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<Michael> Hi Laura

> Hello again!

<Michael> Hi JelloAgain

<Josef> Ya, I'll download it later, something goofy happened, and I don't feel like bothering right now. I will listen to it, though.

<JelloAgain> hi Michael, Hi LL. It's been a while!

> How's everyone doing tonight?

> Jello Again, JelloAgain

<Josef> Hello! I'm doing good.

<Michael> apart from the cold rain...... things are great here

[Sun Feb 01 17:01:17 GMT-08:00 2004] Mike Amo: Jello folks!

> It's doing a cold rain here too. But it's beautiful in its own way, as long as I can stay inside

> Hey Mike!

<Michael> Hi Mike Amo

<JelloAgain> Much better here than Friday, when it was 13 below zero!

<Mike Amo> Hi Laura!

<Mike Amo> Hi Mike

<Josef> Hi, Laura!

> Jello - Yipe...I'm glad I'm in California.

> Hi Josef!

<JelloAgain> Wish I were there, LL. Wisconsin winters can be brutal!

> I've been hearing from Massachusetts members about being -20 to -40 there. Yee gads.

<Mike Amo> 24 here

<Josef> Ya, it's cooold here in Plymouth, MA.

> JelloAgain - Yeah, I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the other side of the pond. So I'll match you on snow!

<Michael> is only in the low 40's here in Oklahoma... but the rain is threatening to turn to sleet later

<JelloAgain> -40!!?? Yipe!

<Michael> no.... +40's

[Sun Feb 01 17:03:51 GMT-08:00 2004] Matoake: matoake@flash.net

> I once did an overnight in Indiana during a cold snap, and was able to announce record lows at 3AM.

> Hi Matoake!

<JelloAgain> I meant in Mass., where LL said it was -40

<Michael> Hi matoake

[Sun Feb 01 17:04:19 GMT-08:00 2004] Barbara has no profile.

> Hi Barbara!

<Michael> I caught that after I typed in my lat thing

<Michael> Hi Barbara

<Barbara> Hi everyone!

<Matoake> Hi. My first time with you guys.

<Josef> Welcome.

<Michael> welcome aboard :-)

<JelloAgain> Hi Barbara and Matoake.

<Matoake> How long will the chat last?

> Yes, welcome in Matoake. Feel free to jump in the conversastion wherever you like. We like new people.

[Sun Feb 01 17:05:06 GMT-08:00 2004] Gulliver: Not old enough to remember the Golden Age but a devoted fan thanks to the recordings.

> Hi Gulliver!

<Michael> Hi gulliver

<Gulliver> Hi all!

> Matoake - Well, it varies. Depends on how much people want to talk. Sometimes we go for up to 3 hours, but you don't have to stay that whole time unless you're enjoying yourself.

<Matoake> Reason being, I haven't had a chance to hear the broadcast, and am trying to download now, then return after listening.

> matoake - We should still be here. We almost always go for at least two hours.

<Gulliver> Laura, thanks for setting this up. I loved the show for today -- I'd never heard that one before!

<Barbara> Can I ask where you're from, Matoake?

> Speaking of the show for tonight, who was able to listen to it beforehand?

<Michael> I was

<Matoake> Laura! haven't I seen you in some of the pictures on site at a convention?

<Josef> I was.

> Gulliver - Yep. Any show with Jack and George is fun.

<Josef> able to listen to it, that is.

> Matoake - Yes, I got in a few of them.

<Michael> I like how they brought Phil into the show

> So what did you think about the show for tonight?

<Matoake> I'm not from here, but am chatting from Los Angeles County.

> Michael - Yes, "Coming mother!"

<Michael> the bit with Remley had me laughing really hard

<Barbara> Jack's song didn't sound so bad when George sang it.

<Josef> I especially enjoyed the way Mary came in with a story, and then Dennis confirmed it for her and Warner Bros.

<Michael> same here

> Also funny to know that Jack and Remley went on a lot of car trips together.

<Gulliver> Loved Phil Harris' quick imitation of Jack's stumbling over his lines. Pretty quick, Philsy.

<Michael> I think Jack's song is actually rather good

> Gulliver - And very unusual. Jack usually was the one kidding others about that.

<Josef> Gilliver, that's one of my favorite parts. Jack makes a mistake, Phil imitates, ah, that ws good.

<Barbara> Didn't Phil tell you once, Laura, that he was allowed to ad lib once in a while?

[Sun Feb 01 17:09:05 GMT-08:00 2004] donwilson has no profile.

<Michael> Hi donwilson

<Mike Amo> Flying by some, will be between projects, Super Bowl, and here...Laura, I was unable to download either last month's show or the one for tonight...I keep ending up with a broken Quicktime symbol...

<Josef> Hi donwilson.

[Sun Feb 01 17:09:18 GMT-08:00 2004] Sarah has no profile.

> Barbara - I'd have to pull the interview, but in general, there wasn't a lot of ad libbing on the show. Frank Nelson confirmed that

<Michael> Hi sarah

> Hi Don, Sarah!

<donwilson> hi all

<Mike Amo> Remley was actually in the sketch?

[Sun Feb 01 17:09:45 GMT-08:00 2004] Sammy deDrummer has no profile.

<Mike Amo> Hi don, all I'm missing

<Michael> I suppose that what made things like "Drear Pooson" so memorable

[Sun Feb 01 17:10:01 GMT-08:00 2004] Gulliver has no profile.

<Josef> Ya.

<Michael> No.... just mentioned in passing

<Barbara> I liked the bit about Jane russell and the sweater.

