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<Michael> I think so

Hello Michael, Barbara

<Michael> Hi Laura

<Barbara> Welcome back, Laura! Hope things are better with you. We missed you.

<Michael> Yes We did! Did you enjoy the tape?

Thank you Barbara. I am doing better.

[Sun Apr 06 17:00:42 PDT 2003] Robyn: teach_2_live@yahoo.com

<Michael> Hi Robyn

Hi Robyn

<Robyn> Hi. Thanks for hosting!

<Barbara> The pictures are great. Saw them just today. You, Alice Faye, KM99, Hal Bogart all look great!

Robyn - My pleasure.

So how's everyone doing tonight?

<Robyn> great, and yourself?

<Michael> So far so ggod

[Sun Apr 06 17:01:37 PDT 2003] Ben: benedict.t.hane@lawrence.edu

<Michael> good even

Barbara - Thanks much...I'm glad we got so many good ones!

Hello Ben!

<Michael> Hi Ben

<Ben> Hello!

<Robyn> I just read Benny bio (Irving Fein), it's excellent

Robyn - It is probably the most accurate biography. Have you read any of the others?

<Barbara> I'm reading Mary's aagain. I always see something I didn't notice before.

<Robyn> yes, the one by Joan

I started rereading three of them some months ago...I always find things I forgot.

Robyn - How did you rate the Fein vs. the Joan book?

<Barbara> Joan looks awfully good and she's only 4 years younger than I am.

<Robyn> I liked the Joan book better, only because it's a little more personal

Barbara - Yes, Joan's quite a handsome woman, isn't she?

<Michael> Are there any pics of her posted?

<Barbara> She is. She's smaller than I remembered. Or maybe I'm bigger.

Robyn - True. Irving is very much a businessman, and it shows in his writing. But that doesn't make it bad...just different.

Michael - Of Joan? Yes, many.

Michael - Have you seen the 39 Forever photos?

<Michael> Just started a short time ago

You with us, Ben? Hope we're not boring you.

<Robyn> Where do you guys buy your Benny tapes from?

<Michael> "Kid in the Candy Store" problem :)

<Ben> I'm still settling in I think

Michael - If you're looking for Joan, look at the family panel on Saturday and the Friars.

<Michael> Ok thanx

Ben - OK, no problem. I'm finishing some phyllo myself.

<Michael> Robyn... do you mean Radio or Television shows?

[Sun Apr 06 17:05:51 PDT 2003] Melanie has no profile.

Robyn - Do you mean the club or anyone here?

<Robyn> radio

<Ben> plus I'm working on assignments, just to multi-task

Hi Melanie!

[Sun Apr 06 17:05:58 PDT 2003] Alex Buck: Fan from KC

<Michael> Hi Melanie

<Robyn> i guess either

<Melanie> Hi

<Ben> Hello Melanie and Alex!

Hello Alex!

<Alex Buck> Greetings from rain soaked KC

<Michael> Hi Alex

[Sun Apr 06 17:06:37 PDT 2003] Mike Amo: Jello everybody!

<Robyn> sending you an umbrella....

Hi Mike!

<Alex Buck> Much appreciated Robyn

<Melanie> Hi Mike

<Mike Amo> Jello folks

<Michael> Hi Mike

<Ben> Be happy for your rain. we have three inches of snow

<Robyn> Welll.....

So since we have a number of people here who were at 39 Forever, and this is our first chat since then...any comments?

<Robyn> your club is AWESOME

[Sun Apr 06 17:07:30 PDT 2003] Alan has no profile.

Thanks, Robyn! I appreciate that.

Hi Alan.

<Alan> Good evening

<Michael> Hi Alan

<Melanie> squared

<Mike Amo> On the phone, back here soon

<Ben> Hey Mike Amo!

<Robyn> just realized you weren't talking about the club, sorry

<Ben> Hi Alan

<Barbara> I thought it was great. I can't imagine the time you put into it, Laura.

Barbara - I can't either. ;)

<Melanie> MUCH appreciated.

<Michael> I think the trem "Frazzled" could apply here :-)

<Barbara> How about another one soon (Just kidding)

Well, Dan observed that I had spent all my time on Waukegan for last year in June, then went right into 39 Forever.

So for almost a year I hadn't had any free time. Literally.

<Barbara> When we were in Waukegan, had you already been planning 39 Forever?

<Michael> sounds like someone could use a break

I'm glad that everyone seemed to have a good time...and that it's over!

<Melanie> It kept you out of pool halls?

Not trying to sound negative about it. Just interesting to suddenly have some time to myself again.

No, 39 Forever came up a few days after Waukegan.

<Melanie> Laura, have you heard from any of the Bennys?

Everyone in Waukegan was so excited and started saying, "Next time we should do this and that..."

<Barbara> You won't know what to do with yourself now, Laura.

What is this "next time"?

So it became 39 Forever.

<Mike Amo> Hi Laura, Melanie, Ben, Michael, Barbara, Robyn, Alan, Alex, and St. Joe

<Robyn> hi mike!

Melanie - I've been in touch with Joan. I need to get in touch with the kids.

<Barbara> Hi Mike!

<Ben> Hey

<Michael> So....... would any of you like to take a swim in Jack's Pool?? :-)

<Robyn> Laura, where can i buy a tee shirt from the event?

I just sent an all-in-one that I knitted for Joanna's latest arrival.

<Melanie> How neat!

[Sun Apr 06 17:12:26 PDT 2003] Mikewats: Say this real fast: "Six thick thistle sticks. Six thick thistles stick."

<Barbara> The one in which he's growing rice?

<Alex Buck> The rice growing in the shallow end was a nice touch

Robyn - From me. We have S, L, XL, and XXL. $16 apiece, $4 shipping for the first one, $2 for each additional.

<Michael> yep

<Melanie> I like the diving board sounding like a cash register.

Hey Mikewats!

<Robyn> thanks

<Michael> I liked the Meter on the diving board

<Mikewats> Hi Laura!

<Alex Buck> Did anyone else notice that the pace was a little slow?

<Michael> Hi Mikewats

<Mike Amo> I'm multitasking as usual tonight...keeping up with the war, unpacking since last October, and maybe eventually

having dinner {:oP I liked the show, did seem a little slow to me too...hi Mikewats

<Ben> Hi. Mikewats

Alex - Do you mean the speed or the packing?

<Mikewats> <changes into swimming trunks>

<Barbara> It seemed that the show ran short. They had a lot of music at the end.

<Mikewats> Is this an

<Melanie> I liked the song by the Sportsmenn

<Mike Amo> The show was commercial free because it was sent to the Armed Forces Network

The show ran short because it was an AFRS show. Shortened opening and commercials eliminated.

<Robyn> i see

<Mike Amo> So they had to fill the last few minutes with music

<Mikewats> Is this an AFRS edit or one of the reruns they used on "The Best of Benny"? (I've just started listening to it)

<Barbara> Nice not to have commercials. Wish they'd all do it.

<Michael> almost seemed like 2 shows glued together.....

You'll notice that Jack's encounter with Don and the Sportsmen sounded very short. They would have eliminated the middle


<Mikewats> Ah, just looked up

Mikewats - It's an AFRS.

<Robyn> barbara, i agree, the lucky strike song is getting on my nerves!

Alan - You there, or just being quiet?

<Alan> I'm here

<Alan> it's been a while since I've been here

<Alan> I haven't been following things

Alan - OK...lots of traffic, so I couldn't see if you'd said anything.

Alan - No problem.

They changed the Lucky theme almost every season in those late years.

"Be Happy Go Lucky, Be Happy Go Lucky Strike" one year

"If you want better taste from your cigarette, Lucky Strike is the brand to get" another year.

<Ben> "Luckies taste better; cleaner fresher smoother!"

<Robyn> you're like an encyclopedia, laura!

Robyn - That's my job. :)

So when you say "slow"...do you mean the pacing of the show or the speed of the recording?

<Barbara> When Jack would come out on stage, he would say "welcome to the Lucky Strike program" and hold up his cigar.

Which, of course, wasn't a lucky.

<Michael> That second one you mentioned Laura.... I see that and I think of Don Jumping Rope :-)

So Jack smoked during the broadcast?

<Barbara> When the announcer said "Lucky Strike means fine tobacco", Jack would say "What the hell else would it mean?"

<Mike Amo> lol

Yes, I noticed that at the beginning as well. Sounded like a 45 being played at about...42.

<Alex Buck> I would say the recording speed was a little slow.

<Michael> I noticed that too

<Melanie> Did anyone else notice the comment about how the Sportsmen do everything at the same time and now they're

going home to celebrate their children's birthdays?

<Michael> yes

<Alex Buck> My wife thought that Dennis's song sounded lower than usual.

Melanie - I know...pretty suggestive, isn't it!

<Melanie> For the time..

