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<Heidi> Hello

> Hi Heidi!

<Michael> Hi Heidi

<Alex Buck> Evening, Heidi

<Sarah> <Sarah> Hi Heidi

> Sarah - System automatically puts your name in front of your lines...you don't have to do it.

[Sun Jun 01 17:04:32 PDT 2003] Barbara has no profile.

> Hey there, Barbara!

<Sarah> Oh, okay, thank you, I didn't know that.

<Barbara> Hi everybody. A good crowd today.

> Sarah - No problem.

<Michael> Hi the barbara

[Sun Jun 01 17:05:10 PDT 2003] Karen Walker has no profile.

<Sarah> I wish I had started coming to these chats much sooner!

> So did everyone have a chance to listen to the shows for this evening?

<Alex Buck> Wow Laura, I can't say that I've listened to any Chevrolette programs before. I does give you an appreciation of the later ones.

> Hi Karen!

<Heidi> an Eddie G. double feature!

<Bob V.> second that motion...

<Michael> yes it does.... Hi Karen

<Sarah> I didn't. I didn't realize it would take two hours to download a half hour show.

<Barbara> I was surprised to hear Eddie Robinson on the 1933 show. Didn't know he went that far back.

> Alex - Yes, isn't it something? How much changed and how much stayed the same.

<Heidi> Little Ceasar was 1931

<Sarah> But next month I will be ready!

<Bob V.> Jack is still great, but I can't belive how much better Mary is later

<Michael> sure... He did Little Caesar back around 1930

> I figured it might be interesting to listen to two shows with him.

> Bob - Right. Mary was still playing the "dumb gal" in 1933.

<Barbara> I disagree with you Bob. I liked her better dumb than acerbic.

> Did anyone "get" any of the news story jokes at the beginning of the Chevrolet program?

<Heidi> Eddie G got the best laugh in the Chevrolet show, I thought. when he interrupted them in the middle of the play and said he didn't realize they were acting

<Sarah> I like her acerbic.

<Bob V.> really! Wow, I think she is a scream later...

<Bob V.> only a few really

<Barbara> I didn't get most of the news story jokes at the beginning.

<Michael> I got a few... but then that's because I'm a history buff

> Deforestation in G.B. Shaw's beard?!?!?!

<_bill> the 2nd show was redone with Dan Duryea 14 years later in the '60s on tv

<Sarah> I really like Mary when she reads a sarcastic poem.

<Barbara> Who was writing Jack's stuff?

<_bill> a lot of hair jokes

[Sun Jun 01 17:08:09 PDT 2003] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<Heidi> I love Dan Duryea

<Michael> Was Harry Conn writing for Jack in 33?

<Barbara> Eddie Robinson sounded much the same both times. He was great.

<Sarah> This past week on another website there was a show with Jack and Bob Hope. They were pretty funny together

> Barbara - In 1933 or 1946?

<KM99> LL - I thought it was interesting to hear Jack do the topical news gags. That was a Fred Allen thing, wasn't it?

> Michael - Yes. It was Conn and Boasberg.

<Barbara> 1933.

<Alex Buck> The earlier show was hard to believe that Robinson's part wasn't rehearsed.

> KM - Yes, that was something that he was much more well-known for, even at that time

[Sun Jun 01 17:10:42 PDT 2003] Douglas Brock: London England here

> Alex - Oh, I think it must have been.

<Douglas Brock> Good morning from |London

<Barbara> Do n't you think it was rehearsed? Jack wasn't one for surprises.

<Bob V.> hello Douglas

> Welcome in, Douglas! Good to have you here.

[Sun Jun 01 17:11:13 PDT 2003] ron has no profile.

<Sarah> Good Morning Douglas

<Alex Buck> Hi Douglas

<Douglas Brock> Hi all.

<Heidi> hi douglas

<Barbara> Hi Doug. It's late over there isn't it?

<Douglas Brock> It is good to be with you- even for a short time this morning.

<Alex Buck> But Eddie interrupted the play in such a well timed place; it just seemed scripted

[Sun Jun 01 17:11:49 PDT 2003] dutch has no profile.

<Douglas Brock> It is 01.11hrs

[Sun Jun 01 17:12:09 PDT 2003] Lee Gobin: 31, male, singer/songwriter/musician, studying for the ministry; A very big fan of Jack Benny

> Hello Dutch, Lee!

<Barbara> Just for the record, the child Eddie was referring to caused a lot of grief. I believe he committed suicide.

> Welcome in everyone! So glad we have such a good crowd tonight.

<Bob V.> i didnt know that

> Barbara - Oh my!

<Douglas Brock> Thanks

<Barbara> He also wrote a book (the son), but I know he had problems.

> I liked the fact that in effect, the "waitaminnit" gag was on both shows.

> In 1933 with the orchestra's "overture", and in 1946 with the Sportsmen.

<Douglas Brock> May I say something to introduce myself?

> Douglas - By all means. Same goes for everyone in the room...we have a lot of new people here.

<Heidi> in the 1946 show, was that the same year of the "firing the sportsmen" running gag?

> Heidi - I believe so. Do you know the backstory on why that was done?

<Alex Buck> Douglas, I was kind of interested in what type of guy stays up until 01.11 hrs to be a part of chat

<Sarah> A serious Jack Benny fan!!

[Sun Jun 01 17:15:48 PDT 2003] kurt has no profile.

> Hello Kurt!

<Douglas Brock> I was one of the FEW kids whose folks had a tv set in Glasgow Scotland back in 1952. I watched a lot of Jack Benny when I was a kid in the 50s. In the late 70s I actually introduced a Jack special broadcast on the BBC ikn around 79 or 80. Some years on I had a nice letter from Joan. That's it!!

<kurt> Jell-O again, everyone

<kurt> Wow, a crowd in here tonight

<Heidi> not sure of the why, I just have a few of the episodes from that year and I know it was a running gag. some funny stuff came out of it.

<Heidi> hi Kurt

> Douglas - Was that a Jack Benny tribute on the BBC?

<Alex Buck> Laura - what was the background story of the firing?

<Sarah> Those are good credentials to be in here, Douglas

> The Sportsmen first started as regulars on 9-29-46.

<Douglas Brock> Yes, in 80 I think. I have a copy SOMEWHERE. I introduced it on air

<Douglas Brock> Thank you Sarah...nice of you

> But (forgive me for not being able to give you the exact names...would have to look them up...)

<Sarah> Your welcome, nice to meet you.

<Douglas Brock> Yes, it was on BBC

> At least one or two of the members had to leave for the war some years earlier.

<Sarah> Like Dennis Day

> When they came back, one of them wanted to rejoin the Sportsmen, but his replacement didn't want to give up the spot.

<Heidi> right, dennis was in the navy

<Heidi> really?

<Michael> didn't Phil go off to fight in the war too?

> So they were having a lot of argument as to who's in-who's out.

<Alex Buck> Phil was in the merchant marines, I believe

<KM99> There's some confusion here. Dennis and Phil weren't "in" the Sportsman Quartet

<Douglas Brock> Alex: I know! I have to work tomorrow- but I have missed two chats since I joined and did not want to miss any more.!

> So Jack said, "I'm going to write it into the script that I fire you, and you go off and figure out who's in."

<Barbara> He was in for a very short time for some reason.

> Alex - Correct.

> So they did.

> Douglas - If you find it, I'd love to have a copy.

<Michael> I thought so... thank you

<Douglas Brock> So would I! I had a massive burglary some time back but it may be safe. I shall look.

<Douglas Brock> It featured clips from many of the colour shows too.

<Heidi> that's a shame!

[Sun Jun 01 17:19:49 PDT 2003] rizwan has no profile.

<KM99> Speaking of Jack Benny Tributes - I found a gem the other day. A VHS copy of the 1989-01-23 Induction of Jack Benny into the Television Hall of Fame.

<rizwan> Hey!

<rizwan> I finally finally made it!

<Barbara> KM99, are you still as good looking as you were in February?

[Sun Jun 01 17:20:01 PDT 2003] rodchester has no profile.

<KM99> Hiya Rizwan

> Douglas - I appreciate that, and will keep my fingers crossed.

<Douglas Brock> Like when Reagan offered |Jack a Rolls Royce

<KM99> Barbara - Even Better ! Thanks Doll.

<Douglas Brock> ok Laura...I will look

<rizwan> Hi KM.

<rizwan> Laura!

> Hello Rizwan, Ro(d)chester!

> Rizwan!

> What a crowd tonight!

<rizwan> Hi! Hello everyone that remembers me from F39 .. medium high brown guy

<rizwan> hehe.

<rizwan> Anyone else here I should know by name?

<Sarah> Like the screen name, rodchester!

<Barbara> We miss Alice Faye.

<rizwan> her and I have been emailing back

[Sun Jun 01 17:21:29 PDT 2003] Mike McCune: Long time Fan

> Hi Mike!

<rizwan> I'll drop her a letter and skulk at her

[Sun Jun 01 17:21:47 PDT 2003] Bob has no profile.

> Bill - are you talking?

> Hello Bob!

> Rizwan - You know KM99.

> So what else did you think about the shows for discussion this evening?

<_bill> i'm looking things up

> Bill - OK, very good.

