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<donwilson> im aiming for the red bulls eye

<Michael> Hi Laura

Hey guys!

<RadioMaster> LL!!

<kurt> So I'm watching CBS at 75

<donwilson> guess there isnt anyone left to go to the cbs birthday party

<kurt> "Live" from the Hammerstein Theater

Kurt - Let us know if they mention anyone we know.

<RadioMaster> brb

RM! How you doing?

<kurt> Jack just whizzed by

So how is everyone tonight?

<donwilson> its the lucky strike program starring laura leff......

<donwilson> oops. missed my cue

<kurt> But the real reason I mention it is Loretta Swit

<Michael> I have a burning question that relates to the show... what is at Pico & Sepulveda???

Hey Barbara!

<Michael> Hi Barbara

<kurt> Too many face lifts

<Barbara> Hi everybody!

Michael - Well, Pico is where the "new" Jewish district is now...

<kurt> Think Peggy Lee, the later years

<donwilson> hi barb

<Michael> Ok

<Barbara> I think Pico and Sepulveda are just funny names.

<Alex Buck> Evening all.

I was saying to Dan that CBS at 75 will probably go back no further than Newhart, like NBC.

<kurt> Oh great, there's Jed Clampett!

Hi Alex!

<Barbara> Welcome back, Laura.

<Michael> do Pico & Sepulveda even intersect? or is it like Anaheim Azusa & Cucamonga?

Thanks, Barbara.

<RadioMaster> I'm back

Pico and Sepulveda probably intersect just east of the 5.

<Michael> wb RM

<Michael> ok

<Alex Buck> Speaking of Newhart, did anyone catch his cameo on ER last Thursday?

<Barbara> I think they intersect.

Someone go to Mapquest and enter Pico and Sepulveda.

<kurt> Isn't that where the Owl Drugstore was?

<RadioMaster> I did Alex, good show

> Although I have to admit that the intersection would not be on Jack's way to work...about 1-2 miles south of his house.

<Barbara> Rochester blew a line on the show. He doesn't do that too often.

> Barbara - I noticed that.

<Michael> sounded like it was more on the way to the Doctor's office

<kurt> No one blew lines that often.

<Alex Buck> Radio Master- It looked like that they are going to have him back next week. It'll be interesting to see what they do with his character.

Alex/RM - How does Newhart look?

<RadioMaster> kurt, I wonder if they ever found the shilling

<Michael> Hi Ari

<donwilson> did they use that red bulls eye jingle very long..?

<Barbara> Did you notice that Jack used the names of his relatives--Gordon and Fenchel.

Kurt - Actually in the 30s, you'll hear it from time to time.

Barbara - I know! What an in-joke.

<kurt> They wouldn't blow lines on both the East and West coast broadcasts, though

<Michael> loved the sportsmens commercial

<Alex Buck> They had Newhart with an eye disorder so I'm not sure if they did any makeup for his eyes or not

<Barbara> He does that every so often but most people wouldn't know it.

Kurt - True, although I'm not positive when they really started transcribing.

<Alex Buck> They said that the character was 71 years old. Newhart must be around that himself.

I heard one recently where Fred Allen blew a line.

<Ari> Hi

Hi Ari!

<Ari> Hi, Laura

<RadioMaster> Hi ari

<Michael> Hi again Ari :-)

<Alex Buck> How were Gordon and Fenchel related to Jack?

<Ari> Hi, Michael

<Barbara> Fenchel was his sister's married name and Gordon was a cousin.

<Ari> Hi, RadioMaster

<Alex Buck> Say Laura, at one time you mentioned that there was a long story about Jack sister Florence not having a headstone for quite awhile.

<donwilson> they pick up the newhart thing on er next episode

Leonard Fenchel (brother-in-law) and Chas/Cliff/etc. Gordons.

Alex - She still doesn't. I was waiting to finish up the 39 Forever dollars before pursuing that.

<Michael> Was it just me or was Frank Nelson's Character nicer to Jack than normal?

If anyone would like to contribute to Florence's grave marker, E-mail me at jackbenny@aol.com

<Alex Buck> Did Florence not have children to look after such things?

And was Mary's character more tough and bossy than normal?

> Alex - Florence had no children. She really didn't have much family left after Jack died.

<Ari> It was good to hear Jack call the doctor, and then the doctor (Frank Nelson) respond "Yeeeeeess". That was music to my ears.

<Barbara> Florence didn't have any children as far as I know.

Doctors Frank Nelson and Mel Blanc with nurse Bea Benaderet...what a set.

<Michael> yes

<Barbara> Jack had a small family. Joan once said they could have a pigeon or something for dinner.

Jack's lines about "I wonder what she looks like without..." were rather racy for the time.

<Ari> Michael, I think Frank Nelson was nicer to Jack than usual. I missed his usual witty sarcasm.

<Alex Buck> Jack got a little suggestive about wondering how the nurse would look without her uniform

<Michael> true

And what a routine about the barium...such a funny thing to do a routine on...

<Barbara> He said they used a little sex on the show once in awhile.

<Michael> Ari: I thought it was a nice change of pace

<donwilson> well gildy thought eve goodwin was hottie too

<kurt> Wow, it's just a medley of sitcom moments.

<Alex Buck> I loved Dennis's line about swallowing the door knob and then finding that everything turned his stomach

<Michael> too bad we can't do like what the docs said Phil did :-)

<Michael> Dennis had a great line there

Alex - Yes, I noticed that once in a while they like to give Dennis some great groaner pun.

<Barbara> What's that?

<Ari> Alex, yes that was a great line that Dennis had

> Jack keeps singing the Eddie Cantor Depression song "Now's the Time to Fall in Love", but notes that it doesn't fit after the war.

<Michael> I'll never be able to listen to "Listen to the Mockingbird" again without cracking up

<donwilson> so did you notice that LL has been very active on the OTR newsletter past couple of days?

And that's a really long silence/sound effects for Jack to plant the orange seeds!

<Michael> so that's where that song came from.... ok :-)

don - Well, I'm just starting to catch up on them.

<donwilson> they sure planted the seeds in real time

<Alex Buck> The orange seed planting was a lol moment for me

<Ari> I think I noticed 2 errors, one that Rochester did & the other that Phil did in their lines. Were those errors?

<RadioMaster> how's the new job, LL?

Michael - Yeah, it goes "Potatoes are cheaper, tomatoes are cheaper, now's the time to fall in love..."

<Alex Buck> What did Phil mess up?

Ari - What was Phil's error?

