Ode to Waukegan - June 8, 2002

by Eric Brolund, Bill Powers, Maria Scarvelis, and Tom Trethewey

Waukegan, Waukegan, we've come here at last
To unveil a statue and celebrate the past
We've come here to honor the town and the man
Jack Benny endures in the hearts of his fans

Laura worked very hard to ensure that this day
Was perfect from dawn to the close of the play
She directed the players to all give their best
She pushed as was needed and prayed for the rest

She opened the show with a talk of her club
She founded to honor this man we all love
Jack Benny, our star, was played by a pro
Eddie Carroll then began to warm up the show

Even conquering corsicans couldn't stop Bill
As Don Wilson's big stomach continued to fill
Next on was Maria, time for Mary to speak
She never got to say Chiss Sweeze or Grass Reek

Dennis sang "Clancy" without music - a capella
Tom sang with a flair, like a fine Irish fella
Phil laughed at his cheques with his wife, Alice Faye
Eric rehearsed and rehearsed, Dad he did it all day

Rochester Van Jones cleaned house with Jack's clubs
Dan was a real pro, read his lines with no flubs
Charlie played Mel - did the Si/Cy routine
And ran sound effects in the time in between

On a serious note we would all like to say
Jack would be very proud of what you did for his day