<Douglas Brock> I heard both

<Heidi> I liked how the sportsmen hummed when people fell on them

> Funny that the structure of the show had similarities

<Heidi> or sat on them

<kurt> Just Don, mostly

<rizwan> hmm, perhaps I should have listened instead of going on a blind date

<Douglas Brock> Pity sound quality could not be put through some sort of computer programme

> Conversation in the first half, unconnected skit in the second half.

<kurt> The commercials on the 1933 show were quite long and oppressive

> Kurt - And frequent.

> Kurt - But wouldn't you say the LSMFT commercials were long and oppressive too?

[Sun Jun 01 17:23:50 PDT 2003] Bob has no profile.

<Heidi> a chevrolet was only $500!!

<kurt> The Il Trovatore by the Sportsmen in 1946 was one of their funniest

> WB Bob.

<Barbara> Can you imagine buying a new Chevvy for $450?

<rizwan> Id like to buy a new anything for $450

<kurt> Chevies were very hard to sell in 1933

> Can you imagine giving, what, five of them away every week?

<KM99> I can imagine buying an old Chevy for that price....

[Sun Jun 01 17:24:21 PDT 2003] Mikewats: 39, Oklahoma USA, Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime?

<rizwan> Why were they hard to sell kurt.

<kurt> Jack went from selling Chevies to selling tires

<rizwan> ?

<KM99> Hiya MW

> I have a little brown disc that was used to advertise Chevvies at that time.

<kurt> Because it was 1933.

<rodchester> The depression

> Hey, Mikewats! Join the party!

<rizwan> Fair enough.

<rizwan> I should have known that

<Heidi> hard to sell anything at that time, I guess.

<rizwan> Being the reigning trivia champ

<Bob V.> are there any commercials that stack up, on the whole, with the Jello ones?

<kurt> Jell-O was much cheaper

<rizwan> Not movies. Movies sold very well during the GD.

<Barbara> And came in more colors.

<Sarah> The Grape-Nuts commercials were good, I thought.

<rizwan> remember when Dennis thought he had his own show?

<Bob V.> true Sarah

> If you listen to the first Canada Dry show, they're constantly mentioning the sponsor's product.

[Sun Jun 01 17:26:11 PDT 2003] Michael: With egg on face

<rizwan> Grapenuts show starring Dennis day, with AF and PH singing that nuts song.

<KM99> Dennis did have his own show - for a while...

[Sun Jun 01 17:26:15 PDT 2003] Mikewats: 39, Oklahoma USA, Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime

<rizwan> The Benny show where he thought he could replace Benny

<KM99> right

<Mikewats> Testing, one two three, testing...

[Sun Jun 01 17:26:45 PDT 2003] Jeff: IF shows up, Always late

> Mikewats - CQCQCQ...we're receiving

> Hey there Jeff!

[Sun Jun 01 17:26:51 PDT 2003] riz has no profile.

<Heidi> Jeff!

<riz> click the wrong damn button ;p

<Sarah> Dennis really liked to give Jack a hard time when he was on Jack's show and had his own.

[Sun Jun 01 17:27:11 PDT 2003] Hi and Thanks, how d has no profile.

<Heidi> there you are

<Mikewats> <pauses to listen to whether or not he's won a Chevrolet>

> Hi...um...Hi!

<Mikewats> Darn...I never win

<Jeff> Hi all

<riz> lol Mike.


> KM - LOL

<riz> heh.

<riz> I'm still annoyed

> Riz - At me?

<riz> our trivia team tried to name all six flavors

<riz> and we FORGOT ONE

> Riz - Oh right!

<Sarah> LS, MFT, LS, MFT

> Organge?

[Sun Jun 01 17:28:19 PDT 2003] Alex Buck: Fan from Kansas City

<riz> Laura, since its in caps, spelling doesnt count.

> So who had the better commercials? Jell-O or Lucky Strike?

<Heidi> that's how Phil would have pronounced it

<Barbara> Did you know they tried out a cola flavor but it didn't sell.

<KM99> Too Many Fingers On Keyboard Error

<Bob V.> jello, IMHO

<riz> hmm depends.

> Barbara - Really? Coke or Pepsi?

<rodchester> lucky strikes

<riz> I'm not a smoker

<KM99> LL - Jell-) Of course

<riz> Laura, no Pepsi at the time

<Barbara> Jello was better than Lucky Strike.

<Mikewats> Luckies had better songs


> Riz - Well, I wasn't sure of the year.

<Heidi> I like the middle commercials for Lucky Strike, with the sportsmen.

<Douglas Brock> Can I ask you if Joan Benny ever comes into chat?

> Douglas - Joan never has. I've asked her but it's just not really her thing. We did have granddaughter Maria once.

<Heidi> I am constantly singing that "if you want better taste from your cigarette, Lucky Strike is the thing to get" jingle

<riz> I'm not a smoker so I cringe at hearing how you should smoke to relax and how smooooth they are. Jello was always fun.

<Douglas Brock> Yes I saw that

> Luckies taste better...cleaner-fresher-smoother...

<riz> Heidi, don't sing that around any impressionable types

<Bob V.> riz, i must agree

<Heidi> No, just my cats

> So why were Jell-O or Luckies better?

<riz> Bob, broadcaster?

<Lee Gobin> i agree

<riz> mmm cats.

<Bob V.> yes riz

<KM99> Crispy.com has a great selection of Sportsman Quartet commercials to download

<Douglas Brock> Well Laura, if you are in contact with Joan do give her my kind regards. She may well not remember me though.

<rodchester> the sportsmen's songs wre great

> Douglas - I will do that.

<riz> I'm not a real fan of the Sportsment

<Mikewats> I can't hear an auctioneer without thinking of Jack Benny

<Douglas Brock> Thanks

[Sun Jun 01 17:30:33 PDT 2003] Bob: hello again, how do I send an message here?

<kurt> Tobacco was all-encompassing in those days. Kate Smith's first sponsor was a cigar company

> Douglas - I owe her an E-mail

<Douglas Brock> OK

<kurt> Bing Crosby was sponsored by Cremo Cigars

> Bob - Hi. Type in the white window at the bottom of your screen and hit Enter.

<Douglas Brock> Tell her we exchanged letters when I was in Atlanta and had bought her book.

> Kurt - So was Arthur Godfrey at one time.

> Douglas - I will let her know.

<kurt> And remember. There's no spit in a Cremo cigar!

<Douglas Brock> WSe talked about old radio and tv programmes generally

<Bob> is this it? lol

<Douglas Brock> (We)

<Bob> thanks lol

<Sarah> Dragnet was sponsored by Fatima Cigarettes for a while

<Douglas Brock> Thank you Laura.

> Bob - You got it!

<kurt> Arthur Godfrey: Chesterfields

> Douglas - You're most welcome.

<riz> Lucy and Arnez

<kurt> Perry Como: Chesterfields

<Mikewats> Laura, I had never paid any attention to this 4-21-33 show before...I never noticed it was COMPLETE

> Kurt - I have a recording of Godfrey singing the Cremo song.

<kurt> Now thjat

> Mikewats - Isn't that something? Unusual for shows of that vintage.

<kurt> Now that's a rarity!

<Mikewats> That's a gem...in form, if not in content

<Barbara> Jack had been broadcasting less than a year in April 1933.

<riz> 1933 complete?

<kurt> Jack's format didn

> Riz - The first show for discussion tonight.

<riz> "This is jack benny. I will wait a minute while you all say "who cares" "

<Bob> I sure love to listen to these old Jack Benny shows from the old radio days

<kurt> Jack's format didn't take shape until the General Tire programs

> KM - Can you address why the audio's so bad on this? I mean...why it couldn't be electronically "cleaned up"?

<Mikewats> The change in comedy styles between 1933 and 1943 is pretty startling

<Sarah> oh I was going to pull that one, riz

<Alex Buck> I thought the opening news items was different

<riz> Sorry sarah.

> Kurt - But there's still some similarity, with the skit in the second half.

<Sarah> No, it's okay, you did a better job.

<riz> I'm trying to find a Hope show to listen to

<kurt> The news items format was nearly identical to Fred Allen's show

<Douglas Brock> That is what I say, Laura

<riz> beyond the cliche "Road to whatever" show

<riz> Zanzibar I think.

<Bob> it sure is mike, for the better too I think

<Sarah> They had a Hope show this week on a website with Jack on his show.

<kurt> All the Hope radio scripts are at the Library of Congress

<Mikewats> Every comedy or variety show I've never heard from the early 30s has this "Is that a banana in your ear?" kind of humor

<Douglas Brock> There are programmes which run on computers that do clean up old recordings

<KM99> The Audio problem with the show has to do with surface noise from the ET (Electronic Transcription). The surface noise (hiss & scratches) are very hard to separate from the program without some very expensive equipment.

<kurt> They're not THAT funny, unless you're really into Brenda and Cobina

> Mikewats - So how would you know? ;)

<riz> Douglas, It'd require notchfilters etc, quite doable, you'd need a good tech to do it though

<Mikewats> I said, Laura, you have a banana in your ear!

<riz> simple frequenecy modding wouldn't work

<Heidi> hee hee

<riz> wow, she does!

<riz> Laura!