<kurt> A hit for Eddie Cantor

<Michael> Ok

<donwilson> now getting back to 39 forever.. laura.. that was a "telegraphed" gag.. and it was still funny

<Alex Buck> Maybe the Eddie Cantor jingle wasn't appropriate because of the food inflation after the war?

<Ari> I Can't recall what those were, but it sounded as if they produced even more laughs from it.

<Michael> which is probably why they used it

Don - Which was...the orange seeds?

Alex - That's what I thought.

<donwilson> the oragne seeds

<Ari> I did notice Jack saying he was 38. When did he become 39 on his show?

Ari - Well, I think Jack giving him grief for blowing the line got the laugh in Roch's case.

<kurt> He became 39 after the war

Ari - In 1949 he said he was turning 40, but was still 39. So I presume he did 39 in 1948.

<donwilson> the war aged us all.. its doing so again too!

<Ari> It's about time

Don - So why is that considered a telegraphed joke?

<RadioMaster> wb Alex

<Alex Buck> I was making sure that the episode we listened to was 1947

> I still don't have a firm grasp of what a "telegraphed" joke means.

<donwilson> i always thought a telegraphed joke was one so trite that EVERYONE already could see it coming

<Barbara> Is it one where you guess the punch line?

<RadioMaster> very well explained, Don

<donwilson> thats just my definition.. i remember them talking bout the technique in the sessions tho

Don - Yes, or I thought it might be one that was "tipped off" prior to the actual punch line.

Say, wasn't "Bloop Bleep" a popular song of the time? I think I've heard it (Roch says it in his sleep)

<Alex Buck> I thought that he was just waking up

<donwilson> say, folks.. i have to go to my nephews birthday party.. I may be back

Take care, Don! Enjoy!

<RadioMaster> bye Don

<Alex Buck> Say happy birthday for us

<Ari> Bye, Don

<donwilson> maybe later

<Michael> Bye Don

Wish I had my 78s in a database...could look up the song title straightaway...maybe in a few years.

<Michael> I just wish I still had my 78's

<Ari> Is this donwilson related to the Don Wilson from the Jack Benny show?

I also noticed that "I Want to Be Happy" is used as the closing theme instead of 'Hooray for Hollywood"

Ari - I think he's the gent who plays Don Wilson in the Not Ready for Sunday at Seven Players.

Do you know RM?

(RM plays Dennis Day in that group.0

<Michael> neato

<Ari> What group is this?

Seems like the ending of this show didn't have a lot of punch to it...just Jack humming his way out...

<RadioMaster> Ahh.. to listen to "Cigareeetes and Whushkey, and Wild, Wild Women" again (sigh) [Sun Nov 02 17:22:46 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt1 has no profile.

Ari - The Not Ready for Sunday At Seven Players?

<Ari> Yes

RM - Har har

<kurt1> Oh, gosh. Angela Lansbury

> Ari - That's the group within the IJBFC that does recreations. We did one at the Waukegan statue unveiling, and again at 39 Forever.

<Alex Buck> Lansbury seems pretty spry

<Ari> Oh

Kurt - In the Manchurian Candidate? Cool!

<kurt1> She's had a recent eye job.

<Michael> she got started when she was pretty much a kid... didn't she?

<RadioMaster> Ido not know, LL, although it DOES ring a bell from many a chat ago.

<Alex Buck> She was needing one

A $1 million policy would have been huge in 1947.

<Barbara> She was 17 when she made Gaslight.

<kurt1> Jim Nabors needs to let a little grey creep in.

<Alex Buck> I think Landsbury's first movie was as a maid in Spencer Tracy's Hyde & Jekyl

<Michael> ok

<Alex Buck> Darn it, you're right it was Gas light

<kurt1> No, she was in Gaslight

<Barbara> No, I think her first movie was as a maid in Gaslight.

Speaking of telegraphed gags...how many people DIDN'T know that it would be Jack in the kitchen?

Someone look up Landsbury on IMDB...

<Alex Buck> Yep, yep, you guys are right

<Barbara> She was suppsed to smoke a cigarette in Gaslight but was only 17 so they had to wait until she turned 18 to shoot the scene.

<Ari> Didn't Lansbury have a role in the Liz Taylor movie with Mickey Rooney about a horse racer?

<Michael> I figured He would be :-)

Ari - National Velvet? [Sun Nov 02 17:25:46 GMT-08:00 2003] Ben: Lawrence University

<Michael> Hi Ben

Hi Ben!

<Barbara> I could tell from the way Don said it that it was Jack.

<RadioMaster> hi ben

<Ben> Hello!

<Ari> That's it! I couldn't remember the name

<Ari> Hi, Ben

<Michael> I'll be right back... am going to check out Mapquest

So what's this Community Chest that Jack was talking about at the end of the show?

<Barbara> Is this Ben as in Benny?

Ben - Your last name's not Kubelsky, is it?

<Ben> Well, unfortunately, I wasn't named after Jack Benny, no :)

<Ari> Did Lansbury have a role in National Velvet & when was her first movie produced?

<Alex Buck> Community Chest = Monopoly board game?

Alex - That's all I know it as.

<Barbara> I don't know as it is still around. One week he did the Red Cross so he doesn't show favorites.

<Barbara> I remember the red feather but I'm older than you are.

> With Jack having his clothes off in the show, "community chest" meant something different to me at that moment.

<Alex Buck> HaHa [Sun Nov 02 17:28:04 GMT-08:00 2003] Ben: Lawrence U

Barbara - Well, I wasn't going to tell anyone. :)

WB Ben

<RadioMaster> blush

<Alex Buck> I did like the subtle music for stripping

<Ben> Thanks.. I got disconnected [Sun Nov 02 17:28:36 GMT-08:00 2003] Michael: Brightstar2761@netzero.net

<Michael> Hi again everyone

So what else did you think of the show for this evening?

<Barbara> Do they still use barium anymore?

Barbara - I think they do, but not sure.

<kurt1> Community Chest was the original United Way

Kurt - Really? I thought the United Way existed back then.

<Michael> It was very funny

<Alex Buck> Did the show seemed a little slow paced to anyone else?

<kurt1> Nope.

<RadioMaster> good point, Kurt

<Michael> no

<Barbara> I liked the first show, but I think I liked the Giselle show better.

<Alex Buck> Maybe I need to check the batteries in my tape recorder

Alex - Do you mean slow as in speed, or slow as in pacing of jokes?

> I noticed there seemed to be a lot of sound effect segments in it, or Jack humming, or whatever.

