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<Alex Buck> So Todd, you got kids?

> Hello again folks!

<Alex Buck> Evening Laura

<Todd P.> 2 boys 18 and 13

<Todd P.> Hi Laura

<Alex Buck> We're enjoying our 2 yr old son

<RadioMaster> Good Evening Laura

<Alex Buck> He was beginning to get the idea of egg hunting this year

> Hey there RM...good to see you again! Has your latest arrived yet?

> (Speaking of kids...)

<RadioMaster> read my profile.. the senator is getting her diaper changed

> RM - Or am I confusing you with someone else? I thought there was another after Gracie.

> Aha! I get it!

> RM's daughter, Gracie, is the youngest member ever of the IJBFC. One day old.

<RadioMaster> i knew you would

> Hey Mike, are you here or phantoming?

> So how's everyone doing tonight?

[Sun Apr 11 16:05:26 GMT-08:00 2004] Scott in KC: KCAgape@aol.com

> Hello Scott!

<Alex Buck> Just winding down from a busy spring weekend

[Sun Apr 11 16:05:55 GMT-08:00 2004] Barbara has no profile.

<Todd P.> Do you live in Indiana Radiomaster?

> Hey Barbara!

<RadioMaster> mike is probably STILL stunnd from our frantic drive to the Friars' Club

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

> RM - LOL

> RM - I think I'm still recuperating from the whole darn thing.

<RadioMaster> Yes, I do, Todd, North Central Indian

[Sun Apr 11 16:06:51 GMT-08:00 2004] Scott in KC: KCAgape@aol.com

<RadioMaster> The glow is still there, LL~!

<Todd P.> I live in the southern part-about 30

> RM - Too much nuclear waste. :)

> I used to live in Fort Wayne.

<RadioMaster> :)

<RadioMaster> yeah, but you're still Indiana at hearty

> One of these days I'm going to get my film developed and you all can see the nice new arrangements that I put at Jack's grave in Hillside

<RadioMaster> hearty?

> RM - Well, don't spread it around. I'm originally a Michiganian.

<Scott in KC> Laura...That explains how I heard your voice on The Larry King Show. I have a recording of you talking to Joan Benny.

> I just thought of Hillside with the mention of 39 Forever.

<Barbara> Hooray for Michigan!

> Scott - Ah yes, when I was still Laura Lee.

<Todd P.> 30 miles north of Louisville KY-sorry pc glitch


<Barbara> What did you do at Hillside, Laura?

> RM - LOL...you bet!

> Barbara - I put some large new flower arrangements there. Now besides Jolie, they're the best-dressed grave at Hillside.

<RadioMaster> almost New Albany, huh, Todd?

<Barbara> Let me know when you're down here. I could let you see some of my scrapbooks.

> Barbara - I'd love to do that. Been tremendously impressed with the ones I've seen so far.

> So, did everyone have a chance to listen to the show for tonight?

<Todd P.> right-New Albanys about a 20 minute drive

<Barbara> Yeah. I didn't think it was terribly funny or else I was in a bad mood.

<Alex Buck> Gracie definitely has a way of taking over a show

<RadioMaster> I should have.. But I can fake it, anyways

<Scott in KC> I listened to a bit. Then I had to join you guys.

<Barbara> Gracie was a genius.

> Someone on the Forum mentioned that when Jack was on another show, it became the Benny show. But I think this is an example of the Benny show becoming the Burns and Allen show.

<Alex Buck> You know, I've stated my biases before, but i thought Mary came off rather acidic towards Gracie

> Alex - I have to agree with you.

<Barbara> Isn't she acidic toward everyone?

<Alex Buck> there was a line about hats and Mary said something along the lines of

> Not at this point in the series. After about 1941, she is.

<Alex Buck> at least there is something underneath mine

<RadioMaster> Good point, Alex, I even thought Mary was jealous of Gracie

> RM - It sounds it, doesn't it?

<RadioMaster> yup

<Alex Buck> At the end Mary did try to do the indian war cry that gracie did

<Barbara> Gracie said once that she and Mary weren't really friends, but if anyone quoted that, she'd deny it.

<RadioMaster> interesting

> Barbara - Yes, I remember George writing about that in "Gracie: A Love Story".

<Scott in KC> Jealous of being a better comediane? Gracie did Vaudeville. Mary, I do not think, have any training, did she?

<Barbara> Gracie was loaded with talent. Mary wasn't.

> Scott - Well, certainly not the training that Gracie did. Mary did work with Jack in vaudeville for a limited time.

<Alex Buck> Thanks Barbara, I was trying to bite my tongue

<Barbara> Thanks, Alex.

<Alex Buck> What would Mary's part have been in Jack's act?

> Does it seem like the timbre of Mary's voice goes down when Gracie comes on? Perhaps to avoid voice confusion?

<Barbara> Mary was dumb in the vauldeville act, wasn't she?

<Alex Buck> Did Jack try to do a flirtation act like George and Gracie?

> Alex - That was back when Jack was working with a "dumb dora" character. Mary even appeared with him in the 1928 short Bright Moments.

<RadioMaster> but to defend Mary alittle, Mary did pretty good for not having the training Gracie did

[Sun Apr 11 16:15:29 GMT-08:00 2004] Speedy Riggs has no profile.

> Barbara - Mary starts off in the radio series as sort of ditzy and naiive as well.

<Alex Buck> You have to admit that she did develop

> Hi there Speedy!

<Speedy Riggs> LSMFT

<Alex Buck> How fast can he type

<Scott in KC> And Gracie never worked for the May Company.

<RadioMaster> and now from Lexington, KY...Speedy Riggs!!!

> Alex - My thought exactly.

<Mike Amo> Boy, step away for 15 minutes and everyone comes in...hi folks

<Speedy Riggs> I can talk alot faster than I can type... lol

> Aha! There's our phantom.

<RadioMaster> Hi Mike!!

<Mike Amo> Boo!!!

<cues creepy music>

> I'm trying to remember Mary's original part name...BRB...hope I don't lose the room...

<Mike Amo> Hi RM, Todd, Alex, LL, Barbara, Scott, Speedy

<Speedy Riggs> Hello

<Barbara> When did Rochester come on the show? Not as early as 1936 I guess.

<Scott in KC> Hiya Mike!

<Todd P.> Hi Mike

<RadioMaster> right around there, Barbara

> Dang it...can't find it right off.

<Alex Buck> It seems like I remember reading that early Burns & Allen shows had them not married yet

<Barbara> He wasn't on this show tho. It must have been later in the year.

> Barbara - That was March 1937

> Barbara - Or do you mean Eddie Anderson, or the part of Rochester Van Jones?

<Barbara> Okay. The show seems incomplete without him.

> Alex - That's right. They did flirtation, and Gracie also "chased" other men.

<RadioMaster> Alex, George did not "drop the bomb" that they were married until, what 1942, LL?

<Scott in KC> Laura, like Bill Goodwin?

