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> Hello again folks!

<Tanya Shaw> Hi Laura!

> Hey Tanya...can you please E-mail an updated E-mail address for you?

<_bill> Hi laura

<kurt> Jell-O again

> Hey Kurt

> How's everyone this evening?

<kurt> I got a gratuitous Rochester anecdote in my e-mail this past week.

<DJ Twain> greetings all

> Hi DJ

> Kurt - What was it?

<Tanya Shaw> what was the Rochester anecodote?

> Kurt - Or are you feeling particularly gratuitous tonight?

<kurt> A fellow who's now 84 recalled seeing him dancing at the World's Fair in San Diego in the 1930s

<Tanya Shaw> wow.......that's pretty cool

<kurt> He was doing his trademark glide step, "reinvented" by Michael Jackson as the moonwalk

<DJ Twain> i remember seeing san diego worlds fair movies in the prelinger archives

> Neat...I would have loved to see that.

<Walt> Hello everybody!!!

[Sun Dec 07 17:06:18 GMT-08:00 2003] Tanya Shaw: tshaw@ku.edu

> Hi Walt!

> WB Tanya

<kurt> I'm watching The Wizard of Oz on the WB. So excuse the Kleenex

[Sun Dec 07 17:07:19 GMT-08:00 2003] Barbara has no profile.

> Kurt - Are you crying for the Wicked Witches?

> Hello Barbara!

<kurt> No, I'm crying because of the excessive number of commercial interruptions

[Sun Dec 07 17:07:46 GMT-08:00 2003] Ari has no profile.

> So did everyone get a chance to listen to the shows for this evening?

> Hello Ari!

<Ari> Hello

> Plenty of stuff to talk about in these two shows...who wants to start?

<kurt> I've always been impressed with the sound effect for dumping fish and ice into the piano

<kurt> I couldn't begin to imagine just how it was done, although the piano strings were plucked at the end, of course

> I wondered if Gene (or Ray, or whoever) reached over and hit his hand on the soundboard of the piano for that.

<kurt> Well, that's the only way to get that particular sound. But the dumping ice also was impressive

<Tanya Shaw> yeah, that show is funny....with Andy Devine

> I don't think Andy was in too many of the shows by this time.

<kurt> He made guest appearances

[Sun Dec 07 17:11:08 GMT-08:00 2003] Douglas has no profile.

> Hello Douglas...how's the weather across the pond?

<Douglas> Good evening.

<Douglas> It is cold and damp

<Douglas> What is it like in CA?

> It was nice today, but it's been rather rainy and nasty lately. To start up again on Tuesday.

<Douglas> I understand NY ahs a blizzard

> Devine was almost a weekly regular in 1937, but then just tapered off.

<Douglas> or even 'has'

> Douglas - Yes, New York and Boston.

> Barbara - You there?

<Douglas> How are you all?

> Doing pretty well.

> Everyone doing OK? Any technical difficulties? Seems a bit quiet for the number of people we have here.

> If anyone's having difficulties, double-click on my name in the right-hand frame.

<kurt> It's hard to type and dab at mye eyes at the same time, Laura!

<Walt> I'm keeping tabs on what's happenning while I write a program

> Anyone know who played Bellylaugh Barton?

[Sun Dec 07 17:16:07 GMT-08:00 2003] Barbara has no profile.

<Barbara> Hi everybody!

<kurt> He was introduced earlier in that season, I know

> Hi Barbara! Welcome in.

<kurt> Disappeared after the war broke out, though

> Sort of like Jack's agent in 1945.

<Barbara> I don't know what you've talked about so far, but it was scary to hear the emergency broadcast on the 12/7 show

<kurt> And with all that, the comedy went on!

> I've been told that people on the Pacific Coast thought the Japanese were coming over the horizon at any moment.

<kurt> The airwaves belonged to the sponsors, not the networks

[Sun Dec 07 17:18:10 GMT-08:00 2003] Tanya: tshaw@ku.edu

> But amazing that the audience seems right in step with the show, despite the current situation.

<Barbara> Do you think the cast was aware of the attack during the show.

<kurt> Well, they didn't know very much at the time

<kurt> The news was trickling in

> Very, very different from what happened this year with the Iraq situation.

<Tanya> yeah.....it's amazing. It's great they kept up with the performances

> Barbara - They had to have been aware of the "bombing of Honolulu".

<Barbara> Jack was finishing up To Be or Not to Be at the time.

[Sun Dec 07 17:19:30 GMT-08:00 2003] nottingham has no profile.

> Barbara - Right, just at the tail end of it.

> Hello nottingham!

<Tanya> I made 6 cds of all the shows on 12-7-41 from 3:00pm-midnight

<Walt> Yeah, LL. Then they broke in for a few moments to update, today they take all day to tell us about 2 minutes worht of news

<Barbara> I would have thought they might have cancelled the show. Didn't Jack do that for Carole Lombard?

<Douglas> How true- even here

> Does anyone know how much actual "hysteria" was going on then?

<Tanya> it's pretty chilling to listen to all the broadcasts

<kurt> They couldn't have cancelled the show. Contractual obligation

> Barbara - Yes, but they found out about that either Friday or Saturday night and Jack was terribly broken up about it.

<Walt> No, when Carole died, the show went on without him

<Barbara> I was alive at the time, but not too old. I never heard of Pearl Harbor.

> Walt - Good clarification. You're right.

<kurt> It was a musical program with Dennis Day

<Tanya> that show when Carole died is sad to listen to

<Walt> Well, sort of. There weren't any skits if I remember

<Walt> Just music wasn't it?

<Tanya> yep, just music from Phil and Dennis

<Barbara> I read that Jack was just devastated. He took all deaths hard.

<Walt> So in effect, the "show" was cancelled

> There was another show in the 1930s that was like that when Jack had some sort of illness...just Phil, Kenny, and Don.

<Douglas> Could someone please tell me about it?

<kurt> Mahlon Merrick was announced as the orchestra conductor

> Douglas - About the show when Carole Lombard died?

<Douglas> yes please

[Sun Dec 07 17:23:01 GMT-08:00 2003] Ari has no profile.

<Walt> You're obviously not talking about the Welles weeks, I assume

> Douglas - Well, I presume you know about Jack finding out about Carole Lombard's death right after finishing To Be or Not To Be

> Walt - No, this was around 1937 or so. I'd have to look up the date.

<kurt> Lombard's death was not mentioned. Don introduced it as the Jell-O Show, with Dennis Day, Mahlon Merrick and the orchestra. Said Jack would be back the following week.

> 5/23/37

<kurt> Wasn't there a guest host for the May 1937 program?

<Barbara> Don't you love Phil's pronunciation of "Daddy."

> It was the 1/18/42 program for Carole Lombard's deateh

<Tanya> Oh my gosh! It's hilarious!

<Tanya> I mean Phil's 'Daddy"

> Kurt - Not that I recall. I think there was a guest singer, but I will have to transcribe my notes to find the name.

<Douglas> and there were no skits, just music?

<Tanya> yep, just music

> Dawady

[Sun Dec 07 17:25:52 GMT-08:00 2003] Michael: Brightstar2761@netzero.net

> Hi Michael!

<Douglas> A Jack Benny show without comedy...