<Alex Buck> I thought the pacing of jokes myself. At first I thought maybe it was a later show or an Armed Service version. I noticed that Dennis's song was cut out.

<Michael> am wondering... would they have really done the commercial the way Jack said they did?

<Michael> (the gun firing that is)

> That catchphrase of "keep your eye on the red bullseye BING" was very similar to the catchphrase of "ring the bell for Pall Mall BING"

<RadioMaster> it might have been a week where Jack was really bust or something

<RadioMaster> busy, that is

> Alex - Did you get the version from the Web page?

<Ari> I assume this was a radio show, being in 1947. I guess radio needs a lot more sound effects than TV where you could see what's going on

<Alex Buck> Surely it was a cap gun in front of a live audience

RM - *snicker* Still thinking about the Community Chest, eh?

<RadioMaster> hehe

<Ben> haha

<Michael> :-)

Ari - Well, Jack was well-known for doing that (spending time on pauses and sound effects).

<Alex Buck> I listened to a copy I got from crispy.com. Was it different than the one on the web page?

Alex - Ours had Dennis' song and the ads, so it must be.

<kurt1> The crispy.com versions all seem to be West Coast broadcasts

<Alex Buck> Wow, didn't realize that!

<Michael> me either

<Ari> On TV, he had wonderful timing on his pauses and stares after a funny line or after something happens to him

> Kurt - I can't imagine he had a lot of choice in East vs. West Coast

<Barbara> Speaking of Gaslight, Jack wanted to do a parody of it but the studio wouldn't give permission. I don't know as they ever did it.

> Barbara - Yes they did. Do you have the log 39 Forever? I put a short version of the story there.

<Michael> I remember seeing that when I had to use the NY times for some research

<Alex Buck> I suppose that would explain why I didn't know Phil fluffed his line. The version I heard didn't have it in it.


<Barbara> Yes, I have 39 Forever. I didn't see that.

Rerun 1-11-59

Barbara - page 58, under "other television notes"

<Barbara> Thanks


So what other thoughts on this evening's show...or anything Benny-related?

<Barbara> Can I mention the Gisele show?

<kurt1> I have a Kenny Baker story to share

Barbara - By all means!

Kurt - Ah, blowing the whistle, eh?

<Ari> Did Benny stop radio when he started TV, or did he ever overlap the two?

<Barbara> Should we hear the Kenny Baker story first?

<kurt1> He did both for five years

Ari - Overlapped 1950-1955.

<Alex Buck> Dirt?

<Michael> Ari yes he overlapped the 2

<kurt1> Not dirt, actually

> Ari - That's why Hal and Al (Hal Goldman and Al Gordon...aka "the Kids") were brought on, to support the TV writing.

<kurt1> Let's just say when Jack said "Sing, Kenny!" he didn't mean what Kenny did in 1939.

<Ari> Oh

<Barbara> Laura, did you know that Gisele was ill when we saw her in Feb?

Barbara - Yes, I did. [Sun Nov 02 17:38:07 GMT-08:00 2003] Mike Amo: Actually at Home!

<Barbara> Did she tell you?

Barbara - But I didn't want to advertise it. It was pretty private.

<RadioMaster> Mike!!

> Hey Mike!

<Alex Buck> Kurtl - I'm nursing a cold and feeling a little thick tonight. What am I missing about the "sing ,Kenny" bit?

<Ari> IS Gisele ok now?

<RadioMaster> Mike, remember driving to the Friar's Club?

<Barbara> No.

Ari - Well........................................you could say that.

Ari - She passed away.

<Mike Amo> Hi Laura, Barbara, Alex, Ari, RM

<Mike Amo> Oh yes

<kurt1> Kenny "sang" before a federal grand jury in New York in 1938

Ari - Look at the In Memoriam link on the home page www.jackbenny.org

<Barbara> Hi Mike.

<Mike Amo> I remember

<Ari> I didn't know. When?

<Ari> I'll find it

<Michael> a couple of chats ago now

<RadioMaster> I'll never forget

<Mike Amo> Hi hurt, Michael, anyone I'm missing

<Alex Buck> nicely phrased Laura

Ari - A couple months ago. Click the link and it should have an exact date.

<Michael> Hi Mike Amo

<Mike Amo> Kenny sang to the grandy jury? {:-O

<Barbara> I thought she did a good job on "Young at heart."

<kurt1> He didn't have any choice. He was subpoenaed.

<Michael> I'm here folks... just trying to figure out an aerial shot of the corner mentioned in tonights show :-)

<Mike Amo> I figured...what about?

Michael - Darnit that it's not a 1947 aerial shot.

<kurt1> The grand jury was convened for the "smuggling' case of 1939

<kurt1> For which George Burns and Jack were convicted.

<Michael> I know... but it's all I have to work on atm

<Mike Amo> Iwas unable to run the show...it said the operation failed to execute...

<cues creepy music>

Mike - Well, you really didn't want to be executed anyway...

<kurt1> There's JACK!

Kurt - Tell! Tell!

<Alex Buck> Nice 3 second bit.

<kurt1> With Marilyn.

Where's Lew Wasserman!

Kurt - Oh heck, EVERYONE uses that clip.

> I swear, there are more photos of Jack with Marilyn than just about anyone else...and she only appeared on one show!

<kurt1> There's George and Gracie in color

<Alex Buck> I didn't know they did G&G in color

Gee, I didn't know that Gracie HAD color.

<Michael> How many times was jane mansfield on Jack's show? (2 that I know of for sure)

<kurt1> Yep, they did.

<RadioMaster> mine does

Michael - Let's see...

<Alex Buck> They totally snubbed Jack's radio work

12-30-56 and 11-26-63 [Sun Nov 02 17:43:56 GMT-08:00 2003] Ari has no profile.

<Michael> Ok

Alex - Why am I not surprised?

RM - :)

<Michael> was the 56 bit the "purse snatching" bit then?

<Alex Buck> No mention of the switch over from NBC or anything

<kurt1> There's Bob Barker

Michael - Good catch, since they redid the Marilyn Monroe skit with her.

Michael - yes, I believe so...double-checking...

<RadioMaster> she's right here with me

<Michael> now why would CBS advertise a competitor :-)

<Mike Amo> Back...I remember that now...pesky smuggling

Michael - Yup. I love Jack saying, "Please folks, look at me" when she's leaving.

<Mike Amo> How much time did CBS give to Jack tonight?

<Michael> yes! :-)

Mike - Not enough, I'm sure.

