IJBFC Chat - June 6, 2004

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Hello fellas!

<Steve> tonites show...???...on what station are you listening ??

<KM99> Howdy Laura

Hey there, KM!

<KM99> Steve - I downloaded the show from the IJBFC website

<Steve> hiya laura!!

[Sun Jun 06 16:04:21 GMT-08:00 2004] Audio alert from ed kienzler.

Hi Ed

Are you able to transmit to the chat, Ed?

Ed - If you're having problems, double click on my name in the right-hand window

[Sun Jun 06 16:05:07 GMT-08:00 2004] Barbara has no profile.

Hi Barbara!

[Sun Jun 06 16:05:10 GMT-08:00 2004] ed kienzler: afanofoldradio@aol.com

<KM99> Hiya Barbara

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

[Sun Jun 06 16:05:39 GMT-08:00 2004] ed kienzler: afanofoldradio@aol.com

<Steve> hello barbara

<Barbara> It was a good show we heard.

<KM99> First you fill a glass with ice....

<KM99> Thern you add a jigger of gin....

[Sun Jun 06 16:06:14 GMT-08:00 2004] Frank Nelson has no profile.

<KM99> Then you add another jigger of gin....

<KM99> Then you fill the glass with jin

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<Barbara> And then fill it with gin.

<KM99> Hiya Frank

<Barbara> I thought everyone seemed to hang loose on the show since it was the last one.

<Frank Nelson> Hello.. Yeeeessssssssss

<Steve> now cut that out frank

<Frank Nelson> Ha ha

<Barbara> They were short two people too.

What a hot audience they had at that show. They were ROARING!

So how's everyone doing tonight?

<Barbara> I like it when Phil sings.

Ed - You able to transmit here now?

<Barbara> Hot down here.

<ed kienzler> fine and dandy


Warm up here too. I have the windows open. It's nice.

<KM99> We've got heavy rain in Calgary today

<Steve> Doin' great

What other parts of the country do we have covered here today?

Or of the world, I should say.

<Frank Nelson> Just sitin' around, not doing anything, just sittin' around

<ed kienzler> it'ws supposed to be hot in Springfield Illinois mon. or tues

<Steve> Whittier, CA here

Frank - You're having an identity crisis...you sound like John L.C. Silvoney

<KM99> Holy Cow !

Ah, Southern California is well-represented here.

KM - What

<Frank Nelson> Ewww.. dooo I

<Barbara> Reagan's death reminds me of reading when FDR died. They said it was one of the few times anyone saw Jack cry.

<KM99> I just imagined Farnk Nelson doing John L.C. Sivoney on TV and fell over laughing

Frank - LOL

<ed kienzler> i was going to say it is hitting Illinois hard

Ed - I'll bet.

The first thing I thought of was my encounter with him. But that's not a Benny story.

<Barbara> Someone said Jack was an easy laugher but a hard cryer.

<ed kienzler> was reagan ever on a jack episode?

KM - You know what I'm talking about.

Ed - Ummm...I think he was on one of the specials.

I think I remember seeing it in one of the television tributes.

<Barbara> He was at a roast or two with Jack.

I haven't seen it in so long, I can't remember.

<ed kienzler> I'll be...

He wasn't on the radio or television episodes.

<KM99> I watched a couple of Reagan tributes today on MSNBC. They picked some good moments to remember him by.

<Barbara> I think Jack said he was the only one who could understand some of the big words.

How about Bonzo hitting him with cereal (or something)?

Barbara - Oh I don't know...I bet Adlai Stevenson understood them.

<ed kienzler> or in '86 when he said let;'s win one for the gipper

<Barbara> I think he meant those who were at the roast.

Barbara - OIC...gotcha.

<Barbara> I have a photo of myself taken with Mr. Reagan which I now cherish more than ever.

<Frank Nelson> I think I'll watch "Kings Row" tonight to see Ronnie

> It's sort of strange that he died before his two Presidential predecessors, but he was the oldest elected President to start.

<ed kienzler> 69 yrs old

I have his autograph on a card that says "Governor Ronald Reagan".

<ed kienzler> I heard him at the '86 Ill.state fair

It's in my autograph book next to George Bush (H.W.) who signed it upside-down.

<Barbara> I believe that Reagan and his then-wife Jane Wyman were personal friends of Jack and Mary.

Both are from 1980.

> Barbara - It's a darned shame (and a pain in my patootie) that "Sunday Nights at Seven" doesn't have an index. I bet they'd be listed as one of the party guests.

<Frank Nelson> I have an old photo of him, Jane Wyman, Ann Sheridan and one more out at a club from back in the 40s

> Jane Wyman attended a birthday "do" for Jack in Waukegan in 1945...I have scads of pictures of her there.

When did Wyman and Reagan get married?

<Barbara> That's right, and wasn't she at "they love me in St. Joe."

<ed kienzler> 1940

Barbara - That's it exactly. The birthday party was right before that.

<Barbara> She is still living, I believe, but not in great shape.

Wow. So...who's on the ghoul watch now?

<Barbara> What's that?

<ed kienzler> yeh

<Frank Nelson> It seems to always happen in threes

> I can't think of anyone. Johnny Carson was supposedly on it, but I have it on good authority that he's in fine shape.

<Frank Nelson> Tony Randall was recent

The "ghoul watch" are the people that you're waiting to die because they've gotten old or are ill.

Like Bob Hope was on the ghoul watch for years.

<Barbara> One of the tabloids had photos of Glenn Ford and he looked awful.

Katharine Hepburn was, Frank Sinatra was some years ago.

<ed kienzler> dean martin, too

<Barbara> Jack never had time to be on it.

> Just trying to think of legends who are getting to the end of the road. Even Buddy Ebsen has crossed over.

Barbara - And that's a good thing.

<ed kienzler> how about jerry lewis

<Frank Nelson> And some keep going and going. Louise Rainer was at the Oscars last year

I recently got a copy of "Sunshine Boys", and you can see Jack in his very late days.

<Barbara> Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem that there are many legends left anymore.

Frank - Holy cow! That's an old name.

<ed kienzler> no kidding

Barbara - Well, I talked with Dix Davis yesterday. Some might consider him a legend.

<Frank Nelson> They did Oscars family picture and had all the Oscar winners on stage. Olivia DeHaviland was there too

<Barbara> I don't know who that is. I'm so young, you know.

Barbara's only barely 39.

<Barbara> Barely.

<KM99> Hey - same here!

I haven't even made it there yet.

<ed kienzler> i was 39 39 yrs ago

<Frank Nelson> I think EVERYONE here is only 39

<Barbara> Olivia is the only cast member still alive from Gone with the Wind, and she died in the movie.

Well, I'm 35, but I tell everyone I'm 39.

> Barbara - I was shocked when Ellen Drew died, because I thought Kay Linaker was the only surviving Buck Benny cast member.

<Barbara> I doubt they would believe you, Laura. You don't look 39.

Barbara - Why thank you. Neither do you. :)

[Sun Jun 06 16:24:40 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt has no profile.

[Sun Jun 06 16:24:45 GMT-08:00 2004] Abe: AbeStreet@aol.com

Hey Kurt, we're talking about Olivia DeHavilland.

<KM99> Hiya Kurt & Abe

Hello Abe!

<kurt> small house tonight!

<kurt> Love Miss Olivia!

Kurt - I know...surprising. I had many people say they're going to be here. Maybe later.

<ed kienzler> hi abe


<--Knows Miss Olivia

<kurt> Can't be the Tonys keeping them away

<Barbara> I'm still trying to get hold of Douglas Croft and/or the girl who played Madge in GWSH, but I can't find either of them. I believe they're both still alive.

<Frank Nelson> Kurt knows Olivia. Wow

<kurt> Madge?

<KM99> Off Topic Question - Who here knows who Rance is?

Kurt - The girl who lived with them. Teenybopper

KM - I've known some who were rancid, but not Rance

Rance who?

<Abe> Hello all. What is the topic?

> Abe - Well, we're going to talk about the show for tonight (6/4/1944), but people were talking about Reagan's death and other legends.

<Frank Nelson> The Ghoul Watch

<Barbara> Laura, is Maria S. all right? I sent her an e-mail long ago and never heard.

<KM99> LL - Rance is supposedly an A list actor who posts a web log (blog) anonymously dishing his "Rants" about Hollywood

<Abe> Thanks.

<ed kienzler> here is another legend Les Tremayne

> Barbara - I haven't heard from her in a year. I think that she had some changes in her life and went in another direction. I wish her well.

<ed kienzler> he died in Dec.

<Barbara> Laura, do you know how many people are still living who had any association with Jack?

KM - Mickey Rooney maybe?

<Frank Nelson> Mickey and his wife are doing supplemental life insurance commercials

> Barbara - I never sat down and counted them. Most are child actors who worked with him, like Harry Shearer and Dix Davis.