[Sun Dec 07 17:26:03 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt1 has no profile.

<Walt> Is it the Day-aaa-dyeeee pronouciation?

<Michael> Hi there

<Walt> Oh, that one...

<kurt1> got kicked off!

> Kurt - I didn't do it!

<Douglas> Walt, no I knew all about the Welles broadcasts. They are still remembered here!

<kurt1> Let's tally guest hosts: Robert Taylor, Herbert Marshall, Orson Welles

> Interesting how they seemed to hold the announcements until the musical numbers. Nice courtesy.

> Georgie Jessell

<Tanya> yeah, I'll always wondered about the timing of the announcement?

> I still wanna know who decided that Welles should sub for Jack. Very strange.

<Tanya> Didn't Burns and Allen begin the subbing?

<Michael> Perhaps... Although when Jack returned... the show was VERY funny

<kurt1> Same ad agency, I'd think

<Michael> especially when Orson fluffed the commercial

<Barbara> Welles may have been a genius, but I didn't care for his interaction with Jack, esp. June Moon.

<kurt1> Burns & Allen were on CBS when they subbed for Jack

> Jessell subs for Jack during part of the show earlier than that...

<Tanya> was that flub dirty? I can never understand the humor

> 4/3/38 - Jessell subs for Jack

<kurt1> Yeah, but Jack "returns" during that program

<Barbara> Jack seems to have been very healthy except for colds.

> Kurt - True. But I didn't know what "rules" we were playing by

[Sun Dec 07 17:30:06 GMT-08:00 2003] billp has no profile.

> Hi Bill!

<Michael> Hi Bill

> Are _bill and billp two different people?

<billp> hi all

<_bill> yes not the same

<billp> billp == don wilson

<kurt1> Jessel also subbed in 1942. Practically the same script

> I like when Andy Devine flubs the end commercial and the whole rest of the show is laughter practically

<Tanya> Was Jack's secretary bald?

> Tanya - Harry Baldwin was.

<billp> wow. december 7 what a messed up day for alot of our folks, huh?

<Michael> Tanya... no it wasn't dirty... it's just the commercial was considered semi sacrosanct...

> Interesting that there were apparently already terms for peace that quickly after the bombing.

<Michael> ??? what terms for peace ???

> Michael - Well, the second break-in talks about American terms for peace.

<billp> i thought interesting that mcarthur was on the cover of the dec 6 issue of life magazine

<Tanya> Have any of you heard the Dec.24 1941 broadcast of Amos and Andy? Very, very moving!

<Michael> I guess I'll need to listen to it again

> Tanya - No, tell us about it.

<kurt1> was that the first one that used the Lord's Prayer?

<Ari> I learned a lot about the 1/18/42 show. in Mary's bio of Jack, she just saidon Wilson announced the show will consist of

<Michael> that's the one where Andy plays Santa Claus... right?

<Tanya> Yes! That's the one they said the Lord's Prayer....made me tear up the first time I heard it

<kurt1> That was repeated on the TV version, with different actors

<Ari> errick & Dennis Day's music. That's all

> Bill - Ironic...

<Michael> Tanya... you'd like the Duffy's Tavern Christmas show called "The Stranger" too :)

<Tanya> Michael - thanks for telling me!

<kurt1> Just realized that Dorothy says "Oh! Jimy Crickets!"

> I have a very soft spot in my heart for the 12/30/45 show. Jack has a speech at the end of it that I think is very moving, and is very much as true today as then.

<Barbara> When Jack cancelled the 1/18 show, he was told the sponsor wouldn't permit it so Jack said "well then let him do it."

<kurt1> People were highly idealistic at the end of WWII.

<Michael> who was the sponsor?

<Tanya> I also like Ron Colman's toast in the Dec. 1945 episode

> Kurt - And Jack mentions Wendell Wilkie's "One World" in the speech.

<Douglas> Why did Jack cancel that show?

<Michael> (i'll presume it's Lucky Strike)

> Michael - When, 1/18/42? JellO

<Michael> Ok

> Douglas - Carole Lombard's death

<Douglas> ok

<Douglas> sorry...got a bit lost

<Michael> Jack attended the funeral didn't he?

<Tanya> What happened to the gas man?

<Barbara> They cancelled the Benny show on Sat. nights at 9:00 on KNX. I miss it. Jack had some very moving pleas at the end of the shows, such as hiring veterans.

> Douglas - Yeah, start talking about shows Jack missed and they all run together!

> Tanya - Ask Carmichael

<Michael> Carmichael got him... or so the rumor goes

<Walt> Gas man got cancelled

> Barbara - New management at the station...overhauled the whole staff. Darnit.

<Douglas> Thanks Laura!

> Michael - I can't imagine that he didn't. Would have to look in the bios for backup though.

<Tanya> do you know what episode declares that Carmichel got the gasman?

<Ari> In Mary's bio of Jack, it just says about 1/18 that Jack said "I can't do the show. Notify the cast. Put together what you want. Make it all musical. Don't explain to the audience. They'll understand"

<Michael> ok

<Barbara> I was disappointed. Do we need still more news?

<kurt1> The 12/7/41 program was just about the last mention of the gas man.

<Barbara> I'm talking about cancelling the KNX show. It gets confusing with all thesse shows.

> Try 4/6/41 for what happened to the gas man.

<Tanya> actually, I know I've heard Rochester mention the gasman years after that

<kurt1> Very unusual for a running gag to run across multiple seasons

> Not surprising. They mention Kenny Baker in the November show and he'd been gone for over 2 years!

<kurt1> Ah, yes. Kenny "Stool Pigeon" Baker

<Walt> They even had a reference to Kenny iaround 1948 or so

> They had a reference to him in 1954!

<Tanya> and the gag of "what a performance" ran for years!

<kurt1> That's not a good thing, though. Old gags assume an old audience, and the show didn't get to grow creatively

<Walt> Which show was Jack selling the house? Was it later than 48?

> Was the "what a performance" solely a Benny gag? Or was it on other shows as well?

<Tanya> I'm not sure....but I know I never heard it on JB before the 12-7-41 episode.

> Sometimes show traded catch phrases, and I heard Kenny Baker say "Mm...could be" in a show I heard recently.

> The thing of saying the Jell-O flavors in baby talk goes back into the 30s

<kurt1> Mmmmm...could be! was from Fibber McGee and Molly

> stwabewwy, waspbewwy, chewwy, owange, wemon, and wime

<Tanya> good one Laura!!!

<Ari> Was it only Dennis who said "what a performance" on subsequent shows after 12/7?

<Barbara> What a performance, Laura!


<_bill> walt one selling house show 53/10.11

<Tanya> no......Mary and many other characters like little Carolyn Lee

> Tanya - Remind me...what did Carolyn Lee play on the show?

<Tanya> the little girl at the end of 12-21-41...Jack's neighbor

<kurt1> Carolyn Lee was herself on the 12/21/41 program

<Walt> That's probably it, bill. The buyers see a man in the attic eating Jello and Jack says "I wondered where he went" or something like that

<kurt1> She was a momentarily hot child actor

> Tanya/Kurt - Aha...thank you.

> I liked Mary's comment of "I punched my brains out on that gag." Probably most of the audience wouldn't understand that term.

