> Hello Matt!

<Matt> Greetings and salutations

> How are you doing this evening?


[Sun Jul 13 16:54:14 PDT 2003] KM99: Big Strawn Dawwwydy

<KM99> Hiya folks

<Matt> Just swell

<Matt> Greetings

<KM99> Of course, it figures... the moment I log on, the phone rings. BRB

> What part of the country/world are you in, Matt?

<Matt> I'm in the Saginaw, Michigan area

> Ah, OK. Other side of the state from my old stomping grounds. Bet it's beautiful up there today.

> Unless, of course, it's raining.

<Matt> A bit overcast actually

<Matt> Been a Jack Benny fan since my dad introduced me to the show when I was 9 (in 1986)

> That's great! I started the club when I was 10, so I know the ups and downs of being a young JB fan.

[Sun Jul 13 16:57:55 PDT 2003] KM99: Big Strauwn Dawwwydy

> WB, KM

> What was it about Jack's humor that appealed to you?

<KM99> Reset... my daughter took the phone for a bit.

[Sun Jul 13 16:58:36 PDT 2003] Michael: Brightstar2761@netzero.net

> How's the great white north today, KM?

[Sun Jul 13 16:58:43 PDT 2003] Alex Buck: Fan from Kansas City

> Welcome, Michael, Alex!

<KM99> BRB

<Michael> Hi everyone

[Sun Jul 13 16:58:55 PDT 2003] Philip Harwood: Fival2002

[Sun Jul 13 16:58:56 PDT 2003] Roger has no profile.

<Matt> BRB

> Welcome Phil, Roger!

[Sun Jul 13 16:59:18 PDT 2003] Douglas has no profile.

<Roger> Hiya

> Hi Douglas! Greetings to across the pond (I presume)!

<Douglas> Good evening to all.

<Douglas> Hi. Yes, still across the pond.

<Douglas> Where are u?

[Sun Jul 13 16:59:50 PDT 2003] DON CONRAD: SALONPAS@AOL.COM

[Sun Jul 13 17:00:00 PDT 2003] Frank Reuben has no profile.

> Welcome, Don, Frank!

> How's everyone doing tonight?

<Alex Buck> Laura, I wanted to start out by saying that this was one of the funniest shows I've heard in a long time

> Douglas - I'm in California.

<Douglas> Same for me.

<Michael> same here

<Douglas> It was a riot

<Roger> Yeah, that was great, but I have some questions.

<Michael> do you have it on video by any chance?

[Sun Jul 13 17:00:44 PDT 2003] Philip Harwood: Fival2002

> I wish I had it on video, but I don't. Might want to check with the folks on the tape trading list to see if they do.

<Alex Buck> I listened to it at work over lunch and just about fell out of my chair laughing

> Or Shokus Video.

<Michael> ok

<Roger> George Burns made some comments about Groucho...why wasn't he invited, I wonder?

<Douglas> It is a pity that it was trimmed to time for broadcast....

<Michael> was wondering why more of the Gang wasn't there?

> Groucho may have been invited but elected not to come, since he was starting to be in fragile health.

<Douglas> maybe they were

<Alex Buck> Was it a matter that you had to be a member of the Friar's to be at one of the roasts

> Alex - Not necessarily. Just only so much you can put on a one-hour show.

> Mary wouldn't have spoken, and Don wasn't really a comedy speaker.

<Roger> LL- In 1970, Groucho wasn't too bad yet. He did his one man show in 1983

<Douglas> I bet the off-cuts were worth hearing.

<Michael> probably

<Matt> Groucho did his one man show in 1972 actually I believe

> Eddie Anderson had his stroke, so he wouldn't have been that good either.

<Alex Buck> I thought the comedy came off very well considering that we were only hearing the audio version

> Roger - Matt's right...that was 1972.

<Michael> ok... that explains why Eddie wasn't there

<Roger> Yes I saw my mistake after I hit enter!

<Matt> When did he have a stroke? (Eddie Anderson)

<Michael> Phil & Dennis were Great though

> Matt - In the mid 60s.

[Sun Jul 13 17:03:38 PDT 2003] Barbara has no profile.

[Sun Jul 13 17:03:38 PDT 2003] Ari has no profile.

> Another member who will probably be here any time theorized that their material was probably written by Milt

> Hello Barbara, Ari!

<Michael> Hi Barbara & Ari

<Barbara> Hi everybody!

<Barbara> That was a great show. Are you talking about that?

<Alex Buck> I was wondering how much of the show was scripted and how much were the remarks of the individual folks. It seemed like Dennis and Phil's speech were very intertwined

> Just for anyone who doesn't know, we have (at least) three countries represented by the folks on the chat here.

<Roger> It seemed to me that Milton Berle wasn't "in" with evertyone else. Did anyone else sense that?

> Barbara - Yup...jump right in.

<Douglas> Yes

<Michael> Yes

[Sun Jul 13 17:05:19 PDT 2003] Ari has no profile.

<Alex Buck> I didn't realize Jack and Milton were that close

<Barbara> I had heard it before, but it was worth hearing again and again.

<Michael> Berle always strikes me as being desparate to be the center of attention

> Alex - I think they were just from both being comedians, but I don't know they were close friends.

> Michael - Agreed. I've heard stories about him "holding court."

> Ari - To talk, type in the white box at the bottom of the screen and hit enter.

<Roger> I was thinking about the Milton thing, his name isn't funny. It doesn't just roll off.