<Mike Amo> I'm betting he used the cigar as a prop, like George Burns...don't remember if George smoked it during his act

<Michael> He did

<Robyn> the bio said that jack loved cheap cigars

Yes, green cigars.

<Alex Buck> Ugh

<Barbara> Jack smoked the cigar briefly. I remember him putting out the match.

<Barbara> He would also hold it under Mary's nose.

<Robyn> LOL

<Mike Amo> lol

<Mikewats> lol

<Alex Buck> Of course maybe it makes sense for Jack Benny to smoke green cigars

I remember reading that he'd take a few puffs on a cigar and then throw it away.

Alex - Yeah...he likes everything green.

<Michael> I recall that too...

<Michael> even frogs :-)

<Alex Buck> I loved the gag about his absessed tooth pockets having money in them

Wasn't there a story about being in wartime Europe, perhaps Britain, being given a cigar and the Brits being shocked at his

wastefulness when he gave it a few puffs and ditched it?

<Barbara> The frog and the dentist both looked alike.

<Michael> yes

<Mikewats> <waves to Bea Benadaret>

<Michael> I recall that one too Laura

Mikawats - Actually, that's Sara Berner.

<Mikewats> You're kidding! Really?

Amazing that the Sara Berner singing gag goes back at least to 1945.

Did anyone notice that this was one of the shows where Mary's lines were edited in afterwards?

<Alex Buck> What was the song she sang with Van Johnson?

Alex - Sara Berner or Mary?

<Michael> It was??? I didn't notice that

<Michael> How could you tell?

<Alex Buck> Sara

<Melanie> Will have to relisten

<Barbara> I didn't notice it either.

[Sun Apr 06 17:22:55 PDT 2003] KM99: Hi Y'all

<KM99> Hi Y'all

<Robyn> Hello, KM

<Michael> Hi KM99

<Ben> Hey KM

That's just it....Mary had been recording her lines from home for some time, and they'd gotten very good at editing them.

Although some shows are better than others.

Hey KM!

<Barbara> Hi, KM!

<Melanie> Hiya

Notice that no one ever is speaking at the same time as Mary, and Mary's reactions never appear for anyone else.

<Barbara> Wasn't it later than 1945 that she did it on a regular basis, tho? She was on live when I saw the show in 1951.

Barbara - I meant to look it up before the chat, but I think she started doing it in 1948. Perhaps she didn't do it every show.

Barbara - Or could that have been one of the television shows?

<Barbara> I know she hated appearing on TV.

Barbara - She only appeared on the taped shows, I believe.

The ones without a studio audience.

<Barbara> Correct.

<Michael> That makes sense.... keeps her from getting the Jitters

<Ben> wait, they did shows without a studio audience at all??

<Michael> yep

<Alex Buck> The beauty of canned laughter

<Ben> Wow, where have I been!?

<Michael> TV definitely.... don't know about Radio

> Ben - Yes, some were live and some taped. They did that into the 1960s.

<Barbara> I know the shows filmed in Europe didn't have a studio audience.

<Ben> For radio, or tv?

<Alex Buck> I have yet to hear canned laughter on radio

> Michael - I think all the radio shows had a live audience. Although they started transcribing in the mid to late 40s.

<Ben> Ah

<Michael> ok

<Alex Buck> I assume that the transcribed shows were taped in front of a live studio audience

[Sun Apr 06 17:27:09 PDT 2003] Mike Landau has no profile.

<Melanie> Wasn't Cantor one of or the first to want an audience?

> So what else did you think about the show tonight?

> Hi Mike Landau.

<Michael> Hi Mike Landau

> A lot of mikes here tonight. It's open Mike night.

<Alex Buck> Ha Has

<Mike Amo> <waves>

<Michael> :-p

<Mike Landau> Hi.

<Barbara> KM, there are some good photos of you in the 39 Forever collection.

[Sun Apr 06 17:27:51 PDT 2003] robyn: teach_2_live@yahoo.com

> WB, Robyn

<Mike Amo> I listened to it last week, and I work for Defense, so I'm kinda preoccupied {:o/

<robyn> i was looking at the pics, sorry

<KM99> Barbara - Garsl thanks

<KM99> Garsk even

<Alex Buck> At what point did Frank Nelson's opening line change from "Yes" to "How do you do"?

> There are some good pictures of Melanie, too!

<Barbara> Didn't he use both?

<Mike Amo> Just remember that it did seem pretty tame, or formulaic, this time...everyone was so into their routine I guess

<Melanie> No comment...

<Alex Buck> My wife kept telling me that we had heard this one before

> Alex - I think it alternated. I know in the 1960s specials he does the "Yessss", which started as the trademark.

<Alex Buck> I reassured her that we hadn't

<Alex Buck> I suppose it was getting late in the radio and more attention was being focused on TV?

> Alex - May have heard another Jack opens the pool show. I think there was one with Loretta Young as a guest star.

<Michael> didn't they devote a whole show to a trip to the dentist.... sometime around Truman's Inauguration?

<Michael> back in the 40's?

> Alex - Yes, absolutely.

<Melanie> That was kinda cute about "directing" the xrays...

> Michael - I know that Jack went to the dentist on many shows...

<Barbara> They have had other dentist shows. One was when one of the Beavers had licorice in his tooth instead of cavity.

> And Frank and Mel Blanc playing off each other.

<robyn> How did Andy Devine become involved?

<Michael> I recall Jack reading the names on the office doors in this particualr one I'm thinking of... Silverman, Overman,

Waterman, Gentleman.... :-)

> 3/4/51 he went to the dentist as well.

<Alex Buck> As in when did Andy show up

<Barbara> Speaking of teeth, can you see a difference in Jack's teeth from his early pics to the 30

<robyn> yes

<Barbara> I means 30

<Alex Buck> How are they different

<Barbara> sI meant 30's

<Michael> I've never noticed

<Barbara> They were probably capped which was a good idea--and necessary.

<Michael> but then again... I've never looked all that close either

<Ben> This may be completely off the subject, but did George Burns wear a toupe?

<Alex Buck> Yes

> Robyn - Andy Devine goes back well into the 1930s. Was a regular on the Buck Benny series.

> Ben - Yes.

[Sun Apr 06 17:33:36 PDT 2003] roger has no profile.

<Michael> Hi roger

> Hi Roger

<Barbara> George Balzer said he got his job because of Andy Devine.

<Alex Buck> I remember reading that George would wear a burette during rehersals

> Barbara - That's right.

<roger> hello

<Michael> I never would have guessed it...

<Ben> lol.. I hope it wasn't too obvious, cause if it was I'd feel pretty dumb

> Alex - There was a drama made-for-TV movie back around...oh...1983 or so, where George played a good part of his role

sans toupee. It was amazing.

<Alex Buck> George is "topless" as he said in his first scene of the Sunshine Boys

<KM99> Hiya Roger

> Barbara - Although I didn't know he'd admitted it!

<Michael> I need to head off...

<Alex Buck> Laura - are you thinking of "Going in Style" with Art Carney

<Michael> Take Care all

> Take care, Michael!

<Ben> I do recall that I read in Burns' bio of Gracie that

<Ben> "She never told anyone about my toupe"

<Barbara> I lost track, Laura. Admitted whaat?

> Alex - No, this was a made-for-TV movie. He was a grandfather to a retarded boy who called him "Boppy".

<Ben> but I wasn't sure if that was a joke or not

> Barbara - That he'd got his job through Andy Devine.

<Alex Buck> So when and why did Andy leave?

> I was going to look this up as well, but I think that Jack did stay with the King and Queen of the Netherlands around the

time of this show.

<Alex Buck> No kidding

<Barbara> I went to see George a few weeks ago. He looks pretty good and is mobile, but said he couldn't talk because he

was watching a basketball game. I told him about 39 Forever in the 5 minutes I had.

> Alex - That's a good question...

<Mike Amo> lol, I'd forgotten about that line... (Well...no...)

> Barbara - Good to know that he's still mobile. Give him my best next time you see him.

<KM99> Barbara - How was he doing?

> Alex - I'm a little embarassed to say that I can't give you a definitive answer.

<Barbara> Yes, Jack did stay with the King and Queen.

<Mike Amo> Hi KM

<KM99> Hiya Mike - It was good to see you at 39

<Mike Amo> Barbara, I hope he liked what he heard

> Barbara - But was it before this broadcast? Forgot to look it up.

<Barbara> You are talking about George Balzer, KM99?

> Alex - I don't think of him on many of the shows after around the start of WWII.

<KM99> Barabra - Yup

<Mike Amo> I'm mostly away for now, looking in every few minutes...you too KM

<KM99> Too many fingers on keyboard error iabgiabrgia

> Alex - I'd imagine that he had enough other work, and pursued it instead. He wasn't an officially weekly character, as

opposed to Phil or Dennis.