<Bob> rather listen to these radio shows than watch today's television

<riz> :: pulls it out and eats it ::

<KM99> The proper program to use is Cedar Creek on a Sadie workstation.

<riz> :: walks around and slips on it ::

<Bob V.> Bob I agree...

<riz> KM, like everyone happens to have a Sadie around.

<Alex Buck> OK, I'll bite - what

<Alex Buck> what's the banana gag?

> Bob - System puts your name in front of your lines...you don't have to.

<Douglas Brock> I am just getting into this sort of stuff and have had some success but I think you are correct - any such programmes or equipment would be mightily expensive, even for todays' computers.

> Mikewats - That's yours...you started it...

<Bob V.> there is some good writing, but this is GREAT writing and perfectly performed I think

<riz> :: gets a headache::

<Mikewats> "I can't hear you! I have a banana in my ear!"

<cymbal crash> <riz> ok im splitting before I explode.

<riz> /me waves bye

<KM99> Riz - A Decent Sadie setup only costs about $ 30K. The software will set you back $ 10K. The audio gear attached to it will only be another $ 40K.

> Douglas - And there are many people out there trying to do it without the right equipment, introducing digital artifacts into the shows. Then it sounds all distored and swirly.

<Mikewats> Night, riz

<Douglas Brock> I agree.

<riz> KM, good, lets donate $80k to Laura.

<Bob> I think so too, plus its just good clean fun too, something that this generation has lost out on

<Douglas Brock> Spoils it.

> Riz - I like how you think!

<riz> Bob, each to their own.

<riz> I'm of this generation

<Barbara> There was a poll in one of the L.A. papers last week about who was the funniest comedian ever. Bob Hope came in at 65%. Can anybody guess where Jack was?

<riz> I searched for this kind of humor

<riz> 20%

<KM99> Barbara - 80%

> Barbara - Where?

<Bob> yeah, to bad kids today have to grow up too fast

<riz> Bob, it isn't so terrible.

<Heidi> I'd be pleasantly surprised if he was on it at all.

<Barbara> I'm afraid not, Eric. Jack came in at 8%, below Seinfeld.

<Mikewats> 99-44/100%?

<Bob V.> my 13 year old and 7 year old LOVE Jack...we listen in the car all the time at their request

<KM99> YIPE!!

> Barbara - Sacrilege!

<Mikewats> Boo!

<riz> Since jack stopped doing USO before Hope, he's less remembered

<Heidi> Well!

<Sarah> That's a ripoff!! Only 8%!

<riz> Mike, wheres the 99 44/100 gag from?

> He should at LEAST have gotten 39%!

<riz> lol heidi

<Alex Buck> LOL

> Riz - Ivory soap

<Barbara> Of course, it was Bob's birthday. Maybe that had something to do with it.

<KM99> LUX???

<Bob V.> especially for the 13 year old that's pretty cool

<Bob> depends on what one thinks of decency is I suppose

> Riz - 99 44/100% pure.

<KM99> Whoops - wrong soap

<riz> hehe

<Mikewats> Not a gag, an ad...Ivory Soap

<riz> reference that is.

<Alex Buck> Why did Jack quite doing army bases and such? Was it just Hope's thing and he didn't want to duplicate?

<Sarah> Only 8%? hmm

<riz> heres the thing

<riz> who remembers benny

<riz> us

<kurt> Benny performed at bases all during WWII

<riz> and people much much older than us

<kurt> And overseas

> I was struck by the A&E Biography poll during the Hope bio asking people to name "Who's the next Bob Hope?"

<Mikewats> Well, he was around for much less of the television age than Hope too

<kurt> And in Korea

[Sun Jun 01 17:39:32 PDT 2003] schlepperman has no profile.

<riz> laura, who won?

<Sarah> LOTS of people remember Benny!

<KM99> LL - I saw that too...

<riz> who?

<kurt> But Korea nearly killed him, so he didn't do Vietnam

<riz> killed him?

> The options were Jay Leno, Seinfeld, Steve Martin, or Chris Rock. I don't know if they had a "none of the above" option.

<Barbara> I think Jack felt his comedy wasn't conducive to service bases, although he did do a lot of them.

<riz> Hope was a showman.

<kurt> He got very sick

<riz> Lenos the only showman of the lot

> Jack did as much camp work as Hope in WWII.

<Bob> takes more thought to be imaginitve than to just so in some trash for a responce

<riz> ad even then im not sure he's comparable.

> Hi Schlepperman!

> Riz - Who won what?

<KM99> Hey everyone. It's Schlepperman!!

<riz> you listed the options for who was the next hope

<Heidi> Steve Martin won it

<riz> bleh

<riz> then again im not a martin fan

<riz> nor martian fan

<Bob> lol

[Sun Jun 01 17:40:56 PDT 2003] karen has no profile.

> Listen to the camp shows on radio...it was during this time that Jack tanked in the ratings.

> Hello Karen!

<Heidi> none of them were very good choices

<KM99> Hiya Karen

<Heidi> riz, are you a martini fan?

<Sarah> Hiya Jackson!

<Barbara> He may have done as much, Laura, but I think Hope's type of comedy went over better. It was also more risque.

[Sun Jun 01 17:41:40 PDT 2003] Mikewats: 39, Oklahoma USA, Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

(lost due to screen refresh)

<riz> trying to figure it out

<Bob V.> Laura, forgive my "newbie" question, but are there good pix of what the show looked like? Pix of studios, etc.

<riz> Bob V, have you seen the videos?

<Mikewats> I love shows that start out with lots of Rochester

<Bob V.> no obviously

<Heidi> I'd like to see some stills from the radio studio, too

<riz> hmm

<Bob> good question Bob V

> Bob - There's one photo, but I don't have it up on the Web. Has almost the whole cast at the mikes.

<Bob V.> agree Mikewats,

<Sarah> Oh Rochester?

<riz> ive got the video

<riz> of him performing at Camp Hahn

> Phil is "conducting" the orchestra in the back.

<Bob V.> but no pictures of the studio, etc.

<schlepperman> I like the photo contest you started

> The Camp Hahn video is available on our site.

[Sun Jun 01 17:48:08 PDT 2003] Roger has no profile.

<riz> there see that Bob.

> Hello Roger!

<Bob V.> Laura thanks

<riz> Laura

<kurt> Quite a crowd here tonight

<riz> that pic is available on almost every other fan site

<riz> so dont worry :)

> Bob - Do a search (bottom of the home page) on Camp Hahn and you should find it.

<KM99> Kurt - You're starting to repeat yourself

> Riz - If you can E-mail me a copy, that would be great.

<Bob V.> I think I have seen that photo Riz

<Bob> lol

<kurt> I only repeat myself for the new folks

<riz> oh the pictures?

<riz> lemme find it

> I don't think we've ever had such a crowd here.

<Alex Buck> I was debating with my wife about the value of the Maxwell gag versus Charmichael the polar bear

<Bob> great! this is my first time here

<Barbara> It must be your animal magnetism, Laura.

> I loved Dennis' foil to EGRobinson in the 1946 show. Something about the high voice is so funny in comparison.

<Heidi> "where's the man?"

<kurt> Carmichael was much funnier

<Bob V.> me too

> Alex - I think the Maxwell was more versatile.

<Alex Buck> I'm a big Carmichael fan too

<Alex Buck> The Maxwell was definately longer lived

> Have you all seen Carmichael in Buck Benny Rides Again?

<riz> bbl

<kurt> Carmichael wasn't around very long, though

<Alex Buck> No, I'd like too

<Heidi> the carmichael bit didn't go stale because they didn't do it for years

<schlepperman> He got more mileage out of the maxwell

> Alex - That's why I say the Maxwell is more versatile.

> Schlepp - Har har har

<Mikewats> Aiieeeee! Is that Jane Morgan on the 1946 show?

<Alex Buck> Carmichael has an almost Charles Addams's appeal to him

<kurt> Carmichael departed with the arrival of new writers in 1943

<Alex Buck> I think Carmichael could have outlived the change in writers though

<Bob V.> "well fall down you big ham..." great!

<kurt> And suddenly the Maxwell re-appeared

> Mikewats - Where?

<Mikewats> One of the two little old ladies who pull up next to Jack...

<schlepperman> I thought polly was funny also

> I still like Mel Blanc's comment to Jack after playing Carmichael for some months.

<Mikewats> She is probably best known as Mrs. Davis in "Our Miss Brooks"

> Mikewats - Possible...don't know.

<Bob V.> LL which was?

<Barbara> I under stand Eddie Robinson was a very mild mannered man in person. He just got stuck in the gangster pictures.

<Heidi> I thought it was sweet that they all said good night to Mary at the end of the 1946 show

> Bob - "Mr. Benny...I can talk, too!"

<Heidi> There is a great episode of CBS "Suspense" called "The Man Who Wanted to Be Edward G. Robinson," starring Eddie G.

<Sarah> I liked him best as the violin teacher though.

> Heidi - Sounds like "Being John Malkovich"

<Sarah> I have heard that episode of Suspense Heidi.

> I noticed that the Maxwell sounds were all sound effects...not Mel Blanc.

[Sun Jun 01 17:53:45 PDT 2003] Roger has no profile.

<Bob V.> good night Herman! Off I go...this was very nice all!