<Tanya> She was cute, asking Jack why he was stealing Ron Colman's oranges!

> Also interesting that Phil says on the 11/30 show something about the "boys in the Army camps".

<Barbara> I remember watching a rehearsal when 2 little boys were on, and Jack told them to pretend they were in their own backyards.

> Barbara - Probably one of the Beavers episodes, I'd imagine.

<kurt1> The 12/14/41 show is very funny, with the Christmas shopping sequence

<Tanya> yeah! great episode!

<_bill> LL - it seemed like there wer a lot of inside gags in the first part.

> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

<Barbara> Either that or the dentist episode.

<_bill> but the audience laughs anyway

> _bill - Yes, that's true. Comments about Frankie Remley and Charlie Bagby in the band, etc.

[Sun Dec 07 17:49:27 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt2 has no profile.

> Anyone have a guess on who plays Mr. Hyde's secretary? Blanche Stewart y'think/

[Sun Dec 07 17:49:49 GMT-08:00 2003] KM99: Yes Please

<kurt2> Or Mary Kelly

<KM99> Howdy folks. Sorry I'm late.

<Barbara> Is that the same Mary Kelly Jack had a romance with?

> Hi KM!

> Barbara - Yes.

> I didn't realize that she was in "Love Thy Neighbor" until someone mentioned it on the Forum recently!

[Sun Dec 07 17:50:58 GMT-08:00 2003] Tanya: tshaw@ku.edu

<Barbara> What part did she play?

<Ari> I think Jack & Mary Kelly were engaged until she broke it off for religious reasons due to pressure from her family. They were Catholic

> Barbara - She was the maid that calls Jack "kid", and he says something about that she should "cut out starches"

> Ari - Well, she broke it off because she married another man. Sounds like she was rather emotionally unstable anyway.

<Barbara> Okay. I remember that. I wonder what it would be like if they got married.

<Tanya> I'm listening to the 11-30-41 episode currently........funny about the fish

> Sounds like it would have been hell on Jack, since she was always having wild mood swings.

> Tanya - finny about the fish

<Barbara> George Burns thought that Jack felt he should marry a Jewish girl.

> Interesting supposition on the guestbook, that Mary had "social anxieety disorder"

<kurt2> Jack was more observant than he let on in public

> Kurt - What makes you say that?

<kurt2> In New York, he regularly performed at benefits for Jewish schools and charities

> Kurt - That's true, but he really wasn't a "practicing" Jew as far as going to shul, observing the holidays, keeping kosher, etc.

<Barbara> I loved when Jack played a benefit for St. Jude. He said he thought it was St. Jew.

> On the other hand there's Eddie Cantor, who always ordered cornflakes and milk to keep kosher.

<kurt2> Well, what's known is just what Joan wrote about their life in California

<Ari> I found it. Kelly told Jack she married someone else in a telegram. Jack later found out that Kelly father, a Chicago policeman & her brother, a priest, threatened to disown her if she married him. I guess I assumed it was religious reasons

<Barbara> Jack liked cornflakes too, but I don't know as it was a religious thing.

> Kurt - There's also a story about Jack doing a show on Yom Kippur, and being afraid that the goyim would think he wasn't a good Jew.

> Kurt - And Jack recalled eating bacon and eggs as far back as his Navy days.

> Ari - Well, religion did play into it. Just much more so on her side than Jack's.

<kurt2> It's very difficult to dislike bacon. Bacon is what brings most vegetarians back to meat.

<Tanya> did you guys ever hear the story about how Dennis made fun of Jack's pronouncing the "hag up" gag?

<Barbara> What's a hag up?

> Hag up?

> Is that like a hen way?

<Ari> Laura, true.

<Tanya> Whenever Jack said to Mary, "Hang up", he pronounced it "hag up"

> I've been noticing him saying "May-ry" in a number of 30s shows. Wondered about that.

<Tanya> Dennis once said this line to Jack and made Jack crack up, knowing Dennis was making fun of him

> So how did Dennis make fun of that?

<kurt2> As in May Company

<Ari> ack's father (after meeting Kelly) told him "I'd rather you had fallen in love with a Jewish girl. But if Mary Kelly makes you happy, go ahead & marry her. She seems like a lovely person..."

<Tanya> I'm sorry.....I'm going to have to retry this thing......I'm losing half of what Laura's writing......

<Barbara> Jack once pronounced "rehabilitation" with the accent on the wrong syllable. Hickey told him about it but Jack didn't like it.

[Sun Dec 07 17:59:40 GMT-08:00 2003] Tanya: tshaw@ku.edu

[Sun Dec 07 17:59:49 GMT-08:00 2003] Mike Amo: Jello everybody!

> Hi Mike!!!

<Mike Amo> Hi folks!

<Mike Amo> Anne is here too, Laura...she sez hi y'all\

> Hi Anne!

<Mike Amo> My, everyonemust be listening to Jack Benny...

> Barbara - Reminds me of the 'conJURE' issue in Hollywood Revue.

<Walt> Now that Mike's here....

<Barbara> I think Jack was somewhat embarrassed by his lack of education.

<Mike Amo> lol, Night Walt! {:oP

<Ari> I'm finding Jack's bio handy tonight

<Mike Amo> Hi Barbara

<Barbara> Hi Mike.

[Sun Dec 07 18:01:10 GMT-08:00 2003] Mikewats: Ho ho ho, and a bottle of rum

<Walt> I was actually thinking the opposit, Mike :)

> Both the Mikes are here!

<KM99> Hiya Mike. How're ya doing back in VA?

> It's Open Mike Night!

[Sun Dec 07 18:01:27 GMT-08:00 2003] Tanya: tshaw@ku.edu

<Douglas> lol

<Mike Amo> I thought we had moe Mikes

<Mikewats> Hello, y'all

<KM99> With Mike Bullard???

<Mike Amo> Hi Mike

> Where did Michael go?

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<Mike Amo> lol, lots of Mike Bullard fans in this room, KM!

<Walt> La Bamba just started, FWIW

<Walt> Has anyone had a chance to check out the Jack Benny Calendar?

<Douglas> not yet

<Mike Amo> Laura, I missed all the earlier so this may be already known to all...the Dec. 7 broadcast was taped or live?

<KM99> Walt - I think it's amazing

> You really should (check out the calendar)...it's really great!

<Walt> When you do, I'm interested is additions & corrections. Thanks KM

> MA - It was live. Amazing, huh?

<Tanya> wasn't all the JB shows live?

<Mike Amo> Yes...I guess they just decided "on with the show!" ??

<Barbara> I'm afraid I'm going to have to bug out now, but I wish Happy Holidays to all.

<billp> nite barb

<Mike Amo> You too Barbara!

<kurt2> Thanks, Barbara!

> Tanya - They started transcribing them eventually. That's how Mary was able to do lines from home sometime.

> Night, Barbara! To you too...

<Mikewats> There was a remarkable amount of regular programming on the afternoon and evening of Dec. 7th

<Ari> I didn't hear the entire 12/7 broadcast, but it sounded as if the beginning had a news broadcaster. Was that related to Pearl Harbor?

<Mikewats> A few pre-emptions for news broadcasts, but not that many

<kurt2> Yep. News in those days trickled in

> Yeah, compare that to today with pretty much every network cancelling everything on the night of 9/11 and during the Iraq invasion.

