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> Hey everyone

<Josef> Ya, but my personal collection only goes as far back as '38.

<Mike Amo> Hi LL

<Gulliver> Hi LL!

<Mike Amo> Hi EM

<Josef> Hi, Laura

<_bill> Laura, is the forum overseas? it's clock seems off

> Where do you see a clock?

<Josef> Radio Memories have a lot of the '36-'37 episodes.

<_bill> on any post the timestamp

[Sun May 02 16:02:17 GMT-08:00 2004] Heidi: stennieville.com

> Hi Heidi

<Heidi> hello all

<_bill> next time you post, check the time

<Mike Amo> Cool, I see no timestamp

<Josef> Hi, Heidi

> Oh...the time is GMT - 8 hours

<Mike Amo> Hi EM, Heidi

<Heidi> still listening to today's episode, I just got through "Clancy Lowered the Boom"

<_bill> thought it might have been rochesters watch

> See on Heidi's entrance?

<Gulliver> Hey, anybody here know the way to the public library?

<Mike Amo> Sure!

<Mike Amo> But it'll cost you $2.75

> Er...16:02 is an hour behind me...

<Josef> 4.75

> Mike - That's $4.75!!!

> I don't know. It's off of Verio's servers.

<Mike Amo> oops, sorry...{:o}

<Gulliver> Heh heh.

<Mike Amo> It's been a month

<Mike Amo> That was a lot of $ back then

<Josef> Well, just ask Dennis, or Roanld Coleman about the money.

<Gulliver> Love the idea that 475 is also Don Wilson's weight.

<Mike Amo> lol

<Josef> Same here.

> Wow! Everyone's so "up" on the show that I don't even have to prompt you.

<Josef> I also enjoyed the song, a the words Rochester sings.

<Mike Amo> I'm spending the evening covering the $4.75 I spent over the past month

<Gulliver> Its a GREAT episode.

<Mike Amo> It did have a little of everything

<Heidi> I liked Dennis's impression of Jack

> I hadn't heard it in a number of years, but I listened to it this afternoon and thought it was fantastic!

<Gulliver> Right, Heidi -- my favorite bit too --

> Heidi - Yes, that was rather out of character for Dennis.

[Sun May 02 16:05:33 GMT-08:00 2004] Barbara has no profile.

> Hi Barbara!

<Mike Amo> Hi Barbara

<Heidi> I think the "Well!" was improvised

<Heidi> hi Barbara

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

<Josef> It did. It surprised me how Jack said, "I'll be back in a minute," instead of Don saying "Jack will be back in a minute."

<Gulliver> Strike anyone else as odd that the whole cast sang in "clancy" but Crosby spoke?

[Sun May 02 16:06:03 GMT-08:00 2004] EM has no profile.

> Hey Barbara, you didn't happen to be in audience of the original broadcast of tonight's show, were you?

[Sun May 02 16:06:15 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt has no profile.

> Gulliver - Don spoke a bit

<Josef> Don also spoke

> Hi EM, Kurt!

<Heidi> yeah, I noticed that too, Gulliver. maybe it just wasn't the right key for him

<Gulliver> well, in his fashion, yeah.

> Don started off as a singer. But you wouldn't know it from his singing on this show.

<Gulliver> Wrong key --good theory.

<Josef> Or maybe Don couldn't sing.

> Josef - That would be a good reason for him to switch to radio announcing.

<Barbara> I was thinking of that, Laura. I don't remember being in the audience but I saw quite a few so I could have been. We had gone to TV by then.

<kurt> In honor of Bing Crs

> Don would sing periodically on the 1930s show, and he wasn't as bad as this time.

<Heidi> Oh, Mel Blanc just did his English horse bit! I remember reading about that one.

<Josef> It would. Plus, maybe he was supposed to speak instead of singing.

> Yeah! Someone on the forum was looking for that.

<Gulliver> Also love Mary's impression of Sheldon Leonard

<Josef> I love Dennis' Ronald Coleman

<Barbara> There was a line on the show that I thought Jack might have ad libbed. Did anyone else think that?

> Barbara - Which one? About Dennis taking over the show?

<Heidi> yeah, the one about his hand being cold?

<Josef> There was a lot that seemed could have been ad libbed.

<Gulliver> Well, he says "that's the silliest line I've ever said..." or something like that....

<Josef> Ya.

<Barbara> The line where Jack said he put his hand in the horse's mouth because he was cold.

<Gulliver> It IS a bizarre line!

> Yeah, and I don't recall it getting much of a reaction, but Jack said it low.

<Josef> Sure is.

<Heidi> mr. kitzle sure gets a lot of applause. he's like fonzie.

<Barbara> Jack made some comment softly about it which made me think he might have added it in.

> Gulliver - Mary impersonating Sheldon Leonard sounds like her impersonations of Mae West years before.

> Heidi - "Hoo hoo hoo" = "Ayyyyy"

<Gulliver> True, LL -- that struck me the same way.

<Heidi> hee

<Josef> Ya. I love the gasoling bit..."Would have got more in it, but the window was open." something like that

<Josef> gasoline, that is.

> Mary's appearance is definitely live on this show. Not edited in.

<Heidi> is it? How can you tell?

<Barbara> George Balzer and Sam Perrin were not mentioned as writers. Do you think they had gone to TV.

<Gulliver> As proven by her blowing the line in the song.

<Gulliver> Doubt they would have let that go if not live!

<Heidi> ah, good point.

<EM> Happy 72nd anniversary of Jack on radio!

<Josef> Ya, Mary's live becasue you can't hear that weird inside-a-room echo when she speaks.

> Heidi - She's talking at the same time as there are laughs and other actors, and her breakup while singing. You can also hear her laughing at times, while things are going on.

> EM - Good for you! Perhaps I should have posted the Canada Dry show as well.

<Barbara> As I said before, I never saw anyone read her lines in all the shows I saw.

[Sun May 02 16:11:42 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt has no profile.

> WB Kurt

<Gulliver> I've only recently learned (from you guys, in fact) that often Mary wasn't actually there. So this is all new to me!

<Heidi> hi, Kurt

<kurt> In honor of Bing Crosby's birthday

<Gulliver> Gotta listen more closely from now on.

> Barbara - Yes, I'd say so. I noticed that too

<kurt> I understand Laura is, tonight, at her usual box at Del Mar

<Josef> Ya, towards the later years of radio, Mary was very stage-fright, and would be edited in the show.

<kurt> Where the surf meets the turf

<EM> Was this the first show where Mel Blanc did the English Horse?

<Josef> He does it another time?

> Josef - Sometimes...not consistently.

<Barbara> They say it really broke jack up in rehearsal.

> Kurt - Har har. I run a fan club, and if it gets any hotter, I'm going to need a big fan.

[Sun May 02 16:13:45 GMT-08:00 2004] _bill has no profile.

<EM> I thought it may have been a running gag once it started

<Barbara> It's about 100 degrees here.

<Josef> Ya. Like she appeared in some of his television shows, I just bought a DVD with four Jack Benny Program episodes-including his third TV appearance.

<EM> HOt!

[Sun May 02 16:14:13 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Jello Again Folks!

> Josef - Mary edited in sometimes...not consistently...Mel did the English horse on a few occasions.

<_bill> it was in the feb 8 53 show and must have been earlier

> EM - It really doesn't qualify as a running gag, since it wasn't a consistently-used thing. Just periodically.

<Barbara> They don't let a good thing go. That's how almost everything got started.

<_bill> it seems it was more of a "jacks favorite" routine thing than a running gag

> I had to notice Don doing the opening commercial for Luckies. It sounds prerecorded, and often it's that other announcer (whose name no one seems to know) for Luckies.

<kurt> Not Harlow Wilcox?

<Gulliver> I noticed that too -- very odd and disconnected.

<Barbara> The show wasn't the same without Phil. I think they all knew it.

<Heidi> Basil Rysdale?

<Gulliver> Not Harlow.

<Josef> Ya, and the end Don doesn't say, "Jack will be back in a moment"-Jack says it.

> Heidi - Is it Basil Rysdale? I know L.A. Speed Riggs (see bio in latest Times), but I thought Rysdale was the other auctioneer

<Barbara> I think the sponsor hires the announcers.

<Heidi> no, F.E. Boone is the other auctioneer. Rysdale is the announcer

> No wait...that was F.E. Boone

> Heidi - I believe you're right. I'm going to have to do some more checking on that. Thanks!

<Heidi> you're welcome!

<kurt> No one seems to know what happened to F.E. Boone

<kurt> Speed Riggs was more distinctive, and much more famous

<Gulliver> Sex change. Is now known as "Effie" Boone.

[Sun May 02 16:18:00 GMT-08:00 2004] KM99 has no profile.