<Alex Buck> I guess everyone can identify with a car not starting but there's something visually fascinating to me to imagine a polar bear in a bed with a cold and humans trying to give him medicine

> Take care, Bob!

<Mikewats> I loved that, Heidi

<kurt> Blanc didn't do the Maxwell for that long.

<Heidi> it's really inventive. EGR plays this little mild-mannered guy who wants to be the tough guy character that EGR plays in the movies. and he also plays himself.

<KM99> Seeya Bob

<Heidi> g'night Bob

> Alex - And reading Esquire!

<Bob> I can hear mel blanc sputtering along with the sound effects

<Mikewats> It's a bit like the double role Edward G. played in the 1935 film, "The Whole Town's Talking"

<Heidi> yes! great movie

<kurt> And writing a letter that says, "Dear Santa: Please send a fat boy to read the meter!"

> Kurt - LOL

<Heidi> kurt: hahahaha

<Mikewats> One of my favorite Jean Arthur roles

<Heidi> that was one of her first movies, I think

> Mikewats - Jean Arthur asked for a fat boy to read the meter?

<Heidi> ha!

<Sarah> Dennis Day did a really strange episode of Suspense.

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<Bob> funny how jack always refered to the fat jokes with don wilson

> Sarah - Really? Do tell.

<Heidi> I always feel sorry for Don, with all the fat jokes.

<Sarah> Yes, he did one called, "Like Man, Somebody Dig Me"

> I still enjoy Jack as a space alien in Plan X on Suspense.

<Bob> yeah, wasnt politicaly correct lol

<Alex Buck> I hadn't heard about that one LL

<Sarah> Yes, that was great Laura!

<Heidi> I haven't heard that one yet, Laura. I've heard the other three

> Alex - Jack did a few Suspense shows.

<Barbara> Do you remember "The Face is Familliar?

<Sarah> I especially like where he's talking to his mother in Plan X.

> Barbara - Yes, that's also good.

<Douglas Brock> It is almost 2 a.m. here and I must leave you. Thank you for your warm welcome and I hope to be joining you again in the future. Laura, be sure to give my kindest regards to Joan and - everyone - all good wishes and goodnight from across the Atlantic!

> Sarah - So what was this Dennis Day one?

> TAke care Douglas, thanks for staying up with us!

<Heidi> good night Douglas!

<KM99> Seeya Douglas

<Alex Buck> Night Douglas

<Mikewats> Night, Douglas

<Bob> thanks doug you too

<Barbara> I will be in London in Sept. Doug. Maybe we can talk.

<Douglas Brock> Good night.

<Sarah> Oh, yes. Well, it's from 1959 and I never thought of Dennis Day doing such a cynical character.

<Douglas Brock> Yes, my email is douglasjbrock@yahoo.co.uk> Sarah - What's the premise?

<Alex Buck> What was the guy's name who wrote Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

<Heidi> the Suspense show was a really good way for actors to do a little stretching

<Mikewats> Sounds very intriguing

<Heidi> Alex - Douglas Adams

<KM99> Alex - Douglas Adams

<Sarah> He keeps saying he's cool, and it's like nothing bothers him, even the fact that there

<Sarah> s been a murder

<Bob> mmmmm

<Alex Buck> Right, right.

<Sarah> But then the evidence starts to appear as if it's pointing to him, and he's all of a sudden desperate for someone to believe his story

> Sarah - Do you happen to know the date on it? Was it about the time that the beats were starting to surface?

<KM99> Alex - Don't Panic

<Sarah> Yes, It was 1959, summer I think, August maybe

<Mikewats> <whips up some espresso flavored Jell-O> <Alex Buck> I'm sure its a common name over there

> OK, definitely ala Beats.

<Heidi> there used to be a website where you could download all the Suspsense shows, but it got taken down

<Bob> didnt deenis day use to advertise for the happy steak resturants?

> There was a Dennis Day teddy bear in the 1980s.

<Sarah> Yes, he does a little jazzy stuff on there, but no real singing. We never get to hear his singing voice on that Suspense episode.

<Alex Buck> LL - what did it look like?

<Mikewats> The strangest thing I've heard Dennis do is a Sophie Tucker imitation on his own show

<Barbara> His wife owned a gift shop in Santa Monica. Maybe still does.

<Bob> wow thats cool

> Alex - It was Irish, a little hat and a shamrock. It had a recording of Dennis telling a story about the bear and singing a song.

> Barbara - No, she moved to Hawaii.

<Heidi> here's info on the Suspense episode with Dennis: http://www.chem.dynu.com/suspsense/default.asp?ID=1527

<Barbara> Oh. It's funny you never hear about any of his 11 kids.

> Mikewats - In researching before the Jolson convention, I came across Dennis doing a pretty good Jolson impression.

<kurt> I tried to track them. To no avail

<Sarah> There was another Suspense episode with him a few years earlier, but not cynical

> Jack says, "I paid $5000 for Jolson, and I could have gotten Dennis to do it!"

<kurt> I even directed Laura to the manager of Dennis' sister-in-law, Ann Blyth

<Bob> lol

<Mikewats> It's funny he wasn't better known for that ability, Laura

<Heidi> ann blyth is Dennis's sister-in-law?

> Sarah - For a similar feeling, listen to "The Man Who Came to Dinner". It's the "mean" Jack.

> Kurt - Who was not a very nice person.

<kurt> Married to Dennis' brother, a Dr. McNulty

<Bob> wow what a trip

<kurt> Dr. McNulty probably is a nice person. Ann Blyth's manager is NOT a nice person

<Sarah> I have seen a little of a version of that show, but not with Jack

<Barbara> I thought I read that Jack didn't want to do that. He did anyway..

<Alex Buck> I thought he did a good job with it.

> Kurt - That's what I meant. I've got nothing against Dr. McNulty or Ann Blyth...I just can't get to them through the manager.

<Sarah> Anyway, I saw this other version of the Man Who Came To Dinner with my dad, and we both agreed the character is just like my dad.

<Alex Buck> "Shut your filthy little face" - I had to rewind and listen to that one!

> Alex - Yes, it's hard to handle that line coming from Jack!

<Heidi> where can I find a recording of The Man Who Came to Dinner?

> Sarah - It's a radio version of the show.

<Barbara> No wonder he didn't want to do it.

> Heidi - We have it in the IJBFC library.

<Sarah> Oh, okay,, thank you Laura

<Bob> I bet jack could have his moments at times

<kurt> For Laura, I even located Rochester's half-sister

> Kurt - Is she doing better now?

<Sarah> There was another Suspense episode with Jack, which involved a violin.

[Sun Jun 01 18:06:05 PDT 2003] Mike Amo: Packing for Nashville, yeehaw!

<kurt> No one seems to be able to find her

<Mike Amo> Hi kids!

<Alex Buck> We're you able to get any information from Rochester's half-sister?

<KM99> Hiya Mike Amo

> Hi Mike Amo!!!

<kurt> Half-sisters, particularly much younger ones, seldom know anything

<Bob> Hi mike

> Alex - I haven't spoken with her yet. Need to figure out where she is now.

<Alex Buck> What burning questions would you like to ask her?

> We've had more Mikes/Michaels on this chat tonight.

<Bob> lol

<Mikewats> Maybe we should number ourselves

> Alex - Well, for starters, what her recollections are of Anderson.

<Mike Amo> lol

[Sun Jun 01 18:08:22 PDT 2003] Dennis Campbell: Phil Harris Fan

> Alex - I don't know for sure if he was at home or not when she was growing up.

> Hi Dennis!

<Sarah> You know, over in South Central, Rochester Circle is named for him.

<KM99> Hiya Dennis

> Sarah - Right. I had photos of his house and that story in the last Times.

<Sarah> Oh, I'm sorry Laura. I should subscribe> Sarah - Not a problem. Just more of a heads-up if you're interested.

<Bob> I bet mr anderson was a really cool man

<Mikewats> Well, I'm glad something's named for him

> Eddie Anderson is pretty enigmatic.

<Alex Buck> Assuming the sister was an authority, what information about Rochester have you had trouble finding out?

<kurt> Anything that's accurate. And the half-sister is not an authority. She's just the half-sister

> Alex - I'll take just about anything on Eddie Anderson. It's doggoned hard to find out any details about him, what he was like off-mike, etc.

<Barbara> It's pretty hard to find anything much about him, isn't it?

<kurt> That was a pretty fractured family

<Sarah> I heard a little clip from Jack Benny's funeral, and Eddie Anderson said Jack was like a brother to him.> Well, yes and no, from what I can tell.

> Jack didn't really socialize with him off-mike, but I think that was incidental (not related to race).

<Mike Amo> There must be some stories...he had his own film career

> Jack came close to firing him on many occasions, as he'd show up late to rehearsals or trains.

<Bob> wow

> But Anderson loved race horses and yachts.

<Heidi> shoot, I'm really enjoying the chat tonight, but I have to take off. see you all next month

> And...I think it was George Balzer who told me a great story about a time that

> Goodnight Heidi!

<Mike Amo> Hi/Bye Heidi {:o)

<Mikewats> Night, Heidi

<KM99> Seeya Heidi

> that Roch missed a train and Jack was upset.

<Bob> goodnight hedi

<Sarah> I understand that Jack was a stickler about rehearsals?