> Barbara - Well, Anderson had just played the porter by this time, and had not yet reappeared.

<Barbara> How long before he became Rochester?

> RM - Something like that. When they were losing their ratings.

> Scott - Run that by me again?

<Scott in KC> You said Gracie chased other men, and I was wondering if she chased Bill Goodwin?

<Alex Buck> I didn't realize that they "worked for Grape-Nuts" The one's I have heared had them pitching Maxwell House

<RadioMaster> Bill was on Bob Hope then

> Barbara - He played a couple other roles, a waiter, a man who finds Jack's watch, then became Roch on 6/20/1937.

<Scott in KC> Thanks, RM.

<Mike Amo> Whew, caught up...

<Barbara> For those in the L.A. area, Jack is back Saaturdays at 9:00 again on 1260. It was a funny show last night with the Colmans and Leo Durocher.

<RadioMaster> no prob

> Scott - I don't know enough about the show to say, but I know in Big Broadcast of 1937 she's chasing others.

<Scott in KC> Barbara...Can we access it via voice stream?

> I have an ad for Burns and Allen for Campbell's Tomato Juice.

<RadioMaster> good ole' Leo Durocher, the mamnager of the Brooklyn Dodgers

[Sun Apr 11 16:21:10 GMT-08:00 2004] Todd P: newby-Scottsburg, Indiana

> WB Todd

<Alex Buck> Didn't they end up changing sponsors as the result of the jewelry incident

<Todd P> Thanks-still having Pc problems-maybe its the operator?

<Barbara> What's that Scott?

> Alex - Jewelry incident wasn't until 1938-39.

<Mike Amo> Barbara, does KNX still have that old radio show hour (or was it more?) on Sunday nights?

<Scott in KC> Barbara, I wondered if I could listen to that station via the Internet.

<Barbara> I don't think so Mike. Scott, I'm not knowledgeable enuf to tell you that. It's also on 540, I believe.

<Scott in KC> Barbara. Thank you.

> On Sundays at 9PM Pacific you can get your Benny fix on Yesterday USA.

<Alex Buck> Speaking of the Colemans, has anyone ever heard any of their Halls of Ivy shows?

> Mike - I think KNX went to new management and they cleaned house.

<RadioMaster> but thaat's past my bedtime!! sniff sniff

<Todd P> Who are the Ritz Brothers that Jack refers to when talking about Dons suit at the start of the program?

<Barbara> With the " new" writers, I thought it was a better show than the 1936 show.

<Scott in KC> Alex. RadioLovers.com might have those shows.

<Alex Buck> They were Marx Bros wanna-bes weren't they?

<RadioMaster> the Ritz broz were za hilarious vaudevilloe act

> Barbara - Which 1936 show? Any one in particular?

<Barbara> I have heard a few Halls of Ivy shows. They were good but I don't know how marketable.

> Alex - I wouldn't say that...more like Olsen and Johnson with three people instead of two.

<Mike Amo> Thanks Barbara, Laura...it's been awhile, but I remember it being a staple on that station for years, even though it was all news the rest of the time

<RadioMaster> sorry, my fingers are trying to type well, but the keys are rebelling

> Mike - It was. They just changed over late last year.

<Barbara> Laura, I meant the one for today. Was that 1936? I know Joan wouldn't have been 2 yet.

> The Ritz Brothers worked quite a bit with Alice Faye.

<Barbara> Phil didn't call Jack "Jackson" yet, did he?

<RadioMaster> LL, Didn't George write about one of the Ritz brothers actullay topping Frank Fay?

> Barbara - It was 4-11-37.

<Barbara> Oh, sorry.

<Todd P> Thanks-thats a name I had never heard before-I will have to do some research.......

> Barbara - Ah, I think I can give you an exact date on that as well...BRB

> RM - I'm not sure...I don't remember the story.

<Speedy Riggs> Who Frank Fay? He was Barbara Stanwyck's 1st husband

<Mike Amo> Also curious if you had anything more on what happened with General Foods. I played this show a couple weeks ago, but I'm in a fog usually anyway...thought it was great...Gracie really shined

<RadioMaster> that's the one...

<Barbara> I wonder how often Easter falls on April 11.

> Phil first called Jack "Jackson" on 1-15-1939.

<RadioMaster> he was the perpetual MC to start off the vaudeville circuit...

<RadioMaster> and George HATED him

<Barbara> Didn't Jack say he disliked Frank Fay as a person but not as an entertainer?

<RadioMaster> almost as much aas Groucho

<Alex Buck> Phil had some catchy reason for calling him Jackson, didn't he?

<Scott in KC> Laura, you're de bomb! :)

> Frank Fay was emulated by many, including Jack Benny and Bob Hope.

> Barbara - Yup, he said that.

<Speedy Riggs> Yes, Jackson was as close as he could get to calling him Jackass

> Alex - Yes, he did. Remember it?

> Speedy - That's it!

<Alex Buck> SR - that was it

> Scott - Well, fortunately, I'm days away from an announcement that will make all this sort of trivia easily available to everyone.

> I'm told that Milton Berle decked Frank Fay once.

<Barbara> I can't wait that long.

<Scott in KC> Aways, thank you, Laura. :)

<RadioMaster> i can believe that, LL

<Speedy Riggs> Uncle Milty???

<Scott in KC> Laura, with a purse or pie?

> Scott - With a fist, I think.

<Speedy Riggs> Maybe Frank was wearing the same dress

<RadioMaster> Frank probably stole one of Milty's jokes!!!

<Barbara> Didn't Barbara Stanwyck divorce him for beating her?

> Speedy - ROFLMAO...GOOD one!!!

> Barbara - Yes, I think there was some physical abuse. At least, that's the gossip.

<RadioMaster> That WAS hilarious Speed

> There was also gossip that Fay and Stanwyck were "covering" for each other...if you know what I mean.

<Speedy Riggs> I figure Missy just met Robert Taylor and left Frank for him

<RadioMaster> will and Grace?

> Speedy - Who wouldn't.

<Barbara> Then Robert Taylor left her.

<Speedy Riggs> I had read that not having kids was a problem also. And the child they adopted wanted nothing to do with Missy later

> There's a show where Mary says acidicly to Stanwyck, "I knew Robert Taylor before YOU did!"

<RadioMaster> whoa..that's heavy, man

<Mike Amo> oh wow

<Scott in KC> Was Mary ad libbing?

<Alex Buck> Was Mary playing the field?

> Scott - Oh, I'm sure not. Mary didn't ad lib.

<RadioMaster> that was the "Golden Boy" episode, right?

> RM - Yes, I think you're right.

> It really wasn't that harsh, as Taylor had guested on the show and had given Mary a big kiss on air that sent the audience into whoops and howls.

> I don't think the line was intended in the Biblical sense!

<Alex Buck> That was the "arlington spangler" episode?

> Alex - I'd be surprised if Mary could find many in the field who were willing to play with HER.

> Alex - Which one?