<Heidi> hee hee


[Sun May 02 16:18:06 GMT-08:00 2004] F.E. Boone has no profile.


<KM99> Howdy folks

> Hi KM99

<kurt> Boone had the much deeper voice

<Heidi> hi KM99

<Josef> Why did Phil leave the show, anyway?

> Was that intentional or coincidental that F.E. Boone just logged in?

<Gulliver> Uh oh ... F.E. Boone just joined the chat ...

<Barbara> Hi KM99.

> Josef - Oh, now THERE'S a question.

<Gulliver> Weird!

<Heidi> hey, we found him!

> Gulliver - No relation to Effie Clinker, I suppose.

<F.E. Boone> You looking for me?

<Gulliver> Heh heh!

<kurt> Wow, an Edgar Bergen reference

> Oh, now we have to stop talking about F.E. Boone.

> Dang.

<Barbara> Why did Phil leave the show? I heard once there was some bad blood, but I'm not sure of that.

<Gulliver> That's one for Edgar and one for Harlow Wilcox ... we gotta stick to JB!

<F.E. Boone> Talk about Speedy instead

> F.E. - What ever happened to you? We wanna know.

<kurt> I thought the reasons for Phil's departure were purely economics

<Heidi> I thought I heard it was financial

<Josef> Ya, the show jusr didn't have that same "pep" without Phil.

> Well, Al Gordon told a story about that at the 39 Forever convention...

[Sun May 02 16:20:00 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Jello Again Folks!

<Barbara> What did he say; Laura?

<Mike Amo> I couldn't get back in

> Basically that when Jack sold Amusement Enterprises to CBS, he got a big pile of money (as we know).

<Mike Amo> Hi KM, Boone, kurt

> And some of the cast thought they should share in that money.

> Jack disagreed.

> So Phil left.

<KM99> Howdy Mike

<Heidi> Crosby's so laid back. you get a good "manischevitz" blooper out of him once in a while, but he's kind of on the dull side. a lot of the balance was lost without Phil.

> But Phil made remarks to me that Alice wanted to have more of a family life. So who knows.

<Gulliver> Perhaps a combination of all those things.

<Mike Amo> Always wondered what happened there...another of those questions I always forget to ask

<kurt> Phil would have considered it rude to talk of money matters to a stranger

> Also, Phil's show was on another network immediately after Jack's.

<kurt> But there's usually money involved in decisions like his.

> Kurt - Are you calling me strange?

<Josef> Well, I gotta go, everyone, talk to you next month!

<kurt> You? No, never

> Phil could only be on the first 15 minutes, then run down the alley to warm up his own audience.

<Heidi> bye Josef!

> Josef - Take care! Enjoy the weather!

<Gulliver> Off the subject a bit, but my 8-year-old son just saw "Johnny Appleseed" and was ENCHANTED by "that man's voice"! 8)

> So that was a hassle for Phil, and I can understand him not wanting to continue that indefinitely.

<EM> Thank goodness NBC and CBS were a block apart!

> Gulliver - Yeah, "that man" is great!

<Gulliver> Amazing talent, that kid.

> I just listened to a show from 1950 where Rochester and Fred Allen are cutting across the NBC parking lot, and you hear some sort of sound effects whistle

<Barbara> I'm not sure as Phil was the most ambitious person. Alice wanted to go on TV but Phil didn't.

> Fred says, "What was that?" Rochester says, "Phil Harris".


[Sun May 02 16:23:58 GMT-08:00 2004] Don Conrad: Born in a farmhouse near Richmond Indiana 8/25/35

<kurt> May 5: Alice Fay's birthday

<Gulliver> May Fay Day?

> Hey there Don...you're from Phil Harris country (and Gennett Records).

<Heidi> there was some episode in the '50s where Phil calls up and apologizes for being late to the show, and Jack tells him he's not on the show anymore

<kurt> May 9: Anniversary of Alice Faye's passing

<EM> Good One, Gulliver!

> Faye May Day

> Kurt - Coincidence? You be the judge.

<Don Conrad> hello to everyone

<Heidi> Hi, Don

> Say KM...you're awful quiet tonight

<kurt> May 2: 72nd anniversary of Jack's first program

<KM99> I can't get a word in edgewise. Everyone is so chatty.

> Yakyakyakyakyak

<Mike Amo> LL, how on earth did they let Phil get into a situation where he show was on next...that would be bad for both networks!

<Gulliver> Well, I can help by shuttin' up ... gotta go anyway. See you nice people next time!

<Heidi> I think he was there before Jack moved to CBS

<F.E. Boone> Maybe he didn't want to be sober 2 days a week

<kurt> I'd think it'd be good, since he followed Jack.

> Mike - Not necesssarily. People could just tune from one channel to the other.

> FE - har har

<Mike Amo> Who was "that man"...Jack?

<kurt> Yep. No remotes in those days. There was a radio dial you had to turn!

<Mike Amo> Oh Dennis!

<kurt> And the radios had tubes!

> Mike - Yes please?

> Kurt - You're JOKING.

<kurt> And the radios had to warm up!

> Well, I'm old enough to remember when televisions had to warm up

<Mike Amo> I have yet to catch Johnny Appleseed

<F.E. Boone> I've got 2 with tubes in them

> And when you turned them off, that little dot in the middle stayed there for a long time afterwards.

<Heidi> yeah! I remember that little dot.

> Mike - He's in Fort Wayne.

<kurt> Right now, I'm listening to Alice Faye sing on my computer

<KM99> Hey Mr Benny. What's it like on the outside?

<kurt> No tubes, no warming up

> Say, back to the show for a minute, Don does the opening commercial, and DOROTHY COLLINS does the closing commercial. Strange.

> Kurt - Tell her not to stand too hard on the keyboard

<Heidi> who is Dorothy Collins? the name is familiar

<kurt> Wasn't Dorothy Collins on Your Hit Parade?

<F.E. Boone> How about test patterns with Indians in the middle. Was that politically incorrect?

<EM> I didn't think of that, LL. You're right.

<Heidi> maybe Don had to leave early

> Yeah, Dorothy Collins was the one whose picture was in the 39 Forever booklet with Gisele's bio. :)

> Kurt - Yup.

<Mike Amo> Cool LL, off to Fort Wayne!

<Heidi> he didn't do the "jack will be right back" bit either, which someone mentioned before.

> FE - Cheech and Chong had a joke about Cheech watching a movie, "But it's really, really boring man...it's something about an Indian."

<kurt> Yes, they were politically incorrect, but the reason the Indian was on the test pattern had to do with the lines in the headdress

<Barbara> Jack did a thing on fires which is appropriate here in May.

> Barbara - That's true. I wonder if it was a west coast-only announcement.

> Kurt - Is that why that was? I never knew that.

<Mike Amo> What I meant about the networks was if he had to be at both shows, it would kind of hurt his performance on either...seems it would have been in their best interests to space them 30 minutes apart

> Mike - Johnny Appleseed is buried in FW. They have a festival for him every year.

<Barbara> Speaking of Los Angeles, as I said last time, Jack is on 1260 at 9:00 Saturday nights. Last night his guests were Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.

> Mike - Yes, logistically, but you want a strong "feed" show for grabbing your audience. The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few, or the one (Phil Harris).

<Heidi> really? cool, Barbara, I will have to tune in.

<Mike Amo> Oh! I missed that like I missed the film {:oP

<Heidi> I like that episode, too.

> Barbara - Ah, To Have and Have Not.

<KM99> LL - Star Trek reference?

<Don Conrad> Anybody know where to get audio or video of the Hit Parade shows? Besides the 3 or 4 on Radio Classics I believe.

<EM> Trivia -- who sang for Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not?

<Heidi> marni nixon?

<Barbara> They made the most of that. Bogart kissed both his wife and Mary from the audience reaction.

<Heidi> she sang for everybody.

<EM> Heidi - nope

<Heidi> yeah, that was a big reaction when Bogie kissed Mary in that episode.

> Tricia Nixon?

<kurt> Andy Williams


> LOL!!!

<EM> Right, Kurt!

<Heidi> Oh, man, I remember reading that. young andy williams.

> *Koff koff koff* Darn, that was good...*still laughing*

<kurt> Speaking of young... what was Jack's ORIGINAL billing with Cora Salisbury?

> Kurt - I abstain.

<Barbara> Wasn't it Salisbury and Benny?

<kurt> Close!

<KM99> Ben Benny

<kurt> Ben Benny came later

<Barbara> There was more to it tho, I think in the billing.

> KM - Ben K. Benny was after the war as a single

<kurt> Drum roll!

> (You're gonna love this)

> (A hush falls over the crowd)

<kurt> Cora Salisbury, The Jolly Pianist, and BENNY, The Fiddlin' Kid

<Barbara> I can't wait.