<Alex Buck> I always got a kick our of Andy but my friend at work finds his voice irritating

<Barbara> He seems pretty good but I think he has become a hermit. I don't think he was particularly glad that I interrupted

the game. He did say he knows more about Jack Benny than anyone alive. Maybe he's right.

<Alex Buck> I told him that that was part of his charm

> Alex - Yes, as with Rochester.

> Andy is drawn pretty well on the card table featuring Buck Benny characters that was on Ebay some time ago.

[Sun Apr 06 17:40:49 PDT 2003] Alleged has no profile.

<Ben> I ran into a guy who talks like Rochester a couple weeks ago.. it scared me a lot!

> Hello Alleged.

[Sun Apr 06 17:40:59 PDT 2003] David has no profile.

> Hi David

<Alleged> Hi Laura.

<David> Hello.

> Ben - Really? I may have a job for him if he can act.

<KM99> But Laura - Dan was wonderful !!!

<Ben> Lol.. It was in downtown Chicago.. I'd have a heck of a time tracking him down :)

> The writers of the George Burns Broadway show wanted to do a similar show for Eddie Carroll, but also with a part for


<Alex Buck> That would be something

> KM99 - Yes, but I can't have him on Broadway doing eight shows a week...he'd lose his voice permanently!

<Barbara> I'm afraid I have to leave. It's dinner time here. Laura, it's great to have you back and I admire you for your

courage and determination.

> Ben - Darnit. Well, get his card next time.

> Barbara - Thanks very much. Take care of yourself, and we'll be in touch.

<Mikewats> What are the chances they'll get that done, Laura? Does it depend on how well 'Say Goodnight Gracie' does?

<Barbara> Sounds good.

<KM99> Seeya Barbara

<Mikewats> Night, Barbara

> Mikewats - Well, that's a good question. They've been mucking around with it for a while, but haven't gotten anything

concrete yet.

[Sun Apr 06 17:43:23 PDT 2003] billp: refer to docpowjr@aol.com

> Hey Bill!

<KM99> Hiya Bill!

<Alex Buck> Was Barbara serious about being present for a radio show?

<billp> hi laura and everyoone

> Alex - Yes. She used to type scripts at CBS.

> For those not in the know, we have the Not Ready For Sunday At Seven Players' Phil Harris and Don Wilson in audience


<KM99> Alex - Barbara even got a call from Jack once....

<KM99> Shhh

<billp> thats scarey.. hi ya phil

<Mikewats> Can I have your autographs?

> So what else did you think about the show for tonight?

<KM99> <==== This is me

> Found it amusing that the guess goes to 61...Jack was only 58 at the time...so unusual to hear an age guessed that's

*above* his real age!

<robyn> :( didn't get a chance to listen

<KM99> <===== To My Dearest friend, Mikewats.....

<Mikewats> I tend to be biased against shows from about 1952 and thereafter, Laura

<Mikewats> Oboy!

> Mikewats - Because of Phil's departure?

<Alex Buck> Laura - I was going to bring that up to

<robyn> I kind of liked Bob Crosby, though

<Mikewats> Yes, in part, but also...maybe it's my imagination, but there doesnt' seem to be as much ensemble interaction in

the later shows...

<KM99> I may be biased myself, for obvious reasons, but I do like the post 52 shows almost as much

<Mikewats> It's more...Jack talks to somebody, then Jack talks to somebody else, etc.

> There were a lot of changes at that time.

> You had two of the writers also working on the TV show, budget cuts on the radio show,

<Mikewats> Or at least on the ones I've listened to, I got that impression

> Phil doing his own show, so he's not in the second half of the show

> Mary recording her lines from home

> Then Phil leaving

<KM99> sniff

<KM99> :(

<Alex Buck> It a wonder it lasted as long as it did

<Mikewats> Any Jack is still well worth listening to, though

> Well, a lot of other shows were transitioning to television as well, and leaving radio behind

<Mike Amo> I grew up to the TV show

> Mikewats - Including early 30s? (baiting)

<Mikewats> Yes, Laura, but for different reasons <g>

<Mike Amo> Never gave much thought to Dennis not being a "kid", didn't know of Phil Harris or Fred Allen

<KM99> Laura - My favorite years are still the Jell-O series

> Liked the Rube's (Sam Hearn, formerly Shlepperman) reference to Jack dressing up as Gracie on TV

> KM - And why is that?

<Alex Buck> I went back and listened to the Snow White episode the other day. Its just not as sophisticated as the later ones

but it was still good

> KM - Not saying you're wrong...just looking for more detail.

<KM99> Laura - The ensemble was young, and very light hearted in their performances

(lost some)

<KM99> I may be biased myself, for obvious reasons, but I do like the post 52 shows almost as much

<Mikewats> It's more...Jack talks to somebody, then Jack talks to somebody else, etc.

> There were a lot of changes at that time.

> You had two of the writers also working on the TV show, budget cuts on the radio show,

<Mikewats> Or at least on the ones I've listened to, I got that impression

> Phil doing his own show, so he's not in the second half of the show

> Mary recording her lines from home

> Then Phil leaving

<KM99> sniff

<KM99> :(

<Alex Buck> It a wonder it lasted as long as it did

<Mikewats> Any Jack is still well worth listening to, though

> Well, a lot of other shows were transitioning to television as well, and leaving radio behind

<Mike Amo> I grew up to the TV show

> Mikewats - Including early 30s? (baiting)

<Mikewats> Yes, Laura, but for different reasons <g>

<Mike Amo> Never gave much thought to Dennis not being a "kid", didn't know of Phil Harris or Fred Allen

<KM99> Laura - My favorite years are still the Jell-O series

> Liked the Rube's (Sam Hearn, formerly Shlepperman) reference to Jack dressing up as Gracie on TV

> KM - And why is that?

<Alex Buck> I went back and listened to the Snow White episode the other day. Its just not as sophisticated as the later ones but it was still good

> KM - Not saying you're wrong...just looking for more detail.

<KM99> Laura - The ensemble was young, and very light hearted in their performances

(lost some due to screen refresh)

> But Hickey's bar is a reference to Mary's brother, Hilliard Marks, also exec. producer of the show

> And "Happy birthday to Jeanette" is for Jeanette Eyemann, the script secretary.

<KM99> Mikewats - I'll really need some Jell-O to sooth my scorched ego

> Just some useless trivia.

<Mikewats> <tosses KM a bowl of Lemon Jell-O>

<KM99> Refreshing !!! and less than a nickel a bowl

> So what else about the show for tonight...or anything else Benny-related?

<Mike Amo> I miss all the "in" stuff...not used to such contemporary refernces in Jack's shows

<Alex Buck> You know, I was talking to my cousin who is enjoying the college life and mentioned the topic of Jello shots. I was trying to think of a way to mention Phil Harris and Jello in a way that he could understand but couldn't figure out how

to make it all work.

> Alex - I'd imagine he probably doesn't know who Phil Harris is.

<Alex Buck> Maybe something like Phil's Jello?

<Mikewats> Laura, may I plug my new blog?

<Mike Amo> Laura, the pics I sent were the best or most useful...I do have others, so I'll look through them again at some point and see if there are any others for you. When Eddie was onstage, the camera failed me...lots of blurred shots briefly

> You know, there's something...Phil's character was known, in part, for being a hard-drinking guy. Is there any character in

"today's entertainment" that trades on that like Foster Brooks or Dean Martin did?

> Mikewats - Sure, go for it.

> MikeAmo - OK, no problem. I really enjoyed the ones that you did send, and am sure that lots of other people did, too.

<Alex Buck> Its hard to think of good drunk character in today's PC world

<KM99> Laura - What about the guys at Cheers? Oh yeah, that was 15 years ago

<Mike Amo> Can't think of a funny drunk nowadays... {:o}

> Alex - My point exactly.

<Mikewats> For the latest news on Prime Minister Chamberlain, Chancellor Hitler and the European crisis in general, read...Michael's Modern Blog, http://www.mikeblog.blogspot.com (advt.)

<Mike Landau> I have to go now. Laura, I will e-mail you about where I need to send the money for the t-shirt. I am sorry to

hear that someone close to you died. Bye.

<Mike Amo> Bye Mike

Mike Landau - Thanks much, Mike. You can send it to the IJBFC address. Take care!

<billp> there may not be any comedic drunks but drinking is again a staple of tv

<billp> at least the sit coms that i have seen

> Is it used the same way that smoking used to be...a glamorous sort of thing?

<Alex Buck> There a lot of pressure to see over drinking as a disease

<billp> well, it certainly is woven into the whole sexual tension theme

<Mike Amo> Smoking is still glamorous in the movies

<Alex Buck> There's many more character's out there with sexual addictions than drinking addictions

<Mike Amo> lol, just remembered, Laura, whatever shot you thought I took in Canter's, it doesn't exist :D

> Mike Amo - Oh, I'm so glad.