<RadioMaster> except for some hormonal marines

<Barbara> Sam Perrin says that Jack was jealous of her and Van Johnson.

> RM - Gee, you know something I don't?

<Scott in KC> Mary was fairly attractive. She did not have to "bob" her nose, as Joan pointed out.

<Alex Buck> I remember some episode where Phil and Mary are going back and forth saying "arlington spangler" in reference to I think Rober Taylor

> Barbara - Yes, that's what I've heard. Wasn't thinking about that.

<Speedy Riggs> Then Jack should have started wearing red socks...

<RadioMaster> no, just that she got whoops and hollars on their war tour shows

<Barbara> That's because they hadn't seen a woman for months.

<Alex Buck> consider the audience though

> No, the Taylor appearance was earlier. 2/13/38

[Sun Apr 11 16:37:02 GMT-08:00 2004] KM99 has no profile.

<Mike Amo> Aww

> Hey there KM!

<Mike Amo> Hi KM

<Barbara> Hi, KM.

<Scott in KC> Howdy, KM! Welcome!

> And you're right, the line about knowing Bob Taylor was on the Golden Boy episode.

<RadioMaster> Eric!! got your email, man. good to hear from you!!

<Alex Buck> Its hard to imagine Jack jealous outside of "To Be or Not To Be"

<Barbara> Jack was in an early movie with Bob Taylor. You'll know it, Laura.

<Speedy Riggs> He was jealous in George Washington Slept Here

<Alex Buck> true

<Scott in KC> Carole Lombard was a beauty. So sad she died the way she did. :(

<Barbara> Jealous of whom, Speedy?

> B'way Melody of 1936...Jack and Bob Taylor

<Barbara> Right.

<Barbara> I don't think Jack would have fooled around with Carole Lombard. Ann Sheridan, maybe.

<RadioMaster> Didn'tt Philsie Lamb say something about being "so darn cognastitated" because Robert Taylor was on his show with Alice when they were in SF or something...THAT was FUNNY!

<Alex Buck> the "private" secretary

[Sun Apr 11 16:40:15 GMT-08:00 2004] KM99 has no profile.

<Barbara> What's it like in Canada, KM99? And are you still handsome?

<Scott in KC> Laura, was there an episode Jack considered to be his "best"?

<RadioMaster> Jack said that there wasn't such a word and Phil said.."yeah, but I PRONOUNCED it right"!!!

> Scott - There are very few people from the Benny show who will point at one and say it was "the best'

<Speedy Riggs> I liked the Christmas shows where he had to keep taking back the present to the counter and switching it for something else.

> About the closest I got was George Balzer saying the first appearance of the Colmans was the "classiest" show.

<Scott in KC> I like the movie parodies, too.

<Alex Buck> The Colemans would have been a big deal

<KM99> Howdy folks. I'm having some technical problems tonight.

> I found that they did pretty much exactly the same skit of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" in 1933 and again in 1941.

<Barbara> On last night's show, Ronnie had a long list of stuff Jack had borrowed. He couldn't write it down because he had his pen too.

<Scott in KC> LOL Barbara!

> Carolyn Lee first appears finding Jack picking Colman's oranges, but they're hanging over the fence so he says they're his.

<Alex Buck> One of the best lines of the show tonight for me was Gracie saying that Don Wilson was a box of jello. No simile, no metaphor - just a box of jello that has the ability to announce the show

<Scott in KC> Barbara, at least Jack did not take Benita.

<Alex Buck> Scott - there was a show where Ronnie dreamed that he was Jack and Jack was Ronnie with his Benita

> Do you think we can get Gracie to run again this year on the Surprise Party?

<Barbara> That's true, although she was attractive.

<Scott in KC> Yes, Alex, I heard that one.

<Scott in KC> Laura...and her running mate would be George?

<Barbara> Burns or Bush?

> Scott - Oh, I don't know. Who do you think should be her running mate?

<Scott in KC> I knew it...I left myself open for that! :)

> Dan Quayle maybe?

[Sun Apr 11 16:46:35 GMT-08:00 2004] RM has no profile.

<Alex Buck> Don't know but I hope he's a ventriliquist

> Oh sorry...I forgot how many people from Indiana we have on the line.

<Scott in KC> Gracie can spell potato.

<Speedy Riggs> Dennis Day as VP

> Speedy - I like that idea.

<Todd P> Sounds good to me

<Speedy Riggs> He's a war veteran

> So what other thoughts on tonight's show?

[Sun Apr 11 16:48:13 GMT-08:00 2004] spocky has no profile.

> Hello, Spocky!

<Scott in KC> In 1968, Snoopy got more votes than Goerge Wallace did in the New Hampshire primary.

<spocky> hello Laura. I finally figured out how to log on to this.

> Scott - That's because Snoopy works for peanuts.

<RM> welcome spocky

<Scott in KC> LOL...Good one, Laura. Good grief!

<Barbara> I think it was Gracie who made the show. And they were on to plug their new show.

> Spocky - Congrats. If you have any feedback on the instructions, do let me know.

<Mike Amo> Hi spocky

<Speedy Riggs> I didn't listen to tonights show before the chat. I'm listening to shows from the war years now, right after Lucky's became sponsor

> What part of the country are you in, Spocky?

<Barbara> Do you think Phil directed the orchestra in those days? I doubt it.

<spocky> (Spocky) Hello Laura. No, the instruction were just fine. Just that I am not exactly a computer expert. It takes me a while to figure out how to use this contraption.

> Speedy - Would have to just be 1944-45...I think that's the only war-Lucky overlep.

> Spocky - Don't have to type your name before a line. The system does that for you automatically.

> overlep? Oh well...

<Speedy Riggs> Yes, Harris is back from the Mercheant Marines but Dennis is still gone

> Speedy - Yes, Dennis was gone until 1946.

<spocky> (spocky) I live in Illinois. This is Teresa Perry, Laura. My nickname is Spock.

<Alex Buck> My wife asked the question if there was any differences between the characters of Kenny Baker and Dennis Day

> Oh, Teresa! Welcome in!

<Speedy Riggs> Yes, Kenny called Jack "Jack" and Dennis called him "Mr. Benny"

> Alex - That's a very good question. I'm going to let the rest of the room weigh in on it first.

<Barbara> Do you live in Waukegan?

> Live long and prosper

<spocky> (Spocky) What did I come in the middle of? What is the discussion about?

<Alex Buck> From the few Jello programs I have heard - Kenny's character doesn't develop like Dennis in the way of hie Mother and Father

> Spocky - You don't have to type your name at the start of your line. The rest of us see it when you send something.

<spocky> (Spocky) I live in Downers Grove, about 30 miles or so norht east of Waukegan.

> Spock - Well, it's Kenny Baker vs. Dennis Day at the moment.

<Speedy Riggs> And Dennis had two shows, you know

> Alex - That's an interesting point, I never thought about that.

> And Kenny Baker worked for Fred Allen.

<spocky> Oh, cool. Guess that helps. Certainly saves me time.