<Josef> oh.

> Michael - Yes, Frank Nelson argued with the writers because he was afraid Jack would be upset at the script change.

<Michael> yes!

[Sun Feb 01 17:10:35 GMT-08:00 2004] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<JelloAgain> That was a riot...when Frank Nelson came back and used the Drear Pooson line, sending Jack into hysterics!

<Michael> Just because it was cold!

> Hi Sammy!

<Alex Buck> Hello from the frozen midwest!

<Sammy deDrummer> Hello

<Michael> Hi Sammy

<Michael> Hi Alex

<Barbara> Dennis spoke with an accent once and Jack didn't like it.

[Sun Feb 01 17:11:13 GMT-08:00 2004] Sarah has no profile.

<JelloAgain> Shake hands with a fellow midwesterner Alex!

<Alex Buck> JelloAgain, where are you keeping warm this evening?

<Josef> Barbara, what episode was that?

<Michael> Barbara when was that?

> And I'm a former midwesterner!

<Gulliver> Laura, I know you've been keeping track of extra-long audience laughter -- didn't this episode have a great big one?

<JelloAgain> Wisconsin, Alex

> Was Dennis doing a Jerry Colonna accent for that one line in tonight's show?

> Gulliver - I was noticing that. I don't think it would quite get into the longest laughs, but I think Jack must have been cracking up.

<Gulliver> I think that was even Colonna's trademark line too...right?

<Michael> the only accent I recall is when dennis imitates Ronald Colman

<Barbara> I don't remember the show, but Dennis put on an Irish accept and Jack told him to cut it out. I have a feeling it wasn't authorized.

<Alex Buck> JA, I'm in Kansas City. The weather man has been trying to scare us with guesss of 12 inches of snow. Now he's taking 3

<Josef> That's interesting.

<Barbara> I meant accent.

> Dennis was a fabulous mimic and doer of accents!

<Josef> Ya he was, I love his Jerry Calona imitation.

<Gulliver> Dennis' "Titus Moody" impression was right on the mark. I always love it when he tosses that in.

<Barbara> He was but I think Jack had to know about it.

<Michael> I can't tell the 2 apart

> Dennis' Colonna imitation was so good that when they parodied the Bob Hope show during the war, Colonna's own family thought he was guesting on the Benny show!

<Gulliver> The show where Benny's gang "do" Allen's Alley may be my favorite JB show of all time.

<Alex Buck> What ever became of Colonna?

<Gulliver> PArtly thanks to Dennis.

<Michael> got lost in his mustache

<Gulliver> LOL

<JelloAgain> Speaking of Bob Hope....seeing the name Gulliver here reminds me that that was Dolores' "pet" nickname for Bob!

> Gulliver - They did that on at least a couple of occasions. A really good one in 1936.

> Gulliver - Oh, sorry, that was the whole show in 1936, pre Allen's Alley.

<Josef> Laura, that's funny. I love the episode where Bob guest stars for the Road to Bali on Jack's show, Dennis does Jerry, but even funnier is that Jerry Calona wasn't even in the movie!

<Barbara> Is that because of Gulliver's travels?

<Michael> perhaps it could be the focus of a future discussion?

<Gulliver> Wow, I claim to be a big Hope fan but never knew that.

<JelloAgain> I think it was, Barbara. Because Bob travelled so much

> 2-12-50 - Jack does Allen's Alley

<Josef> I love Jack's impressions of Allen

<JelloAgain> I found it out from someone who was at Bob's funeral. Dolores left a rose with a tag for Bob that read "To Gulliver, With Love, Dolores"

<Alex Buck> Is that the episode with Jack Paar?

<Gulliver> I just did a quick imdb lookup on Collona and it says he died of kidney failure in 1986. Alas.

<Michael> doesn't he do a version of it around the time dennis returns? (sometime in 46)

> Michael - Which could be the focus of future discussion?

[Sun Feb 01 17:16:27 GMT-08:00 2004] Sarah has no profile.

> Josef - Yes, clothespin and all

> WB, Sarah

<Michael> the 36 show you mentioned

<Alex Buck> 1986? I wonder why Colonna wasn't on any of Bob's specials?

<Josef> Ya.

<JelloAgain> Colonna had a bad stroke somewhere in the late 1960's. His right side was paralized, but Bob continued to use hmi on TV as late as 1976

<donwilson> when jerry died it must have been a long drawn out thing.. i think was hard on mr hope

> Michael - If people know it, I'm game to talk about it now...

<JelloAgain> that should be him

<Gulliver> Yeah, I grew up with the TV specials but never saw Collona until seeing ROAD TO RIO.

<Barbara> I remember watching a TV rehearsal with Jack and George Burns and when George told Jack what to do, Jack said, "Okay, but on my show you do what I say."

> JelloAgain - That's like Jack using Eddie Anderson after his stroke.

<Alex Buck> I loved Jack's correcting George

<Michael> what I'd like to know is How did jack keep from Cracking up when George was singing his song?

<JelloAgain> Exactly, LL. Loyalty.

<Alex Buck> s pitch and him

<Josef> Eddie Anderson had a stroke?

<Alex Buck> telling Jack to shut up

> Michael - I'm not sure he did...there was one point where I thought I heard Jack laughing in the background.

<Barbara> Yes, and he was never the same again.

> Josef - Yes, in the 60s.

<JelloAgain> I think Colonna's stroke was worse than Rochester

<Michael> ok.... will have to listen to the show again

<Josef> Michael, I don't think he didn't not crack up, he probably stepped away from the mike as not to be heard.