<Mike Amo> Unless someone else took one =={:-O

<KM99> Couldn't have been me - I didn't make it more than five feet in the door

> Mike Amo - No, I'm pretty sure you got up from the table and took it. I was goofing around with my mouth wide open and some chopped liver on rye

> KM - And I thought you only had two feet.

<Mike Amo> lol, I heard about that KM

<KM99> Ouch !!! Burned again !!!

<Mike Amo> I always try to fit everything into those trips too

<Mikewats> I was watching The Philadelphia Story on TCM earlier today and it struck me how awash in booze that play/movie is

<Alex Buck> I love the scene of Katherine Hepburn walking out into the light with her morning after hang over

<Mike Amo> Hmm, the former Fotomat I go to must have removed it the...I saw your message and looked at the time.

<Mikewats> Yes, that's wonderful!

<billp> what bout "Friends" which i never watch or "Will n Grace which I never watch.. I never see anyone without a glass in

their hand

<Mike Amo> HI Billp!

<billp> its ok.. im certainly not a pc person; dont even like pc

> This is taking me back to the discussion with the comedy panel at 39 Forever...why Jack isn't on the air regularly now.

<Mikewats> Laura, speaking of movies...I saw the trailer for 1936's "The Great Zeigfeld" on TCM the other week...

<billp> im anti pc.. but i still think its noticeable

<Mike Amo> <rarely PC, just tries to say nothing :D

<Mike Landau> Bye. I have cerebral palsy. The only reason why I mention it is so you understand why it takes me so long to respond.

> There was some discussion about Rochester's character not being acceptable...I wonder about Phil's as well.

> Mike Landau - No problem. Take care!

<billp> nite

<Mikewats> ...and the trailer for the movie had three glowing review quotes in it...from Walter Winchell, Bert Lahr, and...Jack Benny

Mikewats - No kidding! Is it Jack in person, or just a quote from him?

<Alex Buck> I remember seeing a Johnny Carson clip where he comments that Jack never drank

<Alex Buck> Jack had a mug of wine and said that he only drank to calm his nerves

> Well, not exactly never. There are some stories about him getting drunk.

<Mikewats> It's a printed quote on the screen ... "Best picture I've ever seen" - Jack Benny

> Mikewats - I haven't seen it in years, but I think it was pretty good.

<Alex Buck> and for the laugh, he said that was very nervous that night

> Alex - Was Jack a guest on the show, or this was Carson recalling it.

<Mikewats> So I guess Jack's name was thought to have a lot of "pull" in 1936...

<Alex Buck> Jack was a guest on the Tonight Show. What kind of drunk Jack stories do you know?

> I think he was the top show that year, or very close to it. I'd have to check my log to be sure.

> Well, let's see. There was the night that Fred deCordova met him. Jack was circulating at...can't remember which


> And he was visiting every table, and every table wanted him to have a drink with him, and I think he was drinking Brandy


> Later Freddy went to the men's room and found Jack passed out on the floor.

> They got him into a cab or car and got him home.

> There's also a story, probably in Milt's book, about...

> *fair warning to anyone who's eating and reading the forum*

<Mikewats> Uh-oh...

> *might want to put down that lemon Jell-O KM*

<KM99> Technicolor yawn story

> Jack having a little too much to drink, escorting an attractive young woman home, having her ask him to kiss her goodnight

> and when he tried to do so, he ended up vomiting all over both of them and passing out cold.

<KM99> What a stud!

> That's our Jackie.

<KM99> I hate it when that happens to me

> I think he eventually came to and the girl had "taken care" of it and got him on his way.

<billp> and WHATS SO BAD about it!!!!

<billp> wow

> I think Milt made a bunch of gestures that there was "nothing dishonorable" about Jack being with this attractive young


[Sun Apr 06 18:20:27 PDT 2003] EM has no profile.

> Anyhow, those are two of the "drunk Jack" stories that come to mind off the top of my head.

> Hi EM

<billp> a real live barney fife story for sure

> You aren't Auntie EM, by chance?

<Mikewats> "Moonlight becomes youuuuu, it goes with yourrrrrar BLLEAAAAGHHH!"

> So what else Benny-related is on your minds?

> Mikewats - LOL

<KM99> Hiya EM

> I hate to admit it, but that reminds me of a segment from Beavis and Butthead that I JUST HAPPENED to see when

SOMEONE ELSE had it on.

<EM> Hi there

<KM99> Uh huh, sure Laura

> Anyhow...any other comments on the show for tonight? Or any other show?

<EM> Have I missed anything tonight?

> I always enjoy hearing Jack start to crack up...he does that when trying to deliver a line about the extraction and has to

pause and "get it together" again.

> EM - We've covered a lot of ground...anything you wanted to talk about?

> Roger - You still with us?

<EM> How was 39 Forever? Would have loved to have been there!

<roger> Oh yeah, I

<roger> m just waiting to think of something intelligent to say.

<KM99> EM - It was a wonderful weekend.

> Roger - Don't worry...that never stops me from talking. :)

<roger> How was Sid Caesar at the Friars thing?

<KM99> He was a no-show

> Ah...Sid was not there. Rose Marie did the honors for him.

<roger> Was he ill?

<Mikewats> Yay, Rose!

> He was not doing well enough to sit through the show.

<roger> Thats so depressing.

<KM99> Laura - can I name drop?

> If you haven't seen them, we have a lot of photos up on the Web site. Click on the 39 Forever link on the home page.

<Alex Buck> Another line I liked was Jack saying to Phil "Do you mean to stand there with a bottle in your hand and tell me

. . . "

> KM - Please do! Broadcast all those great stories that happened to you!

<KM99> Well...

> Alex - I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

<Alex Buck> I wondered how well Sid Ceasar was doing from the NBC 75th show

<Alex Buck> LOL

<KM99> I happened to spend a considerable time at the Friars sharing cocktails with The BUD FRIEDMANN!

[Sun Apr 06 18:27:10 PDT 2003] Melanie has no profile.

> I can always tell you the real scoop, but then I'll have to edit it out of the chat transcript.

> WB, Melanie!

<KM99> Wb Melanie

<roger> How was Rose Marie doing? Is she around 80 now?

<Melanie> My computer overheated and turned itself off!

<Mikewats> WB Melanie

<Alex Buck> Hate it when that happends

<Melanie> Thanks

> Rose Marie was great! So glad that she could be there.

> KM - You were circulating to several of the tables, weren't you?

<EM> Glad RM helped out! :-)

<KM99> ....and I hung out backstage with the Ink Spots

> Say, here's something that I don't think ever got communicated...

<KM99> ... and one of the comics in the show came up and kissed me at one point....Garsk !

> we had someone from the cast of Baywatch there. But since I haven't seen the show, I don't know who it was. Some gal.

> What's scary is that we only had male comics. Garsk!

<EM> Baywatch? WELL!

<KM99> Laura - I think I met almost everyone there that night

> Pamela something...or maybe something else...

<Alex Buck> Now you're just pulling our legs

<Melanie> I heard a rumor that Jason Alexander was there (in a rug...)

> KM - This gal came with Michael Levine. Maybe you met her and I didn't.

> Melanie - He may have been. Or it may have been Bill Kirchenbauer, who sorta looks like him.

<KM99> By the way - Thanks Laura for a fantastic weekend !

<Melanie> That whole table left before the presentation..

<Melanie> But Bill wasn't in a toupe!

> Alex- Well, there WAS someone from Baywatch there. But when Michael said her name to me, I didn't know it. He

seemed to think she was someone.

<Alex Buck> You know I was feeling sorry for Jason Alexander with the KFC commercials but he did a great a job on one

the recent Twilight Zones on UPN

> KM - Thanks KM...you helped make it great as well!

<Melanie> Also, I thought Bill K was taller in person than he looked in Just the l0 0f Us

<KM99> <blushing>

> Melanie - Michael Levine's table?

<Melanie> Yes

> Oh well.

[Sun Apr 06 18:33:11 PDT 2003] bill has no profile.

> WB Bill. Did you know you missed one of the cast of Baywatch at the Friars Club? Or maybe you didn't miss her.

<KM99> Bill - This isn't your day, is it?

<bill> no. who did i miss.. and my computer is awful

<bill> if there was a baywatch girl there, i missed her

> Michael Levine's date...she was someone from the cast of Baywatch, so he said.

<Alex Buck> Hmm

<bill> darn....

<Melanie> It looked like one of the Levin party was being interviewed by the person from the BBC

> Melanie - At the Friars?

<Melanie> Yes-over by the door

> Melanie - Well huh...I didn't even know Emma and Elizabeth made it to the Friars. Well, good.

> Oh say, there's something else...

<bill> i cant believe my date from hefs place didnt show up

<Alex Buck> LOL

<Melanie> Ha!