<F.E. Boone> Where's Speedy when you need him

<kurt> The Fiddlin' Kid

<kurt> In 1912

<Mike Amo> Cool!

<kurt> When they were on the road

<F.E. Boone> The Clutching Hand

> FE - Har har

<kurt> In Waukegan, I think the act was called From Grand Opera to Ragtime

<Heidi> heh. makes him sound like a Western movie star

> yeah, who was he fiddlin with? (Besides Cora)

<Barbara> I guess Cora made a good impression with Jack's parents since they let him go on the road with her.

> Barbara - Yes, she was a mature woman and assured them that she'd keep Jack out of trouble.

<kurt> She apparently did her own booking on the road, too, at least in small theaters in the Midwest

<Barbara> I'm not sure he fiddled much with Cora according to her photos.

> I have a piece of sheet music called "Lemons and Limes" that's by Cora Salisbury.

> Barbara - I think he was strictly instrumental with her.

<kurt> He was kind of a sheltered boy

> Can anyone answer Don's question about finding Hit Parade shows?

<Barbara> I agree, Laura. Now there may have been a few others---

> Kurt - But he could give a good wisecrack, as recalled in that FAB article in the latest Jack Benny Times. :)

<EM> Don -- have you tried ebay?

<Mike Amo> Huge storm is moving in, 15 minutes away...if I pfft, y'all have a nice evening

> Barbara - Oh yeah.

> Mike - You too. Hope you stay.

<Mike Amo>

<ducks and covers>

<F.E. Boone> About missed the chat. It wasn't on a holiday or Superbowl Sunday...

> I don't think growing up in a small midwestern town in an Orthodox Jewish family around the turn of the century that one could be anything but "rather sheltered".

> FE - I thought about postponing it until next week to coincide with Mother's Day.

> Then again, Jack had his adventures. He and one of his cousins walked all the way to Wisconsin one day.

<Barbara> How many mothers are out there?

> Barbara - I'm mother to the fan club and two rabbits.

<EM> My mother was pretty out there.

<Heidi> hee

<Barbara> Didn't they have to call home for fare to get back?

> EM - LOL

<F.E. Boone> Well, there's Dennis' mom

> Emma Kubelsky?

> Barbara - Yes, and their shoes had disintegrated as well.

<EM> What are the rabbits' names?

<Barbara> I have a picture of Jack at Paw Paw Lake, Michigan. He doesn't look too old in it.

> Sorry to harp on the Times...I'm just so happy about this issue...but those pictures of Jack's parents on the back and unpublished, and scanned from the originals. I was waiting for the right opportunity to publish them.

<Don Conrad> Have tried e-bay but have problems with them trying to get signed in but will try again soon. Thanks

> EM - Rocco (boy) and Vov (girl). We tend to name our rabbits after Italian things.

> Barbara - Was it a resort he was playing? A vacation?

<Barbara> No baby rabbits?

<EM> Cool, LL

> Barbara - Both "fixed".

<Barbara> I think it was a vacation. It looks like he was fooling around with an old car.

> *Breaks into chorus of Spike Jones' "Ya Wanna Buy A Bunny"*

> Barbara - Wouldn't have been a Maxwell, would it?

<Barbara> Could be.

> I just got a letter where Jack is talking about buying a new Packard in about 1929.

<EM> LL, did you sing it as George Rock?

> Did anyone notice the strong similarity between the $4.75 gag in tonight's show and Jack giving a bum 50 cents in the 1950 show?

> EM - Nah, my voice isn't that high. :)

<Barbara> I may also have a photo of Jack standing by that Packard. Seems there is an orange tree in the photo so it must have been out here.

> And I think that "how to get to the library joke" is from vaudeville.

<KM99> LL - I noticed the nightmare/dream similarity between the two.

<EM> I haven't heard that 1950 show in a while.

> Barbara - That makes me think of that silly photo of Jack pointing at an orange.

<Mike Amo> Hadn't caught the 1950 show yet, but it sounds like another of those "let's run that gaga again since repeats don't exist yet" {:oD

> KM - And the repeating of "50 cents" vs. 4.75

<EM> Wasn't Frank Fontaine in that one?

<Heidi> yeah, he was the guy jack gave the 50 cents to

> EM - Sure was. He was the bum who got the 50 cents.

<KM99> LL - At least we didn't hear dishes getting smashed

> KM - Right. Jack rides the bedpost instead.

<F.E. Boone> Was he just sittin' around, not doin' nothin?

<kurt> I have a Frank Fontaine story

<Mike Amo> LL, how much does Jack resemble his folks?

> Kurt - OK, shoot

<Heidi> my favorite part of that 50 cents show is when Jack walks away right after giving him fifty cents and says, "Gee, that was nice of me."

<EM> F.E. - good one!

<kurt> I had a blind date with a woman whose principal on-the-phone stories consisted of her father being a childhood pal of Jackie Gleason

> Mike - Florence looks like their mother, and Jack looks more like his father. Including the prematurely graying hair. But they both look much more Eastern European than Jack does. Don't know why.

<Barbara> You didn't ask me, Mike, but I don't see a lot of resemblance. Maybe some from his mother.

<kurt> We had a lot of phone chats

<KM99> I was just sitting around the house. I wasn't doing any ting.

<kurt> And the deal was, The Great One occasionally worked her father's name into his TV skits. As he did for other childhood pals.

<Mike Amo> Laura, I expect it's from the weathering that came from starting off in Eastern Europe...I've seen that in photos of my great grandpaents

> Kurt - As did Jack.

<kurt> And came the night that I met her in person. It was a cold, dark night.

> Mike - Interesting point. I know that they both emigrated. Meyer was at the bottom of a shipment of bottles, I think.

<kurt> And she gets into the car

> And you KILLED HER!

<Mike Amo> Sorry Barbara {:o}

<Heidi> hahaha

<kurt> And I find myself sitting next to yep, Crazy Guggenheim


<kurt> So, my dreams of a romantic evening killed, I tried to think of ways to salvage it

> This is so sad...I'm sitting here laughing at my own joke...call me Red Skelton

> So explain your statement...she was related to him, or like Guggenheim, or looked like him, or what?

<Heidi> what, crazy guggenheim doesn't turn you on?

<Barbara> To digress a minute, I took my two grandsons to the Bob Hope airport a few weeks ago and asked them if they had heard of them. They both said no. They're 9 and 11. Is that true of Jack too?

> Heidi - LOL

<kurt> And, no lie, I tried to get her to sing!

<Mike Amo> I'll ask Barbara this...did the writers approach the TV show differently than the radio shows? Other than preparing the cast for the lighting and sound, I've always figured they pretty much stuck with the tried and true gags

<kurt> You know, some syrupy old ballad

> Kurt - Or you had a date with Frank Fontaine?

<Barbara> I meant heard of HIM.

<Heidi> I think less people have heard of Jack than have heard of Bob Hope

> Barbara - Do you mean that people their age haven't heard of Jack?

<kurt> I'm telling you right now, Crazy Guggeheim's doppelganger got into that car

<F.E. Boone> I asked my nieces if they knew who Audie Murphy was and they said "No, but I know who Eddie Murphy is"

<Heidi> heh

<kurt> Type Jack's name into Google News. More comes up than you'd think

> When I was in high school, people thought I was the head of the Benny Hill Fan Club.

(Loss due to screen refresh)

<F.E. Boone> Well, I made my nieces watch "To Hell and Back" to find out who Audie Murphy was

<Heidi> that's showin' 'em, FE

> Jack died 40 years ago. So how "up" are we on things that happened in culture 50+ years before our births, unless we're history buffs like myself?

<Mike Amo> Barbara, he did a great job with the vault...I never forgot that one as a kid

<EM> Good point, LL.

<F.E. Boone> I thought it was about 30 years ago

> But on the flip side, I know a member (Teresa) who introduced her 11-year-old son to Jack. And he's a huge fan.

<Barbara> I read that Carole Lombard teased Jack about his walk in To Be or Not To Be, but she was a character anyway.

<Mike Amo> Also, it never struck me that the "kid" or any of them were old at that time...I was a kid, what did I know? {:oP

<Heidi> I was introduced to Jack through that cartoon

> So I think it's less that Jack "isn't funny" to younger people, and more than they haven't been exposed to his work.

<Heidi> with the mice

<EM> The Mouse That Jack Built

[Sun May 02 16:56:42 GMT-08:00 2004] spock: spock

<Barbara> The vault on radio was good, Mike, but it wasn't as effective on TV, except on Lucy's show.

<kurt> Jackc

> FE - I'm sorry...I've got a Bachelor's in Math which means I can't do math. You're right...30 years ago this December.

> Heidi - So was I

<kurt> Jack's still ingrained in American popular culture, at least with professional comedians

<Heidi> greetings, spock

> Hello, Spock!