<Barbara> Roch was late for rehearsals a number of times and nearly got written out.

> Sarah - Yes. He was a perfectionist regarding the show.

<Alex Buck> I can just imagine Rochester lounging with a cigar on the deck of a yacht

<Bob> say laura, do you think jack might of been somewhat of a taskmaster?

> Bob - Well, let's see...

> Jack demanded professionality from everyone. But he was also very generous.

> Sometimes he'd get into a huff about something, working with a director he didn't know, or whatever...

> Fred deCordova has some stories about that.

<Bob> thats what I heard

> But Jack would always apologize quickly.

<Barbara> You didn't ask me, Bob, but since I have to leave I would say he was a taskmaster as far as the show was concerned. Certainly not at home.

<Sarah> Jack in a huff? Well!

> professionality = professionalism

<Bob> lol

<Bob> yeah, that makes for a susscessful show

<Barbara> I do have to leave but thank you one and all. Come up and see me sometime, KM99.

<KM99> Are you leaving us, Barbara?

<kurt> We made up a new word tonight!

> Take care, Barbara!

<Mike Amo> Hi/Bye Barbara!

<Mikewats> Night, Barbara!

<KM99> Goodnight Barbara

<Barbara> Love you all.

<Bob> bye barbara

<KM99> Seeya Doll

> I guess it depends on your definition of "taskmaster".

<Alex Buck> So did the radio shows have a director of sorts or was it Jack calling all of the shots?

> Here's a story that you'll read when I publish the Gisele MacKenzie interview...

<Bob> yeah, for some reason i can see jack as kind of like lucille ball in a way

> Alex - The producer/director was often Hilliard Marks in the later years, but as he noted, the show sort of ran itself.

> Gisele said the one time she saw Jack mad was when he came to her after a performance,

> and said that on a particular line, she was a TENTH OF A SECOND too slow on her response.

<Alex Buck> A tenth of a second?

<Bob> wow

<schlepperman> What was the reason for the problem between jack and rochester that kept him off the show for a while

> In talking with her, it's clear that his anger made a real impression!

> Schlepperman - When was that?

[Sun Jun 01 18:17:45 PDT 2003] donwilson2: docpowjr@aol.com

> Gisele added that Jack was such a perfectionist and he knew his craft so well, that he could be that precise.

> Hi Don!

<donwilson2> hello folks

<Bob> hi don

<Sarah> Hello Don

<schlepperman> I read it in a book that something made jack angry and he suspended rochester for a while I think it was joan benny's book

<donwilson2> hello everything..

<donwilson2> everone

<Mike Amo> Hi Don

<donwilson2> everyone

<donwilson2> ill get it in a second

> Schlep - *Thinking* I can't remember the exact story, but I'd bet that it was Roch's tardiness. Does anyone else recall it?

> BRB...keep talking...

<Bob> well, when you think of it, its his name that is at stake since its his show, and I can understand the need to perfect it, but on the other hand I can also see it going too far in extremes too

<Mikewats> Not me - I remember the story of Roch bringing a couple of police officers to the studio with him once...

<Mikewats> ..to vouch for his story of why he was late (traffic problems)

<Sarah> Police officers, Yikes!

<Alex Buck> A tenth of a second though is more of a reflex than a conscious timing issue

<Bob> man!! sounds like the three's company story lol

<schlepperman> Gotta go I'll try to gey back

<Sarah> I can remember a show in which one of the boy scouts messed up a line about having "robin's egg blue" eyes and he was almost off the show!

<kurt> I think the real story of Jack's personality has yet to be told

<KM99> Seeya Schlepperman

> Take care, Schlepperman!

<Bob> bye shlepperman

> Sarah - Do you mean the Beavers?

<Alex Buck> see ya next time shlep

<Mikewats> Night, schlep

<Sarah> Oh, yes, I knew they were something like Boy Scouts but I couldn't remember what they were called.

> Sarah - The Beverly Hills Beavers.

<Bob> ;)

<Sarah> That's right. Thank you Laura

<Bob> beavers in beverly hills lol

<kurt> Alas, I must depart. This has been a most enjoyable 90 minutes!

> OK, thanks for stopping Kurt!

<Mikewats> Night, Kurt

<donwilson2> nite kurt

<KM99> Seeya Kurt

<Bob> funny how a man of 39 was the treasurer for a goup of kids lol

<donwilson2> hiya km.. didnt see ya there

<KM99> Hiya Bill

> Bob - They invented that gag about the time that television was coming on...so it could be one of these devices that they could use over and over.

> Jack's song was the same thing.

<Alex Buck> You got to keep in mind that the Beavers were a means of keeping up Jack's ego

<Bob> pretty cool idea lol

<Alex Buck> They believed what ever he told them

> Oh...I was listening to a 1950 show when doing the Jolson work, and

<Bob> they sure were innocent lol

> there's a great sequence in the second half where Phil is over at Jack's house

<KM99> Hey Folks - I didn't understand the laugh Jack go in 1946-11-24 when he said "It's quieter in here than a coal mine?" Anyone help?

> and the Beavers are trying to get Jack to come play football with them.

> KM - Yes, I wondered about that as well.

<Mikewats> How many minutes in, KM> <KM99> MW - About 18 min in

> Then the Beavers take off on commenting on how Jack won football games for UCLA (or something like that) and did all sorts of heroic things.

<Alex Buck> Would that have been about the time of the coal mine strikes?

[Sun Jun 01 18:28:14 PDT 2003] Joe Gruzleski: joegruzleski@shaw.ca

<Bob> yeah I remember that one too lol

> With the greatest timing, Phil later calls Jack aside, pauses a while, then says, "You DAWG!!!!!!!"

> Hi Joe!

<KM99> Alex- That could be it

<donwilson2> that would have been about right for the post war coal strikes

<donwilson2> and a big one was averted in about 48 as i recall

<Alex Buck> There was a pretty lengthy section about the coal mine and train strikes in the Truman biography by McCollough

<Mikewats> There was a coal strike in May, prompting the govt. to seize the mines...

> Is that why there were the comments about being a sad Democrat? Or had they lost a bunch of congress seats?

<donwilson2> then in 49 the anthracite industry collapsed.. and "goodbye Blue Coal" (shadows sponsor)

<Bob> brb, need to have my dinner

> Joe G - Type in the white window at the bottom of the screen and hit Enter to talk.

> Take care, Bob.

<Bob> him too? lol your not alone joe lol

<Mikewats> The 1946 election went very badly for the Democrats

<Joe Gruzleski> Right now I'm just listening, er, reading

> Bob - There's always someone. Not a problem.

<Alex Buck> The May show made reference to Jack playing the part of haberdasher from Missouri

<Mikewats> It was the most lopsided Republican victory in decades...the GOP won control fo both teh House and Sente

> Joe - OK, read away!

<Mikewats> ..of both the House and Senate, even

<donwilson2> and probably held it til the mccarthy hearings

<Alex Buck> Mikewats - but Truman showed them up in '48

> Alex - But just barely!

<Mikewats> I think the Democrats took the House back in 48, though

> Just ask H.V.Kaltenborn.

<donwilson2> wonder how easy it would be to elect an army general now

<Alex Buck> was HV the barber?

> Don - Ask Colin Powell.

<Mikewats> <doesn't think Truman has a chance> <Alex Buck> Mikewats - oh, a Wilkie fan

<Alex Buck> I mean Dewy

> Alex - HV was a radio announcer who did a great diatribe on how Dewey was the obvious winner. Truman then did a great Kaltenborn impersonation later.

<Mikewats> Better get used to saying President Dewey!

<donwilson2> i found alot of truman messages imbedded in some of my old time radio programming from 50 and 51

<Alex Buck> Laura - I remember seeing that now that you mention it

<donwilson2> wow what an inspiring orator

> As opposed to President Huey or Louie.

<KM99> lol

<Sarah> Lol Laura!

<Alex Buck> I thought you were referencing the gag of Jack coming back from DC and getting snubbed by everyone except some barber

> Alex - I don't think I remember that one.

<Mikewats> Quaaack!

> I just saw the TV show where Beverly Washburn plays Margaret Truman.

<Alex Buck> The gang is asking if he met Truman


<Alex Buck> and he says no, just before I shook hands with him,

<Mikewats> <wonders whether or not the Junior Woodchucks is a communist front> <Alex Buck> vice president Barkly stepped up

<Alex Buck> "and that Barkley, what a guy..."

<Alex Buck> and the suspense builds as he misses out on meeting other people in the cabinet by some reason or another

<Mike Amo> "They loved him in St. Joe..."

<Alex Buck> I think the gag stopped at coming face to face with Dean Achison

> Mikewats - Of course...doesn't one of them wear red?

<Mikewats> isn't he the square that a nightengale sang in?

<Alex Buck> Then Phil or someone says "What did you say to Achison"

<Mikewats> Laura, I think we've got the basis for a subcommittee hearing

> Topeka and Santa Fe

<Alex Buck> and Jack says "Nothing, he gave me his coat and I hung it up"

> Mikewats - Can I bang my shoe on the table?