<kurt> Love Dix Davis!

Ed - Ah Les Tremayne...just recently lost him.

Kurt - And after our talk yesterday, I love him too!

<KM99> LL - Don't forget Beverley Washburn

<Abe> When did Harry Shearer work with him?

<Barbara> I think George Balzer is still living. I haven't seen his house up for sale.

Abe - Harry Shearer is one of the Beavers.

Barbara - He is as far as I know. And Irving Fein and Al Gordon.

And three of the Sportsmen members.

<Frank Nelson> I watched an old TV show of Jacks yesterday and the kid looked like a young Bruno Kirby

KM - Ah, of course. Lovely Beverly.

Pretty much everyone we had at 39 Forever, with the exception of Gisele.

(> lines in this section are originated by KM99 until further notice, due to Laura's technical issues)

<kurt> Barbara, who are you looking for again? Douglas Croft has dropped from sight.
> LL - I just picked up a bunch of "I Love Lucy" DVDs and noticed Milt Josefberg was
   one of the writers. I never knew that before.
<Frank Nelson> Jack was hiring cast members for his life story and the kid actor wanted
   $2000 and Jack ended up hiring the kid attourney
> Hiya Roger
<Roger> Hello
<Frank Nelson> I figure Kirk Douglas would be on the watch list with his health
<Roger> Have I missed anything?
<Frank Nelson> It's been a slow night.  They must be chatting privately
<Barbara> Robert Blake is still around. He was in The Horn Blows at Midnight. Yes, I'm
   looking for Douglas Croft. He seems to have vanished after Killer McCoy.
<ed kienzler> we're talking ghoul watch
> So in tonight's show, Jack talks about the black market in gasoline at the end of the show.
   It's a rationing message and I thought it was strange that Jack would address this issue. I
   can't recall him doing any PSAs concerning negative activities before.
<Frank Nelson> We were talking about Ronald Reagan and other actors that are in poor
<kurt> It's actually easier to vanish in California than practically anywhere else
<kurt> He mentioned black market gasoline previously. Mostly he pitched war bonds and
   war savings stamps
<Barbara> That's interesting KM99 in that here Jack did that gas thing at the beginning of
   the show.
<kurt> You know the Tonys are in trouble when they wheel out Tony Bennett for a medley
<Frank Nelson> They had commercials about Grape Nuts flakes not needing a food
   coupon before
<Abe> I didn't get the whole coupon to purchase legal gas thing.  What was that about?
<kurt> That's why he was switched from plugging Jell-O.
<Barbara> I believe you needed a rationing coupon to buy gas and some food.
> Abe - You needed a ration ticket to buy gas, sugar, meat and other items during the war
<kurt> People with A cards were gobbling up black market gas
<ed kienzler> was it good quality gas
<Barbara> Jack did a lot of public service announcements, but once I saw him refuse to do
   one. I don't know what it was for.
<kurt> It was the same gas, just not obtained with a coupon
<Frank Nelson> My grandfather worked in an old field, and they'd go to the wells and get
   condensate and run it in their cars
<ed kienzler> oh thanx kurt
<Abe> KM99 - So without the coupon you couldn't purchase these items? Or did they just
   cost more?
<Barbara> You couldn't purchase them.  Had to use Grape Nuts.
> Trivia Question  - Anybody here know what purple gas is?
<ed kienzler> ethyl
<Barbara> No, but I bet it's pretty.
> Abe - You weren't supposed to be allowed to buy without a coupn. That way everyone
   could get some stuff (rationing) and nobody would be left out.
<ed kienzler> here is a another name for ghoul watch eddie albert
<Frank Nelson> You'll notice the stamp on the windsheld of cars in movies made during
   the war. I usually see a "B" stamp
<Abe> Ed Kienzler - Does anybody know how Eddie Albert is doing?
<kurt> My grandfather had worked for the state highway dept., and occasionally stretched
   his A card with fuel from the highway department tanks.
<Barbara> I thought Eddie Albert was dead.
> Purple gas is "Tax-Free" gas. The gas is dyed purple and sold to farmers for their farm
   machinery. It's illegal to drive an on road vehicle with prple gas in the tank.
<Frank Nelson> No, Eddie's still alive
<kurt> Eddie Albert: Fit, but very old
<ed kienzler> some one just mentioned him on a trivia show on KTRS St. Louis
<Barbara> If you want to get religious, Billy Graham and the Pope both look pretty ill.
<kurt> Next one on the ghoul watch ought to include Joan Fontaine
<Abe> KM99 - Just how did the police know you had purple gas? Were there random
<kurt> Who would get to heaven first: Billy or the Pope?
<Frank Nelson> I thought Joan was younger than her sister Olivia
> Abe - In rural areas the police would do spot checks
<kurt> Suppose they both die on the same day. Who would get the larger headline?
<ed kienzler> on that same trivia show there was a question of how many films Jack did?
   that's neat
<ed kienzler> 2 dozen
<Abe> Does anyone know if Ronald Regan and Jack Benny ever worked together?
<kurt> On a TV special
<kurt> Ron offered Jack the keys to a Rolls Royce
<Barbara> I thought you were going to say, who would get in, Kurt.
<Frank Nelson> he probably gave him the keys but not the car...
<Barbara> It was a good show we heard, and I'm sure they were all glad to be away from
   that grind for awhile.
> That's a good point you made earlier Barbara. The cast seemed very relaxed.
<Barbara> Thank you, handsome.
<Barbara> My sister is in Calgary now.  I asked her to look for you.
<billp> hi there km
> Hiya Bill!
<billp> is the ice melted up there yet?
> Barbara - Is she here visiting or did she decide to move to the mountains for her health?
<ed kienzler> my older brother lives in Bragg Creek how far is that from Calgary?
> Bill - We've had 90 degree temps and today, lots of rain
<billp> my bro in law was sposed to fish in canada but they canceled.. said there was still
   four feet of ice
<Barbara> She is visiting and then goes to Banff and Lake Louise.
<billp> 90 deg.. GREAT!!!! :-)
> Ed - Thirty minutes. I was just out there yesterday
<ed kienzler> GREAT111
<kurt> Today, I was invited to Palm Springs
> Ed - There is some great camping out there.
<Frank Nelson> I did a lookup on Eddie Albert, and Eddie's 96 years old
<ed kienzler> I BET THERE IS
> Ed - Bragg Creek is in Kanaskis Country where the Canadian G-8 Summit was held. I
   saw G.W. Bush arrive in Airforce One for that conference.
<kurt> A lot of 96 year olds in Palm Springs
<ed kienzler> neat
> Kurt - Have you been to Palm Springs before?
<Barbara> I saw Jack's house there.  It was nice but not pretentious.
> Getting back to tonight's show, did anyone else notice Mary was missing?
<Barbara> I like it better when she's not on.  Sorry about that.
<Frank Nelson> Jack said she was ill
<ed kienzler> was charlie farrell mayor at any time jack was there?
<Frank Nelson> Listening to the old shows, I cringe when Mary reads those poems
<ed kienzler> or was it some one else named charlie?
> Charlie Farrell, Star of Seventh Heaven....
<kurt1> As I was saying ...
<ed kienzler> sorry kurt...
<kurt1> No, haven't been to Palm Springs before. Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Brentwood, and
   other places

(lines with no lead character are now Laura Leff)


What did I miss?

<KM99> We just started talking about tonight's show

Are we talking about tonight's show?


So is it politically incorrect to talk about black gas?

<ed kienzler> no

<Barbara> Phil made a rare minor fluff.

<KM99> I mentioned the unusual PSA Jack reads at the beginning of the broadcast.

Barbara - When was that?

<Frank Nelson> Colleges?

<Barbara> He said a word about 3 times and Jack mimicked him.

<KM99> Kay Kyser's Musical Kollege

I heard him stumble on "Jackson" in a late 1942 show the other day

<kurt1> STUDENTS!

<ed kienzler> YES teacher

<Frank Nelson> Yes Miss Landers

So did he really sub for Kyser that summer?

<Frank Nelson> I'm too young to know that

Maybe a year ago someone E-mailed me asking for more information about the Jack Benny character "Ish Kabbible".

<Barbara> Last night's show on 1260 had the Colman's and Isaac Stern as guests at Jack's birthday party.

<kurt1> Mervyn Bogue, who died a few years back

Barbara - Oh, is that the one with Isaac Stern?

<Frank Nelson> The one where they guy cooks the free meal in the cookware?

<Barbara> That's absolutely correct. Stern played a solo and when Jack critiqued it, Mary said, "Shut up"

<Barbara> That's not the big "Shut Up" joke that set a record for laughs tho.

I'd have to look up whether that was before or after the Dorothy Kirsten show.

<KM99> I really liked Mel Blanc's reprise of the hapless insurance salesman, Herman Peabody.