> Is everyone aware of the BBC series "Who Wears the Trousers?"


<Melanie> No, not that one

<bill> i gave her 35 c and a transfer for the bus and everything

<KM99> I saw the link in your email message

> That's why Emma and Elizabeth were there...getting interviews for that series. Check it out at www.bbc.co.uk.

<KM99> LOL

<Alex Buck> What's the show about

> It's about husband and wife teams in radio. They've done Fred and Portland, Jim and Marian Jordan

<Melanie> So Levin's always on the job, huh?

> They're also doing George and Gracie, Jack and Mary, and Lucy and Desi.

<bill> thats what folks must be talking about in that otr e newsletter bout comedy teams

<EM> Speaking of Lucy, CBS has a movie about her on May 4

<KM99> Sooooo Laura - whaddayasay we start planning something for Waukegan this summer?

<bill> say, if anyone is in LA would you stop by and get my bus fare and transfer back in case i want a nother date next time

im out there

> Bill - Yes. I've got copies of the shows, but have been trying to get to my E-mail backlog and haven't heard them yet.

> KM - Well, I'm waiting to hear when they're going to open the Genesee Theatre.

<Alex Buck> The last CBS movie about Lucy was less than flattering. How does this one look?

<KM99> They might need a crack troop of radio recreationists to kick things off....

<Mike Amo> Back and catching up...Laura, what kind of work was Fred DeCordova doing when he met Jack?

> Bill - BTW...Hef sent an autographed copy of his magazine instead of your date. It's autographed by the 2002 Playmate of

the Year. I'm serious.

<bill> wow..

> Mike - At that time, he was directing Broadway and movies.

> Bill - I solicited support from Playboy, and they sent me the magazine as a donation.

<Mike Amo> I remember someone coming around to the table I was at and introducing some apparently well-known young

couple. I've heard of most everyone and had never heard of them, so I don't remember the names at all

> Bill - Now I have to figure out where to sell it to bring the best price.

<Mike Amo> lol, cool Laura, nice of Hef

<EM> I caught part of the promo but it looks gossipy

<bill> and my best prospect was a she-he that came to the office wanting hormones so that he/she would grow/develope

> Mike Amo - Was this at the Friars?

<KM99> OMG!

<bill> E bay

<Mike Amo> Anyway, when this guy introduced him, they said hi to all of us at the table. Then he said they'd be back to talk

with us later.

<Alex Buck> Putting a Jack Benny spin on a Playboy - that would be a trick

<Mike Amo> Yes

> Bill - I would ask what the intended destination was for the s/he, but that's none of my business.

<Mike Amo> it was...and I don't know if it was the Baywatch girl or someone else

<Mike Amo> lol

> Alex - That was my quandary. It didn't seem right to auction it at 39 Forever...not with kids in the audience.

<Alex Buck> yeah you're right. Women that Jack would have liked to sleep with seems kind of tacky

<KM99> One of thoe most interesting discussions I had during that evening was with a pair of Naval enlisted who came by

to enjoy the evening.

<bill> apparently there is a transvestite beauty contest coming up in may for derby

> Mike Amo - I have a picture of a little cutie on the proof sheet I got from the professional photographer that was there...but

I don't know who she was. I'll have to ask Roger.

<Mike Amo> Wow, 10 inches of snow forecast for New York City tomorrow...and big rain apparently heading into DC

> Roger = photographer.

<bill> man, ill have to look under my bed.. but im pretty sure mine isnt autographed.. ( ;-))

<EM> I live back east and knew better than to put away the shovel! lol!

<Mike Amo> Well, y'all have me curious, Laura {:o)

<Mikewats> Sounds like great weather for listening to the Yosemite shows

> My oh my...the things you learn in the IJBFC chat room.

> Mike Amo - About what...or should I ask?

<Mike Amo> About who that woman was

<Mikewats> Thanks for putting up all those pics, Laura

> Mike Amo - Dunno....I'll make a mental note to ask.

<roger> I don't think I'm a photographer, but I am back east and waiting for the snow!

<Mike Amo> Where are you, roger?

> Mikewats - My pleasure. Thanks to everyone who sent them (e.g., KM99, Mike Amo, etc.)

<EM> I am waiting for the snow to go away!

<bill> it was sure cold here today.. never got out of the thirties.. opening day for the bats is tomorow

<roger> Mike Amo- Boston

<Mike Amo> Oh man, good luck!

<Mike Amo> My brother and his family are in Providence

<Alex Buck> Laura - What if you had a copy of the picture of Jack with Marilyn Monroe to sell with the Playboy? That

would be the closet tie in I could think of.

<Mike Amo> First I heard a storm was coming at all was 30 minutes ago

<bill> i think PMOY would be more of a Don Wilson girl myself

<EM> bill - if you are talking about the Yankees, the game is postponed

> Alex - An interesting question. I'm thinking of the possibility of just selling it on Ebay. Happily, we have a member

who...well...deals in..."the stuff"...so I'm going to ask him.

<bill> im talking about the Louisville Bats Top Farm team for the Cincinnati Reds

<EM> bill - Oh, ok! Enjoy!

<Mike Amo> lol Bill

<bill> wonder if cincinnati will ever get a major league team

<Mikewats> That can be a hazard of April baseball

<Melanie> Where's Maria tonight?

<KM99> I was wondering that myself

> I've been wondering that myself.

<Mikewats> Me too

<bill> dunno

<KM99> Dame ESP helmet !

> Has anyone talked with her since Monday?

<Melanie> No

<bill> no

<roger> I was wondering that as well. Who's Maria?

<Mike Amo> Not me

> Maria = Alice = Phil's Girl, etc.

<roger> Maybe she forgot about the time change?

<KM99> And a damn nice person

> I can call her if you want.

<Alex Buck> I thought someone would bring up a daylight savings time gag since there were several references in past

shows to the mix up of the show's starting time.

<Mike Amo> I was glad to catch Melanie on here last month to find out that they found Maria's car soon after we all headed

off Sunday afternoon

<Mikewats> She's lively, witty, vavacious, and always virtually plastered

<KM99> Mike - Maria's car???

<bill> sooo.. is it eastern daylight time or eastern war time..

> Mikewats- I'll let her know you said that.

<Mike Amo> Yes, she misplaced it after the broadcast museum

<KM99> Mike - Oh my

<Mikewats> Well, please correct my misspelling of "vivacious" if you do

<Melanie> Rizwan zipped around the block and found it.

<Alex Buck> Bill - how did eastern war time work anyway?

<bill> i think it was eastern daylight time during the war

> I like the photo of all of us standing out in front of the museum after they kicked us out...and me hiding behind Maria. Dan

commented "Maria now has a hair extension."

<bill> was to save energy

<Mike Amo> Anne and I went off to glamorous Sherman Oaks after wandering a little on Rodeo Drive after Rizwan and

you folks took off

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<bill> i think that is how daylight savings time became popularized

<Melanie> Is Michelle of the Cantor group on your mailing list?

<bill> with everyone cept the farmers and the chickens

<Mike Amo> lol Laura, so...it was you! {:oP

> Melanie - Yes.

<Alex Buck> I don't think Arizona does it either

> MikeAmo - Hiding in the picture?

<Mike Amo> yes, I saw

> Bill - Absolutely correct.

> MikeAmo - I was wondering if anyone would notice.

<Mikewats> Omigosh! Daylight Saving Time?

<KM99> or Saskatchewan - The cows just get too confused

<Mike Amo> Anne always tries to avoid being in pictures...loved catching her offguard

<Mikewats> And here I thought everybody just showed up really early tonight...

> Mikewats - Soo-prahz, soo-prahz

<bill> i also have heard that the real reason to ration gas was to save rubber.. which was 90% japanese controlled import at the time

<Mike Amo> By the way, we ended up in Nashville for 2 days after we left L.A....couldn't get back to DC with all the snow

<Mike Amo> But my office was closed for those 2 days too, woohoo!

<Mikewats> LOL, Laura

<Mike Amo> be right back

> MikeAmo - Did I get her name right in the caption? I did it from memory.


<bill> i may be in nashville wednesday this week

<Mike Amo> Laura, you wre close...it's Noznisky

<Mike Amo> I'll be there for Fan Fair, bill...yeehaw

<Mikewats> Well, people could have tried running their cars on Grape Nuts Flakes...they were unrationed...and they had to be good for *something*...


<Melanie> Laura, Have you heard from Tony at the Hall of Fame?

<bill> i recall you talking about it last year

<roger> Bye all. Its getting late here. See you next month.

<bill> nite roger

<KM99> Seeya Roger

<Melanie> Buenas Noches

<Alex Buck> Yeah - I suppose its about that time here too. Its been fun. Laura, you're doing a great job. Catch up with you all next month.