<JelloAgain> Jerry was in a wheelchair

<Michael> makes sense

<Gulliver> THAT'S what it was! I was trying to remember when the long audience laugh came -- it was from George telling Jack to shut up!

<Michael> I know George could crack jack up better than anyone else

> Hey Sammy...you with us? Just want to make sure you can transmit.

<Josef> He could. I loved the "Shut-Up" line.

[Sun Feb 01 17:19:27 GMT-08:00 2004] Brendan has no profile.

> Hello Brendan! Welcome back.

<Brendan> Hey gang!

[Sun Feb 01 17:19:39 GMT-08:00 2004] el fraser: el fraser

<Sammy deDrummer> I'm opening a new bottle

<Michael> Hi Brendan

> Hello Fraser!

<Michael> Hi El fraser

> Sammy - Got it...wouldn't want to interrupt that.

<Michael> just don't pour it into the radiator sammy

> Josef - I wonder if it was an ad lib.

<JelloAgain> that business with George borrowing the thread from Jack's lapel and then mailing it back to him was so typical of the crazy stuff George would do to break up Jack.

<Alex Buck> FYI - the automotive cooling system is separate from the exhaust system

<Josef> I bet it was, knowing George.

<Michael> yes... which make the whole thing even funnier

> You can hear Jack starting to laugh just from George's entrance.

<Josef> But, what I really loved was George's descr iption of Gracie's new dog.

<Alex Buck> I was surprised by the rather uncharacteristic violent humor of Jack punching Dennis in the nose

<Gulliver> That surprised me too!

> Alex - That startled me as well. Very out of character.

<Josef> Jack laughed at George's entrance? Man, I've got to listen to that again.

<Gulliver> And of course Jack was quick to explain it.

> Too mean-spirited.

<Michael> that was unusual

<Josef> Ya, it was.

<Michael> well.... I suppose Jack was bound to snap sometime.....

<Alex Buck> And then there was the mental visual of Mary getting slapped around by gangsters

<Barbara> The one who really broke Jack up was the handyman in George Washington Slept Here. I can't recall his name offhand.

<Sammy deDrummer> Being around that gang, anyone would snap

<Josef> Usually Jack's abuse is verbal to Dennis, not physical

> Barbara - Oh, Pa Kettle?

<Michael> true

<Josef> Percy Kilbride.

<Michael> Percy Kilbride

<Barbara> Yes. He was on the radio show a few times too.

> There's an echo in here

<donwilson> wow.....jessica simpson

<Gulliver> But in the shows where Jack gets knocked out or whatever, somehow that's not mean-spirited ... part of the character ...

<JelloAgain> lol, must be halftime!

<donwilson> she oughtta be a guest one someones show.. maybe mine

> Lisa Simpson?

<donwilson> maybe so

<Sammy deDrummer> You mean there's a football game on?

<donwilson> i missed the name thing

<Josef> Ya, the Superbowl

<Alex Buck> Now by this time, were there 2 writers working on the radio and 2 working on the tv show?

> What's a Superbowl?

[Sun Feb 01 17:23:27 GMT-08:00 2004] Douglas has no profile.

<Michael> no comment

<Sammy deDrummer> A Superbowl of JELL-O

> Is that like a punch bowl that's been doctored by Rochester and Phil?

<Michael> or Grapenuts flakes

> Hello, Douglas! Our voice from across the pond...

<donwilson> its where bob and jack would be looking for guests for their specials

<Douglas> Good evening all.

<Gulliver> The superbowl has something to do with television, and is therefore to be ignored.

<Michael> Hi douglas

<Douglas> Just back from a trip

<JelloAgain> ..or Phil & Remley!

(loss due to screen refresh)


<JelloAgain> Red Rose Rag? the song on the Burns & Allen show? I think I have an episode of him doing so.

<JelloAgain> "boom boom boom boom, down in the garden...."

> Sportsmen did Red Rose Rag on Jack's show.

[Sun Feb 01 17:27:03 GMT-08:00 2004] Michael: Brightstar2761@netzero.net

<Douglas> No problem about time in reaching him; I recommend however that you do it fairly soon though.

<Alex Buck> I think Janet just combusted

> Now, I'm curious with this crowd how well we know Red Rose Rag

<Douglas> Got the number Laura?

> Douglas - I'm sure. I've lost more than one person.

<Alex Buck> I've read the lyrics but its been awhile

> Douglas - E-mail it to me.

<Barbara> How aabout George's song with

<Douglas> Yes

<Michael> I don't think I've ever heard of that one

<Josef> I know I haven't heard of it either.

<Douglas> OK

> Down in the garden where the red roses grow, oh my, I long to go

<JelloAgain> George was singing it on Jack's last TV special when the pidgeon's landed on his head!

<Barbara> Sorry. How about George's song with "tomato" in the title?

<Gulliver> LL, the FLYING ENTERPRISE saga is an amazing one: http://www.teesships.freeuk.com/1129flying.htm ...

<Josef> I think I heard that song somewhere, but it wasn't on the Benny program

> JelloAgain - Oh, the statue number

<JelloAgain> that's the one, LL!

<Michael> right... was on Burns & Allen where I heard it

> Gulliver - Interesting...I'll have to look at that. Thanks!

<Michael> just never knew the title

<Josef> Michael, do you know what date or episode of the Burns & Allen show?

<Michael> no.... it wasn't a Burns & Allen show.... it was an Eddie Cantor show from January of 45

> I'll Be Waiting for You Bill when You Come Back from San Juan Hill

<Josef> Ah. I think I have that one.

