> 1999

> Scott - Really? He was from Grand Rapids, MI, same as me. His uniform is in the museum.

<Scott in KC> You have moved, Laura?

<afanofoldradio> johnny roventini

> Scott - I'm in California. I miss the Mail Pouch barns in the midwest. Poor wording on my part.

> Fan - That's it.

<Scott in KC> OMG, Laura...My family is from Kalamazoo, lest I digress. I will return to the topic.

> Scott - Ah, just about 40 miles south! Do you have a gal in Kalamazoo?

<afanofoldradio> johnny showed on the Lucy show intros before syndication

<Scott in KC> My father did.

> Scott - LOL

<afanofoldradio> I love Lucy

<Scott in KC> I was reared in Marshall, MI, lest I digress again.

<williamp> and i love Kalamazoo!

> Scott - Home of Win Schuler's restaurant.

<williamp> well, im sure i would if i went there

<Scott in KC> We moved to Missouri when I was in First Grade ~ I will stop now. :)

> Scott - Right there on route 69, straight south to Fort Wayne. But not before you hit the metropolis of Kinderhook.

> Scott - Sorry, you've got me on a nostalgia tear.

<Scott in KC> Me too, Laura. (Sorry.)

<williamp> they sure had a nice union station at kc... they still have a nice ballpark

> Scott - No apology necessary. After 2 hours, it's wide open as long as it's suitable for family viewing.

> kay-zoo

<Scott in KC> Thanks, Will. Actually, we have a stadium complex, two stadiums next to each other.

<afanofoldradio> a royals i am bad season tho

<afanofoldradio> fan*

> Go CUBS!

> I love lost causes.

<williamp> is the negro league hall of fame out that way too?

<Scott in KC> Yep, and the Chiefs will win it all. (Thginking of Jack Benny stuff.)

<williamp> KC Monarchs style

<Scott in KC> Yes, Will...18th and Vine.

> Know the movie "A League of Their Own"? That was based on the Grand Rapids, MI women's baseball team.

<afanofoldradio> that is why they are known as the royals in appreciation to the Negro leagues

<williamp> and filmed at Bosse field in Evansville,

<Scott in KC> Bad neighborhood. Jack Benny used to fly and take the Super Chief thru here.

<Scott in KC> Yes, Fan...In honor of the Monarchs

<afanofoldradio> right

<williamp> i didnt know that about the royals name.. that makes sense now

<Scott in KC> I wonder if Rochester knew of the Negro League players...He had to.

<afanofoldradio> their basketball team was known as the Kings until they moved to cal.

> Scott - I bet he did. I was just reading a story about him teaming with a sports figure (can't remember who) to back a company to make parachutes during WWII

<williamp> but they came from cincy; the royals

> I've seen a couple home movies of him entertaining other major black performers and sports figures at his home.

<Scott in KC> Yes, and they were the Cincy and Fort Wayne Royals before then.

> Before the Cincy Reds? Ruth Lyons' team?

<afanofoldradio> right but the name still honors the town'sbb past

<Carmichael> Did Eddie Anderson really own a horse that ran in the Kentucky Derby?

<williamp> They still have the ruth lyons christmas fund

> Carmichael - Sure did. Named Burnt Cork.

> Bill - That's great. I have two copies of her book.

<Carmichael> Thanx, Laura

> No one much seems to remember her. But at the time and in that area, she was as powerful as Walter Winchell.

> Her = Ruth Lyons, not Burnt Cork.

<afanofoldradio> not fort wayne royal but the rochester royals ft wayne was the pistons

<williamp> did jack give many live performances in kc over the years or do you know?

<Carmichael> LOL

> Bill - Well...that's volume 4. It's going to take a while to research that.

<Scott in KC> Laura, I heard a recent recording of Jack Benny exclaiming, "Willlzy!" He said it so loud as though he really liked him, but I have never heard of him. Was he really a friend or just acting, if you can guess.

<williamp> cincinnati really turned out a lot of high power folks in the entertainment world over the first half of the century

> Scott - Dunno. What's the context?

<Scott in KC> I know Harry Truman was a fan of Jack Benny.

<Scott in KC> Laura....I will have to listen again. (Sorry.)

> Bill - Let's hear it for WLS. Er...what was the clear channel in Cincy/

<afanofoldradio> wlw

<williamp> wlw

<Scott in KC> WLW< Laura

> Scott - True. We screened the episode done at the Truman library at 39 Forever.

<Scott in KC> WLS is in Chicago

> Scott - Thanks. WL* something...

<williamp> the nations station.. course wls had the national barn dance

<williamp> complete with mr haney and the hoosier hotshots

> Bill - That's what was throwing me. Thinking of National Barn Dance.

<afanofoldradio> got the 25th anniv show

> I have several of their records.