> Melanie - A bit, not much. He owes me contact information for someone who was at the Friars and didn't pay.

<KM99> Seeya Laex

> Take care, Alex!

> Thanks much.

<KM99> I mean, Seeya Alex

<Melanie> Do the Rothman's ever "chat"?

> Mike - I'll try to remember to correct that on the Web page.

> Melanie - Joel has been here a couple times, but not for long.

> They're very fun, aren't they?

<Melanie> Incredible family.

<KM99> They were a blast

> and Joel programmed "Love in Bloom" on his cellular phone ring tone.

<bill> man, with binoculars i can lay on my couch and still see the screen

> I'm going to call Maria and tell her that we're talking about her.

<Melanie> Great!

<bill> i just need a stick so i can reach the keys

<Melanie> The great was about the Love in Bloom!

<EM> Sounds like you had a great time at the Friars!

<bill> yep.. that would really brighten the day every time it rings

<KM99> EM - The whole convention was well worth it

<KM99> Except the pasta at the reception. That could have been better.....


> Got voice mail for Maria.

<bill> eric.. eddie carroll says he is bringing his show to the heartland.. well to the south heartland.. i guess that is

heartburnland.. louisville aug 21

<KM99> Neato

> KM - Well, it was cheaper than hors d'ouvres, which would have been about 4x the price and 1/4x the volume.

<Melanie> Yay! He and the Mrs. are the nicest!

<KM99> excuses, excuses

> Melanie - I'll second that emotion.

<Mike Amo> Thanks Laura

<Melanie> So, Mike, Is Ann going to fanfare w/ you?

> Mike Amo - For what?

> Mike - Oh, for correcting Anne's name?

<Mike Amo> Not a chance, she doesn't like most country music, hehe

<Mike Amo> yes laura

<Melanie> I was raised on Patsy Cline..

<Mike Amo> No problem, Rothman's a lot easier to spell {:oD

<bill> just a note: Ashley judd served pasta for the uk basketball team last month

> Mike Amo - :)

> KM - See? See? Even Ashley Judd serves pasta.

<bill> course uk will be watching the finals on tv tomorrow

<bill> :-)

<KM99> Laura - and that proves what?

<Mike Amo> But she will come with me to Calgary (to see Alberta, not for the country weekend that follows there)

> I didn't even know that they played basketball in the United Kingdom.


> Mike Amo - Ashley Judd is going to Calgary with you?

<KM99> Mike - Let me know when you get to town

<bill> ha ha ha

<bill> <<<<Vandy man.. they may as well have watched the whole season on tv

<Melanie> Does anyone go to the OTR conventions?

<bill> i wonder if they have any pictures of phil at the hermitage hotel playing with Francis Craigs orchestra

<bill> he would have been pretty young then

> Bill - Weren't you thinking of going to Cincinnati?

<EM> I have been to the one in Newark a few times

<bill> yes... I went to OURS

> I was at FOTR and SPERDVAC this past year.

<Melanie> Where were they held?

<KM99> Hey Bill - I didn't realise it at the time but the Oscar Ceremony used to be held at the Roosevelt Hotel we visited

last month in Hollywood

<bill> Yes, I cant remember which weekend it was.. I was on call this weekend.. im loooking now to see if i missed it

<bill> someone famous just opened a new jazz club there.. i read it in the paper

> Melanie - FOTR = Newark, SPERDVAC = Los Angeles

<Melanie> Yum

<bill> it didnt seem big enough to host the oscars, did it

> A jazz club in Cincy?

<EM> I think the Cincinnati one is in one or two weeks

<bill> wasnt nearly as big as i thought it would be.. but i guess they had a ballroom on an upper floor

(lost some due to screen refresh)

<bill> i thought it would be much more ornate.. but i guess i forgot what hollywood and the west would have been like when it

was built

<KM99> Laura - Just inside to the right when you walk in?

<bill> i saw where they finally found Jackie Coogans prints

> KM - Yeah that's it.

<bill> (there is a book out from about ten years ago that had questioned whether they really existed

<KM99> I liked the bench with the Charlie Chaplin statue

<EM> I like the bench, too

> Say Bill, what's the name on the star that Gene's "thumbs up"ping?

<bill> hefner

<KM99> Hugh Hef,,,,

> Oh, got it.

<bill> thats as close as he ever got

<KM99> Nah, we drove by his house on Saturday, remember

> Hey, you could go to 10231 Charing Cross Road. It's where Jack and Mary died and is across the street from a Playboy


<KM99> We were in the nieghborhood and decided to pop in, okay?

<bill> i didnt know that.. we went to the roxbury place undergoing renovations

> It's been under construction for quite some time. But the construction is quite extensive.

<bill> gene threatened to ask the workers for a green card check


<bill> he thought we could get a free tour that way

<KM99> I was surprised that the place was as small as it was

> It's larger than it looks. There are wings that extend out in the back.

> It's about...oh, I'd have to look it up to be sure, but I think the original house was around 9,000 sq ft.

<bill> the yards sure are pretty up there..

<Mike Amo> I never did see Jack's home

> Jack's used to be beautiful, with annuals on either side of the front walk.

<Mike Amo> Except I probably did back in 1979

<KM99> It's not big by Calgary standards - this is oil & cattle country!

<Mike Amo> I took a Gray Line tour of all the stars' homes back then

> Mike Amo - You're not missing much now. Can't see much for the construction fences.

<bill> and summer lasts about six days a year

<Mike Amo> I remember Buddy Hackett's and Lucille Ball's from the time

<bill> they really did have it fenced off.. the dumpster is in perfect focus tho in my pic

<Mike Amo> Hackett had a small elephant statue in his front yard

<KM99> Bill - was that a shot?

> KM - I hit the dirt when I heard it...I think it was.

<KM99> Ouch - burned again

> Mike Amo - Frank Sinatra had a large statue of Ava Gardner in his back yard.

<bill> heavens now.. but ill bet you dont have to have serving suggestions for choc milk to "served chilled"

> Bill - Well, unless you're tired and want some warm chocolate milk. Which I think is better known as cocoa...

<bill> viva la ava

<KM99> Okay class - tonight's assignment - search google for Chinook Arch. We get them in Calgary all the time.

<Mike Amo> I'm sure I saw dozens of homes and mostly former homes (just remembered Diana Ross's home too)...even

when I lived in L.A. in the 1980s, I never bothered with that again

> I recently finished "His Way", which I got at Larry Adler's recommendation with the added comment of "It's all true." Heck

of a book.

<bill> ok.. im done talking about the short canadian season... i loved calgary when i was there, actually

<bill> and lake louise

<Mike Amo> And the Saudi sheik for 25 years has had the gaudiest looking mansio0n in Beverly Hills

<KM99> You're alright. William

> KM - Bet you have golden arches there too. And fallen arches.

<KM99> A double play !

<Mike Amo> Reminds me, we also saw the beverly Hillbillies' home, did not see the Drysdales...

> Mike Amo - Were they standing in the driveway waving?

<Mike Amo> Going to show Anne all that splendor...even the West Edmonton Mall

<Mike Amo> LOL, that would have been cool!

<Mike Amo> Took an "X-Files" tour in Vancouver...aliens greeted us at one home

> Here's a little personal note...when I was little (very little...say, 1 year old) I'd watch the Beverly Hillbillies and at the end

of the show, sit in front of the TV and wave back at them.

<Mike Amo> aww!

<bill> i sorta like the corn palace in mitchell sd or wall drug store.. ill bet jack and frankie went to WALL at least once

<EM> How cute!

<Melanie> I met "granny" once.

<KM99> Mike - In other parts of Vancouver, a different X would have been on display

<Mike Amo> wow

> Melanie - Really? How?


<Mike Amo> Oh, I saw quite a few of thise, and the needle exchange places were everywhere too

<bill> irene ryan had one heck of a career, didnt she

<KM99> I still have a bottle of Snake Oil Cologne from there

<Melanie> At one time there was a recreated western town in Ocala Florida-Six Gun Territory. she

<Melanie> was one of the first guest to come and sign autographs

> There's been a series of Zippy the Pinhead strips on roadside America (and at least one in Canada). If you see the one

about Snoopy rock, my oldest friend sent him the info on that.

<bill> thats a real estate development now

<EM> I met Donna Douglas at an autograph show once -- nice lady

<bill> but the glass bottom boats are still across the street

> Melanie - That's great. Fun to know about celebrities that could still be earthy, real people.

<bill> Donna is Ellie?

<EM> bill - yes

> Is Buddy Ebsen still with us?

<Mike Amo> Yes

<bill> Max Baer was MY career inspiration

<Melanie> Have you been on the glass bottom boats?

<EM> Buddy just turned 95

<Mike Amo> Buddy's still around, and I've been on the boats in Ocala

> Bill - I'm glad I'm not one of your patients.