<Michael> it's the one where George and Eddie both feel Old...

<JelloAgain> Has anyone here received the new Ultimate Jack Benny CD Collection from Radio Spirits yet? I have it on order, and am axiously awaiting it's arrival.

<Sammy deDrummer> When the Swallows of Seranno, come back from Capistrano....

> Red Rose Rag had a really beautiful cover on the sheet music. I had a mint condition copy that got caught in the mechanism of the file cabinet and ripped to shreds. ARRRRGGHHHHHH

<Josef> No, I don't have that one, Michael, do you know it's full date-maybe I could look it up online

<Michael> let me look

<Alex Buck> George's gag about when Jack moved from NBC was pretty good

<Michael> brb

(loss due to technical issues)


<Michael> Let's just say Jack's first show on radio was "unique"ost significant" and "best".

<Gulliver> Still, that show would be of tremendous historical interest. I see what you mean.

<Douglas> Can I ask why it was 'unique'? !

<Michael> it's not like anything you're used to....

<Douglas> His first show on radio.

> It's totally different than what we think of as the Benny show.

<Michael> right

<JelloAgain> Amazing that after over 70 years it's survived!

<Douglas> So he settled into his style later?

[Sun Feb 01 17:35:32 GMT-08:00 2004] mary has no profile.

> In fact, I'll let the group answer that one in more detail.

> Hello mary!

<mary> hi

<Michael> Hi Mary

[Sun Feb 01 17:35:52 GMT-08:00 2004] Soupy has no profile.

<Douglas> Hi Mary

<mary> hi everyone

> Hello Soupy! Where's that pie...

<Michael> I think the shows style was settled by the time Jello hit the scene....

<Michael> Hi soupy

<Brad> Hi Soups.

> Michael - Well, yes and no.

<Michael> sort of

<Michael> I'll defer to Laura on this one :-)

> Jack, Mary, and Don Wilson were there in 1934.

<Michael> Phil came in 36

<Michael> yes?

> Still trying to work out the relationship with the orchestra leader and singer, and Kenny Baker didn't start until later.

<Alex Buck> There was a pretty good reference to Jack and Mary being a couple from the phone operators

> I don't think of Frank Parker as having a very definite character, except for a short stint of a relationship between him and Mary.

<Brad> Anyone catch "George Washington Slept Here" on TCM recently?

<Michael> unfortunately no

> The show really started to come together when Ed Beloin and Bill Morrow took over writing in 1936.

<Brad> Had never seen it - it's pretty funny, and there's even a Phil Harris reference in it.

<JelloAgain> I saw it advertised after Holiday Inn on Christmas Eve on TCM, but missed it. I wanted to catch that!

<Barbara> I've seen it many times, but it was on at an awful hour recently.

<Sammy deDrummer> No, but I saw "The Horn Blows At Midnight" last month

> Brad - Remind me what that was...

<JelloAgain> That's the one...Horn Blows at Midnight that was advertised.

[Sun Feb 01 17:38:40 GMT-08:00 2004] KM99 has no profile.

<Michael> Hi KM99

<JelloAgain> on TCM 12/24. They showed the original trailer for it

> Hey, KM99!!

<KM99> Howdy folks !

<Gulliver> I directed the play (Geo Washington) years ago -- then saw the movie and was surprised at how Jack had gotten all the funny lines. The husband in the play is virtually the straight man.

<Brad> It was a 1942 film with Ann Sheridan - it was on Turner Classic Movies last month.

<Sammy deDrummer> Howdy Bub

<Barbara> KM99, are you still as handsome as you were last year?

<Alex Buck> Brad - what was the Phil Harris reference?

<KM99> Even more so, Barbara...wink wink

<Brad> There is a scene early in the film in which Ann is playing a phonograph...

> KM99 - It's a happenin' room tonight.

<Brad> ...and Jack remarks that it sounds like Phil Harris' orchestra.

<Barbara> They reversed the characters from the stage to give Jack the funny lines.

<Alex Buck> In the play, was the husband the reluctant one to move to the country?

<Barbara> No. It was the wife.

> Brad - Ah, that's right!

<Alex Buck> Kind of a Green Acres, huh?

<Michael> sounds like it

> Barbara - And he looks good in a kilt, too

<Barbara> I'd love to locate Douglas Croft who played Raymond. Anyone know where he is?

<Brad> I happened to make a DVD of it, including the introduction. I'll email Laura if anyone is interested in acquiring it via trade or whatever.

<Gulliver> Right, it's the wife who's reluctant and has all the wry remarks to make. Much better in Jack's hands.

<Michael> I am Brad

<Gulliver> It's actually VERY much like Green Acres on stage.

<Gulliver> Kaufman and Hart ahead of their time. 8)

> Brad - Excellent. I'm looking at getting a DVD recorder so that I can share some stuff with the club.

<Sammy deDrummer> DVD records are really coming down in price

> Gulliver - Kaufman was good with whomever he teamed with...Ryskind, Astor...;)

[Sun Feb 01 17:42:46 GMT-08:00 2004] Matoake: matoake@flash.net

<Gulliver> LL - Amen.

> WB, MAtoake...heard the show now?

<Michael> Time for me to head off

<Michael> Take Care all

> Take care, Michael!

<KM99> Howdy Matoake

<Gulliver> What if he'd written for Jack's radio show? Sigh.

<Matoake> Unfortunately, no. Trouble downloading.

> Wasn't Kaufman involved in The Man Who Came to Dinner?

<JelloAgain> Kaufman did a lot for the Marx Bros. I think.