<Scott in KC> They bradcast at 100,000 watts back then on AM, now illegal.

> Is it true there are no more clear channels?

<williamp> Pat Buttram was already doing that character he took to Green Acres

<Scott in KC> There are Clear Channels, still, Laura.

<afanofoldradio> not at 100,000 watts

> Scott - Not Clear Channel communications, I mean stations that are AM "clear channel" 50K watts

<Scott in KC> I think there are only 12 Nationwide.

<williamp> I think there are still clear channel frequencies.. they still refer to WHAS as a clear channel station

<afanofoldradio> kmox

> Like WOWO in Fort Wayne.

<Carmichael> KDKA?

> Gosh, is KDKA still on the air?

<afanofoldradio> wbbm

<williamp> and i think you can still hear wlw all over the southeast and midwest most nites

<afanofoldradio> kdka yes

<Carmichael> i'm not sure, come to think of it

<Scott in KC> I do not think WOWO is one. KMOX in St. Louis is one. KSL in Salt Lake City. KOA in Denver.

<williamp> I think WBBM still plays stan freeberg otr at nite

<afanofoldradio> yes

> What's WBBM's city/

<Carmichael> WBZ in Boston?

<afanofoldradio> minneapolis

<williamp> BBM is chicago

<Scott in KC> WBBM in Chicago....WBZ is one.

<afanofoldradio> no the station up there

<Scott in KC> Fan...WCCO

> I think WJZ used to be one...don't know any more.

<williamp> WSB.. WSM

<afanofoldradio> cant think of it

<williamp> WJR


<Scott in KC> LOL, LL

<Carmichael> JELL-O

<afanofoldradio> OH BOSSS


<Scott in KC> You guys are sooo silly. Now you see why I missed ya. :)

<afanofoldradio> thanx

<williamp> Im glad those deceitful radio stations didnt destroy all their transcriptions.. lol

> After 2 1/2 hours, it tends to get that way. But I like to keep it fun for everyone.

<afanofoldradio> wgn

<Carmichael> I was silly before I got here

> We're unbelieveably lucky that Jack kept all that he did. There's just so much stuff out there.

> Ah WGN television. One of my favorite cable channels once.

<Scott in KC> I wonder what Jack Benny would think of us chatting about him using the medium of the Internet?

<Carmichael> Was Jack a packrat?

> Carmichael - He reused so much material that he kept it very assiduously. All in binders and so forth.

<afanofoldradio> he would tell us keep the chatting down he's playing his violin

> Carmichael - Heck, I found a routine he did with George Olsen on the Canada Dry show that he did with Lawrence Welk 30 years later!

<Scott in KC> Scary though, Fan.

> Fan - Har har.

<Carmichael> I guess Jack believed in reclycling!

<Carmichael> recycling*

<williamp> the father of the rerun

<Scott in KC> He recycled his jokes. :)

> I tend not to theorize a lot on what Jack "would say" or "would think", but I think he'd be glad that we're still talking about him 30 years after his death.

<afanofoldradio> prof lablanc on the net ...yes

<Carmichael> Hard to believe it is just about 30 years

<Scott in KC> Laura, in the first interview, he eluded to the fact he adapted from radio to TV, so I bet he would make the transition.

<afanofoldradio> dec.26th

> I have to correct our Web site...I have a 1954 show with Danny Kaye as a 1944 rerun, and it's not. It's a reperformance.

> Scott - To the Internet?

<Scott in KC> Well, no...Just going from one medium to another.

<afanofoldradio> why not

> Scott - True.

<afanofoldradio> comedy central

<Carmichael> Maybe he would have gone back to radio after all....satelllite radio

> Fan - Hmmm...they did name him #28 on their top 100.

<afanofoldradio> yes but oh he would be great there

<Scott in KC> That's a poor ranking. He should be in the Top 10 at least.

> Carmichael - Just for the sake of argument, I'm going to disagree with you. Here's why...

> Look at the shows from 1953-55. Phil's gone, Mary's sort of AWOL a lot as well...

<afanofoldradio> sponsors

> They don't feel the same. Without that gang of characters, the show would need some extensive retooling to bring on more glory days.

<Carmichael> good point

> And it's retooling that never quite made it in television. Not the way it was in radio.

<Scott in KC> I think their shows 1946-53 wwere the best, but what do I know?

<Scott in KC> were*

<afanofoldradio> how would it be if he had some of the big name stars on his shows today

<afanofoldradio> j-lo etc...

> Scott - A lot of people agree with you. But the last couple of radio seasons people often say were just not of the same caliber.

<Carmichael> the j-lo program, starring jack benny!

> Fan - I like that idea. Who of today's crop would you like to see as a Benny guest star?