> Spock - Yup, there you go.

<spocky> What about Kenny Baker vs. Dennis Day?

> I feel like Kenny's character is just more "simple", laughing at something and when asked why he's laughing, saying, "I don't know, but I'll get it later."

> Or taking a bucket of snow back on the train from New York to show his mother in California.

<RM> I don't have to tell you how I feel!

<Speedy Riggs> I think Dennis was alot more in the show.

<Barbara> Do you think Dennis would have done that?

> Dennis was more of an "illogical logic" character in my mind, like when Jack would ask him why he's wearing a sandwich on his head, and Dennis would say that they're the rage in Germany.

> To which Jack would say, "That's Hamburg not hamburger!"

<Speedy Riggs> ohhhh, hamburger

<spocky> This is interesting. I guess I'l learn a lot about Jack while in this room. I can't exactly participate fully, seeing as I've never heard a Benny broadcast.

<Barbara> I think that's pretty corny, tho.

<Alex Buck> RM - refresh my memory, was it you that did the research into Kenny Baker's trial testimony?

> Alex - That was Kurt.

<RM> you've come to the right plaace, spocky

<Alex Buck> Oh - well RM what's your opinion?

> Dennis also had a breathier delivery, whereas Kenny's voice was just high.

<RM> no it wasn't, though I wish I had

> Dennis saying "Ohhhhh, BATHING SUIT!" wouldn't sound like Kenny saying the same line.

<Barbara> I hate to leave you all, but the Easter Bunny is calling. Hope to talk to you next month. Can't wait to hear your news, Laura.

> Take care, Barbara! Stay tuned to E-mail!

<Todd P> Well Folks I hate to leave so early - it has been very informative and interesting-I have learned a lot. I will sign back on when I return from taking my son to town and see if you are still here. It has certainly been a pleasure!

<spocky> I do know, however, who the characters you are all discussing, so don't be surprised if I can't contribue much. The only roadcast my husband ever explained to me in detail is the "Money or your life" routine.

> Take care, Todd. Drive safely.

<RM> I think aside from Mel Blanc, Dennis was a MASTER impersonator!

> Spocky - No problem at all. We talk about the shows, the people, and all things related. So feel free to jump in at any time.

<Speedy Riggs> Chats have been on Superbowl Sunday, scheduled for the night of the Oscars and now Easter. What's next....

> RM - Very true! Although Kenny could do a killer minstrel dialect.

<RM> aye

> Speedy - Sorry. I was in Boston last Sunday and couldn't do the chat then.

<spocky> Well, what's more important, Jack Benny or football?

> Speedy - What, did you want me to schedule it on PASSOVER? For shame...

[Sun Apr 11 17:01:17 GMT-08:00 2004] billp has no profile.

<spocky> Hey, my son asked me the other day the name of the character that is the floor walker. Is he, and the man that alwaays says, "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! the same erson?

<Speedy Riggs> Memorial day's next month...

> So...um...I thought Scott asked the Kenny/Dennis question.

> Hey Bill!

<Todd P> On second thought-i'll just leave the chat room up and catch up when I return-would that be OK?

<RM> have to go everyone . sorry so short!! goodnight!

<billp> hi laura

<KM99> Spocky - That'd be Frank Nelson.

> Spocky - Well, probably yes. Frank Nelson. But there were other people who played floorwalkers on the show.

> Take care, RM! Great to see you again!

<KM99> seeya RM

<Alex Buck> Well, I'm being informed that its time for my 2 year old's bath time. We'll catch up with you all again next month. Take care.

<billp> man, in ky we only have to take em once a year

> Thanks for stopping, Alex!

<billp> its a law on the books

<KM99> Alex - Two years without a bath?

> Wow...everyone checks out after an hour.

<KM99> Seeya Alex

<Speedy Riggs> Must be a show starting on TV

<spocky> Ok, then who played the Tout? I keep getting my characters mixed up.

(loss due to screen refresh)

<spocky> Laura, my son would like the CD'sa you put in a CD palyer, not something he can put in a computer and break.

<Mike Amo> Spocky, I give Radio Spirits lots of business...just bought the big CD set they marketed

> Speedy - I just had to drive through traffic by Fenway on opening day, so "red socks" means baseball to me.

<Speedy Riggs> I see

> Spocky - Then go with Mike Amo's suggestion and go to Radio Spirits. They're the only ones that sell legal Benny shows.

<Mike Amo> lol, you'll like this too LL, I forgot how to find the transcripts {:oP

> Mike - No problem. When you click on the Chat link under Featured Items, there are links to the chat transcripts at the bottom of the page.

<spocky> Mike, is the Radio Spirits located in Illinois and with Chuck Shaden?

<Mike Amo> No, Carl Amari but in Illinois...Laura and others can give you more dirt on him

<KM99> Chuck Shaden broadcasts from WBBM in Chicagi

> Mike - Oh thanks. :P

> Radio Spirits is part of MediaBay, which is out of New Jersey (I think).

> Go to www.radiospirits.com. They recently released a set of 40 Benny shows that I helped them pick.

<KM99> I recommend downloading some from Crispy.com as well.

<Mike Amo> Sointenly!

<spocky> I recall Carl Amari. My late husband used to purchase things from him. I have ahe address of Chuck Shaden. He works in Chicago and has something I think is called "The Hall Closet."

<Mike Amo> And ya did good, LL, they're getting rich of me {:oD

> KM99 - Yes, but those are all MP3 format and you can't put them in a regular CD player.

> Spocky - I think it's "The Audio File", but I could be wrong.

> Mike - Did you get the set? How is it?

<spocky> Thanks for all the suggestions. I have no clue how you download anything. I'll have to make my kids di it.

> Mike - Did they mention the club in the booklet?

<spocky> Well, being Deaf, I'm not sure I understand the difference between a CD player, and what you call an MP3.

> Spocky - It's a different file format. A regular CD player uses WAV format, which takes up much more room on the CD itself.

> Spocky - An MP3 is a compressed audio format, but you need a special player (like on a computer) to be able to listen to the CD.

<spocky> Hey, any of you fans know where I might be able to obtain some of the Benny scripts? I am sure they have to be located someplace.

> You can get about 2 Benny shows on a regular CD in WAV. You can get about 100 Benny shows on a CD in MP3.

> Spocky - Jack's scripts are at UCLA. But you have to go there and look at them in their special reading room.

<spocky> So it's like a radion on the computer?

[Sun Apr 11 17:13:59 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

> Hi there Josef!

<Josef> Hello!

<Mike Amo> I haven't had time to play the set yet...sorry, also away more looking for that link you mentioned...I'm done, can't find it

<billp> laura, have you ever looked for transcripts for "lost episodes"

> Mike - Can't find the link for chat transcriptions?

<Mike Amo> Nope

> BillP - Sure have. And there will be a big announcement this week about just that.