<bill> yes... but it has been so long, six gun territory was still there

<Mike Amo> Anne surprised me with a factoid when we got back from L.A...

> Amazing. Everyone knows he was the original Tin Man, right?

<Melanie> Silver Springs isn't the same now-they've tried to make it like other attractions w/ hourly shows, etc.

<bill> thanks laura

<Mike Amo> Her good friend, Angela, is from Scaramento...one of her teachers as a kid was Joan Benny

> Bill - Well, Max Baer was a boxer, wasn't he? Or am I confusing him with someone else?

<Mikewats> Did he ever box? I thought it was just his dad?

> Mike Amo - That's a lie. Joan was never a teacher, I don't think.

<Mike Amo> Sacramento...sounds cool the other way too though

<EM> Laura -- his father was the famous boxer

<bill> i remember the boat ride, the stephen foster stuff, the river, the moss on the trees

<Mike Amo> Whew, that's a relief

<Melanie> Wasn't Baer's father the boxer?

<bill> oops. what was jethro bodines name

<Mike Amo> But Anne still is Bob Dylan's niece by marriage

> Mike Amo - But I won't tell anyone.

<Melanie> Bill, there is a Stephen Foster memorial-maybe you went there?

<Mike Amo> lol, ty Laura

<bill> I think mr foster casts a long shadow but it is possible that i have that confused.

<Mike Amo> They don't have the boat rides anymore?

<bill> they do the stephen foster story up here at Bardstown on Federal Hill.. at least if the termites dont get Federal Hill

<Mikewats> "Camptown racetrack five miles long..."

<Melanie> You used to be able to go to the Springs and just enjoy the grounds, shop etc. now there's

<KM99> Mike - I hate to disagree with Laura but I think Joan was a teacher at one point - grade eight students

<Mike Amo> Cypress Gardens had a nice dinner cruise...went on that 2 years ago

<Melanie> an entrance fee but you can get a yearly pass-includes the boat rides

<Mike Amo> That sounds like what Angela said, KM

> KM - OK, I may be wrong. Like I said, I reread the books and find stuff I forgot.

> Jack played Stephen Foster on his TV show.

<Melanie> Really?

<EM> With Connie Francis, if memory serves

> Hello?

<bill> i sure liked the tv tapes in la

> EM - Exactly.

<bill> i know the radio well, i dont know the tv program very well

<Mike Amo> One of my favorite sketches oon the TV show was Jack and Marilyn Monroe

> I'm glad Stan was able to share a couple of his 16mm shows.

<Mike Amo> Of course, I loved his visits to the vault

> Mike Amo - Which was later redone with Jayne Mansfield.

<Melanie> Laura, a friend of mine is a major Connie Francis collector-he just got a copy of the Benny Show w/ Connie on it.

Do you have it?

<EM> Which shows did Stan share?

> Melanie - I think he may have been in touch with me about it. I am not positive if I have it, but think not.

<Mike Amo> No one else seems to have though much of seeing a real vault <sigh>

> EM - The Gisele MacKenzie/Cactus Kid show and the Carol Burnett/Tarzan show.

<Mike Amo> It was, Laura! lol, well he couldn't lose with that one

<EM> I love the Burnett one!

<Melanie> Glad we got to see those

<Mike Amo> Laura, those are the ones I've seen a lot of times in recent years

> Mike Amo - Well, it's a close as you can get to Monroe without being her!

<KM99> Mike, Laura - I found it. When Joan lived in California she taught 8th grade remedial math.

> Mike - The ones we showed?

[Sun Apr 06 19:34:49 PDT 2003] kurt has no profile.

> KM - OK, I stand corrected. Thanks for clearing that!

> Hey, Kurt.

<Mike Amo> Cool!

<Mike Amo> Thanks KM

<Melanie> Hi, Kurt

<KM99> Hiya Kurt

<kurt> Jell-O again. Sorry for being so late

> KM - Out of curiosity, when in her life was that?

<Mike Amo> Hi Kurt

<kurt> USAT is doing a two-page tribute to Bob Hope later this month. Guess who they asked to write it?

<Mikewats> Oh, I almost forgot...would anybody like an MPEG copy of Jack's Fall 1965 NBC special?

<bill> hi kurt

<kurt> Which special was that?

> KM - I made my comment based on her young first marriage, and not remembering her in any "formal" jobs afterwards

except for her work with Share and on the lecture circuit.

<Mikewats> The one with Elke Sommer, Bob Hope and the Beach Boys

> Mikewats - I'll take it.

<KM99> Laura - This would have been after she just married

<Mikewats> Sure thing, Laura

<Mike Amo> I'd love to hear that they work out that cable pitch for Frank Gorshin and Eddie Carroll...I really have to go see

Gorshin do that one-man show. Is it still on Broadway?

> KM - Wait...I thought her first marriage moved her to New York.

<bill> wow.. elke sommer.. how did they get her on mp3

<Mikewats> It's black and white, and fuzzy, but intact

<kurt> Bob Hope and Elke Sommer had a thing.

<KM99> Laura - I'll email the full bio to you.

<kurt> Sorry. Meant to write fling.

> KM - Or just send me to the chapter.

<bill> i wish bill powers and elke sommer had a fling

<Mikewats> Somebody posted it to one of the video newsgroups last month

> Kurt - On the show or in real life, too?

<KM99> Laura - The Bio is in your inbox

<kurt> Let's just say "I'll take Sweden" was more than a movie title.

> KM - OK. I need to brush up on that data. Thanks much.

<EM> How is Hope's health? Will he make it to 100?

<Mikewats> That's...difficult...to imagine (Bob and Elke)

<kurt> It's not entirely clear that Bob is still with us.

<bill> is easier than bill (don wilson) and elke

> EM - I've heard rumors to the contrary.

<Melanie> On the Oscars it was announced that he just turned 100 I think

<kurt> Basically, he's kind of a golf hat in a chair these days.

<KM99> Looking at the pics for 39 Forever, you'd think I had a fling with Kay Linaker..

<kurt> Officially, he's 100 on May 29

> His birthday is May 29, I believe.

<Melanie> Oh.

<EM> too bad

> KM - You mean you didn't? :)

<kurt> You won't see him being wheeled out, however.

<Melanie> I thought Ms. Linaker was a real "lady".

<kurt> You might see an official "portrait."

<KM99> Laura - She was a great lady....not quite what I was looking for in a one night stand

> Well, George wasn't wheeled out for his 100th either.

<kurt> George wasn't in good enough shape to be wheeled out.

> KM - I am NOT going there, I am not, I am not, I am not...

<kurt> He fell. Always, it starts with a fall.

> Kurt - Well, same with Bob, so I've heard.

<kurt> Jimmy Stewart had a fall.

> George had a fall.

<kurt> Harry Truman had a fall.

> Bob's got a winter.

<Mike Amo> I remember fall.

<Melanie> So did Humpty Dumpty!

<EM> Supposedly George was at his office the day before he died

<Mikewats> Didn't Dennis go downhill after a fall, too?

<kurt> Katherine Hepburn? Fell

<kurt> Dennis Day? Fell

> Did Kate have a fall?

<kurt> Fall down, go boom

<EM> Dennis had ALS

<kurt> That's not what made him fall, though

<KM99> John Denver 0 Tree 1

<Mike Amo> Bing died on the golf course...I always thought that was a good way to go, if he had to

<EM> The fall hastened his death

<kurt> At least he didn't fall down

> Right...Dennis had a fall down the stairs. Strangely enough, I'd written a program that day and named it "Dennis". It

crashed and I lost the whole thing. Then I called his house and heard that he'd just had the fall. Coinky-dink? You be the


<EM> KM -- I think you mean Sonny Bono

<KM99> Ooops

> When did Kate have a fall? I just watched her in "The Lion in Winter".

<kurt> Laura knows voodoo?

<KM99> Oh yeah, John had a plane crash

> John Denver 0 Airplane 1

<kurt> Kate's fall was a couple of years ago

<KM99> Laura - I liked Airplane II as well


> What's up with Kate these days? Just on the ghoul watch?

<kurt> She's "well," just very creaky

> She's been creaky for years...how old is she now?

<kurt> 96 this year

> Wow.

<Mike Amo> Kate Mulgrew is doing a one-woman Kate show, I think it's off-Broadway

<kurt> Buddy Ebsen just turned 95. He's not had a fall, though.

<kurt> Know why?

<kurt> Because he's a dancer!

> Because he's the tin man.

> Who else is around of that vintage?

<kurt> Know who's in good shape? Olivia de Havilland

> Bob, Kate, Buddy Ebsen, Olivia de Havilland

<EM> Saw her on the Oscars

<kurt> She's very nice

<kurt> Has nice stationery

<kurt> That good stuff with the real wire watermark. Not that fake watermark we get at Kinko's.