> (I'm not going to say live long and prosper...I'm not, I'm not, I'm not)

<KM99> Live Long And Prosper

<kurt> Probably more so than Bob Hope

> Didn't he just make 28 on Comedy Central's list of top 100 standups?

<kurt> Jack's childhood pal Stub Wilbur was married to a Fitch

<kurt> And I found Laura some Fitches

<Mike Amo> Mouse that Jack Built was also memorable {:o)

<kurt> And made her promise not to mention the Fitch Bandwagon!

<F.E. Boone> And Jack and Fred Allen's fued wasn't even mentioned in Hollywood's all time fueds

> kurt - Rhymes with ritch...

<Mike Amo> For me it was, Barbara...but I was a youngun

> FE - TRAVESTY! How could they? Did they mention Ben Bernie and Walter Winchell?

[Sun May 02 16:59:09 GMT-08:00 2004] Don Conrad: SALONPAS@AOL.COM

> What was the gag about Coronation's blinkers are pitted?

<F.E. Boone> I don't think they even mentioned Lou Ella and Hedda

<Mike Amo> Hi Spock and wb Don

<spock> What's the talk about?

> FE - My God, that's like making a list of important documents in American history, and leaving out the Bill of Rights.

<EM> It's been fun but I have to go -- hope to be back next month!

<Mike Amo> Most all time favorites are those within 10 years' past

<KM99> seeya EM

> Spock - A variety of different things. The show for tonight, feuds, etc.

> Take care, EM!

<spock> What show for tonight?

<EM> You, too, LL!

<Mike Amo> Cya EM

> Spock - May 2, 1954...Jack loses $4.75 at the racetrack.

<Heidi> bye EM

<KM99> 1954-05-02 Jack Loses $ 4.75 At The Racetrack

> KM - Watch that helmet

<kurt> At Del Mar?

<Don Conrad> Sorry about getting cut off, too many things going on right now. All the Best to Everyone, try to make the next chat. Don

> See you next time, Don.

<Heidi> so long, Don

<Mike Amo> Bye Don

<KM99> Thanks for stopping bye, Don

> Spock - Although ironically, I did say of Phil Harris earlier that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

<spock> Hey, I recall my husband saying something about Jack and the racetrack. Boy, what I would pay to be able to hear.

<KM99> It's on the IJBFC website for download

<Heidi> it's on the website, no need to pay

> I am told that a lot of people played 4-7-5 in the California lottery the next day, and some combination came up. Milt asserted it was the biggest losing day ever for the lottery.

<F.E. Boone> He did at least 2 from the racetrack

<Heidi> he did lots of racetrack episodes

> FE - Probably more than that, with the tout character.

<Heidi> "psst. hey bud."

<F.E. Boone> Don't take that table, it's scratched

<spock> Got me there, I don't know how to download anything. I am rather new to the world of compputer.

<spock> Hey, is the tout played by sheldon leonard?

> Spock - Can you see the link to the show? You should just be able to click on it and it should start playing.

<Heidi> spock - yes

<Heidi> the multi-talented sheldon leonard

> Except on tonight's show, when it's played by Mary Livingstone.

<F.E. Boone> They had a special on Sheldon last week on TV-Land Moguls show

<spock> Ok, Let me try that later. I'm enjoying this chat because in many ways this is the only time I really "hear" Jack.

<Mike Amo> Really? He was great

> I always think that Sheldon Leonard should have been on Star Trek's "A Piece of the Action". But I don't think he was.

<Heidi> I meant to watch that, FE. I missed it.

<Mike Amo> He would have been perfect for the lead bad guy

<Barbara> I saw the special on Sheldon on TV land. There are other moguls on Wed. night.

<F.E. Boone> Alot about Sheldon and Danny Thomas

<KM99> LL - Want to play some fizbin?

<Barbara> The first week was Lucy and Desi as moguls.

> KM - Sure, how do you play it?

<Heidi> sheldon leonard always looked the same age. from the '30s when he was the bad guy in a Thin Man movie, to the '40s when he was Nick the Bartender in It's a Wonderful Life, through the '50s in Guys & Dolls

<Mike Amo> brb if we still have power

> Hey, it's a Jack Benny - Star Trek chat! I can handle that!

<F.E. Boone> Like Walter Brennan, he always looked old

<KM99> LL - With your Trek knowledge, you don't know?

(Loss due to screen refresh…started discussing Jack Benny characters playing Star Trek roles)

<KM99> Don as Mr Scott
<F.E. Boone> Don as Scotty
<kurt> It also used actors from the TV version of Amos & Andy, at least in its first season
<Heidi> Mary would have to be Uhura. Phil could be Bones
> Maybe Mary would have to be Uhura...Phil can be the doctor, and make martinis like in the pilot
<_bill> mr kitzel as sulu
> Heidi - Great minds think alike
<KM99> Aldebaren Brandy, Laura
<spock> LL, That would be funny. What about Rochester, where would he be good at?
<Barbara> Is it warmer up there now, KM99?ster, where would he be good at?

<Mike Amo> Phil would be Scotty...only drinker in the bunch

<KM99> 70 degrees

<Heidi> I think Rochester should be scotty. always having to fix everything

<Barbara> That's good.

> Hey, can anyone grab the last two screens of lines and E-mail them to me?

> I was laughing as I was trying to copy them, and my screen refreshed

<Heidi> from where?

<KM99> I was just up in Banff today. I drove back home only to find out my daughter and her friends also drove out there today.

> Just click and drag over the chat screen, then copy and paste them into a document or E-mail.

> Heidi - I like that! "Hey, boss, I can't change the laws of physics!"

> Frank Nelson as Chekov

<F.E. Boone> Rochester, you can't even change a flat

<Mike Amo> Not bad KM, and Banff is usually cooler too...did they go there from Calgary too?

<KM99> I think Rochester could make a good Chekov. He's always got a date.

<_bill> ahead warp factor 4 - with the mustard on top

<Heidi> "mr. chekhov, can you take us into orbit?" "ooOOOOOOOH, CAN I!!"

<KM99> LOL

<Mike Amo> Dennis Day as Spock would be fascinating

<spock> Hey, you guys all know one another? It feels ackward being so new to thins, and not having a great deal to contribute, but I am certainly learning a lot.


<KM99> Mike - My daughter's friends are here from Winnipeg.

<Barbara> I love Phil's line that the first time he met Rochester, he was white.

<kurt> We act as if we know each other

<Heidi> I was just listening to that Friar's Club Roast the other day in my car, Barbara

> Spock - I probably know the most people here, but I don't know Heidi...or you...or FE Boone.

<Barbara> That's one of the best monologs I've heard.

> Heidi - The one from 1972 or so?

<KM99> Spock - Several of us have meet before at Waukegan or 39 Forever

<Heidi> yes.

> Here's a teaser for y'all...

<Heidi> I also just got the video of the Dean Martin roast from... let's see

> I may have transcriptions of some uncirculated Benny material downstairs.

<Heidi> I think the Dean Martin one was 73

<spock> Mike - I can't imagine Dennis as Spock, but if you really wanted to portray Star Trek as a comedy, Dennis would work great. However, we'd also have to incorporate his mother somehow, what would she do?

> But I need to do some cross-checking to make sure.

> Spock - Maybe we can change his mother into T'pal from Amok Time.

<Mike Amo> I loved those roasts

<_bill> dennis mother - kang

> Or T'pao

> Bill - ROFLMAO!!!!!

<kurt> I tried and tried to find out if Victor Fleming made any Jack Benny jokes with Eddie Anderson on GWTW

<Mike Amo> She'd be his Earth mom making a fuss

<kurt> Believe it or not, it's possible.

<F.E. Boone> Dennis would have to be one of those guys in the red shirt that never comes back from the planet

> Oh wouldn't Frank Nelson make a wonderful Trelane!

<Mike Amo> Kirk doesn't pay you enough!

> I have to apologize if anyone here is not a Trek fan and we're losing you. But this is rip-roaring hilarious to me.

<KM99> Just once, I'd like to hear Jack Benny do a monologue like William Shatner did his Captain's log.

> LOl

> I'm crying with laughter just imagining it...

<Mike Amo> Did he ever do a Jack Webb-style delivery?

<kurt> Had Jack been on TV regularly during the Star Trek years, he'd have spoofed it

> Star Date 39 point 475...

<F.E. Boone> Jack would be calling Priceline.com to get a cheaper flight

<kurt> Although Star Trek wasn't a hit show, therefore spoofable, during its original run

> Kurt - Well, he didn't do it on the specials.

> Kurt - That's just it. It's become legendary in syndication

<KM99> - - - We're travelled a million "Whoop" Lightyears from Earth....