That's a fun show. I gave a copy of it to Isaac Stern after I interviewed him.

KM - Now, was that character used on other shows? I seem to recall it was.

<KM99> Herman showed up during the Grapenuts season

<Barbara> I wasn't sure that was Mel Blanc so I'm glad to know.

<ed kienzler> do you what date he showed up on?

<Barbara> That was nice of you, Laura. The solo was wonderful.

<KM99> Ed - We'll have to wait for Vol 2 of Laura's log for that

<ed kienzler> ok

KM - :D Yup...stay tuned for that. The work has already begun on it.

<Barbara> What do you do in your spare time, Laura?

I've been doing that a lot lately...interviewing people and then giving them copies of their appearances on Jack's show, or information that they want about Jack.

Barbara - What spare time?

Barbara - Sleep. Eat.

<ed kienzler> i wa just going to say...

I did it with Stuart Canin and Dix Davis.

<kurt1> Laura used to give out Jell-O and Lucky Strikes

<kurt1> But people started to talk

Would you believe that now I feel compelled to buy a box of malty-rich, sweet-as-a-nut Grape Nuts Flakes?

I promised Dan that I wouldn't start smoking Lucky Strikes when I get past June 1944.

<Frank Nelson> You could smoke Tarrytons

<ed kienzler> hey laurs who played Gladys in "The plumber" episode? Iam listening to it now and I ca't figure who it is

I was interviewing Mary's first cousin, and she thought that Jack and Mary met at the May Company, like on the show. I told her the whole story in detail.

Ed - Ah, I'll have to consult the script to be sure. Might it be Sara Berner?

<ed kienzler> bad spelling sorry

<Frank Nelson> It was the one from the chat several months ago - The plumber one

<ed kienzler> i know it was not bea benedaret

<Frank Nelson> The DVD I watched yesterday had how Jack met Mary at the May company

<kurt1> People always absorb compelling show business myths as if they're gospel truth. Not sure why that is.

<KM99> Speaking of Chat "giveaways", I really miss Walt handing out the Jell-O.

Frank - Is that in circulation? Who's the maker on it?

<kurt1> They DID sort of meet at the May Company, though. This is where actual courting took place.

<Frank Nelson> He went in to buy a $1.99 shirt (that was guaranteed) and waited forever for the change

KM - I think that was Mike.

<KM99> Sorry - Mikewats

Frank - Right. And throws his hat to get Mary's attention.

[Sun Jun 06 17:06:33 GMT-08:00 2004] Rcraw4d has no profile.

<Rcraw4d> evening everyone

<Frank Nelson> And gets a boulder back that was Mr. Kearns

Hi Rob

<Rcraw4d> hugs Laura

Rob - Please tell me that photo you have of Jack wasn't taken in 1979.

<Frank Nelson> Let me look at the package. It had 4 episodes on it. It was only $7.99 at the bookstore

Frank - Be interested, because that's an MCA-owned show.

<KM99> Bill - getting back to the fishing trip, there is still plenty of ice on the northern lakes near the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.

<Rcraw4d> sorry, I mis-spoke... it looks to be about ayear before his passing

<Rcraw4d> wearing a yellow jacket

<Frank Nelson> The website is www.oldies.com and its from Alpha video

Rob - Assuming it was the attachment, I would have put it in early-mid 1974.

<Rcraw4d> Perhaps

<Rcraw4d> and yes you can pass along the information about the pal video of Jack

<Frank Nelson> The product number is ALP 4252D on the DVD

Frank - OK, thanks.

<Rcraw4d> does frank have everyone catagorized???

<Frank Nelson> It also has the 3rd Jack Benny TV show

> Frank - Good stuff. That's a fun episode, but it's given rise to so many urban legends that it's a continuing pain.

<ed kienzler> Laura have you heard of benny imposter jack Milo He played here in Springfield last year in a one man show

<ed kienzler> he was great

> Ed - Yes, I have heard of him. I have tried several times to get more information on him, but no one ever responds to me. Don't know why.

<billp> wow.. i just cant imagine frozen lakes this time of year

<Frank Nelson> I don't have everything catagorized, I had the DVD handy since I watched it yesterday

Ed - Is he? Most JB impressionists are bad, so I didn't know.

<ed kienzler> Try gordonproductions.com they put up the show last year

<kurt1> LL Cool J just introduced Carol Channing!

<ed kienzler> it was scary to see and hear him...

<Frank Nelson> Good, 2 people that can't sing

<kurt1> No standing ovation for Channing!

<Rcraw4d> laura did you see what I wrote about the tape?

Kurt - For a moment I thought that was directed at me.

Ed - He's that good?

Rob - the PAL tape?

<ed kienzler> Yes!!!

<Rcraw4d> yes

Yes, I'll forward your E-mail. Thanks...hope Douglas can give it a good home.

Ed - Well, if you can get someone to contact me about his work, I'd really appreciate it!

<Rcraw4d> I hope 10 bucks is o.k.?

<kurt1> I think the audience is hostile because Channing publicly ridiculed her gay ex-husband

<ed kienzler> I'll try but no promises

Rob - Dunno...we'll have to see what he thinks.

Ed - No problem. I'd given up on it, but hopefully you can have more success.

<Rcraw4d> I also purchased the benny/allen movie

So what other thoughts about the show for tonight?

Rob - Love Thy Neighbor or It's In the Bag?

<Rcraw4d> in the bag

[Sun Jun 06 17:13:41 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt2 has no profile.

<ed kienzler> you bet can I send you they program or a copy of it?

<KM99> Talking about tonight's show, I learned something interesting about Dennis Day. I knew he joined the Navy but I was surpised he was stationed in Arizona.

Kurt - Interesting...she was with George Burns when last I saw her.

<Rcraw4d> for the duration, he was?

Ed - That would be great! Any information is helpful.

<Frank Nelson> Lots of big ships in landlocked Arizona

<ed kienzler> gotcha!!!

KM - I know...a Navy post in Arizona?

He wasn't back on the show until 1946, and he became an officer in that time.

<Rcraw4d> I wonder where they put them??? I lived there for 9 years didn't see ships???

<Rcraw4d> hmmm????

<Frank Nelson> How about Harris in the Merchant Marines, where was he stationed, Kansas?

<KM99> A landlocked Naval base isn't really unusual. They had lots of them during the war to train folks before they were sent to sea.

<kurt2> No, he was stationed in California

Frank - He was on Catalina in the maritime service.

<Rcraw4d> I spent some time at the Hotel that Jack and Mary stayed at while doing a sunday show in Phoenix for the troups... West ward Ho

Rob - Are you going by radio show mentions, or is there something there mentioning it?

<Frank Nelson> If I ever go to New York, I'm looking for the Acme Plaza

<Rcraw4d> I think it's on record that they stayed there?

Frank - Remember...you may have to look underground.

<Frank Nelson> Gotcha

<kurt2> Rochester always was mentioned as staying at the Theresa Hotel. The Hotel Theresa was real.

I stayed at the Acme Plaza's Toronto branch...it's called the Strathcona.

Kurt - Was it in Harlem?

<Rcraw4d> he's not the r-e-a-l frank nelson is he?

<kurt2> Took up an entire block. Biggest, nicest hostelry in all of Harlem.

Rob - If he is, then he's got a REALLY long Ethernet connection!

<Rcraw4d> that's some pair of hose??

<Frank Nelson> I figured the Theresa hotel was some girlfriend named Theresa

<Frank Nelson> Ewwww, do I

[Sun Jun 06 17:18:45 GMT-08:00 2004] Mikewats: I'm late, I'm late...

Say, did you talk about Rochester getting married?

<Rcraw4d> Gawd

Hey Mike! We were talking about you.

<Frank Nelson> Hundres of times

<KM99> It seems to me the format for tonight's show was somewhat unusual. It's a variance of the "In-One" appearances Jack used for camp shows, with a musical number but no sketch.

<Mikewats> Well, hi Laura...that must be why my ears felt funny...

OK...with my technical difficulties, I apologize for not getting back sooner.

<Frank Nelson> Wasn't that was Rochester said about being married, "Numerous times"?

<kurt2> No. "Repeatedly."

KM - Well, there were plenty of shows that had no sketch and just had the conversational riffs going on.

<Rcraw4d> you need to get a cable connection Laura

Rob - I have one. But for some reason, my computer couldn't see my WLAN

Oh my goodness, just as I was typing that it reconnected to it.

<Rcraw4d> oops sorry... sounds like your puter needs glasses?

<Frank Nelson> Maybe she can get that for Christmas instead of a gopher trap

How d'ya like that. It's never gone down for longer than 15 minutes previously.

<Frank Nelson> or shoelaces

Or oil painta


<Rcraw4d> Laura are you going to offer an audio tape of the recreation of the Jack Benny show?

<Frank Nelson> or candy with dates

Frank - I don't need a date, I'm married.