> Who else is still around of that vintage?

<EM> I didn;t know Louise Rainer was still alive until the Oscars

<Mikewats> I love those very early Beverly Hillbillies shows, from the first season...the scripts gave Buddy a few

opportunities to do some Broadway-style hoofing

<kurt> Luise Rainer is in better shape than she looked on the Oscars

<Mike Amo> Y'all just reminded me of a hilarious sketch I saw on Jack's second farewell special at the Museum

<EM> The early BH shows were the funniest

> What did Louise Rainer do again? My mind keeps stopping at Louise Brooks, and I know that's wrong.

<Mike Amo> Or maybe it was the first?

<kurt> She was in The Good Earth and The Great Ziegfeld

<Mikewats> I agree, it was a much better...and much different...show in its first season

> Mike Amo - Try me...I've seen the first, not the second.

<kurt> Louise Brooks has passed on.

<Mike Amo> Everybody was 20 years older and barely getting around...all came to Jack's house to get together

<kurt> Know what set off her death? A fall

> Mike Amo - Oh...that was the 20th anniversary special.

<kurt> With Rochester?

<Mike Amo> They're all wheezing and impaired...then Jack comes downstairs, looking exactly the same 39...

<Mike Amo> That's right...ops

<Mike Amo> o

<Mike Amo> I know I ran at least part of the second, because it has the DeFrancos on it...I remember when that one-hit

group came out

<kurt> The DeFrancos were a moment in time. A very brief moment in time.

> I still like the scene in the first where Jack is talking with the composer of "Shaft".

> Kurt - Sort of like the Singing Nun.

<EM> Isaac Hayes?

> Jack and Isaac Hayes. So surreal.

<Mike Amo> I remember her on Ed Sullivan

<Mikewats> "Heartbeat - It's a Lovebeat" was Fall of 1973

<kurt> The real Singing Nun committed suicide

<Mike Amo> oh man!

> Kurt - I know. Sad.

<Melanie> You're a real barrell of sunshine!

<kurt> Isaac Hayes was a very hip guest to have at the time.


<Mike Amo> lol, Melanie, you're right

<kurt> Hey, she didn't fall first!

> LOL!

<Mike Amo> That we know of! {:-O

<EM> Isaac Hayes does a voice on South Park

<Mikewats> Kurt, are you related to Digger O'Dell?

<kurt> No, I just have to deal with a lot of ancient actors

<Melanie> Are you in LA?

> DC

<kurt> No, in D.C.

> Comics.

<kurt> Comics and ancient movie actors

<KM99> All this talk about falls, it makes you wonder just how much time Gerald Ford has left...

> Har har har har

> I remember when they opened his museum...in my home town.

<EM> Ancient reminds me that Reagan is still with us - sort of

> Red Skelton showed up and said, "Where's the stumbling block?"

<kurt> Sort of being the operative term

<kurt> John Wayne's eldest son just died at 68, just before I tried to get in touch with him.

> Do you know why the Gerald R. Ford Museum only has three sides?

<EM> why

> He wasn't in office long enough to have four.

> (Thanks to Bob Hope for that one.)

<EM> rim shot!

<kurt> When Bob Hope received an honorary Oscar in 1953...

<kurt> The day after, he put out a joke...

<Melanie> He fell?

<kurt> He said that was the first time he ever went home with a man after a party and was happy about it.

<kurt> Sort of a joke that works on several levels.

> OK, here's a question...

> I can't remember who was there for the screening of the 20th anniversary special, but I know at least Mike was

> Was Bob Hope's monologue about Jack really heavy on the gay/bisexual references, or was it just me?

<KM99> Laura - I don't really think of you that way....

> Touche.

[Sun Apr 06 19:55:41 PDT 2003] kurt2 has no profile.

> Hopefully Dan doesn't either.

> WB kurt.

<kurt2> Hope made a lot of jokes about Jack being effeminate

<kurt2> It was OK at the time

> You know what, Kurt?

<kurt2> Yes?

> Jack didn't fall.

<kurt2> No, come to think of it.

<KM99> I know Jack's walk isn't exactly the most masculine

<kurt2> Bing fell off a stage, though

> True. And Eddie Carroll fell off a stage, but he's fine.

<kurt2> Bob and Jack had nearly the same stage walk. They both "borrowed" it from Frank Fay

<EM> Jack always fell down laughing, though!

> EM - Aha...good point!

<Mike Amo> I remember Jack having fun with his walk on Dick Cavett's show back around 1970

> MikeAmo - Yeah, tell that story.

<Mike Amo> I can't remember it much better than the 2nd vs. the 20th, Laura {:o}

> Well, in a nutshell...

<Mike Amo> But Dick was giving him a hard time about how it seemed effeminate

<Mike Amo> He had a great comeback and demonstrated it again

> Jack said that he and Bob walk the same. It's just that Bob cups his hands when he does it. (Jack demonstrates.) Jack said

something like, "He looks like a maitre'd begging for a tip."

<kurt2> Frank Fay was enormously influential

> Was married to Barbara Stanwyck.

<Melanie> She was gay, no?

<kurt2> The reason Fay walked like that was because of his smirking-faun shtick

<kurt2> He came out on stage after nude tableaux in Earl Carroll shows, things like that, and comment on them

<kurt2> Stanwyck batted from both sides of the plate

> Did Fay work for Earl Carroll as well? When was that?

<EM> Fay treated her badly, to say the least

<kurt2> Don't recall all of his credits. But all those revues featured nudity

> Fay treated everybody badly.

<EM> Good point

> Kurt - Right. Jack wouldn't work in certain scenes because of that.

<kurt2> Milton Berle once decked Fay backstage after Fay made an anti-Semitic remark.

<EM> Good for Uncle Miltie!

> Kurt - Do you know if it would have been in the 20s or 30s? Jack was working for him 1930-31, and I'm curious if Fay

worked for him before or after.

<kurt2> At least, I HOPE he used his fists

<kurt2> Fay was working at the same time.

<Mike Amo> From what I understand, Jolson had a huge ego...how did Jack fare with him?

<kurt2> But he was a big star before Jack was a big star

<Mike Amo> Another reason to admire Milton

<EM> Jack and Jolson got along ok, I believe

<kurt2> Jack and Jolie never shared a stage

> Jack and Jolson got along, as far as I know.

> Kurt - Wrong...Jolie was on Jack's show.

<Mike Amo> I don't think I've ever noticed them on a show together

<kurt2> I meant a stage show

> Jack delivered the memorial service at Jolson's unveiling.

<Mike Amo> Wow!

<kurt2> On radio, Jolie guested with anyone who'd have him.

> Jolson wasn't like Groucho Marx, who was hard to work with for a variety of reasons, including being critical of material.

> That's why Jack wouldn't have him on his show until he'd follow the script.

<kurt2> Groucho's 1944 guesting with Jack isn't particularly funny

<Mikewats> Well, I'm gonna go do my Sunday night chores and go watch some Harold Lloyd...have a good month ,everyone, and take care, Laura

<Mike Amo> Goodnight Mike

> Take care, Mike!

<kurt2> The "You Bet Your Life" parody for TV is a classic, though

> Kurt - Hm...I don't know about the vaudeville circuit (planning to do the research on that), but yeah, I can't think of them

together on any stage show.

> Although I believe Jolson and Burns and Allen appeared on the same bill at least once.

<kurt2> Jolson didn't share the stage with anyone

<Mike Amo> lol

<kurt2> That's why George couldn't stand Jolson.

<KM99> Seeya Mike

> No room...Jolson's ego alone could have applied for its own zip code.

<Melanie> Just consider his gravesite...


> Right. Good ol' Erle.

<kurt2> Jolson's biographer listed every single one of his stage appearances

<Melanie> Herbert Goldman?

<kurt2> Love Herbert Goldman

<Melanie> I've got the book right here-haven

> Wow. I'm hoping to do that for the expansion of my log...at least for vaudeville.

<Melanie> 't read it yet

<kurt2> Goldman also did a sterling bio of Fanny Brice, also Eddie Cantor

<EM> I have to go but I will try to be on time next month -- I wouldn't want Jack to get upset with me!

<Melanie> Banjo Eyes?

<KM99> Nite EM

> Take care, EM!

<Melanie> Goodnight

<kurt2> Cantor and Dinah Shore had a fling

<EM> Take care, all!

<Melanie> Really?

> Dan's heating up food right now, so I'm thinking I should wrap it up as well.

> Didn't Cantor have a fling with Joan Davis?

<kurt2> I as well. It's been a treat as always!

<Melanie> And... and... and...

<KM99> Yeah folks, I'm thinking dinner as well. See Ya'll later

<kurt2> Tune in next month!

<EM> You're going to wrap up Dan's food?

<kurt2> Take care, all!

<Mike Amo> Okay, y'all take care

> EM - Har har