<Gulliver> Kaufman and Hart again. You're right.

<Barbara> What's it like up there in Canada, KM99?

<Alex Buck> Another good treatment by Jack too

<Gulliver> Caricaturing Alec Woolcott and Harpo Marx, among others.

<Matoake> Since I didn't hear, can I just ask one question, and try to chat another time?

> JelloAgain -They also did "Of Thee I Sing" for the Gershwins.

<KM99> Barbara - It's warming up - only minus 21 right now. Last week we hit minus 45.

<Sammy deDrummer> I have a question for the group. The name Patrillo keeps popping up in gags in the shows I've been listening to. Who is that.

> Gulliver - Groucho maintained that Woolcott was in love with Harpo Marx.

<Barbara> Better get out your shorts.

<Brad> Caesar Petrillo was the head of the musician's union...

> Sammy! You should know who Petrillo is...:)

<Sammy deDrummer> I let my membership card expire. Besides, I think someone else is signing me up, forging my 'X'

<Brad> apparently he nearly stopped instrumental recording in the 1940s (he supported musicians' live performances).

> And quite a Caesar he was, as well. Main reason they had to use live orchestras.

> Sammy - LOL

<Matoake> I'll check with y'all again later. Having trouble staying online tonight too.

<KM99> Barbara - I've been wearing a lot of sweaters recently. Heck, I almost feel like Jane Russell.

> OK, take care Matoake.

<JelloAgain> In 1943 & 1948 no commercial recordings could be done with an orchestra, thanks to Mr. P.

<Matoake> 'Bye. Have fun!

> Ah, the record ban.

<Alex Buck> Did Matoake get to ask his question?

[Sun Feb 01 17:46:15 GMT-08:00 2004] Tanya: tshaw@ku.edu

(loss due to screen refresh)


<JelloAgain> Bing Crosby recorded exactly two songs in 1948, due to the ban! One was a huge hit, Faraway Places

> Ready to take me up on the $20 offer yet, Tanya? (Or have you seen my post on the bulletin board?)

<Tanya> no, I haven't. What's the bet?

> Tanya - If you can provide me with a recording with the REAL Mae West on Jack's show, not Mary playing Mae, I'll give you $20.

<Gulliver> Gotta go, fine people. Keep on keeping the memories alive!

> Take care, Gulliver!

<Tanya> oh my gosh! Okay!

<KM99> Happy travels Gulliver

<Sammy deDrummer> Keep traveling

[Sun Feb 01 17:47:52 GMT-08:00 2004] bt has no profile.

<Tanya> so what's been the hot topics tonight?

> Tanya - I think you're thinking of 3-31-33 with Mary playing Mae West in "She Done Him Wrong", but I hope you're right.

> Hi bt!

<Douglas> Same for me...nearly 2.a.m. here. All the best.

> Several of them...the show for tonight, the record ban, Jack hitting Dennis, Jerry Colonna

> Take care, Douglas. Keep in touch.

<Douglas> I have emailed you and I will speak soon Laura

> I was struck by the spontaneous applause the telephone operators got.

[Sun Feb 01 17:49:38 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt has no profile.

> And Jack says that "he'll ask Myrt"...that was Myrt Blum, his brother-in-law

> Hey Kurt...was wondering where you were.

<kurt> soupy sales is here?

> dunno...ask him!

> I haven't seen anyone doing The Mouse, so I'm not sure.

> Barbara is here for that question you had last month.

<Barbara> Okay, shoot.

<kurt> oh, great. now I can't remember!


<kurt> What WAS the question?

<Sammy deDrummer> You been drinking too?


> I hate when that happens...

<Barbara> You said something about script secretary.

<KM99> Check last month's transcript maybe?

<kurt> Oh. Wasn't it what Jack said to Bing?

> Kurt - Oh...we got to the bottom of that, though.

<JelloAgain> Here's something that might be of interest...recently, I was in touch with a man who has in his possession writer Bill Morrow's files. He sent me some script inventory pages for the Jello programs from 1936-46 from Morrow's personal file cabinet!

<kurt> Gary Giddins recalled something Jack allegedly said on the air to Bing Crosby

<JelloAgain> I meant 1941

<JelloAgain> not 46

> JelloAgain - *breathless* Um, would you mind putting me in touch with him?

<kurt> The Bill Morrow papers?

> kurt - But he lied.

<Barbara> Was it when Bing couldn't reach a high note?

<KM99> "Who chose this key...Dennis Day?" perhaps

<kurt> No. It was a routine in which Bing said his country club didn't admit actors.

<JelloAgain> I think he sold what he wanted to on eBay and was keeping the rest. I got a bunch of Bing stuff from him too

> No no...Giddins said that Jack got a big laugh when he said to Bing, "How'd you like to be an actor AND a Jew?"

> Which is...ahem...baloney.

<Barbara> Yes, onlly Bing said, "Who the hell thought up this key. Dennis Day?" Jack got in trouble for it.

<kurt> Jack was supposed (according to Giddins) to have replied (on the air, mind you) "How would you like to be an actor AND a Jew?

> JelloAgain - *face in hands* I wish I could have looked at it. SIGH.

[Sun Feb 01 17:54:15 GMT-08:00 2004] Brad: paratrooper

<KM99> Barbara - I try to keep the discourse PG rated here.

<Brad> Got blasted off the line...

> WB Brad

<Barbara> I know you do, Eric.

<kurt> And I found out (through a back channel) that Giddins THOUGHT Jack had said it.