Rob - Which one? Waukegan or 39 Forever?

<Rcraw4d> dates as in rainsins

<Rcraw4d> raisins

<Frank Nelson> Wasn't it stuff dates he was buying for Christmas and Don was on a diet and he had to return them again

<Rcraw4d> Laura....What???

Rob - Which recreation do you mean?

<Mikewats> I was gonna be here on time, but I got sidetracked watching that MSNBC you-are-there style program

Mike - So where were you? :)

<Rcraw4d> when you had the celebration in Waukeegan... or was that the one in L.A., hmmmm?

<kurt2> ACK! Must depart!

<Rcraw4d> umm... did I tell you I'm in Keota...near washington iowa?

Rob - We did recreations at both celebrations. Which one do you want? Phil Harris is here now and can do a live show for you if you'd like.

[Sun Jun 06 17:24:03 GMT-08:00 2004] ed: iluvotr@sbcglobalnet

Welcome back, Ed

<Rcraw4d> both

<kurt2> I think I'll go to the Reagan viewing at the Capitol. I'll "represent" anyone who cares to be represented. History, you know.

<Rcraw4d> Phil is alive???

<KM99> Laura - Another thing that was different. Usually when Rochester calls up, at the end of the conversation, Jack says "goodbye" and Rochester says "Oh, say boss". Tonight, Jack says "Oh say, Rochester."

Rob - OK, I have the Waukegan one on CD. The Waukegan one is only on video, and some day I'll transfer it to DVD for the video library.

<Mikewats> Well, I've been off inspecing Jell-O factories...

KM - I noticed that. I suppose it was because Roch was so excited.

Mike - Any horses' hooves there?

<Rcraw4d> I read an article saying that dvd's and cd's won't last 99 years as first predicted

<Mikewats> Not a one! And I looked, too

Say, what was the deal about the "I'm just an old cuspidor"?

<Frank Nelson> Inspecting Jello factories Mike?

Rob - How long will they last?

Mike - As opposed to being a Chicken Inspector?

<Mikewats> Well...I don't think I'm a coward...

<KM99> Tonight's recipe - First you take a 12 ounce glass and put in a dash of bitters. Then you add a jigger of gin. Then you add another jigger of gin. Then you fill the glass up with gin.

Who is C. Aubrey Smith?

Not James Aubrey's father, I presume.

<Rcraw4d> if care is taken, and you lay prop them up, as appossed to laying them down, about 40 years as long as you keep them nicely sealed etc

<KM99> LL - There was a daytime serial show called "John's Other Cuspidor"

<Frank Nelson> It's John's Other Wife

<KM99> Whoops

KM - I thought it was "John's Other Wife", but what do I know...

<Rcraw4d> I thought it was "wife", John's other wife???

KM - That sounds pretty disgusting when you think about it.

<Rcraw4d> not to an old mormon

Which reminds me...

[Sun Jun 06 17:28:18 GMT-08:00 2004] e.j.kienzler II: iluvotr@sbcglobal.net/afanofoldradio@aol.com

<KM99> I meant to say that the Benny writers had taken to joke about "John's Other...." and Cuspidor was used several times.

<Rcraw4d> ....yes....????

Take a look at the guestbook and you'll see an excellent signature from one of the people behind the Ren and Stimpy show.

<KM99> They also joked about "John's Other Smudgepot"

KM - OK, I'll get it in context as I hear the shows in order.

<Frank Nelson> Did you know "The Kids In The Hall" took their name from Jack Benny

<Rcraw4d> smudgepots were abused a lot... at one time the National Save a Smudgepot committee asked them to stop defaming smudgepots

<e.j.kienzler II> what is a smudgepot? i heard it used on the plumbler show

> I suppose "cuspidor" does conform to the rule of words with the hard "k" sound in them being funny.

Frank - Supposedly so.

<Mikewats> I've never heard the term "black gas" before...

<Rcraw4d> it looks like a cartoon bomb, when lit it gave off a smoke, it helped the oranges develope

<Frank Nelson> They said Jack called the new would be writers "The Kids In The Hall" and would pay them $5 for a good joke

Ed - A smudgepot was a metal thing that created smoke to hold the heat in over orange groves

<Rcraw4d> I said that already

Ed - But someone finally complained that they were making too much pollution and they were banned.

<e.j.kienzler II> he used it in a lot of shows

<Rcraw4d> in the 60's I believe

Frank - Supposedly, although I know that Hal and Al were often called "The Kids" as well.

[Sun Jun 06 17:32:03 GMT-08:00 2004] Rcraw4d: Rob C.

<Rcraw4d> sorry had to go out and come back again, jello all

<Frank Nelson> They would put out smudgepots here as a warning light before they had electric caution lights that blinked on barriers

<e.j.kienzler II> jello everybody

<Rcraw4d> instead of flares and blinking lights I think?

<Rcraw4d> used curbside

> I talked about smudgepots on one of Walden's Sunday shows a while back, and he said they used to have "The Smudgepot Report" in LA

<Frank Nelson> They were round pots full of something like kerosene and they lit them and placed them on the road to warn of danger

<Rcraw4d> did you know that the smog in LA goes in and out with the tide in the mornings?

<Rcraw4d> I said that already

Rob - Maybe they should try a different detergent.

<Frank Nelson> Boooo

> Y'know, Jack's comment about Fred Allen looking like a butcher peeping over two pounds of liver became pretty well-known.

<e.j.kienzler II> Double Booooo


<Rcraw4d> tide...soap... smog???.....hmmm?????

Vaudeville isn't dead...it's alive on the IJBFC chat.

Hey, what happened to Barbara?

<e.j.kienzler II> true

<Rcraw4d> or it's dead in Lauras delivery... :)

<Frank Nelson> Maybe a box of Breeze. You'd get a towel in the box too....

<KM99> LL - Barbara dropped off about thirty minutes ago

<KM99> LL - we lost Bill at about the same time

KM - I noticed a while ago that she wasn't on, probably left by the time I came back.

<Rcraw4d> another funeral???

KM - Darnit...two good ones.

<Frank Nelson> That must mean the rest of us aren't

<Frank Nelson> Well.......

<Rcraw4d> Geeze I need to catchup on my daily doings!

So how about that 39 Forever, Second Edition...everyone ordered their copy?

<Rcraw4d> I guess I better

(Yes, this is a shameless ad.)

<Rcraw4d> feeling guilty here

<e.j.kienzler II> Will sap...a

<Mikewats> Not yet, but my ship is about to come in

<KM99> LL - I'll be mailing my cheque tomorrow

<e.j.kienzler II> Will ASAP...*

<Rcraw4d> I'm still at the docks waiting

KM - Sounds good. Copies are going fast...packaged up about 10 of them tonight.

<Rcraw4d> you take pay-pal?

Sittin' on the dock of the bay...

Rob - Yup. There's a Paypal link on the 39 Forever page.

<Frank Nelson> Here's the Tide again

<Rcraw4d> watching the tide go away

<Rcraw4d> how much??? since this is a shameless plug?

<e.j.kienzler II> wasting time....

It's $40. Postage included.

<Mikewats> Do we need to use any ration points?

Ah, it's the IJBFC chat singalong...

<Rcraw4d> catch ya next payday

Mike - Nope. 39 Forever is not rationed.

Rob - Sounds good.

<KM99> I liked Phil's rendition of "G.I. Jive" tonight. It was a little slower than other versions I'd heard so I figure he was re-framing the song with his Southern manner of delivery.

<Rcraw4d> perhaps payments???hmmm????

<Mikewats> I thought it was a wee bit too...hammy

<e.j.kienzler II> the high school in waukegan is known as the 39ers

<Frank Nelson> I figure it was originally in a key he couldn't hit

<Rcraw4d> mine is the key of Largo

Ed - Their sports teams are, for the Jack Benny Middle School.

<Frank Nelson> I thought it was the key of off


<e.j.kienzler II> BOOO...

<Rcraw4d> the only thing that did not die was the Jr. highschool

Phil's been gone a while...perhaps the key of skeleton...

<Frank Nelson> His rap name is Tone Deaf

<KM99> LL - Ouch

KM - Sorry, that was a bit harsh...

Rob - How do you mean?

<Frank Nelson> That was a bit much

<Rcraw4d> and not skelton???

<Rcraw4d> about what??

<e.j.kienzler II> maybe the keys to baldpate

<e.j.kienzler II> all seven of them...

Rob - About the Junior High School being the only thing that didn't die

<KM99> LL - Oh! I get it! Skeleton Key!

<Rcraw4d> watch the bald jokes!!

Ed - Har har

<e.j.kienzler II> iam too

> Hair hair, what's on your head? Skin.

<Rcraw4d> oh, thanks

<Rcraw4d> close too it

<e.j.kienzler II> no my headphones

<Rcraw4d> I had them on, but since there's no sound here4

<Rcraw4d> here

<Frank Nelson> It's my hair. I paid for it, so it's mine, right?