<Michael> I think my favorite part was Ed Sullivan's Claim that Jack "stole" his personality

<Roger> And they don't call him Milty or Milt.-No warmth.

<Alex Buck> "in other words Jack, you are a louse"

[Sun Jul 13 17:06:58 PDT 2003] Ari has no profile.

<Barbara> I loved it when Johnny said Jack fed Don day old bread to fatten him up.

<Roger> Ed's thing was excellent.

<Matt> I've been surprised sometimes by the jokes about Milton stealing jokes told by Jack and Fred Allen as early as about 1947--he really played that up for a long time before he was really famous

> Alex - I think that was Ed Sullivan, not Milt.

> Matt - Milton Berle goes back into the 20s, in fact, I think there may be a bit that Al Boasberg wrote for him about stealing jokes.

<Alex Buck> Yeah, you're right

<Alex Buck> The group was rather relentless about the idea of Ed being dead already

<Michael> Am wondering now why Berle was even invited?

<Barbara> I think Phil's was the funniest. I'm sure he and Dennis got together on their talks.

[Sun Jul 13 17:09:07 PDT 2003] Ari has no profile.

<Michael> I'm sure they did too

<Alex Buck> I enjoyed hearing Johnny Carson. Its been a long time since I've heard anything from him.

[Sun Jul 13 17:09:07 PDT 2003] Philip Harwood: Film Scholar

> Phil - To talk, type in the white box at the bottom of the screen and hit enter.

[Sun Jul 13 17:09:30 PDT 2003] Phil's #1 Girl has no profile.

<Barbara> It must have been hard for them to keep it clean. They had to with Kraft as a sponsor.

<Roger> Ed S was always a great target for comedians...he was always being impresonated back in the old days.

[Sun Jul 13 17:09:44 PDT 2003] Ari has no profile.

<Phil's #1 Girl> Hi All

> Barbara - I'm sure editing had something to do with that...notice where Milton starts to go with his comments!

> Hi PG

<Alex Buck> I half way suspect that this was the edited version of the evening

<Phil's #1 Girl> Hey LL

<Michael> Hi PG

> Phil - Double-click on my name if you're having problems.

<Alex Buck> I love Johnny's request for Dennis to leave the room

<Michael> yes

[Sun Jul 13 17:10:38 PDT 2003] Frank has no profile.

> Hello Frank!

<Michael> Hi Frank

<Phil's #1 Girl> Sorry...Hi Michael

> Ari - Double-click my name if you're having problems.

<Barbara> And Jack teaching Dennis about the birds and the bees.

<Phil's #1 Girl> LL - No problems here

<Michael> How many kids did Dennis have by this time?

<Alex Buck> i think he said 10 on the show

<Phil's #1 Girl> 10

<Barbara> I think it was 11.

<Michael> must have learned the lesson quite well then :-)

<Alex Buck> after 9, I suppose you begin to lose track

[Sun Jul 13 17:12:04 PDT 2003] Frank has no profile.

<Barbara> I loved Phil's comment that Rochester used to be white.

[Sun Jul 13 17:12:15 PDT 2003] Frev: Jack Benny in Living Legends Radio Theatre

<Alex Buck> Another gag I almost fell out of my chair about was George asking if the microphones were for them to ad lib

<Michael> I'm surprised he could get away with it considering the times

> Keep going folks...I'm doing tech support for two people simultaneously.

<Alex Buck> I was expecting some new material out of George but was a little disappointed

<Barbara> I'm sure it was edited, but they must have known beforehand that they had to keep it clean.

> If anyone's having technical difficulties, double-click on my name.

[Sun Jul 13 17:14:20 PDT 2003] DON CONRAD: SALONPAS@AOL.COM

<Barbara> I guess you could sam "damn" in those days. Jack did.

<Alex Buck> I was surprised by that too

[Sun Jul 13 17:14:56 PDT 2003] Philip Harwood: Film Scholar

<Michael> I suppose so... but it was pushing things back then

<Barbara> Is that you, Maria?

<Alex Buck> How often did they do these Friar's roasts for TV?

[Sun Jul 13 17:15:24 PDT 2003] Mikewats: Omigod! I'm regressing back to the dawn of the Polyester Era!

<Matt> Interesting to me to hear Jack Benny--at the end of his long career---and Johnny Carson at the beginning of his long career. 2 of the only comedians who had such longevity

<Michael> Hi MikeWats

<Mikewats> Hello, y'all

<Barbara> I don't recall too many. They did more privately.

<Alex Buck> Matt - you could definitely tell Jack was beginning to slow down. Even his voice sounded lower

<Barbara> Yes. It was only 4 years before his death.

<Michael> Of course by that time Jack could just sit there and have people howling with laughter

<Barbara> I noticed there was no mention of Mary.

<Douglas> None

<Douglas> Was she even there?

<Alex Buck> Yeah there was.

<Michael> true

> Frank...can you type in the white window just a little above where it says Java Applet Window and hit enter

<Michael> but then what could they have said?

<Barbara> What was it?

<Alex Buck> Milton said thad jack waited for her to fall asleep and then he turned off her side of the electric blanket

<Michael> apart from some passing comments?

> Frank (and Ari and Phil) - Click your mouse on the white window just below the last comment, type, and hit enter.

<Michael> Am wondering why Spiro Agnew was there?

<Barbara> To change the subject for a minute, did anyone see Larry King's show on George and Gracie a week ago? I think it was a repeat.

[Sun Jul 13 17:18:26 PDT 2003] Ari has no profile.