<Heidi> hee hee

> One of our members was at the Worldcon when Gene Rodenberry showed "The Cage" publicly for the first time.

<_bill> 4.75 quatloos on the earthling

> (The Cage was the Star Trek pilot)

<KM99> - - I just wish Gladys Zybisco wouldn't wear so much green makeup . . .

<Barbara> It's pizza time I'm going to have to leave you. Parting is such sweet sorrow. See you in June!

<F.E. Boone> Maybe Jack could unload that Confederate money on another planet

> The Enterprise becomes The Maxwell

<KM99> Seeya Barbara

> Take care, Barbara! Stay in touch!

<Heidi> good night, Barbara

<kurt> Yikes! I must depart as well!

<KM99> Seeya Kurt

<Barbara> You can have some of my pizza, Kurt.

> Take care, Kurt. You NEVER write!

<kurt> Next month, I'll tell you if the director of GWTW made any jokes with Eddie Anderson about Carmichael!

> Please do!

<Heidi> bye Kurt!

<kurt> He might have. Sunday was his only day off!

<spock> With today's tachnology they may actually be able to make a Star Trek show. I don't know how, but I recall being informed that Natlie Cole and her late deceased father Nat King Cole have a song made, even though the father is dead. Maybe that can be done for a Star Trek episode.

<F.E. Boone> Laura, I looked through my I've Got A Secret Tapes and couldn't find the one where they were crediting Bill Cullen with the "Si, ..." routine

<spock> What is GWTW stand for?

<Heidi> Gone With the Wind

> Spock - Well, DS9 had their characters go back into the Trouble with Tribbles episode. So who knows?

<F.E. Boone> I know I have it somewhere though. I did find the one with Jack on "What's My Line" though

> FE - Ah, that's too bad. Hopefully it will turn up some day.

> FE - You have that on video? What's my Line?

<F.E. Boone> I know I have it, it's just mixed in with some other tapes I guess

<F.E. Boone> Yes, I have the What's My Line with Jack on it

<_bill> what was the date on the whats my line they were referring to

> I'm combing my memory to think if I have a copy of that. I don't think I do, but it may be sitting in my "to be viewed" stack.

<_bill> he was on a couple of times

<Heidi> I keep waiting for that to turn up on the Game Show Network

<spock> What does Jack have to do with GWTW?

<F.E. Boone> It was before Dorothy Kilgallen died, so it's in the 60's

<Heidi> I think Rochester was in it.

> Bill - Darnit...I don't have it.

<_bill> i don't see an appearnce listed for him around '54

> Spock - Eddie Anderson was in GWTW.

<Heidi> Fred Allen was on What's My Line all the time

> Spock - And Kurt's helping on a book about Victor Flemming, one of the GWTW directors.

<F.E. Boone> Fred was a panelist until he died

<Heidi> one of the MANY!

> Heidi - I wish I could see more of those.

<Heidi> do you not get Game Show Network up there?

<F.E. Boone> Fred took over for "His Son" Steve Allen

<spock> LL - thanks for that info. I actually have the opportunity now to view GWTW. It has finaly been closed captioned. I'll have to check it out of the video store.

> Heidi - Nope. Not on my expanded cable.

<Heidi> that's a shame. it's a fun show. it's on way too late for me, though.

<F.E. Boone> I have GSN on DirecTV

> Spock - Oh! NOW I know who you are! :)

<F.E. Boone> I just set the recorder to tape it every night

<Heidi> I did that for a while, and I'd watch them after work

<Heidi> I need to get TIVO

> Heidi - When I was just starting out, I'd have my mother wake me at 3AM to see the Jack Benny programs on CBN.

> Now I'm an incurable night owl.

<spock> What isi TIVO?

<F.E. Boone> Digital Video Recorder

> What does TIVO stand for anyway? I don't think I ever knew that.

<Heidi> TIVO is a box that works like a VCR, but it records show digitally, and you don't have to set timers or change channels. you can record two shows at once while you're watching another

<Heidi> hmm. that I don't know, LL

<F.E. Boone> I wish they'd put Jack on instead of Burns and Allen on Sunday mornings on TVLand

<spock> I was told that Nick at Night carries Jack Benny shows. I have been watching for eons and have yet to see one.

> FE - I hear you. I've also heard they only show four B&A shows in high rotation.

<Heidi> is Burns & Allen still on TV Land? last few sundays I haven't seen it

<F.E. Boone> It's very few in rotation

> Spock - I think they might have done that many years ago, but I never saw it. And I used to tape Laugh In from there on beta.

<KM99> Very interestink

<spock> I am going to have to see if I can subscribe to TVLand.

> I thought Nick at Night used to show the Star Trek cartoons. But I digress...

<F.E. Boone> Laugh-In is on Trio every day

> FE - Another station I don't get. Darnit.

<Heidi> I don't get Trio either. they show old David Letterman reruns, from the NBC days.

<F.E. Boone> Trio is pretty good. They have alot of old concerts and stuff that haven't been on in a long time

> Heidi - Ah, I used to be a devoted viewer back then.

<F.E. Boone> Today they had Jimmy Hendrix on Dick Cavett

<Heidi> those were the days, eh?

<spock> Hey, any of you watching the old Jenny shows at TVLand or teh Game Show Network . . . you know if any of the programs are captioned?

<_bill> both canada stations have even cancelled Jack now

> Hey Spock, were you here when Barbara was talking about her nephews?

<spock> Is TRIO on cable, or is it just a station where you reside?

> Bill - No! I'm really sorry to hear that.

<spock> LL, no, I must have missed that. What is up with Barbara and her nephews?

<F.E. Boone> Trio is on DirecTV satellite and might be on your local cable

<_bill> trio is also cable and direct tv

<KM99> _bill - which stations?

<_bill> KM talk and comedy

> Spock - Well, I was telling about a member who had introduced her 11-year-old son to Jack and he'd become a big fan.

<Heidi> my mom gets Trio, in Seattle.

<F.E. Boone> I need to introduce Harold Lloyd to my nieces, but I don't know if they'd sit through a silent movie

<spock> My 11 yr. old is also a big fan. He keeps bugging me for more Benny CD's and tapes. I really have to get some for hi m. Perhaps I'll have him interpret the new shows I buy him.

<_bill> there was a pbs station (10) in kentucky running it but they have also stopped

> FE - If you can, you should take them to one of the screenings so they can see it with the proper atmosphere and orchestration.

> I was floored that the Castro Theatre was packed solid for the whole Silent Film Festival last year.

> Spock - You can always get stuff from the IJBFC library as well.

<F.E. Boone> Not much of that stuff here in the Houston area

<_bill> laura if you can get the rights for low res material and supply the disk space the shows have been digitized

<spock> LL - never thought of that. Because I can't hear it, it never occurred to me to borrow it.

> It's really sad. All the room in the world for new "reality" crap on TV, but none for the good stuff that we like.

<F.E. Boone> Only one old movie theater left in town, the River Oaks

<Mike Amo> I've heard of Trio, but that's about it...FE, who shows Cavett?

<Heidi> we'll just have to start our own channel. that's all there is to it.

> Spock - Yup. Go to www.jackbenny.org, then Programs, then IJBFC library.

<F.E. Boone> Trio had it on today

> FE - Do they show period movies?

<F.E. Boone> No they don't

<_bill> trio is pop culture

> There's been a few Jack Benny movie tributes in the Minneapolis-Wisconsin area recently. Go figure.

<F.E. Boone> Alot of music stuff, like concerts. But they have Letterman every day and Laugh In

<_bill> they run the beeny laugh ins

> I think there's a picture somewhere of Goldie Hawn that's aging badly.

<F.E. Boone> It's in Dorian Gray's closet

> FE - Yup, you get the reference.

<spock> Can any of you do me a favor, and let me know if any of the old shows like Laugh-In are captioned? IT is easy to tell, as a (cc)( will be on the TV guide listing. Thanks

> Just cleaning up a couple more notes I had on tonight's show...there were a couple overt company plugs in it. Standard Oil and Ovaltine.

<Heidi> payola?

> Spock - Just curious...is there any good software out there that can translate spoken word into written word? I've worked on a lot of technology that goes the other way, but not that.

<F.E. Boone> Do you think they got paid for it

<spock> I didn't know Jack Benny had a company plug from Ovaltine.

> FE - Not sure, but I bet they got something. You probably know the story about Jack and the General Electric Blanket.

<Mike Amo> FE, I just looked at the Trio website...this stuff is available to see online?

> Spock - No, he just asks Rochester to fix him an Ovaltine in this show.

<spock> Have heard about the General Electric blanket, but not Ovaltine.

<F.E. Boone> It's a cable/satellite station just like Nick or TCM

<spock> Thanks for clearing that up (the Ovaltine)

<F.E. Boone> I hadn't heard about the electric blanket

<spock> What is the TRIO website name?