<Scott in KC> I understand, Laura. I was being somewhat liberal.

<afanofoldradio> anybody he could afford

<Scott in KC> LOL Car. LOL.

> Scott - No problem. I'm not disagreeing with you...just stirring up trouble.

<Carmichael> Thanx, Scott!

> What happened to Bill?

<Scott in KC> Is she a Delicous Flavor? I better stop for Laura's sake.

> Scott - Hey, it's all in the...eye...of the beholder.

<afanofoldradio> ha ha

> I'd like to see Billy Crystal work with Jack.

<afanofoldradio> oh boy

<afanofoldradio> or gary shandling

<Scott in KC> I can hear him now: "Jack, you wook marv-lous!"

> Or let's see Steve Harvey do something with him, perhaps like Flip Wilson did.

> Scott - LOL

> I recently transferred the Peter Lorre TV show guest appearance to DVD

<Carmichael> Can you imagine Jack with Robin Williams?

<Scott in KC> And Jack responding: "I'll have what she's having."

> I'd love to see Jack do something like that with Anthony Hopkins ala Hannibal Lecter.

> Scott - Loud LOL

<afanofoldradio> or have billy crystal do peter lorre

> Jack could deliver that line PERFECTLY.

<Carmichael> Scott, that's hilarious!

> I'm still laughing at it.

<Scott in KC> Robin Williams and Jack Benny, I would laugh til tears come from my eyes.

<afanofoldradio> steve martin'

<Scott in KC> You know, that woman was Estelle Reiner, Rob Reiner's mother.

> I love both of them, and I think Robin Williams is the most talented comedian working today, but I have a hard time thinking of the two of them together.

> I think Williams would just steamroll Jack.

> Scott - That's right, i'd heard that.

<Carmichael> I think you're right, Laura

<Scott in KC> Steve Martin would be OK, too. :)

> Fan - Mental image of Jack and Martin both doing King Tut.

<afanofoldradio> maybe it would work did not jack show up on a hope tv show in the era costume

<Scott in KC> Dennis Day rapping hip-hop?

<afanofoldradio> don on the atkins diet

<afanofoldradio> kidding

<Scott in KC> LOL Fan

<Carmichael> LOL

<Scott in KC> Roch rapping: "I work for the man, his name is Jack/He doesn't pay me, Jack/ ugh...."

<Carmichael> Phil would be at the Sylvan Learning Center

<afanofoldradio> yea sing it roch...

> Fan LOL

<Scott in KC> LOL Car. Or selling Budweiser.

<Carmichael> Right, Scott!

> Scott - Actually, I have a play by Amiri Baraka that features a Rastafarian Rochester

<afanofoldradio> he could the frog's voice

> It's pretty wild.

<Scott in KC> OMG, Laura...To funny. Reagge Rochester.

<Scott in KC> Too*

<Carmichael> Sounds great!

> You oughta read the play. It's really militant pro-black "get back what the white man took from you" kinda stuff.

<afanofoldradio> what would be the label's name

> He robs Jack's vault.

<Scott in KC> Maybe Phil can sing The Thing to Hip-Hop.

> Scott - I'm thinking up gangsta rap lyrics to that. Not family viewing.

<Scott in KC> He could use the original lyrics.

<Carmichael> Think he could get away with "That's What I Like About the South"?

> One day I'm going to put an article in the Jack Benny Times about that play. I've been thinking for 4 years how to write it in a balance way that isn't going to upset someone.

<Scott in KC> LOL Car. Not that's more like rap. :)

> That IS kind of like rap, isn't it?

> Phil Harris invented rap music.

<Carmichael> I'd like to see some of these rappers try to do it

<Scott in KC> Phil was ahead of his time...The Bear Necessities. :)

<afanofoldradio> jungle book

> Steve Harvey has a wonderful routine about rap vs. old school in "The Kings of Comedy".

> How everyone at a rap concert has a mike and you can't understand what anyone is saying

<Scott in KC> Somehow Rochester with a baseball cap turned around just does not quite do it for me.

> And how there were four Temptations who all worked with one mike, and no matter what they did, they always came back to that mike.

<Carmichael> LOL

> I'd like to hear Rochester say, "These be my dawgs."

<afanofoldradio> dawg pound

<Scott in KC> Or "Who Let the Dawgs Out"?

> Jack plays "Who Let the Dawgs Out" on the violin.

<afanofoldradio> he could rap that on letterman

<Scott in KC> LOL LL....That is a concept.

<afanofoldradio> w/alan kalter

<Carmichael> LOL!

> Who is Alan Kalter?

<Carmichael> The announcer on Letterman

<Scott in KC> and Iskak Pearlman...all respect to Mr. Pearlman.