<Mike Amo> lol

I was amazed that in a, what, two-hour tribute to Bob Hope, Jack appeared (unmentioned) for about 15 seconds.

<RadioMaster> what a travesty!

> Sort of like "Once upon a time there was Bob Hope, and he worked with Bing Crosby, and the two of them made up showbusiness."

> Even George Burns wasn't mentioned until a passing note toward the end.

> Sad, but there it is. And that's part of the reason we're here!

<Ari> I don't think Bob would have approved

<Michael> sheesh... they could have at least shown Jack's appearance on the 64 thousand dollar Question

<Mike Amo> I've noticed a lot of that too

> I'll resist getting on my soapbox about them crediting Bob with the invention of the smooth-talking MC.

> But anyhow...

> Kurt - Finish your story!

<RadioMaster> Jack did THAT in Vaudeville!!

<Mike Amo> Anne says hi y'all!

> RM - I know! And he leared it from Frank Fay!

> Hi Anne!

<RadioMaster> Bob was BARELY a nobody in vaudeville

> Barbara - You were going to mention something about the Gisele show.

<RadioMaster> sorry [Sun Nov 02 17:49:38 GMT-08:00 2003] Bridget: I'm in Tennessee

> Hi Bridget!

<Michael> Hi Bridget

<Bridget> Hi ya'll!

<Barbara> Yes, I liked it especially since she's gone now. I liked Jack's "proposal" of marriage in the cab.

<RadioMaster> hi bridget

<Alex Buck> So Kurt1, did Kenny stick up for Jack under oath?

> Barbara - Yes, it's a cute bit. Jack goes on for so long that his shpiel must have taken up at least two pages!

<Mike Amo> RM, Bridget is my friend from Tennessee

<Barbara> Yeah. Guess he had to do that for the meter bit.

<RadioMaster> WEEEELLLL

<Mike Amo> Invited her to come on and watch...she'll learn cool Jack Benny stuff

<Alex Buck> Its hard to imagine Jack's radio character getting married

<Bridget> I'm all new about Jack.

<Barbara> Now we'll never know if he and Gisele had an affair.

> Bridget - Have you seen/heard any of his work?

<Michael> I need to head off

<Bridget> no not at all.

> Take care Michael!

<Mike Amo> You don't think Gisele left a tell-all book?

<Michael> Take Care everyone and hope to see you next time

> Mike - I doubt it. She was too much of a lady.

<Bridget> Bye Michael.

<RadioMaster> BYE MICHAEL

<Mike Amo> She has, but only from me, LL

<Mike Amo> Bye Michael

<Mike Amo> Her folks were fans I'm sure

> Mike - Oh that forcible listening, eh? :)

<Bridget> Yes I know they spoke of them before, my parents.

<RadioMaster> you're in good company, Bridget\

<Bridget> aww!

> Bridget - So I'm interested to know...you're here so you must have enjoyed it (or Mike threatened you :) )...

> Bridget - What attracted you as a "new" listener?

> I know the show so deeply that I don't have a deep knowledge of what it is about the show that "grabs" someone who's new to it.

<Bridget> Mike introduced Jack Benny to me and I never heard of him until now.

<Alex Buck> So what would be some good programs to suggest that Bridget check out?

> April 16, 1950 - Jack gives 50 cents to a panhandler.

<Barbara> George Balzer says that happens to him too. He tells people he wrote for Jack Benny and they say "who?" Sad.

<Mike Amo> I'll play her some when she visits...will show her around the area and play them inmy Maxwell

> March 28, 1948 - Your money or your life

<RadioMaster> "king for a Day" [Sun Nov 02 17:55:19 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt2 has no profile.

> Barbara - Yes, Jack's grandkids have the same problem.

<kurt2> Did Kenny stick up for Jack? We'll never know.

<kurt2> But it was his last season on the show.

> Kurt - Is there no record of the testimony?

<kurt2> Around the time of Jack's conviction was option time.

<Barbara> I didn't know Kenny was involved in the smuggling thing.

<kurt2> Grand jury testimony is sealed forever

<Ari> Do you know the story as to how they thought of the response to "Your money or your life"?

> Kurt - I was thinking that Kenny starts getting the "courtesy of Mervyn LeRoy Productions" credit back in 1937, so I wonder if he was starting to break away even then.

<Alex Buck> Barbara - good point. What would Kenny have known about it.

<Mike Amo> LL, I'm a nice guy 0{:o) I wouldn't force Jack Benny on anyone

<Mike Amo> Fred allen maybe...

> Mike - LOL

<kurt2> He wasn't involved in the smuggling, but Jack and Mary apparently met up with him during the summer of 1938 when they were headed to France and he was in London making The Mikado.

<Ben> You mean you don't go out in the street to convert people to Jack Benny fans?

<Barbara> I read the newspaper accounts and Kenny was never mentioned once.

<kurt2> Kenny Baker was the only cast member pulled into the probe.

<Alex Buck> Could Jack have tried to sell something to Kenny?

> Alex - You know, if you said that today it would infer drugs!

<Barbara> Jack said he never wanted to see the d---- things again.

<Alex Buck> sorry

> Alex - No apology necessary...just teasing.

> Barbara - I can't blame him.

> Any other record on John Cahill and whether he was really a jerk?

<Mike Amo> Kenny had senatorial connections?

<Barbara> I don't care for the Sivoney character. Am I alone?

> Mike - Senator Claghorn?

<RadioMaster> Hey, I've got to call it a night, godd talking to everyone!

> Barbara - My fondness for the character is because of his similarity to an old friend of mine.

<Barbara> Was Cahill the judge?

> Take care, RM! Keep in touch!

<Ben> I just thought of another one for Bridget to hear: When they play Jack's song at Carnegie Hall!

<Mike Amo> That's what I like about the South!

<Mike Amo> Bye RM!

> Barbara - But I've heard a person or two complain about it making fun of handicapped people.

<Barbara> That's interesting, Laura. I'm glad there's some redeeming factor.

<Bridget> By RM

<Bridget> Southern are the best!

<Barbara> It just isn't my kind of humor but it cracks Jack up.

> Ben - Hmm....that's a later one...

> Barbara - And I will admit that the old friend has cerebral palsy. But it just sounds like Ron to me, so it makes me laugh.

<Ben> Yeah, you kind of have to get the whole idea of his character first, don't you Laura

> Barbara - Cahill was the prosecuting attorney who lectured Jack and told him to sit up straight.

<Barbara> What was Sivoney's problem? He wasn't drunk, was he?

<Mike Amo> I'm sorry I missed the early part of this?