<_bill> triotv.com i think

<F.E. Boone> I remember the show when they mentioned hotel names so they could have free rooms when they went to Las Vegas

> FE - Ha! I don't think I've heard that one yet.

<Heidi> and something about an Admiral TV

> Heidi - I remember a gag from the Captain Horatio Hornblower show where Jack tells Don he's going to play an Admiral

> "And Don, you're going to be the BIGGEST Admiral. You have a 19" screen!"

<F.E. Boone> I can't remember when that show aired. I started listening to the 1945 shows until the end of the show, then started over and am in the 1942 shows now

> FE - Yeah, with the intense reseach for 39 Forever, I'm a wealth of information on shows up to May 1942 now.

<Heidi> I think the one I'm thinking of is from "Jack Dreams He is Married to Mary," and Joanie delivers the line. Dennis is impressed by the picture of Jack on the TV and says something like, "He's an Admiral!" and Joanie says, "No, that's the TV" or something.

<spock> LL- to the best of my knowledge the only way to get a written language from the spoken word is thru close captioning or live captions.

> But give me another year and I'll be a know-it-all on the rest of the series as well.

<Mike Amo> That's it bill

<F.E. Boone> I guess when I finish the Benny shows I'll listen to (gasp) Fred Allen

> Heidi - Ah, I get it.

<spock> FE - I didn't think Benny fans would every get tired of listening to Benny shows.

> FE - Traitor. :)

<F.E. Boone> It pays to know your enemy

> There are so many of them out there. It will be a sad day for me when I've heard every last one of them that's available.

<Heidi> I'm just listening to them all over again now. I'm listening to the '47 season, with all the problems with the sportsmen

> FE - Har har. I just interviewed Stuart Canin last week. He was great.

<KM99> LL - I've listened to all of them twice. It just keeps getting better.

> KM - I can believe that. Dan and I watched the first "Lord of the Rings" movie again last night, and it was helpful to know the full story and get all the nuances.

[Sun May 02 17:43:56 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Yikes!

<Heidi> I'm going to have to get going. I need to go jogging before it gets dark here.

<_bill> spock, the only benny dvd i see with captions is the christmas disc but it's only chinese, japanese and spanish still checking non of the laugh-in appears daptioned

<Mike Amo> Back again...got zapped

> Mike! You've been hit by lightning and look like Rochester!

<Heidi> see you all next month

<Mike Amo> Yikes!

<Mike Amo> Cya Heidi

> Enjoy, Heidi. Hope to see you next month

<KM99> Seeya Heidi

<Heidi> byeeeee

<F.E. Boone> Bye

<spock> The one I'd really like to hear is the "your money or your life" routine. I don't know if that is the name of the show, but I do know it was when Jack was ehld up after leaving the Coleman's house with their Oscar. I've always wantaed to hear that one.

> Jack in Japanese. Imagining Jack in "Lost in Translation".

> Spock - That's 3-28-48.

> And you'll also want to get the few shows after that, because it's part of a story arc.

<F.E. Boone> Imagine Rochester in Japanese

> How would one translate, "Hey Jackson, that's a LU LUUU!" into Japanese?

<spock> FE - I can't imagine Jack or Rochester in Japanese. Try Chinese or German

> Let's translate "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then I'll Come Back to You"

<spock> Hey, what episode was it when Jack was called Jackson?

> On second thought, let's not. "Whence" don't translate.

<F.E. Boone> Well, Jack was a German in "To Be Or Not To Be"

> Spock...Hang on, need to look that up.

> January 15, 1939.

<_bill> probably translates to Jack-san

<F.E. Boone> I like'd Jack's version of To Be Or Not To Be alot better than the Mel Brooks one

<Mike Amo> Looking forward to the book Laura {:o)

<Mike Amo> I was thankful to have seen Jack's version first

<Mike Amo> I was one of the votes for that as the best, though I enjoyed others too

> I've got you down for one, Mike!

> FE - It has a lot more subtlety to it.

<F.E. Boone> Mel's not know for subtlety

> Oh say, I meant to mention this earlier, that you mention voting.

<spock> Anyone see Jack in "The Broadway Melody Of 1935" with Elenor Powell and Robert Taylor? Was it any good?

> I've gotten some comments about the caption contest, so I've put up a poll for people to say how they want the voting to be managed.

> So everyone let me know your preference.

<F.E. Boone> I've won the photo caption 2 times in a row

> FE - Congrats! So you want the voting to stay the way it is...

<F.E. Boone> Until I lose ... ha ha

<Mike Amo> lol

> Spock - *Ashamed look* It's one of the Benny movies I haven't seen yet. But I have a copy of it.

<F.E. Boone> I have a Lu Lu of a caption for this photo

> I've seen the Big Broadcast, though

> FE - You'd better turn it in soon...I update the caption contest right after the chat.

<F.E. Boone> I already did

> FE - One tip...no more free towel jokes. Got a lot of them.

<_bill> the one from -29 with laurel and hardy was interesting

(Loss due to screen refresh)

> Bill - Ah, Hollywood Revue. I just got a copy of a letter that says the original title of that was "Revue of Revues".

<F.E. Boone> The other mentioned the manufacturer of the luggage

<Mike Amo> LL, I haven't seen Jack's version of Charley's Aunt, and I suspect it's the best

<spock> I've heard abou the Big Broadcast," how did it go?

<_bill> don't be so sure about charley's aunt

> Mike - The best of the Benny movies, or the best Charley's Aunt?

<Mike Amo> Maybe both, I know it was a great one

<_bill> the slapstick parts just isn't jack

> Mike - I've seen it...Jack starts off with an English accent, then quickly loses it.

<spock> I've always wnated to see Jack in Charley's Aunt.

<Mike Amo> oh dear

<Mike Amo> I was hopeful but had to go with what I knew

> There are some silly lines where he's on and off accent, like "You cahn't come in here!"

> I'll transfer my copy to DVD for the video library. Some day.

<_bill> baaah

Oh no! Bill has been posessed by a sheep!

<F.E. Boone> They probably didn't shoot the movie in sequence, so the accent comes and goes

> FE - I thought of that, but he's got it at the beginning, then partial about 15 minutes in, then no more.

> As with today's movies, if you can't do the accent well, don't do it.

<F.E. Boone> Like Dennis Quaid in D.O.A. remake

> Like Liam Neison (sp?) playing a Russian.

<F.E. Boone> Dennis Quaid has a really thick New Orlean's accent then it suddenly goes away

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's minds tonight?

> FE - And a thick New Orleans accent doesn't just go away!

<Mike Amo> Still curious about the General Foods thing, LL

<spock> How about "Love Thy Neighbor" anyone seen thaat? How is it?

> Mike - Run it by me again.

<Mike Amo> Also, sorry I'm never on the boards

> Spock - I love that movie. It's really fun.

<Mike Amo> The reason Jack fell out with General Foods as his sponsor

> Mike - That's OK, you have good balance. :)

<_bill> i was wondering if he did any radio except a christmas special after his radio went off the air

<F.E. Boone> I haven't seen Love Thy Neighbor yet

> Mike - I'm waiting to hear back from the person who supposedly did that interview. Dunno.

<_bill> and were any concerts recorded

> The closing sequence of "Love Thy Neighbor" is totally out of character for both Fred and Jack, but that's part of the reason it makes me laugh.

<Mike Amo> ok, thanks, just been nosy {:O.

<F.E. Boone> I do notice myself eating alot more Jell-O after listening to all the shows... lol

> Bill - That's a good question. I know at least some of the Carnegie Hall concert was recorded.

> FE - I do the exact same thing. In fact, we have a stock of Jell-O that I stopped eating after I finished the work on the 39 Forever volume.

<spock> What about "The Meanest Man in the World." Did Jack make a good struggling attorney trying to go from being kind hearted to being mean?

<_bill> i find myself smoking more jello

> Bill - So free and easy on the spoon

<F.E. Boone> Is it firm and fully packed bill

<_bill> in my opinion, the best of the movies is Eddie in cabin in the sky highly recommended

> Spock - I haven't seen it in many years, but I think the best thing about that movie is the Jack-Rochester chemistry.

> Bill - Oh, that's a great movie.

<spock> -bill - I didn't know you could smoke jello. I'll give it a try. Any flavor more enlightening than any other?

<F.E. Boone> I watched one with Rochester in it the other day, "You Can't Take It With You"

> Spock - Try the grass-flavored Jell-O.

> FE - Oh, that's a Charlie McCarthy movie, isn't it?

> I like Eddie Anderson as Noah in "Green Pastures".

<F.E. Boone> No, it's Jimmy Stewart

<_bill> did my question on if jack did any radio except a christmas special after his series wen off fly by?

