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<billa> some transcripts are on the web site

Hello everyone...having a little chat here, I see...

<billa> about a dozen show up

<gnansense> G'Evening Laura!

How's everyone doing tonight?

<gnansense> all fine here

It's a beautiful day here in Northern California...sun shining and warm enough to open the windows.

Apologies to anyone who was here last week and couldn't get into the chat room.

[Sun Mar 07 17:05:37 GMT-08:00 2004] Barbara has no profile.

<Michael> Hi Laura


<Michael> and Barbara

Hi Barbara!

<gnansense> getting warmer here in central Missouri.... about time too <s>

<Barbara> Hi everybody!

<billa> Laura, will repeats of your yesterday usa introductions be available a web site?

Bill - Good question, and I don't know. I'll have to ask Walden. Gosh...you mean you'd want to hear them again?

<billa> yes, and I missed a few

I hear it's hot down your way, Barbara.

<Michael> you were on yesterday usa???

[Sun Mar 07 17:07:41 GMT-08:00 2004] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<billa> at one a week it will be along time to hear them all :-)

<Michael> Hi AlexBuck

Billa - Post that to the Forum Bulletin Board and I'll answer when I know.

Hey Alex

<Barbara> It was 88 today, can you believe that? We were freezing last week.

<Alex Buck> Hi all. Sorry I'm late

Billa - Well, don't tell anyone, but I recorded four more of them this afternoon.

Michael - Yes, it's a regular stint on Sunday nights.

<billa> and one will be on in 4 hours

<Michael> Ok

<Michael> will have to remember that

> Bill - If you have any feedback about them, I'm open to it. I don't know exactly what the audience wants, so I just try to answer Walden's questions.

> Michael - Take a look under the featured items on the home page for a link to Yesterday USA and info on times.

<Barbara> That was a funny show for this month with Jack picking apart Phil's song.

<Michael> Ok thanks :-)

So did everyone get a chance to hear the show for this month?

<Alex Buck> Question: Was the actress who played Gladys on this month's show the same one who played Mary's maid, Paula?

Barbara - Yes, a classic!

<Dennis Day> Yes please

<gnansense> heard both....

<Barbara> I always thought they needed more of Phil.

<gnansense> and i'd heard a clip of Jack dressing down Phil for Doo Wah Ditty

<Michael> doesn't she also play one of the phone operators?

Alex - I think it was Sara Berner playingn Gladys, I'd have to reheard Mary's maid Paula.

<gnansense> but now I heard the entire show!

<gnansense> thank you

Michael - If it was Sara Berner, then yes.

<Michael> Ok.... sounded like her....

> They used almost that exact routine on Jack Benny's Bag special in the late 60s. Even the "is it a gas station" lines, etc.

<Alex Buck> Paula had a "Dumb Dora" role. With her higher tone of voice, I always wondered if she was trying to impersonate Gracie Allen

[Sun Mar 07 17:11:20 GMT-08:00 2004] Gulliver: From Alabammy (really)

<Michael> Hi gulliver

<Gulliver> Hi everybody!

Hi Gulliver, how's your dear old mammy?

<gnansense> Hi Gulliver

<Alex Buck> Evening, Gulliver

<Gulliver> 8) I was wondering if you'd notice.

<Barbara> Is she broiling hammy?



<Michael> in alabamy?

Alex - There were a lot of women who played that style of voice over time, from the early 30s on.

<Michael> :-)

<Gulliver> Anyone else here have a real live mammy in Alabammy?

<gnansense> makes me wish I did!

<Gulliver> I'm writing from Birmingham, which is not far from Doo Wah Ditty.

<Alex Buck> You must send Laura a post card

<gnansense> not in the Rand McNally atlas....

<Gulliver> Wonder how that lawsuit came out. 8 )


<Michael> I'd imagine Jack bought the company

Can I get a Doo Wah Ditty postmark?

<Michael> LOL

<gnansense> that's true... Jack never did a follow up

<Alex Buck> It might have been a nice twist if Phil had paid Rochester something at the end of the show

<Dennis Day> Well, Rand McNally is still in business....

<Barbara> Didn't Phil say that that song wasn't really his as it was written by a number of people?

<Gulliver> Good point, Dennis.

Alex - Yes, that would have been great.

Barbara - Well, it used to be an 8-bar or 16-bar "turnaround" that they'd play between numbers

<Barbara> I'm not sure how much of it Phil really wrote.

[Sun Mar 07 17:14:42 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt has no profile.

<kurt> Jell-O again

<gnansense> is his name on the credits?

> Phil said that people got uncomfortable when the music ended and they didn't know what to do on the dance floor

Hey Kurt!

Gnansense - Whose?

<gnansense> Phils

<kurt> Was Phil singing Twee Liddle Fishes?

The writing credits of "South"?

<gnansense> yes

Kurt - Not this month.

<Alex Buck> I loved the part about the pipe wrench being on the other side of the lipstick

gnansense - Interesting question. I'll have to pull a record of it and see who's credited.

<Gulliver> Hey, I know I got here late but I wanted to ask if anybody else had thoughts on the teasing of Gladys' occupation.

<Barbara> There couldn't be a better song for him, tho, including the Preacher and the Bear

The band members eventually made X-rated lyrics that they'd sing loud enough for themselves to hear.

<Alex Buck> One of my all time favorite lines is Dennis asking Jack about his relationship with Gladys and the ending line being Jack the plumber's friend

Gulliver - I like to chop wood, so I'm used to it.

<Gulliver> Brava, LL!

<gnansense> I always associate Phil with that other song... goes something like " as I was walking down the beach..."

<gnansense> my kids call it the 'knock knock' song

<Alex Buck> hey - get out of here with that

*Thinking...should I admit that I took apart our toilet to fix it...nah.....*

<Gulliver> Just seemed odd in the days of Rosie the Riveter. No disgrace to be a plumber!

<gnansense> that's it Alex!

gnansense - The Thing!

<Barbara> I also like Phil's Nobody.

<gnansense> That's it! Thanx Laura!

> Gulliver - True, but this was after the age of Rosie the Riveter when women were assumed to have gone back to making babies.

And don't come back no mo!

<Gulliver> I suppose so.

Barbara - That is a good one.

Barbara - And I think that was done when Jack had a cold and couldn't do the show.

<Barbara> He had quite a reportoire. I still loved him on This is Your Life.

Barbara - I have to see that one of these days.

<kurt> When Phil cried, you mean?

<Barbara> Alice Faye should be here.

<gnansense> I thought the only time Jack actually didn't do a show was when Carole Lombard died in the plane crash

When Gladys' character started on the show, she was a waitress.

<Barbara> Yes, he cried like a baby during most of the show. They called him Weepy Phil.

<kurt> I thought it was Leaky Phil!

<Gulliver> I have a vague memory of one of Jack's last TV specials, where he and Phil argued about the exact location of Doo Wah Ditty. Or am I dreaming?

> gnansense - Not true. He missed one because of a cold, several because of pancreatitis (filled in by Orson Welles), one when he was in New York, and FDR's death

<Barbara> Maybe it was. He was leaky.

<kurt> When Ralph Edwards came to get him, he had to put down his drink, I remember

<Dennis Day> There was one where Jack didn't perform and they had I think Herbert Marshall do the show

<kurt> In 1941

<gnansense> gotcha, thanx Laura

Gulliver - That's it. They used almost the exact gag from this show. Jack Benny's Bag

<Gulliver> I knew you'd remember!

<Gulliver> I recall a big map of the US and Phil was asked to point.

<kurt> That's when Phil debuted "That's What I Like"

<gnansense> read all the biographies, still (fortunetly) have a lot to learn!

Dennis - Right. Jack couldn't get back from New York in time.

<Barbara> Do you thinkk that drink was a cherry phosphate?

gnansense - No problem...I have a lot to learn about Jack as well!

<kurt> It appeared to be a scotch on the rocks

<Dennis Day> Then Jack did the same skit the next week, and the cast didn't want to do it

Kurt - What did that bartender say was Phil's drink of choice?

<Alex Buck> Well Laura, you mentioned that Phl was a sentimental guy when you interviewed him

Dennis - That's it. They extended the Jack-jealous-of-Herbert-Marshall thing for a few weeks.