<Mike Amo> I remembered it being obvious...but then again my name is Fred

<spocky> Well, I guess going to UCLA is a bit out of the question, but at least I know if I ever get down to California I can spend my entire vacation in the UCLA library.

<Mike Amo> I am looking at the booklet now, Laura

> Spocky - Easily. I spent two weeks there in February.

<Speedy Riggs> I bought a Durabrand CD boombox at Walmart that plays MP3 files. It was $37

<Mike Amo> Credits on back page (page 32)

> Well, I keep hinting at this announcement...maybe I should just give you a sneak preview.

<Speedy Riggs> That's what I use to listen to my mp3s

<billp> new cars are starting to come out with cd/mp3 players

> BillP - Cool. That's a good feature.

<Mike Amo> include this third paragraph set aside

<KM99> LL - please....

> Mike - OK, as long as we're in there.

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's minds this evening?

<Mike Amo> Thanks to Joe Avalon, George Balzer, Frank Bresee, Richard Correll, John and Larry Gassman, Laura Leff and the International Jack Benny Fan Club (www.jackbenny.org)

> OK, very good. I asked him to include the Web address, and he did. Thanks for looking for it!

<Mike Amo> Sure

<spocky> I want to know who plays the character in the Si, Se routine. I think it is Mel Blanc but I'm not sure.

> Spocky - That's Mel, alright.

<billp> it is when its not laura leff

> Mel also plays a host of other characters, including Polly the parrot, Professor LeBlanc, the Maxwell, etc.

> Billp - Har har har

<Speedy Riggs> I saw an old episode of I've Got A Secret, and Bill Cullen was taking credit for the "Si, Sy" routine

> Spocky - That's an inside joke. Bill and KM (and RadioMaster) were all in the cast of a recreation where we did that routine.

> Speedy - What, writing it? How odd. What did he say?

<spocky> Good. My son finds that program a riot. I knew he was the voice of the Maxwell, and Professor LaBlanc, but I had no idea he was Polly. Learn new things every day.

<Mike Amo> I'm deferring to the Benny "wiser" folks...I have been lost in world issues lately...thpugh I always go back to the 1930s and 40s when on drives...billp, glad I still have a cassette player, as well as a CD player in my car

<Speedy Riggs> Well, they had mystery guest that when asked a question would answer with corny jokes that Bill had written when 1st starting out. That was the secret

<Speedy Riggs> Then, they read others, and one was the "Si" routine

> Speedy - How very odd. I've never heard anyone mention Bill Cullen writing anything for the Benny program. But that's not to say he didn't do it.

> I didn't know Gisele MacKenzie wrote the "Getting to Know You" routine with Jack until she told me herself.

<Speedy Riggs> I figure he didn't want to contradict they mystery guest on air

<billp> wow! something new to research.. :-)

> It never ends...I'm tellin ya...it NEVER ends!

> Heck, the announcement for this week is only Volume 1. There are at least two or three beyond that.

<Speedy Riggs> I'll see if I still have that on video. I think the show that was on was one where they had old radio stars on it, like Ma Perkins

<Speedy Riggs> and John's Other Wife

> Speedy - If I could get a copy of it, that would be great.

<billp> im excited...whatever it is

<Speedy Riggs> I'll check my tapes and get back with you. It was an interesting show. They had The Street Singer and some other old radio people on it

> Well, OK. I've put so much work into this that I'm just going to spill it.

<KM99> Yayyyy

> I have been thinking for a long time that I needed to overhaul my Jack Benny log.

> And so that's part of the reason that I took off a few months at the beginning of this year.

> Then as I got deep into the work, I realized that there was much, much, much more work than I could do in one year.

> So I split the work into volumes.

> I will be announcing the release of Volume 1 this week.

> Volume 1 encompasses Jack's radio shows from 1932 to 1942. About 530 pages of information. Each show gets its own separate page.

<spocky> When will we get to order Volume 1?

<Mike Amo> I do have a related development...Leo Gorcey, Jr. will be at an event I'll be at in northern New Jersey 2 weeks from today...something like 100 folks there for autographs and stuff, including Frank Gorshin and Adam West...I was thinking of flying by Gorcey's table...any messages from y'all if I do?

> Full cast lists, full song lists, full plot descriptions, and more.

<Mike Amo> Yikes! Cool!

> Spocky - Some time after this week. I still need to finalize the opening notes based on one more person's editorial comments, and then get a quote from my printer.

<spocky> Whho is Leo Gorcey, Jr.?

> Mike - Oh, tell him that I send him my best.

<Mike Amo> Laura, you must have been living in the library for that! {:-O

<KM99> Laura - Can you put aside a signed copy for me? I'd like to be one of the first to buy one.

<Mike Amo> Sure will

> Also full indexes of the cast, songs, notable firsts (like the first time Phil calls Jack "Jackson")

> Mike - You betcha!

> KM - You got it.

> It has been an unbelieveable amount of work, hundreds of hours at least.

> But for all the lost Canada Dry shows, they're there. All the lost Chevrolet shows and the entire year of 1935, it's there.

<KM99> Laura - You're about the only person who could do it. Congratulations!

> When I was working with the scripts on the lost shows, I said that I was "resurrecting" shows. (Insert Easter joke here.)

<KM99> LOL

> KM - Thank you very much. I'm extremely proud.

<KM99> Laura - Is this to be published by a publishing house?

> Reading through the scripts was like listening to the shows in fast-forward.

<billp> now we need a cast to perform em all and put em on tape..

> KM - No, self published at the moment. But people who've seen snippets of the work have been pushing me to go commercial publisher with it.

<Mike Amo> Sign me up too, Laura! *** Off to visit my brother in RI in 2 weeks, and the NJ event is conveniently placed. *** There's a link to Leo Gorcey's site at IJBFC links, spocky

<Mike Amo> lol, can't find the transcripts but I could find that! {:oP

> I'm going to do self-publishing for now, and perhaps when the volumes are done, look at commercial. But I've got at least a couple more years of work ahead of me.

> Spocky - Leo's link is under IJBFC Friends.

<spocky> Count me in for the Volume, Laura.

> Spocky - Will do.

<spocky> I have read, I think, all of the Benny books available, and I do not recall the name Leo Gorcey. Am I missing something?

> Spocky - No, he was on a panel at the 39 Forever convention.

<Mike Amo> Was pondering the other day how it is somewhat miraculous that so much of radio survived and yet much of TV (such as virtually all of Carson's old shows) was destroyed

<spocky> That explains it. I'll look for him on the IJBFC links.

<Mike Amo> Gorcey's dad was one of the Dead End Kids/East Side Kids/Bowery Boys, various other incarnations

> Mike - Well, we're very lucky with Jack. He was such an efficient recycler of gags that he kept all his scripts and a lot of his transcriptions.

<Speedy Riggs> It's easier to save a record or tape of a show than canisters of film

> If it had been in the hands of the network, we probably wouldn't have it.