<Barbara> The station wanted Jack to apologize and he wouldn't do it.

<Alex Buck> Its good to be a big star

> I'm pretty sure that Jack inadvertently says "damn" on the second (or so) Jell-O show.

<Alex Buck> What was the context?

<KM99> Anybody notice Phil's st..st..st..stutter tonight!?

<Barbara> That's shocking!

<JelloAgain> I didn't get any complete scripts from him, LL. Just misc. paper items. Letters handwritten from Bing. Newspaper reviews for shows, etc.

> I think there was some thing that they were afraid Jack would have to publicly apologize for the smuggling case, but it never really amounted to anything.

> JelloAgain - Then again, every bit is valuable to my research. Same thing happened with the Julius Sinykin collection. Now it's scattered to the four winds.

<JelloAgain> I'll send you his e-mail privately.

<Sammy deDrummer> People just don't THINK

> JelloAgain - Thank you, much obliged.

> People care much more about making money off things than supporting research.

[Sun Feb 01 17:57:09 GMT-08:00 2004] Soupy has no profile.

<kurt> Agreed. You should see the amount of Captain Kangaroo stuff now on eBay. Most of the sellers say it's their "tribute."

<Sammy deDrummer> Sure

<Barbara> The pizza is here so I'll have to leave. Wish I could have you all over.

<Sammy deDrummer> Not cut that out

<KM99> Take care, Barbara

> Anchovies!

> Take care, Barbara!

<Barbara> I love them!

<Alex Buck> First Captain Kangaroo and then Jack Paar. Don't these things come in threes?

<Barbara> Stay warm, KM99 and all you midwesterners and easterners

> Charlie Willer

<Sammy deDrummer> I have one more question about a running gag, "Eastern Columbia, Broadway at 9th"

<kurt> It WAS three, counting Ann Miller

<Sammy deDrummer> Ann Miller was the 3rd death

<JelloAgain> and Billy May, the arranger/conductor

> Sammy - Ah, you should have asked Barbara that! She's the one who came up with the answer.

> Ann Miller died?

<KM99> I was quite sad to hear of Charlie's passing. He was such a great help at Waugekan.

<Tanya> hey, yeah! I've got 3" of snow and more on the way over the next 3 days.

<JelloAgain> and Phil Crosby, the last of Bing's first 4 sons died

> Sammy - It was the address of a department store. Do a search for it on the Google on the home page and you'll find a discussion on the Forum.

<Tanya> he did? what of?

> Gosh, never thought Mickey Rooney would outlive Ann Miller.

<Alex Buck> Did Bing have a second 4 sons?

<JelloAgain> heart problems. He was 69

<JelloAgain> no, Alex. Two more sons and a daughter

<Mike Amo> Flying by again, wheee

<Soupy> Hi all: What other comedy programs were on Sundays with jack Benny

<Mike Amo> Ann Miller died about a week ago, Laura

<JelloAgain> Eddie Cantor, Soupy

<Tanya> charlie mccarthy

<Sammy deDrummer> I think it was lung cancer that got Ann Miller, wasn't it

<Alex Buck> amos and andy

> Soupy - Good question. Fred Allen.

> At one point.

<KM99> Soupy - Amos & Andy in the Jell-O years

> It varied from season to season.

<KM99> Dennis Day for one season

<Alex Buck> I suppose Phil Harris too

<kurt> Phil Harris for one season or two

> Phil Harris and Alice Faye, different network

<Tanya> yeah, I've got the episode when Dennis breaks the news to Jack that Fred was moving to Sunday nights

<KM99> Alex - Another network

(loss due to technical issues)


<JelloAgain> lol, exactly Alex!mo> lol@ poor Fred, Laura...I'm sure he would have had a good retort!

<Tanya> or should it be button box coat?

> It just worked at the moment because I've been listening to a lot of 1937-38 shows right now.

<KM99> Let's sip that Absinthe in New Orleans...

> Here come ol Roy with all the news...

<JelloAgain> got the box back coat and the button shoes I think is how it goes

<JelloAgain> but it makes no sense!

<Alex Buck> That was Jack's point

<KM99> That's what I like about the South

<Tanya> yes! thank you! I tend to combine things!


<Mike Amo> Laura, I'll watch this space in a month or two and see what develops...

<Sammy deDrummer> I think you have to be drunk for it to make sense, kind of like rap

<Alex Buck> Say Laura, something i've been meaning to ask. What's the story about crispy.com

<JelloAgain> Remley must've understood every word!!

<Tanya> and then Jack finds out Rochester's aunt is from Doo Wat Ditty!

> Alex - How do you mean?

<Alex Buck> That was a running gag for awhile. It seemed like everyone had a connection with Doo Wat Ditty

<JelloAgain> that's right, Tanya!

> Doo Wah Ditty

<Alex Buck> Laura - I mean, is he a member?

> Alex - Yup, he's a member.

<Soupy> It's been interesting. Gotta go.

<Sammy deDrummer> Just how many members are there?

> Take care, Soupy!

> Sammy - Haven't counted recently, but probably about 1650.

<Sammy deDrummer> Wow, you'd think more would come to the chatr

<Mike Amo> Ann Miller died Jan. 22 of lung cancer at an L.A. hospital. She was, according to the AP item, believed to be 81

<Tanya> remember the line when Jack makes Phil stop singing his song and says "I've been waiting for that one!"? The line was the box back coat line.

<KM99> BRB folks

> Mike - Amazing what plastic surgery can do.

<JelloAgain> Wow, LL, that's fantastic!! I can tell you Bing's fan club has less than that!