Don't vote for more hair, vote for Dan Druff...

<Mikewats> Gee, I just heard "lingerie" mispronounced the way I used to mispronounce it when I was little

<e.j.kienzler II> ha ha

<Rcraw4d> another shamless plug

<Frank Nelson> Is Dan Druff running with Gracie Allen on the Surprise Party?

Frank - I thought Dennis Day was her running mate.

<e.j.kienzler II> on the flake free party

When I was a kid, I was never sure if Crisco giving a flaky crust was a good thing or not.


<e.j.kienzler II> good one

<Frank Nelson> You didn't believe Loretta Lynn?

<KM99> LL - Recently I decided to catch up on my Halls Of Ivy listening with Ronald and Benita Colman. It's a real treat to hear them in that show and Jack actually is mentioned several times. He appears with them in the show dated 1950-11-22.

<Rcraw4d> I thougth crisco was like Crisco Kid

<Frank Nelson> Awww, Cisco

<Mikewats> "Crisco'll do yew right ever' time!"

<e.j.kienzler II> BOOO

KM - You know, I've never heard any of those shows. I'll have to do that...someday after I've finished the 39 Forever series.

Mike - Wow...that takes me back.

<Rcraw4d> But I believed that when I turned 30

You know, Loretta Lynn had a son named Jack Benny.

<e.j.kienzler II> or when i was 10

<Rcraw4d> nawww

<Rcraw4d> really?

<Mikewats> It's stuck in my head, Laura...no matter how much I'd tried to banish it...

Mike - I feel sorry for you.

Rob - Yup. I think he was killed in a car accident or something.

<Rcraw4d> trying singing "when I beg your pardon, then I'll come back to you"

<Frank Nelson> I thought it was a horse accident, but maybe it was a car

<e.j.kienzler II> then slam the door

When you say I beg your pardon

Then I'll come back to you

Frank - Maybe it was. It was an untimely death.

<e.j.kienzler II> sing it off KEY!!!

<Frank Nelson> Ewwwww

<Rcraw4d> in that way,I think it would be

<Mikewats> "Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven..."

<Rcraw4d> nothing about ww 2 after that crack

<KM99> I getting hungry now

[Sun Jun 06 17:48:44 GMT-08:00 2004] Alan has no profile.

<e.j.kienzler II> key lime pie?

<Frank Nelson> Loretta's son Jack Benny died in a drowning accident in 1996

<Alan> good evening

<KM99> Rob, you've got a sick sense of humour. You belong here for sure.

<e.j.kienzler II> that's too bad

<Rcraw4d> I used to do standup laura remember?

<e.j.kienzler II> about her kid

Hello Alan

Rob - Well, that's what you told me.

<e.j.kienzler II> jello alan

So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind this evening?

<Rcraw4d> so, do you have every single JB show on cd Laura?

<e.j.kienzler II> how many episodes of benny shows does everyone have ?

<Rcraw4d> I have last count over 300

<Frank Nelson> I'm about to finish listening to all the Benny radio shows I have. Guess I'll have to move on to someone else, maybe Fred Allen

<e.j.kienzler II> i have at least 39

Rob - I think we have just about everything that's in circulation. Some are on tape and some mp3.

Frank - Or fill in more from the IJBFC library.

<Rcraw4d> theres lots on mp3 I don't have

<Mikewats> Well, Laura, I just finished listening to this show...and man, it sounds like they were coasting...

[Sun Jun 06 17:52:15 GMT-08:00 2004] Jeff has no profile.

<KM99> Ed - I have 709 of the 911 shows Jack made for radio. I've got another 70 or so guest appearances.

Mike - Yeah, wasn't it a hot audience?

<e.j.kienzler II> WOW!!!

Hi Jeff!

<e.j.kienzler II> hi jeff

<Frank Nelson> I don't know how may I have, but it's a bunch

<KM99> Ed - sorry Jack made 924 radio shows

<Rcraw4d> My personal fave shows are the ones written by beloin

<Mikewats> Yeah, red hot

KM - I'll have to sit down and count ours.

<Mikewats> I suppose "We are facing the crucial hour of this war" meant the invasion?

Mike - Well, I was wondering that too. Certainly D-Day hadn't been advertised.

<Rcraw4d> My dad was in on D-day invasion.. was w/ the 82 airborne

<KM99> Mikewats - Rome fell the following day - June 5, 1944. D-Day was two days later.

<Rcraw4d> parachuted behind enemy lines as a communications specialist

<Mikewats> Yes, I know it was still to come, but there was little doubt the invasion was coming...

Rob - Wow. Any memories of that?

<Rcraw4d> and I found out he is still alive

<Rcraw4d> living in upper state of AZ

<KM99> Rob - who's still alive. Your dad?

<Rcraw4d> yes

Alan/Jeff - Can you transmit to the chat? Just want to insure you can talk if you want.

<Mikewats> Oh, cool...the MSNBC "live" report of the invasion is being repeated later

<Alan> Sure, not a problem

<Rcraw4d> I have head phones and a mic, but not hooked up

<Alan> still here!

Alan/Jeff - If you're having trouble, double-click my name on the right side of the screen.

<Alan> transmit = speak

<Alan> don't have a mic set up

Alan - Right.

Alan - Transmit typing. Sorry, I used to be in radio myself.

<Alan> ok, no problem

<Rcraw4d> worked at a radio station in my 20's

<Rcraw4d> I wrote the news

<Mikewats> always wanted to work at a radio station...in the 1940s

<KM99> My background in radio is limited to college broadcasting - nothing professional

<e.j.kienzler II> I count 55 shows and several guest shots and best of..shows what station?

Rob - Probably made a little of it as well.

<Alan> only a radio fan here

<Rcraw4d> I did??

<Rcraw4d> me making news???

Rob - Yeah, like the time you held up that gas station...oops...sorry...

<e.j.kienzler II> purple gas

Ed - Purple rain

<e.j.kienzler II> oh sorry...

<Rcraw4d> NOW CUT THAT OUT!!!

<Mikewats> Is that anything like black gas?

Who says Jack Benny fans can't be hip...

<e.j.kienzler II> good one..

<KM99> I'm so hip I have trouble getting through some doors

(loss due to screen refresh)

<Rcraw4d> lots of fish in the markets during the war

Did anyone see 1940 house?

<Rcraw4d> they still make grape nuts flakes

<Mikewats> No, when was it on?

<KM99> LL - Is this the 1940 House in London?

<e.j.kienzler II> you mean dr fatskins...

<Rcraw4d> what 1940 house??

It was a PBS series, like 1900 House.

KM - That's it.

<Mikewats> I saw a couple of shows of Colonial House, but didn't know there was a `1940 House

> Showing a family dealing with rationing, having to do without (like cigarettes), building bomb shelters, etc.

<e.j.kienzler II> in london?

<KM99> Reality show - Four people lived in a house in London made up like the 1940's during the blitz

It started with "1900 House", which was fantastic. Then there was "1940 House". Then all the others, like Manor House, etc.

<Rcraw4d> remember seeing a show set in the 1940's "home front"

I'm not into reality TV, but it was very educational, especially to a history buff.

<e.j.kienzler II> did they have a console radio/

<Mikewats> Did they drop bombs near it for realism's sake?

<Frank Nelson> I've got a console radio

Ed - Yes, either that or a tabletop. I remember admiring it.

<Rcraw4d> this wasn't reality tv, "home front"

Mike - They had sound effects for that.

<e.j.kienzler II> kool

<Mikewats> Sounds great

<Rcraw4d> I had a 38 philco, with lion feet

<Rcraw4d> the speaker was underneath

I have a few console radios.

<Frank Nelson> Mine's a Philco with Am and short wave

<Mikewats> There's a $350 console reproduction I'd love to get

<e.j.kienzler II> I have a 59 sears silvertone missing a dial but otherwise ok

1928 and 1929 Majestic, a 30s Bosch, and so on.

<Rcraw4d> Laura had a basement full of those

I have a chairside Philco which is pretty cool.

<e.j.kienzler II> i have 4 of the table repros

<Frank Nelson> My oldest item like that is an Edison cylinder player

Rob - Still do. They're in California now.

<Rcraw4d> I'd love to have that Laura

Frank - I have one of those.

<Rcraw4d> oh, dad shipped them to ya?

Frank - Is it horn?

<Frank Nelson> I have a box of cylinders for it

<e.j.kienzler II> 1 croseley 3 thomas

Rob - No. Don't ask. Bad story. But I've got them.

<Frank Nelson> It is a small player, like a portable sewing machine and the horn is removable

<KM99> I've got an RVA Victor Orthophonic Console - It's the size of a big screen TV.

My horn cylinder player needs a belt so the player turns with the motor underneath.