<Tanya> have you ever heard the orchestra concert when the news first broke on the air?

> Ari - Yes, the announcer at the beginning is talking about war news.

<kurt2> There weren't the facilities or the technology for round the clock broadcasts from overseas at that time.

<billp> i think the censors lid was on pretty tight too

<Tanya> I've heard the phone call someone made to Honalulu while on the air........

> I bet that was a Hono Luuuu Luuuu

<Mikewats> There's that great moment in NBC's war coverage that afternoon when a correspondent is reporting live on teh phone from Honolulu...and an operator comes on and tells him to get off the lline

<Ari> I'm glad you claified it because I didn't hear him say the words "Pearl Harbor"

<billp> took a long time for the american people to find out how bad we were hurt in the pacific

<kurt2> No one in the U.S., except for a few people, knew that the entire Pacific Fleet had been sunk.

> Mikewats - Ha! I never heard that...

<Walt> Me neither.

<KM99> Mike - I listened to that clip today.

<Walt> Even after 52 years we still don't know

<Mike Amo> I'm downloading the 12-7 opening again now for Anne

<KM99> Kurt - All the battleships took damaged but only the Arixona was totally lost.

<Ari> I didn't hear the entire broadcast. Were there interruptions later on to Jack's show with news about Pearl Harbor?

> I figure this must be a West Coast broadcast recording based on the break-ins.

<kurt2> Just during Dennis' song

> And the orchestra number.

<Douglas> Folks...it is afer 2.a.m. here in London and I must got to bed. I wish you ALL the happiest of times over the season ahead .

<Tanya> Have any of you heard the story about Edgar Bergam

<Mike Amo> Wow, hi Doug, and Happy Christmas!

<_bill> mike/km99 have a rough time of when that was? or what show?

<Tanya> Have any of you heard the story of Edgar Bergman's show on 12-7-41?

<Mikewats> Happy Christmas, Douglas

> Take care Douglas!

<Douglas> Thank you! (I will be in the far east)

<Douglas> and wishing you a good year in 2004 too.

> Tanya - No, say more about that.

<billp> i think gildersleeve had one that date too

[Sun Dec 07 18:12:10 GMT-08:00 2003] WaltP has no profile.

<Mikewats> Don't recall it, what hapened on Bergman's show?

<Mikewats> Yes, bill

> Bergen, not Bergman

<Mikewats> Yes, Bergen...I was thinking of Ingrid


<WaltP> Better than Burnhart

<Ari> I have a story about Bergen's live appearance with Jack on TV

> Ingrid Bergman is somewhat more beautiful than Edgar Bergen...

> Ari - The one where they have the little dummies walking around?

> And what about Edgar Bergen?

<Mikewats> Yes, Bergen...I was thinking of Ingrid


<WaltP> Better than Burnhart

<Ari> I have a story about Bergen's live appearance with Jack on TV

> Ingrid Bergman is somewhat more beautiful than Edgar Bergen...

> Ari - The one where they have the little dummies walking around?

> And what about Edgar Bergen?

<Ari> Yes, it fooled Jack. It is written that Billy Barty played both parts

<kurt2> Good gig for Billy!

<KM99> Ari - I say that show too!

<WaltP> I didn't. What happened?

<Mike Amo> I loved that guy who needed to sound like a cowbiy

<Mike Amo> cowboy too

<kurt2> A-bang, a-bang!

<Mikewats> Yes, Bergen...I was thinking of Ingrid


<WaltP> Better than Burnhart

<Ari> I have a story about Bergen's live appearance with Jack on TV

> Ingrid Bergman is somewhat more beautiful than Edgar Bergen...

> Ari - The one where they have the little dummies walking around?

> And what about Edgar Bergen?

<Ari> Yes, it fooled Jack. It is written that Billy Barty played both parts

<kurt2> Good gig for Billy!

<KM99> Ari - I say that show too!

<WaltP> I didn't. What happened?

<Mike Amo> I loved that guy who needed to sound like a cowbiy

<Mike Amo> cowboy too

<kurt2> A-bang, a-bang!

<Mike Amo> If only we all sounded like Slim Pickens

<Ari> According to this bio, Jack was with Mrs Bergen on live TV when Charlie walked in spoke to them & left, then the same with Mortimer

<Mike Amo> No one would be able to understand what we were saying...better than code

> Mike - I for one am happy

> to sound like me.

<Mike Amo> otay

<Mike Amo> Walking Anne out and at an Xmas party...back hopefully in 30minutes

<Mike Amo> If I miss y'all, Merry Chanukah!

> Take care, Mike!

<kurt2> Oh, gee, I'm dabbing with the Kleenex again!

> Ari - Yes, that's right.

<Ari> Billy Barty played both parts & masterfully moved his lips. It says Jack was astounded. Oops, it later says Jack thought they could pull it off. Maybe he wasn't fooled

<KM99> Seeya Mike

<Mikewats> Bye Mike

<kurt2> Jack was seldom fooled by anyone or anything, except for the occasional oil-well scam.

<Ari> It's not clear from this bio if Jack was astounded because of the peformance or if he was fooled. Do you know, Laura?

<WaltP> I saw the FM&M movie when Charlie was running around without Edgar. That was innerstin.

<KM99> WaltP- You kinda sound like Lum on that last line....

> I don't think he could have been "fooled"...would you be fooled if you saw a little Charlie McCarthy walking around?

<WaltP> Gee, I did?

<kurt2> I think he'd have been more fooled if he'd seen Bergen not moving his lips!

> Kurt - Good one.

> My link is suddenly slow...going to reset.

> BRB.

<WaltP> I looked at Bergen's "How to Do Ventriloquism" and he talks about how to not
move your lips. Is this the like blind teaching the blind?
<kurt2> His characterizations were much stronger than his technique. And radio didn't
encourage his technique, of course.
<Ari> It also says that as Edgar came, Jack exited, said "hello" & shook his head in disbelief as he left.
<kurt2> Classic Bergen routine: Soneone asks him, "How do you do that without moving your lips." And he replies, "My dear, you've asked a very difficult question"
<Ari> Yet Edgar did say Jack thought they could pull it off
<WaltP> So true, kurt. Just like many in the 'magical' arts, some have the performance,
others have the technique.
<kurt2> And Charlie pipes up, "You've asked the wrong guy!"
> Charlie McCarthy still looks like Mr Peanut to me, folks.
<WaltP> Edgar was a performer rather than technician
<Ari> He must have shook his head in disbelief at the performance
<Ari> Billy Barty must have been an incredible performer
> What'd I miss?

<KM99> Wb Laura

<KM99> Nothing my chickadee

> Say, does anyone have an idea who played the patient Mr. Fingerwave?

<WaltP> Talking about Bergan, Billy, Jack and Magic

<kurt2> Billy Barty did a devastating impression of Liberace in the 1950s

> Magic? As in the Anthony Hopkins film?

<KM99> Oh Oh, Now I'm slipping into some W C Fields....

> KM - Well, recork it.

<Mikewats> FWIW, the NBC Red schedule for the early evening of Dec. 7th -- 6pm Catholic Hour, bookended by news bulletins...6:30 Great Gildersleeve, interrupted five times by bulletins...7pm Jack Benny, interrupted twice by bulletins...7:30 Fitch Bandwagon, interrupted twice by bulletins...