<Barbara> Jack didn't miss any shows in the smuggling incident?

> Alex - It was interesting to watch his face as he thought about all the members of his band, and realized that he was the last one left.

<kurt> Not a one

<kurt> However, in the first show after his "conviction," the show was very much the opposite of loose.

(loss due to technical issues)

<gnansense> he never seemed 'happy'

<Barbara> I prefer Gladys.

gnansense - I think Jack said that as well...he couldn't understand why Fred wasn't happier.

<Alex Buck> some people are just built that wasy

<Gulliver> Wow, we got two threads going here and I want to be in them both ...

<Barbara> He said California was great if you were an orange.

<gnansense> he never was satisfied with his work, going back to his struggles in vaudeville

<Gulliver> Allen certainly bet wrong on the advent of television. He *should* have been right but alas he wasn't.

<kurt> Allen's scripts read like literary genius. But the shows themselves date badly with all the puns.

<Barbara> Jack invited him to stay at his house but he refused.

Barbara - He did?

<gnansense> it's left up to discussion whether Allen would have worked well on TV

<Gulliver> gnansense, I tend to doubt it. What do you think?

<Barbara> During the making of, what was that film? It slipped my mind.

<Gulliver> A sad comment on TV, that.

<Alex Buck> Jack's character would have said that Allen had a face for radio

Barbara - Love Thy Neighbor?


<gnansense> ooops....

<gnansense> apologies for the caps


[Sun Mar 07 17:30:18 GMT-08:00 2004] rcraw4d has no profile.

<Gulliver> OH THAT'S OKAY!

<kurt> Say, who dat shouting?

Hi RCraw4d

<Barbara> Yes, Laura. I would have taken him up on that but Fred didn't.

<rcraw4d> Hi laura

<gnansense> but as they say, Fred had the perfect face for radio


<rcraw4d> guess where I am??

<Gulliver> Doo Wah Ditty?

<kurt> Anaheim?

Sitting in front of your computer?

<gnansense> asuza?

<Alex Buck> cooca -

<kurt> Cuc-a-monga?

<gnansense> hehehehehehe'

<Barbara> I think Fred Allen was a bit of a genius. Didn't he write Treadmill to Oblivion?

<rcraw4d> Nope outside of cedar rapids

<Alex Buck> -monga

<rcraw4d> in front of my puter

Fred should have been a writer. Like Stephen Leacock or Gore Vidal.

<Barbara> He certainly had it in for vice presidents.

<Alex Buck> And how is cedar rapids this evening?

Barbara - With good reason, based on his experience.

<rcraw4d> I am freezing

They love me in Cedar Rapids.

<rcraw4d> of course

<rcraw4d> I know, now look I am where you used to be hon

Rcraw - Well, almost. I was a bit east of there.

> There used to be a DJ on a clear channel station there who interviewed me on multiple occasions. Always fun.

<Barbara> Can I digress a minute, Laura, although you said not to get too far off the track?

<rcraw4d> actually I am in Keota, just west or something of Kalona

> Barbara - Sure, go for it.

<Barbara> Why was Medicine Man filmed in New Mexico? Most of it was inside anyway, wasn't it?

<Alex Buck> Well gang, my wife has been thinking that I've been working for the past half hour so I suppose I better duck out of the chat early tonight. Hope to spend more time with you all next month.

<gnansense> cheap orange juice for Jack?

> Barbara - Probably due to small budget. It has the look of a very low-budget film.

<rcraw4d> Laura did I tell ya, my daughter got married two years ago? trying to catch you up so to speak

> Take care Alex...oh he's gone.

<Gulliver> Bye Buck! (you have to say it like Andy Devine)

> RC - That's great! Give Shannon my best!

<Barbara> It was, but wouldn't it have been cheaper to stay in Calif. Odr wasn't Jack in Calif. then?

<rcraw4d> I will, she misses you and always talks about you

> Barbara - *Thinking* Jack was under contract to MGM at the time, so he was in CA

> RC - I'll have to get back in touch with her some time.

<rcraw4d> Ca also stands for canada in some parts

<Barbara> Okay. It seems like a strange place to film that for some reason.

<rcraw4d> I can give you a phone and new address I will send it ya\

> Barbara - Most of it was inside, but they might have been able to use existing buildings there rather than build sets

> RC - E-mail, please.

<rcraw4d> sure

> Barbara - Why? Just the distance?

<rcraw4d> they probably did exteriors in New Mexico

<rcraw4d> probably some limited shooting in New Mex

> How many people here have seen "Medicine Man"?

[Sun Mar 07 17:37:01 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt1 has no profile.

<Barbara> I guess so. I don't remember a lot of exterior shots. There was one by the lake.

<rcraw4d> THink I did

<gnansense> I have.......

> Barbara - There was the initial parade

<gnansense> played the hustler type

> Let's talk about that for a second, since Jack's performance is so different than the "classic Jack"

<rcraw4d> that was probably given to the production staff, by the mayors office

<gnansense> well, then again, the 'classic' Jack hadn't (ahem) JELLED by that point

<Dennis Day> o

<Gulliver> oog.

<Barbara> If you're still talking about Medicine Man, his hair was too dark.

> And it's the sort of character that Jack was playing at that time. Wisecracking emcee, woman-chaser, sharpie, etc.

<rcraw4d> you mean Jello'd doncha?


<w> yup, that works better

<gnansense> better than LSMFT'D

<rcraw4d> what was that about circa 1935-36?

<Barbara> Do you think Jack liked his work in it?

<gnansense> wasn't it '34?

> RC - Medicine Man? I don't have my log at hand, but I think it was 1930.

<rcraw4d> perhaps?

<rcraw4d> oh really??

<gnansense> that early? wow.....

> It reminds me of his character in the one-reel shorts he did in the early 1930s.

<Barbara> It was 1930. Jack didn't know what was in store for him 2 years later with radio.

<Gulliver> This is all amazing -- I've never seen Medicine Man so this is all news.

<rcraw4d> he did not hit the airewaves until 1932ish

<gnansense> 'The Meanest man in the world'... that was around '34?

<Barbara> He was good looking, tho.

<rcraw4d> nope 1940

<kurt1> Meanest Man was 1942

<kurt1> Based on a stage play

<rcraw4d> o.k. my brain is obviously has Jello'd

<gnansense> man... don't get old.... memory is the 1st to go!

<kurt1> Meanest Man has Jack's only appearance in blackface

> Transatlantic Merry Go Round was 1934.

<rcraw4d> Hey I am 53 I have a right!!

<kurt1> Followed by College Holiday?

<rcraw4d> oh yeah thats right

<kurt1> Artists and Models

> Kurt - Only movie appearance. He did it on other non-filmed occasions.

<gnansense> Artists & Models was around then too

> A&M - 1937

<kurt1> Broadway Melody of 1936

> College Holiday was 1936

<Gulliver> C'mon rcraw4d -- you're just 39 for the 14th time.

<gnansense> w/ Buddy Epson if I recall

> Buddy Epson Salts

<kurt1> Buddy Epson and his dancing salts!

<gnansense> hehehehehe

<kurt1> Buddy WAS an old salt when he died

<rcraw4d> yeah, tell my brain that, my body is starting to catch up

> Memory is the 2nd thing to go...I don't remember what the first is

<Barbara> Laura, would I be too personal if I asked if you did some research lately?

<rcraw4d> what..92?

<gnansense> Ebsen... my brain IS getting gray

<Gulliver> LOL

<kurt1> Be personal! Be personal!

> Barbara - I certainly did. I'm behind in my E-mail because I've been so mired in it. I apologize.

<rcraw4d> Hmmmmmmmmmm

<Barbara> Did you uncover anything juicy?

<kurt1> But we still don't know what happened to Harry Conn

> Barbara - Tons of stuff. Stay tuned.

<gnansense> the studio boss?

> gnansense - The writer.

<rcraw4d> didja like the pics I emailed you on Jack?

<gnansense> wasn't that Harry Cohn?

> OK, here's a tidbit...

> Who was the first guest star on Jack's program?

> RC - Yes, very much. Thank you!

<rcraw4d> Ed sullivan??

<gnansense> Edward g. Robinson?