<KM99> Spiro Agnew had some great lines as well

<Michael> No... I missed it

<Barbara> It was very good.

[Sun Jul 13 17:19:16 PDT 2003] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<Ari> He had some great lines about Jack's age and Soc Sec #

<Michael> yeah... ssn 1

<Michael> or was that george burn's number?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Sorry Barbara...computer problems. Yes, it's me...

<Matt> Didn't Jack do similar social security number gags on the radio show?

<Mikewats> Did Kind mention "Say Goodnight, Gracie"?

<Mikewats> Hiya, Alice!

<Matt> I recall there was one where he says his number was 2--Al Jolson was number 1

<Michael> either on Radio or on TV

<Phil's #1 Girl> Hiya Mike!

<Barbara> I thought Bob Hope might have been on, but there wasn't time I guess.

[Sun Jul 13 17:20:36 PDT 2003] Philip Harwood: Film Scholar

<Barbara> This time they said his no. was 1.

<Michael> was probably doing a USO thing over in 'Nam

[Sun Jul 13 17:20:49 PDT 2003] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<Douglas> Is there any list of gusests?

<Douglas> (guests)

<Alex Buck> Got bumped off there

<Barbara> You should be here, Alice. It's nice and warm in Palm Springs.

<Michael> It's nice and warm here in Oklahoma as well


<Phil's #1 Girl> I was. Wasn't he fantastic?

<Michael> yes he was

<Alex Buck> The theme music was rather surpy

<Phil's #1 Girl> KM-YOU should have been proud of Phil too.

<Alex Buck> they could have done more with phil and less of agnew

<KM99> Aw was, an you know it

<Mikewats> But the music sounded oh, so perfect for that time...

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex-Couldn't figure out why he was there...

<Barbara> I think Phil could have been a better comedian than he was allowed to be on Jack's show.

<Phil's #1 Girl> Barbara-I like the way you think.

<Michael> Phil did rather well on his own show

<Alex Buck> johnny said that agnew had been on the tonight show a couple of times

> OK, I think I'm back with you all now.

[Sun Jul 13 17:26:07 PDT 2003] Frank has no profile.

<Matt> Jack's show did lose something big when Phil wasn't on it anymore

<Michael> wb :-)

> WB Frank...did you find the show?

<Mikewats> Angew had a pretty good relationship with some of the older Hollywood crowd

> OK one more time...if anyone's having technical difficulties, double-click on my name

<Phil's #1 Girl> Bob Crosby just wasn't the same...

<Alex Buck> why?

<Frank> No

<Barbara> He didn't come close to Phil's personality.

<Matt> Bob Crosby wasn't the same--nice guy but not the charm or personality or sense of humor of Phil Harris

<Michael> but then..... who could?

<Alex Buck> I suppose they had to make a break from the Phil-type of humor to avoid comparison

<Michael> Bob did ok on the TV series... but Phil was definitely the better of the 2

<Michael> (in my opinion)

<KM99> Alice, I just checked the Benny poll - Are you voting for Phil every day?

<Mikewats> Yeah, Phil's departure marked a notable dropoff in the quality of show for me

<Phil's #1 Girl> What Benny poll KM?

<Matt> Love the back-and-forth between Jack and Phil competing over girls in the late 30s/early 40s and then after Phil's marriage, their dialogue became funny in a whole new way--Jack and Phil interactions are one of my favorite parts of the show

<Mikewats> LOL, loved Carson's introduction of Phil

<Alex Buck> Did Dean Martin have a type of roast show?

<Michael> I think so

<KM99> Alice - the one Laura posted to the IJBFC main page

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex...he did. You can get them on video.

<Michael> did dean roast Jack?

(loss due to technical difficulties)

<Alex Buck> Michael - now that would have been something

> Hi Kurt!

<Barbara> Wouldn't Fred Allen have been wonderful at the roast!

<Michael> Yes

<Phil's #1 Girl> Second? He's only SECOND?

> Hello Bogielocks

<KM99> Alice - that's why I was wondering if you were voting

<Bogielocks> Howdy

<Matt> I can just hear it

<Phil's #1 Girl> KM-I'll have to have all my friends vote too. lol

<kurt> Jell-O again, everyone

<Michael> I think Fred could have done the whole roast on his own

<Mikewats> Voting early and often, Alice?

<Phil's #1 Girl> I should have Mike....and will from now on.

<Barbara> I voted for Phil too

<Phil's #1 Girl> Can I do that daily?

<Matt> Where is this, so that I may vote as well?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Barbara...that's why I like you so much. :)

> PG - You can do it as often as you have a new IP.

<Phil's #1 Girl> LL - What's an IP?

<KM99> Just my opinion - Dennis & Phil both roasted Jack "in Character." I think they had the show's writers put that bit together.

> Matt - Go to www.jackbenny.org, then click on Take the Benny Poll

<Matt> Thanks

> PG - It's your internet address.

<Phil's #1 Girl> So I have to have a different computer?

> Kurt - I know you had a good theory on KM's comment.

<Barbara> I suspect the writers did Phil's and Denni's routines. Sounds like Milt J.

<kurt> Well, yeah. Milt Josefsberg wrote the material

> PG - No, I think it's daily if you have a static IP.

<kurt> He wrote all Jack's special material at that time.

> Kurt - When you say "special material" you mean speeches like this, not specials, right?

<kurt> He wrote his nightclub routines, plus stuff like this.

> Cathy - To talk, type in the white window at the bottom of the screen and click Enter.