<Mike Amo> And Berle released the book of everyone's jokes {:oD

> Well, this is part of what you'll see in the upcoming Volume 1. I'm struck by how many times they did certain skits, like the classroom scene.

> Or "Why Gals Leave Home" or "The Hills of Old Kentucky". They did them over and over and over just changing minor things.

<billp> so he was the "father of the rerun?"

> But the plot (what there was of it) changed hardly at all.

> Billp - Hmm...I don't know who else was doing it, but that's not a bad observation.

<spocky> I presume Jack forsaw the use of his humor as a tool of enjoyment. He probably knew we'd need some good old fashion humor as opposed to a lot of garbage that today is classified as "comicaal.

> They did Grand Hotel probably four times.

> Oh, and a Schlepperman character appears before Sam Hearn is in the role, played by Ralph Ashe. But again, they're all lost shows.

<billp> wow.. theres johnny bench with jessica simpson

<Speedy Riggs> Well, there were 4 story lines in Grand Hotel...

> Speedy - Well, the skits are all the same. A scene at the front desk, then a dancer won't perform and someone comes in and spoons with her. End of story.

<Mike Amo> Just a thought, but I suspect those shows come from vaudeville routines, which worked in every city as though they were new. I expect it was easier to run with the same skits a few times over those years, even on radio, since folks hadn't heard them in months to years.

<spocky> Since the broasdcast of "Your Money or Your LIfe" (if that was even the title) is the only show taht was ever explained to me, how many times was it used? I recall that the old "hall closet" routine by Fibber McGee and Molly was used sapringly so that the gag didin't lose it's humor.

> Mike - I very much agree with you. Neither Jack nor Harry Conn was used to having to crank out stuff every week, and for Canada Dry, twice a week.

<KM99> Laura - I tend to agree with Mike on the vaudeville connection. The routine might have new twist but it's essentially the same "business" dressed up

<Speedy Riggs> I thought the Fibber McGee closet was opened quite a bit. I haven't listened to those shows yet

> Spocky - It was redone at the beginning of the next week's show, and done at least twice more on television.

> I haven't heard a lot of McGee shows, but I thought that it was opened almost every week. Sort of the sound effects version of the "catch phrase" that people waited for.

<Speedy Riggs> Well, they took some of the radio skits and put them on the TV show and recycled them there

> Speedy - Absolutely. I was sitting with my jaw on the table when I discovered a Canada Dry show where Jack argues with George Olsen about the need for an orchestra leader.

> Then Jack takes the baton, and the band plays like they're tuning up. Olsen takes the baton and the band plays fine.

<spocky> Hey you guys, I was able to locate four video's of Jack in a varierty of shows with such people as Burle, George Burns, Carol Burnett, James Stewart and a few others. DO any of you have any of those videos, and if you do, do you know if there are nay others out that are captioned?

> Jack did this same exact routine with Lawrence Welk on his television show in the 1960s.

<KM99> Laura - What made Jack's show entertaining and memorable wasn't the "Situation" or the plot. It was the interaction of the characters within that new structure. We all can predict how Don will behave ina certain scene. He'll try to mention the product. Jack will always be vain and stingy. And so on.

<Speedy Riggs> It was like Gracie Allen always having to label the hat of the person that left the house quickly and putting it in the closet. You figured it would happen sometime

<Mike Amo> ta da! Well, found the transcripts in the obvious place...kind of like holding your keys and saying "Where are my keys?"

<KM99> To continue.... Although we can predict some of the business, we're sure the cast will pay off our interest with some new twist.

> KM - True, which is also interesting to me because it's the antithesis of the standard definition of comedy. Comedy includes surprise, but we all know what's coming with the characters.

<KM99> Laura - but we never really know "when" or "who" will drive the finale.

> Spocky - There are several Jack Benny videos around, but I don't know if any are captioned.

> KM - That's very true. There will be some unpredictable upshot.

<Mike Amo> Laura, it was that company in San Mateo, the one that had vintage "flag" microphones for sale

<Speedy Riggs> I listened to a show where they talked to one of the writers about doing the show. Some writers did the 1st half and the others did the 2nd half and they discussed a thing or 2 to reference to join them

> Like "Your money or your life". The pause for consideration is a joke in itself, then "I'm thinking it over" ties it up in a neat package.

<Mike Amo> I sent you info after the chat on who they were and where...di you get a chance to check that out?

<KM99> Thank you Milt Josefberg!

> Speedy - True, although that was only after the Fabulous Four (as I call them) started in 1943.

> Mike - Sure did. They have some beautiful stuff!

<spocky> I was thinking that although people expect a certain ending, one is never sure exactly who is going to deliver that finale.

> KM - For "I'm thinking it over?"

<billp> hi scottsburg todd.. we are close.. im on the louisville side

<KM99> Laura - yes

<billp> they still have wmpi up there

> Bill - Todd's off taking his son somewhere. He may be back later.

<billp> oh.. i just figured i should speak to a neighbor

> Bill - No problem, didn't want you to think he was snubbing you.

<Speedy Riggs> He's thinking it over

<billp> nah,, i KNOW that would NEVER happen

> Speedy - Man, you're HOT tonight.

<Speedy Riggs> Except for Van Johnson's red socks reference...

> Well, even Jack blew a gag in tonight's show.

<Speedy Riggs> He can blame the writers though

<spocky> well, this has been a nice ending to a rather monotonous Sunday, but I have to get my son ready for tomorrow. He and the other 150ish band members on on their was to Florida for some kind of festival. I'm off but I will join in next time.

> OK, Spocky. Thanks for stopping and hope to see you next time!

<spocky> Before I go, Laura, do you know where I might locate some Benny videos?

> So what other thoughts on Jack and the gang?

> Spocky - Sure. Go to the Benny links page and search for "purchases and downloads". There are several companies that handle Jack on video

> and Shokus Video gives 10% off for IJBFC members.

<Mike Amo> Bill, I have another "neighbor" coming on again from Shelbyville, TN. She has a sleeping 4-y/o daughter now, but it good at one-hand typing

[Sun Apr 11 17:51:29 GMT-08:00 2004] Bridget has no profile.

<Mike Amo> Hi Bridget

> Hello Bridget

<Bridget> Hi Mike

<Bridget> Hi Laura

<Mike Amo> it=is...she is better at typing than I am {:oP

> So what other thoughts on the show for tonight, or Jack, or anything Benny-related?

<Mike Amo> spocky, they are in various sites...you said you already have that set of four?

> (Sorry Bridget, we seem to be winding down a bit at the moment)

<Bridget> oh that is ok....I'm really beat.

<Speedy Riggs> I noticed they did alot of shows from army and other service bases. I hadn't realized that before

<Bridget> I am only there to see what's going on.

> Bridget - OK, feel free to contribute some discussion ideas!

> Speedy - Yes, Jack did about as much travelling to the troops as Bob Hope did.

<Bridget> umm I only know very little of Jack Benny.