<Gulliver> Abraham Lincoln.

<kurt1> Think Glow Worm

<gnansense> actually... Lincoln makes sense

<Gulliver> The Mills Bros.?!?

> Kurt - Hey, no hints.

<gnansense> the Mills Bros?

> Gulliver - Yup.

<Dennis Day> The Gasman?

<Gulliver> That would have been when they really were all brothers, right?

> The Mills Brothers were the first guest stars, back in 1932 on the Canada Dry show.

<kurt1> Well, brothers, plus a friend. Sometimes even their father

> Gulliver - And one father!

<rcraw4d> oh really??

<gnansense> don't know if they were

<kurt1> The friend with the guitar died, and the father stepped in

<rcraw4d> before Rochester ever was

> gnansense - Oh, Jack said he hardly remembered Lincoln.

<gnansense> Fred Sanford liked the Mills Bros. too

<Gulliver> LL, what do they sing on the show?

<gnansense> well he was young at the time Laura.....

<kurt1> Fred Sanford liked Billy Eckstein

<rcraw4d> they were in grade school together, were'nt they?

> Of course, someone has to tell the story of Jack confusing the Mills Bros and Ink Spots

> Gulliver - Unfortunately, it doesn't say. Just looks like they were given 3 minutes (or whatever) to sing what they wanted.

<kurt1> Two quartets in dinner jackets

<gnansense> at an awards show later on... correct?

<rcraw4d> poor jack will never get over that one

<Barbara> I was thinking of that. Jack was embarrassed!

> Hey, we've got a good room tonight...does anyone NOT know the story of Jack and the Mills Brothers?

<rcraw4d> I know it

<Gulliver> I didn't.

> gnansense - I thought it was in a hotel lobby, but I may be wrong.

<kurt1> Assuming, of course, that it actually happened.

<Barbara> I would think it happened.

<rcraw4d> hey I was inside of the Hotel in Phoenix where Mary stayed when they did a show in Phoenix

<gnansense> I think it was recalled in Milt Josefberg's book

<gnansense> (best of the bio's)

<kurt1> I think lots of people would have done the same thing

> Kurt - Well, true. But it's such a good story in Jack's autobiography that it feels like it's based on some fact.

> RC - Jack didn't stay there?

<rcraw4d> well mary admitted ont the show she stayed there

> There was a Maxwell that was on Ebay a while back that was used for Jack's publicity when in Phoenix.

<rcraw4d> trying to think of the name

> The El Rancho? Oh, that's in New Mexico.

<rcraw4d> West ward HO

<Dennis Day> Sherry Netherlands?

<Barbara> Biltmore?

> The I'm Too Good For You Inn?

<Barbara> No Sherry Netherlands there.

<rcraw4d> WESTWARD HO

<Barbara> Motel 6?


<gnansense> where you underlook the park?


<Dennis Day> Exactly

<rcraw4d> nope....WESTWARD HO

> gn - Nah, that's in New York.

[Sun Mar 07 17:50:45 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

> Hi Josef!

<Josef> Hi Laura!

<gnansense> I know... just seemed appropos' to toss it in


<rcraw4d> If I could make these fonts bigger I would\

> Hey Josef...quick! Name the hotel in Phoenix where Mary stayed! :)

<rcraw4d> WESTWARD HO!!!!!

> RC - Someone would turn that into a blue joke nowadays

<rcraw4d> WHAT do I win??

<Josef> That's the........shoot I know this!

> Say, gnansense brought up a good point...which of the biographies is the best?

<Barbara> George Balzer thought Irving Fein's was awful.

<rcraw4d> I liked Jacks agent take

> Barbara - Why's that?

<Josef> Good question. I like Sunday Nights At Seven.

<rcraw4d> yeppers Irving Feins

<gnansense> 4 offhand... Irving Feins

<gnansense> Jacks autobio

<gnansense> Milts,

<gnansense> and Mary's

<rcraw4d> But I liked the book that was written about George Burns

> gn - In that order?

<gnansense> not sure of the order

<rcraw4d> Mary never wrote one?

<Barbara> Partly because he said Fein went to the publisher 10 minutes after the funeral. The book had already been written. He wasn't crazy for Irving anyway.

> gn - No, just asking about your personal ranking.

<Gulliver> What's your favorite LL?

<gnansense> Milts is by far the best in my eyes, then Mary's, then Jacks, then Irvings

> RC - Not really. Hers was ghosted by Marcia Borie.

<rcraw4d> never read Milts

<gnansense> also, George Burns 'All my best friends' was GREAT

> Gulliver - It depends on what I'm looking for. If it's business data, then Irving's. If it's fun Jack stories, then Milt's.

<Barbara> Mary's book sounds like she was crazy about Jack but she didn't show it if she was.

> GN - And Gracie was even better for Benny fans.

<gnansense> get ahold of it rc, you'll love it

<rcraw4d> I have the copy of the book written about George B's

<Gulliver> Thanks LL - I've never read either (blush) so now I know what to look for.

<Josef> I would like to get Milts biography someday, anyone know where I could purchase it?

> Go to www.addall.com/used

<Josef> thanks.

<gnansense> not sure, but it's been in all the libraries I've dealt with

<Barbara> I have an extra copy of Joan's book if anyone would like it. Also George's All My Best Friends.

> Happy customer talking, no connection.

<gnansense> Laura, might be a good side line for the web site... sell the bios

> Barbara - Send it to Walden Hughes. He told me today that he's going to be looking for copies of Joan's book.

<gnansense> mabye not Irv's...

> gn - Interesting point. I have multiple copies in my own library.

> gn - Oh, I'd happily sell Irving's book because it's probably the most accurate.

<Barbara> Where is Walden Hughes?

<gnansense> have an extra of Milts?

<rcraw4d> I agree

> Barbara - He's on Yesterday USA. Send me an E-mail and I'll put you in touch with him.

<rcraw4d> when are you on Yesterday USA Laura?

> Sunday nights at midnight Eastern, 9PM Pacific.

> RC - Take a look under Featured Items on the home page and there's a link about it.

<rcraw4d> where do you tape it larua?

> Say, has anyone here checked out the new Forum Bulletin Board yet?

[Sun Mar 07 17:58:02 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt2 has no profile.


<hanging head in shame>

<Josef> I haven't, but I will.

> Just wanted to get any feedback on how it looks/works for everyone.

<Barbara> I was just getting used to the old one.

<gnansense> will look and let you know

<rcraw4d> I will look into it

> Sorry. I was spending way too much time cleaning bad stuff off the old one, so it was time to upgrade.

<Josef> I like the way it looks, haven't used it yet, though.

> Please do register as a user, because if we get attacked on this Board, I'll close it to only registered users. Don't want anyone shut out.

<rcraw4d> well it's near spring, and a cleaning was in order..

<kurt2> There hasn't been a lot of use on the bulletin board yet

<rcraw4d> I will register then

> RC - This was more than cleaning...it was disinfecting...

<Gulliver> Gotta run, folks -- come see me down here in Alabammy! I'll provide the layer cakey.

<kurt2> Which is a shame, since the regulars ought to put in appearances

<rcraw4d> now shes a comedienne

> Kurt - I'm not unhappy with it...maybe 20 posts in less than a week.

> Take care, Gulliver!

<Barbara> +

<gnansense> and me as well, promised my girlfriend she can use the computer

> OK, thanks for stopping gnansense!

[Sun Mar 07 18:00:47 GMT-08:00 2004] Dennis Day has no profile.

<Barbara> I have to run too. E-mail me when you have a spare minute, if ever, Laura.

<Barbara> Love you all!

<gnansense> looking forward to the next one, later Laura, and fellow Bennyites!

<rcraw4d> hugs barb

(loss due to screen refresh)

<Dennis Day> The room sure got quiet

> OK, I'm back...my screen refreshed, what did I miss?

<Josef> Sure did.

<Josef> Nothing.

<Dennis Day> We need Phil to play "That's What I Like About The South"

> Singalong time...

> When I was walking on the beach one bright and sunny day

<Dennis Day> Mine refreshed then locked up and I had to restart

> I found a great big wooden box a-floatin in the bay

<Josef> "When I say I beg your pardon, I'll come back to you.." love that episode.