<Rcraw4d> nice to see crosley is still making them... I did not mean to bring that up

<Mikewats> I've been listening to a cool LIve 365 station at work, it's radio shows from the current month...

<Mikewats> I.e., they're playing a bunch of shows from June right now

<Rcraw4d> me too, I listen to live 365

Frank - Ah, the lunchbox model. That's what I have.

KM - Whoa! That's impressive!

<Frank Nelson> I also have an old Victrola that cranks and you open the doors to make it louder

<Mikewats> there's a number of good OTR stations on Live 365

[Sun Jun 06 18:07:40 GMT-08:00 2004] Alan has no profile.

<KM99> There's a guy who took my war collection from the war I called "The Big One" and he streams it 24/7 on 365live

<e.j.kienzler II> had one of those once

I'm looking at a 1926 Victor Victrola console, Queen Anne cabinet. I love it.

<Rcraw4d> in Idaho I had two zenith 1938 radios

KM - Cool!

<Mikewats> That's great, KM

<Rcraw4d> refurbished

Oh, and a Brunswick with a morning glory horn on my right.

<e.j.kienzler II> OHHHo

<Frank Nelson> The horn on my Edison is straight

<Mikewats> One of my favorite D-Day programs is a Ronald Coleman recitation of an Edna St. Vincent Millay poem, "Poem and Prayer for an Invading Army"

Frank - It's a brass bell horn, right? Black main body and brass on the large end.

<Frank Nelson> It's black and the end of the horn is brass

Mike - Thank goodness he didn't recite "Charge of the Light Brigade".

Frank - That's it.

<Mikewats> lol laura

<Frank Nelson> It's a far far better thing I do,.... Oh, that's "Tale Of Two Cities"

<KM99> While we're talking about radio treasures, I just might mention my transcription player. It was originally used by the BBC in the 50s. It's the size of a kitchen stove.

<e.j.kienzler II> HUGE

<Rcraw4d> oh"When I say I beg your pardon, then I'll come back to you"

KM - Wow! Mine's portable compared to that

(loss due to screen refresh)

<LJS5123> and over the years it's been broken into

<LJS5123> lost alot of cool old stuff

<LJS5123> it was a big stand up model

<KM99> Thank you Antique Roadshow for making this hobby so expensive today

<LJS5123> with a crank on the side

<LJS5123> yeah, really

<Rcraw4d> I like table tops

<e.j.kienzler II> same here

> LJS - Wow...I could imagine grabbing, say, a Victor B model, but an upright? Someone was determined!

<Frank Nelson> There's a guy that sets up in Tulsa at the weekly flea market that sells refurbished cabinet radios

<LJS5123> it really had some great craftsmanship

<LJS5123> not made in China

<LJS5123> :-)

<e.j.kienzler II> USA

LJS - It didn't happen to have some curved pieces of wood on the front corners, did it?

<LJS5123> hmmm

<Rcraw4d> a guy in couer d' alene Idaho that refurbishes every kind of radio

<LJS5123> it might have

<LJS5123> I'd have to look for some pics online

> There's a Victor Victrola model that's really common and I've turned down the opportunity of buying probably 20 or more of them.

<LJS5123> it's been quite a while

<e.j.kienzler II> there was a 1906 edison at an auction last year of a guy who owned a 1912 harley in upper berth of his tavern

LJS - A good place to look is Ebay.

I'd like an Aux-E-to-Phone and a Berliner, please. :)

<LJS5123> it had a bunch of old Slovac records in the storage area in the lower half

<Rcraw4d> I have some links of people that refurbish zenith radios on the internet

LJS - My gosh, they lifted the Victrola AND the records?

<KM99> Well folks. I think I'll log off for now. Take care 'til next time.

<LJS5123> our old farm is in north western PA

<LJS5123> yep

<LJS5123> very sad

<Rcraw4d> ebay has a limited supply of any good condition radios

<e.j.kienzler II> by km99

<LJS5123> it was back in the 1980's

Take care, KM!

<Rcraw4d> oh when I had hair

<LJS5123> ha

<Frank Nelson> Well, I'm off to watch Kings Row and one of Jack's favourites, Ann Sheridan

<e.j.kienzler II> same here

LJS - I'm just amazed that someone had the strength and determination to take it.

<LJS5123> it used to be like stepping back in time

<Rcraw4d> where's that playing?

Take care, Frank!

<LJS5123> going to our old farm

Have a good one, Ed!

<Frank Nelson> Playing on my VCR

<LJS5123> nothing had changed since the 1940's

<Rcraw4d> bye frank, got popcorn?

<e.j.kienzler II> i am not leaving yet

<LJS5123> we had the old victrola

<Frank Nelson> Goodbye

<Mikewats> Mmmmmm...popcorn

<LJS5123> old furniture from the turn of the century

Ed - Oh! Sorry, I thought "same here" meant you were echoing Frank.

<Rcraw4d> extra butter

[Sun Jun 06 18:19:27 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

<e.j.kienzler II> MMMMMMMMM...beer

Hi Josef!

<LJS5123> I think that's why I love nostalgia so much

<Mikewats> Yes, hot with extra butter

<Rcraw4d> no beer

<Josef> Hello!

<LJS5123> otr

<LJS5123> and such

<Mikewats> Just a sody pop for me, pleawse

<Rcraw4d> "coke" in calif., "pop" in Iowa

I went to a place near my home town (Grand Rapids, MI) that had a sign for maple syrup. And I went up to this 1870s farmhouse

<Mikewats> "Trickle, trickle, trickle, trickle, nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel..."

<e.j.kienzler II> I have loved OTR since 1970 and been collecting since 1984

And no answer to the knock on the door.

So I looked inside, and the place looked like it belonged in the 1870s.

<LJS5123> neat

<Rcraw4d> cool

I felt like I had gone through the looking glass.

<LJS5123> exactly

Or some kind of time warp.

<LJS5123> yep

<e.j.kienzler II> i ve got some of the jack benny/frank knight longuines records

> I still get my maple syrup from them. I send them a check twice a year and get a half gallon. Best stuff anywhere.

<Rcraw4d> how'd you parlay enough money to be able to buy some of that stuff

Ed - Oh, the Golden Memories set?

<e.j.kienzler II> yes

Rob - The maple syrup isn't that expensive.

<e.j.kienzler II> not all of them

<Rcraw4d> oh... I thought we were talking about antiques?

<Rcraw4d> I seem to be a page back from everyone else?

<e.j.kienzler II> radio is antiqued

Ed - You can get the whole set on Ebay. It comes up regularly. Everyone who finds it sends me an E-mail and asks if it's worth a million dollars and I have to tell them all "no."

Rob - So how did I get the money to buy my antiques?

<e.j.kienzler II> "PRICELESS" and no credit card needed

<Rcraw4d> yes

Well, I was shopping before Antiques Road Show. And I shopped auctions and estate sales and got amazing deals.

<Rcraw4d> I thought most were family heirlooms?

And I lived with my parents, so it really wasn't "my" money.

I got my 1928 Majestic console for $5.

<Rcraw4d> lots of them here in Iowa, I look thru the papers all the time

I got my 1924 (or so) RCA Radiola console for $20.

<e.j.kienzler II> wow $5 bucks

Rob - No. I amassed that collection.

<Rcraw4d> I thought you lived in Cedar Rapids Iowa, sorry my mistake

I got my beautiful 1896 pump organ for $25 at auction.

Rob - Who me?

<Rcraw4d> yep

Rob - No, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

<Rcraw4d> sorry, not aware there were two Cedar Rapids

I was a real horse trader in those days.

<Rcraw4d> dumb me, dumb me

<Rcraw4d> and cute too\

I'm trying to remember if I ever paid over $100 for a radio...

<e.j.kienzler II> LOL

<Rcraw4d> I have, geeze

<Rcraw4d> that's cuz your cuter than me

I could have had as many console radios as I wanted for $10 or less at auctions. Just no place to put them all.

<LJS5123> well folks, I just wanted to stop in to see what this was all about

Rob - And don't think a kid collecting this stuff wasn't used to my advantage!

<Rcraw4d> I bet you were

<LJS5123> I think I'll stop back earlier next time

LJS - Please feel free to drop by earlier next month. We're more Benny-focused then.

[Sun Jun 06 18:26:46 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

<LJS5123> did we talk about d-day?

WB Josef

<Rcraw4d> IS THIS MY FAULT??

LJS - Some. Also Reagan's death.

<LJS5123> ahh

<e.j.kienzler II> tried to but radios got in the way'

<Josef> Thanks

<Rcraw4d> yes my dad was there on D-day

After 2 hours, I let the conversation go where it wants in this room.

<Josef> Did Jack ever act with Ronald Reagan?

<e.j.kienzler II> had my dad I wouldn't be here

<LJS5123> I'm lucky to be flanked by 2 WWII neighbors on each side of me

<LJS5123> great old guys

Josef - I think Reagan was on one of the specials.