<afanofoldradio> announcer on lettterman who does wltdo on occasion

> Aha...I haven't watched Letterman regularly for some time.

> Itzhak Perlman?

<Scott in KC> Yes, thanks, Laura.

> Itzhak's been pretty inventive with some of the stuff he's done. Like "In the Fiddler's House" and I remember him in a jazz jam session with George Segal.

<Scott in KC> Or with Yo Yo Ma (That I can spell.)

<afanofoldradio> he plays a mean sax

> Yo Yo Ma Ma?

<afanofoldradio> no george segal

<Scott in KC> LOL Laura. LOL.

> I love George Segal. He plays fabulous banjo.

<Carmichael> ROFL!

<afanofoldradio> whatever he plays

> When i was younger, I wanted to direct a revival of "Of Thee I Sing" with him a Wintergreen.

> Fan - You're thinking of Bill Clinton.

<Scott in KC> I have a blooper tape that says: "Mr. PLaybody will pee for you."

<afanofoldradio> yea clinton and roch on the same stage

> Scott - I think that's one of Kermit Schaffer's remakes.

> Fan - Oh, that would be WAY cool.

<Scott in KC> It is, Laura.

> Just the other night Dan asked me about the Uncle Don debachle.

<afanofoldradio> he suppose to never say it

<Scott in KC> Phill Harris with Bill Clinton...Or Hillary Rodham Clinton with Mary Livingstone?

> I think someone else said it, and it got attributed to him.

> Scott - Oh my...

<Scott in KC> <<< Just dreaming a little.

<Carmichael> Barak Obama with Rochester?

<afanofoldradio> what a couple

> I've got to see this Barak Obama speech. Everyone's talking about it.

<afanofoldradio> barak's a hit w/demos here in illinois

<Scott in KC> Janet Reno with Carmicheal? Who is who? Present company accepted. :)

> Fortunately, they have all the major speeches on line.

<Carmichael> I've got it-- Rochester with Al Sharpton!

> Scott - Oh, that's mean. :) But I'm laughing.

<Carmichael> LOL, Scott! growl

<afanofoldradio> sat nite live last nite rerun

> Carmichael - A few years ago it could have been Rochester with Jesse Jackson.

<Scott in KC> Jack Benny (Jewish) with Saddam Hussein?

<afanofoldradio> wow

> Scott - Run that one by me again?

<Carmichael> I thought of that but like my other suggestions better!

<Scott in KC> I think Saddam is very senti-semetic.

<afanofoldradio> what tunes they could play

> Scott - So it's for the irony of it. I thought you were making a connection between the two.

<Scott in KC> I doubt he would every share a stage with him.

<Scott in KC> ever...No anti-semetism intended...Sorry all.

<afanofoldradio> jack could play him a tunes on his violin

> I remember a story about Jack and someone going to urinate on a place where Hitler was.

> Fan - Perhaps "Bye Bye Baby"?

<afanofoldradio> yea LOL

> Scott - I didn't think that's what you meant, but wanted to make sure.

<Carmichael> Laura, it was a podium somewhere in Germany........a lot of other people beat him to it

<Scott in KC> <<< Very tolerant of other faiths other than my own.

> Well, we've passed the 3 hour mark. How's everyone doing?

<afanofoldradio> still here ...

> Carmichael - That's right. I thought it was a podium, but couldn't remember the specifics.

<Scott in KC> <<< Present.

<afanofoldradio> still here ...

> Carmichael - That's right. I thought it was a podium, but couldn't remember the specifics.

<Scott in KC> <<< Present.

<Carmichael> Well, it's been a lot of fun but I have to be going

> OK, thanks for sticking with us, Carmichael! It's been fun!

<afanofoldradio> we have gotten some good laughs tonite and some very serious talk also

<Scott in KC> <<< Needs to study my role as Moses for a play tomorrow. If I offended anyone, I am truly and sincerely sorry.

<Carmichael> The gas man will be here tomorrow morning and I want to be ready for him!

> Scott - I think you're fine. I have no complaints.

<afanofoldradio> none here

> I've really enjoyed this chat room tonight. Not a lot of people, but some very good talk.

> See, Scott...you're cool.

<Scott in KC> Thanks all. I love you guys. You are too funny and brighten my evening. Thank you! :)

<afanofoldradio> well thanx...

> So shall we call it good for August?

<Carmichael> Growl.....yawn...snore

<Scott in KC> I wish I were cool...It is 95 here. God bless and Shalom!

> Shalom Scott!

<afanofoldradio> you know this chat is a lot like radio we use our imaginations

<Carmichael> Good for August!

> OK, that's a wrap folks.

<Carmichael> Good night, all!

> Thanks for stopping and see you in September!

<afanofoldradio> nite laura shalom scott and god bless OTR

> Amen to that!