> Did anyone catch what Jack says in tonight's episode over the music?

<Dennis Day> "I'm Building A Palace In Dallas For Alice"

<kurt2> At the end, you mean?

> Josef - There are a number of them!

> Kurt - yeah

> Dennis - Har har

> Dennis - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now That I'm Drafted

<Josef> I know, I just love it when they reprise it. That and "Aneheim, Azzuza, and Cucamunga!

<Dennis Day> Probably Kenny Baker

> I've formulated a theory on those fake song titles...

<kurt2> Yessss?

> Kurt - Frank Nelson.

<Dennis Day> I figured they were just jazz riffs that they put made up titles to

> Dennis - That's pretty much it. I think that either Phil or Mahlon made up a folio of about six untitled tunes, since the audience only heard a little of them before and after the commercial.

<kurt2> They would have had to be far-fetched titles to keep them out of legal trouble

> The scripts refer to them as, say, "Harris Special #6" or "Harris Special #2"

<Josef> Huh.

<Dennis Day> That's like the old Jimmie Rodgers songs

> And it saved the band from needing to learn four new tunes each week.

> Dennis - Like the Ink Spots whose songs all start off with the same riff?

> They joked about that at the 39 Forever Friars dinner.

<Dennis Day> No, the names. He numbered his songs. Kind of like Chicago Albumns....

> Dennis - Ah, I understand.

> Brown Eyes Why are You So Close To My Nose

> I have to admit that I've developed a great affection for the character of Mr. Billingsley. I've been working a lot with those shows, and he's great fun.

<Dennis Day> My grandfather had one, "Maggie, hang the ice out to dry"

> He's sort of the Zippy the Pinhead of the Benny show.

> Dennis - Then again, if it's dry ice, then don't bother.

<kurt2> Mr. Billingsley was quite surreal at times

<kurt2> The character also gave Rochester someone to talk about other than Carmichael

> Kurt - That's what I love about the character. Fantastic non-sequiturs.

> Kurt - Well said. Trudy disappeared after just a few shows.

<kurt2> I loved when Rochester mentioned Mr. Billingsley's robot.

<Dennis Day> I listened to one tonight from Christmas 1941 where Mr. Billingsley gives Jack a large sack, and Jack said he'd have no problem growing roses this year

<Josef> That's very funny.

<kurt2> He said it was "that way" zbout the electric refrigerator

> LOL...the one that fell in love with the refrigerator and put on Jack's toupee

<kurt2> A hundred pound bag of fertilizer

> Dennis - I just listened to that show a couple days ago

<kurt2> "Boy, am I going to have flowers!"

> Kurt - You beat me to it.

<kurt2> Everyone knew what fertilizer really meant

> And then Jack uses it for a Christmas decoration in the rumpus room.

> What ever became of Ed Beloin after leaving the Benny show?

<Dennis Day> He probably shoveled out from Carmichael

> Dennis - Good point.

<kurt2> Beloin wrote for others, and did a lot of TV

<kurt2> He was exec producer of Family Affair

> Kurt - Anyone of great note?

<Josef> My favorite episode, is the Jack Benny Version of "Road to Bali" it just cracks me up all the time. That and the episode when Orson Welles helps Jack out, and Jack calls him Oris.

<Dennis Day> The next show I'm listening to right now, Jack isn't appearing on the show

> What about Bill Morrow?

> Dennis - Which one is it?

<kurt2> Morrow became Bing Crosby's producer

> And Morrow also wrote for Fred Allen for a while.

<kurt2> Beloin also wrote TV scripts on spec, including the most racist one Lucille Ball ever did in the 1960s

<Dennis Day> It's in my CD Player, just a second and I'll tell you.

> Kurt - The grape stomping episode?

<kurt2> Lucy wanted to get in to meet a soap opera producer, played by Jan Murray

> Josef - I don't know why Jack and Orson Welles works, but it does.

<Josef> It does, I love it.

<kurt2> So she disguised herself as a Japanese gardener. Cross-eyed glasses, buck teeth

<kurt2> Like something out of World War II propaganda

> Kurt - Oh right. Yes, I remember that.

<Dennis Day> It's Jan 18, 1942, Carole Lombard's death

> Dennis - Ah yes. And you get to hear the Sportsmen Quartet on it.

> I think that the Sportsmen first appeared on the last Yosemite show. But I can't prove it.

<Dennis Day> Has anyone here ordered the new Jack Benny box set. I ordered it a Borders last week

> I helped with it, but I need to see it some time.

> Dennis - You should write a review of it on the Forum when you get it.

<Josef> I'm going to be oprdering it within the next week or so.

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind?

(loss due to technical issues)

> Drat...booted me

> 12/21/56

<billa> it didn't need to be 5 discs

<Dennis Day> billa, was it the quality that disappointed you or the selection of shows

<billa> Thank you Laura

> The Radio Spirits set was disappointing?

[Sun Mar 07 18:23:14 GMT-08:00 2004] Scott in KC: KCLegMan@aol.com

> Bill - Most welcome. Let me know if you want to get a copy.

> Hi KC!

<billa> Quality was fairly good, baring cuts and logos

<Dennis Day> No, he said the DVD set was dissapointing

<Scott in KC> Hiya Laura!

> Oh oh...the Passport set?

<billa> I have the afrts version do you have the network version?

<billa> yes passport/koch

> I agree with the reviewer on the Forum. Go with Shokus and you're assured of quality and a 10% discount for IJBFC members.

<billa> i would have liked to have seen the hour show more complete

> Bill - I'll have to pull it and see.

<billa> ( was the reviwereon the forum will regester next post :-) )

> Bill - O-hohhhhhh! :)

<kurt2> Ack! Must leave! Work beckons!

<billa> How does one tell the christmas tv shopping shows apart?

> Just running the Christmas show from MP3 here...

> Thanks for stopping by, Kurt!

<kurt2> These chats are among the highlights of my life.

> Bill - I wish I could tell you, but I've seen darn few of them.

<Dennis Day> Are the items purchased on the TV shows in the same order as the radio show

<billa> That would impact my disision of the new dvd box is worth it - if it's the "other" christmas show

<Scott in KC> And I skipped church! :)

> Well, does it have a guest star?

> Gee, the close of this show has the TV theme at the end. That feels odd.

> I have the AFRS version.

<billa> thanks again for checking thats the one with the better audio

> There's a possibility that I may have a different one on tape, but unlikely.

<Scott in KC> I would love to see Jack and Fred Allen go after each other on TV.

> Scott - Do you have the show where they do that? And Eddie Cantor to boot?

<billa> it was jack, Fred and Eddie Cantor

<Scott in KC> I have no DVD's of Jack whatsoever.

<Josef> That would be cool. I think, though, that Radio Spirits or someplace should release the entire fued in one collection of Jack vs. Fred.

<Scott in KC> I guess I should, huh?

> Scott - Go to www.shokus.com and search on Jack Benny. He's got some great stuff, and tell him you're an IJBFC member.

<Scott in KC> Thanks, Laura.

> Sure.

> There have been a couple record sets dedicated to the feud

<billa> and request they put the ernie kovacs show (of Benny's) on dvd

<Scott in KC> Is "Love Thy Neighbor" on DVD, too?

> Part of the problem is that most of the Fred Allen shows of the same time don't exist.

> Scott - I haven't seen it yet. Might look on Ebay. I need to get a copy of it, as my old one died.

> I'm going to Boston next month and finish up my work with the Boston Public Library collection, and review the early 1937 Fred Allen scripts.

> Who knows what Fred may have said on the air, but that's about as close as I can get right now.

<Scott in KC> I saw a still where Fred Allen is screaming at Jack on a large TV set. I bet was taken shortly before he died.

> Scott - Possibly. But there was a six-year spread between Jack starting on TV and Allen's death.

> I sometimes wondered about that photo, since Jack's program has references to "This isn't TELEVISION" as far back as the 1930s.

> We're coming up on the anniversary of Fred's death...let's see...

<Scott in KC> Laura, maybe you have seen it. He is waging his finger at Jack in a hat. It is hard to explain. The clothing looks very 50's.

> 48 years ago this coming St. Patrick's Day.