<Speedy Riggs> The writers seemed to get some inside jokes from the camp to work into the sketches, like higher ranking officers names or when payday is or favorite bars

> But I did a little informal research and found that the majority of the bases where they did radio broadcasts were no farther than San Diego.

<Mike Amo> I know I have several on videotape here from when the Family Channel aired them years ago...sure wish TV Land would pick them up again at some point

<billp> omg.. jessica and her honey are singin i got you babe

<billp> Talk about the flashbacks!

> Speedy - Yes, I've noticed that too. And I rather wonder if that's part of why the show was slipping in the ratings. You mention the so-n-so bar and the audience erupts,

> but it doesn't mean anything to someone in Omaha.

<billp> does this mean bell bottoms are coming back; and crazy daisies

<Speedy Riggs> I know, TV Land keeps reruning the same Burns and Allen shows every Sunday morning. They need a change

> Mike - Any chance of getting a list of what you have?

> Bridget - Feel free to ask questions. You have some knowledgeable Bennyphiles here.

<Mike Amo> Bill, is the show any good?

<Mike Amo> They are brave to attempt a musical variety show

<Speedy Riggs> I though Jack was on the Disney Channel for a while, as was Ozzie and Harriet

<Mike Amo> Laura, I have so many tapes, it'll be like finding the "lost"ones you're looking through, lol

<Mike Amo> But I will throw myself at that project too

<KM99> Laura - Don't forget the two broadcasts Jack made from a foreign country during the war....

<Speedy Riggs> Canada?

> Mike - Got it. I just recently put my Betas on Excel myself.

<KM99> Yes, speedy

> KM - Jog my memory. From Egypt and...?

<Mike Amo> lol, that's about my speed

<KM99> Vancouver & Toronto

> Oh, DUH. Right.

<Speedy Riggs> I remember one from Vancouver. They guy greating them didn't know the sites of Vancouver

<KM99> Egypt wasn't a broadcast. It was just a recording.

> KM - Really? I thought it was intended for broadcast.

<KM99> Laura - What I meant was, it didn't go out on the network "Live" like the camp shows did and the shows from Canada.

<Speedy Riggs> Well, it's not like they had satellites then

> KM - OK, I take your meaning. I don't think there were any telecom facilities for broadcasting live from there, and if there were, they'd be using them for military purposes.

<KM99> And I think the Egypt show was a summer thing, not part of the regular 39 week schedule.

<Mike Amo> I didn't know that, KM!

<KM99> In certain ways, it was Jack's first "Special"

<Speedy Riggs> You wouldn't want to broadcast from a warzone like that anyway, the enemy could triangulate the signal and find where you are on an open broadcast like that

<Mike Amo> KM, you have the show?

> KM - Oh, it definitely wasn't part of the regular series.

<KM99> somewhere, yes Mike

> It's in the audio library as well.

<Mike Amo> I have some old WW II armed forces network shows on oversized disks

<Mike Amo> Had always hoped I'd find surprises on them

> Mike - Benny shows or other stuff?

<Mike Amo> But one problem is you need a radio station type turntable to run them on

<KM99> Hey... I just starting thinking about this. How many of the folks here really know how network radio worked?

<Mike Amo> No Benny shows

> KM - How do you mean?

<Mike Amo> But many variety shows, so Benny could yet be on them

<KM99> LL - How network radio was broadcast and distributed across the nation.

> KM - What say you enlighten us?

<KM99> Sure. okay.

<Speedy Riggs> I figure that signal was received, strengthened and sent on to other stations in the network

<KM99> sorry, no

<KM99> Radio broadcasts have limited range and the FCC limits the power of the broadcast

<Mike Amo> I always figured Bell System landlinks

<KM99> Stations in different markets may licence the same frequency so we can't have overlap

<KM99> Exactly, Mike

<Mike Amo> woohoo

<KM99> So the networks would lease time on land lines - the old telegraph lines run along the railroads.

<KM99> The signal would go out on the line and be picked up by the affiliates

<KM99> The affiliated station would broadcast the show on their licenced frequency

<KM99> Nowadays, it's still the same system. It's just been upgraded quite a bit.

> And there's a lot more use of satellite downlinks as opposed to phone feeds.

<KM99> Today the telegraph line has been replaced with a fiber optic cable

<KM99> Network feeds are still mostly land-based

<Todd P> I made it back!

<Speedy Riggs> Now we gotta quit talking about Todd

> Congrats, Todd! We have a neighbor of yours on the line.

<KM99> Okay - enough technical stuff

<Todd P> and who would that be?

<Speedy Riggs> No one, just kidding

> Hey bill, we put you to sleep/

<Todd P> awww rats-did eat some Jello while I was away..

<Speedy Riggs> You missed Laura's announcement though

<KM99> But to return to my point about the overseas show, it couldn't go out on network since there was no network line.

<Mike Amo> wb Todd

<Mike Amo> lol

<billp> todd.. i wanted you to know there was a jb fan here in louisville too

<Speedy Riggs> But did you eat any Grapenuts Flakes?

> KM - There were even darn few undersea cables at that point.

> Todd - And did you take your son in a Chevrolet on General Tires?

<KM99> And when Jack loses his show in the desert years later, it's because the truck lines went down.

<KM99> trunk lines

> KM - Was it one of the regular radio shows? Oh wait...where they insert some piano music or something, right?

> It's been a while since I heard that.

<KM99> LL - Piano music. Correct. The Palm Springs broadcasts that lost the final 6 minutes.

<Speedy Riggs> I remember that one

> KM - You and I are both telco people, but you might want to explain what a trunk line is.

<Mike Amo> I hadn't heard about that before...must have been awkward for Jack and the network

<KM99> Trunk lines travel from city to city. If a trunk line goes down, it's like a road being washed out.

> Funny...I was waiting on some additional documentation that would help me finish the 1941 Palm Springs shows in the log. They're the last ones I did.

> Mike - I'm sure that Jack probably didn't know it had happened. They would have to just carry on with the show, and have the line come back up whenever it did.

(loss due to screen refresh)

> Todd - Ah, gotta fix that.

<Todd P> Yes WMPI is still here-the program director is a friend of mine

> KM - Would WEAF have had any connection with the later broadcast? I'd assume they'd just take the 7PM feed and that's it.

> Some of the remotes show the call of the local station that fed the network, like the New Orleans station that supported some of the Canada Dry shows.

<KM99> LL - Radio network switching was continually improved. Especially during the war.

<Speedy Riggs> I always wondered what stations did with their old recordings when they changed radio formats

<KM99> The network control centre can change the source feed and manually throw a switch to take a backfeed from an affiliate.

<KM99> Then all the affiliates can share the backfeed signal.

> Speedy - Well, it's not old radio, but I worked for a station that sent its music tapes back to the home office.

<billp> we took amtrak to chicago dozens of times and would roll thru scottsburg.. they must have a carnival which really looked neat in the fog at nite.. like the twilight zone

<billp> anyway, enought of my personal digressions,, good to meet ya todd

> Believe it or not, one of the lost Benny shows from New York includes a short remote broadcast from the Chicago World's Fair in the middle of it.