> Ben - Yes, or be introduced to it on the Jackie Gleason show (Crazy Guggenheim).

<Ben> haha

<Barbara> Then he met Cahill many years later at NBC, is that right?

> Barbara - I was never absolutely positive. It could certainly be construed that way.

<Mike Amo> Who was Sivoney?

> Barbara - Yes, he was one of the lawyers NBC brought in to negotiate with Jack.

> Mike - John L.C.Silvoney...Frank Fontaine on Jack's show.

<Mike Amo> Oh! Lol

<Mike Amo> I've heard Frank on one or two

<Barbara> Jack said he gave him a tremendous tonguelashing at court.

<Mike Amo> I guess he was on this one I couldn't play

<Alex Buck> I always though Savony was just a common everyday slob

> Barbara - It's amazing that of all the people in the world they could have gotten, NBC got Cahill!

<Barbara> He had something wrong with him.

> Mike - No, Barbara just asked if anyone else liked the character because she doesn't.

> Barbara - Who...Silvoney or Cahill? :)

<Alex Buck> CBS said that Newhart was comming up plus a salute to television legends. They still have a chance to redeem themselves on how they've treated Jack

<Mike Amo> Maybe it'll play for me later

<Barbara> It's interesting that Jack would recognize him after all those years. I guess you don't forget something like that. It was the low point of Jack's life.

> Barbara - I think after his courtroom treatment of Jack, you don't forget something like that.

<Barbara> I meant Sivoney.

> Barbara - Maybe both of them.

> Kurt - You still with us?

<Barbara> Do you suppose NBC knew who he was?

> Barbara - If' Kurt's still here (he's just been doing research on this), I'll let him answer that.

> Barbara - I'm sure they didn't know about the bad blood, or they wouldn't have used him.

> But it's sort of bewildering that Cahill would go into negotiations with Jack and not reveal the history.

<Alex Buck> Nonetheless, that's bad form

<Barbara> It was pretty insensitive.

<Alex Buck> of course we are talking about a lawyer here

> Alex - Right...sharks don't eat lawyers out of professional courtesy...

> (Apologies to any lawyers in the room...)

<Barbara> I'm afraid I have to leave now. Good to have you back, Laura. Are you rested or were you too busy?

<kurt2> I'm back!

> Barbara - I'm still officially on break, but trying to get on top of E-mail, etc.

> Barbara - I'm in LA at SPERDVAC next weekend doing a Benny panel.

<Barbara> Good luck.

> Take care, Barbara!

<kurt2> It's VERY odd that Cahill, who was a very prominent attorney, didn't tell NBC about the prosecution.

<kurt2> It was practically unethical of Cahill

<Barbara> He certainly couldn't have forgotten it.

<kurt2> However, Cahill wasn't the prosecutor.

<Mike Amo> Bye Barbara

> Bridget - Hope we're not boring you...just suddenly got into various minutia of Jack's life and show!

<Mike Amo> Hope all's well with you too

> Kurt - Oh?

<Barbara> Bye, all!

> G'night!

<Mike Amo> Bridget's fine...she has kids on the loose to entertain her too {:o)

<kurt2> Another attorney, Joseph Delaney, was the actual prosectur. Cahill was his boss.

> (That was to Barbara...I'm not leaving.)

<Bridget> oh no you are not, I'm just sitting here reading what's it is about.

> Kurt - Thanks for the clarification.

<Bridget> Yes I have one sitting on my lap right now.

<kurt2> After what Jack went through in the courtroom, no way would he have forgotten.

<Mike Amo> Also, wb Laura! Since I've been away too, it's hard to know who's been away and who's back {:o)

> Who knows...maybe we can solicit more new Benny fans. ;)

> Mike - Thanks much. I haven't been 'away' as much as I intended, but at least didn't have to answer E-mail every day.

> Is anyone here going to be at the SPERDVAC convention next week?

<Mike Amo> Not me!

<Mike Amo> But what is it?

> Well, Eddie Carroll and I are doing a Benny panel on Saturday afternoon.

> SPERDVAC - The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Radio Drama, Variety, and Comedy

<Mike Amo> I menat to mention, might go see Frank Gorshin's show next week (or the weekend after) in Wilmington, Delaware

> Sort of the West Coast Friends of Old Time Radio.

<Mike Amo> He's on tour with it for a couple months

> Mike - Oh is it on the road now?

<Mike Amo> Yes

<Ben> I always thought one of those OTR conventions would be fun

<Mike Amo> I looked up the website the other day to see if it was coming closer than Delaware

<Mike Amo> But that's it here

> Ben - FOTR is lots of fun. Unfortunately, it just ended.

<Mike Amo> Let me find the link

> Has the CBS tribute talked about radio at all?

<Ben> Unfortunately, the midwest is not the center of OTR culture, or anything like that

> Ben - Well, you have the Cincy show in the spring.

<Ben> Really?

> I need to go to that one of these days

> Ben - Yes, it's in Cincinnati...um...what's the name of the group...hey gang, someone here must know

<Ben> Though, I did get a certain amount of OTR at my summer internship this year

> Ben - And the guy who runs the Abbott and Costello Club is in Fort Wayne.

<Mike Amo> www.saygoodnightgracie.net

<Mike Amo> It has an interesting intro too

<Mike Amo> And there's a link to the tour dates

> Speaking of shows, one of our members is going to perform at the London Palladium this month.

<Mike Amo> Laura, tell Eddie hi for me...wish he'd come east

> Mike - He is somewhat...I know he's going to be in Indiana...

> Mike - Have you looked at his page on jb.org?

<Mike Amo> If I get to the Gorshin show, I'll let y'all know if he has any printable words to pass along next time

<Mike Amo> I did a few months ago

> Mike - Gee, I didn't know the show was that blue. :)

<Mike Amo> Too busy the past couple months

<Mike Amo> Hard to say...Gorshin could go blue

> I hear that...that's why I'm "on break"

<Mike Amo> 0{:o}

<Mike Amo> brb

> Sort of strange that Frank Gorshin would be most remembered as being a Batman villain and a black-and-white guy on Star Trek

> So what else is on folks' minds this evening?

> Benny-related, of course.

<Alex Buck> Ok, CBS had Newhart and Emily wake up in bed on stage and do and introduction to CBS comedy legends. They had several clips of Lucy, one clip of Jack, and severl clips of Jackie Gleason..

> I'm still eating Jell-O from listening to the 30s shows.

> Alex - What was the Jack clip?