> Scott -Yup, I've seen it. The picture is fairly dark.

<Scott in KC> Allen died pretty young.

> 62, I think.

> Age 62, in 1956.

> That was really a loss. As we were discussing earlier, Allen was really a genius wit.

<Josef> Wow. That is young.

<Dennis Day> Not really for those days

<Scott in KC> What became of Portland, or am I offtopic?

<Josef> I like Allen on Benny's program, but I didn't really care for his shows.

> Portland remarried...James Mason named his daughter after her.

> I think someone told me she remarried a bandleader.

> Josef - Too topical?

> Scott - Feel free to introduce any topic here. I'm happy for the banter!

<Scott in KC> I listened to a Jack Benny show when he put on a clothespin. He was dead on with his immitation! :)

> Scott - Yes, it's uncanny!

<Josef> He is.

<Scott in KC> I tried it myself. :)

> Scott - How'd you do?

<Scott in KC> Well, Portland (Laura), as the butcher said to the President....

<Josef> I also think Bob Hope and Jack have similar voices. On one of Jack's shows, I can't tell them apart, until someone addresses the other guy.

<Scott in KC> I can't think of a comeback! :)

> Scott - Chop chop

> Joesf - Really? To me Hope is more nasal (no pun intended) and faster. Jack is more laid back.

> Jack's voice is also a little lower than Bob's.

<billa> Laura, just one more side comment about your yesterday usa bits - why i missed some you're on opposite Amos and Andy on wbcq :-) Ed Bolton's recreations

<Josef> Yes, but once in a while, Bob can go lower and slower, and at that moment, he sounds like Jack.

> Bill - Not to sound like I'm trying to pull a compliment, but I'm happy that someone's enjoying them. I'm constantly worrying about being boring on them, since we go into such fine detail.

<billa> actually, you handle "spoilers" very well

> Josef - I'll have to listen to that again. I recently had to listen to all the Hope-on-Benny and Benny-on-Hope appearances, but never had a problem.

<billa> the most interenting parts or from your notes they sound more prepared

<Scott in KC> I liked Bob Hope's comment about the Oscars, which I mentioned in a post, "At my house, we call it passover...." No disrespect, Laura.

> Scott - None taken. I think that's a great line.

> Bill - That's funny, because Walden said that the feedback he was getting was that he and I should talk more and less of my notes.

<Scott in KC> Did Hope inspire Jack to see the troops or vice versa?

<billa> heh the ones i heard the chats were kind of wandering

> Bill - They are prepared. I listen to the shows and take notes on all those fine details. Then spew it back. Since Walden was wanting to talk more, I reduced my notes from 15 minutes per show to 5 minutes.

> Scott - I think they both did it about the same time. What's surprising is that they both did about the same amount of camp travelling.

<Josef> That's neat. I always thought Bob did more.

> Bill - You're going to have a lot of personal stuff about me for the next few weeks. It's strange for me because I don't feel right talking about myself when I really think I should be talking about Jack.

> But hey, I can go along with a gag.

<Scott in KC> Laura...You meantioned the Mary Livingstone Benny book was wrought with errors. Would you mind explaining. I read that book and the Joan Benny book. I like Joan's better.

<billa> Well at least you make the stories (like the card table) somewhat interesting

> Scott - Well, case in point. Hilliard Marks says that NBC invented the chimes as a delimiter because Jack's show used to run over time so much.

> Bill - Oh gosh...I did talk about my card table, didn't I. *rolling eyes and blushing* Well, I'm glad you liked it!

> Or at least somewhat.

<billa> yep one for the archives :-)

> Scott - If you listen to Jack's first show on radio, it ends with...the chimes. So either Hilliard's wrong or NBC was clairvoyant.

<Josef> Huh

<Scott in KC> Laura, did you know or meet Mary Livingstone? No disrespect, but I wondered if Joan was dead-on in the fact she might have been clinically depressed.

<billa> weren't the chimes way before Benny?

> Scott - Also it's hard to tell about Mary's version of what happened. And some of the non-Mary stuff isn't that well researched.

> Bill - Sure were. Back in the 20s, I think.

<billa> a couple of versions of them also

> Scott - I have one letter from her, but never met her. I wouldn't be surprised, either.

> bill - Yes, I think there were three- and four-note chimes, but the latter may have been for special bulletins. I can't remember.

<Scott in KC> She kinda reminds me of MY mother in some ways. Hence my question.

> I recently interviewed Ray Erlenborn, and he told me about going to Jack's home to record audio promos for Jack's show with Jack and Mary.

<billa> During the years 1927 and 1928 these men experimented with a seven note sequence of chimes, G-C-F-E-G-C-E, which proved too complicated for the announcers to consistently strike in the correct order, so the sequence was reduced to four notes, G-C- F-E. This was later reduced to the three notes G-E-C, and these three notes were first broadcast on November 29, 1929. The notes were struck at 59 minutes 30 seconds, and 29 minutes 30 seconds past the hour.

> Mary, in the middle of the day, was in bed ordering the help around and taking her drinks on a silver tray. She recorded the promos from her bed.

> Bill - I'm impressed. Good job!

<Scott in KC> I remember the xylophone for NBC in the 50's...way before the NBC peacock.

> This show is brought to you in living color...

> To infer that other networks featured dead color?

<Scott in KC> Laura...You astound me/us!

<Josef> Probably

> Scott - Whadisay? Whadisay?

<Scott in KC> There used to be "compatible color," and if you did not have a color TV, you could not receive the signal.

> A good way of motivating people to buy color sets.

<Scott in KC> Exactly...RCA knew what they were doing.

<Dennis Day> Or keep them from watching the show

> I remember watching the First Farewell Special at the Museum of Television and Radio, and it had these great ads of Jack looking to buy a TV.

<Scott in KC> Were any of his old CBS shows in color? I do not remember. We had color TV as early as 1956.

> There was one that had a buildup of announcing all these breakthroughs in TV technology, and Jack saying, "Eh...I'll wait" after each one. Then finally whatever they were pushing at the time happens, and Jack is persuaded.

<Dennis Day> I thought he got a free on from the all night disc jockey

<billa> so the jack talk during the music, did you mean when he said someting about the audieance aplauding or somewhere at the end?

> The regular TV shows were not in color. However, many of the specials were. There's a B&W version of a Benny special with the Beach Boys that was originally aired in color.

<Josef> Cool

> Dennis - Gosh...it's been too long since I saw that episode. Good one!

<Scott in KC> Did Jack sing California Girls?

> Bill - Yes, at some point he says something, but I couldn't catch it.

> Scott - I can't remember what songs they performed, but Jack and Bob Hope play aging beach bums with crazy fright wigs, talking about catching waves, etc.

<Dennis Day> Remember, the guy kept calling and waking him up.

> Dennis - Yes, and he goes to buy a suit the next day and falls asleep.

> 4:00 DJ is the name of the episode.

> Gotta get out those beta tapes soon and convert them to DVD.

<Scott in KC> I recall a show when Hope and (maybe) Milton Berle were dressed like women and said how campy it is to dress like a woman to get laughs.

> Scott - Is that a show or a special?

<Dennis Day> I had a show on tape that I accidently erased of What's My Line where Joan was one of the panelists and Jack was a guest

> I remember the Berle appearance with the "There's No Such Thing As a Bad Boy" skit

<Scott in KC> I am not sure. Maybe a special.

<Dennis Day> I mean I've got a secret, not what's my line

<Scott in KC> They were dressed like two seniors.

> Dennis - Joan was a panelist? I didn't know that! I did recently get the Password DVD with Jack and Joan.

> Scott - Sounds positively Monty Python-ish.

<billa> I have the igas show

<billa> it airs on game network

<Dennis Day> It was on I've Got A Secret. It was on Game Show Network about a year ago

> Cool. If anyone is open to sharing a copy, I'm interested.

<Dennis Day> Not anymore, they only show Password and What's My Line and on the weekends "Beat The Clock"

<billa> there was also a whats my line he signed in as hifats(sp)


<Scott in KC> My brother's father-in-law was on I've Got a Secret. He won $80 and a carton of, dare I say this, Winstons.

> Yes, I remember he was on "What's My Line"

> Scott - Hey, tastes good like a cigarette should.