<Rcraw4d> I remember waiting in line to vote(in Calif.), and they announced over the radio, that Reagan had already won

<Josef> Cool.

<Mikewats> My dad was in the area, but he was one of the support troops, he arrived in France about a month after D-Day

<e.j.kienzler II> ohg good'

Mike - That's not a bad time to get there

<e.j.kienzler II> oh goo*

Ed - Goo goo.

<e.j.kienzler II> good*

<Mikewats> I'm sure that's how he felt, too, Laura

<e.j.kienzler II> HAR HAR

<Rcraw4d> my dad was behind ememy lines trying to set up communications

<Mikewats> He was waiting to ship out to the Pacific when the A-bombs were dropped

Mike - Reminds me of Biloxi Blues. All these guys getting trained, and then the war's over and they go home.

<Rcraw4d> close call

<e.j.kienzler II> my dad was a sarge at age 24 and bald by 25 maybe that didnot help

<Mikewats> Well, there were a lot of military who played relatively minor roles...but that was needed too

<Rcraw4d> stress

My father was the right age to miss the wars.

<e.j.kienzler II> perhaps

<LJS5123> they really are the "greatest generation"

<e.j.kienzler II> Tom Brokaws book

<Rcraw4d> the memorial was Loooonnnng over due

<Josef> My mother's father was in WWII, saW Plenty of action in France, but missed D-Day

<e.j.kienzler II> you bet

<LJS5123> I respect evey one of them I meet

<Alan> hard to believe it was 60 years late, amazing!

<LJS5123> I'm an ex-Marine

<Rcraw4d> ex-army

<Rcraw4d> vietnam

<LJS5123> Desert Storm

Ex-wife (no, not really0

<Rcraw4d> I did it, because my dad before me did it

<LJS5123> ha

<e.j.kienzler II> a son of the american egion

<e.j.kienzler II> legion

<LJS5123> but the stories of the WW2 vets are incredible

<Josef> I'm joining the Air Force, leave for boot camp this summer

<Rcraw4d> have fun, Lackland is tough

<LJS5123> good luck

<Josef> they are incredible stories

Josef - Wow!

<Alan> both my grandparents were ww2 vets, but I never got to really meet either of them unfortunately

<LJS5123> I spent time on Lackland

<Josef> thanks

<LJS5123> in 1989

<e.j.kienzler II> too bad

<Rcraw4d> and there maybe a draft soon

<LJS5123> at MP scholl

Josef - Keep me up to date on your addresses.

<LJS5123> for the USMC

<Josef> I hope there isn't a draft

<LJS5123> it's a nice base

<Rcraw4d> never did go to Lackland... went in as a reserve as prior Army

<Josef> Ya, I've heard a lot of it from everyone lately

<Rcraw4d> looks like there will be

<LJS5123> Lackland had AC in the barracks

<Josef> wow

<LJS5123> very nice

<LJS5123> especially since it's in Texas

<Rcraw4d> the army does not believe in A/C

<LJS5123> very hot in the summer

<e.j.kienzler II> we should remember all the wars everyday...

<LJS5123> neither do the Marines

<LJS5123> yep

Air Force - Air Conditioning...coincidence? You be the judge.

<Rcraw4d> I am proud for what I did, but it took more than 20yrs to finally believe it

<e.j.kienzler II> never forget why we can chat about OTR the guys who gave up their lives

<LJS5123> it's tough to think that the WW2 vets are fading away

<LJS5123> and they

<Rcraw4d> only 13 million out of 44 million survive

<e.j.kienzler II> 1000 plus a day

<LJS5123> most will be gone in the next 20 years

<LJS5123> very sad

> I've seen snippets about Jack playing to the hospitals and how tough it was. I recently read a letter about him doing that for the Korea boys.

<LJS5123> yep

<Rcraw4d> some sooner than that

<Josef> wow

<LJS5123> yes

<Rcraw4d> did Jack entertain the troops before Hope?

<e.j.kienzler II> they say radio hung around longer because of WW2

Rob - I think he may have. I remember reading that somewhere.

<LJS5123> Jack was in the Navy wasnt' he?

<Alan> I just listened to a show from Feb 1944

<e.j.kienzler II> yes

<LJS5123> during WW1?

<LJS5123> or after?

<e.j.kienzler II> yes

<Alan> where Jack pretended hope was on the phone, and that he convinced Hope it was ok to play in front of the troops

Ed - That makes sense. Why start production of a new maritime technology during war?

<Rcraw4d> he was doing show circa 1942

I have a medal that Jack got when he was in the Navy.

<Rcraw4d> really?

<Rcraw4d> wow

<LJS5123> wow!

<Josef> wow

<Mikewats> Coolness

<e.j.kienzler II> WOW!!!


<LJS5123> very cool

<Rcraw4d> how'd you get it?

<Josef> ya?

<Rcraw4d> are you close to Joan?

Rob - He gave it to Julius Sinykin, and I got it from that collection. Also Jack bar mitzvah ring.

<Josef> cool

<Alan> wow

Rob - We're friends. We correspond occasionally on E-mail.

<Rcraw4d> cool, that's way cool

<e.j.kienzler II> NEAT!!!

And I have Julius' glasses on my dresser. Many pictures of him with Jack wearing them.

<Josef> cool

<Rcraw4d> her first appearance on her father's show, was the day I was born Oct 15th 1950

Rob - That's right, I'd forgotten that.

<e.j.kienzler II> COOL!!!

Sometimes when I'm working on a lot of Benny stuff, I'll put on Jack's ring (it fits me perfectly).

<Rcraw4d> so, can I think of her as my God-mother?

Rob - Dunno, you'd have to ask her that.

<Rcraw4d> don't have her email\

Rob - I can always forward something.

<Rcraw4d> what was she, 14 at the time?

<Rcraw4d> great

> Rob - Well, let's see...1950 - 1934...16.

<Rcraw4d> when I send my daughters pic to you

<Rcraw4d> oh 16

<Rcraw4d> she did that in her head

[Sun Jun 06 18:41:10 GMT-08:00 2004] LJS5123: ILLUSTRATOR and JACK BENNY FAN


<LJS5123> whoops, I got so excited that I booted myself off!

> So what else is on everyone's mind?

> LJ - :)

> LJS - I ain't gonna touch that comment, no way, Jackson.

<LJS5123> just a somber but celebratory day

<Rcraw4d> ummm... since you put us on the spot, I just had a brain fart

<Josef> yep

<LJS5123> bittersweet

<e.j.kienzler II> we have to have a talk, Jackson...

<LJS5123> Ijust listened to the other day

> Also somber with Reagan's passing...interesting, and I suppose somewhat appropriate, timing.

<Rcraw4d> does anyone remember why Phil started calling Jack, Jackson?

<LJS5123> the episodes of Jack Benny

<Mikewats> A Jack Benny show without Dennis and Mary is...well, it just ain't as much fun, that's all

> Rob - That's in 39 Forever. :)

<LJS5123> that Phil Harris was explaining his do wa didde song

> Mike - But the audience didn't seem to care.

<LJS5123> those are hilarious

<Josef> ya

<Rcraw4d> Ron and Nancy visited Mary L. their apartment

> Phil said it was as close as he could get to calling him "jackass".

<LJS5123> ha ha

<LJS5123> Phil was great

<e.j.kienzler II> ah clever

<Rcraw4d> phil actually said that?

<Rcraw4d> Loved Phil Harris

<LJS5123> I love his semi-drunk stage persona

<Josef> Same here, the show wasn't the same without Phil

> Rob - Yup, Phil said that!

<LJS5123> yep

<Rcraw4d> and he never drank

<Josef> Wow

> Yes, Bill Cosby...er...Bob Crosby never quite cut it.

<Rcraw4d> neither did Dean Martin

> Rob - Who never drank?

<LJS5123> really? I thought Dean really was drunk

<Alan> no, Dean rarely drank at all

<Rcraw4d> Phil Harris and Dean Martin

<LJS5123> he looked it

<LJS5123> all red and smoking

<e.j.kienzler II> i thought he was talking about harris

<Rcraw4d> both never drank

<e.j.kienzler II> really

> Nahhhh. Phil drank.

<LJS5123> Phil Harris.....great

> Not as much as they portrayed on the air, but he did.

<LJS5123> Eddie Anderson....great

<Rcraw4d> I thought I had read somewhere, that Phil Never drank

> In fact, I read an article about a bar where the bartender recalled Phil's favorite drink.

<Rcraw4d> geeze If I can only remember where, I read that??

<Rcraw4d> not sex on the beach I bet?

<e.j.kienzler II> there is an episode where jack ssaid phil cried in1919 when prohibition stared

<LJS5123> ha ha

> Rob - Did I ever tell you about Phil giving me a glass of iced tea?