<KM99> I like the way both bits complimented one another. Each guy had a different perspective on the same group of events.

<Alex Buck> That's the second time I've got bumped off tonight. Anyone else having trouble?

<Barbara> I know he wrote the bit about Jack meeting a girl in a bar and going up to her room. Have you heard that? Don't want to spoil the ending.

> Alex - I did.

<Douglas> yes

<Michael> yes I have

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex-Do you happen to live in the Midwest? Lol Cause if you do...the storm isn't helping any...

> Apologies. A lot of Volano burps tonight.

<kurt> It took me two tries.

<KM99> At least its not Volcano burbs...

> I think it might be the sizeable crowd, not sure.

> That carmel cone sounded disgusting.

<Alex Buck> Phils Girl - I'm in Kansas City but you know what they say, the skies are not cloudy yall day

<Barbara> Yes it did. I almost threw up.

<Phil's #1 Girl> I must have missed the carmel cone thing.

<Michael> I bet it would have been better if you could have seen it

> Have we already covered who the singer was in George Burns' story?

<Michael> no

> Michael - Funny, I bet it would have been worse if you'd seen it!

<Ari> Oh, not the Waukegan part of the Midwest.

<Matt> You mean there's another part of the Midwest?

> OK, who here knows who the singer was in the story George Burns told about telling Jack not to laugh when she starts singing?

<Alex Buck> I suppose Kraft could have thrown in a cheese element into their carmel concoction

> Alex - EW!

<Barbara> Douglas, do you remember me? I e-mailed you over there.

<Ari> Sorry, but Jack comes from another part

<Douglas> Yes...how are you?

<Michael> I give up... who was the singer?

<kurt> Grace Moore

<Phil's #1 Girl> Wasn't it Jeanette MacDonald?

<Michael> ok

> Kurt - Well that's what he said, but that's not who it was.

<Barbara> I've heard different ladies mentioned, Laura. I wonder if george remembers.

<Mikewats> I will always associate Kraft with Perro Como, because of all those specials...

> PG - Right!

<kurt> It wasn't Grace Moore?

<Alex Buck> i heard george tell a similar story about jack meeting the queen of england

<Barbara> George said it was a Russian name.

> Kurt - Well, that's who he said it was, but in actuality it was Jeanette MacDonald.

<kurt> Jeanete MacDonald sang at private parties like that?

> Alex - Yes, George did it to Jack then too, but there's also a story Jack tells about having Neil Armstrong in line with them.

> Kurt - Back in the 40s she apparently did.

<Alex Buck> I thought it would have been a nice touch to have Don be the announcer for the evening

<Matt> That would have been great

<Michael> that would have been good

<Barbara> I'm sure Kraft had their own announcer.

<Alex Buck> I suppose kraft edited out all of teh jello references

<Matt> Frank Nelson was not involved with this in any way, was he?

> Alex - I wonder if Don was even still working at that time. Kurt, when was his local show with Lois?

<kurt> Herlihy was the contracted announcer for the Kraft programs.

<Ari> When did Don pass away?

> Alex - Then again, they own Jell-O now.

<Mikewats> What was Don doing around that time? Was he still active?

> Ari - 1982.

<kurt> His local show with Lois was around that time.

> Matt - Not on the aired show.

<Roger> I remember Don doing record commercials

> Kurt - Didn't you say that was in Palm Springs? Or was it LA?

<Roger> Symphonies, mainly

<kurt> They had a local program in Palm Springs

<Barbara> It was in Palm Springs. An interview type show.

<Matt> Is Don's wife Lois still living?

<kurt> We'd love to know!

<Barbara> I wouldn't think so.

> Matt - An excellent question. Wish I knew the answer.

> Are ANY of Don's wives still living?

<kurt> Let's just say her obituary hasn't turned up.

<Matt> Wasn't he married about 4 times?

(loss due to technical difficulties)

<Michael> Phil I thinko and that always stuck out in my mind

<Matt> Phil and Alice were married---was it 54 years??

<KM99> LL - I say Dennis

<Phil's #1 Girl> Yeah, 54

<kurt> Nope, wasn't Dennis

<Matt> Jack and Mary were married 47 I think

<Michael> Did Phil and Alice have any kids?

<kurt> It's been so long, now I've forgotten the answer!

<Ari> Yes, Matt, I think ot was 47 yrs

<Phil's #1 Girl> Michael - They had 2 girls

<KM99> Kurt - I'm stumped

> Kurt - Just sent it to you on private chat

<kurt> Drumroll, please!

<Michael> Ok... I knew they did for their radio show... just didn't know about for real

<Phil's #1 Girl> I'm sticking with Phil and Alice as the answer

<Barbara> Phil apparently had an adopted son by his first wife. He passed away awhile back.

<Michael> I am too

<kurt> (Still waiting for the drumroll)

<KM99> Unless .... Mel Blacn

<Mikewats> <gives drumroll>

<Alex Buck> phil was married before?

<kurt> It was, in fact, Mel Blanc

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex-Yeah, for 11 years

<Phil's #1 Girl> Oops. I lose. Oh well.

<Alex Buck> No kidding - what was her story?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex-As far as?

<Barbara> Congratulations KM99!

<Phil's #1 Girl> Good job KM!

<Ari> How long wwere the Blancs married, kurt?

<Michael> how long was Mel Married?

<Barbara> Her name was Marcia Ralston, right Alice?

<kurt> Uh. Ask Laura!