<Mike Amo> That was a great movie, Bill...I have that

> Bill - I was thinking that I should scan my listing of radio appearances. Actually, I know a faster way...

<Mike Amo> brb

> No, looking at what we have in the IJBFC library, there's a big jump after the 1956 Christmas show to some television audio.

<_bill> they seem very sparse after 55

<Mike Amo> 16,000 out of power

<blames Van Johnson>

> Mike - At least your Don Ameche is working.

> Bill - Well, it did make more sense to focus on TV.

<Mike Amo> I was a big Don Ameche fan

> And I think Jack was biweekly after that (but don't spread it around).

<_bill> oh. also mentioned in the tvland moguls show (50's) was that Jack stole the show in the cbs dedication which was flopping until he came on

<F.E. Boone> I liked Ameche also

> Bill - I have a vague memory of that, but do you have any more details?

<F.E. Boone> LL Must be talking about the reference in Ball Of Fire where they call the phone "The Ameche"

<spock> Did Dom AMeche have a spot in any of hte Benny broadcasts or TV? I recall he played John Bickerson in a short lived radio series called "The Bickersons." and his wife, Francis Langford played his wife, Blanche"

<_bill> what they said more or less was cbs was trying to show how great live tv could be

<_bill> jacks bit was filmed with lucy and desi

> FE - Well, after Ameche played Bell in the movie, several comedians called the phone the Don Ameche.

<_bill> skokus haqs the video

<F.E. Boone> In Ball Of Fire, Barbara Stanwyck called it the Ameche

> W.C. Fields called it that as well.

> Don Ameche was never on the radio show...

> (although Frances Langford was)

> Nix on Ameche as a television guest either.

[Sun May 02 18:09:14 GMT-08:00 2004] billp has no profile.

<F.E. Boone> I was surprised that Orson Wells was on a couple of shows

> Well, hey there Billp!

<billp> hi

> FE - More than a couple. He stood in for Jack.

> I can't explain why Jack and Welles works, but it does.

<KM99> billp - Wm P, Esq I presume

> Very bizarre.

> Bill - Are you a lawyer now?

<Mike Amo> Orson was great on those shows

<Mike Amo> Hey bill

<F.E. Boone> So was Raymond Burr on the TV show

> How's everything on the other coast this evening?

> FE - That he was...hang on and I'll give you dates.

> Or prunes

<billp> hi, no definitely not a lawyer

<F.E. Boone> Who can forget Raymond Burr doing that goofy dance on the TV show

> 11-5-61 and 10-16-62.

> Billp - OK. Since KM called you Esq, I figured I'd ask.

> FE - Yes, I don't think Ironsides would have done that.

<F.E. Boone> Dang, the screen just cleared again

> Let alone Perry Mason.

<billp> i liked ray burr on fort laramie..

<Mike Amo> It must clear at different points for each of us

<spock> What was the name of the show where Raymon Burr is Jacks lawyer after he is accused of killing the Rooster and it turns out Raymond Burr actually killed it?

<billp> no one ever called me that before

<F.E. Boone> Ironsides couldn't have done that (har har)

<billp> some girl friends should have tho

> It does. I think it depends on character buffers, which are different because we don't see our own names.

> Spock - I don't know the name of the show, but it was 11-5-61.

<spock> That program is captioned, which is how I know aobut it. My kids love that one.

<F.E. Boone> Well, I need to run. See everyone next month. LSMFT...

> Thanks for stopping, F.E.! Sold American!

<KM99> Seeya FE

> So what else is up for everyone? Anything else we need to cover tonight?

<billp> laura, i rifled the files at the u of l library but i could find no evidence of jacks attending a kderby

<billp> i think phil showed up for a few, however

> Bill - I guess that makes some sense, since he would have had to be in California to do the show.

<billp> is the derby really a big deal out there in california?

<_bill> oh. is Walden going to delay your interviews in the future?

<KM99> Esquire - In the commonwealth it's a title of respect above Gentleman and just below knighthood. In the USA, it's appended as a coutesy to Lawyers.

> At least until they started transcribing/filming.

<spock> Another question. There is an episode where the IRS go to Jacks and try to help him clarify some problem with his taxes. Jack takes us back to the night he and his girlfriend had dinner with James Stewart and his wife, and how Jack managed to get the Stewarts to foot the bill for the night. Anyway, who is the lady that plays Jack's girlfirend?

<billp> or is it jsut a regional thing overblown with hype

> Bill - Ah, I heard about that. I don't know...was it intentional?

> KM - That's funny...I thought it was a men's magazine.

> Spock - Oh...um...I know that...

> Argh

<_bill> he seems to have playback trouble every now and then last week it aired around 12:30

> Spock - Well, I do remember that the woman playing the autograph seeker is Jeanette Eyemann, who was considered the "fifth writer" as the script secretary

<_bill> i just record 10:30 on now

> I may have that in some notes (rifling notebook)

<Mike Amo> LL, is there any structure to when things air on Yesterday USA...I did catch some of your program last month after the chat

<spock> What kind of program to you run, LL?

<_bill> the programs are getting much better

> Crapola. I can't find the notebook where I was taking notes on the TV shows

<_bill> both seem more comfortable with the interview

<_bill> but i still like the notes best :-)

> Mike - No, I just try to answer the questions Walden gives me. Then I read from my notes on the shows.

<spock> No problem, I know the name will pop into my head sooner or later.

> Spock - It's not really my program...I'm a regular guest on Walden Hughes' show on Yesterday USA (Web radio and satellite).

<KM99> Laura - I just noticed - you're on tonight as well.

<spock> I am definitely new, as I have absolutely no idea who Walden is.

<Mike Amo> I meant to the schedule on there...I haven't looked in there in a few weeks though

<_bill> every sunday at midnight eastern

<KM99> Uh - at 10:30 EST?

<_bill> if all goes well

> Bill - Well, I'm glad that we've gotten away from talking about my life and talking more about Jack. These couple of shows are about writing 39 Forever, but at least they're about my work on Jack.

<spock> So this is a Radio show. Any luck it comes on ion Television?

> KM - Midnight Eastern.

<_bill> 10:30 waldens show starts but he does other things first

> Spock - Nah...I've got a face for radio.

<spock> LL - good to hear that. Not too many people hae a face for radio ha

<Mike Amo> lol, and I look like Portland

<_bill> actually midnight easter is the same time as the amos and andy recreations, so a little latter was no problem

> Bill - It's just really hard to provide what "the listeners" want when I don't really know what that is. So I try to provide what Walden wants, and go from there.

<_bill> I think those first couple Walden might have been distracted or maybe a bad day they are much better the last bunch you did

<Mike Amo> I never know what to expect on there

<_bill> he doesn't seem to listen to the guests sometimes

<KM99> I'm just listening to the beginning of Walden's broadcast now.

> Bill - I think neither of us really knew what we wanted to do, so I had 15 minutes of notes and just blathered.

<Mike Amo> I caught the tail end of the blather that time, LL...sounded good {:o)

> Bill - One of the things I requested is that we only record two spots at a time.

> Mike - Thank goodness!

[Sun May 02 18:25:36 GMT-08:00 2004] spock has no profile.

<_bill> km99 i have some of laura's previous segments

> Trying to record four 15-20 minute spots was really exhausting. It shouldn't be, but it's hard to keep that energy level that long.

> WB Spock

> Next week I blather for 25 minutes, so be ready with a deck of cards or something

<Mike Amo> lol!

<spock> Hi there again, I messed up. Since I'm not very computer smart I managedto log out or something. Anyway, I'm back.

> Spock - I've found that you can't Web surf while you're in the chat room. Somehow severs the connection to jb.org.

<spock> LL- Is your program available out here in the Midwest, or is it only a California station?

<Mike Amo> wb Spock...I've hosed my system twice tonight and been zapped once...you're doing fine

> We got done with the spot, and I said, "My God, Walden, how long was that?"

> 25 minutes.

> Spock - It's on the Web and satellite. So you can click on the Yesterday USA link on the home page of jackbenny.org and it will give you information about it.

> But I don't think it's close-captioned...sorry!

<Mike Amo> spock, www.yesterdayusa.com

> Spock - You're not missing much. It's just me rambling mostly. :)

> Don't tell Walden I said that...I don't want him to think I'm talking down his show!

<Mike Amo> Bridget also would do better with closed captioning, so I'll keep that in mind

<spock> Mike- who is Bridget?

> I had a Manx cat once named Bridget, but she wasn't close-captioned either.

> So what else? What other questions?

<spock> LL - Well, I have a cat named JB, and she doens't look anything like Jack.

> Spock - And a she yet...I guess you were thinking of Jack's walk.