<WaltP> Magic as in magical arts -- vents specifically

<kurt2> Wasn't Dennis Day Mr. Fingerwave?

> Kurt - Dunno...sounded almost like Lou Costello.

<KM99> MW - I listened to the full Pearl Harbour day broadcasts today...

<_bill> ll what you missed

> Talking about magic and W.C. Fields makes me think of one of our member's stage shows...he does impressions and a little magic interspersed.

<_bill> never mind, looks like multi lines don't paste

<WaltP> Who, LL?

> _bill - can you E-mail it to me for inclusion in the transcription?

> Walt - Brad Zinn.

> www.greatcomedians.net.

<_bill> Sure

<Mikewats> I listened to a bunch of it, too, KM...that's a great set

> He just came back from playing the Palladium.

> _bill - Thanks!

<KM99> MW - Garsk, thanks.

<WaltP> Laura, I just emailed you the missing section

> Walt - Thank you...will include it after the chat.

> so what else is on everyone's mind Benny-wise this evening?

<kurt3> I'm still pitching my article, and have an intermediary who will help pitch

<_bill> Laura - Just fyi, Jerry H sent the tapes

> Come to think of it, that gag of Elliott Lewis being refined and then becoming something else was used on another JB show. Except in that one, he becomes mooley.

<billp> laura, did jack and his show do "THE NEW TENNANT" skits most every year on radio at new years or was that a hit and miss thing

> _bill - Remind me...which tapes?

<billp> did they start that with the war years

<WaltP> mooley?

<kurt3> I thought THE NEW TENANT had begun earlier

> Bill - I know they did it in 1945...they didn't do it every year, because there's a classic show where a gal breaks a date with Jack.

<billp> i have just found the new tenants are much more interesting than i originally appreciated

<kurt3> They re-anacted it on TV one year

<_bill> also benny-wise skokus video has 2 shows where jack MCed for cbs tv promos, like shower of stars - on sale

> Actually a couple classic ones. One Jack celebrates with Roch, and the other he goes to a diner and the waitress turns out to be his date.

<billp> lots of historical reference in those things

> The New Tenant went back into the 30s.

<KM99> BillP - I've listened to most of the Benny shows and the New Tenant Gig comes and goes.

<Ari> Jack & Elliott had a funny satire "Lost Horizon"

> Shokus will be offering new Shower of Stars pretty soon.

<billp> i rmember alice faye on one of em

> They do "New Tenant" on 1/1/39.

<_bill> laura - radio shows misidentified or not easily had on mp3 before

> Ari - Is that the original one, where the High Lama is Shlepperman?

> _bill - Aha! That's great.

<billp> i heard the one for 1950 the other day.. that one references al jolsons death

<Ari> Laura, yes

> Ari - Yes, that's a truly bizarre show.

<Ari> It is

> Bill - You may know that Jack did the speech at Jolie's unveiling.

> KM - Take note of the date on 4/24/38. Shlepperman should be Prince Charming, and I think yours is the 1/39 remake.

> KM - Just corrected that in the library holdings.

<Ari> I like when Elliott tells Benny the High Lama is 900 years old & Benny asks isn't he awfully wrinkled. Elliott says no, he's pressed once a week

> Ari - Is that Elliott Lewis in that role? I didn't know that!

<KM99> LL - After listening to the whole collection, I think I have about a dozen bad dates.

<_bill> Laura - another way for you to remember maybe.. those were the shows George D was asking you about around your last show timeframe.

<kurt3> I had a bad date just last week!

<Ari> Yes, Elliott Lewis

> _bill - Right... I know what you mean.

<_bill> km- about a dozen misdated and about 6 missing

<KM99> kurt3 - At least you had a date...

<billp> geez.. you guys should get scale for this

<_bill> one we could only fine the "repeat / best of" version

<KM99> _Bill - sounds right

> Kurt - Don't date anyone named Mabel or Gertrude or Gladys Zybysko...you should know that by now

> Ari - Cool. Thanks for the info.

<kurt3> There was one whose last name was Beaverhausen, wasn't there?

<kurt3> Gussie Bageltwist was another

> Kurt - Maybe you're thinking of the boyscout troop.

> Gussie's mentioned in 12/7.

<kurt3> No. There was one named Beaverhausen. The name was repeated on WILL & GRACE in one episode, no kidding.

> KM - Let me know when you find them, and I'll do the same. I'm listening in my car, so using the cassettes.

<KM99> kurt3 - Really???

> Strange. I still think Rodney Dangerfield took his stage name from the Benny show.

<kurt3> Yeah, the Karen character introduces herself at a bar as Anastasia Beaverhausen

<KM99> LL - I didn't make notes since George was also working the GJBP. I was listening for pleasure only.

> KM - Got it. Well, let me know if you get a correction list so I can update as well.

<KM99> LL - I've heard that bit as well and wondered about the name...

<Ari> When Jack meets the Lama, he asks the Lama if his wife is with him. The Lama says "how else could I get 900 years old so quick". Today that line would be politically incorrect

> I've been finding misdates in the tape library as well.

<KM99> LL - I finished listening to all the shows last week and I'm in major withdrawl at the moment.

> KM - Congratulations. I'm just up to 1939, so I'm very informed on Jell-O shows right now.

<KM99> LL - The main problem dates are in the last 50s.

<kurt3> Does anyone still put vegetables like celery in Jell-O anymore?

> Say, KM...do you ever recall hearing a scene where a snake hisses at Jack and he says, "Go away, I have enough trouble already"? Supposedly that was about the smuggling case.

> But it wasn't on the show at that time.

> Kurt - Ick

<KM99> LL - That rings a bell, so to speak but I can't ID the show from that.

<kurt3> I think there was a celery flavor Jell-O at one time.

> Kurt - Nah, you're thinking of Dr. Brown's cel-ray soda.

> KM - I know, I think I've heard it as well, but I think it's a misplaced reference.

<kurt3> There's a white grape flavor you're supposed to use club soda in, to make bubbles

<KM99> Hey does anyone here know where you can find Sen-Sen nowadays???

> Which brings us back to our favorite game...failed Jell-O flavors

> Frog JellO

<kurt3> Sen-Sen is sold on some Web site that sells vintage candy

<KM99> Moose Antler

> Tripe JellO

<kurt3> There was cola flavored Jell-O just as the war broke out

> Sen sen JellO

<KM99> Three Toe Sloth Jell-O

<kurt3> But who wanted brown Jell-O

<WaltP> Candy Cane JellO

> Take a look on the Forum...Tanya recently got some Sen Sen and I think she mentions where.

<Tanya> i'm back........internet crashed for a bit

<Mikewats> Actually, Candy Cane Jello sounds kinda good...

> KM - You need some Sen Sen? Trying to cover up telltale breath?

<kurt3> Time to fess 'up. Who's actually made the Jell-O recipes given on the Benny program?

> Hey Tanya, where did you get the Sen Sen?

<billp> you know, i would have liked rootbeer flavored jello

<KM99> LL - Now necessarily. I just miss the stuff.