<Alex Buck> The clip of Jack was of him eating dinner with the Jimmy Stewart. He lets Jimmy have the "deduction" by paying the bill.

> Alex - Good grief...everyone uses that clip as well. "Well, if your health is involved!"

<Ben> Does anyone know what show it was where they inserted 2 or 3 MINUTES of dialog in between "Cuc" and "Amonga"?

> Ben - Oh boy, that's a good question...

<Mike Amo> That character was great on Star Trek! [Sun Nov 02 18:20:41 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt3 has no profile.

<Ben> Cause I've heard that clip once I think, and I would just love to track it down again

<Alex Buck> They could have have the chimps. I still haven't seen that one.

> Mike - "Let This Be Your Last Battlefield" (I'm a closet Trekkie)

<Alex Buck> There's chuckles the clown's funeral

<Mike Amo> Wow, even I didn'tknow that!

> Ben - Ask me in several months when I've gotten that far with my research. Probably late 40s-early 50s.

<kurt3> A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants

<Ben> haha, I'll never remember

<Alex Buck> go ahead my dear, laugh for chuckles

> Ben - Oh, that's OK. I'll probably put it in the expanded log. So buy it in 2005 or so when it's done...

<Ben> What is it you're researching? I guess I have trouble paying attention or something

> Ben - I'm expanding my log "39 Forever" which chronicles all of Jack's media work. It will be a lot more detailed, and you'll be able to find stuff like running gags.

<Bridget> I better go now ya'll and got put 4 kids in bed.

<Alex Buck> Wow, a clip of Our Miss Brooks

> I have a long commute, so I'm spending it listening to JB radio shows and taking notes.

<Bridget> Good night. Bye.

<Ben> That does sound like quite a project

<Ben> By Bridget

> Take care, Bridget! Keep listening!

> Ben - It's a huge undertaking. And I'm going to have to take off some time to go research stuff in the scripts.

<Ben> If it helps, I know that the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago has some Benny resources

<Ben> That's where I worked last summer

> Ben - Such as?

> (Besides Chuck Schaden...) [Sun Nov 02 18:25:19 GMT-08:00 2003] Alan S has no profile.

<Ben> (of course)

> Hi Alan!

<Ben> Now I have to remember exactly what they have hehe

> Ben - I've been there and we have some photos of their collection, but wasn't aware they had more than that.

> Ben - Have you seen the photo tour in our galleries?

<Ben> Perhaps they don't.. it's difficult to tell what they have because they are in a moving process to a new location

<kurt3> Wow, a clip from Becker!

<Ben> No I haven't seen the photo tour

> Ben - Ah, I didn't know that.

> And Los Angeles is closer to me than Chicago anyway...

<Alex Buck> Kronkite is moving pretty slow

<Mike Amo> He's slow in person too

> But I am interested in knowing what the MoBC has.

<Mike Amo> But a wacky radical now

<Mike Amo> What a disappointment for me

> Walter Kronkite as wacky radical...interesting.

<Mike Amo> He and ex-pres Bill are great buds

> Don Wilson played a role on Batman with a name similar to Walter Kronkite.

<Ben> I'll let you know Laura if I remember anything in particular they have that you might find useful

<kurt3> Donsie was on Batman?

<Mike Amo> Yes, I think something like Klonidke

> Ben - OK, thanks. Chuck is a great guy (and going to be in LA with me next weekend), but I know he's very busy.

<Ben> (Besides the masks from the Nairobi trio, but that's not Jack, of course)

> Kurt - Yup. Playing a reporter in a two-parter.

> Ben - They have the masks of the Nairobi trio???

<kurt3> Kenny almost was in THE WIZARD OF OZ

<Ben> Yeah they do.. it's not out on display, but they've got it

> Ben - That's impressive! At least for Ernie Kovacs fans...

> Kurt - Yes, say more about that.

<kurt3> He was going to be cast, but his part was cut

<Ben> haha, I was shown those my first day, and it was great!

> Alan - If you're having trouble broadcasting, double-click my name.

<kurt3> There were to be a singing prince and a singing princess

<Mike Amo> Mom used to love that sketch, and apparently I did too (at 3)

<kurt3> Who don't love the Nairobi Trio?

> Mike - I can see how that could appeal to a three-year-old. :)

<Ben> I can't imagine who wouldn't like the Nairobi Trio

> I love it...everyone in the room knows what the Nairobi Trio is without explanation.

<Ben> (starts hummin the song)

<Mike Amo> Laura, I have some transcribed JB radio shows from 1954...in one, he visits the vault and the guard was Eb or Ed as I'd remembered

> How did they get them, from Edie Adams?

<Ben> I would assume so

> Mike - When you say transcribed, you mean recorded or typed out?

<Mike Amo> When I saw that sketch on TV years later, it was Eb the Confederate war veteran with a musket or something at the vault

> Mike - Ed

<Mike Amo> transcribed for later broadcast on Armed Forces Radio

> Mike - Was...ah crud, I have trouble remembering the actor's name...darnit...

> Mike - Was the same actor playing the role of Ed?

> Argh...I get asked this a lot, but it's a fact that refuses to stick in my mind.

<Mike Amo> They cut out the LSMFT but added 2-1/2 minutes of LSMFT instrumental at the end of the show

<Mike Amo> hmmm

<Alex Buck> Ed was played by Joseph Kearns wasn't he?

> Mike - Are you sure it was LSMFT, or the traditional AFRS music end?

<Mike Amo> I might have that somewhere

> Alex - That's it. Thank you.

<Mike Amo> I wish I could remember exactly

> One of these days I'm going to come up with a pnemonic for that.

<Alex Buck> He played the original Mr. Wilson on the Dennis the Menace TV show

<Mike Amo> But it wasn't the usual AFR music

> Mike - If they include "They Say It's Wonderful", it's the traditional AFRS music.

<Alex Buck> I think he was the doorknob in Disney's Alice in Wonderland

> Alex - Yup. Everyone who reminds me of the name reminds me of that as well!

> Alex - Did that turn his stomach?

<Alex Buck> HA HA

<Mike Amo> It's been 2 weeks since I played them on the road,but I know that music

> Alan - You with us? Or just enjoying "listening"? Don't want you to feel left out.

<Mike Amo> I figure the instrumental was a way to plug LS without plugging it

<Alan S> Just listening for now....

> Mike - That's OK. I hear four Benny shows every day on my commute, so sometimes it's hard to remember details.

> Alan - OK, very good!

<kurt3> Aieee! Army Archerd!