> I think that's a Canada Dry show as well.

<Todd P> same here bill

<Speedy Riggs> Are these lost shows in script form only, or did you find recordings of these?

> There's a joke about a remote from Alaska to hear Eski-Moe Bimberg and his band, but it's just a gag, not an actual remote.

<Mike Amo> lol

> I can't imagine how tough it must have been to set up a reliable remote link back in 1932.

<KM99> BTW - The affiliate didn't have to carry the "Live" network feed at that time if they didn't want to. They could record the "Live" feed to transcription and broadcast another show at the same time. They could then, send out the network show via transcription at a more convenient hour.

<KM99> This is important since 7PM happens at different times across the nation.

> Speedy - I worked from the scripts only. But the characters are so well-defined that it's like hearing the shows.

<Speedy Riggs> I see

> KM - Like kinescope.

> KM - True, but Jack was really only on Sunday at 7PM on the East Coast.

> It was 7PM Eastern, 6PM Central, 9:30PM Mountain, and 8:30PM Pacific.

<Mike Amo> What baffled me is how the shows were recorded for later broadcast...if they were recorded, it surprises me that they never thought of "repeats" until the 1950s

<KM99> I agree. But it was still a time zone shift.

> Mike - I wonder if some of that has to do with Petrillo's mandate of no recorded music on the air.

<Mike Amo> Bridget had to reboot...my computer is acting like a skipping record too {:oP

> Mike - OK, I thought we might be boring her!

<Mike Amo> Oh wow, I never heard of that before!

<Mike Amo> lol, nahh

<Mike Amo> Who was Petrillo and what was his mandate?

[Sun Apr 11 18:24:03 GMT-08:00 2004] billp has no profile.

> Oh boy! Petrillo!

<Mike Amo> wb bill

> WB Bill

<billp> oops

<Speedy Riggs> Well, I need to go and eat my Grapenut Flakes. I'll look for that tape and get back to you Laura if I find it.

> Let's see...if I remember correctly..

<Todd P> wb bill

> Speedy - OK, thank you very much. Enjoy, and hope to see you again!

<Mike Amo>

<quickly switched to the studio orchestra in Bill's absence>

<Mike Amo> Cya Speedy

<Speedy Riggs> LSMFT....

> James Caesar Petrillo was the head of the musician's union and was incredibly powerful

<billp> :-)

<Mike Amo> THAT'S where I heard of Speedy

<Todd P> Laura-was KFI a high power station (50000 + watts)?

<KM99> Petrillo was the boss of the American Federation of Musicians - a union boss

<billp> and was about three feet tall

<Mike Amo> lol, really!

> And wangled it so that you couldn't use recorded music on the air, you had to use live musicians.

<KM99> And pay them scale to boot

> Todd - I'm not sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if KFI was clear channel.

<Mike Amo> Well, that makes sense...the Broadway musicians have that arrangement, and they really need it nowadays

> This is why all these shows had orchestras.

> So if you use a recorded show, you have to use recorded music.

> but I don't know...that's just a guess on my part.

<KM99> LL - The network source broadcast had to have "Live" musicians.

> They did record at least a couple of the camp shows for rebroadcast in the 1941-42 timeframe.

<KM99> They were trying to ensure that recordings didn't squeeze out current performers from an income after they'd recorded their songs.

> There's good logic to it, and it certainly got a lot more musicians to work than had it not existed.

<KM99> It was later that ASCAP came to an arrangement where stations would licence recorded music and pay a few to the performer for it's use.

<KM99> a fee

> Oh dear...Dan has made a risotto and the smell is making me salivate on my keyboard...

> KM - And now radio stations can just pay a fee to ASCAP and get anything that is ASCAP-affiliated. BMI as well.

<KM99> Topic Change - I'm just about finished reading 2PM Eastern Wartime by John Dunning.

> KM - Is that a new title? I'm so used to Tune in Yesterday, but that was some time ago.

<KM99> It's a pretty good story but I thought LL might want to know about a certain character named Laura Leaf in the book.

> KM - Really?

<KM99> LL - It's a different book entirely.

> KM - Figured, if there's a "character" in it.

<KM99> She's a radio gal as well.

<Mike Amo> Actually, if they did shows from military bases, I expect the union rules didn't apply, at least quite the same way

> When was it written?

<Mike Amo> risotto {:op...

<KM99> I'll go check. BRB

> Now I'm curious if he borrowed my name or if it's coinkydink.

<KM99> Published by Scribner in 2001

> Holy cow, he just might have borrowed my name.

<Mike Amo> Bridget is back and is now looking at the 39 Forever photos

> I never realized how "known" I am in OTR circles until I went to the New Jersey convention and had people that I considered legends in OTR (like Buxton and Owen) calling me by name.

<Todd P> I missed something. What book are you talking about?

> Mike - Plenty of you in there!

> I'll have to see if I can get contact info for Dunning and ask.

<KM99> Laura - hence my use of KM99. I like a degree of anonymity.

> Sure, Eric, I understand.

<KM99> Doh!

<billp> :-)

> KM - Well, it's hard to be in my position and remain "anonymous".

<KM99> LL - It's hard to be in your position? You should see the position I'm in.

<Mike Amo> Thankfully, only a few of me, but they are good, and I'm really pleased about the one with Giselle

<KM99> Just a wee tip of the hat to Groucho...

> Mike - And you with Rose Marie.

> KM - Heck, I've taken Pilates.

<KM99> Speaking of 39 Forever.... What's the latest on the Genessee Theater, Laura?

<billp> i took pilates but they offered to reduce my sentence if i returned it

<KM99> LOl

> This risotto is really calling to me...I think perhaps I'd better think about wrapping up...

> Bill - LOL

> KM - Good question. I've been playing phone tag with the person in charge for months, but nothing solid yet.

> They're planning a bit chindig with various celebrities, but it's all still in the working stages.

<KM99> Well I, for one, am most interested in another reunion when they get that project complete.

<billp> foks.. i enjoyed it but its late in the east

> I'll vote for that, depending on what my work situation is.

<KM99> Goodnight Bill.

<Mike Amo> Bridget says nite y'all...I am giving her a virtual tour of the convention while here

> Take care, Bill. Always good to see you.

<Mike Amo> Nite Bill

<Todd P> Nite Bill

> I think I'm going to pack it in too and get risotto and continue watching Deep Space Nine.

<Todd P> Goodnight Everyone

> Goodnight to Bridget!

<Mike Amo> I'll have matzah and gefilte fish here, LL, hoo hoo!

<KM99> Goodnight all. I'm going to pack it in as well.

<Mike Amo> Nite Todd, LL, KM

> Mike - No more Matzah! Pass is OVER.

<Mike Amo> Not here yet, but I'm on Standard War Time {:oP

> We're a little late folks...

<Mike Amo> lol, goodnight!

> G'night Mike!