<Dennis Day> Yes, and Bennett asked if his playing sent Hyfats into screams

<Dennis Day> And the guy before sold Confederate money and Jack talked they guy out of a bill

<Scott in KC> Laura...I thought Jack would role in his grave if I mentioned anything else but Luckies. (Not a cigarette smoker.)

> Dennis - LOL!

> Scott - Well, Mary smoked something else...Parliaments, or something.

<Dennis Day> No, I do have the one with the Confederate money on take

<Dennis Day> tape

<Scott in KC> Yes, you're right Laura...It was in her contract!

> Scott - Yup, that she could smoke any brand she wanted.

<billa> where jack says something is around 6:45 into the show i can't make it out either

> Didn't have to be American Tobacco product.

<Scott in KC> So, who was "Speedy" Riggs, Laura? What's up with him?

> Oh, I've got a small biography on L.A. Speed Riggs for the next newsletter.

> Scott - And what's odd is that I was typing that before your question came up.

<Scott in KC> Thanks!

<Dennis Day> Well, I need to go for about 45 minutes. I have 2 shows you know...

<Scott in KC> GMTA, LL!

> :)

> Thanks for stopping, Dennis. Hope to see you again next month!

<Scott in KC> LL S/MFT


> No one's ever come up with that connection before.

<Scott in KC> I have ever since I met you. :)

<Scott in KC> I just never wrote it.

> Scott - Good job! I've heard alternate acronyms for it, but not that.

> So what else? Other thoughts, questions, topics?

<Scott in KC> Maybe I am prepping myself for one of my clients tomorrow who had dylexia.

<Scott in KC> How big was Don Wilson, really?

> That's lesdyxia

> Scott - About 220-230, I think.

<Scott in KC> Thanks...I am close but not quite.

> Definitely smaller than they portrayed him.

[Sun Mar 07 19:03:01 GMT-08:00 2004] Josef has no profile.

<Scott in KC> His pics make him look big, though.

<Josef> I'm back

> WB Josef...I thought we'd lost you.

<Scott in KC> WB Josef

<Scott in KC> Hickey Marks also looked big.

<Josef> Ya, had to reboot, computer froze.

> Yes, Hickey was a rather large guy, at least in the 40s-50s. Sort of surprising, since Mary and Babe were fairly petite.

<Scott in KC> Laura...You mentioned you wre going to Thurl Ravenscroft? How is he?

> I guess one of them got one parent's build, and two the other.

<Scott in KC> I pictured Babe to be big like that woman in "Geech."

> Scott - I got a cold shortly after going down, and I didn't see him. I need to give him a call.

> Scott - Babe was almost a dead ringer for Mary, at least in the 1930s.

<Scott in KC> Please send him our best, please.

<Josef> Who played the telegram boy who kept appearing in the show on radio before Mel Blanc came with his ingenious voices?

> I will do that. I just heard him in a speaking role as Harrington.

> Josef - It was done by a few different people. Mainly Harry Baldwin, Ed Beloin, or Bill Morrow.

<Scott in KC> And who played Roy, Rochester;s bud?

<Josef> Ah.

> Mel Blanc appeared in a speaking role on the show before he played Carmichael. But I'm giving away the secrets of my upcoming volume.

<Scott in KC> Rochester's*

> Scott - I'd have to pull one of the TV episodes and look at the cast list. I'm not positive.

<Scott in KC> He was on TV, too?

> Scott - Yes, I remember one scene where they're cleaning house and Roy is telling Rochester that he should be careful with Jack's violin, because it might be valuable.

> Then he looks at the label in the sound hole and reads, "The Pep Boys".

<Scott in KC> He usually plays a porter on a train or a friend to help Rochester clean....

<Scott in KC> Yes, I heard that last week! GMTA, LL! Scarey, huh?

> Scott - My focus right now is on the shows up to the end of the Jell-O run. There are a few black actors who worked the show then.

> Scott - Yow! I guess I'm tuned into your frequency.

<Scott in KC> What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

> No, don't beat me up!

<Josef> I would love to have more Jell-O episodes from the early years, like 1936, anyone know where I can get them (besides Radio Spririts)?

> Darnit, I'm trying to think of the first name of one known black actor who was on the show a couple times...

> Muse is the last name. Carelton Muse? Clayton Muse? I'm blanking.

> Josef - How about the IJBFC library?

<billa> Roy E. Glenn (roy) ?

<Scott in KC> My lady Susan and I were watching old Warner Bos. cartoons...and one showed a violin, and played "Love in Bloom," and she smiled and said, "Jack Benny!?"

<Josef> How much are the tapes?

> Bill - It's possible. They did sometimes use people's first names.

> Josef - $1 per hour recommended donation. Or whatever seems right to you.

> Scott - Hey, you're training her!

<Josef> Okay, cool, I'll look into it.

> Scott - It's sometimes a little scary when Dan gives out with some esoteric Benny fact.

> Josef - Go to Programs, then IJBFC library for our full holdings and instructions.

<Scott in KC> She loves the shows, too. But she dragged me to "The Passion of the Christ." No comment lest I digress...

<Josef> Okay. Thanks.

<Josef> I want to see that movie, "Passion.." now, back to Benny.

> Scott - Oh, that's tempting (the last temptation of the IJBFC?), but probably too off-topic (and potentially inflammatory).

<Scott in KC> Right, Josef

> So what other questions, comments?

> And Bill, I'll apologize to you right now if I ended up talking too much about personal stuff over the next few weeks on YUSA.

<billa> heh don't worry about it

<billa> my preference is the notes, your stories, waldens questions just feedback

<Scott in KC> Laura...In the posts, several people have referred to censors. How did they get by with Jack asking Phil, "Are you going to hunt bare/bear?" Did they just think it was cute and innocent?

> Bill - Might want to pass that to Walden directly. I pretty much take his cue, since he gets most of the feedback.

> Scott - Good question. I have a feeling it was a pre-existing old joke.

> Sort of like "the lowers are higher than the uppers".

> It also depends on the censor reviewing it, and the censor's mood.

<Scott in KC> Sounds like it...They milked it for all it was worth. I loved Phil Harris. He was a likiable lush, if he truly was.

> And they'd sometimes put in more raunchy stuff that they knew the censor would strike in order to get through other things.

> Scott - You've probably heard my story of him giving me iced tea, right?

<Scott in KC> TI think they were naughy, not necessarily rauchy. Maybe in hindside, they were clever, but never crude.

<Scott in KC> Yes, you told me...Any more...or share with the others.

<Josef> How do I order these tapes at the library? Send in Money Orders, is that okay?

> No, the raunchy stuff was put in specifically to give the censor something to strike.

> They knew it would never make the air.

> Josef - That's fine. Checks, cash, money order, small jewelry, gold boullion...all accepted.

<billa> and paypal

<Scott in KC> Even Confereate money?

> Yup, very good, and Paypal.

> Scott - Hmmm...I'd consider it on a one-time basis

> But none of Billingsley's $5 bills with Rochester on them.

<Scott in KC> Josef...say hi to Ed when you go to your vault.

<Josef> Oh, darn, I have so many Rochester bills.

> *Thinking* Phil did call George Balzer while I was there (at my urging, since George wanted to talk with him), and he started the conversation with something like, "I can't die until they find some place to bury my liver."

<Scott in KC> BRB

<billa> well, i could start a question on reruns of the benny show in the mid 50's radio

> Bill - Go for it.

> I'm here as long as you want. But if people are out of steam, then we can always shut down.

<Josef> I'm not out of steam.

<billa> i'm beginning to think there wern't actaully any repeats, though they did you some of the transcriptions/tapes/discs/ whatever from previous shows

> Bill - How do you define repeat?

> Oh, Bill's gone!

> Well, shucks.

> Anyone else want to talk about repeats?

[Sun Mar 07 19:24:16 GMT-08:00 2004] billa has no profile.

> Take 2...Bill - How do you define repeat?

<Mike Amo> Jello folks, we're a little late tonight!

<billa> ok case in point ...

> Hey, it's Mike!

<Mike Amo> Where?!

<Mike Amo> Oh, hi y'all

> Our in absentia attendee is no longer absentia.