> rooster flavored JellO (capon)

<Mikewats> Marmoset Jell-O

<WaltP> Pickle & Onion JellO

<Tanya> www.sweetnostalgia.com

> Sauerkraut JellO

<WaltP> oooooooooooooooooooooo

<kurt3> Jell-O wouldn't jell with sauerkraut

<WaltP> Liver JellO

<WaltP> It's a new formula, Kurt

> Cod Liver Oil JellO

<billp> what did they call suerkraut in the war years

<KM99> Head Cheese Jell-O. Hmmmmm.

<kurt3> Doesn't work with uncooked pineapple, or kiwi fruit, either

> Bill - Oh oh...I know that...heck...

<Tanya> icky stuff that sen-sen.......but you must try it! It's a flavor that can't be described!

<Mikewats> Coppertone Jell-O

<WaltP> Crawdad JellO

> Argh

> Bill - What was it? Like American Slaw or something?

<KM99> MW - Tha's just a bit too tropical a taste for me!

> German Fries were called American Fries during WWI.

> They're still called American Fries.

<Mikewats> Bean Sprout Jell-O

<billp> it was something, my mom knows,,

> Daikon Radish JellO

<billp> i cant remember...

<KM99> Liberty Cabbage

<WaltP> No, American fries are different, aren't they?

> That's it!

<kurt3> Sauerkraut became Dutch cabbage during WWI

<Mikewats> Vicks Vapo-Rub Jell-O

> Walt - It's that thick cut, hashbrown sort of thing.

> MW - LOL

<WaltP> But German Measels stayed the same ;--)

> California Condor JellO

<Mikewats> You can eat it, or spread it on your chest!

<Tanya> Mary once made Jack a vick's vapor rub omlet!

<billp> that would be limited quantities tho laura

<WaltP> Great as a floor cleaner, too

<KM99> Tanya - Good call

> Lucky Strike JellO

<kurt3> Know whose show Jell-O sponsored during WWII?

<Tanya> Henry Aldrich?

<billp> jack also had a mustard plaster or something and ended up waxing his chest

> There's a show where Rochester put a mustard plaster on Jack's chest without shaving him, and Phil rips it off.

<WaltP> Henry Aldrich

<kurt3> The commercials didn't disappear completely. Jell-O sponsored Kate Smith

> Bill - Hey! :)

<kurt3> Also the Aldrich Family

<Mikewats> L.S.M.F.J.?

<Tanya> Jack also used his toaster for a heater for his bed

<KM99> MW- LOL

> Kurt - Interesting. You'd think they'd go to a less popular show since they switched Jack off because of sugar rationing.

> But I guess they were less popular.

> General Tire JellO

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura


> This game always makes me laugh.

<Mikewats> "Good Jell-O To All From Rexall!"

> Swan Soap JellO

<KM99> Almost Extinct Flavours - Duckbill Platipus Jell-O


> Johnson's Wax JellO

<Ari> Mike, isn't that L.S.M.F.T.?

> Lucky Strike Makes Fine JellO

<billp> Laura, do you have the bill stern --jack benny guest clip in the archive

<KM99> KMIT Jell-O

> Bill - Sure do. You need it?

<Ari> Oops


<Mikewats> Sal Hapetica Jell-O

<WaltP> Me too. I have ALL the Bill Stern shows (he says smugly)

<billp> i wanna hear it sometime.. i have heard lots about it.. and about bill stern...what a character!!!!

<KM99> Yes, please

> OK, who doesn't know the significance of KMIT?

<WaltP> ME

<KM99> Kuss Mir Im Tuckas

<WaltP> Radio station?

> Bill - E-mail me about it and I'll get you set up

<billp> KMIT?

<kurt3> Kiss My Ass in Yiddish

<billp> sure will

> KM - Kiss Mir Im Tuchas

> OK, Kurt or KM gets to tell the story.

<KM99> Okay, so I missed the hard H

<WaltP> Ahhh, a new phrase. Kinda like DILLIGAS

> Walt - Or SNAFU

<kurt3> Mel Blanc had KMIT on his license plate


<kurt3> He'd tell people it stood for Know Me In Truth

> KM - That's OK...I'm not going by YIVO spelling rules.

<kurt3> But that's not what it stood for

<KM99> Damn, I type too slow

> He had that until he died.

<billp> mels kid didnt do any of the voices in the new movie?

<kurt3> Don't think so. There are plenty of people who can do the voices now, and electronic distortion does the rest, of course.

> I don't think Noel's involved in the WB characters, but I could be wrong. Sorry he couldn't come to 39 Forever.

<WaltP> SUSFU is the sequel to SNAFU

<KM99> What kinda of a FUBAR SNAFU is this keyboard anyway???

<WaltP> Must be a QWERTY

<billp> i think they used mels voice for the car.. i thought noel had learned all the voices before mel died.. i was disappointed not so see him inthe credits


<Tanya> Laura - thanks for giving me the gasman episode date---listened to it while internet was down!

<billp> i wouldnt have laughed as hard had i known it wasnt a blanc

<WaltP> OK Laura, what's FIIGMO

> Tanya - Great! Happy to help.

<WaltP> Oh

<Mikewats> Sounds like a Swedish sandwich cookie...

> FIIGMO Newton

<billp> ok, its my bedtime.. i really have to work these days.. its sucks but its nice to pay the bills again

<KM99> Goodnight Bill

<Mikewats> NIght, Bill

> Take care Bill. Have a good holiday if I don't talk with you!

<billp> u will, i hope

<kurt3> I must depart as well

<KM99> Goodnight JimBob

<KM99> Goodnight Kurt

<kurt3> Have a great Hannukah/Christmas, everyone

> Good night, Kurt. Take care!

> Don't forget Kwanzaa

<KM99> Soooo Mike Amo and I were hanging around in downtown Calgary one afternoon.....

> So what else is up?

> Two guys go into a bar

<KM99> He had a bunch of photos to develop and we decided to crash a country radio station to meet the DJs

<WaltP> And one says...

> Two guys go into a country radio station

<Mikewats> "I said, you have a FIIGMO in your ear"

<WaltP> Sounds like a good gig to have, KM

<KM99> He got kissed by two hot radio chicks and I got to shake their hand

> KM - Were they siamese twins?

<KM99> Nah, but Mike is a great talkeer....

> "Turn down the music!" "What?" "Turn down the music!" "I can't hear you, the music's too loud!"

> See what fun happens when IJBFC members get together...

<KM99> It was good to spend the day with him. It's a shame we can't get together as a club more often.

<WaltP> So is anyone gonna come to the Midwest and hang with me?

> Speaking of 39 Forever, that makes me think of Gisele, and that makes me think of the next issue of the Times

> and that makes me think that subscriptions are due. So remember to re-up!

<KM99> LL - I was thinking we might consider publishing a directory of willing members for such informal get-togethers.

> KM - I've thought about that, but I've had some bad experiences in the past when it doesn't work out.

> Someone stole some stuff from someone once, and it was unfortunate.

<Ari> In February, there were some JB events here in LA at Canter's restaurant & the Museum of TV & Radio. Was that sponsored by this group?

> Ari - Sure was. That was 39 Forever.

<Ari> Oh

<WaltP> That reminds me. How about a cheat sheet for the picture of the group at the Benny Statue...