<KM99> I just heard Noel Blanc on the radio talking about his dad

<Alex Buck> Was she a movie star like Alice? I don't remember her mentioned in teh radio show. Was it before that?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Barbara-Yeah....

> Kurt - Uh, I'd have to look it up in Mel's book. But it is the right answer.

<kurt> More than 50 years.

<Matt> Wasn't Mel married about 1933?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex-She was an actress....but she was never mentioned on the radio show..no. Yeah, it was right before he married Alice

<Michael> well... it has to be at least 55 years then :)

<Phil's #1 Girl> Lol Michael

<Barbara> Yes, I think she was an actress, but I don't know as she made the big time.

<Barbara> I think Phil would just as soon not have talked about that.

<Roger> re:Phil Harris..He died in the 1990's at like 91. What was he up to his last years? Was he healthy? retired? performing at all? I don't remember ever seeing him in the 1980-1990's.

<Alex Buck> how could she let philsy get away?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex - He married Alice in May 1941, (thinking the divorce was final)...but it wasn't, so they had to get remarried in September of the same year.

<Phil's #1 Girl> Or so one of the stories goes...

<kurt> Phil also had a mistress.

<kurt> He spent his last years playing a lot of golf.

<Alex Buck> A mistress behind Alice's back?

<Barbara> I think Joan said she knew the son.

<Phil's #1 Girl> The other version is that Phil and Alice knew he wasn't legally divorced, but got married anyway and it caused quite a little scandal

<Michael> I can imagine

<Ari> I think Andrew Jackson had a similar situation

<Phil's #1 Girl> Yeah....Rachel Robards

<Mikewats> <phones Hedda Hopper with the news>

<Alex Buck> he was from the south too ;-)

<Phil's #1 Girl> Mike W - I'm sure Hedda knew...everyone did

> Alex - If you count Indiana as the south.

<Michael> and if Hedda knew Louella knew too

<Matt> Being from Michigan, I sure do

<Alex Buck> well phil grew up in Nashville

<Phil's #1 Girl> Also heard people were trying to start a boycott of Jell-O (which I think was Jack's sponsor at the time)

<Phil's #1 Girl> Matt...what part of Michigan?

<Matt> The Saginaw area

<Alex Buck> What was Rachel Robards known for?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Ahhh....so you're only a couple hours from me

<Matt> Really?

<Phil's #1 Girl> Alex - She was Andrew Jackson's wife

<Matt> Where do you live?

<Alex Buck> Oh, well then who was Phil's mistress?

<Phil's #1 Girl> <---Suburb of Detroit

<Barbara> I'm from Michigan too, Matt. North of Detroit.

<Phil's #1 Girl> Although Barbara is a transplanted Michiganian....Michigander?

> Kurt - What was the name of that bar where Phil would meet her?

<KM99> I believe Phil grew up in Linton, Indiana

<Phil's #1 Girl> Barbara got smart and moved away from the freezing winters here....lol

<Barbara> Has everyone seen Phil on This Is Your Life? What a surprise!

<kurt2> Oh, nuts. Gimme a minute, I'll look it up.

<Michael> No

<Mikewats> No, when was that?

<Michael> I didn't know Phil was on this is your life

<KM99> Barbara - Tell us more

> Does anyone believe that Jack threw his support to Nixon?

<Michael> when?

<Alex Buck> I thought he was a life long democrat

> Yes, Phil was very weepy on that show.

<kurt2> He backed Nixon, yes.

<Michael> in 60 or 68?

<kurt2> Both years

<Barbara> Yes, he was surprised once and on This Is Your Life. He cried most of the way thru the show.

<Mikewats> Or 72? Lots of Democrats backed Nixon in 72

<Douglas> He also had Reagan on his special

<KM99> Jack met all the Presidents. I just don't think he was ever politically active.

<kurt2> He'd have cried more if they had trotted out his mistress!

<Douglas> when Reagan was gov of CA

> KM - Correct. He never was into politics.

<Alex Buck> what was the story with the mistress?

> There's a photo of Jack and a lot of other comedians with Nixon in 1960.

<Michael> ok

<Barbara> I didn't know about that. But didn't a lot of them have mistresses?

> But Jack became good friends with Kennedy. Grandson Michael noted that Kennedy was one of the men Jack admired most.

<kurt2> Jack also appeared at Kennedy's famous birthday party at Madison Square Garden in 1962

<Ari> Was Jack a democrat most of his life?

<KM99> He was a Whig, Lol

> Kennedy had a great story about how he started out resenting Jack, because his father would force the entire family to stop on Sunday nights at 7 and do nothing else until the show was over.

> Ari - He was friendly with both parties. Just wasn't very political.

<Michael> Not a Federalist then?

<Alex Buck> Didn't Milt say that Ginger Rogers tried to get Jack to vote republican against FDR?

<Matt> He threw his support to Millard Fillmore (or so he said)

<Ari> A Whig? You're sure not a Federalist?

> Matt - I thought he threw his support to Myron Proudfoot.

> Gee Whig

<Michael> Or perhaps he was a Cavailier?

<KM99> Whig - wig : Nobody gets my jokes

<kurt2> Boardner's. The place was Boardner's. 1652 Cherokee.

> Kurt - That was it. Couldn't remember the name.

> Hello Don!

<Alex Buck> What was boardners?

<kurt2> A shady sort of bar. It's still around.

<Michael> ok

<kurt2> Very "L.A. Confidential."

> Alex - Where Phil would meet his mistress.