<Sammy deDrummer> And hair dye

> I saw someone (name withheld) recently who had such bad plastic surgery that her eyes went in two different directions.

> I think they just put a screw in the back of her head that she tightened when she needed it.

<Sammy deDrummer> I heard that Ann Miller got her big break because Cyd Charisse broke her leg and they needed a replacement for a movie

<Alex Buck> Nancy Pelosi?

<JelloAgain> lol, there are a number of celebs like that!

<Tanya> does anyone know if George Burns dedicated his Oscar to Jack in 1975 when he won for "Sunshine Boys"?

> Alex - No, but someone related to someone we've been discussing here tonight. Not Benny.

<kurt> Nope.

<Mike Amo> lol, Alex!

> Sammy - Talk about someone wishing someone to "break a leg".

<JelloAgain> Good question, Tanya! Sunshine Boys comes out on DVD March 30...with Jack's screen test as a bonus!

<Tanya> wow. didn't know about that!

> Yee hah...

<JelloAgain> Can't wait to see that!!

<Sammy deDrummer> I think it was in Easter Parade she took over for Cyd

<JelloAgain> I think Jack filmed it in late Sept. 1974

<Alex Buck> There were some other comedians who tried out for that role wasn't there?

<kurt> Red Skelton

<JelloAgain> I think Phil Silvers too

<kurt> How awyah?

<Sammy deDrummer> Has anyone caught "Laugh In" on the Trio network where Jack is on the show?

<JelloAgain> Hope & Crosby wanted to star in it as well!

> Sammy - I saw it when it was on Nick at Night years ago...

<Alex Buck> Now that would have been interesting - a geriatric on the road picture

<kurt> Some of the Jack Paar tribute clips included Jack's appearances

<JelloAgain> The Road to Medicare!

<Tanya> LOL

<Sammy deDrummer> They re-run in every once in a while, I guess they don't have alot of Laugh In shows on tape to show

<Alex Buck> LOL

> JelloAGain - Good one.

<JelloAgain> :)

<Sammy deDrummer> The Road To Forest Lawn

<Tanya> boo!!!!!!!

> With all the parodies Jack did of his show in the future, I can easily imagine it.

<JelloAgain> I have the synopsis for the Road they were getting ready to film when Bing died, The Road To The Fountain of Youth

> Has anyone who wasn't at 39 Forever seen the 20th Anniversary special? Jack does a great skit there.

<JelloAgain> It would've been awful!

<Tanya> don't take that boo personally Sammy!

> JelloAgain - Are you serious?

<Sammy deDrummer> You mean, that "Boo" was for me?

<JelloAgain> yes...it was not very good

<JelloAgain> the script, I mean

> JelloAgain - That's like the script of the Abbe Lane Benny show that I got...it was PAINFUL to read.

<Tanya> the forest lawn comment, yes! :-)

<Sammy deDrummer> Well.....

<JelloAgain> what skit are you referring to, LL?

> Back to tonight's show, I was struck by Jack's comment about rehearsal.

> JelloAgain - The one about the gang getting together some years in the future.

<kurt> I don't remember the rehearsal comment

<JelloAgain> oh! yes, I've heard it, but not seen it.

> JelloAgain - Because several cast members were on that special.

> Kurt - Jack says about Phil saying "seamstress" instead of "semester" in rehearsal.

<JelloAgain> I think just about all of them were..why oh why that isn't out on DVD!!??

> JelloAgain - Some different people working on that, but can't get enough interest to fund a proper restoration.

> Or funding to market that.

<Tanya> have you heard the episode when Phil thinks a dept. store is selling "Syracuse Pennants" and it's actually circus peanuts? Funny stuff!

> Har har

<kurt> Oh, THAT. He did that once in 1940. The word was blase, and Jack quipped, "WELLLL! In rehearsal, he said blaze, folks!"

> Having directed two Jack Benny recreations, I know how that can be. An actor gets hung up on a line and gets anxious about it.

<JelloAgain> I think we need to take up a collection then!! That special even had Sinatra on it!1

> I listened to the Waukegan performance and just about cheered when Don got out "conquering Corsicans".

<kurt> The adrenaline flow in front of a live mike on network radio must have been incredible.

> JelloAgain - Yeah, in a hee-lee-oh-copter.

<JelloAgain> Surely Frank's fans would back it's release!

> kurt - True, and yet the gang usually sounded very relaxed.

<Sammy deDrummer> And you had to do the show TWICE, once for each coast

<JelloAgain> or even Nancy & Tina might aid in the funding.

<Alex Buck> How much cash are we talking about?

<Tanya> what about the time when Phil is in a dept. store and tells Jack that Alice is "in a sallon, I'm mean saloon, getting her hair done". Jack points out that even when they give Phil the wrong word, he can't pronounce it right!

> Sammy - At least until the mid-late 40s.

<kurt> What's remarkable is that they seldom sounded as if they were delivering scripted jokes. Unlike on Bob Hope's program.

> Alex - Don't know. But if you find an interested person, I'll hook 'em up.

<Alex Buck> Say - was this an armed forces recording since it didn't have commercials?

<kurt> Bob Keeshan used to do two Captain Kangaroo programs a day, one for each coast, until videotape was perfected.

> Alex - I wondered that. I think it might have been.

<Sammy deDrummer> The shows I've listened to of AFRTS had Lucky Strike commercials

<Alex Buck> It seemed like they had well placed fade ins and outs

> Kurt - And one right after the other, whole hour shows, right?

> Sammy - You sure about that? AFRS shows usually clipped commercials. Maybe someone edited them back in.