> Walt - Oh, on Charlie's CD?

> Which I just happen to have under my left hand...

<WaltP> I guess. It's also the one he emails

> OK, Jack and I are at the top.

> Going from the left

<Ari> Laura, will there be more such events in L.A.?

> Dan, my husband

<KM99> I'm in there too - off to the far far left

<KM99> I mean far far right

> Eddie Carroll, billp, alicefaye, KM99, radiomaster, and Charlie Willer

<KM99> I must be thinking of the wrong pic

> Ari - I'm not arranging anything at the moment. If I know about it, I'll certainly put it on the Web site.

> KM - Are you thinking of the close up in the restaurant?

<Ari> Thank you

<KM99> No - the pic I had taken with my camera

> If you go to Goodies and then Waukegan, look at the photo galleries. Same photo should have names attached somewhere in there.

> KM - Oh...did I get that?

> Notice how the big people anchor the four sides of the picture.

<WaltP> So you're at Jack's elbow.... Thanks. Now I'll caption the image.

<KM99> By the way, I have to say this.... Charlie was absolutely fantastic in supporting the Waukegan show. He drove all the way to Illiinois with a door strapped to the roof of his car!!!

> Walt - Yup...as'me.

> KM - Charlie's a great guy. He used to engineer for me in my radio days in Indiana. So if anyone's not seen the page under Featured Items about the Waukegan CD, take a look at it.

<Tanya> I'd better get to bed.....talk to you later!

> Take care, Tanya!

<KM99> Seeya next time, Tanya!

> So what else is going on?

> After 2 hours, it's a free-for-all.

<KM99> So Laura. The Big Question... What's happening with the Genessee Theatre Grand Re-Opening?

> KM - Ahhhhhh. Good question.

> KM - I need to call Steve Kolber and see what's up with that. It's on my to do list.

<KM99> I'd love to be there for that

> Right now, they're talking about next Spring.

> Oh, and I got an E-mail from Rancho Cucamonga that they're going to be moving their statue to its permanent home with their performing arts center.

> So you may see something happening here.

> there, I mean.

<KM99> LL - What kind of feedback did you get from Michael, Bobby & joan from 39 Forever?

<KM99> Whoops - Joan, I mean

> KM - Oh, they were quite happy with it. Joan gave me a big hug at the end of the Friars' evening, and Michael gave me a lovely gift. Didn't get much chance to talk with Bobby, but he's doing well.

> They're expecting their first child, you know. If you don't know, look at "Benny Family Expands" under featured items.

> The family is very supportive, and I really appreciate that. It's very rewarding to get that kind of feedback from people who were actually related to Jack.

<KM99> - Bobby & Cynthiagot my congrats a while back

> KM - For their marriage or their upcoming baby?

<KM99> Bobby cleared the baby thing with me in LA. It's cool.

> KM - Wow...I didn't know you had that much control over Cynthia.

<KM99> Nah. I'm just being silly. We chatted at the Friars for a bit. Actually, I think I talked to everyone that night.

> KM - Yeah, you hung out with the Ink Spots, got kissed by Full Contact (talk about full contact), and got bought drinks by Budd Friedman!

> You go, fella!

<KM99> It was a night to remember! And the morning after was even better!!

> Not to mention being the cleanup crew...

> And just how often can one say that?!?! :)

<Ari> Is that the Budd Friedman who owns or owned the Improv on Melrose?

> Ari - Sure is.

<KM99> LL - Not everyone has to know about the maid's cart, you know....

> KM - Hey, ***I*** didn't give any details, y'know.

<Ari> I live a block & a half from the Improv but I will move soon

> Ari - Is that because of Budd?

<KM99> Okya, so I had a Maid In Manhatten moment in Hooywood. Sheesh!

<KM99> Hollywood

> KM - Hey, you're the one spillin' your guts, not me blowin' the whistle! :)

<WaltP> Hooywood was accurate....

> One of the most fun places to find "alternate" names for Hollywood is in Tijuana Bibles.

<Ari> No, not at all. I actually only met him once when I was there to watch a show. He and a woman (I assume his wife) were very friendly

> Hooeywood, Sillywood, etc.

> They could do great turns of phrases back then.

<WaltP> Don't forget my favorite, Hollyweird

> Apologies to the rest of the crowd who don't know what KM and I are talking about...you sort of had to be there.

<_bill> Laura, a question about your tapes.. are the cigarette ads cut out?

<KM99> At 39 Forever, there was a scheduled lineup of young comics and Bud was checking them out. He bought me drinks and chatted for a good part of the night.

> _bill - It depends on the source. I don't cut out anything. But some of them that are AFRS releases may have done that.

<Ari> This was a very interesting chat. I hope to chat with you again in January.

> And one of the comics checked out KM.

> Same here, Ari. Hope to see you then!

<WaltP> Oh?

<_bill> i'm finding its the radio staions that re-air them like wrvo cut the ads

<Ari> Happy Chanukah

<KM99> I looked very dashing that night, thank you very much!

<WaltP> They shouldn't.

<KM99> Goodnight Ari!

> KM - You did!

<WaltP> These are no longer ads but nostalgic memories.

> _bill - When I was airing them back in the 80s, there was some talk about whether I should do that, too. But I didn't.

<WaltP> I believe the FCC ruled that shows can be aired uncut.

> WaltP - Yes, although those JellO ads are practically insidious!

<KM99> In Calgary, QR77 plays OTR 2 hours each night and they leave all the commercials in.

<_bill> is there a way to stop volcano chat from scrolling?

> _bill - How do you mean?

> Erasing the page and starting over?

<_bill> it sems every once in a while it clears the screen and can't scroll back

<Mikewats> Yeah, it just does that

> No, that's a "feature". I think the queue gets full and it clears itself. Hate that when I'm trying to capture the conversation.

<KM99> Hey - here's a tip - QR77 does internet streaming so everyone can get OTR 2 hours a night... WWW.QR77.COM

<_bill> in any case, the sportsmans songs are missing on a lot of the shows i've heard

<WaltP> While the question is posed, are there any commands other than just messages that can be made....

> _bill - I bet you're hearing AFRS versions.

<WaltP> Hey, just happened to me!!!

<_bill> perhaps but these are much later

> Walt - Look under Options and there are a few.

<WaltP> I thing volano should add a little better "buffer full" logic.

> But it has mostly to do with people coming in/out and counts.

<Mikewats> A majorBritish medical journal just called for prohibition of smoking...if it ever comes to *that*, I can't imagine what will happen to those old shows

> Walt - I agree with you. And there should be a capture function so I don't have to do this lousy cut-and-paste thing.

> MW - Well, then they'll be able to play all the commercials they want!

<_bill> does anyone know of a list of AFRS shows, or when they stopped doing them?

<Mikewats> LOL, I guess you could look at it that way

> An amazing thought coming out of Europe, where smoking is still so much more prevalent than here.

> _bill - That's part of the research I'm doing right now. Wait a year or two and I'll have it.

<WaltP> the commands I'm thinking of are like "/nick NewName" to change your display name

> MW - Advertisements for snake oil!

<Mikewats> Yeah, it was pretty startling to red

<_bill> i have a lot of the early ones sorted

<Mikewats> read, even

> Walt - No, I think Volano is pretty slim.