<billa> your listing in the library for 3/6/55 Rerun of 5/28/44

<Josef> My dad just ordered a transcription disc of The Jack Benny Program from ebay.

<Mike Amo> At last!

> Josef - Cool. AFRS?

<Mike Amo> I have some catching up to do...give me a minute

<billa> it doesn't make sense they would repeat like that and in fact there is good evidence there really was a new danny kaye show

> Bill - And they put a mention of Court Jester on the rebroadcast, right?

<billa> I'm not sure contectwise it was almost identical

<Josef> Yes, AFRS.

<Scott in KC> Execuse me, all. I need to run, but before I go, on behalf of Jack Benny fans everywhere, worldwide, thank you and megga kudos to you, Laura! :)

> Josef - Let me know the date when you can.

> Thanks Scott! See you on the Forum!

<Scott in KC> Shalom!

<billa> there was another show where originally the first act was with the operators, the 2nd time something else but the 2nd act was identical I believe it was High Noon

<Josef> I will. I'm looking forward to hearing it.

> Bill - If you can show the differences between the two, I'm all ears. Had another member do that with the two Snow White versions.

<billa> but there was a 3rd show where all that was changed was the ad campaign

<billa> but it seems in general in those days, the show usualy went on and they didn't really do repeats

<Mike Amo> Laura, you gave Philsy ice tea? {:-O *** Hi Bill, Dennis, Josef

<Josef> Hi Mike!

> It's going to be a while before I play with the scripts of those shows, so I'd be happy to have information to disprove the rerun theory.

> Mike - No, Phil gave ME iced tea!

<billa> ok I'll send you email on 2 :-)

<Mike Amo> Ohhhh

> Bill - Please do. Appreciate it.

> Mike - And I looked at it, remembering the joke with my mother about being careful if Phil gave me anything to drink, and said, "There's no vodka in this, is there?"

> Mike - And he said, "No...you want some?"

<Mike Amo> lol

<Mike Amo> 0{:o)

<Mike Amo> No one else has a profile tonight...did you see mine?

> Bill - I'll have to admit that with the rerun information, I just redated all my shows in the library to the "original" dates without comparing them.

> Har har har...just saw it, Mike.

<Mike Amo> Aww, it would have explained my absence

<billa> actually on the danny kaye show thats NOT a reun from 55 it's now on that jack benny radio spirits box you helped with (I think)

> I'll admit that I surfed a few others with no profile, but didn't look at yours. I knew who YOU were.

<Mike Amo> {:oP

<Josef> Where do I send my money order for the tapes I choose at the IJBF Library?

> bill - Interesting...

<Mike Amo> I was off seeing the Chieftains in honor of St. Patrick's Day...oy!

> Josef - To the regular PO Box: IJBFC, P.O. Box 11288, Piedmont, CA 94611

> Mike - And they made you Jewish?

<billa> is there a size limit on your emailbox LL?

> billa - If there is, I haven't hit it yet. What do you need to send?

<Josef> Thanks. Can I send 90 minute tapes, I don't have 60-minute tapes.

<Mike Amo> I may have to do that sometime too, Laura...I did a lot of driving last week, about 1000 miles...listened to more Smithsonian Benny tapes you and Radio Spirits put together

> Josef - I really prefer 60-minute tapes, because it's a pain to jump shows halfway for 90-minute tapes. I have a high-speed dubber and just run off a side.

<billa> i would send samples of 4 shows audio (and the igas) but don't want to close down your mail other chioces are the ftp if open again or a website you can pull from

> Mike - Cool. Hope you enjoyed them!

<Mike Amo> Now I need a new CD set...and RS is offering that monster set this month...I like keeping them employed by investing

> Bill - FTP works for me. I have Coffee Cup.

(loss due to screen refresh)

<Mike Amo> Here's a question out of nowhere...don't know why I've never asked this before?

> I give up...why haven't you asked it before?

<Mike Amo> Why did Jack end up going to Lucky Strike from Jello, or Grape Nuts for that matter? How did sponsors fight this out? Whoever made the best offer?

<Mike Amo> {:oP ppbbtt!

> Mike - Before this afternoon, I would have given you a different answer to that. But I got a smidge of info on this...

<Mike Amo> Well, it was a long question...

<Mike Amo> Oh my!

<Josef> Ya, but it's one I've always wondered: Why didn't he stay with Jello?

> Apparently, Jack told Chuck Schaden that he had a fight with General Foods, and they did something that annoyed him. So he said to his manager to get rid of General Foods and find another sponsor.

> Had to have been REALLY mad, since he'd been with them for 10 years!

<Mike Amo> Wow

<Dennis Day> Dennis is back

> When I get a copy of Chuck's interview, I'll know better.

<Mike Amo> And no one knows what happened?

> WB Dennis

<Mike Amo> wb Dennis

<Mike Amo> Great, been pondering that every so often

<Josef> Hi, Dennis!

> Mike - No, I just need to hear Jack's comments to Chuck to give you more conclusive detail.

<Mike Amo> Because Jello comes in five delicious flavors...

<Mike Amo> And I have four here in my fridge

> Mike - Gee, I thought it was six.

<Josef> Ya, he was with Jello a long time, but even longer for Lucky Strike.

<Mike Amo> Actually, could be up to 20 now

<Josef> Probably is. I have peach here in my mom's cupboard.

> Fred Allen said that when he got through with Jack, Jell-O would have eight delicious flavors

<Mike Amo> lol, ya might be right...I'll check with Donsie next time I tune in

<Dennis Day> When you count the sugar-free diet jello's there are more than 6, plus grape and the mixture flavors

<Mike Amo> Rasbewwy, Owange, Chehwy, Wehmon, and Wime

> Josef - Substitute 1 cup vodka and 1 cup peach schnapps for the 2 cups cold water when you make that peach Jell-O. Fuzzy navel jell-O.

<Mike Amo> What sis I miss?

<Mike Amo> oops...sis=did,long night, folks

<Mike Amo> zzz

> Looks like Mike had some of that peach Jell-O.

<Mike Amo> Amazing, no typos in the Jewwo fwavors and I typed sis

<Mike Amo> (hic)

<Dennis Day> He used Phil Harris' recipe

<Josef> He needs a commercial upgrade. 8 delicious flavors: Orange, Lemon, Cherry, Lime, Peach, Grape, Strawberry, Rasberry, and I think I'm missing some.

> Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, and Black and Blue.

<Dennis Day> There's a strawberry-banana or something like that

> I saw pineapple at some point.

<Dennis Day> Very-Berry

> Geranium flavored Jell-O

<Mike Amo> lol

<Josef> There's also Mixed Fruit-I have it in my cupboard, just checked.

> Boxing glove flavored Jell-O

<Dennis Day> No, that's punch

<Josef> Sock-flavored Jell-O

> Sweaty sock flavored Jell-O

> I love the "failed Jell-O flavors" game

<Josef> Sweaty feet flavored Jell-O

<Mike Amo> Anything else new, Laura? Will have to catch up on that transcript again

<Mike Amo> hmmm

<Dennis Day> Boxing glove flavored punch. Ain't that a lu-lu

> Two-toed Sloth flavored Jell-O...limited edition

<Mike Amo> This is father off track than I had expected {:O.

<Mike Amo> hic

<Mike Amo> father, lol

<Dennis Day> Brother

<Josef> Or, get your Charliehorse flavored Jell-O here only in March of 2004!

<Mike Amo> Anne says hi

> Hi Anne!

> California Condor Jell-O...very limited edition

> Asbestos Jell-O...molds well...

> Mold flavored Jell-O

<Dennis Day> I guess my humor went over everyone's head... Punch.... Boxing Glove flavor....

<Josef> Los Angeles Smog Jell-O, extremely limited

> Dennis - Hey, I laughed at it.

<Josef> So did I

> Josef - No, that one's unlimited. There's no limit to LA smog

<Josef> True.

> Tarmack Jell-O

<Josef> Salt Water Taffy Jell-O, wouldn't that be something? It could work!

> Josef - Hey, that really could work.

<Mike Amo> Mello Jello

> Mike - Isn't that what they use to fool drug tests? Oh right, that's Mellow Yellow..

<Josef> I think we should petition Genreal Foods: Give us Salt Water Taffy Jell-O.