<kurt> Something like that. When I interviewed him, I asked him didn't he think the live broadcasts were more enjoyable.

<Alex Buck> There's a point where Jack was figuring interest on a large sum of money. The audience seemed to laugh like they got the gag but i couldn't see any connection

<kurt> He gave me a pitying glance one might give the village idiot, and patiently explained the deal with videotape.

> You can tell an AFRS show because it starts with Don saying, "And now, around the world, the Jack Benny Program!" rather than "The Lucky Strike Program starring Jack Benny"

<Sammy deDrummer> I've listened to shows with commericals then at the end they say it was broadcasted from the Armed Forces Radion Network

> Alex - I wondered that too. Must have been something in the commercial.

<Tanya> the AFRS shows also have Phil singing a few songs at the end to fill in space.

> Or the music that, on particularly long spaces, included "They Say It's Wonderful"

> Hey, Mike...you had one that had like two or three minutes of repeating "Be Happy Go Lucky" music you said.

<JelloAgain> or an extended segment with the telephone operators

<Alex Buck> That would be maddening

> And on tonight's show, a cameo from Mel Blanc

> Alex - That's what I said.

> JelloAgain - By golly, you're right. I've heard that too.

<Mike Amo> Jello again! The AFRS ones I heard have 2-1/2 minutes of instrumental music (the music to "Be Happy Go Lucky" in the background to fill to the end. I believe they are off the Smithsonian set

<Tanya> have you heard Phil singing his "the thing" to fill space?

> Hmmmm...wonder if they couldn't get the rights to the AFRS music so filled it with a very annoying tape loop

<JelloAgain> or That's What I Like About the South!! lol

> Tanya - I hadn't heard that.

<Mike Amo> I probably have the tapes of the shows from last month and tonight somewhere...will look for them later...don't know why I've had trouble lately downloading from the site...could be something site-specific and my wacky computer...other downloads elsewhere still work fine...anyone lese have trouble dowmloading?

<Tanya> i've got it somewhere........can't think what episode.

<Mike Amo> lol, Tanya, no! That must have been great

> "The Thing" tells a story, so it would be harder to fill space with it. "That's What I Like..." just rambles (with good reason), so could fill space better.

> Might want to try right-clicking on the link and saving the target to your hard drive. Then you can listen to it off your hard drive rather than streaming.

<JelloAgain> yeah, you could add a few more butter beans, virginia hams, etc!

<Tanya> I know that Phil fills in space on the back of the AFRS show when Danny Kaye, Groucho, George Burns and Frankie sing Jack's song in 1952

<Mike Amo> various typos are, of course, due to my enthusiasm and hunt-and-peck typing

> Mike - No sweat.

[Sun Feb 01 18:29:14 GMT-08:00 2004] kurt1 has no profile.

<KM99> The score is now 24 to 10 for New England

<Alex Buck> Well, I better check out early tonight. I gotta get up early to shovel snow. Catch up with all come March and hopefully warmer weather.

> KM - New England? I bet Douglas would be happy to hear that.

> Take care, Alex!

<Sammy deDrummer> Well, I've got to pick up Remley (literally) and get going. See you folks next month.

<KM99> LL - Yeah, but it's the Patriots...

<Mike Amo> I'll see what I can do, Laura, think I tried that as well and had no luck, but I may have the operating system replaced in a couple months...this PC has been through a lot

> Have a good one Sammy!

<KM99> Seeya Sammy

<Mike Amo> Oh my, someone scored, andI'm afraid it was New England

> Mike - May need a new Quick Time download.

<Mike Amo> Bye Sammy

<kurt1> Ack! I must depart as well! See everyone next month!

> Take care, Kurt!

<Mike Amo> lol, I tried that too this week, Lauram buth thanks {:oP

<Mike Amo> -m

<KM99> Take care, Kurt

<Tanya> good night and happy listening!

> G'night Tanya!

<KM99> And Tanya tooo!

> Good night John Boy

> Well, should we wrap it up?

<KM99> Never

<Mike Amo> 21-16 Patriots, it was Carolina scroring so it's still a game

<Mike Amo> Hi KM!

<KM99> Hiya Mike

> Two people are watching the game, so I don't want to distract you.

<KM99> Hey Laura, no one commented on Phil's st...st..st. stutter tonight.

<Mike Amo> lol, nit just the game...friends as well

> KM - Oh yes they did...just a little earlier.

<KM99> Oh, I see

<JelloAgain> I must be going too...I'm gonna contact a few producer friends about getting that 20th anniversary special released!

<Mike Amo> nit=not, salon/saloon, what's the difference? {:oP

> Just check the transcript. Was one of the first things mentioned.

> JelloAgain - Good luck! Let me know how you make out!

<KM99> Ok

<JelloAgain> "I cannot stay, I came to say I must be going"


<KM99> Seeya JA

<JelloAgain> "I'm glad I came, but just the same, I must be going!"

<Mike Amo>

<waves to Captain Spaulding>

> La la

<JelloAgain> bye!

<Mike Amo> Take care Laura, KM...if I can make any trouble, please feel free to contact me 0{:o)

<KM99> Seeya Mike

> OK, have a good one!

<Mike Amo> Actually, it is early for this to end...must have been a lot of Super Bowl watchers and other distractions

> I was wondering that. Unusual

> S'okay. It was good and solid tonight.

<KM99> Actually, I wasn't watching the game. I got a phone call update on the score

<KM99> Were the commercial's any good this year, Mike?

> Take care, and see you next month!