<Alex Buck> oh

<Barbara> Why couldn't you have been his mistress, Alice?

> That just surprises me about Jack backing Nixon, due to his friendship with the Kennedys. Then again, that may have been after the assasination.

<Ari> He one said that when he & Mary were with the Johnsons and the (Adlai) Stevensons, Lyndon asked him about his previous name and asked him what Lincoln called him. Adlai said Lincoln called him Kubelsky because he didn't change his name yet.

<KM99> Barbara - no way. Our Alice was going to privately bump the other off and just move in.

<Phil's #1 Girl> I don't know Barbara....maybe because I wasn't around? Lol

<Barbara> I think Jack just like Presidents, regardless of their party.

<Phil's #1 Girl> KM - Not bump her off...just scooch her out of the way, maybe...

<KM99> Yeah. yeah - that's what you say now

<Barbara> I'm sure you're better looking than she was.

> Barbara - I think Jack was a person who liked just about everyone. Very few people with whom he didn't get along.

<Matt> I think Jack just liked most people regardless of their party

<Phil's #1 Girl> KM - Do you think I would do something like that? LOL

<kurt2> Strange to hear Spiro Agnew on that roast

<Phil's #1 Girl> Barbara - Thanks...you're very sweet. I probably am! LOL

<Barbara> If it was Phil, sure.

> Kurt - Yes, when he was still honorable.

<KM99> The way I figure it, politics is just another way folks have dreamed up to keep us from liking everyone we meet.

<Ari> Jack liked everyone. And didn't everyone like him? I don't know of anyone saying anything negative about him.

<Phil's #1 Girl> KM - You hit the nail on the head!

<KM99> Without politics, there's no "US" versus "THEM". It's US all the time.

<Douglas> I must say goodnight now- it's 2 a.m. here. Wish you well and hope to join you next time.

<KM99> Seeya Douglas

<Mikewats> Night, Douglas

<Phil's #1 Girl> Goodnight Douglas!

<Matt> I must leave as well--my dogs are trying to tell me something and I have a feeling they need to go for a walk

<Douglas> Bye!

<Barbara> See you in England, Douglas!

<Douglas> Yes Barbara.

> Take care, Douglas!

<Ari> 2 A.M.? Where R U Douglas. It's about 6 P.M. here in L.A.

<Douglas> Talk soon Laura.

<Douglas> London

<Mikewats> Yes, dogs generally set their alarms for walk time...

<Douglas> night!

> TAke care, Matt!

<Mikewats> Night, Matt

<Matt> It's been great chatting with all of you--good night

<KM99> Seeya Matt

> Ari - So speaking of politics, what are you doing now that you're not Press Secretary?

<KM99> Oh, we have "The" Ari with us tonight?

<Ari> Sorry, but I'm not Fleisher


<whips out autograph book>

> Oh...Ohhhh...OHHHH...OK.


<puts autograph book away>

> Sorry that I missed most of the discussion on the show for tonight because I was troubleshooting...any other thoughts on it?

<Ari> I am the "Ari". Fleisher is the other "Ari"

> Ari - :)

<KM99> <==== "To my best friend ever, Mikewats" <Here you go buddy. Hate to see it go to waste>

<Mikewats> The tape runs noticeably slow


<kurt2> Today you'd never see a prime-time show devoted to the 75th birthday of a comedian

> That reminds me of the Waukegan student who asked Jack, "Why did they name you after our school?"

<KM99> Kurt - No they wait until it's their 100th

<kurt2> Well, that was Jack's version of it!

> Don- That's OK. We welcome all Jack Benny discussion, show-related or otherwise.

<Mikewats> I remember TV in the 60s was geared big-time to the stars of the 40s and 50s

<Barbara> That was a great show to talk about, Laura. Lots of fun. Guess I'll have to be leaving too. See you next time.

<KM99> Seeya Barbara

> Take care, Barbara!

<Phil's #1 Girl> Night Barbara!

<Barbara> Love you all!

> So it sounds like people have been enjoying the Benny poll.

<Mikewats> There wasn't nearly as much programming geared specifically toward teens and people in their 20s as there is now

> Mikewats - Yes, it's the almighty 18-35 bracket now. And for movies, it's even younger than that.

<kurt2> Well, there were only 3 networks to pump it all out.

<Ari> Uh oh, it looks like our numbers are shrinking. I hope this discussion continues.

> Ari - We've still got good people on here. We can keep it going.

<Mikewats> True, Kurt

<kurt2> When Cher did her recent "farewell" tour, she'd have clips from her 70s variety show. With people like Danny Kaye and George Burns.

> Yeah, imagine a tribute show for Shecky Greene on network television nowadays.

<KM99> What was it I heard before? "Youth is wasted on the young."

> KM - Amen to that.

<kurt2> Her subtle way of showing that she used to be in REAL show business.

(loss due to technical difficulties)

<kurt2> No, he never did.kurt2> Hackett and Barry White were diabetics, and that'll eat you up from the inside.

<KM99> I'm trying to remember if Buddy Hackett was ever a star in his own right, of was he mostly used as a "character" sideman

> KM - Music Man. Shipoopi.

<kurt2> He was a star onstage as a comedian.

<KM99> BRB - Company

> KM - I remember him most from appearing on Johnny Carson.

<Mikewats> Hackett was all over TV in the 60s, too, but usually as a constant guest on other shows

> Someone asked about Dean Martin roasts...I thought of those as having more standard characters like Ruth Buzzi, Rich Little, etc.