> Alex - LOL

<Alex Buck> Then he says he did meet someone important - I can't remember the name they used

<Mikewats> That brings back unnerving memories, Laura...my dad looked just like Krushchev

<Alex Buck> Mary asked who that person was and Jack says "well, if you don't know your current events enough to know - such and such - then I'm not going to tell you"

<Alex Buck> Later, in the show, they receive a telegram from the person

> Mikewats - Sorry, didn't mean to stir up your borscht.

<Mikewats> LOL

> Rodney Dangerfield?

<Alex Buck> and it said something to the effect of sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you more - I had someone waiting in for the other barber chair


> I definitely haven't heard that show...yet.

<Mikewats> Aha! Found it...George Orwell on Nov. 29, 1946 - "The American coal strike is continuing, and is likely to have disasterous effects on world grain supplies"

> Sometimes they used the name Rodney Dangerfield (well predating the comedian) as some actor that Jack would claim is very well known, but no one else had heard of him.

> Good going, Mikewats!

<Mike Amo> Sorry folks, must reboot, brb I hope

<also packing for road trip>

<Mike Amo> Really Laura? Cool!

<Sarah> Maybe that's where the comedian got the name?

> Sarah - I tried to find that out, but I can't get a response from him.

> I can't imagine that they BOTH just picked that name out of a hat.

<Mikewats> Night, Mike

[Sun Jun 01 18:39:59 PDT 2003] mister kitzel, hoo h has no profile.

<Sarah> No, I'm sure he must have had a reason for using it.

<Mike Amo> Thanks Mike, brb I hope

<glad that strike is over!>

> Schlepperman becomes Mister Kitzel! Who'da thunk it!

<Mikewats> Lots of references in Google to schools, churches shutting down for lack of coal at that time

> Gee, was it something I said?

[Sun Jun 01 18:40:54 PDT 2003] mister kitzel, hoo h has no profile.

> Why, Mister Kitzel!

<Sarah> whoo hoo hoo!

> MK - To talk, type in the white window at the bottom of the screen and hit Enter.

<mister kitzel, hoo h> I like to do different character names

> You aren't formerly the gasman, are yoiu?

> you?

<mister kitzel, hoo h> no

> OK, just curiosu.

> curious, even

(lost due to screen refresh)


<donwilson2> i noticed that the tobacco auctioneer was not the usual basil or fe boone

<KM99> Alex - Yes

> That's funny...I'm so used to semi-ignoring the Lucky Strike opening/closing commercials that I didn't listen that closely.

> There's nothing ever much funny or innovative about the open/close commercials, so I "tune them out".

> Blanche Stewart in the 1933 show was on the show for many years playing extra parts. But hardly anyone knows her.

<KM99> LL - It's just like watching a rental movie when the previews are on. That's when you're in the kitchen popping the popcorn.

<Alex Buck> what a rough voice

> KM - That's it exactly.

<mister kitzel, hoo h> I love william powell from the thin man was he ever a guest

> MK - Just a sec...I'll look it up...

> Yup 4-8-45.

<mister kitzel, hoo h> did he play himself or the thin man

> He plays Jack's butler!

<KM99> LL - I like E G Robinson repeating the chiss sweeze sandwich gag

> From Torney Hospital in Palm Springs - Jack dreams Powell is his butler.

<Alex Buck> Butler as in - My man Godfrey?

> KM - Agreed. That made me laugh out loud.

> Alex - Not sure...when was that movie released?

> QUICK! www.imdb.com...

<Alex Buck> Yikes - not sure. It was a pretty good screw ball comedy with Carole Lombard. I think it would have predated the Thin Man movies

<Alex Buck> i believe that there was an academy award connected to the movie in some respect

> Carole Lombard died in 1942, so it definitely predated.

<Mikewats> The Tennessee legislature once considered a bill requring tobacco auctioneers to speak distinctly

> Mikewats - Really?

<donwilson2> why, tennesseans dont have to

<mister kitzel, hoo h> What is it about these old movies that we like so much especially when I'm only in my twenties it's no my era peopl e don't get it

> Was there a problem specifically with tobacco auctioneers?

<Alex Buck> Good point - it seemed like she was younger than she appeared in To Be or Not to Be

> Don - Ooooooooooo

<Mikewats> Yeah, Laura, I a reference to it in Time magazine in March 1939

<Sarah> Well, It's been fun, but I need to get going , I will plan to be here for the next Jack Benny chat.

> MK - I know how you feel. I'm 34.

<Mikewats> I found a, even

> Thanks for stopping, Sarah!

<donwilson2> hey, i lived in nashville for five years so im qualified to say that

<KM99> Seeya Sarah

<Mikewats> Night, Sarha

<Mikewats> Sarah, even

<donwilson2> nite sara

<Sarah> Hiya KM99!!!

<Sarah> We're a little late folks, so goodnight!

> I made my own chocolate ice cream with Vahlrona (sp?) chocolate the other day. It's not Jell-O pudding, but it will have to do.

> So what else Benny-wise is on everyone's mind this evening?

<KM99> MK - The older movies had to have strong stories, well defined characters, a good script and great actors. Nowadays, people write movies to sell popcorn and covert advertising.

<donwilson2> ill be eaating jello cubes for a week here

<mister kitzel, hoo h> How many references on the show do you have to be american or from that era to get

> KM - Have you seen Minority Report? There was nothing covert about that advertising! They probably financed the movie with it.

<KM99> LL - I just saw the 1989 Induction of Jack Benny into the Television Hall of Fame

<KM99> LL - Yes I ave

<Alex Buck> Laura - imdb.com says My Man Godfrey came out in 1936. The just of it is William Powell going from bum -an unwanted man - to butler

> Alex - Aha...good work. I haven't heard that show either, so I can't say if it's a takeoff on it.

[Sun Jun 01 18:57:13 PDT 2003] Sy: Si...Mike Amo, metro DC, packing for Nashville, yeehaw!

> WB Mike Amo!

<Sy> Hi again kids!

[Sun Jun 01 18:57:24 PDT 2003] Art: Mid- Mo remembering Jack

<Sy> ty

<Mikewats> How long was that Jell-O freezing mix around? Did it sell?

> Hello Art!

<Art> Hey folks

<KM99> LL - Gregory Peck spoke at length about Jack; George Burns told a funny story and Joan accepted the award. You could see Bobby and Michael in the audience as well.

<Sy> Sorry, Laura, was having severe computer troubles tonight

> Mikewats - That's a good question. I've wondered about that as well.

<Sy> Hi Art

<Art> Hey Sy

> KM - When was that?

<Mikewats> I don't ever remember seeing it when I was little

<Sy> Si

> Hello Sy!

<KM99> LL - 1989-01-23

<KM99> I just happened to find it on VHS today

<Art> Listening to A Fred Allen/ Benny show right now, can never get enough of the fued

> KM - Wait...is that the Television Academy Hall of Fame?

<KM99> Yup

<Sy> Laura, need to say thanks for the old Chevrolet show...it was better than I'd expected

> Well, look close and you can see ME in the audience at Joan's table.

<Sy> Was that from his first year or second?

<KM99> I'll go look once more... brb

> Sy - Glad you enjoyed it. Sorry the sound wasn't better.

> Sy - Jack started in May 1932, so that was his first year.

<Sy> It was good enough considering the technology of the time

> KM - BTW, Bobby wasn't there that night. If you're seeing a young man at that table, it's River Phoenix.

> He was sitting two seats down from me.

<Sy> lol, helloooo Mr. Kitzel!

<Sy> Anne says hi y'all

> Hi Anne!

<mister kitzel, hoo h> hoo hoo

> Oh oh OHHHH...Sy = Mike Amo

<Sy> lol, si

<Mikewats> Si?

<Sy> si

> Oh say can you si

<Mikewats> So!

> No, that was Sue.

<Mikewats> Sue?

> Si

<mister kitzel, hoo h> so si as in kaiser

<Sy> brb, looking for Sue

<Mikewats> Say!

> Sy - Don't let Anne know.

<Sy> si

> Say what?

> So what else is up with everyone? Other thoughts on tonights shows, Benny questions, Bob Hope birthday comments, etc.?

<mister kitzel, hoo h> what did bob hope say I missed it

<Mikewats> Say "Si Si"!

> MK - That could take hours.

> MK - I gotta tellya

<KM99> LL - I looked again. I saw you and you're right, it wasn't Bobby after all.

[Sun Jun 01 19:04:24 PDT 2003] Fred Allen: L.S.M.F.T.

> Look out! It's Fred Allen!

<Mikewats> Why was there a notable absence of Bob Hope movies on TV this week?

<mister kitzel, hoo h> Jack would still be popular if he had lived to a 100

<Alex Buck> the good die young

> KM - Let's see if I can recall everyone at that table. Going clockwise...me, River Phoenix's date, River Phoenix, Joan's friend, Joan, Michael, Edie Adam's date, Edie Adams, and the woman who drove me there.

<Fred Allen> They soon forget, and Bob is being forgotten

> MK - Agreed. Jack always changed with the times.

<mister kitzel, hoo h> I wish jack would have made more movies especially the sunshine boys

> Imagine Jack donning MC Hammer pants, like the Nehru outfit he wore on "New Look".

<Alex Buck> that would have been something

<KM99> And almost all of the women had BIG 80s hairdos that night.