> Mike - Yes, but AFRS was very careful about clipping all that stuff. I'll bet it was the traditional stuff.

> Kurt - Really? I sat next to him and his wife at the George Sidney tribute at the Directors' Guild last year!

<kurt3> Name-dropper!

> His wife was complaining about everything.

> Kurt - Well, I didn't tell you who was sitting in front of me.

> Kurt - Or who sang to me at the cocktail party

<Mike Amo> Starnger than that, Laura, the only "commercial" -- which came before the closing minute and that music -- was Bea Benederet as the telephone operator telling her friend about Armed Forces educational programs her boyfriend was taking by mailin the service

<kurt3> Ooooo. Who sat in front of you?

> Kurt - Oh no...I'm not a name-dropper

<kurt3> Drop! Drop!

<Mike Amo> mail in...sorry, I'm beating up my keyboard too much thanks to hunt and peck typing...space bar is giving out some {:oP

> Mike - How odd! Must have been pre-recorded for later editing.

> Kurt - Oh, just a bunch of old stars.

<Ben> She can't be a name-dropper until she mentions Dave Glassfogel....

<Mike Amo> It was,Laura

<Ben> (or however it's spelled)

> Abe Lastfogel?

<kurt3> He's still alive?

<Ben> haha! I guess you are smarter than me.. I was just trying to remember how Burns said the name, but you're right

<Alex Buck> Whose Lastfogel?

<Ben> He was like an agent or something, right?

> He was an agent, I thought. Sort of like William Morris, wasn't he?

<Ben> I think so

<Ben> George Burns mentioned him on a Burns and Allen show with Jack Benny as guest star

> You know, Babe (Mary's sister) met one of her husbands (Myrt Blum) because he was Jack's agent, I believe.

> I'd have to look it up as to whether he was working as Jack's agent, attorney, or something else.

<Ben> Wow

> I thought Myrt had become Jack's agent because he was her husband, but it was the other way around.

> So what else, folks?

> Are we winding down for this month?

> Should I even bother watching CBS at 75 when it comes on here?

<Ben> When is/was that?

> Or should I just play by Bob Newhart Button-Down Mind record?

<Alex Buck> I don't know. It won't have anything you haven't already seen

<Alex Buck> I've never heard that one

<Ben> That's a good record

> Ben - Which?

<Mike Amo> I wasn't interested...I thought they had some big wingding just a few years ago

<Ben> The CBS at 75, I mean

<Alex Buck> You know Newhart is a Benny fan

> Ben - It's probably on right now, where you are. [Sun Nov 02 18:45:42 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt4 has no profile.

<Mike Amo> LL, did I miss anything early on?

> Alex - Oh, I know. I tried to get him for 39 Forever.

<kurt4> Wow, Rob Reiner. It's officially geezer TV.

> Mike - Lot of talk about the show for tonight. I've got it all on transcript.

<Alex Buck> I saw a biography of Newhart that he mentioned what a treat it was to have Jack in his early audiences

<Mike Amo> hmm Rob Reiner a geezer?

> Kurt - No no...you're thinking of CARL Reiner.

<Mike Amo> Carl would be more geezer likem, and I like him more than Meathead

<Ben> Newhart's still around, isn't he?

> Ben - It sounds like he was on the CBS show tonight!

<kurt4> Reiner introduced the Smothers Brothers.

> Yay! The Smothers Brothers!

<Mike Amo> Thanks Laura

<Mike Amo> will change to CBS for a sec then

<Ben> haha, I'll have to pass on the CBS show for tonight.. Physics assignments come first

> I'd love to have a DVD of old Smothers Brothers Comedy Hours.

<Alex Buck> Sucks to be you Ben

<Ben> I know I know

> Ben - Ah, too bad. But I loved my Physics classes, so that's not too bad.

<kurt4> Jack guested twice with the Smothers Brothers, as well as their appearance on his show.

> Kurt - Yes, their appearance on his last TV show.

> Great guest shot on their show with George Burns.

> Ben - What area are you studying?

<Alex Buck> What was the other spot about

<Mike Amo> And thanks kurt

<Ben> History is my area of study

> Alex - I've only seen one, so I'm not sure.

> Ben - So why do you have to take Physics?

<Alex Buck> Physics is your elective?

<Ben> but physics sounded interesting and I need science anyway

<Mike Amo> LL, they were the last guests on his series? I saw that one

> I could make a comment about the other meaning of Physics (fizicks, or some other spelling), but I'll pass...

<kurt4> they were the last guests on his NBC series

> Mike - Yup. Last Jack Benny TV show.

<Mike Amo> wow

<kurt4> Which got killed by Gomer Pyle on CBS.

> Oddly enough, I have a trade ad for that show. Don't know why they did a trade ad when it was going to be the last show.

<Mike Amo> I always marveled even as a kid as great shows went away for worse ones

<Mike Amo> Gaaawwwlleeee!

<kurt4> Because the Smothers Brothers were hot at the time.

> Yeah..."Well!" lost out to "Gawwwleee!"

<Mike Amo> lol

> Kurt - Not as hot as they got about 3-4 years later!

> Too hot to handle...

> Mike - At least Gilligan's Island isn't on any more.

<Mike Amo> hmmm, another classic gone

> Mike - But I guess Friends is, so...we're still declining...

<Mike Amo> lol, yes, and Friends is now the best show!


<Mike Amo> Well, I am addicted to Stargate {:oP

> Even Star Trek isn't very good any more (Enterprise)...

<Alex Buck> It does seem like they are wondering this season

<Alex Buck> But hey, its still better than Voyager

<kurt4> Star Trek got very sexy this season. Nudity.

<Mike Amo> This season gives me more time to catch up on other things

<Alex Buck> She had hands covering

<Mike Amo> hmm, I may have taped that one!

<Mike Amo> I never know what to expect

<Ben> haha

<Alex Buck> It does seem kind of screw ball that the engineer has to go visit the Vulcan every night for a foot massage

> Kurt - Yeah, go figure. I guess they have no interesting plotlines, so they figure they'll use nudity.

> Alex - I guess some people like that sort of thing.

> Alex - And that the Vulcan has to be very scantily-clad.

<Ben> It works for most movies

> Is T'pal wearing Seven of Nine's old costumes?

> Just dyed different colors?

<Mike Amo> Laura, how did the fund-raising efforts go? Enough stuff sold to break even?

<kurt4> No, not that much in the way of costumes this season, actually

> Mike - Not quite, but a fair chunk of change. I think we got about $1800.

> So it helps.