> Did Hackett work the Martin roasts?

<Mikewats> Sounds like he would've fit right in there

<Roger> Maybe not, he was a very dirty comedian

<Ari> Who was your favorite character on Jack's show, everyone? Mine was Frank Nelson.

> Ari - According to the poll, it looks like Jack was so far.

> Roger - True. He did a lot of Vegas and similar live stuff.

<Roger> I went to see him with my family once, wow-talk about dirty!

<Roger> Re:Poll - Maybe Jack should be excluded.

> Roger - Gee, you think he'd shower before going onstage. :)


> Roger - Why?

<Mikewats> Well, just based on seeing a "censored" vesion of him on TV, I guess

<kurt2> Buddy was heavily into scatological material.

<Roger> Because Jack was great. without him, there's no show.

> I'm trying to remember...I heard some discussion, and I thought it was Jack, talking about Buddy Hackett going onstage and getting laughs by "grabbing himself."

<Mikewats> Favorite character? It's a tie -- Deniis and Rochester

> Mike - You'd better start voting...I voted for Dennis today because he was the only one who had no votes!

<Mikewats> Eek! I'll vote right away, Laura

<Roger> I think we should vote on favorite supporting character

<Mikewats> You mean, favorite non-regular character?

> Roger - OK, point taken. I figure that I'll circulate a different poll monthly, so will remember that in the future.

<Ari> Laura, is Frank Nelson on the list and if so, how did he fare?

> Ari - He is on the list, but he's only got 1-2 votes so far. Last I saw.


> This is just for any of the main recurring characters. If I had more slots, I would have included folks like Bob Crosby or Larry Stevens or the operators, but I only had ten slots.

> Even Sheldon Leonard and Don Wilson got voted before Dennis...poor guy.

<Mikewats> Not fair!

> And are folks enjoying the caption contest? I'm asking this in seriousness because I like to gauge how these new ideas go.

> If you like 'em, we keep 'em. If not, I'll go looking for something else.

<Phil's #1 Girl> My next vote goes for Dennis.

<Roger> Mikewats: I mean anyone except JAck.

<kurt2> the caption contests have produced some very witty captions

> So what else is on everyone's mind this evening?

<Mikewats> It's too darn hot

> Mikewats - Ah, so Cole Porter is on your mind.

<kurt2> I got a letter from Mrs. Jimmy Durante this weekend.

> I got a copy of some of the soundtrack of "Bright Moments".

> Kurt - How's she doing?

<Mikewats> LOL, yes

<kurt2> She's ancient. Jimmy Durante's caricacture was on the envelope!

<kurt2> Let's just say she's having a little trouble "letting go"

> Kurt - Funny, I thought she was fairly young when they got married.

<kurt2> That was in the 1940s

> Kurt - Especially considering Durante died over 20 years ago.

<kurt2> The music publishing company bearing his name is still around, though.

> Kurt - Oh...I somehow thought that he had married again later in life. Well, I focus on Benny and everything else by osmosis.

> Inka Dinka Doo?

<kurt2> He married Marge after Mrs. Calabash died.

<Roger> kurt2-What's your connection with Durante?

> It's strange on Bright Moments, as Jack's doing Scotsman cheap jokes.

<kurt2> Durante was in a movie directed by a director whose bio I'm researching.

<kurt2> I'll talk to ANYbody

<Ari> Who is that director?

<Roger> well, you;re in the right place!

<kurt2> That would be Victor "Gone With the Wind" Fleming

> I was thinking when Kate Hepburn died that there are very few STARS left. There are plenty of stars (e.g., Ben Affleck, etc.), but hardly any STARS.

<Ari> Are you writing his bio?

<kurt2> Not of that era. Eventually, Burt Reynolds will be a STAR

> I think Lauren Bacall and Olivia deHavilland are the only ones left. I know we've discussed this in the past, but are there others?

<kurt2> Well, there's two schools of thought on who is "writing" it. Best not to get me started on that

> Kurt - Well, I'm using the term to mean people who were real icons...larger than life.

<Roger> Bob Hope?

<Mikewats> Well, Bob Hope

<kurt2> Who knew that Hope would outlive nearly all of the Beatles?

> Well, that's true. I think of him in comedy first, as opposed to Clark Gable, Kate Hepburn, etc.

<Ari> U R right, Laura. The STARs of that era seem like giants in comparison.

<Roger> LL-Yes, but since we're grasping at straws...

> Ari - I think that the change occurred with the death of the studio system. The system built these images for folks.

<kurt2> Yeah, and some of them, like Van Johnson, actually believed their studio publicity.

<Roger> How about Paul Newman?

<Mikewats> Who knew the Rolling Stones would still be performing, much less outlive, half of the Beatles?

<kurt2> He counts. So does Elizabeth Taylor. Also Doris Day

<Ari> How about Jane Russell? Would she qualify for that list?

> Roger - That's a good question. Sean Connery as well. And Marlon Brando... Sometimes it's hard to say where the dividing line is.

<kurt2> Well, PARTS of her would!

<Ari> OK

> I like Oscar Levant's comment that "I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin."

<Ari> When was she not?

<Mikewats> Is Red Skelton still alive?

<kurt2> One article credited that to Groucho Marx, and now, half the time that quote comes up, Groucho gets the credit!

> Mike - Nope.

<kurt2> Skelton died in 1997

<Mikewats> Oh, okay, I missed it, I guess

> I dunno...it SOUNDS like a Levant quote.

<kurt2> It WAS a Levant quote.