<Mike Amo> A friend...she has had significant hearing loss from early childhood

<KM99> LL - I wanted to comment on Phil calling Jack Benny "Jackson". I've heard the 1939-01-15 show before but I never caught the slander before.

<Mike Amo> And four young kids...so she'd need captioning anyway...always a circus at her place {:oP

> KM - Yeah, funny in a way that was OK by the censors.

<spock> Mike - does Bridget like Jack Benny?

<Mike Amo> Yes, but only familiar with him through me

> KM - When I was listening to shows for 39 Forever, I had my ears perked for little stuff like that.

<Mike Amo> and here

> That's right...Bridget was here a time or two, wasn't she?

<Mike Amo> LL, she is 39

<Mike Amo> But looks 25 {:o)

<Mike Amo> yes

<_bill> i was impressed in Milts book he mentions how even if jack fell on the floor he wouldn't use material if he felt it would harm someone

> Mike - Yes, I noticed that she looked quite young the last time she was here.

<Mike Amo> I use captioning at my office...work in a shoebox with 9 others and it's hard to follow news with all that racket

> Bill - That sounds like Jack. Which is interesting, considering all the fat jokes about Mary Kelly.

<Mike Amo> lol, good answer, Laura

<spock> -bill - I read the same. Jack didn't mind the jokes being on him, but he wouldn't allow another person to get harmed by his jokes.

> Bill - But supposedly Jack didn't like doing those much.

> Spock - Except for a character like Don (weight), Phil (drinking, etc.), or a silly joke about Dennis.

> They all knew their characters and it wasn't personal.

<KM99> LL - Or Fred Allen

> KM - Yes, excellent example.

[Sun May 02 18:36:29 GMT-08:00 2004] George: gad4@comcast.net

<KM99> Hiya George

> Hello, George!

<George> hi laura

<George> how you doing?

<George> hi erik

<Mike Amo> Hi George

<Mike Amo> Laura, I just sent you a pic of Bridget and her gang

> George - Doing well, George. I think we're winding down a bit after 2.5 hours, but feel free to stir things up a bit.

> Mike - Great! I'll take a look at it after the chat.

<George> thats cool

<George> gee you put me on the spot laura

<George> :)

> Other thoughts, questions Benny-wise?

<George> hmm...

> George - What do you think the characters would have been if Jack Benny had spoofed Star Trek?

<spock> Mike - If Bridget likes Jack, do youy know if she has any of his captioned movies? I have a few, about 12 -15 that I can copyfor her if she would like.

> (inside joke...we talked about that for a while earlier on)

<George> hmm... w

<George> well, lets see...

> Or what flavors of Jell-O make the best smoke?

<KM99> LL - I just figured something out. In Benny's Star Trek, Rochester would be running the laundry somewhere. I figure they would renovate the transporter room.

<George> i guess benny would want the main part, right?

<_bill> was there anything jack at the convention?

<spock> That still cracks me up . . the Jell-O for a smoke.

<_bill> fotr in cinci?

<Mike Amo> No, she doesn't yet, spock. That might be great! She is 600 miles from me in Tennessee...I'll talk with her about it though

<George> so beenny would be kirk

<George> we need kirk here for this

> Bill - I don't know, but no one mentioned anything to me.

> KM - Hmmm...I don't think of anyone doing laundry on Star Trek.

<Mike Amo> I won't smoke Grape Nuts

<_bill> anymore new sets coming from radio spirits?

<spock> Bill - well, I live in Illinois. Wonder if I know here, being we aret he same age. I wonder if she went to college at Gallaudet in Washington D.C..

> Bill - None that I've heard about. But I happened to know about the other because I helped with the pick list.

<spock> Mile - Grapenuts might actually taste better than Jell-O.

<George> i gues there isnt much new in beenny to find

> Methol cigarettes...menthol Jell-O...hmmm...

<George> hers a question.. how many of the benny specials done in scolor are floating around in color?

<spock> I hate Jell-O No amount of reading or watching Benny would get me to eat that stuff. It's gross.

> George - Darn few. Only the later specials were. I have a color copy of Jack Benny's New Look.

<KM99> Here's a new flavour for y'all in New Orlean's - Catfish flavored Jell-O

<Mike Amo> There would be if more of the TV shows were on air

<_bill> i haven't seen any george

> KM - Etouffe Jell-O

> Po-boy Jell-O

> Beignet Jell-O

> Chickory Jell-O

<George> laura: hows the copy of that?

<spock> Geprge - That's a good one. I don't think Benny did anything in color. But then again, I'm probably very wrong.

> George - Not bad. Not pristine, but it's a studio copy that has the counter in the corner of it.

<George> thats cool

<George> i have the love letter to jack benny somewhere, it probably doesnt count as its a compliation.

> The one with the Beach Boys and Elke Sommer is in circulation and was in color, but the copy's in B&W.

<_bill> i did get to see that "californaia" video jack did for the bank. It's just a film clip nothing original.

> George - I'm just counting the ones Jack did himself.

<George> ok..

<_bill> the one on the koch collection is also b&w and edited

<George> are many of the non circulatinog benny videos in existance?

> One vendor offers Jack's First Farewell Special, which was color, but their copy is home-recorded B&W.

<Mike Amo> I do wonder where the shows are...does CBS have them?

> George - Oh yes, plenty. MCA's got about 120 shows, and there are many at the Museum of Television and Radio and a few other collections.

<George> laura: does joan have color copies of any of these?

<_bill> dean martin roast is in color

<spock> Hey LL, you know if the Farewell Special would be captioned? That would be cool.

> George - I seriously doubt it. I'll make a mental note to ask her, but she's not really much of a collector.

<KM99> Hey folks - I've got a cool non-Benny link to share. Check out www.archive.org for some interesting early public domain movies and documentaries.

> Spock - Probably not the one I'm thinking of, as it's a home recording. Sorry.

<_bill> oh and the tonight show appearnces are in color

> KM - And I'll trade you www.archeophone.com (I think) for that.

> Bill - That's a good point.

> And Jack on shows like Merv Griffin and Dick Cavett.

> Yeah, www.archeophone.com is the right link.

<_bill> george, there might be another jack on whats my line, too

<spock> Boy would it be nice if I could keep in touch with Sue Kesler. She is the lady taht captioned about 3 or 4 Benny video's for me. She use to work for "X-Files"

<KM99> It looks like they sell stuff there. The archive site I mentioned is all free.

> Spock - I just traded a couple E-mails with her. She's been really busy. That's funny, as I went to high school and did theatre with Gillian Anderson (don't ask).

<_bill> some people here have been recording gsn

> gsn?

<_bill> game show networks new name

> Ah, OK. I don't get it so I don't know.

> But I get Spike, so I can watch lots of Star Trek!

<Mike Amo> Really, LL, cool!

<_bill> they take it off my cable system for paid programming so i don't get it at night

<George> nice site laura

<Mike Amo> Would ask, but that would be getting into LL's life and not JB 0{:o)

<George> i started recording gsn but there is only an hour worth of old every day

<Mike Amo> Thanks KM & LL for the sites

<_bill> george is gsn captioned?

<spock> HEy, lucky for you. I have not been able to catch her for a while. I think her new program is entitled "American Dream." I'll have to contact her and see if she will every have any "copious" free time.

<George> ll: did they ever do a vol 1 on bert williams?

> George - I don't know...I don't track them a lot because I have thousands of my own 78s to hear. Probably did, though.

<spock> -bill - I highly doubt if GSN is captioned. The majority of the shows I belifeve are before captioning was mandatory. If it is 1989 or after, the show would most likely be captioned. If it is before 1989 the chance of captioning is slim at best.

> Spock - Not as far as I can see. It sounds like she's pretty in the thick of things.

<_bill> spock does that rule apply to all the remastering for hdtv?

<spock> LL- next time you hear from Sue, tell her to drop me a line when she has time. thanks.

> Spock - OK, will do. I asked her a couple questions, so I'll see when she answers.

> So what else? Should we keep going or call it good for this month?

> I need to upload all those free towel jokes for the caption contest. :)

<KM99> I figure I'll pack it for tonight and make dinner. Take care everyone!

<_bill> what holiday will you pick next month :-)

<spock> -bill, no. The new remastering is done by the people that own the show. For examply, Mary Tyler Moore paid to have all her "Mary Tyler Moore" shows captioned. Many B & W's are now being captioned. Most of the Alferd Hitchock movies are captioned. GWTW is newly captioned. So basically, the company that has the copyrights decided if they wnat to pay the money to have the movie captioned.

> Bill - Dunno..I'll have to look at my calendar and plan.

<Mike Amo> I'll be on holiday next month, but will see if I can come on from a remote PC

> Ok, sounds good.

<Mike Amo> Cya KM

> Thanks for stopping everyone! See you next month!