<Josef> Yes, I love Rochester. "Oh, ROCHESTER!" "Yess, Bosss," "Why are you pouring that cough medicine in the glasses?" "I thought it would liven up the party!"

<Rcraw4d> I think so, yes

> Josef - Har har

<Rcraw4d> it wasn't tea?

> One time Phil found out that he was allergic to alcohol.

<e.j.kienzler II> spiced up w/ bourbon

> Jack: So, what are you going to do, Phil?

> Phil: Grow long fingernails...I'm in for a lotta scratchin!

<e.j.kienzler II> great episode

<Josef> lol

<Rcraw4d> I remember that

<Rcraw4d> so was it Tea or Not Laura?

> Rob - Well, my mother and I had always joked about being wary if Phil gave me a beverage

<Josef> Phil: Jackson, I just finished night school. Now, I'm a semaphore.

> So I said to him, "Is there vodka in this?"

> And he said, "No...you want some?"

<Rcraw4d> and??

<e.j.kienzler II> he was great

> J'ai manger la fenetre...I ate the window.

<Rcraw4d> Is Alice gone too?

<Josef> good episode

> Rob - Yup, a few years ago.

<e.j.kienzler II> 1998'

<Rcraw4d> an inside joke not doubt, Laura?

<e.j.kienzler II> in fact may of '98

> Rob - What...I ate the window?

<Rcraw4d> didn't she write a book?

> Ed - Good for you!

<e.j.kienzler II> dont knbow

<Rcraw4d> I think Alice did write a book?

<e.j.kienzler II> know*

> There was a book written ABOUT Alice released, maybe last year.

<LJS5123> hmm

<Rcraw4d> not it was a few years ago, she toured withit

<LJS5123> I'd like to read that

<Josef> what is the name of the book?

> Look on our Classifieds page (under Goodies) for information on the Alice Faye book.

<LJS5123> will do

<Rcraw4d> am I right , she wrote one?

> Rob - If she did, I'm not aware of it.

> But that's not to say she didn't.

<Rcraw4d> It was prior to Phil's death

<LJS5123> I was watching Comedy Central the other day

<e.j.kienzler II> 1995

[Sun Jun 06 18:52:48 GMT-08:00 2004] Alan has no profile.

<LJS5123> and Jack was one of the top 20 comedians of all time

> WB alan

<Alan> thanks

<Alan> I just went to subscribe to the newsletter Laura

<LJS5123> can't remember what # exactly

<Alan> I used to subscribe some time back

> LJS - Yeah, isn't that a kick? I have the clip of that on our Featured Items.

<Alan> missed a lot lol!

> Alan - Great! You won't be disappointed...it's been a gangbuster year so far.

<e.j.kienzler II> not really

<LJS5123> interesting

> LJS - 28

<LJS5123> since he's been gone for so long

<LJS5123> ah

<LJS5123> that's right

<Alan> Can I pay to get the back issues of the past year (I signed up for email)

<LJS5123> I knew it was in the top 50

<LJS5123> timeless comedy

> Alan - Absolutely. I just converted all the issues from 2000+ to PDF, so you can get them electronically.

> LJS - But didn't it seem like David Brenner was the only one who really knew anything about him?

<LJS5123> yes it did

<Alan> great, email me after you receive payment if you remember, and let me know how much they cost. Thanks

<LJS5123> they all had blank stares

<Rcraw4d> another shamles plug

<Alan> payment for the new sub that is

<e.j.kienzler II> timed comedy

<LJS5123> like who is Jack Benny???

> Alan - It's $6.39 for any of the electronic back issues as well.

<LJS5123> wasn't he a cartoon character???

<e.j.kienzler II> if they only knew

<LJS5123> ha ha

<e.j.kienzler II> ha ha

> LJS - Yeah, it reminded me of a strange time in high school when I was locked in a room with a bunch of junior and senior jocks.

<Mikewats> He was the short cat on Top Cat

<Alan> ok, I will send it, what email should I use?

> And they all looked at me holding a Jack Benny book and said, "Oh...Jack Benny...yeah, he's cool."

<Alan> I found it, that is ok

<e.j.kienzler II> big deal...

<e.j.kienzler II> they said

> Alan - You mean for Paypal?

<Alan> I just sent an extra $6.39 for the last year backissues

<Alan> sent it to jackbenny@aol.com via paypal

> It was so patently obvious they had no idea who he was. It may as well have been, "Charlemagne?...um...yeah...he was a real dude."

> Alan - That will work just fine. Thanks!

<e.j.kienzler II> they reran his TV show after his death on CBS and it was even funnier then as before

> Ed - In 1977, I think.

<e.j.kienzler II> that's right

<Rcraw4d> We got the Dean Martin Roast both with Jack Benny and George Burns

<e.j.kienzler II> oh funny

<Rcraw4d> waiting in the mail for it

> Ed - Can you imagine them doing that today? Rerunning 20+ year old shows on network time?

<e.j.kienzler II> not at all

<LJS5123> no way

<Rcraw4d> a cheap way to keep the tv macine going, to a new generation

<LJS5123> to money driven

(loss due to screen refresh)

> Next year, I'll no longer be in the coveted 18-35 age group.

<e.j.kienzler II> by mike

> G'night Mike!

<Rcraw4d> me too Laura

<e.j.kienzler II> bye*

<Alan> at least we have dvd and vhs for the old shows

<Rcraw4d> bye mike

<Alan> and mp3 too!

<LJS5123> mp3 is too cool

<e.j.kienzler II> those shows are classics

<e.j.kienzler II> and i dont even watch TV any more

<Rcraw4d> and the radio waves still travel throughout space, continually baffeling the aliens

<e.j.kienzler II> on OTR

<LJS5123> my local comic book store has JB DVD's

<LJS5123> cheap too

I'm waiting for the day that I get an alien joining the IJBFC

<LJS5123> $5 ea

<Rcraw4d> cool I still collect old comic books

<Alan> It amazes me that I have a few years of a radio program on one little cd - Imagine what they would have thought in the 40's how we listen today lol

<e.j.kienzler II> my local dollar store does to

<LJS5123> me to

<LJS5123> I love the smell of old pulp

<Rcraw4d> me too

<LJS5123> I mean, I'm really addicted to it

<Rcraw4d> I have the original Capt. Marvel books

Hey Alan...it just occurred to me...are you who I think you are? There were a couple Alans that might be here tonight.

<e.j.kienzler II> they'd go nuts MP3's?

<Rcraw4d> wrong forum, oops

Which one are you?

<Alan> of course, 60 years from now, they are going to think we were nuts to chat in a room via a keyboard

<LJS5123> occasionally I spend $70+ on old comics

<Alan> Alan Cohen

<Alan> I was more active a few years back

<Alan> at the time I lived in Los Angeles

<LJS5123> but not recenly

<e.j.kienzler II> true alan

<Alan> now I am in Oregon

Alan - OK. Milt Josefsberg's son was going to join us, and I thought you might be him.

<Alan> no

<LJS5123> I'm in Pittsburgh PA

<Rcraw4d> prolly forgoit or got tied up?

<Rcraw4d> forgot

Whaddya know...you're not even the OTHER Alan that might have been here! But I'm glad you're here.

<Rcraw4d> Keota Iowa

<e.j.kienzler II> brooklynite?

<Rcraw4d> too many Allens can spoil the pot

<LJS5123> very diverse geographically

San Francisco

<Rcraw4d> used to be in Phoenix, sigh

<e.j.kienzler II> springfield illinois

Our British chatter changed work schedules and can't join us now. Darnit.

<LJS5123> Well, we're running late folks, I must go

<Rcraw4d> Blimey

<Alan> I am still on your email list Laura, that is how I knew the chat was going on.

Well, shall we call it a night?

[Sun Jun 06 19:04:00 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

<Alan> It probably has been a few years since I have been here

<e.j.kienzler II> blimey matie

<LJS5123> see everyone in July

<Rcraw4d> we shall

<Alan> I will try to attend next month!

Alan - OK, Very good.

<Rcraw4d> I will be here

<Alan> night all

<Josef> Same here

<LJS5123> good night and god bless

Great. Have a good one folks!

<e.j.kienzler II> ME TO!!!m

We're a little late folks...

<Rcraw4d> did you like the Benny pic I sent you Laura?

Rob - the one from 1979?

<Rcraw4d> LOL< yes

Yes, it's a very late one. Unusual.

I'll have to put it in our gallery some day.

<Josef> Well, I gotta get going, talk to all of you next month-if I'm not in boot camp-

OK, have a good one everyone! See you next month!

<Rcraw4d> I just noticed, you traded an "E" with a triple

Josef - Hope you can join us.

<Rcraw4d> ff

<Josef> Will try

<e.j.kienzler II> BYE!!! LAURA

<Rcraw4d> I will be there

<Rcraw4d> hugs

<Josef> bye