<Mike Amo> I don't watch it much, but I won't complain about the Vulcan's costume

<kurt4> Omigosh, there's ANOTHER "Return to Mayberry" running this month!

<Mike Amo> Well, that's good!

<Alex Buck> I think we are fortunate that Jack didn't find a need to degenerate his TV show towards nudity just to get ratings. ;-]

<kurt4> The stars of THE JEFFERSONS are on.

<Mike Amo> The $, Mayberry is okay too I guess

<kurt4> First black people in two hours.

<Mike Amo> lol, jees

<Ben> lol

<Mike Amo> Did Newhart have anything on Benny in his part?

<kurt4> No. Just him and Suzanne Pleshette in bed.

<Alex Buck> Emily referenced Jack in a list of comedy legends that they were going to review

> Return to Mayberry...The Cat in the Hat...Matrix 3...there are no original ideas in Hollywood any more.

<Mike Amo> Stargate ain't bad

<shameless plug>

<kurt4> Wow, a longer Lassie clip than the Jack Benny clip


> Lassie! Come home! Come home.....Well!....Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?

<Mike Amo> Also, been getting a kick out of a lot of stuff Jack did in later years on radio that was fresher than current TV

<Alex Buck> Danny Tomas is getting some good amount of time too

> (Well, Diff'rent strokes was on NBC I think)

<kurt4> Wow. In two hours, CBS has reminded us that TV used to be good.

> Mike - I was saying to Dan earlier this evening that Jack's stuff is like cathedrales in Europe. It's built to last for centuries. As opposed to the pressboard comedy of today.

<Mike Amo> I didn't like most of these shows even as a kid!

> In 70 years, are people going to be watching and laughing at Friends?

<kurt4> The radio work will endure. The TV work mostly was a rehash of the radio work.

<Alex Buck> Are there Danny Thomas fans out there?

<Mike Amo> Well, Dallas at least had an edge

<Mike Amo> Oh, I liked his show

<Alex Buck> I never got any laughs out of him

> Alex - I have to admit that I don't know his work very well. Surprising, but true.

> Any Sid Caesar fans out there?

<Mike Amo> Wasn't a laff riot, but he was funny, and Hans Conried (Uncle Toulouse) was great too

<Mike Amo> I was long aftre the fact

<kurt4> Danny Thomas was bigger in nightclubs.

<Mike Amo> after

<Mike Amo> I didn't even know of Sid's show until the 1970s

> Kurt - Sort of like Georgie Jessell

<Alex Buck> Wasn't he a big shriner?

> Alex - No, Jessell was fairly short.

<Alex Buck> Nah, I meant Danny Thoams

<Mike Amo> LL, Jessell was ones of the shows I heard 2 weeks ago from 1954

<Mike Amo> A "tribute" to Jack's career

> Mike - Oh, Jessell does Jack's life?

<Mike Amo> Yes

<Alex Buck> That's the one with all of the imitations?

> I just heard one where he stands in for Jack in the first half of the show.

<Mike Amo> Like a Friar's club on air (cleaned up of course)

<kurt4> Jessel could have been hilarious in a talk show format

<kurt4> But he pissed away his talent

<Mike Amo> It was pretty good, and they both had some good ad libs when things messed up

<Ben> Wait, what did Jessel do instead, I forgot

<Mike Amo> brb

<Alex Buck> He had several wives if I remember correctly

> Alex - And a heck of a lot more lovers

<Ben> haha

<Ben> does the name artie shaw come to mind?

> Kurt - How do you mean he pissed away his talent?

> Ben - Ah yes...he won't even admit to how many wives he had. [Sun Nov 02 19:06:07 GMT-08:00 2003] kurt5 has no profile.

> Kurt - How do you mean he pissed away his talent?

<Ben> really?

<kurt5> He could have been THE JAZZ SINGER on film. Turned it down.

<Ben> I'm sure that there were many, if what people said at the time are accurate

> Jessel's most famous bit was his "Hello Momma" routines.

> Get "Hooray for the Friars"...it pulls no punches in the stories about Jessel in bed!

<Ben> that's right.. I think George Burns said that he jsut didn't get along with radio

> Georgie Jessell...the original Toastmaster General.

<Mike Amo> back...y'all would have liked this show...will see if I can find the date

> What Jessell doing Jack's life?

<kurt5> He'd show up on TV in his dotage in his "general" uniform and just be cranky.

<Mike Amo> Found it fast...July 4, 1954

> 2-28-54

> Mike - Must have been a rerun...that's a summer date.

<Mike Amo> Yes

<Mike Amo> I figured that

<Mike Amo> But it is what the Smithsonian released

<Mike Amo> and it's one of those Armed Forces tapes

> That's funny...the Smithsonian ordered a copy of my log, so they should have used it to look it up!

<Mike Amo> hehe

> I was talking with the caretaker of Hillside Cemetery, and commented that there must be some beautiful women who visit Georgie Jessel

<Mike Amo> copyright 2002

> And he said, "Yes...but the women who visit Eddie Cantor are just as beautiful."

<kurt5> I see the Jack Benny Times is at the Library of Congress as well.

<Mike Amo> Radio Spirits was behind this one too

> Kurt - It is?

<Mike Amo> Congratulations Laura!

> RS is coming out with a set called the Best of Benny. I helped with the pick of the shows.

<kurt5> You hadn't realized that what you do is scholarship?

> Kurt - I'm not surprised, but just didn't know it was there. I guess I must have sent it for copyright at some time.

> Kurt - Do you know what issues they have?

<kurt5> No. I just found it in the online catalog

> Oh, and we have a trademark!

> Kurt - Cool!

<Mike Amo> Cool! I've tended to be a major investor in RS's Benny shows over the years

> The International Jack Benny Fan Club (TM) is now an officially-registered trademark.

<Alex Buck> Well folks, I need to turn in. Looks like things are getting interesting too. Its been fun. We'll catch up with you all next month. Take care.

<Mike Amo> Cya Alex

> Take care, Alex. Thanks for stopping!

<kurt5> Decades from now, scholars will be consulting Laura's material.

> Well, would you gents like to keep going or wrap it up for this month?

> Kurt - Thanks. I hope you're right!

<Mike Amo> And reviewing classic episodes of Friends


<kurt5> On THAT high note, perhaps we should shut it down for tonight.

> Oh that makes me feel SO special... :|

<kurt5> Good night folks. I'll see you soon!

> Take care, folks! Have a good Thanksgiving!

<Mike Amo> Goodnight y'all...catch you next month!

<Mike Amo> You too Laura!