> KM - Nancy and I were counting toupees that night, too.

> KM - Do you have the collected back issues?

<Alex Buck> shoot, if jack had lived another year - with the sunshine boys under his belt - he could have gone out on top

<KM99> LL - Let me know if you need a copy. I've got pretty much the whole hour show.

<KM99> LL - Yes. I bought two copies

<Fred Allen> He went out on top, think if I'd have lived another twenty years!!!

> KM - I may take you up on it. I think I just have it on Beta.

[Sun Jun 01 19:07:27 PDT 2003] donwilson2: docpowjr@aol.com

> KM - Take a look at the Times issue around that date...I devoted most of an issue to that story.

<Alex Buck> The sunshine boys would have made a complete circle - from vaudeville to a movie about vaudevillians

<KM99> LL - Great idea.....Checking

<Fred Allen> Thats what Burns did

> I've got to research that screen test that Jack did...Irving Fein seemed to indicate that it might still exist.

<Alex Buck> LL - that would be something

<Fred Allen> I thought what happened, with his best friend filling in was a touching ending

[Sun Jun 01 19:08:36 PDT 2003] Gordon: Toronto

<Alex Buck> Generous Jack

> Hello Gordon!

<Alex Buck> It certainly resurrected George's career

<Gordon> Hi every one.

> Fred - Yeah, what Alex said.

<Fred Allen> hey Gordon

<Sy> Hi Gordon

<Fred Allen> Yes, then he did those God pics

> Look at what Burns then went on to do...

<Alex Buck> Fred - If you had lived another 20 years, think of the fun you could have had on Johnny Carson's couch

> Right, Fred, the God pictures...Going in Style...

<Fred Allen> Hey when you live an extra 20 years, you get more done and you get more chances

> Then "I Wish I Was Eighteen Again" and the country album...

<Alex Buck> I don't know if I can see Jack playing God as good as George did

> Alex - Gee, I don't know if Johnny would have agreed to that...

<Fred Allen> I think he would have been a good God, but not in the movies

<Fred Allen> His listening pauses would have been great

<Alex Buck> Jack playing a bank robber - now that would have been something to see> Alex - That's "The Face is Familiar" on Suspense!

<Mikewats> I heard that Burns & Allen show the other night...the one in which George unwittingly is volunteered to take an experimental serum that would let him live to be 100

<Fred Allen> lol

<Alex Buck> Mikewats - how did it end?

<Mikewats> Well...

<Mikewats> It ended with George singing "Ain't Misbehavin'", completely naked, before a group of doctors

<Alex Buck> LOL

<Sy> lol

> I would imagine he did that in real life at some point...

<Alex Buck> LOL

<Fred Allen> Always enjoyed Gracie more

<Fred Allen> His books were great reads though

> I saw a Simpson's episode that was a take-off on Citizen Kane, and when Montgomery Burns is taken from his parents, they say, "At least we still have his younger brother, George."

<Mikewats> I was watching an Ed Sullivan clips show on our local PBS station last night...and suddenly there was a George Burns stand up routine

<Fred Allen> yeah , have seen that

> Pan to a child at the door smoking a cigar and singing some old song.

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<Fred Allen> they were separated atbirth

<Fred Allen> not birth, in early childhood

<Fred Allen> oopds

> d'oh!

<Fred Allen> lol

<Fred Allen> Yeah the Young Burns says the songs no good now, but they will love this when I'm 90

<Sy> lol!

> That's right!

<Fred Allen> :>)

[Sun Jun 01 19:15:55 PDT 2003] stillme: docpowjr@aol.com

<Sy> brb

> WB Bill

<Alex Buck> Well folks - I best turn in for the night. Always a pleasure. Take care and see ya next month. Laura - yr doing a great job. Looking forward to seeing what you pick out for us to listen to next month.

> I'll be waiting for you Bill when you come back from San Juan Hill.

> Take care Alex, and thanks very much!

<stillme> my computer must be from tennessee too

[Sun Jun 01 19:16:22 PDT 2003] Portland: Mike Amo!

<Mikewats> Night, Alex

<Portland> Oh Mister Alllennnn!

<Portland> Night Alex

<Fred Allen> Yes Portland?

<Fred Allen> LOL

> What's next...Senator Claghorn?

<Portland> What's the topic tonight?

<Portland> Mr. Allen was always SO topical

<Fred Allen> Tidus moody!

<Portland> Si

<Fred Allen> Sy?

[Sun Jun 01 19:17:51 PDT 2003] Mik,e Amo: Fan Fair Bound! Yeehaw!

> *Shakes Portland* You're having an identity crisis!

<Mik,e Amo> Jello folks

<Mik,e Amo> I'm okay now {:oP

<Fred Allen> I was original, at without me Milton Berle wouldn't have had half the career he did

<Mik,e Amo> lol

> Milton Berle made a comment about how he could never steal jokes from Jack. "How can you steal 'Well!'?"

<Mik,e Amo> Well, I thought I was okay...just noticed a , in my name, must be a hiccup

<Fred Allen> Laura lol

> Actually, I just read an article on Al Boasberg, who wrote some early stuff for Milton Berle, including the joke-stealing.

> Boasberg wrote for darn near everyone.

<Fred Allen> Berle and Jolson were big time thiefs

> So was Boasberg...sometimes.

<KM99> LL - I'm just reading your review of the TV Academy Hall of Fame Dinner. Funny. It's interesting how similar our writing styles are.

<Fred Allen> lol

> KM - Why do you think I asked you to write up the review of 39 Forever? :)

<KM99> Thanks LL.

> If anyone is interested in the Boasberg article, go to our Links page and search on his name. Then follow the link. It's long but it's good.

> Has anyone read Ben Schwartz's article on Al Boasberg? It came out in a book a couple years ago, but I haven't gotten it yet.

> I should be ashamed of myself...I helped him get research material, but never read his result.

<Mik,e Amo> I have a lot of reading to catch up on someday...

> Please don't tell him.

> So what else is on your minds this evening?

<Mikewats> I need to buy more war bonds and stamps

<Mik,e Amo> After buying the book when it came out in hardcover, I have to date still read only parts of Joan's book (don't tell her)

<Mik,e Amo> I bought stamps last week {:o)

<KM99> Al Boasberg - The Man Who Invented Jack Benny. There was a great article about it at wga.org. I can't find it anymore tho

> Mik,e - You can never have too many war bonds.

<Mik,e Amo> And it was Anne's friend Angela's older sister who had Joan for a teacher in 8th grade in Sacramento

> KM - I don't know if I'd give him that much credit. But he was instrumental.

<KM99> LL - That's just the title of the artcile.

> KM - And I don't mean the violin.

<KM99> article, even

<Mik,e Amo> lol, ty, Laura,

<stillme> ok, i came in late but what ever became of Frank Black's Orchestra

<Gordon> This is my first time here. I see i need to do a bit od reading to get up to speed, here.

> Stillme - They changed with the sponsor, I think. Don Bestor, I believe, succeeded them.

> Gordon - That's quite alright. Feel free to contribute anything...you don't have to be a Benny jock to talk here.

<stillme> i knew that.. i just never heard of frank black again

> Stillme - Let me run downstairs and check that to be sure.

<Mik,e Amo> I thought it was massively cool that Chevrolet was giving away cars to so many folks even at the height of the Depression!

<stillme> wonder if he even had a career after that

> Stillme - They faded to black.

<Gordon> Not only chevrolet, but ford was as well.

<stillme> wouldnt you like to know how many cars were being sold those years

<KM99> <just a gag> Frank Black renamed the band as "Frank Black and His Intergalatic Rock Stars". They're somewhere out in space as we speak.

<Gordon> They were giving away Mercury on Fred allen's show.

<stillme> thanks km

<Mik,e Amo> When did Jack get the Maxwell?

[Sun Jun 01 19:28:28 PDT 2003] Mike Amo: Fan Fair Bound! Yeehaw!

<stillme> there were only about 40 million americans in 1930...

<Mike Amo> <hiccup>

> Yes, it was Don Bestor who succeeded him. Got your Frank Black answer as well...

<KM99> Mike - During the depression my grandparents were so poor, they had to get the horse team to tow the car into town.

> He and his orchestra had two popular recordings on Brunswick in 1927

<stillme> and half of those that were married were women

<Mikewats> Hard to imagine someone opting to buy a car in early 1933, of all times...

<stillme> thanks, laaura.... im a big band fan too

> Frank Black: Pianist-bandleader, later conductor and musical director for NBC Radio from 1932-48.

<Mike Amo> cool!

<stillme> so frank was a big shot after all

<Mike Amo> I guess Toscanini took over from him?

<KM99> Let's not forget about Johnny Green...

<Mike Amo> Probably different realsm {:oP

<Mike Amo> oops, realms

<Mike Amo> Or Mike Bullard!

<KM99> Open Mike !!!

<Mike Amo> lol

> KM - Hey, don't do that to Mike!

<stillme> There are some Command Performance shows featuring Jacks Violin.. and he actually does very well with it

<KM99> MA - When have you seen Bullard?

<Mike Amo> Only in Canada, KM

<mister kitzel, hoo h> in canada

<stillme> I remember him saying in one "you thought I was going to be lousy, didnt ya!"