<KM99> Anyway, LL, I realise that you've had a heck of a year... and the club has definately moved into high gear this last eighteen months. I'm not trying to push - but I'd love it if we could arrange some kind of annual Fan Club gathering...

<_bill> i'm trying to sort which versions of which show clips are

> KM - I'd do that if it wasn't so doggone much work and took so much out of my pocket. It would have to be a lot slimmer than 39 Forever.

> I'm just glad that my company was in shutdown mode most of the time and I could spend 4-6 hours of my workday on 39 Forever. Couldn't do that now!

<KM99> LL - I'll keep the cheques coming....

> KM - :) I didn't mean that as a hint. Thank you.

> KM - Maybe YOU want to arrange one.

<Mikewats> Every time I see the word "Volano," I hear Domenico Modugno singing...

<KM99> LL - Is that a mandate???

> KM - I dunno...give me a proposal!

<KM99> I would like to stage a train ride from LA to Chicago sometime...maybe to coincide with the Genesse Theater thingie.

<_bill> "Around the world" was afrs, correct?

> KM - I'm game for that. Let's see if there's a "firm" date for Genesee and then think about it.

<WaltP> Yeah, a Midwest Gettogether!

<KM99> _Bill - Correct

> _bill - Yup. And now around the world, the Jack Benny Program!

<_bill> and during the war years they announced it at the end or played that music

<_bill> and usually only ran 25 min.

> _bill - If the music played long enough, you'd hear "They Say It's Wonderful"

<KM99> LL - Fan club members can join the train in progress and then stage some events in Waukegan.

> I don't know the name of the first jumpy number they used to use.

> KM - I could see that happening. Maybe Eddie could come with us on the train.

<_bill> is they say its wonderfull the piano?

> _bill - That's it. It's very schmaltzy.

<WaltP> After X-1 AFRS played the Jupiter Suite from Holst's "The Planets"

<KM99> LL - I'd pay his fare if he would.

<_bill> its an odd seque after the jumpy

> _bill - Yes, a very stark transition.

> KM - Let's keep it in mind. I'll try to see if I can raise Steve in the next week or so.

<KM99> LL - That would be fun.

<_bill> WaltP its too bad there isn't more documentation on afrs material

> KM - Just keep in mind that the theatre was supposed to be done on several dates over the past year plus, so don't make any official arrangements yet.

<_bill> was it all supposed to have been destroyed?

> I want a log of Mail Call episodes so I can date the Benny ones!

<WaltP> The only way I fount that out is I recognized the music when my wife was playing some classical stuff. Took me a week or to to remember where I heard it...

<KM99> LL - I know. I saw the theatre and it needed lots of work..

> I'm just playing over the Jupiter Suite in my mind...that's some pretty intense music...

> KM - Should look at the Web page on it, but I don't know how up to date it is.

<KM99> LL - Mail call shows were numbered only. The various AFRS stations played the discs when they received them.

> Oh, and they've put the plaque that used to be on Jack's home in the square.

> KM - Aha! That explains that mystery. Thanks.

> Hey KM...what happens when I do this...

<WaltP> They don't have Mail Call, though

<KM99> I don't know... what

> You get anything?

<KM99> Nope

<KM99> My ESP Helmet is in for repairs.

> I saw an option under "People" that said "Ring KM99"...so I didn't know what it was.

<_bill> radiogoldindex is also intersting log type stuff

> Maybe you need to turn on audio alerts.

<Mike Amo> back...hi y'all

<KM99> Hey Mike!!

> hey Mike...I was just going to note you'd gone over time.

<Mike Amo> Howdy KM!

<Mike Amo> I know, pesky Christmas!

> KM was telling stories about you in Calgary

<Mike Amo> Uh oh

> and all those women you attracted

<Mike Amo> I'll have to look at the transcript

<Mike Amo> Oh, you heard {:oP

<KM99> Mike is a charmer with the ladies

> Of course. Just look at the photos of him with Gisele and Rose Marie!

<Mike Amo> KM made sure I'd make my flight...wouldn't have made it without his help

> That's payback time for him making his flight in LA.

<Mike Amo> And without either of us killing anyone along the road

<Mike Amo> lol, that's right!

<KM99> Mike - how was the Stargate Con?

<WaltP> Radiogoldindex.com DOES look good -- and Mail Call is listed with 92 entries.

> Ah, what I wouldn't give for a Canter's Fairfax sandwich right now.

<Mike Amo> lol, Laura, I forgot about Rose Marie!

<WaltP> Looks like it's just a log of existing episodes, though. Not broadcast episodes.

<_bill> if you're just looking for titles i can give you another site

> Walt - Hm. I think I've got Mail Calls numbered higher than 92.

> I was looking for dates. But it looks like there are none to be had. But I do have numbers.

<KM99> WaltP - Radiogoldindex is one of the best resources for show contents on the web. But It's limited to the shows he actually has in his possession.

<_bill> seems like afrs stops in the 90s a lot :-)

<_bill> or they start renumbering

> Yes, it's a very good index. Haven't spent a lot of time there since I'm siloed on Jack, but I like what I've seen.

<_bill> jack there includes some tv

<Mikewats> Well, I'm off to take Ollie for his evening walk...happy December, everybody!

<KM99> LL - My last Mail Call is numbered 320 and aired on 1948-11-01

<WaltP> That's what it looked like KM. That's why I prefer Jerry's logs ultimately.

> Take care MW...see you in January!

<KM99> Seeya MW

> KM - So how do you account for the date on that one?

<Mike Amo> Cya Mike

<KM99> LL - US Airdate

> So is there a way of getting US airdates for earlier episodes?

<Mike Amo> One of these days, I have to see what I have here...I used to have a list somewhere

<KM99> If a show isn't notated, there isn't a US transcript disc.

> KM - Aha...so it's copied from one of the circulation discs.

> That makes sense.

<KM99> brb

> Hey Mike, now you can tell stories about KM.

<Mike Amo> hmmm

> Two guys go into a bar...

<Mike Amo> lol, easier to read for now, stack o phone calls yet

> Got it. Well, I haven't had dinner yet, so was thinking about closing down for this month. Been a good evening.

<Mike Amo> aww shucks

<_bill> they always are

> Thanks to the good contributors like yourselves!

> If you want to hang around, feel free.

<Mike Amo> Well, can tell you that Eric got calls every few seconds, lol

<WaltP> Three guys are walking down the street.

<Mike Amo> he has a huge following

<WaltP> Two the them walk into a bar....

<Mike Amo> Anne says goodnight y'all

> A Priest, a Minister, and a Rabbi go into a bar...and the bartender says, "What is this, a joke?"

> Goodnight Anne!

<WaltP> g'night Gracie!

> Irene goodnight...Irene goodnight...

> Take care and have a good holiday, whatever you may be celebrating!

> We're a little late folks...

<WaltP> Good Night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are!

<Mike Amo> lol

<Mike Amo> j-e-l-l-oooooohh

> Kenny Baker comes through the courtesy of Mervyn LeRoy.

> This is the National Broadcasting Company

> Bong...bong...bong

<WaltP> Next, My Son Jeep...

<KM99> Hey,. I'm back and everyone is leaving. Shucks!