<Mike Amo> {:oD

> That will probably be about as successful as petitioning TV Land to air Jack's program. But I like the Jell-O folks. They sponsored 39 Forever.

<Mike Amo> I like the Kosher for Passover Jello...even as a kid, standing joke for me was how Moses managed to keep the jello presentable in the desert

<Josef> Cool. Ya, why doesn't TV Land rerun him? He was only on for 15 years of early televison history.

<Josef> They rerun Gilligan, and he was only on for three seasons-next to Jack, that's literally nothing!

> Josef - Well, supposedly they aired him some time ago and he got no ratings. He might have if we'd been able to publicize it!

<Dennis Day> They run the same old Burns and Allen shows every weekend, they could switch to Jack

> Mike - The Israelites made their Jell-O in such haste that it had no time to set.

[Sun Mar 07 19:50:15 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: "When you say I beg your pardon, then I'll come back to you"

<Mike Amo> Laura, how long did they run Jack's shows

<billa> cbn ran jack - got bought out... comedy Centtral ran jack, they claimed no ratings and some pbs stations ran jack

<Mike Amo> I used to catch a lot of them on the Family Channel

> Mike - I don't know, as I didn't have TV Land then.

<Dennis Day> I think TVLand re-runs the same 8 or 10 Burns and Allen shows every Sunday morning

<Josef> Ya, publicizing is the best thing. I never knew he was even on TV Land.

<Josef> Ya, they do. I'

> I used to watch them on CBN too.

<Mike Amo> I have many of them on tape somewhere

> Dennis - That's what I've heard.

<Josef> Hey, how about Twizzler Jell-O?

<Mike Amo> That's what I meant...it was CBN before Family Channel

> Mike - Right.

> Josef - Milk Duds Jell-O?

> I guess that would be Jell-O pudding

<Dennis Day> I liked the old Ozzie and Harriet shows and they used to run them on Disney Channel before all the Lizzie McGuire and Even Stephens type shows

<Josef> Or: Starburst Jell-O, which would probably be better than the salt water Jell-O

<Josef> Ya, Dennis, get rid of Lizzie, and give me Ozzie!

<Mike Amo> Ooh, I also have Fat Free Jello Chocolate pudding!

<billa> except for cbn, stations allways seem to air them


> Josef - Careful, you'll end up with Osbourne.

<billa> then wonder why no one was watching

<Josef> Probably. Yick!

<Dennis Day> I got a box set of Ozzie & Harriet at Walmart the other day for under $6

> And Jerry Mathers...as the Beaver...

<Josef> Ya, they should do the same for Jack. I bought a Laurel & Hardy one, how about Classic Television: Jack Benny under $6!

<Mike Amo> I know! I left out Stwawbewwy!

<Dennis Day> Laura-On this show, the guy can sing, unlike Ozzy Osbourne

<billa> i think some of the PD jack bennys go fo $4.95 plus shipping

<Josef> Ya he can, I have some of the radio broadcasts of Ozzie & Harriet.

<billa> some have other material than just bennys

> Bill - Yup. There are a number of PD dealers out there.

<Josef> Hmmmmm: Banana Bread Jell-O.

<Mike Amo> PD?

> PD = Public Domain

<billa> ie "jam session"

<Mike Amo> Oh

> I have to admit that even though I'm from the midwest (and a city that was once a capital of Jell-O consumption)

<billa> everyone sells that

<Josef> Careful, though, some of those guys get rid of the original themes (I hate that)

> it was only in the last month or two that I finally molded fruit in some Jell-O, inspired by Don Wilson's ads.

<billa> josef and they add logos

> Or Jack and Bob Hope in the "Road to Nairobi"

<billa> heh yep

<Mike Amo> Used to have jello fruit salad a lot as a kid

> I like Jell-O with fruit, but the though of putting things like asparagus, shredded cabbage, and olives into it is vile to me.

<Mike Amo> Laura, those were in actual recipes?

> I had to be really careful though. If I ate too much of that Jell-O with fruit, I started acting like a goy again...

> Mike - Well, I've heard Don mention some recipes with vegetables that made me say "EWW!" but I'm also drawing on my midwestern background.

<Mike Amo> lol!

<Dennis Day> My grandmother had a cake recipe that you put saurkraut in it. It ended up like a german chocolate cake and the kraut was like the cocoanut

<Josef> Pineapple Jell-O, I forgot that one, there are 11 real Jell-O flavors thus far: Strawberry, Rasberry, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Mixed Fruit, Pinapple, Strawberry-Kiwi, Blueberry

> Mike - Do a search on "Weight Watchers Recipe Cards" from 1972 (I think) and you can find some REALLY vile stuff!

<Josef> Any more I'm forgetting?

<Mike Amo> omg, those health nuts

> Also search for The Gallery of Regrettable Food. Hours and hours of fun.

<Josef> Ah yes, 12 flavors: Peach!

<Dennis Day> My grandmothers old cookbook had some lu-lus. Brain Fritters and Blood Pudding...

<billa> "in about an hour, LL has another radio show, but lets go back to the chat and Jell-o"

> Bill - Who said that? You?

<billa> (ok apologies to don wilson :-) )

<Josef> Wouldn't this be something: Chocolate Chip Jell-O!

<Mike Amo> LL is on more than one show?

> Josef - That's kind of like Chocolate Chip challah.

> Mike - I've got two shows!

<Mike Amo> Some people have all the luck!

> Sorry, just had an attack of Dennis.

<Josef> Ya, but it would be cool. Well, I gotta go, guys, it was great talking Benny, Jell-O, and Jell-O.

<Mike Amo> {:o)

> Bill - I'm assuming they didn't say that on YUSA...

<Josef> Bye!

> Take care, Josef. Hope to see you next month.

<Mike Amo> Cya Josef

<Josef> You will.

<Josef> See ya

<billa> no on yusa now is a great interview about phonographs

<billa> no walden though

<Mike Amo> Okay, one more definition...what's YUSA?

<billa> yesterday USA

<Dennis Day> An attack of me... well....

<Mike Amo> Oh!

> Bill - Oh, it is Mike Biel doing his thing?

<Mike Amo> Never been there, though I do like the name

<billa> I believe show perhaps thats why i perfer your notes, it flows with his lecture

<billa> show=so

<Mike Amo> Bookmarked it! Thanks folks, more cool stuff to look at sometime!

> Mike - You can get there from our Featured Items that lists the times of my spot on it.

> Mike - My weekly stint comes up in an hour.

<Mike Amo> A friend was looking for old time microphones...I found a couple sites for him this afternoon

<Mike Amo> Cool!

> Having recorded four at a time, I can't remember exactly what we talked about tonight. But I think he asked me a lot about starting the club, what I learned from the experience, etc.

<Mike Amo> I'll check it out

> Mike - I wonder if Ebay would have any for you.

<Mike Amo> Better than that...some impressive stuff

> Mike - You should have gone to the Museum of Broadcasting garage sale yesterday.

<Dennis Day> What did they have there

<billa> indeed they were saying scripts for $5

<Mike Amo> NationalAssociation of Broadcasters store has some stuff

> Bill - Yes, I heard that just Friday. Too bad I wasn't closer.

<Mike Amo> But more interesting site I found was an operation in San Mateo

<billa> i heard it Suday too bad i couldn't time warp

> Dennis - All sorts of stuff, but I think mainly items from their displays.

> Mike - What's in San Mateo?

<Mike Amo> I'm getting bombarded with messages and even some spam

<Mike Amo> Bear with me...

<Mike Amo> Ekkehart

> Don't know them. And they're just about in my backyard.

<Mike Amo> The information is at www.vintagephone.com/EWMics2.htm

<Mike Amo> It's really interesting stuff

> Mike - Could you E-mail that to me and I'll check it out later?

<Mike Amo> I'll send you the link

> Thanks.

> Well, Dan has cast his vote by turning on Star Trek Enterprise here.

> So I should probably take off. But feel free to stay here and chat, if you'd like.

<Dennis Day> OK

> Just keep it clean, that's all I ask.

<Dennis Day> Goodnight

<Dennis Day> We'll make Mr. Benny proud..

> Thanks all for a great chat! Take care and see you next month.