> Stillme - Have you heard him to Bach's Double Violin Concerto with Isaac Stern?

<mister kitzel, hoo h> He tried the states but didn't do well so went back to canada

<KM99> The radio station in Calgary I listen to (QR77) plays a minute of Bullard's monologue every morning. That's about all I can take of him.

<stillme> i heard him play something with Isaac Stern

<Mike Amo> Every comedian is 0on TV here, so he should probably try again

> Stillme - Well, he's not perfect, but Jack holds his own.

<stillme> and one of the Command Performances he plays with that other big shot he emulated too

<Mike Amo> I think Jack would be disappointed with most of the current crop

> Stillme - Jascha Heifetz?

<stillme> yep

> MikeAmo - I haven't looked at CornCam lately...is it bad?

<mister kitzel, hoo h> mike is very good at ad libs and funny ribbing of people

<stillme> (im so good with names)

<Mike Amo> lol

<Mike Amo> CornCam!

<Mike Amo> I don't watch much either

<stillme> I am growing my own... thought i should plant something legal this year

<Mike Amo> And luckily, reality TV is doing so well for the networks, I have far less taping to do lately

<Mikewats> I've been taping off TCM like mad

> I saw an ad for a long distance company that said something like, "Calling friends and relatives...the ultimate reality TV show." How sad.

<stillme> Laura.. i do have a lingering LA question.. Why is it taking so long to renovate that house on Roxbury

> Stillme - Because they tore out almost everything inside.

<KM99> I have to say - Reality TV is even more boring that Realty TV !!!

> Stillme - They're also building onto the back. They even removed the pool with the octopus.

<Mike Amo> lol KM

<stillme> i wonder if the owners will be alive by the time they finish it

> Stillme - They're younger, so they probably will be.

<stillme> oops.. there is me and my big opinionated mouth again..lol

<KM99> I can't get Corn Cam. What gives?

> KM - Do you mean the Web page?

<KM99> Yeah. Iowafarmer is timing out - Bad Gateway

> Stillme - Dan was just filling me in on your Governor's standing on...crops.

<stillme> oops

<Mike Amo> Just checked...corn cam is "back in action"

> I've got it...it's your fault.

<KM99> Must be a routing issue

<Mike Amo> But Omaha radio I often listen to stopped working last night; had to fallback on Denver

<KM99> Yup - It's back

<Mikewats> I'm getting CornCam just fine

<Mikewats> Not much to see yet, thogh

<Mike Amo> Also had a "white" screen when I had to reboot earlier...that was creepy, hasn't happened in a year

<cues creepy music>

> Mike Amo - I recommend Theremin music

<Mikewats> <reads 'The World of Corn' page> <mister kitzel, hoo h> Who was considered the best all round performer from 1900-1950 jolson,canteretc?

> For the newbies in the crowd, I let the topic waver after about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. CornCam is an in-joke which I can explain if you're interested.

<KM99> LL - I've started a new project. I'm re-listening to all the Jack Benny shows in order.... I'm up to 1940-02-025 at the moment.

> MK - Billy Murray!

<Gordon> LL- Please explain.

> KM - Good for you. I need to do that to expand the log, but I need to find a job too.

> Gordon - Explain CornCam or Billy Murray?

<Mike Amo> lol Laura, is that the weird 1930s device?

<Mikewats> I have a habit lately - I listen to a Jack show while cleaning out my guinea pigs' cages on Sunday night

<Mike Amo> I used to be good on kazoo, not so good on clarinet

<Gordon> LL- CornCam

<stillme> ill bet that puts some perspective on them km.

> MA - Right, but it's still in use. Used a lot for sci-fi music.

<Mike Amo> Jolson would tell you Jolson'

<stillme> i listen to the m on my atwater kent

> Gordon - Well, one of our regulars (although she hasn't been here for three months) and I were talking one day about our passions for Jack Benny, Phil Harris, etc.

<mister kitzel, hoo h> what would jack tell me

<stillme> (slightly modified, of course)

<KM99> I queue up about four hours worth at a time. I stop the player from time to time when I have to leave for work or whatever.

> And laughing at ourselves, and she said, "Well, at least we're not looking at porn on the Internet."

> I thought she said, "Well, at least we're not looking at corn on the Internet."

<Mike Amo> lol

<Mike Amo> I just did @o@

<Gordon> LOL

> So I went searching for corn links and found CornCam (look at the bottom of our Links page).

<Mike Amo> Er, corn, that is 0{:o)

> So every time she used to come onto the chat room, we'd all yell "CORN CAM!!!!" and crack her up.

> And me, too, for that matter.

<Gordon> LL - thanks

> So that's the story on Corn Cam.

<mister kitzel, hoo h> This is too corny for me I'm out of here see you next month as a new character

<stillme> nite kitz

<Mike Amo> Okay, goodbye Mister Kitzel

> Take care, MK!

<Mikewats> <hungry for corn> <Mikewats> <glad he spelled 'corn' correctly>

<Mike Amo> I'll be taking Jack along to Fan Fair next week

<KM99> Seeya MK

<stillme> is that the nashville thing mike?

<Mike Amo> Yes

<Gordon> Ll- Where did you get all your Jack Benny Programs?

<stillme> ill be in nashville friday for aa meeting at the Loews Hotel out west end

<Mike Amo> Will have CDs along for those drives around the area

> Gordon - Well, from a great many members over the years. But a lot of them came from a couple particular donors.

<Mike Amo> lol, was trying to think of a country connection and a video popped into my head

<Mike Amo> Of Jack and Tennessee Ernie Ford on a split screen

<stillme> the hermitage hotel used to have some photos for their weekly NBC Radio contibutions to the network music feed

<Mike Amo> Ford was working in his barn I think

> There was Jack Bloom who sent a lot of shows. He was great.

> MA - That's right. Then they have problems with the connection.

<Mike Amo> lol, that's right, doesn't Jack end up in the barn and Ernie in the studio?

> Stillme - I didn't know you were in AA.

<KM99> GAD and _BILL are working on an updated version of the GJBP

<Gordon> I've managed to download a few hundred from the net. Got a listing of all his Radio 7 TV programs... trying to fill in the gaps.

> MA - That's it! And Jack's wearing Ford's overalls and the animals are coming in.

<Mike Amo> That was great!

<Mike Amo> I'd forgotten that

> KM - Do you know if the other site logins to phx-az are working yet? I haven't checked them.

> KM - Feel free to spread to "appropriate" people. No riff raff, you know.

<KM99> My original login seems to work. The temp login is disabled.

> Bummer. I'll have to ask the admin about that.

> What else? I've exhausted the discussion points I brought for tonight.

<Mike Amo> Not much more here...lots of packing to do one of these days, as I leve on Tuesday

<Mike Amo> leave

<Mikewats> Laura are there any other complete early 30s Jack programs, or is this the only one?

<_bill> any estimate when your media log update would be finished?

<Mikewats> Obviuosly I've never chcked through the ones I have

<Mike Amo> Anything new from Eddie Carroll?

> MW - Oh there are more, like 5-2-32. Take a look at our library listing and see which ones don't have an "A" in the comments field.

<Mikewats> Okay I will

> MA - Yes, they just got back from New York today.

<Mikewats> Oh, I forgot about 5-2-32

<Mike Amo> Laura, y'all just reminded me, I have kept track (somewhere) of what tapes/CDs I have from Jack's radio shows

<stillme> eddie is supposed to be here aug 21 louisville but i have not heard anything in past few weeks

<Mike Amo> Don't know if y'all are looking for any or how I'd get them to you, but there ya go {:oP

> I've put a lot of upcoming performance dates for him on his page. Go to Goodies - Eddie Carroll.

<Mike Amo> ok thanks!

> MA - If you wouldn't mind checking your list against our library listing, that would be most helpful.

<Mike Amo> I'll do that when I get back...PLEASE bug me about it!

> OK, I'll try to remember!

<Mike Amo> <Mr. Memory makes a note on things to do list as well>

<Mikewats> Well, I better go...severe thunderstorms are heading our way...

<Mike Amo> Good luck Mike!

> OK...stay dry and uncharred, Mike!

<KM99> Hey folks. I think I'm going to sign off as well. I'm getting a bit hungry.

<Mikewats> Thanks! G'night, y'all!

<KM99> Seeya Mike

<Mike Amo> I looked at the Nashville forecast finally a half-hour ago

<stillme> nite mike

> Tell you what, let's pack it in for this month.

> Night, KM!

<Mike Amo> And saw rain for Thursday through Saturday

<Gordon> Well folks, gotta go. This has been most intersting... I'll try to contribute more next time. Looking forward to the next chat. Good night everyone.

> Appreciate you all stopping by...was a great time tonight!

<KM99> I'd like to say seeya next month but I think I'll miss next chat

<Mike Amo> Three of the four days of outdoor shows {:oP

<stillme> nite gordon

<Mike Amo> Nite Gordon> If anyone wants to stay around and chat, feel free.

<Mike Amo> Take care Laura, and thanks for putting the transcripts up

> Take care, and we'll see you next month!

<stillme> nite everyone

> MA - My pleasure. It's been a heck of a job staying ahead of it tonight!

<Mike Amo> Nite y'all

> We're a little late folks...

<Mike Amo> LOL