> Mike - Have you passed the Jell-O yet?

> Kurt - OK, that makes me feel better.

> Oscar Levant and Fred Allen...two of the greatest, saddest wits of the 20th century.

<kurt2> Levant had severe problems. Allen just had hypertension and high blood pressure

> On the other hand, I just started reading a book by Stephen Leacock that Groucho Marx recommended to Jack Benny.

> KM - You ought to know about Stephen Leacock.

<Roger> I was thinking about the1950-60' TV and all the old stars of Vaudeville. Incredible talent all over the TV back then. I wonder how much is preserved? It would have been great if Jolson had lived olong enough.

<Ari> Did Jack and Fred rally have a feud? Or wa that just a comedy routine?

> Ari - Jack and Fred were great friends. It was all for laughs.

<kurt2> That was an expertly produced comedy routine

> Roger - Amen to that. Jolson could probably still wow 'em today.

<kurt2> Jolson COULD have done early TV, but turned it down.

<Roger> why?

> It would have to have been VERY early TV, as he died in 1950.

<kurt2> Not enough money. He'd been asked.

> We have his screen tests for "The Jolson Story"...probably a good idea of what he would have done on TV.

<Ari> Didn't Dennis Day have his own show once?

<Roger> we do?

<Roger> where are his screen tests?

> Ari - Right...on radio.

> Roger - I got them on a tape with "Plantation Act". Doesn't the Jolson Society have them?

<Mikewats> Dennis's radio show is very enjoyable

<Ari> But didn't he have one on television?

<Ari> I could be mistaken

<Roger> LL-I'll have to check. Never noticed it.

> Ari - That's a good question...I'd have to look it up.

> Roger - Say hi to Kevin for me.

<Roger> LL-Who's Kevin?

> Roger - Kevin Deavey...the IAJS video library curator.

<Roger> LL-Ah, I still haven't joined. I just read the website weekly Some day...

> Roger - After speaking at the Jolson Society convention in Long Beach, I got to know a number of the folks.

> Roger - That's right...sorry, I got confused.

<Roger> LL-Why would a JB person speak at the Jolson convention?

> Because the asked me to. :)

<kurt2> Laura knows everyone in show business

> They had a panel on Jolson on radio, and since Jolie guested on Jack's show...

<Roger> LL_That was a funny one.

<kurt2> Laura knows more alterkockers than I do

<Roger> But, does she know Yiddish?

> They also had Frank Bresee, Brian Gari and...um...Tommy...um...he played Jolson as a boy in the radio version of the Jolson story.

> Kurt - That's a high compliment!

> Roger - sprichen zie Yiddishe

<Roger> LL- I know some words from listening to my mom years ago.

> Tommy Bonds.

> I thought about including the clip of Jack at a stag party with the Friars Roast for this month, but decided against it.

> He uses some Yiddish (and...well...French) in that speech.

<Alex Buck> Its hard to imagine Jack at a stag party

<Roger> Time for me to go. See you next time.

> Take care, Roger!

<Ari> It's hard to imagine Yiddish spoken at a stag party

> Even though we all know that Jack was a real person who liked to tell friends to "kiss my ass" and so forth, it's still a little surprising to hear him using the rather salty language!

> Ari - Oh, you just haven't gone to the right stag parties.

<Ari> I need to get out more

> So what else did folks want to discuss tonight?

<Alex Buck> Didn't Mel Blanc have a personalized license plate that said Kiss my Ass in Yiddish?

<Ari> I guess that's how it got past the censors

> Alex - Correct. It said KMIT, which stands for (exact spelling may be off) Kish Mir Im Tuchus (Kiss me on the ass)

<Alex Buck> tuchus, eh?

> When he applied for it, the DMV told him he couldn't have a radio station call letters on his license plate

> So he told them it stood for his mantra.

<Mikewats> LOL

> They asked what his matra was.

> He said, "Know Me In Truth".

<Ari> He was sharp

> So they said, "OK" and gave it to him. He had it up until he died.

> Supposedly, Jack laughed every time he saw it.

<Mikewats> Easy to see why Jack like to be around him so much

> Mike - Yes, that was noted by Joan at 39 Forever. That Mel was the one person who crossed the lines of being a business friend, a personal friend, and a "couples" friend.

<Ari> I liked his si cy sue routine with Jack

> Ari - I think that's the routine I get asked about the most.

<Ari> Do you know who originally thought it up

> Ari - Well, pick either George-Sam or Milt-Tack...the first person who delivered the lines was Mary!

> Any thoughts on which of the two duos it might have been?

<Ari> I can't even fathom a guess

> I got so many questions about which shows included it that I just set up a permanent page listing them.

> One of the two duos would write the first half of the show, and the other would write the second half. But I don't have a lot of knowledge of who wrote which, so it's hard to tell.

> Is there anything else, or should we shut it down for this month?

<Ari> If we shut it down, when will this chat room meet again?

<Mikewats> One more thing: has anybody tried Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Pancake Syrup?

> Ari - We meet monthly, generally on the first Sunday of the month. I delayed it this month because of the holiday.

> Mike - No, but it sounds good.

<Ari> Is it at the same time- 5 PM Pacific time?

<KM99> Hey folks. I'm going to sign off now. Company is here and I'll be busy. Goodnight folks.

> Yup...always the same time of deay.

> TAke care, KM!

<Mikewats> Night, KM

> same time of day.


> OK, we'll see you in August!

> Don - Happy to have you!

> Good night!